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Re: Mayoral forum. Jewish Press forum with the Democratic Candidates for Mayor tonight Wed May 29 Manhattan Beach Jewish Center starts 8:15. Arrive by 7:50

If you can, please raise these crucial concerns.  Submit your question via email to .  Use Subject Line "Mayoral forum" and they will select the best questions for inclusion in the forum.

The questions submitted to this forum according to the ads, are pre selected but the concerns raised here in this Frontpage article by Joseph Klein deserve more than a postcard question. These are matters that seriously affect the security of every New Yorker and will no doubt naturally trigger a heated debate.

A weapon liberals use to squash freedom of expression is to enforce strict decorum and emphasize civility in discussing issues at such forums without allowing the possibility of alternate viewpoints to emerge so that one who is passionate and convincing in their position and arguments, will be threatened with being cordially escorted. I am not predicting anything but that has been my experiences in the past.

As pointed out below these concerns are not only relevant to mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner but especially so.  (Robin)

Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin vs. NYC

By Joseph Klein

The problem when the wife of a prospective NYC mayor is a Muslim Brotherhood operative.

The key issue Klein raises is
" Abedin will be in a position to shape her husband's policies from behind the scenes on such sensitive matters as law enforcement and city counterterrorism."

Democratic candidates  are especially beholden and influenced by the Federal govt in determining policies on law enforcement and city counterrerrorism and Huma Abedin has already had her mark to  influence policies of any elected mayor  be it Democratic, Republican or Independent but especially Democratic and especially her husband. Many agree that such policies under her watch have already greatly endangered America.

"While Huma was at the State Department, in Hillary Clinton's inner circle, the Obama administration purged government materials of any references to Islamic jihad or Islamism as the underlying ideology fueling the jihadist attacks around the world. Hillary Clinton, who considered Huma to be both a trusted adviser and like a daughter to her, worked closely with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to fight "Islamophobia" in the United States.

Also during her stay at the State Department, the Obama administration adopted the strong recommendation of Islamist advocacy groups to purge all federal government training materials of any references they considered to be Islamophobic and to implement a mandatory re-training program. Terms like Islam, Muslim, Koran, jihad, Muslim Brotherhood, caliphate, and shariah law were considered out of bounds when used in the context of explaining the ideology motivating the jihadist attacks around the world. In short, the truth about sharia law and the Koranic verses used by jihadists to justify their rampages must not have any place in law enforcement training.

As Andrew McCarthy put it, "to perceive no correlation between the Islamists' fervid anti-assimilation program and the United States government's stunning accommodation of the Brotherhood and its agenda is to be willfully blind."

A Weiner-Abedin mayoralty partnership would no doubt bring this accommodative thinking to New York City and eliminate the highly successful, multi-faceted counter-terrorism strategy put into place by the New York Police Department since 9/11 under the able leadership of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. The program has been working so effectively, in fact, that the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations has called for Kelly's resignation."

"Huma Abedin has been an integral part of the Abedin family Islamist enterprise, which has links to jihadist groups."

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Keynote Speaker Lt. Col. Ralph Peters at Ateret Cohanim Dinner, exclusive interview with Daniel Perez freelance writer and media consultant in New York

Dear Friends, Media Professionals and Fellow Lovers of Israel.
Daniel Perez, freelance writer and media consultant send me this private interview as a side bar to his article covering the Ateret Cohanim Dinner.   (see attachments) This interview just blew my mind and I would like it widely publicized as it is an example of another Righteous Noahide who loves G-d and the Jewish People.  Robin
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, whose political commentary has been featured in dozens of publications, including the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, offered his own insights on foreign policy issues as they pertain to Israel at the Dinner. What follows is a private interview with Daniel Perez. 

Ralph Peters – Army Veteran, Foreign Affairs Expert and Unabashed Zionist

Contact: Daniel Perez
(520) 780-7192


Prior to delivering his speech at the American Friends of Ateret Cohanim's 34th Anniversary Gala, Ralph Peters, Lt. Col. U.S. Army (ret.), showed himself to be the very embodiment of the phrase "an officer and a gentleman," and despite his highly demanding schedule, found time to grant us the following interview. Though Peters is himself not Jewish, he spoke of his affinity for Israel, throughout both the interview and his keynote address, in terms of a common civilization based on shared Judeo-Christian values.



Daniel Perez: Lt. Col. Peters, if you wouldn't mind explaining for our readers, what was your role during your time in the service?


Ralph Peters: I started as an enlisted man in Military Intelligence. I became an officer, spending a few years in an infantry battalion. Then I became a strategic scout, a Foreign Area Officer, not to be confused with Foreign Service Officer [the latter term referring to civilian U.S. diplomats working for the State Department -ed], in the Army. I was a specialist on the former Soviet Union, but I wound up working in Panama, Pakistan, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Laos, Turkey, the Caucasus, you name it. It was a great opportunity to see the world firsthand. And I think my views and politics are informed by having seen it, not from the embassy balcony, but seeing it from the street level, the reality. And the reality isn't always pretty.


DP: You are widely known for your work as a military strategist, political commentator, and more recently, a novelist. What exactly is your connection to Ateret Cohanim, and Israel activism in general?


RP: My connection is that since childhood I have believed in Israel. I believe in not only Israel's right to exist, but in Israel's mission.


DP: Which is...?


RP: The French would call it the mission civilisatrice; [Israel] is the only civilizing force in the Middle East. The culture of the Arab world, and of Iran, had a great run centuries ago. But over the last several centuries, it has broken down, it has lagged behind, it has become—and it is not politically correct to say it—barbaric. Barbaric in its treatment of women, in its corruption, in its lack of a work ethic, its lack of respect for education, and in its fundamental tyranny on a political, social, and even familial level.


DP: And in what way do you see Israel as a counterbalance to this "barbarity"?

RP: To me, when I look at Israel, I see not only a Jewish state rebuilt on the ancient Jewish homeland, I see an outpost of the civilization in which I believe. Because I do not believe that all civilizations are equivalent. I don't believe in a civilization that torments women and children, that's woefully corrupt, that in the 21st century, not only cannot build a competitive automobile, but cannot even build a competitive bicycle! [Editor's note: Last year, an Israeli inventor developed a sturdy, cost-effective bike made out of cardboard. With a price point of about $20, it holds the potential improve the lives of thousands, if not millions, in the Third World who until now haven't had access to any means of transportation other than walking.]


And while I wish the Arabs well—I wish no man harm, with the exception of a few terrorists here or there—nonetheless, to me, Israel is a beacon of justice, for rule of law, humanity, decency, culture... in short, Israel belongs to the Jews; it belongs to my civilization.


DP: And how, in your estimation, should this belief in the justice of the Zionist cause translate into action?


RP: I believe that it is important for non-Jewish Americans to actively support Israel, and to, when possible, educate our fellow Americans about the reality, as opposed to the often twisted and perverse version of Israel you get in the press, where the Israelis are somehow the aggressors, and Hamas and Hezbollah, who are raining rockets down on Israeli children, are somehow the good guys... this is madness!

DP: Would that more leaders in our nation's defense establishment shared your moral clarity when it comes to Israel.

RP: Of course the United States of America must act in its own self-interest, and security interests. But what you've got to drive home is that you can't let them chip away at Israel. Because Israel shares our fate. We share Israel's fate because we are—Jews, Christians, and others—brothers and sisters in the practical world of this civilization. And instead of seeing our antitheses, or the differences between us, we've got to learn to defend our common way of life.


DP: So do you see Israel, then, as the proverbial "canary in the coal mine"?


RP: That's certainly one way to look at it. If Israel falls, it is not going to appease the fanatics. And G-d willing, Israel will never fall. But I think too many in the West, in America and especially Europe, believe that Israel is the problem. Israel is not the problem! The problem is the catastrophic breakdown of the Muslim civilization of the Middle East. And there is one thing that Arab world will never forgive Israel for, and that is for succeeding.


DP: Indeed. I recently read an article by an expert on Islamic anti-Semitism, and attended a speech by former Israeli Ambassador Yehuda Avner, both of which seemed to touch upon this same issue; namely, that the Jewish people's re-emergence as a subject of history rather than a mere object, and as a sovereign nation (i.e. Israel), is one of the key factors underlying the surge of Jew-hatred in the modern-day Middle East. Not that it didn't exist before, but rather, that this new wave of Jewish success brought this anti-Jewish sentiment bubbling to the surface, as it were.


RP: Well, to be fair, let's turn the tables.  Suppose our civilization was in utter collapse and failure; the things we valued didn't work anymore. And here you have the Arab civilization, their traditional values don't work. They didn't work in the 19th century, they didn't work in the 20th, and they certainly don't work in the 21st. They're humiliated, and when people are humiliated, they don't really want to know what the problem is; they want somebody to blame. So, instead of rolling up their sleeves and fixing it—and some of the leaders of the so-called "Arab Spring" are trying, but failing—they blame Israel, they blame the United States. Israel and the United States share that. Our "crime" is success.


DP: Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me, , Lt. Col. Peters.


RP: It was my pleasure.


Daniel Perez is a freelance writer and media consultant based in New York. His work has appeared on Arutz Sheva, Yeshiva World News, the Jewish Voice, and numerous other media outlets in print and online. He can be contacted at


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Today Erev Chodesh Sivan. Prayer for Children Tefillat Hashlah

29 Iyar, Yom Chevron, Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan

This prayer is so important!  We davan that our chldren merit Olam Haba by keeping Torah and Mitzvoth. Otherwise, for what purpose did we bring them into this world if not to keep Torah and Mitzvoth and sanctify Hashem's H-ly name?
When the Jews came back to Eretz Yisroel after 70 years of Galus after the Churban Bayis Rishon with Ezra they began to intermarry with the locals.  When Ezra found out he was besides himself. He cried to Hashem. 

See Ezra Perek 9

The people did Teshuva because the Leadership of that time acted.
In this age of internet access and social media many, especially our youth, have lost the concept or are clueless of what it means to be H-ly.  They have embraced an alien culture and their minds can not process this new culture together with Torah.  The words of the Torah "Kedoshim Tehiyu" cries out in pain as these precious Jewish souls are falling into a hole that is so deep and so hard to emerge and in the quicksand so many are being sucked under. 
May Hashem give our generation the strength and know how to act like the generation of Ezra to not allow this to happen.  As Shachania ben Yechiel of the sons of Elam told Ezra "be strong and act". (Ezra Chapter 10:5)  And in this zechus of not standing idly by, may Hashem listen to our prayers and may all these precious souls be returned to the pure state that Hashem graciously granted each of us when we were born. "Elokai Neshama shenasata bi Tehora hi..." (My G-d, the soul that you placed in me is pure) and may each of us be zocheh to the rebuilding of Yerushalayim, and to the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash and the coming of Moshiach.