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Revoke Israeli Cabinet Communique March 13, 1994


Israel Demolition of Jewish Settlement at 4 am March 22, 2022 and the Terror wave that followed:

Time to overturn the  Israeli Cabinet Communique of March 13, 1994 designating Kach and Kahane Chai as terrorist organization.  It's a lie. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018
This Passover Reflect How Did Israelites End up in Egypt? They Threw Joseph in the Pit. Think of A. This Seder Night!

Is this communique the justification for immoral administrative detention denying Settler youth rights to a lawyer and habeas corpus and justified the pointless raid at 4am on 8 Settler families just one of many such senseless demolitions over the years. 

Basic human and civil rights of tens if not hundreds of Settler Youth have been denied since this communique.  Amiram ben Uliel and A.  were tortured and languished in prison, often in isolation for many years before there even was a trial. This delay, called "Inui Hadin" in Jewish Law, is a miscarriage of justice in and of itself.

The bottle line is innocent Jewish youth were framed and branded as violent and dangerous terrorists and  categorized as a fringe group. Even the left and those who still use their own critical thinking to arrive to conclusions do not believe Amiram ben Uliel was the culprit.

Amiram ben Uliel was convicted contrary to the facts and evidence on the ground  based purely on his forced confession following torture.

Were Arab suspects even investigated in spite of the fact Arab clans have a history of setting arson to each other's job home's in the Dawabshe family?

Amiram ben Uliel was sentenced multiple lifetimes awaiting appeal and is held under the tightest security ever. 

Israel is now under terror attack from our enemies directly following the GOI's (Government of Israel's) shameful demonstration of  weakness by its willingness to demolish Jewish Settlement. The Police ongoing harassment, as was witnessed by Ahuvia Sandek z"l,  of those who want to Settle the Land and live a life of Torah in our Promised Land seems to indicate that Security is basically pandering, defending and empowering Israel's enemies in Judea and Samaria and in the Galil and Neqev as well.

The death of innocent Arabs was, nor is, a reason to celebrate by Settler Youth and their families.

The question is who did commit the Duma arson if Jews didn't? Was there a thorough investigation of Arab clans and will justice be served?

Shabaq doesn't seemed to care about justice and investigating the truth so long as the narrative fits the political agenda. Frankly they have lost credibility. How can we trust that their investigations on Jew and  Arab alike?

Will and can they simply pick a vulnerable unsuspecting victim that matches their political agenda and torture them and place them under administrative until they confess to atrocities they never committed. Everyone now is happy that the "terrorists" are found and Shabaq comes out smelling like a rose.

Does the Shabak vet real dangerous enemies to Israel vs manufactured ones?

For me they have lost credibility.

Because Arabs too deserve human rights and a fair and just trial!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Re: Fake News Article by Jacob Henry JTA on A7 entitled 14 Orthodox leaders endorse New York's Kathy Hochul in gubernatorial race


Lichvod Editors of Arutz 7:

Re article entitled: 14 Orthodox leaders endorse New York's Kathy Hochul in gubernatorial race
Rabbis and Orthodox community leaders in Queens back Andrew Cuomo's replacement, Kathy Hochul, in upcoming election.

This article is Fake News.

Please retract!  Yaniv  Meirav of Chazaq never endorsed Hochul. They just put his name in the article. He isnt even allowed to endorse political candidates because of 501c. Others probably as well had their names as endorsers when it isn't true. Dont know why A7 published this article but they need to retract and print a factual, journalist investigative piece with credible legal  experts as per why Hochul is someone the Orthodox Jewish religious community needs to be warned about. There are good reasons to be worried...and good reasons to be very wary  based on political liberties and actions Hochul has taken in the short time in office.

Please do your due diligence.

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Biden says the quiet part out loud - by Thomas Lifson. True Agenda of invasion of Ukraine is imposing a “new world order.”


According to Biden... the invasion of Ukraine is a great excuse to impose a "new world order."

"I think this presents us with some significant opportunities to make some real changes. You know, we are at an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy, not just the world economy, in the world, occurs every three or four generations. As one of my, as the one of the top military people said to me in a secure meeting the other day, 60 million people died between 1900 and 1946 and since then we established a liberal world order and that hadn't happened in a long while. A lot of people died, but nowhere near the chaos. And now's the time when things are shifting. We're going, there's gonna be a new world order out there and we've got to lead it and we've got to unite the rest of the free world and doing it."

See video of President Biden joining the Business Roundtable's CEO Quarterly Meeting

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Israel Demolition of Jewish Settlement happened at 4 am


אל המקום אשר...

My comments:

Updated March 27th :

Original post March 22nd 2022

Connecting the dots: Terror in Israel following pre dawn raid on Jewish Settlement

As I had posted, whenever they raid and demolish Jewish Settlement it usually empowers Arab terror and is followed by a wave of terror Chas VeSholom. Unfortunately this is precisely what happened very quickly. 

That same day after 400 police raided Maoz Esther at 4am there was a terror attack in Beer Sheva where 4 Israeli's were murdered.

Terror atrack in Beer Sheva
4 Dead, 2 Injured in Terror Attack in Beer Sheva

Four Israelis murdered in stabbing spree, car-ramming in Beersheva

So one might question the connection with a terror attack in Beer Sheva and a raid by Police in a Hilltop in the Shomron.

To me what connected the dots that seemed strong enough and made it even stronger was the fact that the Police in Beer Sheva then confiscated the gun of the courageous citizen who neutralized the terrorist and released his name putting his life in danger!  Criminal and Outrageous!

Be’er Sheva: Police Confiscate Citizen’s Weapon That Killed the Terrorist
March 23, 20228:15 am2

 Here is proof that the Police in the Shomron and in Beer Sheva seem to be on the side of Arab Terrorists rather than victim Jews. 

So who corrected this twisted police action? It was none other than Honenu Organization. This Organization defends Jewish Settlement in hilltop communities and Jewish Youth and families who have been harassed by police. Did 400 police really have to stage a raid at 4am on 8 Zionist families whose crime is Settling our Ancient Historic and Biblical Homeland?

Do they dare conduct such an exercise, on illegal Beduin building throughout the Negev, Galil, Judea and Samaria that are creating facts on the ground that are putting the Jewish communities in ghettos isolated?

Avi Abelow posting on Facebook  re:  Arabs illegally building on State Lands,  stealing our Land, in Judea and Samaria right behind Efrat.

Police Return Guns to Civilian Heroes Who Killed Be’er Sheva Terrorist
By Jewish Press News Desk - 20 Adar II 5782 – March 23, 2022 

Another Terror attack in Chadera March 27th

TERROR IN CHADERA: Two Killed, Multiple Victims Critical in Shooting Attack

TERROR IN ISRAEL: Two Killed in Chadera Shooting Spree (Videos)
March 27, 20223:15 pm2

2 Police officers were killed and 7 wounded

Itamar ben Gvir confronted Barlev Public Security Minister
Verbal confrontation erupts after Otzma Yehudit chairman interrupts Public Security Minister at site of Hadera attack.
Israel National News

Hadera terror attack: 2 Israelis killed, 10 wounded

Another Terror Attack in Bnei Brak

5 Israelis, Including Police Officer, Die in Bnei Brak Terrorist Shooting, Attacker Identified
By Hana Levi Julian - 27 Adar II 5782 – March 29, 2022 


The Lubavitcher Rebbe's sage counsel!

Israel's weakness brings terror attacks 
Posted by Binyamin Halevi
Shabbos Parshat Matos-Masei 1969

Excellent message from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to PM Bennett and US Secretary of State Blinken:
Posted by Binyamin HaLevi
Public Fabrengen 19 Kislev 5742 (1982)

What is Blinken concerned with?

Preventing Jewish Terror!

Framing, blood libeling and Slander of  Jews Settling Our Land by Shabak Jewish Division of Terror did not come in a vacuum. Political pressures from the likes of US Secretary of  State Blinken calling to stop and prevent "Settler Violence" clearly has been a factor.

Blinken Attacks ‘Settler Violence,’ No Mention of Pre-Ramadan Terror Attacks
By Hana Levi Julian - 25 Adar II 5782 – March 27, 2022

Original Post:


Not shocking unfortunately but where is the outcry by the Rabbonim and Hamonei Am?

They are testing us to see if there is an outcry. Such tyranny usually follows with Arab Terrorists becoming emboldened and if chas vesholom this happens, the blood is on their hands. It's all political and this unfortunately is only one example. No it is sadly not shocking. The Silence however is. The miscarriage of justice for Amiram ben Uliel who was tortured until he confessed, the cover- up of any police investigation of the death of Ahuvia Sandak and the tyranny under Pfizer coercing millions to vaccinate with a bioweapon whose adverse effects are scary as can be including infertility, destroying the immune system and heart, clotting and cancer issues to name just a few. Another example is the Kotel takeover by Reform Judaism that rejects thousands of years of Tradition. All these modus operandi points to a Gov't serving foreign G-d's no different than almost all countries today compliant and subserviant to Global Evil.  But the people are waking up and the Torah and 7 Noahide Laws will be the rule of Law! Hopefully sooner than later and with Rachamin! But we mustbnot be silent. Thank you Sholom Pollock for posting

Sholom Pollack 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Tweet from ארגון חוננו (@honenu1) Disgrace! Defense Minister Ganz! Young Jew Detained For 2 Weeks. No Evidence Then Placed Under Administrative Detention! No Habeas Corpus! No Human and Civil Rights. Disgrace!!! MK's respond

ארגון חוננו (@honenu1) tweeted at 3:01 AM on Fri, Mar 11, 2022:


צעיר יהודי מוחזק שבועיים במעצר, נחקר על אירוע בשומרון. ומה עשה השב״כ כשמבין שאין ראיות?! מעצר מנהלי!!

אוי למדינה ששר הביטחון שלה חותם על החרפה הזו!!


A young Jew detained for two weeks, interrogated for an incident in Samaria.  And what did the GSS do when it realized that there was no evidence ?!  Administrative detention!!

 Woe to a country whose defense minister signs this disgrace !!


Itamar ben Gvir tweeted

‏דיקטטורה! בלי משפט, בלי הוכחות, בלי ראיות ואחרי שהחקירה לא הניבה כלום. אגב הצעד הזה הוא ההוכחה הכי גדולה לאלה שהשלו את עצמם על "ממשלה עם גנץ" שהוא נמצא עמוק בשמאל הקיצוני. רץ להסתחבק עם אבו מאזן ועוצר נערים יהודים בלי משפט


No trial, no evidence, no evidence and after the investigation yielded nothing.  By the way this move is the biggest proof to those who have fooled themselves about a "government with Ganz" that he is deep in the far left.  He runs to hug Abu Mazen and arrests Jewish boys without trial

Bezalel Smotrich tweeted

‏זה פשוט בלתי נסבל במדינה דמוקרטית. מתחילים בהליך פלילי, נכשלים באיסוף ראיות והעמדה לדין, ואז עוקפים את בית המשפט באמצעות מעצר מנהלי. או תגישו כתב אישום או תשחררו!

It's just unbearable in a democracy.  Begin a criminal proceeding, fail to gather evidence and prosecute, and then bypass the court through administrative detention.  Either file an indictment or be released!

Orit Struk

‏1/2 המעצר המינהלי הזה הוא עוד תוצר דרקוני של "צוות שוסטר", החלופה הגרועה של ממשלת בנט-עבאס ל"צוות שי ניצן" הזכור לרעה.
הציפיות שלי משוסטר הן אפסיות. הוא טרח להסביר לי שהוא מבצע את הפעולות הדראקוניות האלה "באמונה ובשמחה רבה".
אבל נפתלי בנט ‎@naftalibennett יודע היטב, שמעצרים

1/2 This administrative detention is another draconian product of the "Schuster Team", the poor alternative of the Bennett Abbas government to the "badly remembered Shai Nitzan Team".

 My expectations of Schuster are nil.  He took the trouble to explain to me that he was performing these draconian actions "with faith and great joy."

 But Naftali Bennett @naftalibennett knows very well about these arrests.

Monday, March 07, 2022

Appeal of Amiram ben Uliel


Letter from Tamar Adelstein, 



 to Justice Minister Gideon Saar regarding the unlawful and unjust incarceration of Amiran ben Uliel

Tamar Amazing! Thank you so much.

I listened to Itamar ben Gvir and  Moshe Feiglin speaking at the organized protest on behalf of Amiram ben Uliel. Both spoke amazingly!

Former MK Moshe Feiglin  said what happened to Amiram  happened bc we tolerated miscarriage of justice in the past... He described the apathy of the murder of a Jew in 2004 because he was labeled as Kahanist (designated in 2004 by US State Dept as a terrorist organization). He said we the people were complicit to what happened over time, be it the destruction of Gush Katif, Amona, delegitimization of Itamar ben Gvir and now whats happening with Amiram...

I blogged about the fact that the false designation of the followers of the late Rabbi Meir Kahana as a Terrorist Organization is the key that allows them to turn a blind eye  to  acts of terror against the Hilltop youth and makes it "legal" to deny them basic human and civil rights. This designation of Kach being a terrorist org is a lie and must be reversed.

The Division of Jewish Terror of Shabak didnt target Amiram ben Uliel or Minor A initially. They targeted Meir Ettinger, Kahana's grandson. Brilliantly he went on a hunger strike when in prison and they backed off to find other scapegoats.

Amiram and Minor A are the vulnerable hilltop youth scapegoats ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Bringing Libel Lawsuit for Jewish Settler Youth Judged and Smeared as Jewish Terrorists Prematurely. Kahana Org's Were Designated as Jewish Terrorist Organization's in the Israel Ministry Foreign Affairs Cabinet Communique on March 13, 1994

Please listen to this recent video of Jonathan Pollard. 

Jonathan Pollard is speaking about his wife Esther Pollard z"l and her message to him and to the Rabbonin right before her Neshoma left this world

Here is a summary.

What puts someone in the category of Jew and not Erev Rav?

According to Esther Pollard here are 3 questions that determines ones status 
1. Do you feel the pain of your people
2. Do you feel the pain of the Land
3. Do you feel the pain of the future generation. 

2 examples Jonathan Pollard cited was the pain and fear of  the young children who witnessed being thrown out of Gush Katif and the pain and fear of children who have to run to Bomb Shelters while counting to make sure they get there on time before the missile lands. Do we really feel their pain. This is the generation of Amiram ben Uliel and Minor A.

This generation of children from Gush Katif  and Sderot are now the hilltop youth of Judea and Samaria of today who stand with those who demand truth and justice. They have been betrayed by their government  in the past and today protest the unlawful and miscarriage of justice with Amiram ben Uliel sentenced for 3 lives for a crime he never committed with no evidence other than his own forced confession following torture. Today the court will hopefully judge with Truth and Justice. May Hashem hear our cries and  BEH may Amiram ben Nurit like Yosef HaTzadik be released from bondage and be zocheh to bring a Korban Toda. Maybe we merit to see Moshiach  Tzidkeinu  and the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash Bimheira Beyameinu Amen!