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Letter to Rabbi Dovid Feinstein, Rabbi Reuvein Feinstein, Rabbi Moshe Tendler, Rabbi Mordechai Tendler re: writing a letter to free Meir Ettinger to Netanyahu as did Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt”l


Letter to Rabbi Dovid Feinstein, Rabbi Reuvein Feinstein, Rabbi Moshe Tendler, Rabbi Mordechai Tendler re: writing a letter to free Meir Ettinger to Netanyahu as did Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt"l


Letter being sent to the family of Rav Moshe Feinstein zt"l shortly before Meir Ettinger's wife gave birth. 

Lichvod Rabbi Dovid Feinstein,  Rabbi Reuvein Feinstein, Rabbi Moshe Tendler and Rabbi Mordechai Tendler Shlita amv"sh

In 1980, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt"l sent a telegram to Menachem Begin requesting that Rabbi Meir Kahane  be freed from Administrative detention based on humanitarian grounds.

Being the Posek Hador one can assume that Rav Moshe understood that this was a Torah matter and not merely a political one.


We hope that raising awareness of Rav Moshe's actions on Rabbi Meir Kahane's behalf in 1980 will encourage Rabbanim of our day, with his family members following his lead, to take a public stand regarding the anti Torah practice in Israel known as Administrative Detention. This practice has placed innocent Jewish victims in jail, sometimes placing their lives in danger being placed in security cells adjacent to dangerous Arab criminals, and even torturing them to force a confession for a wrongdoing they did not commit. In addition, many young hilltop youth have been placed under house arrest subject to harassment.

Our goal is to create a public outcry to either bring charges against them for a wrongdoing or release these hilltop youth from immoral administrative detention. If there is evidence of wrongdoing, we ask that the charges be heard in a Jewish court of law rather than secular court.  If there is no evidence and no charges, they should be released. 

Exclusive to Jewish Press November 21 to November 27 1980:


In 1980 the Posek and Gadol Hador, HaRav Moshe Feinstein, took an active stand to free Rabbi Meir Kahane from Administrative Detention based on humanitarian concerns as well as concerns for his physical danger.  

Apparently according to the Jewish Press, there was great public pressure to release Rabbi Kahane and a telegram from Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, world renowned Torah Authority was hand delivered to Prime Minister Begin at the Jabotinsky Dinner in November 1980. Failing to receive a response, Rabbi Avraham Fisheles, coordinator of the initiative, send another telegram asking why the first telegram remained unanswered.

In response to this second request, Mr. Yechiel Kadishay, the Prime Minister's personal advisor, telephoned the Torah leader and explained that "the matter was not in his hands, and all such requests should be referred to President Yitzchak Navon and Mr. Moshe Nissim Minister of Justice.  When asked how come terrorists have been released as well as others he answered "there are political reasons".  When Rabbi Fisheles asked why it was that Mr. Begin had not personally intervened in the case of Meir Kahane when in fact he did so for Baruch Green, the man arrested with Meir in May, he replied "His hands are tied: has no right to intervene. It's a legal matter."  On the subject of physical danger, Mr. Kadishay explained that here too his hands were tied.  "There are thousands of prisoners in a similar situation and there is nothing more the Prime Minister can do."

Rabbi Meir Kahane was released from prison one month later so perhaps Rav Moshe's efforts on his behalf did have some influence in spite of the response from the Prime Minister's office.

Many parallels exist between the Administrative Detention incarceration of Meir Ettinger of today and of his grandfather the late Rabbi Meir Kahane ob"m hy"d. Meir Ettinger's life is in danger and like his namesake went on a hunger strike. Baruch Hashem he has since ended the hunger strike, listening to the pleas of his family members.  However the factors that led to this hunger strike have not changed.  Meir Ettinger would like to be tried in a Jewish Court of Law rather than a secular court for any charges against him. Rabbi Meir Kahane his grandfather did not respect secular law in Israel. From his writings neither was Rabbi Meir Kahane impressed with right wing politicians like Menachem Begin nor with the election of President Ronald Reagan to change matters. It has to be changed from within.

Meir Ettinger's wife Moriah is now in her 9th month, due to give birth any day.  Rebbetzin Libby Kahane the wife of Rabbi Meir Kahane ob"m, hy"d says that she is praying for a miracle and much Siate Dishmaya that somehow her grandson would be freed from prison for the birth of his child BeShaah Tova Umutzlachat!

Rabbi Kahane believed that Am YIsroel has to stand up for Torah and not expect the Umot HaOlam to do it for us. This is relevant to our day and age as well.  How can we expect any of the Pro Israel Presidential candidates to speak up for our rights to Judea and Samaria if Jews don't speak up?

Many hilltop youth are presently under house arrest have had their human rights violated on a daily basis. Two hilltop youth Elisha Odess and Amiram ben Uliel were tortured until they falsely confessed to the Duma Arson which killed an Arab family. Such self-incriminating forced confessions would never hold up even in a respectable secular Court of Law. Elisha is 17 and tried to take his life according to his family as a result of the torture under Shabak.  These hilltop kids ask is to be tried in a Jewish Court of Law.  From an outsider perspective it seems like they were framed by Shabak.

Arabs were not part of the investigation process of the Duma arson where Jewish suspects were accused simply because Hebrew Graffiti was found near the scene of the crime.  The Jewish suspects reenacted the Duma arson for Shabak and it conflicts with initial reports in the Arab news. Recent reports of another Duma arson of the same Arab clan happened recently apparently not perpetrated by Jews but rather due to family feuds and infighting of Arabs.



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