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Shemittah Rediscovered OP Ed: On Charlottesville and Condemning Trump on his Immediate Failure to Condemn the Neo Nazis and White Supremacists


Dear Trump Condemners, 

I think the left is hypersensitive about Trump's rhetoric, totally ignoring the anti Trump rhetoric.  Perhaps if they look at themselves in the mirror, they themselves are guilty of what they are accusing Trump of.  Angry people often project their own biases on others.    If they call Trump a racist it is because they are guilty of racism..   A faulty perception is not based on an objective reality but on a  personal perception of one's own reality. 

I sincerely believe that Trump is a person who hates Neo Nazis and White Supremacy... no different than you and I.  I believe he knows fully well that the Holocaust was evil and that what the Nazis did and stand for is evil.   

Anti Trump media is accusing him of lumping the Neo Nazis with the Anti Neo Nazis and equating the Neo Nazis with peaceful Anti Neo Nazis protesters..  

Actually Trump is lumping the evil Neo Nazis with the evil Anti Neo Nazis. .He is perhaps equating White Supremacists with Black Supremacists.

I also agree with  Ivanka and Jared his daughter and son in law that he should have immediately condemned the Neo Nazis and the White Supremacists.   In fact I agree with Algemeiner that Trump should now encourage an investigation as per why the police did not protect the shul in Charlottesville adequately and why the Neo Nazis had a permit to protest while parading with guns.  This misjudgment clearly had very scary and threatening implications to a local Jewish Synagogue and perhaps had the Police somehow reigned in this violent and hateful group for their provocative behavior, perhaps this other tragedy, the car ramming,  would never had occurred. .I would respectfully ask Trump to support this legal investigation rather than condemning him for his delayed condemnation. 

Shochad Meaver Pikchim. Bribery blinds the wise.   It is possible that Trump has benefited in the past from some money and that caused his vision to be blinded.

Being blinded due to blood money is not uncommon but that is no excuse. 

Nazis were terribly dangerous in the 1940s. They partnered with the Mufti of Jerusalem, the forerunner to the PLO, so they are basically both on the side of evil the side of Amalek.. Today, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran are more dangerous than neo Nazi's since they have the wherewithal and technology for massive destruction.  White Supremacists don't have nuclear bomb capability nor  weapons of mass destruction at their disposal far more toxic than the gas chambers killing factory that Hitler had in the 1940s.   

Trump was silent for a day or two in his condemnation of  the Neo Nazis and the White Supremacists. Perhaps he was hoping to find evidence to the contrary. Maybe he felt indebted to members of this group who he felt were not Neo Nazi's and White Supremacist thereby lumping them all together.

 He did not lump the Neo Nazis group with the anti Neo Nazi's group.  But he did finally make a distinction and condemn the Neo Nazis and White Supremacist while defending the peaceful protesters right to protest and I feel it was completely authentic. But we can agree to disagree.. 

The liberal and leftist media will find endless reasons to be critical of Trump and his rhetoric.  I would somehow respect their objectivity if I saw that they gave Trump credit when it was deserved and condemn the hateful rhetoric against Trump as well. . When the Congressman was shot and critically wounded at the baseball tryouts Trump did not take advantage of the situation to condemn all the hateful rhetoric against the Republicans and the hateful rhetoric against Trump personally. It is quite probable that toxic rhetoric influenced the shooter.  This greatly endangered the lives of many of our elected officials. Trump used the opportunity to unify the Nation,  This seemed to have worked for a day and perhaps even for a few days. It brought much praise from those who were grateful that he did not exact revenge on those whose hateful rhetoric put his own life and the life of dedicated American public servants in danger.  Why did they just praise his restraint but didn't  come out and call for some accountability and condemn the hateful anti Trump rhetoric of the liberal and leftist media?

I have not seen the liberal and leftist media condemn hateful rhetoric coming from comedians who show images of Trump's beheaded head and then whine when Barron, Trumps son and Melania, Trump's wife are horrified.  I did not hear condemnations of the offensive Shakespeare in the Park rendition of a beheaded Trump as being in bad taste.. not to mention terribly disrespectful  

Trump was totally correct to say that there was evil among both groups.  I suspect that evil elements of these groups, be it those in Black lives Matters who advocate for black supremacy or Islamic Supremacy and Neo Nazis and white supremacists share much in common..... Racism, bigotry, hatred of Jews and anti G-d and void of Universal Morality.

I have no doubt that there are some decent individuals among the Black Lives Matter group.  They are not all Jew haters and Antisemites. However there is much bigotry and hatred in their rhetoric that must be condemned!

Black Lives Matters protesters are often affiliated with groups trying to undermine police,  playing the victim's card of police aggression to the fullest thereby making law enforcement impotent unable to do their jobs to protect society from an unruly and dangerous riotous mob. They limit the police's ability to protect peaceful protesters of both sides. Police are now often afraid that they will be accused of police brutality so they let potentially dangerous situations escalate and fail to enforce security especially on those who will be screaming "police brutality".  

They have been super vigilant against peaceful Jews protesting Klinghoffer Opera at the Met. They have been super vigilant of Jews protesting the Iran Deal herding them in barricades. They have used their police presence to a fault to limit the  parade spectators on Fifth Ave at the Israel Day Parade with barricades galore sending spectators off to 6th Ave or Park Ave.  They herded Pro Israel parade participants  like sheep at intersections with long lines of security checks and metal detectors at the Concert in the Park entrance so that the crowds trickled in missing parts of the amazing Pro Israel, Pro Judea and Samaria concert....yet when Pamele Geller held a protest against Linda Sarsour, a pro Sharia, pro Jihad advocate, scheduled to speak at a Commencement exercise at CUNY, they allowed hostile protesters in very close proximity to Pamele Geller's podium knowing fulling well she is a target.  Attempts were made to her life in the past. 

They allowed a flammable and volatile situation where passions were high and could have easily flared up and have become inflamed at a moments notice.  This borders on police negligence, a very real concern.  Some of these protesters were seasoned protesters of "police brutality".  I personally have been witness to the police bias for intense super security measures against peaceful Jewish protester vs passivity and laxness towards very hostile angry and potentially dangerous pro Palestinian mobs shouting expletives etc. 

In Charlottesville, both sides had those who were protesting peacefully. Trump was right to note the distinction  and separate them from the hateful groups. He did not lump those who stood for evil together with peaceful protesters even though initially it might appear as if he did.  It is the anti Trump media that were lumping the peaceful protesters with evil protesters who were out there to create anarchy and havoc.  ....Neither side was totally innocent. By pointing this out Trump is in no way lessening his condemnation of the evil elements, the Neo Nazi's and White Supremacists.  One can choose however to misinterpret his statement and to be critical  that Trump is being easy on the Nazis. Trump was saying.... don't lump everyone in the right wing group as Neo Nazis and everyone on the anti Neo Nazis group as peaceful. 

The ones to blame in my opinion are those who gave a permit to the Neo Nazi's and White Supremacists to hold this rally.  I question the right of Neo Nazis to be given a platform in the first place in the name of Freedom of Speech!

For this you have to question liberals like Alan Dershowitz, the "experts" in the field, who protect Neo Nazi's rights of Freedom of Speech  and the rights of the Muslim Brotherhood operatives pushing for BDS rights deceptively under the guise of Freedom of Speech to brainwash clueless college kids and food coops while suppressing everyone else's freedom of speech.

I don't believe there are so many neo Nazis and White Supremacists in this country that would have made any difference to Donald Trump's election campaign. He is not beholden to them even though that is what the leftists want you to believe. But what do I know? Surely giving them a platform and giving them a permit to speak seems stupid and empowers their hateful agenda.  Why isn't anyone bringing this point up?

If you do not trust Trump, and in your heart believe he supports Nazis and white Supremacists or think he depends on them and needs their vote, then this bias against his very character will then be reason to assume that his delay in condemnation was because he was trying to protect the Neo Nazis and White Supremacists. You probably think that he condemned them only when he was pushed to the wall to do so. 

This Lashon Hara,  Slander, evil talk,  saying that he supports Neo Nazis and White Supremacists actually helps creates a situation whereby it makes such a situation actualize.  If one calls someone a robber when he is not and even when he is, it makes it very hard, almost impossible for the person to undo the perception. 

Unless Trump is a true Nazi Sympathizer, which most agree he is not, it is unhelpful to call him one.  

Obama on the other hand,  in my opinion is a true Muslim Brotherhood, Pro Nuclear Iran sympathizer and therefore it is important to call him on it and not assume that he is irrelevant. 

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation are corrupt to the core, accepting outrageous sums of monies bought off by evil regimes and agendas. and Trump would be wise to investigate and prosecute them. 


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Fwd: While the media wasn't looking...Mike Huckabee newsletter. New Book: Rogue Spooks The Intelligence War on Donald Trump By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann


In this book the authors advise President Trump to go on the offensive and call for a special investigation on those who are investigating him. Investigating the leaks will turn the tables on those investigating President Trump as they are the ones who should be investigated ...The Investigation should then go after the Clinton Foundation. 

Trump has no choice.  If he fails to prosecute them, they for sure will continue to do whatever it takes to undermine his Presidency. Lies and fabrications  and fake news is their modus operandis. 

Trump needs to make sure that those loyal to him are not fired nor retired as it alienates him and leaves him defenseless.

 I hope hTrump listens to their wise advice!  Please forward so that Trump knows that there are those who have his back and don't want him left to the clutches of those who are out to destroy him.  In return we hope he understands that Israel as well is surrounded by evil enemies out to destroy her.  The Palestinians are no peace partner.  Quite the opposite!  Their claims to the Land of Israel is also based on fake news! Trump should be very careful not to put Israel is a vulnerable position and pressure her into making any kind of concession as part of Peace deal. 

Israel is the Promised Land. It is the Holy Land.  Only Israel can actualize the potential for peace in the area and only by being Sovereign over Temple Mount and Judea and Samaria.  This is the Covenant G-d gave to the Nation of Israel.

Trump is surrounded by Jews and Evangelicals who are loyal to him.  Everyone else is suspect of not having his best interests in mind. Because Truth is the Bible. Those who nullify the Torah nullifies G-d's Will and this in turn will turn into great suffering and tragedy G-d forbid for the world. 

May G-d Bless Donald Trump as those who Bless Israel will be Blessed. 

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Today's Commentary:  While the media wasn't looking -- "Transitioning" gone wrong -- Glass Houses -- China is playing ball with us -- Options for Venezuela  -- News Bits 


SPECIAL NOTE:  My friend Dick Morris has written a new book titled Rogue Spooks.   Learn more here.


Various leftist commentators have been smearing Donald Trump as a supporter of white supremacists so loudly that they apparently didn't notice that last week, his ICE announced the biggest prosecution of white supremacist in history. Eighty-nine members of violent white supremacist gangs were convicted and received a total of more than 1,070 years in prison. The actions have virtually wiped out such gangs as the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

Interestingly, the convictions weren't for hate crimes, but mostly drug charges. In recent years, they've turned their attention from racial hatred to selling meth. I assume from the condition of their brains that they were also using their own product.

I hope you will share this email, to help me spread the truth.


Mike Huckabee



"Transitioning" gone wrong

By Mike Huckabee

Not long ago, I related Katharine Hepburn's childhood story --- that as a young girl, she decided she wanted to be a boy, to the extent that she cut off all her hair, wore boys' clothes and told everyone to call her "Jimmy." She grew out of it on her own. I speculated what might happen to such a girl today, in a time when some parents allow or even encourage the "transitioning" of their young children, who likely are just going through a phase or have other psychological problems or difficulties at home.

Well, here's a real-life example of how far wrong it can go: a girl who decided to get hormone injections –- and, later, even a mastectomy --and live as a boy but who later found God and realized her body was His temple and that she had been ruining it. She acknowledged that she really was created by God as a woman and now readily lives as one.



Glass houses

By Mike Huckabee

HEADLINE NEWS: "Prez Struck With Rock Thrown From Inside Glass House." From the Administration that took six years to admit the Fort Hood shooting was terrorism (but still not Islamic terrorism) instead of just "workplace violence," a swipe at Trump for taking 24 hours to label the killing in Charlotte "domestic terrorism." For the record, I called it that immediately, but then I also immediately realized that an Army major gunning down his comrades while yelling "Allahu Akbar" was terrorism, so I guess I must be a prodigy on this subject.


China is playing ball with us

By Mike Huckabee

China didn't block sanctions against North Korea at the UN, but they didn't say whether they'd abide by them. But on Monday, with Kim Jong-Un looking bound and determined to start World War III for no apparent reason, China announced that it will join in the sanctions. This after stating that if North Korea attacks the US and the US retaliates, Kim is on his own. Let's hope this sends Kim a clear message that if he doesn't pipe down and back down, the only nation that will be sending any hardware his way will be ours, and it won't be plumbing fixtures.



Options for Venezuela

By Mike Huckabee

There's now an entire industry built on wildly overreacting to everything President Trump says or does. One recent example: He was asked what he might do about the violence and late-stage socialist oppression in Venezuela. One of his stated principles is that, unlike the last President, he doesn't announce military plans in advance so that enemies can prepare for them. So Trump said a "possible military option" exists for dealing with Venezuela. Note that he didn't say we were sending in the Marines, just that it's a possible option. That's about as vague as you can get while sending Venezuela's government a message not to get too far out of line. But judging from the way it was reported, you'd think he was already massing troops in Aruba.

That left it up to Vice President Pence to make it clear that there are "many options for Venezuela," and the President is confident that a peaceful resolution will be reached by working with Latin American allies to restore democracy. Next, maybe we could find some options for restoring sanity to the American media. Both Venezuela and the US media prove that having an ill-founded faith in socialism inevitably leads to hysteria and chaos.


News Bits

21st Century Problems: How "keyless entry" to your car can let a car thief enter it without a key.



Toughest part of police training: the rubber chicken. Also the worst part of political fundraising dinners.



For those who keep trying to draw equivalencies between the US and North Korea, or Trump and Kim Jong Un, here is just a little sample of why that's embarrassingly stupid. This is what it's like when you do something the leader doesn't like in North Korea.



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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing. 

Most of these emails are posted on 

Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

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Fwd: Israel-Jordan peace agreement: The emperor has no clothes RIGHT ON

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Date: Aug 14, 2017 11:30 AM
Subject: Israel-Jordan peace agreement: The emperor has no clothes RIGHT ON

Israel-Jordan peace agreement: The emperor has no clothes

Israel sees Jordan as a security asset, because Jordan acts as an eastern buffer zone between the Jewish state and the violent chaos in Iraq, Syria and Iran. Israel is making a big mistake.

Contact Editor
Dr. Mordechai Kedar, 13/08/17 20:14

From Israel's prime minister down to the lowliest clerk, from the Commander in Chief down to the lowest ranking officer, from the Mossad down to the police by way of the Shabak – since 1994, everyone has been been chanting the same mantra about peace with Jordan. The prevalent reasoning is that peace with Jordan is Israel's most important strategic resource for the following reasons:

1.Security: The 500 kilometer border between Israel and Jordan is Israel's longest border with another country, reaching from Hamat Gader and the Yarmouk River in the north down to Eilat in the south. Jordan makes sure the border is quiet along its entire length and prevents hostile forces from approaching it and continuing west into Israel. If not for the peace declared between the two states, Israel would have to keep large forces along the border to guard it from infiltration.

Israel sees the very existence of Jordan to its east as a security asset in itself, because Jordan acts as a buffer zone between the Jewish state and the violent chaos in Iraq, Syria and Iran.

There is full cooperation between the Jordanian and Israeli armies, including visits by officers, the handing over of information, and coordinated activity along the border, under the assumption that radical groups are a shared enemy. In exchange for this, it is said, Israel played a part in guarding Jordan's northern and eastern borders during the years 2014-16, the period when ISIS posed a threat to Jordan.

2. Jordan is the second Arab nation to have signed a peace treaty with Israel, proving that Israel can find itself accepted in the Middle East as a sustainable country with whom former enemies can make peace by rethinking their previous positions. This could occur despite the August 1967 Khartoum Arab summit where it was declared that the Arab nations would not recognize Israel, would not negotiate with Israel and would not make peace with it. King Hussein of Jordan was a party to these decisions but carried on negotiations with Israel, recognized it and signed a peace treaty, as did Egypt before him. The obvious conclusion is that any Arab nation can do the same, making peace with Jordan a significant accomplishment,

3. There is a wide array of cooperative ties between Israel and Jordan, mostly in the economic sphere.  Three issues are involved: a. Israel has a multi-billion dollar contract with Jordan according to which it sells gas extracted from Israel's Mediterranean gas fields to Jordan's electricity company; b. Israel recognized "Qualified Industrial Zones" in which Israeli funds are invested, Jordanians are employed and Americans are the buyers, providing employment for thousands of Jordanian families; c. cooperative ventures such as the Water Canal, tourism, flights, trade and academia – thousands of Israeli Arab students attend Jordanian Universities and their degrees are recognized in Israel.

In exchange for recognition, Israel granted the Hashemite Kingdom, and especially its king, special status in the Jerusalem sites considered holy by Islam, mainly the al Aqsa Mosque, giving Hussein and his son Abdullah today, a significant stamp of approval in the Islamic world. This stamp of approval is especially important in granting much-needed legitimacy to the Hashemite Kingdom. The Palestinian majority and even some Bedouin groups question that legitimacy, since the Hashemites are not originally Jordanian, having come from the western section of the Arabian Peninsula, Hijaz, where the two Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina are located.

The British gave the Transjordan Emirate to Abdullah I, great grandfather of today's Abdullah. He is considered a foreign transplant, giving rise to questions of legitimate rule, and the special status at al Aqsa is intended to give him a shot of legitimacy, stabilizing his regime. The king pays the salaries of hundreds of Jerusalem Waqf officials.

Another payment Israel took upon itself is the handing over of 50 million cubic meters of drinkable water to Jordan every year. The plan was to bring this water from the Sea of Galilee, but the drought of the last few years has lowered the level of the water in the lake, so Israel has substituted expensive desalinated water instead.  Jordanian agriculture in the Jordan Valley is made possible in part because of this Israeli water.

All the points raised here give Israel the feeling that the peace agreement with Jordan is successful, certainly more successful than the one with Egypt, with whom there is much less cooperation on non-security related issues. Israel's payment for this by handing over water and securing Jordan's status in Jerusalem is one Israel can handle in exchange for the premise that peace  with Jordan serves Israeli interests. All the parties to Israel's government are united in supporting the maintenance of peace with Jordan at all costs.

Where did we go wrong?

The first and main point is that Israel ignores the fact that the peace agreement is totally dependent on the continuation of the illegitimate Hashemite dynasty. In 1994 that meant Hussein, today it is Abdullah II, but the future is unclear, because there are quite a few people in Jordan and outside it who see Abdullah as the last Hashemite monarch. What comes next? There are several possible answers to that query, ranging from a military junta made up of local Bedouin ruling the various populations, on to a civil war that leads to the country splitting in two, with a Palestinian state rising in the northwestern part of the country where there is a Palestinian Arab majority.

It is no secret that the Palestinian majority in Jordan is opposed to the peace treaty with Israel.  One reason is the recognition a treaty grants Israel and another is the fact that it does not include the so-called "right of return" of the 1948 refugees to within Israeli borders, including compensation for the possessions they left behind them and the years of suffering they underwent in refugee camps.

The Palestinian majority in Jordan feels no commitment to the peace agreement; it was signed by King Hussein, not by them. For this reason, most of the professional associations in Jordan – lawyers, journalists, doctors and others – do not allow their members to partner with Israelis. Most of their members are Palestinian Arabs who see the peace agreement as the result of the king's betrayal of their cause.

The peace agreement upon which Israel and Jordan are signed and everything Israel has paid, is paying and is willing to pay to preserve and guard that peace will be utterly worthless the day a rebellion breaks out against the king, or some assassin or  suicide bomber, G-d forbid, succeeds in killing him. The house of cards Israel built around him will collapse instantaneously, the peace agreement and any others signed in its wake will become fond memories. Whoever takes the king's place will restart the process and expect Israel to pay even more than it had originally paid – that is, if the country remains united. If that new leader is a Palestinian Arab, the price will entail the return of a significant number of 1948 refugees to the state of Israel, not to the Palestinian State that may exist by then.

The king knows full well that the possibility that he could be assassinated by a Palestinian Arab, as his great grandfather was in 1951 in Jerusalem, is not farfetched. That is the reason his armed bodyguards are not Arabs, but members of  the Circassian ethnic minority who stem from the Caucasian Mountain region and do not have their eyes on the throne, meaning that they are not suspected of planning to murder the king or poison his food. The king's mistrust of the Palestinian Arabs, who make up the majority of his subjects, has led him to keep them out of the armed forces, police, foreign ministry and especially from internal security organizations and intelligence.

There are several Palestinian Arabs in the government and parliament who serve as token representatives, but the majority of them know exactly what the Hashemites think of the majority of Jordan's citizenry, those who define themselves as Palestinians – never calling themselves Jordanians because that is used for Bedouin, viewed as lower class by the Palestinians, who are farmers and city dwellers.

The Palestinian Arabs in Jordan are the economic engine of the country. They make up most of the merchants, manufacturers, businessmen, lawyers, accountants, academics, journalists, arts and media personalities, and they generally avoid contact with Israel and Israelis. They conduct a consistent and strict boycott of Israel. The king respects their position for two reasons: One, he has no way to force the peace agreement upon them, and two, he is quite content to show Israel that the peace agreement is not secure because of Palestinian opposition, allowing him to demand more and more from Israel in order to guard its interests and keep the king in power.

The cost of the peace agreement to Israel is prohibitive. First, Israel respects the status it granted the kingdom in Jerusalem, even though there is no precedent in  the entire world for a sovereign state granting another country special rights in its capital city on that state's most holy site. In 1994, when this was decided during the peace talks, Israel wasn't worried about Hussein who hated Arafat and agreed with Israel that there must never be a Palestinian state. The status Israel granted him on the Temple Mount was in order to prevent Arafat and the Islamic Movement from taking over the site.

King Abdullah II has  turned Jordanian policy around and is an ardent supporter of the establishment of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria., one that will be able to look over at Israel and threaten it with missiles and short range mortars that hit from Dimona and Beer Sheva in the south, up along the coastal plain from Ashkelon, the Ashdod port, greater Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion airport, to Haifa and its port and all the way to Afula and  Beit She'an. Long range weapons will threaten all the rest of Israel. Abdullah is actively creating a strategic threat to the state of Israel that will most probably be ruled by Hamas, which won most of the seats in the Palestinian legislature in 2006 and led a violent takeover of Gaza in 2007. Abdullah would like to see these scenarios repeat themselves, a most realistic possibility.

King Abdullah displayed his hostility towards Israel overty in two recent events. This past March he freed the Jordanian soldier who, in cold blood, murdered seven school girls from Beit Shemesh in 1997 as they took part in a class trip to the "Peace Island" (!!!) in Naharayim. His father, King Hussein, came to pay a condolence visit to the families in Beit Shemesh, while his son let the murderer go free. What price did he pay for this slap in the face to  Israel? Zilch. Nothing.

Jordan acts against  Israel as a matter of course in international circles, especially UNESCO and the UN Human Rights Council, two places that constantly attempt to delegitimize Israel. Jordan encourages and pushes for the decisions that deny Jewish tradition in Jerusalem, undermining the historical and religious foundations for the existence of the Jewish State. This is meant  to spread the feeling in the world that Israel's establishment is a result of British colonialism, one that must be cancelled so that "Falestin" is restored to its "historical owners" – the Palestinians. Abdullah, like the Palestinian Arabs, thinks that if he succeeds in removing Jerusalem from the State of Israel, the resulting demoralization will send the Jews packing.

Establishing a Palestinian Arab state that will threaten Israel's security and destroy the Jewish state, is the strategic objective of King Abdullah, because it will prevent a Palestinian State from arising in Jordan. If a Palestinian state is created in the hills of Judea and Samaria, the king intends to get rid of all the Palestinian refugees who entered Jordan in the 1948 war, about one and a half million people, plus several hundred thousand who entered Jordan over the last seventy years. Demographic pressure in the Palestinian state will become terrorist pressure that turns life in Israel into  Hell  - exactly what Abdullah wants.

He coordinates his activities with Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas, seeing eye to eye with them on the main goal – destroying Israel in order to save the Hashemite Kingdom from becoming a nation of Palestinians.

We would do well to  remember what most of us have long forgotten: The clueless group of irresponsible Israeli politicians who gave Jordan its unconditional and unlimited special status in Jerusalem is the same group whose idiotic policies brought terrorist Arafat back from the garbage bin of politicians in Tunisia and granted him the closest thing to a state, The stars of this stellar group included Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and Alon Liel,who dragged Yitzchak Rabin into the most dangerous poitical trap, endangering the continued existence of the State of Israel.

Jordan today, it must be concluded, is working non-stop behind the cover of its peace treaty with Israel to destroy the Jewish State and create a Palestinian one instead. What is worse is that Israel refuses to admit to the situation and continues most carefully to keep the agreement, hoping calm will prevail along the border until the next elections. Every politician knows that if, during his term, relations with Jordan deteriorate, the media – our shallow, slanted and agenda-ridden media – will accuse him of being the cause of the agreement's nullification, making him pay the  price in the next round of elections. That is why politicians bolster up the temporary tactical quiet, ignoring the strategic threat to the very existence of the state posed by the peace agreement.

If Israel's leaders felt endangered by the actions of Abdullah, they would do something to prevent his destructive activities, cleverly disguised as military and economic cooperation.  The problem is that in their view, short term tactical advantages are preferable to attending to strategic problems that affect the long term. We are all going  to pay a high price for this way of running things on the part of Israel's decision makers – as can be seen by the security equipment crisis last month in Jerusalem.

King Hussein was all for Israel's continued existence and did not question Jerusalem 's status. That's why peace with him was positive in general. His son Abdullah changed his father's strategy and works tirelessly to create a Palestinian state on the ruins of the destroyed Jewish one. Now that King Abdullah's nefarious scheme has been revealed, Israel must rethink its Jordanian route and work to create a Palestinian Arab state in all or part of Jordan, since the majority of the people there are Palestinian Arabs.

The alternative is establishing a Palestinian state on Israeli territory with its capital in Eastern Jerusalem, a strategic danger to Israel. 

There is no reason that the Jewish people, who returned to its land after 2000 years of exile, should  pay with its very existence for the survival of the Hashemites brought by the British from Hijaz to rule the most artificial country in the world – Jordan       


Zionist Organization of America | ZOA’s Klein Agrees to Amb. Friedman’s Request- Listen to Concerns About ZOA Opposition to McMaster/Tillerson Policies and Actions

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fwd: PC witch-hunt at Google Mike Huckabee newsletter Aug 10, 2017

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Subject: PC witch-hunt at Google
To: <>


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Today's Commentary:  North Korea -- Glen Campbell RIP -- Summer of Love anniversary -- "Bloodless coup" is looking more like one -- PC witch-hunt at Google  -- News Bits 


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The past 48 hours have seen a frightening ratcheting up of tensions with North Korea, which is ignoring warnings, defying new UN sanctions and continuing to threaten other nations with attacks. Kim Jong Un is reportedly considering striking the United States or our bases in Guam, and the Washington Post reported that the rogue state had developed miniaturized warheads capable of delivery via ICBM, although it's not clear whether that's true or they have the missiles yet that can deliver them. President Trump warned that any attempt by North Korea to attack the United States "will be met with fire, fury, and frankly, power the likes of which this world has never seen before."

Not surprisingly, that strong warning seemed to upset many in the US government and media more than Kim Jong Un threatening to nuke Hawaii. They scolded that it's simply "not helpful;" we need calm diplomacy to deescalate this situation. Because Kim has shown that he reacts well to displays of calm diplomacy instead of strength from people he's threatening to immolate. It's too bad these critics weren't around during World War, so they could have tut-tutted at Winston Churchill that his incendiary rhetoric, like "We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender" might make it harder to talk sense into Hitler.

Sometimes, issuing a strong warning is the best way to avoid war, if it comes from a leader whose warnings are taken seriously. Even if Kim is too deranged to cool his belligerence, it might be enough to finally force China to step in and slap down their out-of-control manchild, or convince the North Korean military that a quick coup would be preferable to a lot of incoming American ICBMs that can actually reach their targets.

Just a reminder: it was the smug, liberal arrogance of the self-proclaimed "best and brightest" with their degrees from Harvard and Yale that gave us the so-called "smart diplomacy" that led to allowing rogue regimes like North Korea and Iran to have nuclear reactors in the first place. Trump is now forced to deal with the potentially devastating consequences of their incredibly dumb "smart diplomacy." We've already seen their brilliant solutions to such problems. Unless they have something more effective than sending James Taylor to Pyongyang to sing "You've Got A Friend" in Korean, maybe they should just pipe down and let the elected commander-in-chief and the military deal with the big, dangerous mess they created.


Mike Huckabee



Glen Campbell RIP

By Mike Huckabee

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote that there are no second acts in American lives. But Monday, we lost two great American musical icons who both proved that wrong by rising very high, falling very far, and coming back to even greater heights.

The great singer/guitarist Glen Campbell died at 81 after a long, brave battle against Alzheimer's disease. Campbell was one of the most successful musical stars of all time, releasing 70 albums, selling 45 million records, and placing 80 songs on the charts, nine of which reached #1. One year, he even outsold the Beatles. But even before he was a star, his talent made him one of the top session players in L.A. He played some of the most famous guitar parts of all time, on hits by everyone from the Beach Boys and the Monkees to Frank Sinatra and Wayne Newton.


Summer of Love anniversary

By Mike Huckabee

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of 1967's "Summer of Love," the hippie-led cultural revolution that sought to replace traditional morality with "sex, drugs and rock and roll." Half a century later, this article takes a look at how all that hedonism that worked out for society. Short version: Well, some of the rock and roll was pretty good.



"Bloodless coup" is looking more like one

By Mike Huckabee

"Bloodless coup." That's the term I've used to describe what's being attempted by anti-Trump forces through the special counsel's Russia-and-related-matters investigation. And today, something that happened in July –- but that we're just now hearing about –- goes a long way towards reinforcing that view.

In the pre-dawn hours of July 26, the home of Paul Manafort, who briefly held the position of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign manager last summer until being investigated for work he'd done on behalf of Ukraine, was raided by the FBI. According to Manafort's lawyer, he had been cooperating fully with requests for documents and had, in fact, voluntarily appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee the previous day. In order to obtain a warrant for the raid, the special counsel would have had to make the argument that it did not trust Manafort to hand over his financial records and other documents. In effect, they'd be accusing him of planning to obstruct justice.

The warrant has been described as "wide-ranging." If investigators turn up anything that puts Manafort in legal hot water, they can always try to bargain with him for information pertaining to their REAL target, and we all know who that is. And if they feel inclined to kick in somebody's door to get to the big prize, they're more than happy to do that.



PC witch-hunt at Google

By Mike Huckabee

It's nice to know that President Trump isn't the only person who gets smeared and misrepresented by CNN. Newsbusters notes that James Damore, the engineer who was hunted down, exposed and fired by Google simply for writing an anonymous critique of the tech giant's rigid leftwing "diversity" policy, was depicted by a CNN reporter as a male chauvinist who claimed that women "aren't suited for tech jobs for biological reasons." Actually, he did no such thing. Take a look at the thoughtful and measured essay he wrote and you'll see that it in no way fits that cartoonish accusation.

The unmasking (there's that word again; what is it with leftists and their obsession with exposing people guilty of thought crimes and flogging them in public?) and firing of Damore has created a massive PR backlash against Google, and rightly so. It's raising all sort of uncomfortable questions about Google in particular and "diversity"-obsessed companies in general, especially the almost uniformly leftist tech companies of Silicon Valley. Some of the better points I've seen:

If men and women are exactly the same in terms of talents and interests, then why it is necessary to have a diversity policy to seek out more women for tech jobs so the tech force won't be heavily male? How can a company claim to value "diversity" when it fires anyone whose thinking differs even a hair from the rigid groupthink of the social justice warrior-approved, PC left that pervades Google? Is it a good idea to allow a company to be large enough to know everything about you and to control the flow of information on the Internet when it believes that you shouldn't even be allowed to hold a job if you disagree in any way with its policies? And is this a sign that it's time for the government to consider Google a dangerous monopoly and bust it up?

I suspect there will be many more to come. In the meantime, I'll just answer the question that a lot of angry Google users are asking right now: yes, there is a search engine that doesn't track you or keep records on what you search for or try to direct you to leftist-approved search results. It's called, and I imagine it's enjoying a huge influx of new users right about now.


News Bits

Turns out it's true that secret operatives of a major government were monitoring and interfering in the 2016 presidential election to help one candidate. But they were agents of our government attempting to help Hillary Clinton get elected. So move along, nothing to see here...



Lately, Canada's government has been hostile to all sorts of basic rights, such as freedom of speech. But it's good to know that they at least draw the line at an attempt to use freedom of information laws to get the government to reveal the location of a fisherman's best fishing hole. This story gives new meaning to the term "government going on a fishing expedition."



Here's a creepy story for those who say there's no mystery left in the world.



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Fwd: IDF morality?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Shalom Pollack" <>
Date: Aug 9, 2017 4:23 PM
Subject: IDF morality?
To: <>

As we celebrated Purim this year, the holiday of redemption  from a Holocaust and revenge against our enemies, terrorists attacked a  soldier in Hevron.
Thankfully, the soldier was only slightly wounded before his buddies took out the two assailants.
Quite appropriately, the annual  Purim costume parade began just where our enemies were felled.
 One of the attackers was down when a soldier finished him off.
The self-appointed judges of what is moral, humane and authentically Jewish raised  the usual howl. There is a soldier in jail today for killing that terrorist.
 How do the concepts of the morality of official Israel apply to us and our situation? What does the Torah say about what is humane and authentically  Jewish?
 If you recall, after over two years (actually 150 years) of incessant Arab terror and Israeli restraint during the height of the Oslo illusion, with hundreds ( much more thousands over the last generations) of Jewish victims, the IDF  finally was given the green light.
 In 2002, during the "Defensive Shield" operation (launched to uproot the Arafat terrorist infrastructure built since Oslo - 1993) was launched to put a stop to the suicide bombing melee. During the fighting, IDF troops halted before a building held by terrorists in Jenin. 
Jenin was a viper's nest of terror and terror support.  
There might have been Arab civilians in the building as well.
The options were:
1-  Shell the building
2- Bomb the building from the air.
3 - Send in our men to seek and destroy the enemy while making every effort to avoid civilian causalities.
In other words, sacrifice our sons and fathers to protect theirs
If it was your son, brother or father waiting outside the building, which would you prefer?
The "purity of arms" policy that the IDF is so proud of, determined that  only the last choice was an option; and so a dozen Jewish families were destroyed. But the good news is that a dozen   Arab families were not.
 We win the moral victory(and the world applauds...).
The question is, whose morality?
In the latest Gaza round, we sacrificed soldiers following the same IDF  moral rule book ( even louder applause...). 
This has everything to do with Purim and what our tradition teaches us about morality and how to fight a hostile enemy.
In the Megilla, we read  (Chapter  8:11) Mordechai instructs the Jews to," gather in every city to all the forces that would assault them(the enemy) along with their children and women.."
8:13, "..the Jews should be ready to avenge themselves on their enemies.."
8:16, "The Jews had  light and gladness, and joy and honor.."
Chapter 9:8 "And the Jews smote all their enemies..and treated those that hated them as they pleased.."
9:16  ..seventy-five thousand were slain on that day.
"Mmmm doesn't sound like the IDF "purity of arms.."
 In the entire history of the IDF, approximately  85,00 enemy have been killed. 
Chief of staff, Gen Eisenkot recently said," the IDF does not operate according to slogans such as (the biblical injunction) "Rise up to kill those who come to kill you"
Defense minister Ayalon said, "it is forbidden to forget our "humanity" and get out of control just because our blood boils.."
We need to decide what is the moral high ground here. Is it moral to send our people in harm's way so as to keep the enemy out of it?  Or is that precisely the pinnacle of immorality?
And who is "the enemy" according to our tradition and  Torah?
 Our greatest leaders such as Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Saul, David never sacrificed our people to protect any member of the enemy nations they fought. And they new Torah and Jewish values fairly well.
Reminds me a little of how the allies fought the war against Germany and Japan...
How about this: the enemy should be aware that if he plans to strike a Jew, he will never survive the attempt.
Maimonides in the laws of kings. teaches that in a war that is thrust upon  Israel, there is no distinction between combatants and enemy civilians. Kind of like the heroes who won WW2
The soldier who finished off the snake in Hevron has more Jewish  Jewish morality little trigger finger than all the IDF manuals based on anything but  Jewish morality and law.
Once again," he who is merciful to the wicked will be wicked to the merciful"
As  General Patton said, 'don't die for your country, make the enemy die for his.'
Did he go to yeshiva?

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Fwd: Daniel Greenfield's article: The Google Gulag


It is not surprising that my blog shemittahrediscovered dramatically lost more than half of recorded hits since June.  In June the number of views went dramatically down from close to 40,000 hits to less than 10,000 hits.  
Graph of Blogger page views

Why did this happen?  I did not change how I blogged. Somehow something affected how this blog was accessed.

Maybe Google has a good explanation?  

My blog is Pro Trump, Pro Pamela Geller and Robert Spence, anti BDS, anti Islamaphobia, Pro Judea and Samaria and against a Palestinian State.

Could that explain the sudden drop in my statistics?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sultan Knish <>
Date: Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 7:52 AM
Subject: Daniel Greenfield's article: The Google Gulag

Daniel Greenfield's article: The Google Gulag

Link to Sultan Knish

The Google Gulag

Posted: 10 Aug 2017 10:17 AM PDT

Let me Google that for you.

James Damore is an FIDE chess master who studied at Princeton, MIT and Harvard. He had been working as a software engineer at Google for four years.

Danielle Brown is the new Vice President of Diversity at Google. She has an MBA from the University of Michigan and campaigned for Hillary.

She had been working at Google for a few weeks.

James Damore wrote a memo suggesting that Google should pursue ideological diversity, end discriminatory efforts to achieve identity politics diversity and be honest about gender differences. Danielle responded by denouncing his paper. "It's not a viewpoint that I or this company endorses, promotes or encourages."

Google has spent hundreds of millions on diversity. It has put thousands of employees through implicit bias training. Leftists at Google are encouraged to accuse each other of hidden biases.

Brown and Google CEO Sundar Pichai made some vague noises about free speech. And fired Damore.

"This has been a very difficult time." That's how Pichai began his letter to Google employees. Some might have thought that he was about to discuss a massive data breach, not an employee writing something that he disagreed with.

It was a difficult time because leftists at Google had to confront the horror of an original thinker in their ranks. Some were so traumatized by his intrusion into their safe space that they threatened to quit.

And so Damore was fired for "advancing harmful gender stereotypes". What were these stereotypes?

That the gender gap in coding could be explained because women are more interested in people and men are more interested in things. Women were more cooperative and he suggested and that the gender gap could be reduced by making "software engineering more people-oriented with pair programming."

Google could have disagreed with him. And left it at that. Instead it was, "Off with his head."

Pichai claimed that some Google employees were "hurting". Social media accounts were full of bizarre claims that leftist employees were "afraid" to come to work. But the only actual casualty was Damore.

It's never the oppressed leftists crying to friendly media outlets who suffer. Only their targets.

James Damore is what most people think of when they imagine a Google employee. A brilliant original thinker with interests spread across the scientific and technological spectrum. But Danielle Brown is what Google actually is: a Hillary Clinton supporter who handled diversity at Intel and Google.

Google is a search engine monopoly that makes its money from search ads. It began with a revolutionary idea from young engineers much like Damore. Then the engineers became billionaires. And the company that began in a garage hired a Vice President of Diversity to get rid of the brilliant young engineers.

The idea that made Google some twenty years ago was PageRank. It was ahead of its time in utilizing social technology to rate the relevance of a page. The idea has since been cannibalized as Google's search algorithm favors its own products. And increasingly it also favors its own political views.

As the company swings left, it isn't interested in the "wisdom of crowds", only in its own agenda.

Google has embedded partisan attacks on conservatives into its search and news territories under the guise of "fact checks". It has fundamentally shifted results for terms such as "Jihad" to reflect Islamist propaganda rather than the work of counterterrorism researchers such as Robert Spencer. And it wasn't the first time. Google had been previously accused of manipulating search results during Brexit.

Censorship has long been a problem on YouTube. And it will now officially be caging "controversial" videos using a method developed by Jigsaw. Formerly Google Ideas, Jigsaw is Google's left-wing incubator developing social justice tech.

The Southern Poverty Law Center guided Google's censorship of Islamic search results. But there's no reason to think that it will stop there until Google has completely cannibalized PageRank and replaced it with ProgRank in which search results will be dominated by left-wing sites in one category after another. First Autocomplete results and then actual search results will be censored and suppressed.

Google's treatment of conservative users mirrors its internal treatment of conservative employees.

Internally, Google is a toxic environment where conservatives are threatened, blacklisted and even physically assaulted. Damore's case went public. Countless other conservatives were forced out of Google and blacklisted by left-wing activists without their cases ever receiving public attention.

Once upon a time, James Damore would have represented what was best about Google. But Google doesn't need brilliant minds. It needs to find more ways to squeeze ad dollars out of its monopoly. The pretense that it's a hub of innovation is the meaningless default brand for a Bay Area tech company.

Damore was working on Google's search infrastructure. And there's little doubt that he was wasted there. Google's search has grown more useless even as the company's search revenues have grown. Google's goal is to streamline and shape search results for a mobile environment by giving users what it thinks they want rather than what they are actually searching for. Google isn't just politically left-wing, its product mindset has become all about forcing users to do what it thinks they should be doing.

Google's efforts to get a foothold in social media have repeatedly failed because of this mindset.

Damore, like so many of us, wasn't thinking the way that Google thought he should be thinking. And so it dealt with the problem by getting rid of him. When users search for results that Google doesn't like, it guides them to what it thinks they should be looking for. If they persist, then the results vanish. If they upload videos it doesn't like, they get censored. That's the totalitarian left-wing Google model in action.

Google is approaching the ecological dead end of its technological niche. There's not much else to do except make fringe investments that are little more than disguised advertising and build more free apps to feed into its own ad business while driving traffic to them through its search and Android leverage.

If the business model ever fails or the government takes a closer look at its abuses, then it's all over.

Meanwhile its philanthropy can fund pro-crime and anti-police causes. Google Ideas, now known as Jigsaw, can try to get involved in the Syrian Civil War. And the herd of leftists it hired can police internal messaging by spamming angry social justice memes and waiting for an actual engineer to contradict them. That's what happened to James Damore. It's happened to plenty of others before him.

When Google fired Damore, it sent a very clear message. The message wasn't tolerance, but intolerance.

It said that its Vice President of Diversity knows more about biology than a researcher who received his biology degree in the top 3% of his class. It announced that there is no room for original thinking, heterodoxy or genius at Google. And it went even without saying, no room for anyone to the right.

When asked at a shareholder meeting whether conservatives would feel welcome at Google, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt replied, "The company was founded under the principles of freedom of expression, diversity, inclusiveness." But freedom of expression no longer comes before diversity. It's breathing in the toxic fumes of fake inclusiveness and watching diversity vanish down the highway.

"Viewpoint diversity is arguably the most important type of diversity," James Damore had argued.

But that's not what the left means by diversity. At Google and everywhere else it means a plurality of people from different backgrounds, races, genders and sexual identities who agree with us.

It's an artificial consensus that displaces the old democratic values of individualism and freedom. Instead it imposes a system of safe spaces that treat any dissent as an act of violence against the oppressed.

The gates of the internet cannot remain in the hands of a corporation intolerant of free speech. Google's monopoly doesn't only threaten the free market. It threatens freedom of expression on the internet.

It's not just about James Damore. It's about all of us.
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