Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Lessons unlearned that have come back to haunt us. In New York we Voted the Democrats into Office


Money for Stem, Free lunches, Grants and Loans,  free iPads are all nice but not the Ikar. They are not the Frontline fighting weapons we need to fight this war.

Watch the video then see this follow up in the Daily Mail.
EXCLUSIVE: 'It's a horror movie.' Nurse working on coronavirus frontline in New York claims the city is 'murdering' COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators and causing trauma to the lungs

April 23, 2020
Cuomo, de Blasio, and New York City Owe Trump an Apology
By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Have Democratic leadership created unmonitored death panels in city hospitals?

We put the Democrats in office.... Compare their attitude as described by this nurse to the attitude of the makeshift Shaar Yashuv Hospital.

Prepared for a pandemic. Ami news article about a makeshift Covid hospital set in Yeshiva Shaar Yashuv

Ami issue 464 April 22, 2020 page 76

EXCLUSIVE: 'It's a horror movie.' Nurse working on coronavirus frontline in New York claims the city is 'murdering' COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators and causing trauma to the lungs

For full article here are the full 7 pages.

On one of my WhatsApp groups the video of the nurse was posted and someone asked if it was confirmed. Someone else replied...

"It was pretty much confirmed when Rav Leibel Katz's son dressed up as doctor,  entered Maimonides and saw that Rav Label wasn't touched or seen for 2 days."
Very sad if true....

I personally have no insider info on the Shaar Yashuv hospital but from this article you can see the Mesiras Nefesh and they are clearly leShem Shamayim and G-d fearing. A role model for any hospital. Tremendous  drive to be a true public servant and help to the best of their abilities! 

This kind of attitude is the ideal prerequisite for any leadership position. Then of course one needs competency and resources...but without Yirat Shamayim, fear of G-d, and noone looking over your shoulder and no oversight, we are at their mercy. Hashem Yishmor!

The Democrats have an anti G-d agenda :(

Late term abortions, decriminalization of criminals, lgbtq pride, teaching progressive propaganda in elementary schools as well lies about Israel and lies about history... my expectations of them dedicated to help the sick and elderly are very low.

Unless we and they  understand that they must be outvoted next election on the local and State level for real...this means backing G-d fearing candidates who are NOT BEHOLDEN to a Party who inscribes evil into law and by  NOT encouraging New Yorkers to register as a Democrat!  No, we must not be bought (bribed) with iPads and free food etc.. We are and will continue to be at their mercy unless we call a Spade a Spade as did Rabbi Spero and vote them out. Our lives and our freedoms literally depends on it.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Open Letter to Ambassador Friedman...Commemorating the Holocaust? Another Expulsion in Yitzhar? Are These Expulsions Politically Orchestrated because of the Deal of the Century? For Shame!!!

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From: Robin Ticker <faigerayzel@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Apr 23, 2020, 2:18 AM

Dear Ambassador Friedman, עמו"ש

Please forward to Jason Greenblatt and Jared Kushner as well.

How could 3 Orthodox Jews, all well meaning and upstanding individuals, so misadvise the President of the United States when surely they know better!

Breaking News April 22, 2020
Home Demolitions and Violent Expulsion in Yitzhar

My guess is that these demolished homes in Yitzhar fall within the fake boundaries of a fake Palestine Autonomy as defined by a Fake 2 State Solution in a Fake "Deal of the Century".

Yitzhar, located in Samaria, the portion of Joseph definitely falls within the Biblical boundaries of Eretz Yisroel, the Land of Israel, as Defined by the Almighty. It does not fall in "Palestine". We are certainly fooling ourselves and others by suggesting that we can circumvent G-d's designation of Israel's Boundaries. The boundaries of the Deal of the Century are void at it's very inception. 

The Caronavirus has taught us that G-d defines  boundaries. It behooves us to keep within G-d's boundaries since alternatively we will eventually be forced to acknowledge that His boundaries are the only ones that count. No one can outsmart G-d. Not even the Prime Minister of Israel nor the President of the United States.

Fyi Background

Written November 2019
Letter to the Prime Minister of Israel re: Clashes between Jewish Residents in Yizhar and Police. Be Introspective. You Now Know How It Feels To Be The Target Of Unfair Investigations And Accusations!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

April 2020 פינוי מיצהר. Commemorating the Holocaust? Expulsion in Yitzhar. 'בושה וחרפה, חילול ה


Please watch a video sent today from Honenu which describes large police forces, unprotected,  storming a home in Yitzhar with a family of kids, the wife in her 9th month, no masks nor protection in spite of current laws due to the virus, violently assaulting idealistic Settlers from Yitzhar and demolishing their homes.  

 The kids in the video were screaming, obviously traumatized. 

Their "heinious" crime? 

Building "illegally" in Samaria.

See Hebrew original from Honenu which follows. Watch the disturbing video and a video of Attorney Nati Rom in the google links that follow.

*Detaintee from the Expulsion of Yitzhar - arrested in the living room of his home while the police forcefully take his children from his hands *

 This morning, large police forces destroyed four families' homes in the settlement of Yitzhar, and the demolition of additional buildings. During the expulsion, one of the residents, whose house was demolished, was arrested.

The Settler was arrested, at about 6:00 a.m., inside his living room, with police taking his infant daughter and other children forcefully from his hands.  The baby screamed but the police choke held the resident and arrested him violently. They then removed his children and his wife who is in her ninth month pregnant, from their home and demolished it.

 Attorney Nati Rom of the Honenu organization, arrived at the police station. He said "This morning a large force of 500 Police came to the Yishuv, most were not wearing protective gear, endangering themselves and the Settlers of Yitzhar  [from the virus], violently demolishing like 7 buildings, carrying out arrests for no reason.  One of the residents who held his children inside his home was arrested violently.  This is unthinkable, certainly in such an emergency, where the demolition of illegal structures in the Arab sector has almost stopped. It is a police Price Tag Hate Crime that certainly  does not help prevent similar such occurances. "

 The Detainee is currently in custody, and it is not yet clear whether he will be brought to a hearing.

 * Attached link of Attorney Ram from the police station - feel free to share. *"

*עצור אחד בפינוי ביצהר - נעצר בסלון ביתו תוך שהשוטרים עוקרים את ילדיו מידיו*

הבוקר (ד') ביצעו כוחות משטרה גדולים הרס של 4 בתי משפחות ביישוב יצהר, והריסת מבנים נוספים, במהלך הפינוי נעצר אחד מהתושבים שביתו נהרס.

התושב נעצר, בסמוך לשעה 6:00 בבוקר, בתוך סלון ביתו, תוך שהשוטרים עוקרים מידיו את בתו התינוקת וילדיו הנוספים. התינוקת צרחה אך השוטרים חנקו את התושב, ועצרו אותו באלימות, לאחר מכן הוציאו את ילדיו ואת אשתו אשר נמצאת בחודש התשיעי להריונה מהבית והרסו את ביתם.

עו"ד נתי רום, הגיע לתחנת המשטרה לסייע לעצור מטעם ארגון חוננו "הבוקר כח עצום של כ-500 שוטרים הגיעו ליישוב יצהר, שרבים מהם לא מוגנים, תוך שהם מסכנים את חייהם וחיי המתיישבים, והרסו באלימות רבה כ-7 מבנים, ביצוע מעצרים ללא שום סיבה. אחד מהתושבים שהחזיק את ילדיו בתוך ביתו נעצר באלימות. הדבר הזה בלתי מתקבל על הדעת, בטח בשעת חרום כזו, שבה ההריסות של מבנים בלתי חוקיים במגזר הערבי כמעט נעצרה, זהו תג מחיר משטרתי שבוודאי לא עוזר למנוע תופעות כאלו ואחרות."

התושב כעת עוד במעצר, וטרם ברור האם יובא לדיון בבימ"ש.

*מצ"ב סינק של עוד רום מתחנת המשטרה - לשימוש חופשי.*

*סרטון המעצר בתוך סלון הבית - קרדיט קומי אורי*
Video of Detainee in his living room. Credit Kumi Ori
Video of the Honenu Attorney Ram speaking from outside the police station (h).

My comments:

 Is this how the govt commemorates the Shoah? 

This video is an embarrassment to the State of Israel and shows their hatred of fellow Jews no different than the hatred of Joseph's brothers towards Joseph! 

Is it any wonder the world is now suffering from Carona and everyone is in isolation while Amiram Ben Uliel has been tortured and in solitary confinement for almost 5 years for a crime he never committed, reminiscent of a blood libel, a Jewish community slandered and framed as Terrorists by their brothers, fellow Jews, and for almost 5 years there is almost deafening silence of Jewish Community coming to his defense.

Where is our outcry? Now we too now can empathize with Amiram Ben Uliel and his feelings of isolation. 

Please watch Uri Kirshenbaum from Honenu speak in Amiram's defense (h) tearing apart Shabak's deceitful tactics used to obtain permission to use "special measures" aka torture, to extract his forced confession of the Duma arson based on Shabak lying that Amiram was a ticking time bomb.

Surely his cries and the cries of the Hilltop Settlers don't go unheeded in a Heavenly Court as Joseph's brothers continue to harass and refuse to admit wrongdoing but rather choose to dig in their heels deeper with today's horrific assault in Yitzhar.

Is this what the Defense Forces of Israel should be doing? Fighting our own brothers?

For Shame!

בושה וחרפה!

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Fwd: Bizchut Nashim Tzidkaniyot. Letter to MKs by Chava Shulman; Zoom Session for Women from Tamar Adelstein Today, Sunday April 19th AT NOON NYC TIME/7PM iSRAEL TIME - Please join us and invite your friends too!


Please help Amiram Ben Uliel
Letter Sent to Members of Knesset by Chava Shulman.

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Date: Fri, Apr 17, 2020, 11:24 AM
Subject: THIS SUNDAY AT NOON NYC TIME/7PM iSRAEL TIME - Please join us and invite your friends too!
To: <Undisclosedrecipients@aol.com>

B'zechut Nashim Tzidkaniyot
Just as in the Redemption from Egypt
we were redeemed in the merit of the righteous Jewish women,
So, too, in the final Redemption
we will be redeemed in the merit of the righteous Jewish women.
Invites Jewish women everywhere to
ZOOM Together for True Peace and Security in Israel
Sunday, April 19, 2020
Noon NYC Time/7pm in Israel
To Join:
Meeting ID: 721 0199 8453
Password: 5x4Snt
Hosted by Tamar Adelstein with Special Guest Speakers:
Mazal Zirkind
We Are The Daughters of Zelophechad!
Yehudit Tayar
Veteran Spokeswoman for the Settlement Movement &
EMT First Responder
May Golan
CEO Hebrew City & Rising Star in Likud
Tamar Adelstein
The real Deal of the Century -The One State Solution
Shifra Chana Hendrie
Shifting the Script
Q & A


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Dayeinu! Let's do Collective Teshuva and Partake in Tikun of the Duma Blood Libel and Partake in Pidyon Shvuyim, The Freeing of Duma Suspect Amiram (Ben Uliel) ben Nurit Languishing in Solitary Confinement and Isolation for over 4 years for a Crime He Didn't Commit!


Perhaps the entire world is in Quarantine now and in isolation for the continued suffering of this one Jew and the suffering of Settler Youth and their families in the Shomron due to the injustice inflicted upon them by their brothers, fellow Jews. 

This miscarriage of Justice is reminiscent of the selling of Joseph by his brothers. 


Please feel free to share all links and posts.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Fwd: Halachic questions on the Duma Investigation

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Letter to the Prime Minister of Israel re: Clashes between Jewish Residents in Yitzhar and Police. Be Introspective. You Now Know How It Feels To Be The Target Of Unfair Investigations And Accusations!

From Chava Shulman. English follows
עמירם בן אוליאל יושׁב בכלא כבר 5 שנים בבידוד בגלל פשע שלא ביצע.    כמו שאומרים בעברית "תפרו לו תיק"    לא ניתן להסביר את היקף העינויים הפסיכולוגיים והפיזיים המתמשכים  על ידי ממשלת ישראל, כולל הפוליטיקאים שלה, השב"ק, המשטרה והרשות השופטת על עמירם. הם משתמשים בו כדי ליצור מציאות בדיונית של "טרוריסט יהודי", אף על פי שכולם יודעים שצעירי הגבעות אינם טרוריסטים וכי לעמירם לא היה קשר להצתה בדומא.    יכּשׁלמדתי בּתיכון בּארצות הבּרית, נושא עיקרי שכולנו עסקנו בו היה היהדות הסובייטית. נהגנו לשמור על כסא אחד  ריק בליל הסדר כדי לסמל את יהודי ברית המועצות הסובלים שלא היו חופשיים להיות איתנו בליל הסדר.
אני רוצה להציע לכולנו להקדיש את היום האחרון של פסח, שהוא חג הגאולה, יום קריעת ים סוף, להתאחד כדי להתרכז בסבלו של עמירם ולהגיד תהילים לשחרורו מהכלא.
אנא תודיעו לי מה אתם חושבים על רעיון זה, ואיך נוכל להעביר את המסר הזה לכמה שיותר אנשים, כולל חברי כנסת, פוליטיקאים, והציבור הרחב בישראל ובעולם.
שמו של עמירם  הוא " עמירם בן נורית"


Amiram ben Uliel has been in jail for 5 years in solitary confinement for a crime he did not commit.

As they say in Hebrew, תפרו לו תיק

The extent of the ongoing psychological and physical torture which the government of Israel,  including its politicians, the Shabak, police and judiciary are inflicting on Amiram is inexplicable. They are using him to create a fictional reality of a "Jewish terrorist" even though they all know that the hilltop youth are not terrorists and that  Amiram had no connection to the arson in Duma.   

When I was growing up, a major issue we all were concerned with was Soviet Jewry. We used to keep one extra empty chair at the seder to symbolize the suffering Soviet Jews who were not free to be with us at a seder.

I would like to suggest that we all dedicate the last day of Pesach, which is the Chag Hageula, the day of Kriyat Yam Suf, to unite to concentrate on Amiram's suffering and say Tehillim for his release from prison. 

Please let me know what you think of this idea, and how we can get this message out to as many people as possible, including Knesset members, politicians, and the general public both in Israel and internationally.

Amiram's name for davening is AMIRAM ben NURIT. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, 
Chag Sameach,
Chava Shulman