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Re: Rav Feldman"s Psak not to vote in the WZC? Maybe reading the platform of ARZA and HATIKVAH will convince Rabbi Feldman what's at stake.


To Those Who Wonder Why Should We Vote in the WZC Elections...Introducing ARZA Slate: Association of Reform Zionists of America Equality. Democracy. Pluralism. Israel and HATIKVAH: Progressive Israel Slate. We are Hope - We are the Progressive Israel Slate

Please open and print the following link for Rabbonim like HaRav Feldman who are against voting in the WZC yet perhaps are unfamiliar with these anti Torah Platforms and what's at stake and may not realize the full repercussions of such a Psak .

FYI The Jerusalem Program Statement
"Strengthening Israel as a Jewish, Zionist and democratic state and shaping it as an exemplary society with a unique moral and spiritual character, marked by mutual respect for the multi-faceted Jewish people, rooted in the vision of the prophets, striving for peace and contributing to the betterment of the world."

As you can see from ARZA and HATIKVAH  in the above link, they distort the Jerusalem Program statement to redefine Judaism to fit their progressive agenda.  It is quite obvious that the "Vision of the Prophets" is diametrically opposed to the vision of the HaTikvah party.

By Torah Jews rejecting "Zionism", and the WZC election, we actually encourage and allow  "Secular Zionism" to hijack true Zionism and replace Torah values  with their own values.

Rather than  not allowing this to happen by standing strong and educating naive and indoctrinated Jews to the Truth of our Heritage, we allow the Sitra Acher to misrepresent Zionism and the Jewish people. 

For thousands of years Jews pray daily for the return to Zion. If Zionism was an evil thing surely we would not include it in our prayers.  

Being a "Jewish Democratic State" is an oxymoron and is self contradictory statement when you take Democracy to an extreme as they have done.  Yes there is Democracy within Judaism as the majority rules.... except when it's for evil. 

If they are purely Democratic as per their terms,  then they can simply vote out being a Jewish State thereby possibly voting in a totalitarian State that takes away their democracy leaving them with nothing but tyranny.

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky of Phildelphia Yeshiva had recently taken the same position as Rabbi Brudny to support voting in the WZC for Eretz HaKodesh.  A viral phone recording has circulated that backs this up.

On Tue, Feb 25, 2020, 9:57 PM Robin Ticker <> wrote:
Rabbi Feldman's Psak against voting in the WZC election. 

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The TEXT of the letter to Rav Feldman  asking whether to vote in the WZC election and the Rav's reply:
Dear Rav Feldman, 
Does the Rosh Yeshiva have an opinion regarding whether one should vote in the WZO election? In order to vote one has to affirm in their belief of the "Jerusalem Program" which is the official platform of the World Zionist Organization. 

M. S.
Miami Beach FL

Rav Feldman's reply
"My opinion is that a Jew is forbidden to declare that he is a member or ascribes to a program of an organization whose platform fails to recognize that the Jewish nation is a nation which received the Torah at Sinai. Such a Declaration is a Chilul Hashem (Desecration of G-d's Name) and may not be made no matter what material or spiritual benefits will thereby accrue. "

With deep respect, 
Aharon Feldman

fyi: Video of haRav Brudny saying it's not a problem.  This was addressed years ago and voting in the WZC is no different than Israeli elections of today that include parties like UTJ.  -- 

My comments to Rabbi Feldman

Dear Rabbi Feldman
The Jerusalem Program

Please note the language:
rooted in the vision of the prophets

 Rav Feldman, Isn't this an affirmation of משה קבל תורה מסיני?

The hope is that enough Yirei Shamayim will vote in this WZC election, and there are enough Torah slates among the 15 slates that  "recognize that the Jewish nation is a nation which received the Torah at Sinai".

By democratically voting for a Jewish and Torah slate, this will change the demographics of the WZC. Surely, with a majority of members who are Masorati, clarity can be inserted into the official platform of the Jerusalem Program to spell out what probably was the initial intention of the writers. 

It is clear the authors of the Jerusalem Platform want Jewish continuity.  Why do we assume otherwise? 


"The JERUSALEM PROGRAM is the official platform of the WORLD ZIONIST ORGANIZATION and the global Zionist movement, having been most recently amended and adopted in June 2004, as the successor statement to the "Basel Program" of 1897 adopted at the First Zionist Congress convened by Theodor Herzl. The Jerusalem Program states that: Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, brought about the establishment of the State of Israel, and views a Jewish, Zionist, democratic and secure State of Israel to be the expression of the common responsibility of the Jewish people for its continuity and future."

To Those Who Wonder Why Should We Vote in the WZC Elections...Introducing ARZA Slate: Association of Reform Zionists of America Equality. Democracy. Pluralism. Israel and HATIKVAH: Progressive Israel Slate. We are Hope - We are the Progressive Israel Slate


Those of us who support a Jewish State and a State based on Torah and are unsure why there is a need to vote please read the platforms of the other slates who will be representing us and receiving the money if we don't vote. 

Association of Reform Zionists of America. Equality. Democracy. Pluralism. Israel. 


Our Representation:Through our success in the past elections (2015), we were able to have the largest number of seats, 56 out of 145. We were then able to ensure that over $4,000,000 a year ($20 million over 5 years) of financial support goes to our Reform movement in Israel. In addition, we were able to appoint key professionals to carry out our Reform Jewish values within Israel's National Institutions (including the Jewish Agency and Keren Kayemeth Lelsrael) that help implement Reform values such as Equality, Pluralism, and commitment to a Two-State Solution.

We also joined forces with Israeli political parties to influence Israeli society in matters of conversion, marriage and divorce, religious pluralism, gender rights, and combatting racism; as a result, we have passed key resolutions in the World Zionist Organization's policy body for equality, transparency, and pluralism.  Our faction currently includes the Meretz and Labor parties and will be subject to change after the next round of elections.

This year, in 2020 we hope to have an even stronger representation and look forward to all Reform Jews in the United States to stand up and be counted!

Email sent out by reform

---------- Forwarded message ---------

From: Rabbi Rick Jacobs and Jennifer Brodkey Kaufman <>

Date: Tue, Feb 25, 2020, 12:31 PM

Subject: Urgent Election Update

Today, we are writing to share an urgent appeal concerning the World Zionist Congress election.

As we hope you know, the election for the 2020 World Zionist Congress is open for another two weeks, and a strong showing by the "Vote Reform" slate is critical. Voting closes on March 11th, just after Purim. (If you are unfamiliar with the World Zionist Congress, often known as the parliament of the Jewish people, you can learn everything you need to know on the ARZA website.)

The results of the election are nothing short of essential for the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ), whose funding streams are determined by the results of the election.

So much of the dramatic growth of our Movement in Israel throughout the past five years can be traced directly to our success in the 2015 WZC election. This year, our Reform partners in Israel have asked over and over again, with deep concern, about our campaign work here in the United States – and they cannot stress enough the importance of a strong showing by our Movement.

Get Out the Vote »

Perhaps surprisingly, political leaders and members of Knesset from across the political and religious spectrum are also focused on the WZC election. Many of them, recognizing our Movement's growing numeric strength and influence, have emphasized how much is at stake.

In addition to determining the flow of funding directly to the institutions of our Movement, the election will determine the policy of key Israeli institutions (such as the Jewish Agency and Keren Kayemeth L'Israel, or KKL – JNF Israel) on issues such as economic justice and the funding of settlements outside the generally accepted borders of Israel. 

We have made it clear to both our IMPJ partners and Israeli political leadership that our Movement has made the World Zionist Congress election one of our highest priorities.

We've described to them the energy, passion, and dedication that our congregations have put into the campaign. We've assured that that, thanks to your efforts, our entire Movement is working together, and the 2020 election has unprecedented visibility in our congregations. 

However, it is with both sadness and alarm that we have witnessed some truly ugly efforts to undermine us, carried out by those who recognize that our success will allow us to more effectively advance our Reform views and values. Some slates have gone so far as to explicitly claim that we are supporters of BDS and haters of "true Judaism."

They fear that our victory would be critical in advancing religious pluralism, peace, and economic justice in Israel. They are right to be afraid – because that is exactly what we intend to do! 

Here is our challenge: Even as hard as we are working, we need to do more. We are grateful for all the work taking place across the county – but we are also concerned that we are not getting the number of votes we need. In the last election, there was little competition; this time, the battle for votes is far more intense.

We ask every leader of every one of our congregations: What more can you do to assure that the Reform/ARZA slate not only earns the most votes but does so with a wide enough margin to effectively advance our values in these critical Israeli institutions?


Have you yourself voted? Have members of your family? 

Have you shared information about the election with your own network in person, by phone, and/or on social media? 

Is the election highlighted in your congregational communications?

Have you set up "polling places" in your congregation? 

Can you use the March 3rd U.S. presidential primaries as an opportunity to share a "Vote twice on Super Tuesday" message?

How can you leverage your Purim carnival as a time to bring people in and get out the vote?

We have created a rich, helpful congregational toolkit that will give you everything you need to step up your efforts. 

Friends, Israel is at a crossroads, and we have a real opportunity to make our voices heard on the most profound issues confronting the state. We have the strongest platform and the deepest record of results. 

We are proudly PRO-ISRAEL, and we are steadfastly PRO-DEMOCRACY, PRO-PLURALISM and PRO-PEACE. No other slate is as committed to these three principles as is Vote Reform.  

And ours is the only one that has demonstrated that our "boots on the ground" – a coalition of the Progressive Movement's communities around the world, working with allies in Israel who share our values – truly advance our agenda with financial resources and powerful leadership. 

Please, let's not rest until the election is over. We are off to a great start, but as the finish lines comes into view, we need shift into higher gear. We need to finish strong – and with your leadership, that's exactly what we will do. 


Jennifer Brodkey Kaufman

Chair, URJ

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

President, URJ

Get Out the Vote »   |  Calendar

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HATIKVAH: Progressive Israel Slate

We are Hope - We are the Progressive Israel Slate 

Vote for the Hatikvah Slate to Support a Democratic Jewish State!

We are inspired by Israel's Declaration of Independence –which proclaimed the State" will be based on the precepts of liberty, justice and peace as taught by the Prophets; and will uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens, without distinction of race, creed, or sex; and will guarantee full freedom of conscience worship, educationa andculture." Our commitment is to democracy and the rule of law, believing that all citizens of the State of Israel must be treated equally, and their civil and human rights protected. We oppose policies of discrimination, fear, and tribalism.We fiercely oppose the current policy of permanent occupation and annexation. It is unjust and will end Israel's democracy. The occupation is sustained by ongoing policies of repression that only serve to exacerbate conflict and require daily violence to maintain it.

We proudly stand with those Israelis searching for peace with Palestine. Their understanding, broadly shared at the highest levels of Israel's security services, that the current policies ultimately harm Israel's security, needs to be supported publicly and energetically so that a meaningful peace process can gain the popular support necessary to nurture and develop it.

Peace-seeking Israelis and Palestinians urgently need the encouragement and assistance of the Zionist movement to support their programs of dialogue, combined with political action to achieve our shared vision of a negotiated, mutually accepted two-state solution in which Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and mutual security. This will also enable full and open peace with the Arab world and end Israel's growing pariah status.

We wholeheartedly support religious and cultural pluralism in Israeli society. For the State of Israel to be a primary engine for Jewish creative continuity, it must empower, not oppose, the wide range of Jewish cultural and religious expression.

We stand with Israelis demanding the protection of the rights of women, including equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity in politics, an end to enforced segregation, and an end to discrimination against women's full participation in public events, both military and civilian. We stand with Israelis fighting against vigilante "modesty patrols" and other acts of harassment against women. 

We stand with Israelis that welcome asylum seekers, treat foreign workers with the dignity that they deserve, and fight against racism in their society, be it against Jews of color or people of other faiths.

We stand with Israelis striving to ensure full legal and social equality for the LGBTQ community, including marriage rights.

We also stand with Israelis working to promote environmental sustainability and support working with Palestinians and neighboring countries to deal with regional threats to climate and to water resources.

Within our communities in North America, we also have much work to do. Against the challenge of anti-Semitism and white supremacist movements, we will work with communal partners, especially Muslim organizations, to promote a common defense to our shared safety and values through interfaith and intercommunal dialogue. 

We are aligned with the values and policies of the Israeli Labor Party, Meretz, the Green Movement, and other like-minded Israeli movements, organizations, and activists.

Together, we work to ensure that the Israel we leave to future generations reflects the best of the values, traditions and hopes we inherited from previous generations, while moving past endless conflict and toward a brighter future of peace.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Re: VIP Visitors to Ma’arah, Purim Prep, & Parshat Terumah. מה עם גאולת ציון What's with Geulat Zion?


Is it coincidence that Netanyahu's administration is allowing Police to mercilessly target Geulat Zion, home to Settler Youth and Evacuees from Amona? What's their message as VIPs visit Chevron and promise building, expansion etc. Is this mere politics to keep Settlers from uniting. 

Please speak out for the Duma suspects and the ongoing miscarriage of Justice against them ! The Op Ed in the New York Times of August 7th 2015 by Naftali Bennett condemning the fringe radical "Jewish" perpetrators of the Duma arson  reflects badly on all Settlers and was not based on Emes. 

It is now four and a half years later, with all the interrogations and investigation and no conviction and no closure, still no credible evidence that it was religious Settler Youth who threw the Molotov cocktails and ignited a fire in Duma. 

Still no retraction nor apology to these ideological youth, salt of the earth, youth traumatized and treated very badly by the State of Israel in Gush Katif and Amona!

We can't trust the word of politicians when it's right before election time. Even if it really looks legitimate.  They look for Hebron leaders to give them photo-ops for credibility! 

Please don't be used for an agenda that ultimately will hurt you and your community.

Examples to hopefully convince you. 

The OU and Agudah were somehow silent from speaking against the Iran Deal in summer 2016.

Shortly thereafter TeachNYS, an organization partnered with OU and Agudah  which lobbies for funding to benefit Yeshivot, had 85 million dollars freed up  for Security from the Obama Administration. Nuclear Iran in comparison got $150 Billion dollars freed up! 

Every year TEACHNYS receives millions of 💰 but now years later, this year the money is not forthcoming...we've been asked to write letters...

Another example...
Over the years, Jewish leadership convinced NYers to register as Democrats since  we were told New York can't ever become Republican and our vote would be lost. Sound familiar? 

Similar arguments in Israel happening now to convince voters to vote Likud to discourage voters to vote their conscience with Otzma Yehudit. Without this intervention by leaders in the community, coupled with slander of Otzma being a racist party, Otzma Yehudit would probably gain enough votes to cross the threshold.

Now in NY we are reaping the consequences of our vote.  New Yorkers need to deal with laws that empower criminals, antiSemites and Common Core progressive indoctrination in schools. Many people are leaving New York as they see this State becoming like California, a Socialist nightmare. Is it too late to save NY???

Will OU and Agudah finally denounce the unG-dly platform of the Democrats like late term abortions and gender fluidity? What is holding them back? Are they too invested in funding from Democrat sources.

Unless ideologically, Netanyahu and Bennett are really on the same page with Settlers, don't trust empty promises to be long lasting and suspect being thrown a bone when you can really get the whole ten yards right now!

The sincerity of these Politicians can be tested by seeing if they apologize and make amends for the premature Duma condemnations of Settler Youth in 2015 and for the past 4 years of investigations, interrogations, denial of basic human rights, torture, incarceration, spying, house arrests etc  based on the say so of Shabak claiming that Shabak's Division of Jewish Terror are protecting Israel from Jewish home grown  terrorism.... Shabak's  claim is that there exists a dangerous radical fundamental religious Jewish Terrorist Organization plotting terror attacks to overthrow Israel's Democratic State.   

Basically this is a blood libel on our community...There are no facts on the ground to back up these allegations other than the ones manufactured by Shabak and their "investigators".

This narrative is their ultimate discredit a small group of Jews and then blow it up to reflect and encompass all religious Settlers...


Brutality by Israel Police in Geulat Zion

Interview with Oriyan Ben Uliel wife of Amiram Ben Uliel

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020, 3:05 PM The Hebron Fund <> wrote:
Dear Robin,
Thank you to everyone who took the time to meet with us in NY and Florida. Your support makes a big difference!

Prime Minister Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu made a special visit to Ma'arat Hamachpela. They were joined by MK Tzippy Hotovely Minister of Diaspora Affairs and MK Miri Regev Minister of Sports & Culture. In addition, Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett visited the Ma'arah and participated in the inauguration ceremony of the "Nofei Karmim" neighborhood in Kiryat Arba!  

Congratulations to Member of Knesset and Hebron resident, Orit Struk, on being awarded the Jerusalem Prize for her work on the sovereignty effort and legal rights for Jews and building in Yehuda and Shomron. Mazal tov!

We are less than two weeks away from Purim and are busy planning events for our residents and soldiers. You can help sponsor carnival booths, prizes, Purim seudah meals on base for soldiers, and much more! Click here to donate to our Purim Campaign.

Shabbat Shalom and Blessings from Hebron,
Rabbi Daniel Rosenstein
Executive Director, The Hebron Fund
Video on the Scene
Prime Minister Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu prayed at the Ma'arat HaMachpela. They visted Hebron to gain strength from the Fathers and Mothers and show support for Hebron before the upcoming elections. See the full article below.
Seen on the Scene
Prime Minister Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu made a special visit to Ma'arat Hamachpela (MK Tzippy Hotovely Minister of Diaspora Affairs; MK Miri Regev Minister of Sports & Culture; Sarah and PM Bibi Netanyahu, Hillel Horowitz, Mayor of Hebron and Eliyahu Lebowitz, Mayor of Kiryat Arba)
Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett participated in the inauguration ceremony of the "Nofei Karmim" neighborhood in Kiryat Arba.
He also visited the Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs.
Mazal tov to Member of Knesset and Hebron resident, Orit Struk, on being awarded the Jerusalem Prize for her work on the sovereignty effort and legal rights for Jews and building in Yehuda and Shomron
Mazal tov to Yehiel and Rebecca, who were married this week, and wanted to celebrate with the Fathers and Mothers!
This group from the Zionist Organization of America was joined by Mort Klein and were inspired by their visit to the Ma'arat HaMachpela.
Our very own Noam Arnon gave an educational talk in the Ulam HaBritot in the Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs to connect this group to their roots
In the News
Sovereignty in Hebron? 'No problem,' US ambassador says
US Amb. David Friedman says there's 'no problem' applying sovereignty to Jewish Hevron. Netanyahu: 'Now you have an answer.'

Read more here
Netanyahu Heads to Abraham's Tomb
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Cave of the Patriarchs on Sunday with his wife, Sara, and several of his ministers. They took the opportunity to recite Psalms and to pray for the sake of the State of Israel.

Read more here
"There's no place where Israeli sovereignty has more justification than Hebron"
Bennett announces plans for new project in Tomb of the Patriarchs, stating that Hebron will receive Israeli sovereignty.

Read more here
Parshat Teruma
By: Rabbi Moshe Goodman, Kollel Ohr Shlomo, Hebron
לשכנו תדרשו
Discover the Holy Presence in the Holy Land

Economic Systems

Today we are familiar with economic systems such as capitalism, socialism, and mixed economies which vary between the two fore-mentioned systems. Does the Torah set guidelines for an economic system? On the one hand, we do see that the Torah places importance on individual property and resource as can be seen in the many halachic laws that govern individual property, profession, etc., while on the other hand there are also many halachic laws that deal with the collective and care for priests, Levites, the poor, and more. It should be noted that the word for charity in Hebrew is tzedaka, which is closely related to the word "Tzedek," justice...
Continue reading and print HERE
Parshat Teruma
February 28-29, 2020
New York 5:27pm
Miami 6:03pm
Chicago 5:19pm
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Hebron 5:06pm
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