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Re: Please protest another BDS promotion workshop at the Food Coop


Yes Rhudi, I totally agree with you!!!!

The BDS people at the Park Slope Food Coop are totally out of Control! 

Yes it's out of control especially given the fact that when Soda Stream moved out of Judea and Samaria,  due to the pressures upon her, the Palestinians who were employed there, lost their jobs.  It is quite obvious that in spite of all their rhetoric on human rights abuses on the part of Israel, these hateful BDS idiots don't want Palestinians nor Beduins to have jobs nor to enjoy a higher standard of living.  They only want to destroy Israeli business such as Soda Stream who  employ both Jews and Palestinian Noahides alike. (FYI a Noahide is one who accepts Israel's Sovereignty and abides by the 7 Noahide Laws, the laws of basic Universal Morality. )

Yes the BDS movement succeeding in ruining it for these Palestinians, They took away from them their terrific job, with great pay and benefits. These people now can't find as good a job elsewhere within the Arab territories near where they live in the area we call Judea and Samaria. 

BDS has tried time and time again to force their destructive agenda upon it membership.  Many members find their agenda terribly offensive! Would the membership tolerate a pornographic presentation just because it's placed on the Agenda by the Agenda Committee?  Why should members have to sit through lies and falsehoods as is the case in a BDS presentation? This presentation was disrupted by the attendees for good reason. The disciplinary committee however can't see the difference between a hateful and deceptive BDS agenda Item and a positive Food Coop Agenda Item.  It is not a surprise that they isolated 4 of the disrupters of the many disrupters and suspended them from the COOP.   Now they are planning another stupid meeting May1 at the Park Slope Food Coop against Soda Stream, 

They can't seem to get it through their clogged brains that Palestinians lost their jobs as a result of their "righteous indignation" against the Israeli "Occupation"!!!! Now BDS wants the Beduins to lose out as well so as not to benefit from Soda Stream either!!!

 BDS is a hateful movement who doesn't give a hoot about Palestinian rights nor Palestinian welfare nor Beduin Rights nor Beduin welfare. The Park Slope Agenda Committee has been infiltrated with the hateful BDS group poisoning the entire COOP with an agenda far worse than GMO's. 

As reported by The Israel Project, BDS is promoted by Hamas a terrorist organization and the COOP should not be the mouthpiece of a terrorist organization like Hamas!

The Land of Israel does not belong to the Park Slope COOP and the PARK SLOPE FOOD COOP has absolutely no business claiming that the Land of Israel belongs to the Palestinians nor have they any right to accuse Israel of wrongful Occupation. 

The entire Land belongs to G-d the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  G-d has decided that the Nation of Israel is the rightful inheritors of the Land of Israel. If you want true peace and prosperity, then allow the Jews to govern their Land.  The Arabs and Muslims have 22 surrounding countries who are all third world countries compared to Israel. They can learn much from Israel as many countries have done which would greatly benefit their people if they weren't so arrogant.  

Many Arabs living under Israel Sovereignty enjoy many benefits including education, health benefits and most importantly,  a livelihood. In the Torah, non Jewish residents are entitled to such benefits so long as they accept Israel's Sovereignty and abide by the 7 Noahide laws. 

Obviously, the Park Slope Food Coop doesn't believe in the Bible. They hate the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. . The promoters of BDS are intent on destroying Israel and destroying G-d's presence in this world.  One dare not challenge them or else be subjected  to expulsion or suspension from the Park Slope Food Coop.. 

Park Slope Coop Agenda Committee chooses to defend Sharia Law over 7 Noahide Laws the Laws of Universal Morality. Defending Islam which supports Sharia has definitely been a hot topic high on the Coops agenda.  I highly doubt that a discussion on Noahide Law is a topic of much interest to the Coop Agenda Committee. Nor has Organic Farming in Judea and Samaria been placed as one of their Agenda Items. 

Does the Coop also support Mohammad's example of beheading the men and taking the women as sex slaves as is practiced by ISIS recently over western civilized society? I would like to have a session presenting the Yezidi human rights violations by ISIS. There are lots of gory pictures that are far more truthful than the pictures they presented about the IDF.   I suppose the Coop wouldn't want to publicize such details that might put Islam in a negative light.  Neither would the Coop wish to tell the whole truth of the Palestinians terrorists who have been killed by Israel.  They prefer to depict them as innocent Palestinian children whom Israel just happened to murder rather than portraying them as knife wielding terrorists which they happen to be,  out to kill innocent Israeli civilians. Their victims are mothers and fathers,young soldiers,newly married husbands and wives,  sons and daughters leaving widows and orphans and maimed individuals.... and all Biden can say about such terrorists is that they are "misguided"?????.  

Park Slope Food Coop members should not suffer under the infiltration of  BDS leadership who bully and suppress free speech, and who openly defy G-d's agenda.  Members of the Coop should not tolerate a BDS anti Semitic, hate filled agenda nor waste members time at a stupid meeting condemning Soda Stream for trying to open a business in the Negev. Especially when interfering with Soda Stream in the past caused Palestinians to lose their Jobs!!!!!.

To Summarize:

We all know that Soda Stream actually cares about Palestinians and Beduins who are Noahides.

BDS bullies have succeeded in taking over the Coop Agenda,  

These BDS bullies have absolutely nothing to offer the COOP except hate filled negativity especially against Israel and especially against Organic farms  in Judea and Samaria who actually have lots to contribute to the Food Coop in educating its members about healthy organic food. .  

Don't be fooled!!! These are imposters!!!  They counterfeit human rights. 

On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 7:18 PM, Rhudi Andreolli <> wrote:
This is freaking out-of-control 

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From: Steven Berke <>
Date: April 20, 2016 at 6:59:12 PM EDT
To: Rhudi Eagle <>
Subject: Fwd: Please protest another BDS promotion workshop at the Food Coop

From: Steven Berke <>
Date: April 20, 2016 at 6:59:12 PM EDT
To: Rhudi Eagle <>
Subject: Fwd: Please protest another BDS promotion workshop at the Food Coop

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From: More Hummus Please <>
Subject: Please protest another BDS promotion workshop at the Food Coop
Date: April 20, 2016 at 4:39:12 PM EDT
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Dear Group -

On May 1, the Coop's members for BDS have a workshop scheduled a workshop titled "The Displacement of Bedouin Palestinians in Israel. What is SodaStream's role?"  A screenshot of the announcement is attached.

I am asking you to send an email to Ellen Weinstat, and to copy Joe Holtz and Ann Herpel stating that this workshop goes against Coop's principles and it should be cancelled. Request that Ellen respond to your email. Here are the email addresses.

"Ellen Weinstat" <>
"Ann Herpel" <>
"Joe Holtz" <>,

The Coop's BDS group has supplied and continues to supply false information regarding Israel to Coop members. I have attached documentation that shows not only is there no land dispute with Bedouin over the new factory location, but the factory's new location is actually welcomed by the Bedouin community and beneficial to it.

Some of you are familiar with Jesse Rosenfeld's workshops on alternatives to BDS.  Jesse was informed by Ellen that there were complaints his workshop was being used to organize for anti-BDS activity.  He was sternly warned that this is against Coop rules to use workshops for organizing.

This upcoming workshop clearly states its intent to organize.  Upon my complaint to Ellen, she had the BDS members remove the final sentence from their promotional materials. However, there is no way to stop them from misusing the meeting room for organization.

Whether or not we can succeed in getting this workshop cancelled is not as important as DEMONSTRATING STRONG OBJECTIONS TO ITS PRESENCE.

If the workshop does go ahead, I cannot be there.  But if anyone can attend to monitor, report on, and refute what they will say, please do it, and let me know you were there.

More information about Israel's land use and law, and about Negev Bedouin in particular can be found at for those who are interested.

In the meantime, the best thing that we can do is promote and encourage others to sign our anti-BDS petition.

If you are not sure you signed it, you can email me, or you can sign it again. I periodically check for duplicate names.  We have still not reached 100 signatures.

In other news, the Disciplinary Committee hearing relating to the disturbance the April 2015 General Meeting took place on April 10. Four members from our group faced 2 charges. One charge was dismissed. One charge was approved.  The members received 1 year suspension.  They faced expulsion.  I hope to have more information and instructions regarding this next week. The hearing results will be published in the May 12 Linewaiters' Gazette.

For everyone celebrating Passover, I wish you a joyous and kosher Passover.

Barbara Mazor
More Hummus Please


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