Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Jonathan Cahn: Prophetic message to Joe Biden and how it relates to Prosperity and Shemittah...


אל המקום אשר...

Jonathan Cahn: Prophetic message to Joe Biden

My comments:
We find ourselves in a precarious situation due to our collective failure to stand up for G-dliness.

 We are now under a G-dless "party" that is masquerading as an American Party.  The Democratic party of 2020 should have been deligitimized because their platform rejects G-d's laws..  the 7 Noahide laws. This ruling party is treasonous on many levels.  

Will we now collectively G-d forbid reap the bitter fruits of allowing evil to take over?

The way to escape becoming enslaved is reminding ourselves Ein Od Milvado, which means There is NoOne other than G-d Alone. G-d is King and He reigns alone as do His Laws.

He is All powerful that can defeat evil. 

The Jewish Nation is the Kingdom of Priests for all Nations.  We must do our part and call out evil even when evil seems to hold the reigns.

May Hashem empower G-d Fearing Leaders to lead our people and set an example to the world. 

May G-d give us clarity and wisdom to know the best way to proceed..  

Evil decrees are turning from bad to worse... Let us not lose hope nor get discouraged but rather learn from the story of the Israelites enslaved in Egypt. Surely this is G-d's path toward our freedom and salvation. 

Let's always stay positive and know that salvation comes in the twinkling of an eye.


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September 07, 2014
Federal Reserve Failing. Very Troubling Symptoms:Predicting Economic Collapse within 6 months: by Jim Rickards. Jonathan Cahn linking Yeshayahu 9:10 to 9/11. Shemitah

Fwded from a friend...
I just got a phone call from a friend in Israel who works for Rabbi Shalom Arush. *Today is January 20th, the day Hashem placed over us a new president.*  We know that at least since Elul we have been in the "9 months". We don’t know exactly which month we are in, but one message was *“Just make it to Purim!”* and another date was *Pesach.* *Amalek has taken over.*

In the Secret Scroll of Rebbe Nachman, we see that all the signs leading up to the time for Mashiach to come — have passed. In the name of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev (who was a comtemporary of Rebbe Nachman), he states that since all the signs have passed —  *Mashiach can come any time, even right now!* 

One reason that Hashem has taken away President Trump from power is because we were not crying out enough for the Geulah/Redemption, for Mashiach to come, and doing Teshuvah. We were leaning back and floating along in the comfort of having a pro-Israel president who fought for what is good and just.  We were not spending enough time in hitbodudut, talking to Hashem, we were not practicing Emunah (having faith in God for everything), we were not appreciating what we have, we were not saying "Thank You Hashem" for everything — good and the seemingly “bad".

A Kabbalist in Israel (I’m not to share who, so I promptly forgot his name) said that on the day that Biden was “confirmed” to be the next president, he saw that just before Mashiach comes or is revealed — *anyone in the Galut who has been longing and yearning to move to the Holy Land of Israel,* will have the *assistance of the angels* to get there. (We do not know exactly _how_ but this was what he saw.) And anyone who has not been yearning and doing whatever they are able to prepare, may not have the protection. And those in Israel who really don’t care about being in Israel and didn’t long for the Geulah, will be transported out.

What you want and pray for spiritually, you will get. It is written in Shamayim that you HAVE it, as if you are there IN Eretz Israel. Everything depends on merit…have emunah and tell Hashem “Thank You” for ALL situations in your life.

*So prepare yourselves!*

She said that I could and should share this with others.

Dr. Simone Gold - a courageous Doctor speaking about Covid-19

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Arutz7: Hilltop youth recounts his bungled arrest


Detectives attempt to charge four hilltop youths with tracking down officers on Facebook

Police stack up errors in attempting to prosecute hilltop youth for planning to find officers who were involved in Ahuvyah Sandak's death

Shlomo Witty , Jan 17 , 2021 8:27 PM

The Israel National Police arrested four Jews last weekend on suspicion of searching for the address of police officers involved in the police chase several weeks ago in which Ahuvyah Sandak was killed. The court released the four detainees almost immediately and without restrictive conditions, and even reprimanded the police for making the arrest.

Shmulik Payne, a resident of Otniel and one of the detainees, recounted the arrest on his Twitter feed: "i was sitting in the town pharmacy when a man in civilian clothes entered and asked me to come with him. At first I didn't understand who he was - I didn't know him, how did he know me? He soon clarified that I was under arrest by the Judea and Samaria Regional Precinct - who else? - on charges of invasion of privacy, unwarranted investigation, and harassment."

Payne was taken to the detention cell at the Rosh Haayin precinct, where all his belongings were taken from him until he waited for an interrogator. "Before we even started, it became clear that there were three other detainees in the same situation as I was, and that the courts had already started proceedings for their release. The police attorney, who is supposed to be the one explaining why we pose such a threat that we can be arrested in broad daylight instead of simply summoned for questioning, seems to be flustered by the pressure. He eventually admits that he does not have the required documentation for holding us, prompting the man in charge of the investigation to take him outside and shout at him for a short time. It seemed they had been working on this until morning, and that the police attorney shouldn't have had the material at all if he couldn't defend it to the court."

He said, "After this amusing saga, the investigation begins; we are charged with attempting to find the addresses of the officers responsible for Ahuvyah's death on Facebook, with the intention of protesting in front of them. This is, somehow, a serious offence in our democratic state.

Payne contacted the Honenu legal defense organization, and an attorney explained to him that there was no legal problem with the course of action with which he was charged. "If you demonstrate freely in front of Bibi and Mandelblit's house, you can demonstrate in front of any public figure's house - including police officers," said the attorney.

"I hung up from the call with the lawyer and the police began to question me. 'What did you plan to do?', they asked. 'How did you look for their private address? Are you an organization? Why did you want to demonstrate in front of their house?' and more and more ridiculous questions. After something like half an hour, during which the interrogator tried to explain to me that it was not worth demonstrating in front of an officer's house and after he showed me my own messages to a friend in which we discussed finding the addresses, the interrogation ended and I was returned to the detention cell. At first the police insisted that I be kept overnight, having arrived later than the others, but my lawyer angrily informed them that there was no such thing, and that if we were being charged together we would be released together."

"After a quarter of an hour in the detention cell, the interrogator arrived to release me, but would not return my phone," he said. "I found myself in the middle of Rosh Haayin in pouring rain, with a short shirt and nothing hot to wear. I had to hitchhike home for three hours - all because the Judea and Samaria Regional Police can't be bothered with the protocols of arrest and interrogation required by law.

Monday, January 04, 2021

The Roots of Evil: Land Theft in Area C is Creating a De Facto Palestinian State


אל המקום אשר...

Is it happenstance that the Settlers living in Judea and Samaria do not have adequate security due to political policies that turn a blind eye to Arab terror? 

Is it happenstance  there is no deterrence and there is no real consequences for stone throwing Arabs unless there is massive civil unrest. 

Jewish Settlers and their kids are being framed as  rock throwers. They face  persecution and unjust prosecution 


They stand up for Torah and G-d's law. They want G-d to be King. 

The Political Powers are threatened 

That's the root.