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AIPAC: a Shameful Message By Tova Abady and Faigy Lobel...


The recent convention of AIPAC once again shows that AIPAC is not a true friend of Israel.    Read this post that shows that AIPAC is working to destroy Israel.   In their lobby they were proud to display the following of Israel's "accomplishments".  ( proud to support a Palestinian/Hamas State adjacent to Israel, proud of the destruction of 21 beautiful thriving Jewish communities in Gaza by the gov't causing Sderot to being under constant attack and proud of the removal of  147 checkpoints in order to allow freedom of movement by terrorists which has resulted in repeated stonings and death. )

The sad part is that the AIPAC  Convention had over 7,500 pro Israel activists including record number of students 1303, all naive;y being fed garbage about Israel being our Jewish Homeland and shown  Israel's proud accomplishments in technology, medicine etc.. 
What a bunch of fools. As far as AIPAC is concerned who cares what G-d has in mind. They are intent on committing suicide by letting the Palestinians/Hamas next door.  They honor Hillary Clinton, representative of the Obama Administration who treats Israel like a Banana Republic.  Bye Bye Israel according to the Palestinian/Hamas maps...then  Bye Bye accomplishments. These innocent kids are being brainwashed and duped.


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This email  is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.  

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fwd: Become an ongoing partner in The Machlis Experience!


A fantastic home of Hachnosas Orchim!  Many Yeshiva boys and Seminary girls in their year in Israel have to scramble around for a place for Shabbos including our sons and daughters from Brooklyn, NY.  They have found a welcoming home at the Machlis's together with Baalei Teshuva and people from all walks of life. It's an experience.  Wall to wall. It's amazing how much Chesed they have accomplished with such limited resources.  Hashem provides and we will benefit greatly to be a partner with the Machlis's.

Shabbat Shalom!

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From: Chesed L'Orchim Machlis in Jerusalem <>
Date: Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 9:21 PM
Subject: Become an ongoing partner in The Machlis Experience!
To: chesed l'orchim <>

As you know, Rabbi Mordechai and Henny Machlis have spent their entire married lives fully devoted to the service of others. To whatever extent you know them personally and have seen them at work you know how unparalleled they are as paragons of selfless chesed, love and giving to everyone. Personally, I've never experienced anyone quite like them.

With 14 kids and full time jobs they don't have the ability to fundraise for all of the kindness that they dispense. They host beautiful, lavish Shabbat celebrations in their home each and every week where everyone is invited, made to feel fully at home and shown what a Jewish home in Jerusalem is like. They clothe, feed and house anywhere from a few to hundreds of poor, homeless and otherwise in-distress people on a regular basis - people who have no family except the Machlises and no home except the one at 137-26 Maalot Dafna (the Machlis's). They dispense over 12,000 meals a year, host a kiddush at the Western Wall every Shabbat, hold Torah Study sessions at least once a week in their home, care for orphans, widows, poor brides and the mentally or physically ill, etc, etc, etc.

As a one-stop charity, offered with a full, sincere and loving heart, there's none like them.

You're receiving this email because you're one of the very few people who has contributed to their cause and chosen to have them represent you through your generous choice to help fund them.

Rabbi Machlis just completed his semester of teaching at Lev HaTorah and at Bar Ilan University and has taken this week of pre-Passover vacation to throw himself into the difficult and thankless task of attempting to raise funds so that he can continue his and his wife's holy work.

Thanks to you and only to you the Machlises haven't closed down this past year or lost their home. Years of neglecting to raise funds for their manifold charitable works however have them remaining in the red and continuing to struggle to raise each week's budget from week to week. Please join me in putting an end to their financial instability by becoming partners with them and by letting others know about the opportunity to become partners with the Machlises as well.

There's so much more that the Machlises would do if only they had the resources for it. Right now however, they're struggling to raise the $240,000 yearly budget required simply to sustain the many chesed programs they already engage in on a daily basis.

Please consider joining me in becoming a part of The Jerusalem Machlis Experience through an ongoing modest donation as either a
Chai Member


Silver Partner
Gold Partner

And please take a moment to consider whether a friend or acquaintance would be similarly interested in joining us as well. Feel free to forward or publish this email wherever you believe it may do some good.

Chai Member - Your contribution of $18 a month provides food, clothing and housing for a homeless person for one day each month in the loving and wise care of the Machlis family.

Sponsor - Your contribution of $36 a month covers the cost of three sumptuous 5-course Shabbat meals each month to students and visitors interested in catching a glimpse of what Jewish life is like in Jerusalem these days. The good will and appreciation created by this kindness to visitors goes a very long way towards improving the world and Israel's situation within it.

Silver Partner - Your contribution of $100 a month provides full and complete sponsorship of an entire table for 8 guests each month. Each and every month, one table will be wholly in your honor and solely thanks to you.

Gold Partner - Your contribution of $100 a week makes you a weekly part of the Machlis Shabbat Experience as each and every week one full table of 8 will be entirely thanks to you. You have an unparalleled part to play in The Machlis Experience, week after week.

May you and yours be blessed with the most beautiful Passover and wondrously happy, joyous and meaningful lives filled with good deeds and with the knowledge of all of the thousands of good deeds that are done by the Machlis family thanks to your personal support.



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This email  is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.  

Fwd: TZC-Newsletter-March-19-2010-PDF-Format Parshat Vayikra

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From: <>
Date: Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 12:24 AM
Subject: TZC-Newsletter-March-19-2010-PDF-Format



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This email  is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.  

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Maos Chitim Campaign for Yesha communities - coordinated by Alan Hirsh


As many of you know Alan Hirsh of Brooklyn has done a phenomenal job raising funds for Maos Chitim in Yesha.

Supporting Maos Chitim in Yehudah and Shomron sends Obama and Netanyahu the message that we support  Jewish settlement in ALL parts of Israel as per our Biblical entitlement and heritage.  (perhaps if he gets this message he won't even start up in Jerusalem)  For more information on contributing please call the number below or you can email me as well.  Last year some of the monies that were necessary were borrowed  and raised after the fact.    Let's help Alan Hirsh make sure he can cover his costs. Thanks! Robin

Sent by Alan Hirsh,
of Brooklyn, NY coordinator  of Kimche D'Pische campaign in Yesha. :

Last year we succeeded in distributing over 10,000 lb's of Shmural Matzoh
6,500  Bottles of Grape Juice
1,200  bottles of wine.
4 Tons of chickens
3 Tons Meat
10 tons  potatoes
5 Tons vegetables
10,000 lollipops.
$100,000 in checks to needy families in the most way out places in Israel.

Places in Judea and Samaria that have benefited and will iy"h benefit include:

Hebron, Kiryat Arba, Gush Etzion, Yitzhar, Itamar, Shvut Rachel, Chavat Gilad, Shilo, Elon Moreh, Nokdim, Neve Daniel, Maale Amos and hundreds of hilltops!

Please make your check to
Congregation Bnai Israel
3190 Bedford Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Earmark for: Matzoh Fund
For additional information
Call 718-377-8016

We have Absolutely ZERO Expenses!

In Brooklyn Checks or Cash may be dropped off at: Linicks Toys - 4811 13th Ave. Boro Park
Nosh Express 2817 Nostrand Ave. Flatbush

Last year after Pesach beautiful thank you letters in English were sent by Chana Leah of Kiryat Arba/Hebron as well as Rabbi Daniel Kohen of Bat Ayin and Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith Mayor of Itamar.

Tizku LeMitzvot!


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This email  is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.  

You NEED to have a plan- in case of terror attack - please pass on.

"Paul Brody, MD" <>,
Thank you Paul Brody for sending this to me.

> Juval  Aviv is the Israeli Agent upon whom the movie '  Munich '
> was based.
> He was Golda Meir's  bodyguard - she appointed him to track down
> and
> bring to justice the Palestinian terrorists who  took the Israeli
> athletes
> hostage and killed  them during the Munich Olympic  Games.
> In  a lecture in New York City a few weeks ago, he  shared
> information that
> EVERY American needs to  know -- but that our government has not
> yet
> shared with us.
> He  predicted the London subway bombing on the Bill  O'Reilly show
> on Fox
> News stating publicly that  it would happen within a week...  At
> the  time,
> O'Reilly laughed and mocked him, saying  that in a week he wanted
> him back on
> the show.  But, unfortunately, within a week the  terrorist attack
> had
> occurred.
> Juval  Aviv gave intelligence (via what he had gathered  in Israel
> and the
> Middle East ) to the Bush  Administration about 9/11 a month before
> it
> occurred.  His report specifically said  they would use planes as
> bombs and
> target high  profile buildings and monuments.  Congress  has since
> hired him as
> a security  consultant.
> Now  for his future predictions...  He predicts  the next terrorist
> attack
> on the U.S. will  occur within the next few  months.
> Forget  hijacking airplanes, because he says terrorists  will NEVER
> try and
> hijack a plane again as they  know the people onboard will never go
> down
> quietly again.  Aviv believes our airport  security is a joke --
> that we have
> been  reactionary rather than proactive in developing  strategies
> that are
> truly  effective..
> For  example:
> 1)  Our airport technology is out-dated.  We  look for metal, and
> the new
> weapons and  explosives are made of  plastic.
> 2)  He talked about how some idiot tried to light  his shoe on
> fire.
> Because of that, now everyone  has to take off their shoes.  A
> group of  idiots
> tried to bring aboard liquid explosives.  Now we can't bring
> liquids on board.
> He says he's waiting for some suicidal  maniac to pour liquid
> explosive on
> his  underwear; at which point, security will have us  all
> traveling naked!
> Every strategy we  have is reactionary...
> We  only focus on security when people are heading  to the gates.
> Aviv
> says that if a  terrorist attack targets airports in the future,
> they will
> target busy times on the front end of  the airport when/where
> people are
> checking in.  It would be easy for someone to take two  suitcases
> of explosives,
> walk up to a busy  check-in line, ask a person next to them to
> watch their
> bags for a minute while they run to  the restroom or get a drink
> and then
> detonate  the bags BEFORE security even gets involved.  In Israel ,
> security
> checks bags BEFORE  people can even ENTER the  airport.
> Aviv  says the next terrorist attack here in America  is imminent
> and will
> involve suicide bombers and  non-suicide bombers in places where
> large
> groups  of people congregate.  (I. E., Disneyland,  Las Vegas
> casinos, big cities
> New York, San  Francisco, Chicago, etc...) and that it will  also
> include
> shopping malls, subways in rush  hour, train stations, etc., as
> well as rural
> America this time ( Wyoming , Montana ,  etc.).
> The  attack will be characterized by simultaneous  detonations
> around the
> country (terrorists like  big impact), involving at least 5-8
> cities,
> including rural areas.
> Aviv  says terrorists won't need to use suicide  bombers in many of
> the
> larger cities, because at  places like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas,
> they can
> simply valet park a car loaded with explosives  and walk away.
> Aviv  says all of the above is well known in  intelligence circles,
> but
> that our U. S.  Government does not want to 'alarm American
> citizens' with the
> facts.  The world is  quickly going to become 'a different place',
> and
> issues like 'global warming' and political  correctness will become
> totally
> irrelevant.
> On  an encouraging note, he says that Americans  don't have to be
> concerned
> about being nuked.  Aviv says the terrorists who want to  destroy
> America
> will not use sophisticated  weapons. They like to use suicide as a
> front-line approach.  It's cheap, it's  easy, it's effective; and
> they have an
> infinite  abundance of young militants more than willing  to 'meet
> their destiny'.
> He  also says the next level of terrorists, over  which America
> should be
> most concerned, will not  be coming from abroad.  But will be,
> instead,
> 'homegrown' Muslims- having attended  and been educated in our own
> schools and
> universities right here in the U.S.  He  says to look for
> 'students' who
> frequently  travel back and forth to the Middle East.  These young
> terrorists
> will be the most  dangerous because they will know our language
> and will
> fully understand the habits of  Americans; but that we Americans
> won't
> know/understand a thing about  them.
> Aviv  says that, as a people, Americans are unaware  and uneducated
> about
> the terrorist threats we  will, inevitably, face from Muslims, both
> natural
> born or recently converted American born  students..   America
> still has
> only  have a handful of Arabic and Farsi speaking  people in our
> intelligence
> networks and Aviv  says it is critical that we change that fact,
> and SOON.
> So,  what can America do to protect itself?  From an intelligence
> perspective, Aviv  says the U.S. needs to stop relying on
> satellites and technology
> for intelligence.  We need to, instead, follow Israel 's,  Ireland
> 's and
> England 's hands-on examples of  human intelligence, both from an
> infiltration
> perspective as well as to trust 'aware' citizens  to help.  We
> need to
> engage and educate  ourselves as citizens; however, our U. S.
> government
> continues to treat us, its citizens,  'like babies' and demand that
> we be
> 'politically  correct' and not single out Middle Easterners  and
> Muslims.  Our
> government thinks we  'can't handle the truth' and are concerned
> that  we'll
> panic if we understand the realities of  terrorism.  Aviv says this
> is a deadly
> mistake.
> Aviv  recently created/executed a security test for  our Congress,
> by
> placing an empty briefcase in  five well-traveled spots in five
> major cities.
> The results?  Not one person called  911 or sought a policeman to
> check it
> out... in  fact, in Chicago, someone tried to steal the  briefcase!
> In  comparison, Aviv says that citizens of Israel  are so well
> 'trained'
> that an unattended bag or  package would be reported in seconds by
> citizen(s)
> who know to publicly shout,  'Unattended Bag!'  The area would be
> quickly
> & calmly cleared by the citizens  themselves.  But, unfortunately,
> America
> hasn't been yet 'hurt enough' by terrorism for  their government to
> fully
> understand the need to  educate its citizens or for the government
> to
> understand that it's their citizens who are,  inevitably, the best
> first-line of
> defense  against terrorism.
> Aviv  also was concerned about the high number of  children here in
> America
> who were in preschool  and kindergarten after 9/11, who were 'lost'
> without parents being able to pick them up, and  about our schools
> that had no
> plan in place to  best care for the students until parents could
> get there.
> (In New York City , this was  several days, in some  cases!)
> He  stresses the importance of having a plan, that's  agreed upon
> within
> your family, to respond to in  the event of a terrorist emergency.
> He  urges
> parents to contact their children's  schools and demand that the
> schools,
> too,  develop plans of actions, as they do in Israel  ..
> Does  your family know what to do if you can't contact  one another
> by
> phone?  Where would you  gather in an emergency?  He says we should
> all have a
> plan that is easy enough for even our  youngest children to
> remember and
> follow.
> Aviv  says that the U. S. government has in force a  plan that, in
> the
> event of another terrorist  attack, will immediately cut-off
> EVERYONE's  ability
> to use cell phones, blackberries, etc.,  as this is the preferred
> communication source  used by terrorists and is often the way that
> their bombs are
> detonated.
> How will  you communicate with your loved ones in the  event you
> cannot
> speak?  You need to have a  plan.
> If  you understand what you have just read,  then you must feel
> compelled
> to send to every  concerned parent or guardian, grandparents,
> uncles, aunts,
> whatever and whomever.  Nothing will happen if you choose not to
> do so,
> but in the event it does happen, this  particular email will haunt
> you..."I
> should have  sent this to...".  and
> didn't..............................


Robin Ticker
This email  is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.  

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Women in Green mourns the passing of Izzy Kaplan, of blessed memory

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From: Women in Green <>
Date: Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 9:03 AM
Subject: Izzy Kaplan, of blessed memory

Dear Friends,

Women in Green mourn the passing of a great Jew, Yisrael-Izzy-Kaplan.
Baruch Dayan Emet.

The funeral was held yesterday Monday in Jerusalem.

Shiva at the home of David and Tiffany Kaplan: Yehuda 196, Modi'in

There are not enough words to describe what a wonderful and special
man  Izzy was. A passionate lover and fighter for the Land of Israel
who dedicated his entire life for Am Yisrael, Erets Yisrael and Torat

We will always remember him  as we continue the work for the Land of
Israel and the people of Israel. May his memory be a blessing  to all.

Below please find an article about Izzy written by Tzvi Fishman.

To his family and friends we send our condolences. May you be
comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and may you know no
more sorrow.

Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover
Women in Green

An Example For All of Us
March 16, 2010
by Tzvi Fishman

This email  is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.  

Letter to the Prime Minister Netanyahu Regarding Temple Mount: on Temple Mount Awareness Day Rosh Chodesh Nisan


Prime Minister Netanyahyu:
Telephone number: 011-972-02-6705555

Fax number: 011-972-02-5664838

email address:

additional email address:

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, amv"sh Letovah

Please stand strong for Jerusalem and do not allow Obama administration to make you into a banana republic by forcing you retroactively stop approval of 1600 new building units in Jerusalem..

Hebron is intimately connected to the Temple so please stop the building freeze in Judea and Samaria,

Regarding Temple Mount:

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the Temple Mount. As you know, the Temple Mount is the holiest site in the world for the Jewish people, yet the Muslim authorities, aided by Israel Police, systematically deny the right of religious expression on the Mount to all non-Moslems. On numerous occasions the High Court of Justice has upheld the Jewish people's right to pray at the site, yet the police continue to prevent this. Furthermore, Jewish visitors are harassed and degraded. This discrimination is a grave trampling of civil rights. Israeli law is not recognized by the Wakf authorities; illegal digging has destroyed priceless historical remnants of Jerusalem's Jewish history.

Please, end this travesty and allow Jewish freedom of expression at the Temple Mount. I urge you include the Temple Mount in your "Heritage Plan" of sites significant to the Jewish people.


Robin Ticker
This email on behalf of Eretz Yisroel Hashlaima and the rebuilding of the Temple in our time is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael -Izzy - Kaplan


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From: Israel Kaplan <>
Date: Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 1:46 PM
To: Izzy Kaplan <>

Dear List:


An email was sent out on this list yesterday, as to what we can and should be done to help those in Judea & Samaria who are facing serious hardships due to the Netanyahu building freeze.   Since then however we are hearing voices of Knesset members that something more sinister than just a building freeze is being hatched.   We alluded to the possibility of a disengagement of Yehuda & Shomron G-d forbid but it appears that these voices in the Knesset are viewing this as not so remote.   The response to the freeze must be very severe in order to be effective, so please read over the information below and transmit to as many on your email lists as possible.






What began as a 10 month freeze in capitulation to the whims of the American President will become de-facto disengagement.That is the simple unequivocal truth.


In the words of Knesset memebers


1)"Whoever thinks that after ten months of a freeze, all of sudden they'll start building again, is mistaken. This is the salami method – first one slice, then another, etc."

2) "Innocent citizens who purchased apartments on paper, or land, and took out a mortgage to do so, now find themselves unable to proceed.

3) "The Defense Minister, who likes to speak about law enforcement, himself totally disregards the law. He causes the IDF Central Commander to sign an order in opposition to the Cabinet decision – which stated that it takes effect only after it is publicized –

and this has yet to be done.

4) "The freeze orders were implemented in opposition to the manner stipulated by the Cabinet decision, and were not publicized beforehand as they were

supposed to have been.



Suggested emergency program to be implemented immediately with the purpose of increasing the cost of such "freeze orders" and making clear to the Israeli Public its dangers.


1) Disrupting enforcement of the freeze orders by legal means legal please, claims, and amending legislation


2) Revealing The Financial implications of such a move.

Preparing significant compensation claims. Working opposite the Ministry of Finance to prepare a suitable budget.As it turns out the budget may involve  many millions and possibly over one billion NIS .


3) Disrupting enforcement of the freeze by lobbying Knesset committees and opposite Knesset members and ministers.  An initial position paper has already been distributed to MKs and Ministers.


4) Establishing a legal aid station at the Civil Administration for citizens who come for a hearing and don't have the necessary knowledge or ability to plead their case on their own. and establishing a Telephone hotline – gathering information on who has been hurt by the construction freeze orders and providing initial legal assistance


5) Enlisting lawyers to aid citizens and professionals (contractors, suppliers etc.)  who are hurt financially by the freeze.


6) Photography – documentation. Photographing police tends to reduce the amount and level of violence. The Legal Forum has cameras spread out throughout Judea and Samaria , but we need many more in order to be on the spot and record any violence on the part of police and authorities, to be used, if necessary, as evidence against them in court. From our experience prior to the Gush Katif disengagement, we know that the government will try to (vilify the population) to portray the settlers as trying to benefit as much as possible from the public treasury. We must embark on a campaign to explain how great the damage and the injustice that is being caused to the individual citizen.


 7)  lobbying Knesset committees and opposite Knesset members and ministers.  An initial position paper has already been distributed to MKs and Ministers.and is showing initial signs of pressure on the decision makers to change the scope of the freeze.


8) Engaging the Charedi sectorfor the first time the Charedi residents of Judea and Samaria are finding themselves in the same situation as the rest of the Jewish population in the area. Pressure from their constituents on Shas and Agudat Israel coalition members may provide a significant push in the Cabinet decision making process. 



1)Publicize an information booklet on and citizen's rights in the present legal situation (1,000,000 copies).


2) Cooperation with activist organizations and providing legal aid to those actively involved in the struggle against the freeze.


)Information assemblies in the settlements 


Estimated Projected expenses:



Hotline and the planned activity                                                                    $50,000


Cameras (100)                                    $700 each                                                         total: $70,000


Information campaign (minimal cost):                                                          $150,000


December 3, 2009

16 Kislev 5770


Robin Ticker
This email on behalf of Eretz Yisroel Hashlaima and the rebuilding of the Temple in our time is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael -Izzy - Kaplan z"l

Fwd: A little about Izzy Kaplan, Z"L


We have lost a very great man!  Al Eila Ani Bochiya.  May his passing be a kapparah for Am Yisroel and may he be a Meilitz Yosher for us.  Please join me in dedicating all forms of activism on behalf of the Greater Israel (Eretz Yisroel Hashleim) and Har Habayiat, Temple Mount, for the elevation of the soul of  Lilui Nishmas Yisrael - Izzy Kaplan z"l.  Robin

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From: Paul Rotenberg <>
Date: Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 11:52 PM
Subject: A little about Izzy Kaplan, Z"L
To: Paul Rotenberg <>


An Example For All of Us

Nisan 1, 5770, 16 March 10 03:25

by by from "Hollywood to the Holy Land" - Tzvi Fishman

( Yisrael, Izzy, Kaplan, a fierce and devoted fighter for Israel, was laid to rest today in the Land he so loved.

 Izzy lived in Toronto, but his real home was here. He lived and breathed the Land of Israel 36 hours a day, sharing in its joys and suffering through its trials and setbacks. His soul was so connected to the Land that he experienced the evacuation from Gush Katif as if he himself had been thrown out of his home. He never recovered from the blow. The betrayal of his beloved Israel, of Hashem's Holy Land, by his fellow, albeit misguided, Jews, ate him up inside. So much so that, in my humble opinion, it brought upon the illness that toppled him while he was still in his prime.


Always a family man first.

 Izzy helped so many causes in Israel, I doubt that anyone will be able to compile a complete list. Izzy himself wasn't rich when it came to money in the bank. Much of what he had, he gave away to all sorts of charities, organizations, and political struggles in Israel, and also in Toronto, no doubt. When those funds weren't enough, he rallied the Jews in Toronto to send substantial financial support wherever he felt it was needed in Israel. For years, he acted as the go-between between the community of Toronto and activists in Israel from Gush Katif to the Golan Heights, helping causes in Jerusalem, Yesha, Hevron, Sederot, Amona, terror victims, Lebanon War reserve soldiers, backing demonstrations, rallies, protests of all sorts, posters, videos, and a wide assortment of campaigns to prevent the sell-out of Eretz Yisrael by Jews who had not yet learned the lessons of the Holocaust.

 My first contact with Izzy was two decades ago via a phone call from Toronto. He said his name was Izzy Kaplan, that he ran a Jewish bookstore, and that he wanted to purchase a few dozen copies of a book I had published, "Torat Eretz Yisrael," on the writings of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook. I met him on his next visit to Israel, when he picked up the books on his way back to the airport to shlep them with him on the plane. Each time I wrote a new book, he placed a special order, "To get the word out to the Jews in galut," he said.

 When he discovered that I was active in the struggle against Oslo, he funded a series of posters that filled the streets of Israel and the media all over the world. He raised money for films against Oslo, and then against the Disengagement, which were distributed all over Israel. The travesty of Amona so disturbed him, he helped me produce a video detailing what had happened, which he mass circulated on the Internet, and raised more funds for the distribution of 200,000 CDs that helped weaken Ehud Olmert and the Kadima party before elections.    


Just like Izzy - battling to stem the tide.

 During the battle over the "Peace House" in Hevron, Izzy sent me a personal check to make four gigantic signs that we hung over the building to get our message across to the world.


G-d Gave Israel to the Jews!

 I don't remember all of the projects he helped us with, nor all of the middle-of-the-night phone calls from Toronto to fill him in on the latest developments. All I can say is that my wife became accustomed to my abandoning the comforts of sleep in the wee hours of the night to speak with Izzy.

 "Tzvi, we have to stop the evacuation!" he would insist. "Tzvi, we have to do more to help Sederot," he would urge. "Tzvi, we have to do more to help the refugees from Gush Katif." Dafka at two o'clock in the morning.

 And the help he gave to the projects that I was involved in was just a drop in the bucket compared to all of his efforts, and the generous efforts of his friends, whom he rallied on behalf of Israel.  

 Hopefully, during the shiva, all of the stories about Izzy will be recorded. I will relate just one that his son told at the funeral. To find out exactly what was happening in Gush Katif before the expulsion, Izzy came on a trip and met with dozens of people. When he returned to Toronto, he entered a Haredi shul on Shabbat, and after the Kiddush, gave them a stirring lecture to arouse them out of their apathy. He started off by telling about a Jew in the Holocaust who had managed to escape from one of the extermination camps. When the man told his traumatic story, no one believed him. They thought he was crazy. "The same thing is happening today in the Holy Land!" Izzy yelled at the crowd. "The Jews of Eretz Yisrael are in danger and we aren't doing anything at all to help! When will you wake up?! You have to help your fellow Yidden!"

 That Shabbat, Izzy went from shul to shul, telling the same story, his voice shattering, and with tears in his eyes.

 That was Izzy. The pain over Gush Katif killed him. The missiles falling on the Jews of Sederot ate him up inside. With all that he did to turn the tide, helping wherever he could, the inaction of world Jewry, coupled with the short-sighted recklessness of politicians in Israel, was more than he could bear.

 May his memory be for a blessing. His passionate love for Israel and the Jewish People, and his untiring energies on their behalf, are an example for all of us.

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Robin Ticker
This email on behalf of Eretz Yisroel Hashlaima is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael -Izzy - Kaplan  z"l

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Fwd: TZC-Newsletter-March-12-2010-PDF-Format

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From: Paul Rotenberg <>
Date: Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 12:04 AM
Subject: TZC-Newsletter-March-12-2010-PDF-Format
To: Paul Rotenberg <>

Here is this week's Toronto Zionist Council Newsletter. Please print a few copies and take them to shul as well, forward it to those who would appreciate knowing what is happening in Israel, and to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the issues facing Israel and Israelis.


It is in PDF format and should display properly with Acrobat reader, which is a free download from It will print neatly on four 8.5x11 pages or two up on each side of 11x17 and then folded in half.


Thanks and Shabbat Shalom,


Paul Rotenberg

Reena Greenwald

Where were the major Jewish Organizations at anti Israel protest? responding to Barbara

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From: Barbara Sommer <>
Date: Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 3:53 PM
Subject: Re: anti Israel protest at Waldorf this past Tuesday - Where were the major Jewish Organizations?
To: Robin Ticker <>

Unfortunately, our Jewish leadership mostly is in a coma.  They don't understand the significance of what is going on.  Our rabbonim need to step up to the plate and urge all of the yidden who love Israel to come to her defense.  If not,  only Hashem knows what will happen to our land.  Hashem wants us to stand up for Torah and the land of Israel.  Thinking someone else will do it is wrong.  We need to have whole families come to these rallies.
And we need to wake up our community.  I believe that only the rabbonim can be the moral force to getting everyone to do their part.
Kol tov,

Barbara, amv"sh

I agree with you entirely.

I agree  that the Gedoilim are sleeping on this.  Surely they are afraid to speak out and have misplaced humility.  Individuals like us are considered "arrogant" for even attempting.  However, the young child that is being a pest for warning the grownups of fire, should persist no matter how much he is rebuked for being disrespectful. A forceful declaration of our entitlement to the entire Land according to the Torah and our obligation to keep the commandments in the Land and opposition of the Roadmap and Oslo is clearly in order by our spiritual and Rabbinic Leaders.

Each and every individual must do according to their ability.  Those with more influence will be judged accordingly. This is the test of our generation.  To overcome the Chait Hamiraglim so that the Nation will not be discouraged towards wanting and desiring Eretz Yisroel.

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anti Israel protest at Waldorf this past Tuesday - Where were the major Jewish Organizations?


Where were the major Jewish Organizations?  My husband was there and he said that when he approached this anti Israel group the hatred and antisemitism was palpable.

A tremendous  Yasher Koach to Lori Lowenthal Marcus and Helen Freedman, two exceptional women with the courage to speak out forcefully.  The same goes to all those interviewed by Fern Sidman!

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From: Marvin Belsky <>
Date: Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 4:44 PM
Subject: As one coordinator of HRCARI, I can only ask people of good will, particularly Jews, where were they, as Israel is delegitimized. I will comment further.
To: bel21mar <>

Waltzing at the Waldorf: Israeli Solders Face Another Kind of War

Posted By Phyllis Chesler On March 9, 2010 @ 3:55 pm In Uncategorized | 33 Comments

The Morning After: Updated Coverage

Lori Lowenthal Marcus, the gutsy and determined founder of Z Street [1], was one of the main organizers of last night's pro-Israel demonstration outside the Waldorf Astoria. (I did not realize this last night and am formally apologizing to Lori here and now). Philadelphia-based Marcus is the one who called the New York Police Department and got "the Haters" moved from in front of the hotel to a block away. She tells me that she "sent out well over a thousand emails and brought Col. Bentzion Gruber, a commander from Operation Cast Lead."

Marcus also notes that many of the pro-Israel organizations listed did not show up or send people. Despite that, the pro-Israel attendees were far more numerous than the last time. In her words, there were "multitudes more."

Pro-Palestinians, All in Black, Stage A Nazi Rally

As I write this, the forces of darkness are gathering to battle the forces of light. It's happening two miles away from where I'm sitting, right here in Old New Yawk.

The Waldorf-Astoria has hosted debutante balls, grand parties, weddings, crowned heads and heads of state, the idle rich and the world's hardest working celebrities. Tonight, the Israeli Defense Force is being honored there [2]. The IDF Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, is the keynote speaker.

Of course, as part of the sixth Israeli Apartheid Week, the infamous International Solidarity Movement (ISM)—the very group responsible for the death, martyrdom, and exploitation of Rachel Corrie–is staging a protest. Thirteen groups [3] will participate, including National Lawyers Guild—NY chapter (always a left-wing group), Adalah-NY, Jewish Voice for Peace, Jews Say No! Code Pink, Women in Black-Union Square, and Women of a Certain Age (them I do not know). Of course, the ISM website accuses Israel of having committed war crimes in Gaza.

This is a Big Fat Lie.

But it makes me sick that Israelis should have to be faced with such hatred wherever they go—and spewed by the slickest and most cunning of homicidal liars; by those who insist the "Islamophobia" is the real problem, even as Muslims persecute and slaughter Christians, Hindus, and Jews.

Israel has the legal, moral, and human right to defend herself and that is precisely what she has done. From the moment impoverished, persecuted Jews sought to return to their ancient homeland, the Arabs, most of whom were Muslims, hated and opposed them because they were Jews. In addition, the Arabs also envied and tried to copy Jewish ideas about nationalism.

Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi

Israel has never been a "colonial, apartheid" state. Please read an excellent article, recently published by Dr. Irwin J. Mansdorf [4], which carefully and brilliantly addresses the question of whether Israel is a "colonial state."

I am glad that the Friends of the IDF have decided to hold this event right now at an upscale location. And, I am very glad that pro-Israel groups have promised to be there. These groups include: Z Street, Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI, Get Out The Facts, Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam, National Council of Young Israel, Shalom International, Stand With Us, World Committee for the Land of Israel, and the Zionist Organization of America/ZOA.

I have troops on the ground. They will be calling me with reports, photos, videos, interviews. Stay tuned for their fine work.

Live At the Waldorf:

Journalist Fern Sidman has just called in her first report. (Much thanks Fern!)

She says there are approximately 300 loud, angry, well choreographed anti-Israeli protesters [5] (and the usual contingent of Marxists and Maoists) waving large Palestinian flags and chanting "Free Palestine." Here is a sampling of their inflammatory signs:

"Nuremberg Justice For Israeli War Criminals;" "Free Palestine From the River to the Sea;" "Israeli War Crimes Feast at the Waldorf;" "Boycott Zionism;" "Jail Askenazi the Butcher of Gaza"; "Israeli Forces Shot at Women and Children Holding White Flags;" "Israeli Soldiers: Arrogant, Sadistic, and Cruel."

I can assure you that Israeli soldiers are among the most moral on earth. Please read what I wrote about the non-massacre that never took place in Jenin [6] and about the twenty three young Israeli soldiers who died–because they were sent into Jenin on foot; at the time, Israel did not want to further offend a dangerously Jew-hating world and instead, was forced to sacrifice their young, their finest, to armed and bloody terrorists who were hiding among Palestinian civilians.

Sidman tried to interview some Maoists who absolutely refused to talk to her ("Yes," one finally said, "I'm an anti-Semite and I won't talk to you.") A Palestinian supporter told her, matter-of-factly that "The U.S. Government is ruled by Zionists," "that we can never have peace in the Middle East because of the Israeli Occupation;" "The Jewish state is inherently racist in nature."

Now, 20-30 members of the Iranian-funded Neturai Karta (disguised as Hasidic Jews) have just joined the pro-Palestinian side. Al Jazeera is filming, as are student filmmakers. Some members of a Jewish Voice for Peace are wearing kipahs. They are the only ones moving back and forth between the pro-Israel side and the pro-Palestinian side. They are marching, carrying carefully printed signs which read: "Palestinians Hunger for Justice" and 'Stop Israeli War Crimes."

The forces of darkness (so to speak) have an excellent sound system. Their followers know how to chant. And to keep chanting. One wonders from whence their funding flows…can it be the Saudi Lobby? The European Union?

And now, the stalwart Sidman tells me, the pro-Palestinian side has doubled, even tripled and comprise 500-600 people. Joining them is the Green Party of New Jersey and the Islamic Thinkers Society. Members of the National Lawyers Guild are wearing baseball caps which read: "Legal Observer." Their task? To monitor possible police harassment of the Palestinians.

By now, the 125 pro-Israel supporters have left. It was a miracle that they ever came.


Lori Lowenthal Marcus of Z Street and AFSI's Helen Freedman

Allow me a deep, deep sigh. The pro-Israel troops were valorous, heroic, committed–and smart, really smart–but they were far, far fewer in number, lacked a sound system, (the police would not allow the pro-Israeli side to have a sound system). They lacked the knack of leftist chanting and urban street theatre. Their signs were good and read: "Suicide Bombing is Mass Murder;" "Hamas Targets Civilians, Israel Targets Terrorists;" "The IDF Protects Jews, Christians, Muslims, Ba'hai." A sign of an injured Israeli child reads: "Sderot Boy, Hamas Victim." "Remember our Six Million. Never Again." One is a sign for peace in 20 languages.


Dear friends who were there did not want me to mention this. Look: At least I'm mentioning this last.

The pro-Palestinians all wore black. They were told to do so. They followed orders. They had marshals keeping them in line. Is it important to be able to do good fascist-style or 60s-style or ACT-UP-style demonstrations? Are the large organizations obligated to take to the streets to combat this Nazi show of blood lust?

Fern Sidman: You are a hero. Kudos to you.

Kudos to Marvin Belsky of HRCARI who also called in a first report.

Sidman, writing today in the Intellectual Conservative [9]has these choice quotes:

"The Israeli army is the most moral and ethical fighting force in the world," declared Rabbi David Algaze of Congregation Chavurat Yisrael of Forest Hills, New York. "They have displayed the utmost restraint when battling Hamas terrorists, murderers and criminals and the lies that are being spewed forth by misguided Jews and the forces of radical Islam must be confronted in the strongest of terms. Let the world know that the Jewish people will not be intimidated by those who seek to demonize and delegitimize Israel. We are exceptionally proud of the members of the IDF and we will continue to support the right to defend ourselves from those who seek to eradicate us."

Helen Freedman, president of Americans for a Safe Israel, said, "Why is it that the oppressed has been turned into the oppressor? The world knows that Hamas intentionally used their own women and children as human shields in Gaza in order to vilify Israel. The world knows that Hamas is an Iranian proxy and is being bankrolled by oil-rich Islamic countries. The world knows that countless Jewish lives in Israel and around the world have been snuffed out by Islamic suicide bombers and the world remains deafeningly silent."

Arish Sahani of the Indian Intellectuals Forum and a member of the Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam said, "The Palestinians are inciting war against Israel and Israel has every right to defend herself and her citizens just like any other country in the world would. Why is Israel held to a higher standard and why are Jews compelled to be constant victims. Why aren't they given the right to fight back against sworn enemies just like everybody else. "

Dr. Marvin Belsky, the chairman of the Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam, said, "The tragedy of today's demonstration lies in the fact that we are severely outnumbered by our enemies. Every Jewish establishment organization was informed of this counter-protest and none of them showed up to support Israel and the Jewish nation. The HRCARI is a nascent movement who has its collective finger on the pulse of radical Islam and we are cognizant of the dangers to the Western world that such a movement represents…Make no mistake about it: if the world remains mute while Israel is being raked over the coals, the US, Europe and the rest of the free world will be next. "

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[4] Dr. Irwin J. Mansdorf:

[5] loud, angry, well choreographed anti-Israeli protesters:

[6] Jenin:

[7] Image:

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[9] Intellectual Conservative :

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Fwd: 6 Days Left -Temple Mount Awareness Day - יום המודעות להר הבית

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From: Yosef Rabin <>
Date: 2010/3/10
Subject: 6 Days Left -Temple Mount Awareness Day - יום המודעות להר הבית

To organizations outside of Israel, if you are organizing a vigil outside of an Israeli Consulate, please let us know asap!

To Organizations in Israel, if you are organizing buses to the Mount, please let us know from where asap.


ראש חודש ניסן תש"ע – יום המודעות הבינלאומית להר הבית -16/3/10
הארגונים שהודיעו על הצטרפות ליום המודעות להר הבית

בישראל: מכון המקדש, התנועה לכינון המקדש, נשים בירוק, מנהיגות יהודית, הסנהדרין, הקרן למורשת הר הבית והמקדש, הארגון למען זכויות אדם ,בהר
הבית רדיו חופשי נחלאות, אל הר ה' – המועצה המשפטית למען הר הבית, רדיו ערוץ7, מטות ערים
  העולםהמועצה העולמית למען ארץ ישראל,אמריקנים למען ישראל חזקה,  רשת פעילים יהודיים,כולם למען ישראל,בני אלים
האם אתה מודע לכך ש
:הר הבית הוא המקום הקדוש ביותר בעולם, ואף על פי כן יהודים ואחרים שאינם מוסלמים מנועים מזכות היסוד של תפילה בציבור או אפילו ביחיד. סירוב זה מלווה בהשפלה מתמדת. אלו שאינם מוסלמים אינם מורשים לכל ביטוי דתי בהר הבית כלל
יום המודעות הבינלאומית להר הבית

בתגובה לכל הנ"ל אנו קוראים לכל הקבוצות להתאחד ולהיאבק נגד המצב אבסורדי והמתמשך הזה. אנו קוראים ליום של עשייה "יום מודעות בינלאומית להר הבית".איננו משלים את עצמנו, ואנו מבינים כי מאבק זה לא צפוי להיות קל או קצר. לפנינו עוד דרך ארוכה, אך עלינו להתחיל לפעול. עלינו להחזיר את הר הבית חזרה לליבנו הלאומי ולתודעתנו ולהחל בשיקומו ולהחזרת עטרתו ליושנה. כמו גם תהליך שיבת עם ישראל לארצו לאחר אלפיים שנות גלות כך גם נתיב השיבה להר צפוי להיות ארוך ומלא מכשולים ואתגרים. אבות אבותינו לקחו על עצמם את משימת דורם ולנו יש את משימתנו. הבה נחלץ חושים ונצא לדרך הארוכה היחידה



Israel: The Temple Institute, Organization for the Renewal of the Temple (ORT), Women in Green, Matot Arim, Manhigut Yehudit, The Nascent Sanhedrin, The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, The Organization for Human Rights on Temple Mount, Radio Free Nachlaot, El Har Hashem - The Temple Mount Advocacy Council, Israel National Radio

International: World Committee for the Land of Israel, Jewish Activists Network, Bnai Elim, All4Israel, Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI), Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors


The Temple Mount is the holiest place in the world; yet Jews and all non-Moslems are denied the right to pray in groups, and even as individuals; this refusal is accompanied by their constant degradation, and they are granted no opportunity for any religious expression whatsoever on the Temple Mount.


 We are calling on all groups to unite to begin fighting this ongoing travesty. We are calling for a day of action to be known as "International Temple Mount Awareness Day." We have no illusions and we fully understand that a long battle is still in front of us, but yet we must begin the work. We must bring the Temple Mount back into our national heart and mind and begin to restore it to its former glory. Yes, this will be a long difficult path, but so was our return to Zion after 2,000 years of exile. Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents had their mission and we have ours.