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Obama Love of the Muslim Brotherhood?- Blind to Terror and disregards genocide of Coptic Christians - Impeach Obama

  1. August 20, 2013: Horrific by Arlene Kushner Please see this article -- "BLIND TO TERROR: The US Government's Disastrous Muslim Outreach Efforts and the Impact on US Middle East Policy." This is from the Gloria Center, headed by Barry Rubin, and is written by counterterrorism consultant Patrick S. Poole

  2. Christians: On the Front Lines of Muslim Violence by Noah Beck As Egypt's Islamists blame Christians for the ouster of Mohammed Morsi, anti-Christian violence has reached epidemic levels, with an estimated 82 churches across Egypt attacked and heavily damaged by Morsi supporters in a mere 48 hours... As you read this, Christians around the world are being murdered, raped, plundered, abducted, forcibly converted to Islam, or otherwise oppressed by Muslims. Christians in Muslim-majority areas are some of the most vulnerable and horribly oppressed people on Earth; they live at the mercy of the mob and receive little or no protection from the police or other government institutions.

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Explosive new book makes case for impeaching Obama


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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing.
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Boaz Albert of Yitzhar Police Brutality:Violent Yitzhar Arrest Caught on Video, Court orders Boaz Albert Released. Is Boaz Albert a peace sacrifice Israel has to make for Kerry's sake?




Friends, These are facts on the ground, one little example of realities that come as a result of Israel's participation in the "Peace Process" negotiations and refusal to proclaim Judea and Samaria as part of our Biblical Jewish Homeland.



  • Sincerely,
    Robin Ticker
    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing.
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    Re: "Releasing Murderers" 5 Towns Jewish Times cover page story by Larry Gordon

    Dear Larry, amv"sh
    Thanks for your well written and thought out front page article in this weeks 5 Towns Jewish Times issue August 16, 2013.
     It seems from what you wrote and what Arlene Kushner wrote see below, that Netanyahu does respond to the realities of pressure from his right wing coalition and Kerry clearly understands that reality. That is why we can stop the pressure by pressuring back.  Please read till the end.
    So Kerry does what he can, and pressures when he can. He panders to the Arabs and he panders to the Jews.  
    It seems to me, and it wasn't clear to me if you agree  that Kerry and America don't really care about  places like Maaleh Adumim, Efrat and Bet El.  I aree with Arlene Kushner that Netanyahu told Kerry that in order to agree to release the terrorists, he has to pacify his right wing coalition with something. Announcement of approval of construction in these areas (which in the past has been promised but never delivered according to MK Eldad) was to Kerry an unfortunate but  necessary bribe. Apparently Netanyahu wants to make the right wing happy by "approving" the constructions but will he ever actualize them?   Helen Freedman Director of Afsi writes:
    "We also knew that the PEACE OF THE GRAVE was what the PLO was hoping would be Israel's destiny. Now, 20 years later, once agian "peace" talks are being held. This time they are behind closed doors for fear of rioting that might erupt from one side or another if details of the "peace" emerged. We have already had the release of 26 brutal Arab murderers who have been celebrated by their people for their "heroism" and "martyrdom" in bludgeoning, knifing, burning, and blowing up innocent Israelis. More releases are set to follow as "good-will gestures" demanded by President Obama. Housing Minister Uri Ariel has announced the building of houses and apartments in Gilo, in east Jerusalem. This announcement has been met with outrage by the Arabs. No fear. The same houses were supposed to have been built last year, as we learned from former MK Dr. Arieh Eldad. Nothing happened. The same "nothing" may happen again, which is possibly why Secretary of State Kerry has asked PM Abbas not to cancel the talks because of the terrible "obstacles to peace" created by building in the "settlements," which just happen to be part of greater Jerusalem. It's 20 years. What has changed?
    Larry you write the following but I believe it's wishful thinking on your part:
    " Even Secretary Kerry, while calling all setllement "illegitimate" said this week there was an understanding between the parties that the announcement on construction in Judea and Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem would proceed as scheduled.  So even though the Palestinian officals vociferously protested the announcement of the construction it was all choreographed and played out for the purpose of internal Arab consumption.  It's nothing more than additonal Arab disingenuousness and duplicity.
    So, Mr. Kerry and the Americans agree at this stage that Israel, at minimum and as part of any future agreement, should stay put in places like Maaleh Adumim, Efrat, Bet El, and other areas known as the major settlement blocks where over 70 percent of the settlement population resides"
    Arlene Kushner writes: 
    "It was clear as it might be then that there had been an understanding between Kerry and Netanyahu. I can imagine Netanyahu telling Kerry that the only way he could pull off the prisoner release was if he made the right wing of his government happy by approving building. And indeed, subsequently Kerry acknowledged that Netanyahu had told him forthrightly that since there was no agreement with regard to a building freeze there would be building.
    This is what he said yesterday (emphasis added):
    "Let me make it clear: The policy of the United States of America with respect to all settlements is that they are illegitimate, and we oppose settlements taking place at any time, not just the time of the peace process.
    But – here's the but – that said, Prime Minister Netanyahu was completely upfront with me and with President Abbas that he would be announcing some additional building that would take place in places that will not affect the peace map, that will not have any impact on the capacity to have a peace agreement. That means that it is building within the so-called blocs in areas that many people make a presumption – obviously not some Palestinians or others – will be part of Israel in the future. He has specifically agreed not to disturb what might be the potential for peace going forward.
    Now, we still believe it would be better not to be doing it, but there are realities within life in Israel that also have to be taken into account here going forward.
    Arlene continues:
    "I note here that he says that Abbas was informed of this, and so we can assume that all the PA grandstanding is just that. What is more, that they lied when they said, as they did, that Kerry promised that there would be no building."
    Larry and Arlene.  Who knows if they lied?  Maybe Kerry secretly did promise there would be no building but to pacify the Right in Netanyahus gov't they got from Israel an announcement of  "approval" for construction? Maybe Kerry convinced the Arabs that no real construction would actually happen and that Netanyahu needed to appease his coalition with getting an approval for construction in these areas but  will it really actualize?

    Larry, in my opinion it's not just PA grandstanding. 
    Facts on the ground are in fact created by this charade. There are Karbanot. Real sacrifices.
    Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover just emailed their list alerting them to the cruel arrest of  a settler Boaz Albert of Yitzhar.

    Arutz 7 article: they shocked him again and again

    Yitzhar couple: we will disobey the expulsion order:
     Larry, Can even one expulsion be tolerated by Torah Jews let alone thousands or tens of thousands of expulsions or hundreds of thousands of expulsions from the 30 percent of the population in Judea and Samaria not living in major settlement blocs? How about one terror victim as a result of a released terrorist?
    And more facts on the ground:  There is the $$$$$ reality created as a result of promoting a lie of Palestinians being "legitimate" and that Israel are illigitimate "occupiers" of Palistinian Land. To the tune of billions of dollars..... being given to the PA and taken away from Israel by supporters and promoters of BDS.

    Please read: Arabs Offer Israel Peace: The Peace of the Grave by VICTOR SHARPEOctober 6, 2011,css.print/pub_detail.asp#ixzz2c7JS9NTH

    US Quietly Backed EU Settlement Sanctions

    American officials have denied knowing in advance about the EU's plans–which were made public shortly before Secretary of State John Kerry announced the resumption of Israeli negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

    During a closed-door meeting between Kerry and American Jewish leaders, Kerry reportedly said that the move hindered progress on Israeli-Palestinian talks.

    However, according to Ha'aretz, senior State Department officials said that the publication of the guidelines before the restart of negotiations bolstered Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, making it easier for him to agree to hold talks despite Israel's refusal to freeze settlement construction. At the same time, the move pressured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into agreeing to talks for fear of Israel's international isolation increasing were he not to do so.
    Not to mention the lie being spread throughout the world that Israel is the Occupier and that the settlements are illegitimate.
    It's unnerving that this Foreign Minister in Brazil finds the settlements in Judea and Samaria so relevant for his country.
    FOREIGN MINISTER PATRIOTA: (Via interpreter) Just briefly, at the same time that we support the efforts of Secretary Kerry and we are bringing up to the table the Israeli and Palestinian negotiation, we do – we do – we are against the Palestinian settlements, which are done against the UN Security Council resolutions, and they do represent a violation of the international law. We do consider that this kind of fact will not contribute for creating a propitious environment for the understandings of the whole international community, and Brazil specifically would love to see coming at the end of this nine month period time upon which negotiators will be working.

    Let me also mention that I have encouraged Secretary Kerry to give more relief to the participation of the civil society in Israel and the Palestine along this peacemaking process. I was well impressed when I visited the region last year in October and when I saw that in the – among the civil society on both ends there are voices that are quite committed to peace and they do convey messages which are a bit different from the ones we're used to seeing. These messages are in repudiation of violence and consumed facts and the establishment of settlements, which are not favorable for the understanding for peace.

    We can no longer turn a blind eye that Obama's allegiance is with the Muslim Brotherhood and not with America nor the Coptic Christians whose lives are being threatened daily, attacked ever since the Muslim Brotherhood came into power and now even more so, and in terrible danger.  Yet, within the last 12 hours Obama defends the Muslim Brotherhood right to be in the Egyptian gov't.  Obama condemns Egypt over violence, cancels joint military exercise
    The Muslim Brotherhood ideology which drives Hamas and Fatah is the same as the Nazis.    Yet they are being empowered, validated and rewarded by the world, Obama and company as well.
    Our only hope of Salvation comes from the Almighty!

    Let us put counterpressure on Netanyahu via his MK's and by Hamonei Am, and the Jewish People world wide so that Kerry understands that Netanyahu's right wing coalition might fall apart if he pressures too much.
    This can best be accomplished by uniting Jews all over the world supported by righteous Gentiles - Noahites and believers of the Bible, to proclaim the Truth.
    Judea and Samaria is the Biblical Heartland of Israel.
    Jerusalem, namely Temple Mount, is the Holiest Site for Jews and must be under Jewish Sovereignty and not the Waqf so that the prophecies in Isaiah reach fruition.
    This will usher in an era of peace and prosperity to the world. Amen Ken Yehi Ratzon (Amen and so it shall be G-d's will) 


    Robin Ticker
    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing.

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    Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

    Thursday, August 15, 2013

    Fwd: Op-Ed: American Friends of Lubavitch Crown Heights Women For The Safety and Integrity of Israel protest American Friends of Lubavitch presence at the August 8, 2013 briefing with Secretary of State John Kerry on the “peace process”

    August 13, 2013

    Crown Heights Women For The Safety and Integrity of Israel protest American Friends of Lubavitch presence a
    t the August 8, 2013 briefing with Secretary of State John Kerry on the "peace process"
    by Tamar Adelstein, coordinator
    Crown Hts d for the Safety and Integrity of Israel
    Crown Heights

    Two weeks ago
    Crown Heights Women for the Safety and Integrity of Israel organized a press conference in response to the news that Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Cabinet had voted to release 104 Arab terrorists as a goodwill gesture with the intention of enticing Israel's enemies, the Palestinians, into a new round of peace talks.

    Held on Second Avenue across from the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan, representatives from all of the well-known pro-Israel activist groups were present delivering speech after speech denouncing both the folly and the dangers involved by, once again, caving into Arab and foreign pressure on Israel to concede its welfare and security.

    Because we are
    proud followers of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and believe the positions he reiterated throughout his leadership about Israel's security are not only Halachically correct but have proven prophetically true over and over again, we were shocked to learn that last Thursday evening American Friends of Lubavitch joined other major Jewish organizations at an invitation-only meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry about the "peace process".

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe consistently advised Israeli and Jewish leaders not to engage in negotiations, let alone actually concede territory.  Additionally, the Rebbe warned that even raising the possibility of surrendering land would place Jewish lives in danger.

    Who among Lubavitcher Chassidim does not recall the Rebbe's public gathering on Shavuous in 1967 just days after the miraculous victory of the Six Day War.  Then the Rebbe cried out that Israeli politicians were busy convincing an incredulous Washington that Israel had no interest in keeping the liberated territories and was ready to return every thing it had won. 

    At the time no one could possibly understand what the Rebbe was talking about.  The very idea of it was simply preposterous.  But, indeed, that was what was taking place and since then successive Israeli and Jewish leaders have waged a campaign of dangerous concessions that have only served to increase opportunities for the enemy to foment war and terrorism.  Israel's misguided policies have culminated in the tragic loss of life and maiming of its Jewish citizens
    not to mention millions of dollars in property damage.  In addition, thousands upon thousands of Israelis suffer from varying levels of post trauma and stress disorders.
    Moreover, Israeli concessions like the utterly evil expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif in 2005, did not bring about the vaunted peace they claimed it would nor did it produce greater respect from American and European world bodies.  Instead it brought Hamas and  Al Qaeda to the Gaza Strip, caused two more wars, and increased terrorism a hundred fold against Jews living in Southern Israel. 

    At times the Lubavitcher Rebbe was so distraught over Israeli concessions that he proclaimed "one should bang his fist on the table if necessary, because the very lives of Jews are at stake." (from 19 Kislev 5743/1982 gathering)

    How then can it be that American Friends of Lubavitch attended the meeting last week with Mr. Kerry?   At the "off the record briefing", the Secretary of State along with National Security Adviser Susan Rice and special envoy Martin Indyk told the group that it was a "strategic imperative" to arrive at a deal soon for if not he "feared" for Israel's future should no deal be reached.  Mr. Kerry asked for American Jewish organizational "support" for this diplomatic effort worrying that without it, Jewish and Israeli right wing parties might sway Netanyahu away from a deal.

    John Kerry's "strategic imperative" will place the welfare and security of the millions of Jews who live in Israel in jeopardy and could easily cause negative repercussions for the millions of Jews abroad, G-d Forbid.  Withdrawing from Yehuda and Shomron will leave the entire surrounding areas like Tel Aviv, the Galil, the southern coastal cities and the Negev vulnerable immediately to attack and terrorism.

    Israeli politicians are well aware of this and yet they deliberately ignore what every military expert has confirmed:  that political solutions endanger lives!  Yet, "even though they already ceded land, all is not lost for they can still take it back - by stating firmly the truth that their compromises and concessions have eroded the country's security and harmed the welfare of all its Jewish citizens - (excerpts from a public gathering given by the Rebbe in Tishrei 1979)

    Familiar to every Lubavitcher is the Rebbe's unwavering belief that establishing Jewish communities quickly and all at once in a quiet but determined manner - especially in those places most disputed is the only way to negate the on-going pressure (19 Kislev 5739/1979)  and bring true peace to Israel and the Middle East.

    How then can it be that American Friends of Lubavitch attended last week's meeting?  What justification can these individuals, who represent Agudas Chassidei Chabad and have been prominent shluchim for decades, give for going there?  Their presence may have given the false impression that the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the rest of Chabad/Lubavitch Chassidim changed course and now endorse land for peace and "goodwill" gestures like the release of Arab killers of Jewish children, women and men, r"l! 

    Their participation certainly leaves the good Jews living in Yehuda and Shomron disheartened and confused for they know the Rebbe was always their biggest supporter.  And what of the family and friends of the victims murdered by these evil Arab killers - can we even begin to imagine their pain, r"l? 

    And, finally, American Friends of Lubavitch participation undermines the P'sak Din issued by Lubavitcher Rav Yosef Gerlitzky and his Pikuach Nefesh Rabbinical organization in Israel.  Their ruling stipulated that it is forbidden to release the 104 Arab terrorists, to engage in negotiations, and calls on HaBayit HaYehudi to immediately quit the government.

    It is our sincere hope that American Friends of Lubavitch will distance themselves from any efforts that undermine Israel's security.  We encourage  American Friends of Lubavitch to join forces with Rav Gerlitzky, Israeli shluchim, and groups like ours in standing by the welfare of the Jewish People and promoting the Lubavitcher Rebbe's recommendations for true peace in the Middle East.


    Robin Ticker
    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing.

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    Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    Agudah Mission to Washington DC July 25, 2013 gets widespread media coverage

    To the Distinguished Leadership of Agudath Israel Mission to Washington DC July 2013:
    The recent Agudath Yisroel mission to Washington DC received wide media coverage.  A well written article by Shoshana Bernstein was headlined "To See and to Be Seen". Coverage appeared in Hamodia, Yated,  5 Towns Jewish Times, Jewish Home, in Cleveland and Baltimore papers and others. 
    Here are some links:
     It is clear that Agudath Yisroel has a wide network of friends in Washington DC.  
    Eric Cantor the Republican House Majority Leader was quoted as saying, " I always admired Agudath Israel for their grassroots ability".
    As an Eretz Yisroel Activist, I was especially curious to read about Aguda's lobby efforts in these trying times, specifically on behalf of Judea and Samaria and against the sickening release of terrorists.
    Apparently, focus was "To See and To Be Seen", rather than to lobby for Judea and Samaria, against a PA State or against the release of terrorists. 
    “This is Agudath Israel at its best,” enthused Rabbi Labish Becker, the organization’s Executive Director, as he reflected on the day. “Fulfilling our core, essential mission of representing Klal Yisroel to the governmental authorities and forming positive, mutually appreciated relationships with them to ensure their ongoing support on behalf of Eretz Yisrael, Jewish education, security and our ability to function as religious Jews.”  ( Cleveland Local Jewish News)
    While showing a respectable presence and building relationships is a worthy goal,   the mission and what it accomplished was terribly disappointing. We were hoping that lobby efforts on behalf of Judea and Samaria and against the release of terrorists would have been on the agenda.
    Atem Nitzavim Hayom....Lo Bashamayim hi.....
    A few days ago on August 13, 2013 in Brazil, Kerry remarked that the Jews are illegitimate occupiers of Palestinian Land  All Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are illegal, US says

    These untruths must be renounced.  We have the facts.  Truth is on our side.
     We know that we are descendants of the Tribe of Yehuda and the Tribe of Binyamin and the Tribe of Levi.  We know that these territories are our rightful legitimate Biblcal Inheritance and are clearly delineated in the Torah.  Who is Kerry to steal our identity and our Promised Land from the descendants of Yaakov Avinu? 

    From an International legal standpoint please refer to Howard Grief's book The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law (2008). While Jewish legal rights are firmly implanted in international law, there is, on the other hand, no binding document of international law that provides for the creation of a new Arab state in former Mandated Palestine. In this respect, UN resolutions do not constitute international law, nor does the Road Map Peace Plan or other similar initiatives.
    Lemaan Zion Lo Echesha.....
    The world needs to hear a Torah statement of truth to combat the lies whose foundation comes from our enemies, radical, terror supporting, Islamic infiltration of the White House.

    Sec'y Kerry is trying his hardest to win over the major Jewish Organizations to support his anti Israel Agenda to turn Jews agaisnt their own brothers. 

    Tamar Adelstein a Chabad actvist and Director of  Crown Heights Women For The Safety and Integrity of Israel whose activism comes from the teachings of the Lubavitch Rebbe put out a Press Release to denounce the presence of American Friends of Lubavitch presence at Kerry's meeting with Major Jewish Organizations.
    Arlene from Israel found it dispicable and dangerous.
    2013: Unbearable »

    August 11, 2013: Despicable and Dangerous

    Last Thursday night, Secretary of State Kerry met for 90 minutes with a select group of heads of Jewish American organizations to speak about the "peace process." Standing with him at this "briefing" were National Security Advisor Susan Rice and special envoy (Middle East "mediator?") Martin Indyk.

    Present were representatives of AIPAC, J Street, the ADL, the American Jewish Committee, the Conservative movement (the Rabbinic Assembly according to the JPost, and perhaps also the United Synagogue), the Orthodox Union, American Friends of Lubavitch, B'nai B'rith International, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the Jewish Federations of North America, Hadassah, the National Jewish Democratic Council, the National Council of Jewish Women and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

    As the meeting was off the record, there was no official report issued; media descriptions relied upon reports from participants. All reports I encountered had the same basic information, but with varying details provided from one to the other. What I'm reading is that Kerry said there was a "strategic imperative" to arrive at a deal soon. Sounding "upbeat" about the possibilities, he said he "feared" for Israel's future if no deal was reached.

    Kerry asked for American Jewish organizational "support" for this diplomatic effort. He is worried about "pressures" on Netanyahu that might sway him away from a deal -- as he has to contend with right wing parties in his coalition.""
    Major Jewish Organizations listened to Kerry and were silent.  Aguda fortunately wasn't one of these groups summoned to support Kerry's statements. I feel  sorry for those who attended and were silent. We learn from Iyov that Silence is not an option. We must learn from Yithro who stood up to Pharoah, and assert our rights to Yehuda and Shomron as theological truth.
      We are counting on Agudath Israel's stance to be more proactive and assertive regarding our Jewish Biblical Heritage. Beezrat Hashem,  davka because Aguda is held in such high esteem and have a long term relationship with members of the Senate, House of Representatives and
    White House officials that you can effect change and make a difference...
    You were briefed regarding Israel's Security.    Key names that came up in this mission that pertain to protecting Israel's security interest came from the Dept. of Treasury, David Cohen Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence and Eytan Fisch and Daniel Moger asst. Directors for Policy, Office of Foreign Assets Control.  Their efforts are in the realm of sanctions for Iran. Sanctions against Iran are important but when you are dealing with an enemy that can not be bought, a statement of truth and principles must the foundation of all other course of action.  Otherwise sanctions alone prove ineffective.

     Menachem Lubinsky, who is involved in the protection of the graves of Har HaZeitim and a  member of the Board of Trustees of Agudath Israel noted a period of history where the Rabbonim did have influence.  Unfortunately, it was too late for the millions that already perished.....It took just a few short months in 1944 for the majority of Hungarian Jews including my grandparents and aunts and uncles to be decimated in Auschwitz. Too bad Rabbonim didn't or couldn't do more sooner....
    "At the Treasury Department, the Orthodox group noted the historic role of US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau in moving the FDR administration to recognize the atrocities being perpetrated against Jews in Eastern Europe. It was in October 1943 that some 400 Orthodox rabbis traveled to the White House to plead with the US Government to rescue Jews from the furnaces of Nazi Germany.
    "While FDR refused to see the rabbis, who were reluctantly seen by Vice President Henry Wallace, it was Secretary Morgenthau at the urging of Agudath Israel and the Vaad Hatzalah, who successfully implored the Roosevelt Administration to rescue Jews, which resulted in the creation of the War Board," said Menachem Lubinsky, a member of the Board of Trustees of Agudath Israel. "For this we are eternally grateful."

    There were many warnings pre Holocaust that the Rabbonim ignored.  Doris Wise Montrose a child of Holocaust Survivors describes the blatant warnings that a Holocaust was coming that Jews choose to ignore:  She writes:
    "I am Doris Wise Montrose, founder and president of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. As a child of two Holocaust survivors, I determined that it was my obligation to help educate the public in the United States and abroad about the political, intellectual and cultural climate that led to the Holocaust.
    My father, Meyer Wise, a survivor of the Lodz Ghetto and Auschwitz among other Nazi retreats, always said that had a place like Israel existed where Jews were wanted and could go, there would not have been a Holocaust.
    In the 1930s, Jews in Europe were forbidden to attend schools, play in the parks, go shopping and do business. Jews accommodated, believing that if only they abided by the rules, they would be left alone. But then Jews were told to relinquish their possessions, their jewelry, and their art. Again, Jews believed that their possessions were only material things and if they would only let go of them, they would be left alone..."  She brings lots more examples..
    - "All of these ongoing concessions by Israel resulted in one failure after the other, yet many still contemplate further futile capitulation to gain the world's sympathy. Too many Jews still hold the same old suicidal belief that the more we surrender to those who hate us, the greater the likelihood that peace with the Arabs will be achieved. Today, we are here again. -
    See more at:
    Doris writes
    "... 1948, the UN completely disregarded the Balfour Declaration, the decisions of the League of Nations and the historical rights of the Jewish people to Israel/Palestine. Instead, they tried to split the land of Biblical Israel into a Jewish state and a Muslim/Arab state. The Jews said, "It's not fair, but we'll take what we can get." The Arabs said, "No, we want it all."Then the Arabs said, "We will rename ourselves, invent a people, a land and a history where none had existed." The Jews failed to correct that myth and now the world sides against a people with an established history of a Jewish nation for over 3000 years. Unfortunately, Israel and the Jewish people accommodated and continue to accommodate this new narrative which has captured the world's support and sympathy while inspiring hatred for the Jews and Israel. "
    Dror Eydar in Israel Hayom writes, "Every diplomatic statement, press conference and political speech needs to emphasize, first and foremost, the historical, religious and moral rights of the Jews to their land. Mr. President of the United States of America, do you believe in the Bible? Do you believe in the promise of this land to the Jewish people? Almost 2,000 years before Islam came to this world, when the forefathers of MKs Zahalka and Tibi were worshipping idols in the Hijaz desert, our own forefathers were walking here and beginning to practice monotheism.
    One thousand six hundred years before Islam, we had a kingdom and Temple in Jerusalem. Twice we were destroyed and exiled, and twice we came back home. Four hundred years before the advent of Islam, the Romans changed the name of Judea to Palestine, after the coastal nation known as the Philistines, who had disappeared hundreds of years previously. The Romans sought to erase the connection between the Jews and their land. Now Arabs of the region call themselves Palestinians and say, "We were here before you." This lie must be exposed at every opportunity. Telling this truth is also our chance at achieving true peace. "
    Surely a public statement of such nature by Agudath Yisroel is crucial. It is an accurate reflection of the beliefs of the Jewish people throughout the world throughout the centuries.. Surely it is an accurate reflection of the Torah..
     This public statement with the backing of hundreds of thousands of frum ehrlich Yiden, Jews united and mobilized to support this statement in action and words, will ease the pressure off of Netanyahu, give him Chizuk (support), and help him be strong to not cave into pressure. It will validate and justify Israel's policies to continue to build build homes, schools, cultural centers, nurseries and expand in Judea and Samaria and in all parts of Jerusalem especially in areas captured after '67 and defend Israel's refusal to freeze settlement growth and release terrorists.
    Apparently, Agudah doesn't want to, or is afraid to express a viewpoint that is contradictory to American foreign policy. Otherwise they would be more outspoken as per our Biblical, historical and moral right to our Biblical Homeland.

    Agudah defends its position of not making a public statement by assuring its people that it is obvious that Agudah is pro Jewish settlement in Eretz Yisroel and wants Israel to be safe and how is it possible to think otherwise. Unfortunately, taking a public stand with a declaration is not their way and the Gedoilim who see things in a clear light choose a different approach so as not to anger the Goyim.
    But we are reaching a red line and this approach can not be sustained any longer. It has perhaps delayed the anger of the Goyim (nations of the world), and that is arguable in itself, but certainly allowed the cancer to grow and fester. It has allowed the lie to grow bigger and bigger.
    The time has come to speak the truth and brace ourselves for a reaction as did Bnei Yisroel after Moshe Rabbeinu confronted Pharaoh and told him Let my People Go.
    Maybe the Gedoilim do not feel we the people are ready to brace ourselves for the backlash of speaking truth. Let us encourage our Leaders not to be afraid to speak the truth. We the Jewish People want Eretz Yisroel the Promised Land promised to our forefathers. We support Jews in Har Habayit, Hebron and Shchem the 3 holiest sites of Israel for the Jewish People. We have faith that Hashem will save us and deliver us from our enemies as He has promised when we are deserving.
    Or do we continue to remain silent and allow the enemy to take over what rightfully belongs to us?


    Robin Ticker
    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing.

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    Sunday, August 04, 2013

    Fw: Senate Resolution 203 is Dangerous for Israel and America

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    From: AFSI <>
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    Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 16:35:35 -0400 (EDT)
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    Subject: Senate Resolution 203 is Dangerous for Israel and America

    Americans for a Safe Israel
    Americans For a Safe Israel
    Tel: 212-828-2424; 800-235-3658; Fax: 212-828-4538
    Mark Langfan, Chairman
    Contact: Helen Freedman, Executive Director
    August 2, 2013




    Dear Members, Friends and Conservative pro-Israel Activists:
     From: Eytan Laor - 561.315.9700 - American Principles -
    Senate Resolution 203 has been introduced by Senators Diane Feinstein (D-CA), Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Martin Heinrich (D-NM) seeking to endorse the Obama/Kerry "peace process." (The resolution is attached.) 

    Here is the conclusion and call to action at the outset of this email:

    The threatening and biased policy statements contained in the "whereas" declarations of the resolution should deter any friend of Israel from signing on. Here is a specific breakdown of the troubling points contained in the resolution.
    • "A two-state solution is the only outcome to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which can ensure the State of Israel's survival as a secure, democratic homeland for the Jewish people." This statement is false on several levels:
    a. The term "Two-State Solution" is inherently misleading in that Israel is already a state.  Its legitimacy is not dependent upon the creation of a 23rd Arab state.
    b. This proclamation attempts to create conflict between Israel's Jewish and democratic characteristics. Israel has not only survived but thrived as the secure, democratic homeland of the Jewish People for 65 years without conceding territory for the creation of a 23rd Arab state.
    c. The conflict has been further aggravated over the last two decades by such attempts to prevent consideration of any other viable alternatives that might satisfy both parties.
    • "A two-state solution is the only outcome to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which can fulfill the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people for a state of their own." 
    This statement is also false. It assumes that territory and the creation of a 23rd Arab state to be called Palestine is the motivation and therefore endpoint of the conflict. The true aspiration of the Palestinian-Arab people, as confirmed by vast amounts of public polling data, is to see Israel wiped off the map. A 2007 poll showed that 75% of Palestinian-Arabs don't think Israel has a right to exist.[1] A 2008 poll showed that only 13% of Palestinian-Arabs support educating their children for peace.[2] Polling conducted in 2010 informs us that 85% of Palestinian-Arabs don't want peace if it involves any compromise on borders, settlements, Jerusalem or the Israel-destroying 'right of return'.[3] Finally, a July 2011 poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found that 73% of Palestinian-Arabs believe in the Islamic verse quoted in Article 7 of the Hamas Charter, which calls for the murder of all Jewish people everywhere.[4]
    The falsehood of this statement is further reinforced by ignoring the connection of the Palestinian-Arabs to Jordan, a state in which 85% of the population identifies with the same Arab bloc as the "Palestinians."  Palestinian-Arab leadership, including Mahmoud Abbas, have often repeated that they desire a confederation with Jordan, thus highlighting Jordan's ability to fulfill the national and political aspirations of the Palestinian-Arabs. Creating another Palestinian-Arab state at Israel's expense is NOT the only option.

    "Achievement of a two-state solution that would enhance stability and security in the Middle East is a fundamental United States security interest."

    This statement falsely suggests that the creation of a Palestinian-Arab state at Israel's expense would be in the security interest of the U.S. In fact, it is strictly Israel's stability and security that is the interest of the U.S. Israel has repeatedly highlighted the existential threat that would be posed by the "Auschwitz Borders," which describes the indefensible 1949-1967 armistice line that the Palestinian-Arabs and President Obama have demanded Israel retreat to. Furthermore, it also relies upon the false notion that a Palestinian-Arab state, if created, would not be hostile toward the U.S. when, in fact, Territory controlled by the Palestinian-Arabs has proven to be among the world's most fertile breeding grounds for Jihadist activity. Hatred of America prevails throughout Palestinian-Arab society, as witnessed by anyone who turned on the TV and watched the celebrations there on 9/11.
    This statement is also misleading. It suggests that Israel is a source of instability and insecurity in the Middle East. To the contrary, events around the region prove that this is not the case. Islamist-driven uprisings in Libya, Egypt, Syria and elsewhere are completely unrelated to the absence of a would-be 23rd Arab state ("Palestine"). This fact was also proven in the Wikileaks disclosure scandal, where it was revealed that Iran and not Israel is viewed by most Arab states as the greatest source of instability and insecurity.
    • "While only the parties themselves can make the difficult choices necessary to end their conflict, the United States remains indispensable to any viable effort to achieve that goal."
    Numerous reports are now indicating that threats and undue influence are being exerted upon Israel by Secretary Kerry and the Obama Administration. These reports suggest that as recently as Sunday, Prime Minister Netanyahu was forced to lead his cabinet into agreeing to the "goodwill gesture" of releasing 104 terrorist-murderers, despite the warnings of his national security (Shin Bet) head and in defiance of the 85% super-majority of Israelis who opposed the action. Though under-reported in our media, the U.S. is being roundly criticized by Israeli ministers and members of the Knesset for exerting such pressure, even from within the Prime Minister's own Likud party:
    b) MK Miri Regev (Likud)"Just as the Americans guard their honor, so we must guard our national honor, and respect the families of the victims. It's unthinkable that we release prisoners, murderers, terrorists who murdered innocent Israeli citizens, before we even sit down to talk."
    c) Deputy Minister Ofir Akunis (Likud) apologizes to victims families for previously suggesting that Israel would not give in to American pressure to release terrorists.
    d) MK Motti Yogev (Bayit Yehudi)"It isn't moral to release murderers. It isn't safe to release murderers... Has the United States ever released murderers as a concession to terrorism?"
    e) MK Ayelet Shaked (Bayit Yehudi): "The government forgot why we are here and how to stay here. It started with giving in to terror in the Shalit deal and continues with surrendering to the Americans. For what?" - "America is a strong country that knows how to stand up for its interests, but when America demands that we release murderers that killed children, and soldiers and elderly people and mothers, we're stupid, give in to terror and to [PA Chairman Mahmoud] Abbas."
    Israel's U.S. supporters need to be made aware of the extent to which President Obama is fleecing Israel's sovereignty and security. This recognition particularly applies to Republicans, who believe in the principles of peace through strength and the rule of law.
    Republican Senators should use this analysis and critique of the Feinstein resolution to openly and vocally oppose this harmful policy statement. Consistent with their we'll-established pro-Israel track record, perhaps the most important thing that Republicans can do now to support Israel is to speak out strongly in favor of Israel's right to determine its own future, and against any and all attempts to pressure Israel into concessions that violate the will of her government and people. 
    AMERICANS FOR A SAFE ISRAEL suggests that you call Diane Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, 202-224-3841; Mr. Kaine, on the Foreign Relations Committee: 202-224-4024; Mr. Heinrich, on the Select Intelligence Committee, 202-224-5521, and inform them that their Resolution 203 is endangering both Israel and America - that they have only to read the statements of Mahmoud Abbas to know that the only aspirations that he expresses have to do with the destruction of Israel, America's only reliable ally in the Middle East.

     The best way to send a message to the detractors of Israel in the media, the Administration, and the public is by joining AFSI and becoming active with AFSI's work.  As a member, you will receive all our email alerts as well as email copies of our renowned monthly publication, The Outpost.  See past editions.  


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    Friday, August 02, 2013

    Release of Terrorists Protest Continues. Important Posts,Videos and Urgent Action Alerts before summer session in Knesset. This Shabbat a Shabbat for Eretzy Yisroel Shleimut Ha"aretz

    1. Releasing Murderers for Peace Negotiations: The Fight Begins Now David Bedein Director Israel Resource News Agency Center for Near East Policy Research Beit Agron Suite 105-106 37 Hillel Street Jerusalem 94581 Israel +972-547-222-661 
    2.  For the Sake of Allah part 1 of 4 Palestinian suicide bombers educated in Jihad and in terror training in prisons in Israel
    3. By CAROLINE B. GLICK 08/01/2013 20:29 In bowing to US pressure and approving the release of 104 terrorist murderers from prison, Netanyahu behaved like a coward.
    4.  Zaki Tamir  if CHJCC at NY Protest in front of Israel Consulate
    5. Palestinian minister says treaties may only be temporary Paul Lungen, Staff Reporter, Friday, July 26, 2013 -
    8. Action Alert from Arlene Kuschner
      This entire incident signals for me a time for activism. Those of us who care deeply about this issue must not be silent. From time to time I've asked my readers to participate in activism by way of sending messages to members of our government. And I'm asking it here, more extensively than I ever have before.
      If you care, truly care. If you are alarmed. And angry. And saddened. Please, work with me here so that our voices can begin to be heard.
      There are different groups of people within the Israeli gov't or closely associated with it who need to hear from us now. Those who supported the release have to know:
      [] That you think it should never have happened and feel great anger/disgust/disappointment (you pick the word) that it did. Add a brief sentence or two if you wish about why it shouldn't have happened: encourages terrorism, shows Israeli weakness, subverts justice, wounds bereaved families, etc. etc.
      [] That you will not be quiet about this. The nation of Israel requires more courageous or wiser leadership than what they have provided.
      [] That you will watch the positions they take in the future, and if you are Israeli, let them know that this will affect how you vote.
      This message, in your own words, said politely and briefly, but strongly, should go to:
      Prime Minister Netanyahu, who requires a message of grievous disappointment. See below at the bottom of this post an article about what he said regarding releasing prisoners just five years ago. :

      Fax: 02-670-5369 (From the US: 011-972-2-670-5369)

      E-mail: and also (underscore after pm) use both addresses

      Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon -- Likud, who should be told that people were disappointed in him because he knows better:
      E-mail: Phone: 02-675-3256
      Gideon Sa'ar, and Yuval Steinitz -- both of Likud, who might have been expected to know better:
      E-mail: Fax 02-649-6578
      E-mail: Fax: 02-649-6579
      Yitzhak Aharonovitch and Sofa Landver -- both of Yisrael Beitenu:
      E-mail: Fax: 02-649-6188
      E-mail: Fax: 02-649-6744
      Yair Lapid, Yael German, Yaakov Peri, and Shai Piron -- all of Yesh Atid:
      E-mail: Phone: 02-640-8385
      E-mail: Phone: 02-640-8341
      E-mail: Phone: 02-640-8422
      E-mail: Phone: 02-640-8433
      Shai Piron almost voted against and you might note this and encourage him to be courageous next time.
      Those who opposed the release of prisoners must be praised and encouraged. They need to hear that many are behind them and that they are supported and appreciated. Tell them that the future of the nation of Israel depends upon courageous leadership such as they demonstrated:
      Yisrael Katz and Gilad Erdan -- both of Likud. Katz in particular is tough.
      E-mail: Fax: 02-649-6525
      E-mail: Fax: 02-675-3982
      Naftali Bennett, Uri Ariel and Uri Orbach -- all of Habayit Hayehudi. Much rests with Bennett and how he leads his party; he needs to understand that there are people looking to him for leadership. Uri Ariel is also tough.
      E-mail: Phone 02-640-8430



    Robin Ticker
    Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing.
    Most of these emails are posted on