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Rabbanim, Editor of Jewish Papers, Activists MAKE ONE PHONE CALL to save MIGRON 011972722754231 in Israel call 0722754231


Dear Rabbanim, Editors and Publishers of Jewish Media and Activist List, amv"sh

Make one phone call like I did.  

Imagine if Rabbi Yaakov Perlow the Noveminsker Rav, Rosh Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah or Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky Rosh Yeshiva of  Yeshiva of Philadelphia and Rabbinic Advisor to Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation would call MK Hausers office or email him and tell them that destroying homes in Migron is a terrible move on the part of Netanyahu's gov't and to act on the Levy Report because that is consistent with Torah.  Surely, Hishtadlus to prevent a disaster is preferable to merely saying Tehillim and "sharing in the pain" after an expulsion like what we did after the expulsion of Gush Katif.  Fundraising for displaced people and soup kitchens for displaced settlers is not the lechatchila the best course of action.  Prevention of stealing a fellow Jews property is!

 Imagine if David Efune of Algemeiner or Larry Gordon of 5Times Jewish Times or Yaakov Serle of Queens Jewish LInk or Jerry Greenwald of the Jewish Press or Yishai Fleisher of online Jewish Press or Pinchas Lipshutz of Yated  or David ben Horeen Publisher or Daniel Perez news editor of the Jewish Voice etc etc see CC'd Media above would make a phone call expressing their displeasure about the pending decision to raze the homes of 300 people by the gov't of Israel and telling MK Hauser that when their paper comes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs, or Friday they will make sure to cover the news item in graphic detail  without sparing embarrassing pictures or praises to those who prevented such disaster, (we are assuming cameras are not confiscated being that Israel is a democracy),  that would put Netanyahu and his gov't in an unfavorable light.  Jews hate to see pictures of homes being demolished or hearing live reports of kids being thrown out of their homes.  Imagine if these individuals with influence over the Jewish community would not take their cue or be influenced  from Malcolm Hoenlein or the Jewish Agency and believe nonsense about being unified in an action that is paramount to national suicide.  They will speak out for what is right in G-d's eyes in spite of risking loss of income, risk of losing their jobs and are willing to be Moser Nefesh for fellow Jews and beneficial to mankind.  As per Susie Dym's request of Mattot Arim,  I made such a phone call.  NOW IT"S YOUR TURN!  See letter from Mattot Arim and read the links in Hebrew and English as well as letter from Women in Green in Hebrew and English. Thanks in advance for listening and for caring!

Dear Susie, amvsh
I called the number of MK Hauser. The secy answered and transferred me to a comment or complaint line. It rang and rang. Noone picked up.  I was told the direct number is 0722754231. I called and this time someone answered. I told him that I'm from Brooklyn  and that destroying homes in Ulpana and and Givat Assaf endangers all of Israel and America as well. The Palestinian ideology is no different that Nazis. They are not happy with just the Yishuvim. They want all of Israel sent to the sea. Islamic fundamentalism has taken Europe. Slowly they are infiltrating US. They have infiltrated all branches of  US govt. Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt. They have close ties to White House.

The Holocaust started in Poland and nobody did anything, they succeeded place by place to exterminate Jews. The Mufti, was Hitlers partner. Yimach shemam. They finally came to Hungary and Czechoslovakia and that's where my ancestors perished. Anyone that sits by and does nothing Hashem sends mida keneged mida. The guy on the phone asked me my name and said At Tzodeket, you are right, and said that he will tell the Rosh Memshala. I hope they won't fire him now from the hotline because I sent this email and revealed that he personally agreed with me. .
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Subject: הודעה מיוחדת-התנתקות Special announcement-Disegagement2

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הודעה מיוחדת 1:
נתניהו ממשיך את ההתנתקות 
לצערנו הרב, לאחר שפינו שכונה גדולה בבית אל, נתניהו ושריו נערכים לפנות בכוחניות, גם את מגרון
הכל נעשה בצורה אכזרית וברברית, תוך הפרת הבטחות, איומים והשפלות מצד אנשי צבא שהם שליחי הממשלה - כמו בתקופת הגירוש
לפרטים נוספים
3. עיתון מקור ראשון - הכתבה של סופיה רון-מוריה ביומן 
4. לא ברור אפילו מה הבג"צ בכלל החליט, אבל ליתר בטחון - מפנים
הודעה מיוחדת 2:
יש ציבור גדול שלא ישכח לנתניהו וחבריו, את הצעד הזה
אם מחריבים יישובים ומאפשרים הקמת מדינה פלשתינית - עדיף שהשמאל יבצע, ולא הימין
לפחות כך יישמר כבוד הימין, ויישאר לציבור הרחב למי להצביע, בתום תקופת נתניהו
  לאזרח האידאולוגי הרי יש לאן ללכת ביום הבחירות -  למפד"ל, לאיחוד הלאומי...
כיחידים וכציבור, הרי, לא ניתן יהיה להמליץ על נתניהו אם נתניהו מתעקש להחריב יישובים כאחרון השמאלנים
הודעה מיוחדת מס' 3
אות קלון לשרים
 אם השרים לא יטרחו לעצור את הטירוף - התואר "שר" יהפוך לאות קלון בפריימריז 
המתפקדים האידאולוגיים יעדיפו להצביע לח"כים פשוטים וצנועים שלא חטאו
מי שאוהב את ארץ ישראל ויודע לשמור עליה, מתבקש להפיץ את המייל הזה לכל השרים (הנה הכתובות שלהם) וכן, להעביר אותו הלאה
(ministers' email addresses)

תודה רבה על עזרתך. בנוסף, אם יש באפשרותך למצא 3 בני משפחה או ידידים שיכולים לקיים משמרת מחאה חוקית בצומת ליד ביתך, אנא עדכן

ולציין - מספר טלפון נייד, שם מלא, גיל, ואת הצומת שבו נוח לכם להיות. תודה רבה



SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Having decimated the Ulpana neighorborhood in Bet-El, Netanyahu's government is about to decimate Migron -- all of it -- by Tuesday

No-one knows why, since after all, the community did purchase land from the persons designated by the court as owners

The Israeli public also has a special announcement. We are tired of leaders who act as though they were elected by the Palestinians rather than by us.

One does not need to be Churchill in order to implement the very simple legal solutions available to prevent the decimation of Migron (and Bet-El, and Givat Assaf which is next), such as simply adopting the Levy Commission findings by a simple one-sentence Cabinet decision.

If right-wing leaders cannot do better than engaging in settlement-bashing, better that they should be replaced by the left, so that there will at least be someone credible to vote for after the Netanyahu era is over.

The right-wing voter has options on election day - Jewish Home, National Union, and so forth. As individuals and as a collective, they cannot any longer recommend a man who insists on razing entire communities when perfectly good, legal alternatives are easily available - but ignored.

As for the ministers, if they cannot manage to get their acts together, the title "minister" will turn into a liability when the primaries come along because the public will prefer the simple, common Knesset Member over ministers who stood by and did not prevent this  departure of good sense.

Those who believe in our rights to the land of Israel, kindly forward this email to Israel's ministers. Their email addresses are listed above - between the Hebrew and English sections.

Also, please quickly forward to family and friends, so they will do the same. This matter is very urgent indeed since the showdown will be Tuesday (in 2 days) or even earlier.

Also, if you can organize 3 family members or friends who can together hold a legal road-side protest, please contact immediately and indicate your full name, age, cellphone number & location.

Thank you from Mattot Arim.

Note: Mattot Arim is an ISRAELI grass-roots organization. Unlike the left-wing pro-Palestinian "Israeli" groups, we do not receive contributions from the European Union.

בס"ד                                                                                       ה' באלול תשע"ב 26/8/2012
במיגרון המבחן
יישר כח לאנשי מגרון אשר לא מוכנים להפקיר את ארץ ישראל.
ברור מאד שאין הם דואגים לעצמם אלא לעינין הכללי. לו היו דואגים לעצמם הם יכלו לעבור לכל המקומות שהמדינה הבטיחה להם. לישוב אדם, ליקב.
 למרות האיומים שאם הם לא מתפנים מרצון הם יאבדו את כל האופציות ואת אחריות המדינה ליישובם מחדש הם עומדים על העיקרון-את ארץ ישראל לא מפקירים. .
 מייק בלאס לא יפחיד אותם כמו שהוא מפחיד את ראש הממשלה ואת הממשלה. פקיד שלא נבחר עי' הציבור השתלט עלינו. לא הפקיד הוא הבעיה אלא חולשת ראש הממשלה המפחד ליישם את מדיניות הממשלה שעליה הצהיר והמובאת בדו"ח אדמונד לוי.
אל לראש הממשלה לחשוב שמיגרון זה פיתיון שילקט קואליציה נגד אירן. וויתורים ביהודה ושומרון לא יחזקו את הקואליציה נגד אירן אלא יזמינו לחצים נוספים ויצמידו את כל בעיית אירן ליהודה ושומרון. עמידה על עקרונות הקניין במגרון ובכל ארץ ישראל הם שירתיעו את אירן, הם יתנו לעולם להבין שיש עסק עם מדינה שעומדת על משמרתה, לא מוותרת על מילימטר מהטריטוריה שלה
במיגרון המבחן.
יהודית קצובר ונדיה מטר
Migron is the test
Kudos to the Migron residents who refuse to abandon Erets Israel.
It is clear they are not concerned about personal gains but rather about the larger cause. Had they thought of themselves only, they could have easily moved already to other locations like Adam or the Givat HaYekev.
Despite threats that if they do not evacuate Migron of their own free will they will lose all benefits and the state will renounce its responsibility to rehabilitate them, they stand firm on the principle that one does not abandon Erets Israel.
Mike Blass will not scare them as he scares the Prime Minister and the government. Mike Blass, a clerk that has not been elected by the people, has taken openly assumed the reins of power. The clerk is not the problem but rather the weakness of the Prime Minister who fears to enforce his own declared policy, as spelled out in the Levy report.
Bibi Netanyahu should not think that the expulsion of  the Migron residents is a concession to the US and the Europeans that will enable a coalition against Iran. Concessions in Judea and Samaria will not strengthen any possible coalition against Iran, but rather will invite additional pressures, and will link the Iran issue to Judea and Samaria.
A firm stand on our property rights in Migron and in all of Erets Israel will be a deterrent against Iran. That will make the world  understand that they are dealing with a country that safeguards every inch of its homeland.
Migron is the test.
Link to short clip that already got over 90,000 hits: Let Migron Stay
Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)


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