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I am posting this on my blog since Roy S.  Neuberger's comments are also relevant to President Trump. The left is very jealous of President Trump's success in trying to make this world a better place.  He has succeeded in putting those who have tried to empower evil in their place and they are jealous of his power.  They want to the leaders.They are jealous of his leadership and will do everything in their power to bring him down.

He like Moshe Rabbeinu has to turn to our Almighty G-d in order to successfully continue his G-dly Agenda.  

May Trump and his administration understand that to get G-d on his side he needs to take G-d's side and speak the Truth about the Land of Israel and G-d's Eternal Promise to the Nation of Israel in order to achieve an Everlasting Peace!

Speaking against UNESCO's FAKE declaration that the Cave of the Patriarchs is a FAKESTINIAN World Heritage Site is a step in the right direction!

Fwd: Hebron in Danger at UNESCO, Nikki Haley Please Help! Hallel Ariel hy"d, Pics & Parshat Korach

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"Lo sachmod … You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's." (Exodus 20:14) This is the last of the Ten Commandments, positioned at the end of the series perhaps because these cosmic words would so clearly affect the future of the Children of Israel.
The antidote to covetousness is to be "sameach b'chelko… satisfied with one's lot." This ideal is held up by our Rabbis as the key to a proper life. (Pirkei Avos 4:1) Why should I try to be someone else? Hashem made me unique!
To covet is to destroy life, both one's own life and other's lives. In the history of our People, the trait of covetousness has been responsible for terrible jealousies which led to the Destruction of the Second Temple and our present catastrophic Exile. This week's Torah Portion describes an instance of jealousy which marks one of the most tragic moments in the history of our Nation.
This process all started, however, at the very beginning of history. In the Garden of Eden, Chava (Eve), our primordial mother, was not quite satisfied, although she lived in the place that was, by definition, perfect. Far be it from me to comprehend what went on in her mind, but I wonder whether it was something like this: perhaps, she thought, Hashem was not one hundred percent correct in the way He set up the universe. "Am I really incapable of handling the distinction between good and evil? After all, Hashem created me with a brain. Surely, He could have trusted me with the capacity to distinguish between what is permitted and what is forbidden." 
And so, in an almost-imperceptible way, Chava asserted her desire to be at least partially on an "equal footing" with Hashem. By asserting her "disagreement" with the way He had designed the universe, she used the free will He had given her to try to disrupt His perfect plan. As a result, she introduced suffering into her own life and the life of the entire world. From that moment, death and suffering entered the world, and we are living with the results … until the day when we can rectify this terrible sin of covetousness and return to the Garden of Eden.
In this week's Torah Portion, Korach could not tolerate the leadership role which G-d had assigned to Moses. Korach was brilliant and illustrious, but he was not satisfied with his lot. As a result, the earth opened its mouth and swallowed him alive. Dissatisfaction with one's lot is a basic challenge to Hashem. It doesn't matter how talented or successful a person is, being satisfied with one's lot is independent of other factors. The consequences of coveting what is not ours are intrinsically disastrous.
Several years ago, I had the opportunity to engage in a personal conversation with President George W. Bush. My late father was honored at the White House, and the family accompanied him. In this grand setting, amidst a large gathering, I wanted to use the opportunity to speak to the President about the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. Remarkably, I was able to speak personally with the President. During the course of this conversation, I told him why I believed he was suffering so much criticism from the press. I told him that, since he believed in G-d and held to high standards of morality, those who did not adhere to such standards were jealous of him and were trying to pull him down to their level. I know that he appreciated these words of encouragement. In fact, a few minutes later, one of his aides came over to thank me.
The world of politics, both past and present, is beset with such jealousies, and they introduce chaos into the world. Society can exist peacefully only if people are willing to be sameach b'chelko. The fabric of the world is pulled apart when someone cannot "fergin" another person's success. As Rabbi Chanina says, "Pray for the welfare of the government, because if people did not fear it, a person would swallow his fellow alive." (Ethics of the Fathers 3:2)
But does Hashem really expect us to control our emotions?
My friends, as challenging as this may be, this is precisely what Hashem expects of us. Otherwise, why would the Torah command, "lo sachmod?" Do we not say every day, "You shall love Hashem, your G-d, with all your heart…?" How can Hashem expect us to love Him? Well, that is exactly what He expects, and obviously, since He created us, He knows our capabilities. Working on our emotions is a major aspect of self-improvement, a subject upon which we must focus intently, especially now, during the summer months, as the Three Weeks approach and we try to prepare for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.
During this season, we are trying to re-make ourselves into the people we should be!
Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch zt"l says, "He who wishes not to sin must uproot the desire from his heart, for even the desire is itself a sin in G-d's sight… A mortal lawgiver can decree, 'You shall not murder' … but only G-d can decree, 'You shall not covet.' He alone probes the mind and the heart. Before Him not only deeds, but also thoughts and feelings, are manifest…." (Exodus 20:14)
Parshas Korach teaches that we are capable of uprooting jealousy from our hearts. It is a huge avoda, but Hashem expects His children to reach the heights. This is our life work, and our success will bring Moshiach ben Dovid and the Holy Temple, may we see it soon in our days!
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Palestinian Pollution: A Dirty Little Secret | Jewish & Israel News

Fwd: Hebron in Danger at UNESCO, Nikki Haley Please Help! Hallel Ariel hy"d, Pics & Parshat Korach


This is a matter that the Trump Team, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt and Jared Kushner can easily address.  

Like Caleb let them visit our Avot and Imahot in Hebron accompanied by PM Netanyahu sending the world a clear message that Hebron is in Israel and is a Holy Jewish Heritage Site!

UNESCO FAKE NEWS: Maarat HaMachpela, The Tomb of the Patriarchs a Fakestinian World Heritage Site?  (they can not pronounce the letter "P" I understand)

In the merit of exposing Fake news and enlightening the world with Truth that is Based on G-dly Truth may all the Fake News besieging Trump and his Administration and his inner circle dissipate like dust in the wind!

I hope Nikki Haley gets on UNESCO's case as well!

Nikki Haley Rocks the United Nations! by David Kerner

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Subject: Hebron in Danger at UNESCO, Hallel Ariel hy"d, Pics & Parshat Korach
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Tour bus

The Hebron Fund

Parshat Korach

Dear Raizy & Pinchus,


The Palestinian Authority is attempting to designate the Tomb of Machpela as a Palestinian World Heritage Site
at the upcoming UNESCO conference. 

We are addressing the jihadists on two fronts. The first is
their physical Jihad, when the terrorists stab, car ram, shoot, and attack innocent Jews in any way possible. The second is a narrative Jihad, when there is an attempt to
weaken Israel through the media, anti-Israel tours & law-fare/anti-Israel legislation. 

As you may have heard, the Palestinian Authority has asked for an emergency session at the UNESCO meeting in Warsaw in 2 weeks to take away Jewish ownership of Ma'arat HaMachpela. Yes, the one Herod built on the property bought by Avraham Avinu; the first real estate ever purchased by a Jew in Israel. 
Israel's Ambassador to UNESCO, Carmel Shama HaCohen, said "The ceaseless effort by the PA to delegitimize Israel's historic connection to her geographic and spiritual roots is simply a different way to wage war. This is a clear continuation of the attacks and hallucinatory outrageous votes in UNESCO regarding Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall,".
The second front, we combat though EDUCATION with
tours for youth and adults in first-hand visits to Hebron, short videos (check out Stolen Grandfather below), informative pieces written by Hebron spokesmen Noam Arnon and Yishai Fleisher, major public events that have brought in hundreds of thousands of visitors and hands-on tours etc 
In fact, this week we hosted both Im Tirtzu and Hebron Fund tours, during which the visitors saw the PA falsehoods with their own eyes. Personally, I was with donors at Tel Hebron where we saw mikvahs (Jewish ritual baths) from the times of the Holy Temple Period and shortly after. Considering that Islam and Muhammad were only born in the 7th Century and that mikvahs are only used by JEWS, there is an abundance of factual evidence that the Jews are indigenous to this land and the Arabs are trying to OCCUPY. More on the UNESCO situation next week. 
Sadly, this week we memorialized the tragic death of 13.5 year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel (May G-d avenge her blood) who was murdered in her home in Kiryat Arba last June. There are no words - may her family find some comfort and peace be brought to the Jewish people.
As a reminder, if you received a mailing recently and were meaning to respond, please do so today either online or by mailing a check. We are finalizing the summer camp program and need to know what activities we can plan for the children and community of Hebron. We are also planning our response to the PA ploy at UNESCO with promotional materials, ads, films and other methods which I cannot mention here.  Please mail in your reply envelope to the Hebron Fund office (address below) or click online here

If you would like your gifts designated for 'summer camp' or 'UNESCO campaign' please indicate in the comments section.  We aren't going to take this sitting down.

Shabbat Shalom and Blessings from Hebron, 
Rabbi Daniel Rosenstein
Executive Director, The Hebron Fund 

P.S. As part of the agreed upon 10 days per year of exclusive access, the Ma'arah was closed on Wednesday and will be closed again tomorrow, as well as on Sunday. See side panel for more information.

Video on the Scene 
Grandpa Abraham HIJACKED: Protect Hebron, City of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs

Seen on the Scene

Im Tirtzu Tour
Photo Credit to Barak Shaked  

 Being inspired by Yishai Fleisher, International Spokesman for the Jewish Community of Hebron

Hearing about the history of the Jewish community of Hebron at the Hebron Museum with Hebron resident Tzippy Schlissel

At the Hebron Observatory

The view into H1 (PA controlled Hebron, where no Jews are allowed) from the Observatory

Learning about Ma'arat HaMachpela, while sitting in the Cave's main hall, with Noam Arnon, Spokesman for the Jewish Community of Hebron.

Im Tirtzu group outside the Ma'arah

Congratulations to Ophir and Meirav on the birth of a baby! The brit milah was held in the Tomb of Machpela

An Israeli flag and flagpole,
donated by Dr. Bob Shillman,
flies strong on top of the 
Hebron Observatory.
  Photo Credit - Yishai Fleisher
Andrew Scott Kligerman (left) and David Kimmel (right) of Westchester with Rabbi Rosenstein on Tel Hevron - Can you find the Ma'arah in background?

Tour group with Rav Simcha Hochbaum at the Field of the Ma'arah, outside the Cave of the Patriarchs

One of our tour participants from Boca Raton, Florida, connecting with one of the chayalot who is an IDF tour guide.

The Ma'arah was closed to non-Muslims so we prayed on the 7th step promenade. To your left is a group of Arab women in an area normally only accessible to Jews
David Wilder always amazes us with his knowledge
of the ancient city walls of Hebron!

David Wilder showed us Mikvahs (ritual bath) from the 2nd Temple Period and the Revolt. This was long before the religion of Islam or Muhammad was born!
UNESCO's ploy is part of the narrative Jihad

The Ma'arah is under attack. The Jihadists are not just using knives, they are using UNESCO to change the narrative and STEAL MA'ARAT HAMACHPELA along with our grandfather Avraham Avinu, and the rest of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron. We are working hard to derail this attempt at taking over the Machpela, and you can help.
You can influence the decisions at the UNESCO Heritage Center meeting at the beginning of July, by contacting US Ambassador to the UN, a good friend of Israel, Nikki Haley, via
ie: Please stop UNESCO from declaring Tomb of Patriarchs in Hebron a Palestinian Heritage Site, ignoring recognition of site's Jewish identity.
Articles for more Information

The 21 committee members are: Angola, Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso, Croatia, Cuba, Finland, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Tunisia, Turkey, United Republic of Tanzania, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.
They plan to meet from July 2 to 12 in Krakow, Poland.
SPREAD the word, STOP the lies and PROTECT Hebron

Yishai Fleisher 

Intrenational Spokesperson, The Jewish Community of Hebron
One way we combat false claims, like that of the PA to the UNESCO council, is through important programs like Im Tirtzu.
"Hebron, together with the Im Tirzu campus movement, has begun doing tours for Israeli students - a type of domestic birthright for Israelis who rarely visit this cradle of Jewish civilization. The tours are our answer to the delegitimization tours run by 'Breaking the Silence' and 'B'tselem'. I am proud to have had a hand in the creation and running of these tours, and it was nice to be quoted in  Reuters:
*see this weeks Seen on the Scene for pictures from a recent Im Tirtzu tour*
The agreed compromise at Ma'arat HaMachpela is to reserve ten days a year for Jewish, Christian and non-Muslim only worship and ten days for Muslim only worship inside the Ma'arah.
Our days generally correspond to holidays such as Passover, Succot, Parshat Chaya Sarah, etc. when tens of thousands of Jewish visitors come to Hebron, and the Muslim only days coincide with their special holiday of Ramadan.
As part of our mutual understanding, the Tomb of Machpela will be open to Muslims only on the following dates:
Friday June 23, 2017
Sunday June 25, 2017
Jewish prayer services on these dates will be held outside the Ma'arah at the Seventh Step.
The Ma'arah will be open at 4:00 AM on shabbat mornings, as usual.
Dates are subject to change. For more information please call
050-647-7776 or 050-647-7744
This week marked the 1st Yahrtzeit of
Hallel Yaffa Ariel H"YD.

One year ago, on what would have been her last day of 8th grade, 13 year old Hallel was murdered by an Arab terrorist in her bedroom in the Charsina neighborhood of Kiryat Arba.

The Azkara (1 year memorial service) was last Sunday (24 Sivan), on the anniversary of her murder.

יהי זכרה ברוך
Missed the 50th Anniversary celebrations in Hebron?
Its not too late to become an Honorary citizen and receive a limited edition 50th anniversary medallion!

Parshat Korach
By: Rabbi Moshe Goodman, Kollel Ohr Shlomo, Hebron

To print, click HERE


לשכנו תדרשו
Discovering the Holy Presence in Our Holy Land

בכורי כל אשר בארצם

"Blessed are You HaShem our God King of the Universe Who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to take trumot and maasrot."

The end of this parsha contains numerous verses about the manner of taking truma and maser, and more specifically trumat maser. Trumat Maser highlights the hierarchy of the Kohanic rite over the Levite rite, for trumat maser involves giving truma to the Kohen even from the maser given to the Levite. Thus, we can see how this portion at the end of the parsha is a direct continuation from its beginning which deals with the conflict of Korach who wished to obliterate this hierarchy that puts the Kohanim at a higher status than the Levites.

One of the primary differences between the gift given to the Levites and the gift given to the Kohanim is that the gift given to the Levites is called 'a tithe' while the gift given to the Kohanim is called 'the first (gift)' - 'reshit', i.e truma, bikurim, or halla. Aside from the practical ramifications of this term, which means that one must first give the truma given to the Kohen before the maser given to the Levite, there are also spiritual implications to this terminology. It seems that the Torah wishes to teach us that we need to first address the 'first' aspect of things, i.e their origin or source, before we deal with their results or the various branches that stem from this source.

Ultimately, the search for the source of matters, brings one to search for HaShem the Source of All. By placing 'the origin' at the head of one's endeavors one also comes to put God at the head of one's consciousness. Indeed, the Kohanim are the class of Israel closest to the 'origin', i.e the Holy Presence of the Temple, in their unique service in the holiest parts of the Temple. In turn, the holiest gift given from the produce that grew in the Land of the Holy Presence is given to these Kohanim.

There is no doubt that Hebron and Maarat HaMachpela stand as the origins of our People's connection to this Land of the Holy Presence. Indeed, Hebron was a city designated for the Kohanim in the book of Joshua. Hebron is also unique by the fact that it is the only Kohanic city also designated as a Refuge City. The power of the Refuge Cities is linked to the life of the Kohen Gadol. In this way, the negligent murderer, is given aid to correct his ill behavior. The negligent murderer failed to truly realize the Godly origin of life, and therefore he did not take enough caution in protecting life. Therefore, this negligent murderer's cure lies through connecting to the origins of our People and our Land, the Kohen Gadol and the Refuge Cities, which stem from Hebron, the City of Patriarchal Clemency (see Vayakhel 5015 on this at length).

One of the locations in Hebron which seems to reflect the connection of the masses, coming from the 'four corners of the earth', to their origins, is the Field of Machpela. The Field of Machpela is a unique spot in Hebron where one can site the masses of Israel together, undivided by any walls or partitions, at our Unifying Roots of Hebron, City of our Common Origin.

Real Stories from the Holy Land #224

"One day I lent 200 NIS to one friend. That very same day I received 200 NIS back on a loan I had given to another friend which had not been paid for numerous months (I don't usually merit to give loans to people, and I also don't have gemach for such a purpose)." 

Sources: Duties of the Heart - Shaar Habitachon, Shabat 31a and Smag's interpretation, See Igeret Habitachon

Comments, questions, and/or stories,email   

Parshat Korach

June 23-24, 2017
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Hebron 8:30pm 
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Shabbat end times are based on the opinion of Reb Moshe Feinstein and Harav Tukaccinsky, which is usually 50 min past sundown.

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