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Re: "Releasing Murderers" 5 Towns Jewish Times cover page story by Larry Gordon

Dear Larry, amv"sh
Thanks for your well written and thought out front page article in this weeks 5 Towns Jewish Times issue August 16, 2013.
 It seems from what you wrote and what Arlene Kushner wrote see below, that Netanyahu does respond to the realities of pressure from his right wing coalition and Kerry clearly understands that reality. That is why we can stop the pressure by pressuring back.  Please read till the end.
So Kerry does what he can, and pressures when he can. He panders to the Arabs and he panders to the Jews.  
It seems to me, and it wasn't clear to me if you agree  that Kerry and America don't really care about  places like Maaleh Adumim, Efrat and Bet El.  I aree with Arlene Kushner that Netanyahu told Kerry that in order to agree to release the terrorists, he has to pacify his right wing coalition with something. Announcement of approval of construction in these areas (which in the past has been promised but never delivered according to MK Eldad) was to Kerry an unfortunate but  necessary bribe. Apparently Netanyahu wants to make the right wing happy by "approving" the constructions but will he ever actualize them?   Helen Freedman Director of Afsi writes:
"We also knew that the PEACE OF THE GRAVE was what the PLO was hoping would be Israel's destiny. Now, 20 years later, once agian "peace" talks are being held. This time they are behind closed doors for fear of rioting that might erupt from one side or another if details of the "peace" emerged. We have already had the release of 26 brutal Arab murderers who have been celebrated by their people for their "heroism" and "martyrdom" in bludgeoning, knifing, burning, and blowing up innocent Israelis. More releases are set to follow as "good-will gestures" demanded by President Obama. Housing Minister Uri Ariel has announced the building of houses and apartments in Gilo, in east Jerusalem. This announcement has been met with outrage by the Arabs. No fear. The same houses were supposed to have been built last year, as we learned from former MK Dr. Arieh Eldad. Nothing happened. The same "nothing" may happen again, which is possibly why Secretary of State Kerry has asked PM Abbas not to cancel the talks because of the terrible "obstacles to peace" created by building in the "settlements," which just happen to be part of greater Jerusalem. It's 20 years. What has changed?
Larry you write the following but I believe it's wishful thinking on your part:
" Even Secretary Kerry, while calling all setllement "illegitimate" said this week there was an understanding between the parties that the announcement on construction in Judea and Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem would proceed as scheduled.  So even though the Palestinian officals vociferously protested the announcement of the construction it was all choreographed and played out for the purpose of internal Arab consumption.  It's nothing more than additonal Arab disingenuousness and duplicity.
So, Mr. Kerry and the Americans agree at this stage that Israel, at minimum and as part of any future agreement, should stay put in places like Maaleh Adumim, Efrat, Bet El, and other areas known as the major settlement blocks where over 70 percent of the settlement population resides"
Arlene Kushner writes: 
"It was clear as it might be then that there had been an understanding between Kerry and Netanyahu. I can imagine Netanyahu telling Kerry that the only way he could pull off the prisoner release was if he made the right wing of his government happy by approving building. And indeed, subsequently Kerry acknowledged that Netanyahu had told him forthrightly that since there was no agreement with regard to a building freeze there would be building.
This is what he said yesterday (emphasis added):
"Let me make it clear: The policy of the United States of America with respect to all settlements is that they are illegitimate, and we oppose settlements taking place at any time, not just the time of the peace process.
But – here's the but – that said, Prime Minister Netanyahu was completely upfront with me and with President Abbas that he would be announcing some additional building that would take place in places that will not affect the peace map, that will not have any impact on the capacity to have a peace agreement. That means that it is building within the so-called blocs in areas that many people make a presumption – obviously not some Palestinians or others – will be part of Israel in the future. He has specifically agreed not to disturb what might be the potential for peace going forward.
Now, we still believe it would be better not to be doing it, but there are realities within life in Israel that also have to be taken into account here going forward.
Arlene continues:
"I note here that he says that Abbas was informed of this, and so we can assume that all the PA grandstanding is just that. What is more, that they lied when they said, as they did, that Kerry promised that there would be no building."
Larry and Arlene.  Who knows if they lied?  Maybe Kerry secretly did promise there would be no building but to pacify the Right in Netanyahus gov't they got from Israel an announcement of  "approval" for construction? Maybe Kerry convinced the Arabs that no real construction would actually happen and that Netanyahu needed to appease his coalition with getting an approval for construction in these areas but  will it really actualize?

Larry, in my opinion it's not just PA grandstanding. 
Facts on the ground are in fact created by this charade. There are Karbanot. Real sacrifices.
Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover just emailed their list alerting them to the cruel arrest of  a settler Boaz Albert of Yitzhar.

Arutz 7 article: they shocked him again and again

Yitzhar couple: we will disobey the expulsion order:
 Larry, Can even one expulsion be tolerated by Torah Jews let alone thousands or tens of thousands of expulsions or hundreds of thousands of expulsions from the 30 percent of the population in Judea and Samaria not living in major settlement blocs? How about one terror victim as a result of a released terrorist?
And more facts on the ground:  There is the $$$$$ reality created as a result of promoting a lie of Palestinians being "legitimate" and that Israel are illigitimate "occupiers" of Palistinian Land. To the tune of billions of dollars..... being given to the PA and taken away from Israel by supporters and promoters of BDS.

Please read: Arabs Offer Israel Peace: The Peace of the Grave by VICTOR SHARPEOctober 6, 2011,css.print/pub_detail.asp#ixzz2c7JS9NTH

US Quietly Backed EU Settlement Sanctions

American officials have denied knowing in advance about the EU's plans–which were made public shortly before Secretary of State John Kerry announced the resumption of Israeli negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

During a closed-door meeting between Kerry and American Jewish leaders, Kerry reportedly said that the move hindered progress on Israeli-Palestinian talks.

However, according to Ha'aretz, senior State Department officials said that the publication of the guidelines before the restart of negotiations bolstered Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, making it easier for him to agree to hold talks despite Israel's refusal to freeze settlement construction. At the same time, the move pressured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into agreeing to talks for fear of Israel's international isolation increasing were he not to do so.
Not to mention the lie being spread throughout the world that Israel is the Occupier and that the settlements are illegitimate.
It's unnerving that this Foreign Minister in Brazil finds the settlements in Judea and Samaria so relevant for his country.
FOREIGN MINISTER PATRIOTA: (Via interpreter) Just briefly, at the same time that we support the efforts of Secretary Kerry and we are bringing up to the table the Israeli and Palestinian negotiation, we do – we do – we are against the Palestinian settlements, which are done against the UN Security Council resolutions, and they do represent a violation of the international law. We do consider that this kind of fact will not contribute for creating a propitious environment for the understandings of the whole international community, and Brazil specifically would love to see coming at the end of this nine month period time upon which negotiators will be working.

Let me also mention that I have encouraged Secretary Kerry to give more relief to the participation of the civil society in Israel and the Palestine along this peacemaking process. I was well impressed when I visited the region last year in October and when I saw that in the – among the civil society on both ends there are voices that are quite committed to peace and they do convey messages which are a bit different from the ones we're used to seeing. These messages are in repudiation of violence and consumed facts and the establishment of settlements, which are not favorable for the understanding for peace.

We can no longer turn a blind eye that Obama's allegiance is with the Muslim Brotherhood and not with America nor the Coptic Christians whose lives are being threatened daily, attacked ever since the Muslim Brotherhood came into power and now even more so, and in terrible danger.  Yet, within the last 12 hours Obama defends the Muslim Brotherhood right to be in the Egyptian gov't.  Obama condemns Egypt over violence, cancels joint military exercise
The Muslim Brotherhood ideology which drives Hamas and Fatah is the same as the Nazis.    Yet they are being empowered, validated and rewarded by the world, Obama and company as well.
Our only hope of Salvation comes from the Almighty!

Let us put counterpressure on Netanyahu via his MK's and by Hamonei Am, and the Jewish People world wide so that Kerry understands that Netanyahu's right wing coalition might fall apart if he pressures too much.
This can best be accomplished by uniting Jews all over the world supported by righteous Gentiles - Noahites and believers of the Bible, to proclaim the Truth.
Judea and Samaria is the Biblical Heartland of Israel.
Jerusalem, namely Temple Mount, is the Holiest Site for Jews and must be under Jewish Sovereignty and not the Waqf so that the prophecies in Isaiah reach fruition.
This will usher in an era of peace and prosperity to the world. Amen Ken Yehi Ratzon (Amen and so it shall be G-d's will) 


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