Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Soldier is a Hero by Raanan Isseroff


This soldier is a hero!
That terrorist would have gone free and gone out to kill more Jews.
This brave soldier prevented this. 

The rate of repeat terror offenders called: Recidivism is over 60 percent. 
"Shin Bet Chief Yoram Cohen, who supported the Shalit exchange two years ago, bravely acknowledged the fact that 60 percent of those released resume terrorist activities and 12 percent returned to prison. According to statistics compiled by the Defense Ministry, 114 terrorists in a sample size of 238 terrorists released in the Jibril exchange resumed their activities after their release. At least half of the 7,000 terrorists freed following the signing of the Oslo Accords were reinstated into terrorist organizations and took an active role in the second intifada. Dozens of the terrorists freed in the Elhanan Tanenbaum exchange resumed their hostile activities. By April 2007, they had managed to slaughter 37 Israelis." (from Israel Hayom)

Based on patterns of what has gone on with similar trials, we can predict the following outcome:
You and I both know what happened to all the other soldiers who did something like this. 
Most of them in self defense. A number appear on the Honenu website.
So this soldier is most probably going to land in jail and be swamped with tons of legal bills and fines, just like all the other soldiers who as good Samaritans in the line of duty, protected civilians or defended themselves or others against Arab acts of terror or belligerence.

Mr. Netanyanu's predictable game plan by Raanan Isseroff Chabad4Israel

Raanan Isseroff


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