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Migron. 300 people Must Evacuate by September 4th. Their cries and pleas have so far not been effective. Rabbanim and Masses have not come to their aid sufficiently to stop this decree


There is something about the case of Migron that should send a shudder down the spine of every Israeli who values liberty!
The real threat to the Jewish state does not come from a small band of pioneers in Migron bravely trying to reclaim our ancestral homeland.It comes from a government that is willing to subvert our property rights and freedom.The road to tyranny begins in Migron. Our responsibility is to ensure that is where it ends.
    Migron residents will be tossed from their homes because AG Yehuda Weinstein and associates believe they are above the law. 



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    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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    Fwd: Plea/Lesson of 9 year old to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - חייבת ללמד את ראש הממשלה תורה בת ה-9

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    From: Nurit Greenger <>
    Date: Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 6:36 PM
    Subject: Plea/Lesson of 9 year old to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - חייבת ללמד את ראש הממשלה תורה בת ה-9
    To: Nurit <>

    כשהילדה שלי, בת ה-9 שמעה את החלטת בג"צ לגרש אותנו ממגרון, בלי קשר לצדק, פרצה בבכי כואב, ואמרה שהיא חייבת ללמד את ראש הממשלה תורה שה' הבטיח לאברהם את הארץ עד עולם, והתיישבה מיד לכתוב לו מיוזמתה! יונת

    When my 9 Yr. old daughter heard the Supreme Court's decision to expel us from Migron, regardless of justice, she burst into painful tears, and said she had to teach the Prime Minister Torah that God promised Abraham the land for ever, and then she immediately set down and wrote to him by her own initiative. Yonat

    The letter reads:

    Wednesday, 11 Elul 5772

    To Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

    I have one little question and I hope it will be easy for you to answer me:

    Why do you want to evacuate Migron?

    And I have small proof and it is: G-d promised to our Forefathers: "Unto thy seed will I give this land." And I write to you this the moment I heard the sad, difficult and bitter news. It was difficult for me to hear and accept it.



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    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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    Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

    Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    MIGRON youtubes on the eve of destruction. Rabbanim, Media, Activists for EY, SPEAK OUT! PROTEST Tort Law violated by ISRAEL! SAVE MIGRON


    Dear Rabbanim, Knesset Members, Media and fellow Activists,

    Newly updated today. by Akiva M.  

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    Date: Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 4:54 PM
    Subject: LET MIGRON STAY has gone VIRAL - On August 28, 2012 - 250,139 HITS - WILL Netanyahu listen?!

    Keep on spreading the videos wide

    Robin comments:

    Kids start learning Gemorrah with the ins and outs of all the minute details of Baba Kama and Baba Metzia in order to impress upon them the importance of respecting the property rights of a fellow Jew.  Yet the gov't of Israel is planning the illegal destruction of 50 homes of 300 Jews and we are silent...What is the point of learning all the Halachos when we fail to act when there is blatant disregard for Hashems Torah.  Why is Tort law different then Basar Vechalav (keeping Kosher) or Brith Milah?  (Circumcision)

    The Gov't promises the settlers and their leaders all kinds of compensation and incentives to leave peacefully without a fight. They want to build different homes in a different location.  Ignoring the fact that their new homes are far from complete, the more fundamental problem is that the gov't is stealing property from Jews and doing so by hiding under the immoral "rule of law" set by a Supreme Court that has an agenda not based on justice and rule of law. The Israel Supreme court does not base their ruling on Torah law and even according to common law are biased against the settlers and far from fair and just by any standard. 

    But those who believe in the Torah and Hashem's law know that...

    The Land belongs to Hashem and Hashem has spelled out very specifically as per whom is to inherit the Land of Israel. This common knowledge is known to all kids who are taught Chumash.   G-d has spelled out the obligations that come with settling the Land of Israel that is obligatory only to Jews.  

    All promises of compensations, even when agreed upon by the settlers is null and void when it comes as a result of planning to annul G-d's Covenant with Israel.  Is it any wonder that the gov't has reneged on its promises to the settlers of Gush Katif after the expulsion and one needs not be a prophet to predict the same will happen to those who willingly and peacefully leaves Migron partnering with the Gov't of Israel for personal gain and compensation?  Those in Migron who refuse to move to their "new locations" understand that the Gov't is acting illegally as per Divine Law and agreeing to their terms is harmful to Israel and empowers evil in the world. 

     It is up to us,  whose homes are not threatened, guided by courageous Rabbinic and political authority and leadership, to validate the struggle of the settlers of Migron and be their backup support and be their greatest advocates for the common good of Israel and the world.

    I hear the argument and rationalization for being passive and silent is that this is merely an internal Israeli political matter that Rabbanim need not involve themselves.  Deep down we know that this is utter nonsense. As Prof. Paul Eidelberg points out, politics by definition defines morality of the society. Ait Laasot LaHaseh, Heferu Toratecha!  It is time to act for Hashem because they have annulled His Covenant.


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    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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    Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

    Sunday, August 26, 2012

    Rabbanim, Editor of Jewish Papers, Activists MAKE ONE PHONE CALL to save MIGRON 011972722754231 in Israel call 0722754231


    Dear Rabbanim, Editors and Publishers of Jewish Media and Activist List, amv"sh

    Make one phone call like I did.  

    Imagine if Rabbi Yaakov Perlow the Noveminsker Rav, Rosh Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah or Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky Rosh Yeshiva of  Yeshiva of Philadelphia and Rabbinic Advisor to Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation would call MK Hausers office or email him and tell them that destroying homes in Migron is a terrible move on the part of Netanyahu's gov't and to act on the Levy Report because that is consistent with Torah.  Surely, Hishtadlus to prevent a disaster is preferable to merely saying Tehillim and "sharing in the pain" after an expulsion like what we did after the expulsion of Gush Katif.  Fundraising for displaced people and soup kitchens for displaced settlers is not the lechatchila the best course of action.  Prevention of stealing a fellow Jews property is!

     Imagine if David Efune of Algemeiner or Larry Gordon of 5Times Jewish Times or Yaakov Serle of Queens Jewish LInk or Jerry Greenwald of the Jewish Press or Yishai Fleisher of online Jewish Press or Pinchas Lipshutz of Yated  or David ben Horeen Publisher or Daniel Perez news editor of the Jewish Voice etc etc see CC'd Media above would make a phone call expressing their displeasure about the pending decision to raze the homes of 300 people by the gov't of Israel and telling MK Hauser that when their paper comes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs, or Friday they will make sure to cover the news item in graphic detail  without sparing embarrassing pictures or praises to those who prevented such disaster, (we are assuming cameras are not confiscated being that Israel is a democracy),  that would put Netanyahu and his gov't in an unfavorable light.  Jews hate to see pictures of homes being demolished or hearing live reports of kids being thrown out of their homes.  Imagine if these individuals with influence over the Jewish community would not take their cue or be influenced  from Malcolm Hoenlein or the Jewish Agency and believe nonsense about being unified in an action that is paramount to national suicide.  They will speak out for what is right in G-d's eyes in spite of risking loss of income, risk of losing their jobs and are willing to be Moser Nefesh for fellow Jews and beneficial to mankind.  As per Susie Dym's request of Mattot Arim,  I made such a phone call.  NOW IT"S YOUR TURN!  See letter from Mattot Arim and read the links in Hebrew and English as well as letter from Women in Green in Hebrew and English. Thanks in advance for listening and for caring!

    Dear Susie, amvsh
    I called the number of MK Hauser. The secy answered and transferred me to a comment or complaint line. It rang and rang. Noone picked up.  I was told the direct number is 0722754231. I called and this time someone answered. I told him that I'm from Brooklyn  and that destroying homes in Ulpana and and Givat Assaf endangers all of Israel and America as well. The Palestinian ideology is no different that Nazis. They are not happy with just the Yishuvim. They want all of Israel sent to the sea. Islamic fundamentalism has taken Europe. Slowly they are infiltrating US. They have infiltrated all branches of  US govt. Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt. They have close ties to White House.

    The Holocaust started in Poland and nobody did anything, they succeeded place by place to exterminate Jews. The Mufti, was Hitlers partner. Yimach shemam. They finally came to Hungary and Czechoslovakia and that's where my ancestors perished. Anyone that sits by and does nothing Hashem sends mida keneged mida. The guy on the phone asked me my name and said At Tzodeket, you are right, and said that he will tell the Rosh Memshala. I hope they won't fire him now from the hotline because I sent this email and revealed that he personally agreed with me. .
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    Subject: הודעה מיוחדת-התנתקות Special announcement-Disegagement2

    English & unsubscribe info -- see below

    הודעה מיוחדת 1:
    נתניהו ממשיך את ההתנתקות 
    לצערנו הרב, לאחר שפינו שכונה גדולה בבית אל, נתניהו ושריו נערכים לפנות בכוחניות, גם את מגרון
    הכל נעשה בצורה אכזרית וברברית, תוך הפרת הבטחות, איומים והשפלות מצד אנשי צבא שהם שליחי הממשלה - כמו בתקופת הגירוש
    לפרטים נוספים
    3. עיתון מקור ראשון - הכתבה של סופיה רון-מוריה ביומן 
    4. לא ברור אפילו מה הבג"צ בכלל החליט, אבל ליתר בטחון - מפנים
    הודעה מיוחדת 2:
    יש ציבור גדול שלא ישכח לנתניהו וחבריו, את הצעד הזה
    אם מחריבים יישובים ומאפשרים הקמת מדינה פלשתינית - עדיף שהשמאל יבצע, ולא הימין
    לפחות כך יישמר כבוד הימין, ויישאר לציבור הרחב למי להצביע, בתום תקופת נתניהו
      לאזרח האידאולוגי הרי יש לאן ללכת ביום הבחירות -  למפד"ל, לאיחוד הלאומי...
    כיחידים וכציבור, הרי, לא ניתן יהיה להמליץ על נתניהו אם נתניהו מתעקש להחריב יישובים כאחרון השמאלנים
    הודעה מיוחדת מס' 3
    אות קלון לשרים
     אם השרים לא יטרחו לעצור את הטירוף - התואר "שר" יהפוך לאות קלון בפריימריז 
    המתפקדים האידאולוגיים יעדיפו להצביע לח"כים פשוטים וצנועים שלא חטאו
    מי שאוהב את ארץ ישראל ויודע לשמור עליה, מתבקש להפיץ את המייל הזה לכל השרים (הנה הכתובות שלהם) וכן, להעביר אותו הלאה
    (ministers' email addresses)

    תודה רבה על עזרתך. בנוסף, אם יש באפשרותך למצא 3 בני משפחה או ידידים שיכולים לקיים משמרת מחאה חוקית בצומת ליד ביתך, אנא עדכן

    ולציין - מספר טלפון נייד, שם מלא, גיל, ואת הצומת שבו נוח לכם להיות. תודה רבה



    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Having decimated the Ulpana neighorborhood in Bet-El, Netanyahu's government is about to decimate Migron -- all of it -- by Tuesday

    No-one knows why, since after all, the community did purchase land from the persons designated by the court as owners

    The Israeli public also has a special announcement. We are tired of leaders who act as though they were elected by the Palestinians rather than by us.

    One does not need to be Churchill in order to implement the very simple legal solutions available to prevent the decimation of Migron (and Bet-El, and Givat Assaf which is next), such as simply adopting the Levy Commission findings by a simple one-sentence Cabinet decision.

    If right-wing leaders cannot do better than engaging in settlement-bashing, better that they should be replaced by the left, so that there will at least be someone credible to vote for after the Netanyahu era is over.

    The right-wing voter has options on election day - Jewish Home, National Union, and so forth. As individuals and as a collective, they cannot any longer recommend a man who insists on razing entire communities when perfectly good, legal alternatives are easily available - but ignored.

    As for the ministers, if they cannot manage to get their acts together, the title "minister" will turn into a liability when the primaries come along because the public will prefer the simple, common Knesset Member over ministers who stood by and did not prevent this  departure of good sense.

    Those who believe in our rights to the land of Israel, kindly forward this email to Israel's ministers. Their email addresses are listed above - between the Hebrew and English sections.

    Also, please quickly forward to family and friends, so they will do the same. This matter is very urgent indeed since the showdown will be Tuesday (in 2 days) or even earlier.

    Also, if you can organize 3 family members or friends who can together hold a legal road-side protest, please contact immediately and indicate your full name, age, cellphone number & location.

    Thank you from Mattot Arim.

    Note: Mattot Arim is an ISRAELI grass-roots organization. Unlike the left-wing pro-Palestinian "Israeli" groups, we do not receive contributions from the European Union.

    בס"ד                                                                                       ה' באלול תשע"ב 26/8/2012
    במיגרון המבחן
    יישר כח לאנשי מגרון אשר לא מוכנים להפקיר את ארץ ישראל.
    ברור מאד שאין הם דואגים לעצמם אלא לעינין הכללי. לו היו דואגים לעצמם הם יכלו לעבור לכל המקומות שהמדינה הבטיחה להם. לישוב אדם, ליקב.
     למרות האיומים שאם הם לא מתפנים מרצון הם יאבדו את כל האופציות ואת אחריות המדינה ליישובם מחדש הם עומדים על העיקרון-את ארץ ישראל לא מפקירים. .
     מייק בלאס לא יפחיד אותם כמו שהוא מפחיד את ראש הממשלה ואת הממשלה. פקיד שלא נבחר עי' הציבור השתלט עלינו. לא הפקיד הוא הבעיה אלא חולשת ראש הממשלה המפחד ליישם את מדיניות הממשלה שעליה הצהיר והמובאת בדו"ח אדמונד לוי.
    אל לראש הממשלה לחשוב שמיגרון זה פיתיון שילקט קואליציה נגד אירן. וויתורים ביהודה ושומרון לא יחזקו את הקואליציה נגד אירן אלא יזמינו לחצים נוספים ויצמידו את כל בעיית אירן ליהודה ושומרון. עמידה על עקרונות הקניין במגרון ובכל ארץ ישראל הם שירתיעו את אירן, הם יתנו לעולם להבין שיש עסק עם מדינה שעומדת על משמרתה, לא מוותרת על מילימטר מהטריטוריה שלה
    במיגרון המבחן.
    יהודית קצובר ונדיה מטר
    Migron is the test
    Kudos to the Migron residents who refuse to abandon Erets Israel.
    It is clear they are not concerned about personal gains but rather about the larger cause. Had they thought of themselves only, they could have easily moved already to other locations like Adam or the Givat HaYekev.
    Despite threats that if they do not evacuate Migron of their own free will they will lose all benefits and the state will renounce its responsibility to rehabilitate them, they stand firm on the principle that one does not abandon Erets Israel.
    Mike Blass will not scare them as he scares the Prime Minister and the government. Mike Blass, a clerk that has not been elected by the people, has taken openly assumed the reins of power. The clerk is not the problem but rather the weakness of the Prime Minister who fears to enforce his own declared policy, as spelled out in the Levy report.
    Bibi Netanyahu should not think that the expulsion of  the Migron residents is a concession to the US and the Europeans that will enable a coalition against Iran. Concessions in Judea and Samaria will not strengthen any possible coalition against Iran, but rather will invite additional pressures, and will link the Iran issue to Judea and Samaria.
    A firm stand on our property rights in Migron and in all of Erets Israel will be a deterrent against Iran. That will make the world  understand that they are dealing with a country that safeguards every inch of its homeland.
    Migron is the test.
    Link to short clip that already got over 90,000 hits: Let Migron Stay
    Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
    Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)


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    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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    Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    Open letter to Rabbonim. You must take a stand. It's a matter of weeks? Only way to fight Iran and the nuclear threat is by openly and publicly declaring Hashem's Covenant with Am Yisroel. Anavim, Anavim....


    Lichvod HaRabbonim SHLITA, amv"sh (if you are not a Rav, please forward to your Rav)

    Only way to fight Iran and the nuclear threat is by openly and publicly declaring Hashem's Covenant with Am Yisroel.   That is our Hishtadlus.  Declaring the Almighty G-d, Hakodosh Baruch Hu, as the World's Supreme Leader. 

    It might generate a terrible backlash and the Nations might all condemn us.  However, failure to assert our Divine entitlement and Divine raison d'etres which is to keep the Commandments in Eretz Yisroel to its full potential brings upon us the curse chas vechalila as was spelled out in Parshat Reeh. 

    Today we are seriously facing a nuclear threat. Chas Vechalila  Weeks they say.....You must take a stand.....Give Hashem the ammunition he needs to protect Am Yisroel and the world from a terrible threat. 

    Read Parshat Reeh.  Doesn't the Torah clearly spell out that we must destroy their places of idol worship in the Land.  Isn't putting on suicide belts on young children the same as sacrificing to Molech? How can we bring Teruma to the Cohen or Maaser to the Levi when the Palestinian flag is flying on Har Habayit?  How can we be Oleh Regel when they are desecrating the Holy Temple site?  etc.  ..

    Anavim, Anavim......

    Iran - Israel is a Cancerous growth at the heart of the Islamic world.. Should Israel preempt? Bibi & Barak -- ARE YOU INSANE? from Buddy Macy


    by Eli Leon, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff

    Speaking at Tehran University, Iran's supreme leader calls Israel "A threat to all humanity," 

    Robin comments:  One of the arguments used why Israel should not attack Iran first is that Iran has said it will destroy Israel if it is attacked. That is profoundly different from saying it will attack and destroy Israel.  

    Yet, if Israel is "A threat to all humanity", and a "cancerous growth" as the "Supreme Leader" proclaimed at Tehran University, then they would surely be justified in eradicating this very dangerous cancerous tumor. 

    And how does the Iran's "Supreme leader" plan to do this if not by nuclear "medicine"? Obviously this Supreme leader would be acting in the very best interest of humanity as would the very best concerned oncologist whose only desire is to eradicate a deadly disease.  The world should just let him do it for the good of humanity who surely would be better off w/o the deadly tumor called Israel. Otherwise, the "Supreme Leader" like an oncologist is being negligent in allowing this cancerous growth to grow out of control threatening humanity.  

    Just rhetoric?  If this is not an outright declaration of nuclear war against Israel than I don't know what is. Is Israel supposed to let the "Supreme Leader" take matters into his hand and decide her deadly fate for the sake of humanity?

    BTW Who is the One and Only "Supreme Leader" in this world?????? Luckily it is not the supreme leader of Iran. 

    FWD: From: Buddy Macy Bibi & Barak -- ARE YOU INSANE?


    Robin Ticker
    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

    Most of these emails are posted on 

    Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

    Monday, August 20, 2012

    Re: Importance of Levy Report, I-ARI (Israel-American Renaissance Institute) warnings about Obama and Netanyahu regime, Post Americanism and Post Zionism.


    From "Yuval Zaliouk" <>, A very important article by Amb. Dore Gold, former Israel ambassador to the UN. The article is also posted in

    by Ambassador Dr. Dore Gold.  Dr. Gold is President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and served as Israel's Ambassador to the UN as well as advisor to Ariel Sharon and Binyamin Netanyahu. 

    Amb. Gold writes:

    "Levy's committee has restored Israel's legal narrative about its rights in the "West Bank". There is a huge difference in how a compromise will look if Israel comes to the table as "foreign occupiers," or as a party that has just territorial claims. click on link above for full article. "(excellent article but he goes off target with his conclusions.  Why mention or suggest compromising our Biblical Birthright.   We must be clear that Judea and Samaria are simply non negotiable. Robin)

    David HaIvri writes:  

    Dear Friends of Israel,

    In just a few days over two thousand people have responded to our request and have signed the petition to PM Netanyahu in support of the Levy report on the legal standing of the Land of Israel in Judea and Samaria. 

    We must keep those number rising to send out a clear voice and not to miss this opportunity.Reports in the media showing that the opposition is working hard to pressure Netanyahu to ignore this important legal position paper. 

    Please send the link for this petition to all friends of Israel and urge them to sign. 

    Your support is needed to promote this campaign. Please send your generous to via paypal or at this link

    Or contact us for bank transfer information. 

    Thank you, 

    David Bedein writes:   Petitions are thrown in the garbage. Individually written letters are read.  Send letters to Bibi
    % Zvi Hauser, Cabinet Sec'y. and send it by hard copy to him at the The office of the PM. Kiryat HaMemshala, Jerusalem 91950

    Robin's comments:
    David Bedein has a point.  Signing the Levy Petition is not enough.  Send personalized emails and  snail mail letters as well.  But that as well is not enough!

    We need a real united force out there with some muscle.  David Bedein, in all due respect, I  see great value in Petitions as well.  It is heartwarming to read the  signed names in the petition and their comments from all over the world in support of Jewish Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. It gives us Chizuk.. The owner of the petition (David HaIvri) now has close to 2000 signatures in support of the Levy report. That's a working 2,000 email list. Consider this list as a  potential battalion in an online activist army.  One who has signed the petition is a potential recruit or enlistee in our activist army on behalf of Judea and Samaria, our Biblical Birthright. 
    NOW CHEVRA, Let us then roll up our sleeves and seriously get to work.  

    Our goal must be complete Reform of  Israel's System of Gov't. 

    "Why so radical?" I hear you asking.  

    Please read Paul Eidelberg Israel's Hidden Prime Minister to understand why only Reform of Israel's gov't will stop Israel's self destructive policies.

    Knesset Members,  MK's,  unfortunately have a conflict of interest and historically unfortunately do not always vote for the common good but are influenced by personal self interest and are blinded with incentives like a cushy influential cabinet seat dangling in front of their eyes or blinded by threats to fire or terminate a cushy political position.   

    Yasher Koach to Prof.  Eidelberg, not a MK, who bli ayin hara is not blinded, for sounding the alarm and rallying the people and the MK's to admit that Israel's system of gov't has serious flaws.   Recognizing and acknowledging these inherent flaws are the first necessary steps to the road of recovery.  Unfortunately this is not an easy step. 

    Reform only will happen when we recognize and acknowledge the flaws.  Then there is hope for Israel and hope for America as well.

    It takes outsiders of the gov't to lead the reform of Israel's System of Gov't.  Whoever does it from within is courageous and may G-d bless him/her.  It requires a willingness to risk their position as MK or as Cabinet Minister.  One must be willing to break away from Likud and/or whatever party they belong to and  join with other likeminded leaders and fix the system. 

    The alternative is very very scary.  
    Look what is happening in America with Obama leading the way. 

    The Most Divisive Campaign in American History  by Daniel Greenfield.  Brilliant!  says Paul Eidelberg

    "The typical Obama voter is not acting as an American, but as a representative of an entitled group looking to secure and expand those entitlements at the expense and the detriment of the country at large...He isn't campaigning to lead the United States of America, instead he is running for the presidency of a dozen little Americas, Trayvon Martin America, Abortion America, Illegal Alien America, Sharia America, Gay Marriage America, Starbucks America and any others you can think of. And if he can collect enough of these little Americas together, then he may get the privilege of running the United States of America into the ground for another four years.
    .. "  

    Unfortunately this modus operandi of Divide and Conquer Is in Israeli politics today.  (Robin)

    "The most significant accomplishment of Obama's first term is to make Congress irrelevant. .....During the first two years of the Obama administration when the Democrats overwhelming controlled both Houses of Congress and the media was in an Obama worshiping stupor, a myriad of laws were passed and actions taken which transferred virtually unlimited power to the executive branch....For example, in the 2,700 pages of ObamaCare there are more than 2,500 references to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  There are more than 700 instances when he or she is instructed that they "shall" do something and more than 200 times when they "may" take at their sole discretion some form of regulatory action.  On 139 occasions, the law mentions that the "Secretary determines."  In essence one person, appointed by and reporting to the president, will be in charge of the health care of 310 million Americans once ObamaCare is fully operational in 2014.,,,The most significant power Congress has is the control of the purse-strings as all spending must be approved by them.  However, once re-elected, Barack Obama, as confirmed by his willingness to do or say anything and his unscrupulous re-election tactics, would not only threaten government shutdowns but would deliberately withhold payments to those dependent on government support as a means of intimidating and forcing a Republican controlled Congress to surrender to his demands, thus neutering their ability to control the administration through spending constraints.   "

    Is this modus operandi in Israel today where the Knesset has no real say and the Supreme Court is not a real Court of Law but a puppet for the elite and ruling minority leftists? (Robin) 


    Robin Ticker
    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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    Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

    Sunday, August 19, 2012

    Are Jews in Judea and Samaria adequately protected by Medinat Yisrael? Additional Clarification on Magen David Adom operating in Samaria.


    Dear Chavrei Knesset, Media, Rabbanim and Activist List, amv"sh

    I will answer the question in the subject line based on the impressions of an 11 year old girl, my daughters friend, who recently came back to the US after visiting Israel upon the occasion of celebrating her brother's Bar Mitzvah this past July.

    Simply put.  Her father rented a car in Israel and she came back to NY with a report that she had been very nervous that the car might make a wrong turn and end up in unfriendly Arab territory.  

    I remember when I was growing up, we used to get lost on family trips all the time.  We used to call it to "fahblunga",   I'm not sure if that's a Yiddish or Hungarian expression.  it was the norm, expected and a family joke. Deddy (the way we called our father ob"m) fahblungad. In fact  I've inherited this trait.  B"h for the navigator.  But in America, it's not such a big deal to fahblunga.  You just ask a bunch of people or cars who stop next to you on a red light and ask for directions. You then take the consensus expecting  at least 1 or 2 to give you wrong directions. Everyone in the car tries to memorize the oral directions. It's simply part of the chavaya, the experience.

    In contrast,  in Israel, one has good reason to be nervous for their lives when they "fahblunga".   You"re terrified of getting lost and you're afraid to ask directions. And we've all had negative experiences with the navigator on obscure roads. No one wants to take a chance. Tefillat Haderech is what we rely upon for our safety. 

    Only 10 roadblocks remain in Judea and Samaria after more than a hundred others have been removed as "goodwill" measure to Abbas.
    By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
    First Publish: 8/14/2012, 1:09 PM

    This has been going on a while.

    The IDF, on orders from the Olmert government, removed 10 manned checkpoints in the Binyamin region and Samaria Thursday evening.
    By Ezra HaLevi
    First Publish: 4/4/2008, 6:44 AM

    Let's say that this young girl was overreacting.  Perhaps her fears are unfounded and ungrounded in reality.  Perhaps she heard some "racist" comment by her parents about the Arabs.  This following article and video should once again show that unfortunately she was justified in being worried.  Hating Jews and Israel is mainstream entertainment in the Arab world.  

    Algemeiner reported in their travel notes about  A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR THEME PARK FUNDED BY HEZBOLLAH IN LEBANON ON LAND ONCE CONTROLLED BY ISRAEL It will feature "family-friendly" rides and activities that encourage and celebrate terrorism against Israel, according to a documentary aired on  VICE. The media website's film crew went to Mleeta, Lebanon to visit Hezbollah's theme park, documenting the Shia terror group's interactive propaganda effort in the form of the park's barbed wire, tanks, rockets, archive video footage and exhibitions of weaponry used in their fight for martyrdom against Israel. 

    If you are still not convinced and say that's Hizbollah is not representative of the Arab world, then read and watch what was reported in the Jewish Press.

    By: Micah D. Halpern

    One need not label me as extremist  rightwing settler to come to the conclusion that perhaps the gov't of Israel is not doing enough to protect the lives of their tax paying citizens in Judea and Samaria.  Unfortunately, this young lady has justified reasons to be worried.  Is it any wonder that MDA requries bullet proof ambulances to reach part of Judea and Samaria?

    Additional Questions asked by Susie Dym from David HaIvri Director of the Shomron Liaison Office. 

    Q: Does Mda have a presence beyond "the fence"?
    A. Yes, Md"a does have their own ambulances east of the fence. As can be seen on their map in the website that they are promoting. 

    Q: re Elon Moreh, Itamar, Har Bracha and Yitzhar - it seems to me Mda can easily say, we dont have an mda station in every little place, these 4 places David Haivri mentioned by example are simply served by a larger station just like there are many many small places in israel served by an mda station in a nearby larger place.

    A: You are right, Md"a can say exactly that "they can't put an ambulance in every little place". So they can claim that the station they have in Ariel also services Elon Moreh. The problem with that is that according to their own internal standards only a bullet protected ambulance can go past the Tapuach junction. It takes about 35 - 40 minutes for a regular car to get from Ariel to Elon Moreh with no traffic on the way. A bullet protected ambulance goes much slower because it is very heavy. So say a Md"a ambulance could arrive at the scene of an event in Elon Moreh one hour after it happened, the concept of a Golden Hour is gone and they haven't even set out for the hospital yet. I think that it would be fair for Md"a to be forthcoming and explain that they are not providing full service for a large part of the population in Judea and Samaria and not insist on misleading the public by trying to give the impression that they are not keeping their commitment to not operate in Judea and Samaria at all.  

    David HaIvri continues....

    * Again the issue here is twofold: 
    1. MD"A signed and international agreement with a branch of the PLO in which they accepted the claim that the Green Line is an international border and that all of the area east of that is occupied Palestinian territory. This in itself is outrageous and totally un acceptable. It is a very dangerous precedent even if it is only on paper. MD"A is meant to be a nonpolitical national Caregiving organization with although being an NGO has received a high level of official standing. MD"A should not be leading the way in international negotiations on the borders of Israel and should not be committing to foreign claims that opposite the official policy of the State of Israel. 
    2. MD"A is not providing full service to large sections of the communities in Judea and Samaria. The more isolated communities like the ones mentioned above are receiving the service from the local municipalities. If MD"A feels that it is not in their interest to provide full service to these front line communities, they should at least be clear that that is the case. 

    Another Yesha resident responded:

    Yehudit Tayar responds:

    Hey achoti
    Here we go again
    Don't forget that Brig Gen (res) Yossi Koller and myself were the ones who battled MDA to allow us to even lease ambulances from them because it was their policy to NOT CROSS THE GREEN LINE hmmmm does this sound familiar in their agreement????
    Yes we in Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron are also volunteers in MDA the enormous difference is that aside from ambulances we have our gear with us 24/7 we work with Security forces in the yishuvim, MDA -IDF -669 –The Red Crescent – the vast difference is that we normally are first on the scene even without ambulances and can immediately respond treat the injured, report on the incident and even if need be call up for military backing as in so many cases in our regions.
    Also let us never forget that this agreement with MDA and the Red Cross did NOT just affect Yesha but also ALL AREAS OF ISRAEL PRE-1967 are not included in Israel i.e. Jerusalem, French Hill, Ramot Eshkol, Gilo, Jordan Valley, any area that was not included inside of Israel before the 1967 war WAS AGREED BY MDA TO NOT BE AN INTEGRAL PART OF ISRAEL 
    We will continue to go out and save precious lives – yes also risk our own- but MDA must own up to this disgraceful traitorous agreement that was signed.
    B'ahavat Zion


    Robin Ticker
    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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    Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

    Friday, August 17, 2012

    WOW an amazing Youtube for Jonathan Pollard. Please forward, post on social media and publicize!


    SHI 360 for Jonathan Pollard
    Prod. By Shekel

    you too can make a difference:

    Thank you David HaIvri for posting on facebook.


    Robin Ticker
    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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    Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

    Thursday, August 16, 2012

    Where is Magen David Adom in Judea and Samaria? David HaIvri responds.


    Latest Arutz 7 Ad for Magen David Adom in Judea and Samaria.


    Nothing has changed. MD"A signed an agreement with the Palestinian Red Cercent in which they recognized the pre 1967 lines as an international boarder and the area east of that occupied Palestinian territory. MD"A continues to operate the stations on the map that they posted. In all there are about 120 ambulances in Judea and Samaria, MD"A operates about half. The other half are operated privately by the regional municipalities. All of the ambulances operated by the municipalities are leased out from md"a second hand that would have been put in emergency storage or sold as used. The palaces that the municipalities are operating are the more isolated areas like Elon Moreh, Itamar, Har Bracha and Yitzhar. Those places are much further  away from hospitals, an hour plus drive with no traffic and also considered more of a security risk. According to md"a's own standard only bullet protected ambulances are allowed to reach these locations. The municipalities do not have the resources to provide 60 bullet protected ambulances so most of the ones used in this area are both run down and unprotected. 

    Bottom line, yes, md"a is operating in some locations in Judea and Samaria, but, not in all locations. 

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: David Ha'ivri <>
    Date: Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 1:39 AM
    Subject: Re: David HaIvri, Is Magen David Adom now ok? This was not sent by Arutz7 ads. It was sent by Arutz Sheva news.Fwd: Where is Magen David Adom in Judea & Samaria?
    To: Robin Ticker <>

    On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 7:05 AM, Robin Ticker <> wrote:

    Dear David, amv"sh

    Please clarify.  Thanks.

    Is Magen Dovid Adom active in the Yishuvim as they present themselves in the ads? Has their position changed at all over time?

    If that is the case, Is there still a need for other emergency organizations like Hatzala in Yesha? Where has Hatzala filled in or other first response teams filled in where MDA has left a void. 

    Is the only problem with MDA that they signed an international agreement stating that Judea and Samaria is occupied Palestinian territory?

    On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 3:04 PM, Robin Ticker <> wrote:

    Dear David, amv"sh

    Recently you wrote an OP ed that was critical of  Magen David Adom.  What caused Arutz7 to radically change their position regarding Magen David Adom to the extent that they sent out this advertisement?  Usually Arutz 7 never sends out advertisements with their news yet they made an exception with Magen David Adom. Usually advertisements are sent separate with promotions.  Are your concerns addressed to your satisfaction.  

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Arutz Sheva <>
    Date: Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 9:35 AM
    Subject: Where is Magen David Adom in Judea & Samaria?
    To: "" <>

    If you cannot see this email properly, please click here
    Where is Magen David Adom?

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    Levy Report - dire consequences if buried.....


    Dear Chavrei Knessset, Rabbanim, Media and Activists, amv"sh

    • Please publicize and sign Letter to urge Netanyahu to Adopt Levy Report initiated by Rabbi Pesach Lerner and subsequent petition formulated by David HaIvri of Shomron Liason Council, reported on Arutz 7 
    US Jewish Leaders Urge Netanyahu to Adopt Levy Report   Please join the list and  Sign Petition to PM NETANYAHU TO ADOPT LEVY REPORT.  Only continuous pressure on Netanyahu will not allow him to bury the report as was reported in HaAretz.

    Immediate facts on the ground consequences of not adopting and implementing The Levy Report - When there is no pro Yesha action -  there is the opposite, anti Yesha action. There is no status quo or standing still on this matter.  Either we move forward or backward (Robin)
    • Tzvi Struck - A case of true iniquity False accusations and libel against Tzvi Struck the son of Orit Struck, head of the Yesha Human Rights organization, known for her fearless and thorough investigations against those who abuse the Jews in Judea and Samaria
    •  Red Magen David Crossed The Line Published: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 3:27 PM by David HaIvri  MDA defends itself and rightfully says that MDA doesn't decide borders of Israel.  ISRAEL DOES! However, apparently there was no other way for MDA to be accepted into the Red Cross but to sign THIS FALSE INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT.  It is up to Netanyahu to clearly clarify where Israel stands by adopting the Levy Report AND DECLARING THAT  JUDEA AND SAMARIA ARE NOT OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES! 
    • Candid Camera Egyptian Style Egyptian Actors Pranked on Candid Camera Turn Violent When Told TV Channel Is Israeli -Al-Nahar TV (Egypt) - July 20, 2012 - 09:56   Watch it live on  (If Netanyahu is afraid of condemnation now, it is nothing compared to the violent condemnation and destruction he will subject Israel to, if he fails to assert our G-d given entitlement and be prepared to defend that right with all the power G-d has endowed Israel with. robin)The Micah Report website (
    • Arab–Israeli Scam Exposed in Court By: Aryeh Savir, Tazpit News Agency Published: August 15th, 2012  Over the past two years, Moshe Vidal, an Israeli lawyer, has represented 520 Arabs who worked as agricultural laborers in Gush Katif and were suing their former employers for labor rights violations
    ....It is important to note that the State took no responsibility in regards to the lawsuits, even though the case was a result of the Disengagement, which was a political decision. The State was included in the claims, but asked to have the lawsuits against it declared invalid because it was not the direct employer. As a result, these farmers, who had already suffered the loss of their homes, communities and livelihoods, were once again left by the State to fend for themselves. They were lucky to find assistance and resolution through the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel. (SHAME ON YOU! robin)

    Robin Ticker
    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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    Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

    Monday, August 13, 2012

    Chavrei Knesset, Rabbanim, Activists, Media, Al Taamod Al Dam Reiacha. Push the Levy Report. The Supreme Court of Israel is having a field day obstructing Justice


    Dear English speakers, The parts of this email in Hebrew is translated also into English. Read till end and sign petition if you have not done so. Thanks

    Dear Chavrei Knesset, amv"sh

    מרדכי דויטש, אב ל-8, הוא חקלאי  ממצפה יאיר אשר בדרום הר-חברון.  
    אחיו הוא שעיה דויטש הי"ד -- מנרצחי גוש קטיף: 
    אביו ז"ל, גם הוא חקלאי, ממושב הזורעים, איבד את משפחתו בשואה. הקים משפחה שנייה, 9 ילדים, ביניהם שעיה הי"ד ומרדכי.
    מרדכי הקים חממות בקרקע שהינה אדמות מדינה, במצפה יאיר, לפני יותר מעשור, באופן חוקי ומקובל. אבל... 
    כמעט מייד, פלשתינים ערערו על כך שקרקעות במצפה יאיר בכלל הוכרזו (20 שנה קודם לכן!!) כקרקעות מדינה.
    הערעור של הפלשתינים נדחה: המינהל האזרחי ציין, שהפלשתינים הפעילו כבר את אותם מסמכי "בעלות", במספר מקומות שונים -- שהמרחק ביניהם למצפה יאיר, הוא רב.  
    כמו כן, נמצא כי תצהירי הפלשתינים וחוות הדעת שלהם -  מפוברקים.
    כרגיל, הפלשתינים פנו לבג"צ. בתגובה, המינהל האזרחי נבהל ולפתע, הבטיח שהחממות של משפחת דויטש ייהרסו - עד סוף אוגוסט! כלומר: הריסה תוך  3 שבועות, והמשפחה נותרת ללא כל פרנסה. זהו בדיוק מסוג המקרים, שעליהם נמתחה ביקורת חמורה בדו"ח הועדה בראשות השופט בדימוס אדמונד לוי.
    חברי הכנסת שהיו יכולים לבדוק את העניין ולבלום את הצעדים הבלתי-מוצדקים - הינם בחופשה (פגרת הקיץ של הכנסת)!! רק אם יראו שלציבור מאד אכפת- יתפנו לסייע בנושא חשוב זה. 
    לכן, אנא העבירו את המייל הזה כולו ישירות לחברי הכנסת!
    כי אם חברי הכנסת ימשיכו את תנומת הקיץ, עלול להתרחש חורבן מיותר ומרושע אצל משפחת דויטש, בעוד 3 שבועות בלבד!
    הצילו את נחלת משפחת דויטש!:
    the following is a translation by Robin with the help of Google Translate:

    August 9, 2012. 

    Mordechai Deutsch, father of 8, is a farmer in Mitzpe Yair, south of  Har - Hebron.
    His brother is Shaya Deutsch HY"D - From those murdered from Gush Katif.
    His late father z"l, also a farmer, from Moshav HaZorim, lost his family in the Holocaust. Established a second family, nine children, including Shaya HY"D and Mordechai.
    Mordechai established greenhouses on State land, in Mitzpe Yair, over more than a decade ago, legally. But ...

    Almost immediately, Palestinians disputed the fact that the land of  Mitzpe Yair which was declared State Land 20 years ago was truly State Land.

    The appeal of the Palestinians was rejected: the Civil Administration stated that the Palestinians already used the same documents "with" a number of different places - whose distance between it and Mitzpe Yair, is great.
    It was also found that the affidavits Palestinians brought and their opinions - were fabricated.

    As usual, the Palestinians turned to the High Court. In response, the Civil Administration got scared and suddenly, they  promised that the hothouses of the Deutsch family would be destroyed - by the end of August! Namely: Demolition within three weeks, and the family is left without any income. Just the kind of cases, which was severely criticized in the committee report headed by retired Justice Edmond Levy.

    Knesset members who could check it out and stop the illegal measures - are on vacation (Knesset's summer recess)!! Only if they see that the public really cares about this, will they evail themselves to help on this important subject.

    So, please forward this email to all directly to Knesset members! (see TO list above)

    If the Knesset members will continue the summer nap, this unnecessary destruction of evil in the Deutsch family may occur in only three weeks! (Now closer to  two weeks Robin)
    Save the inheritance of the Deutsch family! 


    Now Today I got this from Women In Green. Women in Green If we don't stop this trend who is next Chas Veshalom? (Robin)

    רוצים לבלום את אורית סטרוק
    ע"י ענישת בנה צבי סטרוק
    מערכת אכיפת החוק חיכתה לרגע זה!
    נפלה לידם הזדמנות פז לנסות לבלום את אורית סטרוק על חקירותיה היסודיות, ללא מורא וללא משוא פנים, בהתעללויות במתנחלים.
    היום הוכח עד כמה עבודתה של אורית אפקטיבית ועד כמה המערכת פוחדת ממנה. לא רק שבג"ץ לא קיבל את ערעורו של צבי, אלא בג"ץ החמיר בעונשו וגזר עליו 30 חודשי מאסר. העוול זועק לשמים! אין שום הצדקה שבנה של אורית ייענש ויישב בכלא על עבודתה הציבורית של אמו.
    דורשים משפט אמת וצדק שיוכיח לכל שצבי סטרוק חף מכל פשע!
    לפרטים-כתבה בערוץ 7
    יהודית קצובר ונדיה מטר
    נשים למען עתיד ישראל (נשים בירוק)
    They are trying to stop Orit Struck by punishing her son Tsvi Struck.

    The law enforcement system has been waiting for this day! They found a
    way to try and stop Orit Struck, head of the Yesha Human Rights
    organization, known for her fearless and thorough investigations
    against those who abuse the Jews in Judea and Samaria.

    Today it was proven how effective and important Orit's work is and how
    much the legal system fears her. Not only did the Supreme Court not
    accept her son's appeal but they punished him even more; sending him
    to 30 months in prison. The injustice cries out! There is no reason in
    the world that Orit's son should be punished and sit in jail because
    of the wonderful public work his mother is doing.

    We demand a real trial, a trial of justice and truth in which it will
    be proven beyond any doubt that Zvi Struck is completely innocent!

    For details on the case, click on below article written a while ago.
    Today the Supreme Court changed the verdict from 18 months to 30
    months in jail. (Article below in full)

    Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
    Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)

    Tzvi Struck - A case of true iniquity By Dovid Wilder in Jerusalem Post.

    A couple of weeks ago Tzvi Struck was sentenced to a year and a half in jail, a fifty thousand shekel fine, and, following his release from prison, a year's probation. Struck was convicted by Judge Amnon Cohen of kidnapping a fifteen year old Arab, three counts of assault, causing 'grievous bodily harm,' and intent 'to harm an animal.' According to the Arab youth, he was kidnapped, beaten and then tied up and left unconscious naked in a field.

    Struck, 28 years old, married with three children, denied anything to do with the incident. A farmer in the Binyamin region (between Judea and Samaria, north of Jerusalem,) he grows grapes in vineyards on land legally appropriated to him by the State of Israel in the Shilo Valley. He had a clear-cut alibi: he was irrigating another field, in a different area at the time of the attack. The judge did not disbelieve the alibi. Rather he decided that Struck would have had time to do both: irrigate the other field and attack the Arab.
    Who were the witnesses blaming Struck? Of course, the Arab youth. His father is a 'Palestinian policeman.' The main witness was brought to the trial from his jail cell. He is on trial for hurling fire-bombs at Jews. The attorney aiding the Arabs was Michael Sfard, who represents 'Peace Now.' The left-wing organization "Yesh Din' took an active role in the case. According to internal sources, the 'Palestinian policeman' – the accuser's father, actually directed the investigation, decided which witnesses should testify, and acted as translator during witness' testimony to police.
    Tzvi Struck has a clean legal record. According to character witnesses, including the Binyamin area Brigade commander, Struck is 'gentle, restrained, and law-abiding,' and the crimes he is accused of are 'inconsistent with his behavior.'
    Yet, the judge chose to believe the Arabs and disregard Struck's account. He didn't discount his alibi. But he ignored serious contradictions in the Arabs' testimony. Three of the witnesses presented essentially different accounts in court from the testimony they gave to the police. The attacked youth testified that he had never had any contact with Struck. Yet his father and others testified that they did know him and had been involved in land disputes with him. The father forgot to tell this fact to the police during prior questioning. Another witness claimed that the attacked youth hadn't been present at the 'scene of the crime.' However, the judge chose to ignore the contradictions, explaining them as 'innocent mistakes,' and stating that it is 'not worth relating to them.'
    Much evidence seemed to disappear. Bloodstains, fingerprints, handcuffs, bloody clothing, and even the tree that the main witness hid behind, watching the crime being committed, all vanished. Or perhaps, never existed.
    The judge based the conviction upon tractor tracks (the tractor was also never found) and empty gun cartridges from Struck's gun, (he wasn't accused of shooting at the youth). Judge Cohen literally stood on his head to prevent from calling the Arabs liars and acquit Struck. In essence, the judge had to decide who he believed. He chose the Arabs, saying that the identity of the attacker had been established beyond all doubt.
    Arabs in the Binyamin region are furious at the fact that Jews work the land, as does Struck. There are numerous clashes between them and Jewish farmers. Struck had to deal with theft, sabotage, arson, destruction of young seedlings, and even shooting attacks while working at his own vineyard.
    As the above accounts prove, numerous contradictions in testimony were given to the police and in court. Additionally, such blood libels against Jews are nothing new. The prime example is that of Muhammed al-Dura, the child supposedly killed by Israeli soldiers in Gaza. The film of his alleged death was exposed as a forgery and a fraud. And most lately, the infamous Goldstone report, now repudiated by its author.
    And finally, the decision in this case can also be attributed to an attempt by the police, the prosecutor's office and the judiciary to avenge their pride, which has been sorely disgraced by Tzvi Struck's mother, Mrs. Orit Struck. Orit Struck founded and directs the Organization of Human Rights in Yesha (Judea and Samaria). The organization both defends Jews against fabricated criminal charges and also prosecutes police and others who have abused rights of Jews in Judea and Samaria. She is quite successful, and as such, has earned the wrath of left wing leaders in all walks of Israeli bureaucracy. Sending her son to jail for eighteen months, and forcing him to pay a fifty thousand shekel fine, is easily defined as pure, simple retribution. Otherwise, it is impossible to comprehend the judge's decision and conviction.
    True iniquity.
    This article was authored by David Wilder and Itzik Shadmi. Itzik Shadmi is a Lt. Colonel (Res.) in the IDF and chairman of the Benyamin region Action Committee.

    Enough of politics where the the rule of law is I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Get the Edmund Levy Report into Production.  Enough Supreme Court Shenanigans destroying peoples lives.  Imagine it was your home getting demolished or your son put into prison for no reason.  Hoshiva Shofteinu Karishona.  Return our Judges as of Days of Old. Destroy this Masquerade "Court of Law" who parades as the Supreme Court of Israel under continued inaction of the Knesset and under the Netanyahu Administration.  This Administration is being manipulated by forces who do not have Israel's best interest in mind. It is up to the Knesset to act forcefully and the people to not sit idly by! If not, it will come to haunt each and every one of us who stood by and did nothing! Chas VeShalom!

    Dear All Activists and Lovers of Eretz Yisroel: 

    More than sixty-five American Jewish leaders signed a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and urged him to adopt the findings of the Levy Report, which asserts that the "settlements" in Judea and Samaria are legal in accordance with international law.

    The report, which was authored by a panel of renowned Israeli jurists comprised of Supreme Court justice Edmond Levy, former Foreign Ministry legal adviser Alan Baker, and former deputy president of the Tel Aviv District Court Tehiya Shapira, recommends against the future demolition of communities that had been deemed to be "illegal outposts."

    The letter endorsing the Levy Report, which was spearheaded by Rabbi Pesach Lerner, Executive Vice President, Emeritus of the National Council of Young Israel, is signed by dozens of prominent Jewish leaders from across the United States, with additional people joining in support of the letter daily.

    "As the Levy Report correctly notes, Israel is not engaged in 'military occupation' in relation to the communities in Judea and Samaria," the American Jewish leaders wrote in their letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu. "We believe that this conclusion vindicates the Israeli government, which has been unjustifiably vilified by many in the international community, simply because there are Jews living in this particular area of the Jewish State."

    "Like you, we recognize and respect the fact that the Jewish people have inalienable rights to the land of Israel which stem from the Bible, and we are familiar with the historic legacy of the movement of Ze'ev Jabotinsky, Menachem Begin, and Herut/Likud, which you now lead, that has long endorsed Jewish rights in the entirety of the land of Israel," continued the Jewish leaders. "Viewing it from this perspective, the Levy Report confirms what we all know to be true and just, and it certainly warrants your support and endorsement."

    In addition to expressing their staunch support of the Levy Report, the American Jewish leaders urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to reject the claims about the report that were set forth in a recent letter organized by the Israel Policy Forum.

    "In our opinion, the individuals who have urged you not to accept the findings of the Levy Report under the pretext that Israel's status as a Jewish and democratic state could somehow be compromised by its adoption are doing a disservice to the State of Israel," the American Jewish leaders wrote in their letter to the Prime Minister. "Despite assertions to the contrary, the conclusions of the Levy Report do not 'place…the prestige of Israel as a democratic member of the international community, in peril.' We categorically reject this absurd declaration and sincerely hope and pray that you do the same."

    Click here to sign and encourage others to do so as well.  Whatever influence you have, use it! Shkoich!

    August 2, 2012

    Honorable Benjamin Netanyahu
    Office of the Prime Minister
    3 Kaplan Street
    P.O. Box 187
    Kiryat Ben-Gurion
    Jerusalem, Israel 91950

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:

    We write to you in support of the recent report issued by the Levy Committee.  We welcome the report's findings and greatly appreciate the thorough process and honest approach undertaken by the well-respected legal professionals tasked with authoring this study.

    We are heartened by the Levy Report's finding that the "settlements" in Judea and Samaria are completely legal under international law, and we are encouraged that the report recommends against the future demolition of communities that had been deemed to be "illegal outposts."

    As the Levy Report correctly notes, Israel is not engaged in "military occupation" in relation to the communities in Judea and Samaria.  We believe that this conclusion vindicates the Israeli government, which has been unjustifiably vilified by many in the international community, simply because there are Jews living in this particular area of the Jewish State.

    Those who have repeatedly leveled criticisms at Israel for its willingness to sanction the "settlements" inexplicably ignore the fact that there are approximately 350,000 Jews residing in vibrant communities throughout Judea and Samaria, most of whom make immeasurable contributions to Israeli society.  Playing politics with the lives and futures of these tens of thousands of families, comprising hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens, is absolutely shameful and wholly unacceptable.

    In our opinion, the individuals who have urged you not to accept the findings of the Levy Report under the pretext that Israel's status as a Jewish and democratic state could somehow be compromised by its adoption are doing a disservice to the State of Israel.

    Despite assertions to the contrary, the conclusions of the Levy Report do not "place…the prestige of Israel as a democratic member of the international community, in peril."  We categorically reject this absurd declaration and sincerely hope and pray that you do the same.

    It is not the responsibility of the State of Israel to appease the United Nations or other entities whose interests run counter to the best interests of the Jewish State.  We know that your government has not, and will not, mollify those who repeatedly have sought to delegitimize the State of Israel.

    We fully understand that you work diligently, day in and day out, to ensure that the citizens of Israel are safe and that their interests are duly protected.   We deeply appreciate your ongoing support of the citizens of the scores of communities throughout Judea and Samaria and your continuous efforts to enable them to live their lives fully and freely in their respective homes.

    We all owe it to future generations to stand up now for the right and the reality of having the entirety of the Land of Israel, including Judea, Samaria, and all of Jerusalem, for our Jewish People.

    Like you, we recognize and respect the fact that the Jewish people have inalienable rights to the land of Israel which stem from the Bible, and we are familiar with the historic legacy of the movement of Ze'ev Jabotinsky, Menachem Begin, and Herut/Likud, which you now lead, that has long endorsed Jewish rights in the entirety of the land of Israel.  Viewing it from this perspective, the Levy Report confirms what we all know to be true and just, and it certainly warrants your support and endorsement.

    We urge you to adopt the findings of the Levy Report, thereby formally validating the status of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria as a true part of the State of Israel within the purview of the Israeli government.

    Very truly yours,

    Rabbi David Algazi
    Congregation Havurat Yisrael
    President, World Committee for the Land of Israel
    Forest Hills, NY

    Richard Allen
    New York, NY

    Rabbi Moshe Averick
    Board, Rabbinical Council of America 
    Chicago, IL

    Marvin S. Belsky, M.D. 
    Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam
    New York, NY

    Rabbi Mordechai Cohen
    Milwaukee, WI

    Rabbi Yochanan Davis
    Rabbinical Alliance of America
    Brooklyn, NY

    Michael Dobrin 
    National Council on Jewish Affairs
    Nashville, TN

    Rabbi Yisroel Edelman
    Young Israel Deerfield Beach 
    Deerfield Beach, FL

    Fred Ehrman
    New York, NY

    Rabbi David Eliezrie
    North County Chabad Center 
    President, Rabbinical Council of Orange County
    Yorba Linda, CA

    Gary Erlbaum
    Board Member
    Federation of Greater Philadelphia
    Ardmore, PA

    Rabbi Dov Fischer
    Young Israel of Orange County
    Irvine, CA

    Stephen M. Flatow
    Terror Victims Right's Activist 
    West Orange, NJ

    Joseph Frager, MD
    Chairman, World Committee for the Land of Israel
    Jamaica Estates, NY

    Helen Freedman 
    Executive Director
    Americans for a Safe Israel
    New York, NY

    Michael Gerbitz 
    United with Israel
    Lawrence, NY

    Beth Gilinsky
    Executive Director
    National Conference on Jewish Affairs 
    New York, NY

    Dr. Chanania Gang
    Vice President
    Religious Zionists of America
    Yonkers, NY

    Dr. Jonathan Gold
    Americans For a Safe Israel 
    Passaic, NJ

    Steven M. Goldberg, Esq.
    National Vice Chairman
    Zionist Organization of America 
    Los Angeles, CA

    Beverly A. Goldstein, Ph.D.
    Co-chair, Cuyahoga Valley Republican Club 
    Beachwood, OH

    Michael S. Goldstein, Esq.
    President, Northern Ohio Chapter, Association for Intelligence Officers 
    Beachwood, OH

    Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer 
    New York, NY

    Marvin Green, President
    Hunter Green Associates
    New York, NY

    Rabbi Yonah Gross
    Congregation Beth Hamedrosh
    Wynnewood, PA

    Rabbi Abraham B. Hecht
    Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation Sharre Zion
    President, Rabbinical Alliance of America 
    Brooklyn, NY

    Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hecht
    Beth Israel of Westport/Norwalk 
    President, Rabbinical Council of Connecticut 
    Norwalk, CT

    Rabbi Yonoson Hirtz
    Utopia Jewish Center
    Fresh Meadows, NY

    Odeleya Jacobs
    Vice President Media Relations
    World Committee for the Land of Israel
    Flushing, NY

    Rabbi Ari Jacobson
    Young Israel of Monsey and Wesley Hills
    Monsey, NY

    Chaim Kaminetzky
    Past President
    National Council of Young Israel
    Flushing, NY

    Sharad Karkhanis, Ph. D.
    Professor Emeritus, City University of New York
    Brooklyn, NY

    Stuart Kaufman
    National Conference on Jewish Affairs
    Great Neck, NY

    Ruth King
    Executive Committee
    Editorial Board OUTPOST
    American for a Safe Israel 
    New York, NY

    Jay Knopf
    Executive Board, The Hebron Fund
    Teaneck, NJ

    Mara Kochba
    Israel Cancer Research Fund 
    Los Angeles, CA

    Rabbi Pesach Lerner
    Executive Vice President, Emeritus
    National Council of Young Israel
    Far Rockaway, NY

    Rabbi Reuven Mann
    Young Israel of Phoenix
    Phoenix, AZ

    Lori Lowenthal Marcus
    President, Z STREET 
    Philadelphia, PA

    Alan A. Mazurek, MD
    Former Chairman, ZOA National Board
    Assistant Clinical Professor, Neurology
    Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC
    Great Neck, NY

    Yaniv Meirov
    CHAZAQ Organization
    Queens, NY

    Julio Messer
    Past President, American Friends of Likud
    New York, NY

    Cherna Moskowitz
    Miami Beach, FL

    Shlomo Mostofsky, Esq.
    Immediate Past President
    National Council of Young Israel
    Brooklyn, NY

    Rabbi Yehuda L Oppenheimer
    Young Israel of Forest Hills
    Forest Hills, NY

    Russel Pergament
    Boston, MA

    Gerald Platt
    President, American Friends of Likud
    New York, NY

    Rozanne Polansky
    Executive Board
    Young Israel of North Bellmore
    North Bellmore, NY

    Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
    Congregation B'nai Yeshurun
    Teaneck, NJ

    Susan L. Rosenbluth
    Editor and Publisher
    The Jewish Voice and Opinion
    Englewood, NJ

    Rabbi Dov Schreier 
    Young Israel of North Bellmore
    North Bellmore, NY

    Sheldon Schreiner
    Chairman of the Board
    National Council of Young Israel
    Plainview, NY

    Harvey Schwartz
    American Israeli Action Coalition
    Woodmere, NY

    Rabbi Ze'ev Smason
    Nusach Hari Bnai Zion Congregation
    St. Louis, MO

    Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Scher
    Beit Midrash Kol Beramah 
    Santa Fe, NM

    Josef Silny
    Miami, FL

    Rabbi Moshe Snow
    Young Israel Beth El Of Borough Park
    Brooklyn, NY

    Rabbi Sroya Sorscher
    Dean, Rabbi Jacob London Yeshiva 
    Brooklyn, NY

    Sarah N. Stern
    Founder and President
    Endowment for Middle East Truth
    Washington, DC

    Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum
    Director, Rabbinical Alliance of America
    Brooklyn, NY

    Yitzchok Tenenbaum 
    Lechaim Charities
    New York, NY

    Howard Teich
    New York, NY

    Robin Ticker
    American Friends for a Safe Israel
    Brooklyn, NY

    Stanley Treitel
    American Friends of the Jerusalem Conference 
    Los Angeles, CA

    Farley Weiss
    President, Young Israel of Phoenix
    1st Vice President, National Council of Young Israel
    National Vice President, ZOA
    Phoenix, AZ

    Dr. Rina Yarmish
    Chairperson, Mathematics & Computer Science
    City University of New York, Kingsborough
    New York, NY

    Buddy Macy
    Grassroots pro-Israel Activist
    Little Falls, NJ


    Robin Ticker
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