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Fwd: BH Lerner Drops Case Against Rachmuth Family - Legal Bullying to Silence Speech about Legitimate Concerns of anti-Semitic Tendencies Backfires! Our Next Battle?... How about Brooklyn Park Slope Food Coop !!!!


Dear Fellow Activists....May we go MeChayil El Chayil. from Strength to Strength.

Thank you Richard Allen for keeping us in the loop. By our letter writing, sending out emails, using social media etc. we B"H were successful to help the Rachmuth Family face their bullies head on.  This gave them the inner strength to stand up for Israel and not cave into submission by those who punitively were out to discredit the Rachmuth's. The Rachmuth's were targeted because they exposed Lerner's anti Israel, pro BDS support that was embedded in their institution, their staff and curriculum.  Being that Lerner is a Jewish Institution they probably thought they could get away with it beyond reproach.  Sadly to say, as we see with Bernie Sanders and Simone Zimmerman his latest Jewish Liason, being Jewish does not necessarily translate into being Pro Israel and pro Jewish.  Sometimes Jews are useful idiots for our enemies with short term gains and long term betrayal to their people.  

May we continue to build on this victory to fight the next anti Israel BDS battle :
This leads us to a discussion to a current battle between Brooklyn Park Slope Food Coop and 4 of its long standing members recently suspended by the Park Slope DC (Disciplinary Committee) because they dared to disrupt a false, offensive, anti-semitic and anti-Zionist BDS presentation at the Park Slope General Meeting on April, 2015.

However, in this ongoing legal battle, with G-d's help, may they stand strong, unapologetic, just like the Rachmuth's in spite of their suspension and in spite of those who benefit from the Coop applying all kinds of personal and public pressure. This will not silence their speech and their voice that expresses outrage and legitimate concerns of an anti-Semitic bias of the Park Slope Food Coop.  This bias against Israel is clearly evident in the Park Slope Newspaper publication Lineswaiter and in the Park Slope Food Coop Reading Series, Wordsprouts. Has Lineswaiter ever featured Judea and Samaria products or spoke of Judea and Samaria Organic Farming?  Has Wordsprouts ever featured a series on the Shemittah, Sabbatical year, once in 7 years when the Land of Israel, Judea and Samaria inclusive within Israel's Biblical borders, is let to lie fallow? This is a clear demonstration that the entire Land belongs to G-d (not to Palestinians and not even to the Jewish Farmer).  Worsprouts Reading Series have featured a pro Islamic Bias.  Those that decide the Agenda of the Coop have taken over the will of its membership infiltrated by BDS  rather than the Agenda of the original members and the majority  of the Coop members which is a love for Organic Food and a healthy lifestyle much more in line with the values of the Jewish Settlers living in Judea and Samaria than the hate filled agenda and education of the Palestinians out for the destruction of Israel. . 

Brooklyn Park Slope Food Coop in the News Again! ! 4 Long Standing Pro Israel Members of Park Slope Food Coop get suspended for protesting BDS Agenda Item. Time to Sue the Park Slope Food Coop for defamation, slander libel, lies and falsehoods. Time to represent Organic Farmers and Business in Judea and Samaria!!! Time and stand up to Anti-Israel BDS Agendas

Martin Ettlinger. An Insider Perspective of The Park Slope Fascist Coop.

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From: Sloan Rachmuth
Date: April 14, 2016 at 1:22:10 PM
Subject: Lerner Drops Case - ADMITS DEFEAT!!
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We are pleased that public pressure has finally forced the Lerner school's hand in dismissing their meritless lawsuit against our family. After we found, to our astonishment and horror, that the only Jewish school in a 50 mile radius employed professional and prolific anti-Israel BDS activists as teachers and administrators, the school initiated what amounts to legal bullying as part of a larger coordinated attempt to silence our speech about legitimate concerns of anti-Semitic tendencies of Lerner school teachers and administrators.
While they'll try to claim otherwise, the countless internal documents from the school and supporters clearly state their intent to harm our family, legally and otherwise.
Over the past 638 days (or 21 months) we were subjected to a clear attempt to intimidate, smear, and stifle our ability to express legitimate concerns about anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic activities by people associated with the school.  The allegations and the strategy behind bringing the suit were carefully calibrated to defame and harass our family into submission. School administrators and their supporters repeated slanderous claims that we were liars, bigots, and scofflaws in every forum on a continuous basis.  As such, we have been incorrectly portrayed as villains who want to destroy an innocent school and have become object of scorn in the community where we run a business and raise our children.
The strategy failed to silence us and crush our spirit has failed.

We have leaned on our families and friends in the broader global Jewish community who have ardently stood by our side against during this attack.  We were not silenced into submission, and we are not finished defending our family against the  anti-semitic and defamatory tactics of this BDS movement here in Durham, North Carolina. 

Please see court filing attached.

Best regards,


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