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Nachala: Kol Yehudi report, Yossi Dagan on Arutz7 update: Violence to Nachala participants reminiscent of Expulsion. Honenu: Nachala Movement begins to establish 3 new settlements in Judea and Samaria and some of the Settlers call upon Honenu for legal aid as they are arrested/detained


אל המקום אשר....

Updated July 24,2022
Kol Yehudi
Elchanan Groner, The Jewish Voice 21 Tammuz 2015 - 07/20/2022
(H) translation in English follows

Despite the IDF checkpoints: thousands went to settlement points
Roadblocks by the army and the police put thousands in huge traffic jams.  The IDF confiscated water bottles, while (such measures against) illegal Arab construction near the settlement points were not taken since the forces are only dealing  like this with Jews.

Thousands from all over the country came to settlement points led by the "Nachala" movement. Among those who came: families, teenagers, Rabbis and public figures including the head of the Nachala movement Daniela Weiss, Rabbi Chaim Steiner from the Elder  Rabbis of  Yeshiva Merkaz HaRav, MK Itamar Ben Gvir and others.

The chairman of Nachala, Zvi Elimelech Sharbaf, said at a gathering at the Gush Etzion junction: "This Land is all ours.  Jenin belongs to us, Ramallah belongs to us, these territories are ours. The people of Israel eventually settled in the entire Land of Israel."

 The IDF and the police set up many roadblocks all over Judea and Samaria and checkpoints and restriction orders regarding movement which were signed by Central Command Colonel Yehuda Fuchs and IOS Division Commander Avi Belot. The orders were signed for a period of almost a month and allows each soldier or policeman to decide who can pass through the checkpoints according to his discretion.

 As a result, huge traffic jams were created throughout Judea and Samaria, and thousands were stuck on their way home. In some cases the police officers at the checkpoints did not wear police badges as required. Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Council, and Yisrael Gantz, head of the Binyamin Council, attacked the Minister of Defense, the IDF and the police and even threatened to petition the High Court for the severe harm to the residents.

However, despite the many checkpoints and even harassment of the buses that were on their way to the settlement points, thousands managed to go up until the evening hours of Wednesday to at least six settlement points in Binyamin, Samaria and Judea.

 One location is Ma'ale Jonathan between Barkan and Rabbah, where about 20 families settled. This is land that was purchased by Jews in the 1980s.

 About 1,000 people, including families and teenagers, went to another point near Bruchin. Near Psagot of Binyamin, a "Yachish Zion" Garin was planted. Administration inspectors and IDF soldiers confiscated a vehicle and a cart with bottles of mineral water near the Kochav Ya'akov gas station, and police and soldiers took youths suspected of intending to establish settlements off buses.

 In the area of ​​Gush Talmonim, another settler point came up and hundreds of people were observed in the area.

In the vicinity of Kiryat Arba, two settlement points arose, one of them on Hill 26 where Nati Ozari lived with his family until he was murdered by an Arab terrorist and the hill was destroyed by the IDF.

 In some locations, police officers began to confront the new arrivals
 over the construction of tents. The Nachala movement reported that a member of the management of the movement Yedidya Slonim was arrested for questioning.

 In the meantime, residents who reported to the IDF about illegal building  by Arabs near Kochav Ya'akov in Binyamin, not far from the point that was established near Psagot, the answer by the Command of General Security of Binyamin was that "the force does not jump to (investigate) the (illegal Arab) location following the recent events of the  settlers in the area." In Kfar Singil (Sinjil is a Palestinian village northeast of Ramallah in the Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate in the central West Bank. Wikipedia) reported of illegal cement being poured (by Jews). Security forces arrived in an hour and "did not find any such work".

Arutz7 report
Settlement leader Yossi Dagan: 'We haven't seen such violence since the Expulsion'
Dagan, MK Simcha Rotman, Nachala head arrive at site of new community in Samaria. "The Lapid government is responsible for the violence."

"We have seen terrible scenes of violence here -- for instance, two youths have been seriously injured, one whose jaw seems to be broken and the other has a head wound," Dagan said. "There are thousands of our people here, young and old, with eyes lit up and Zionism burning in their hearts. They came here at the request of the Israeli government, to establish new communities in Judea and Samaria, and there is no more legitimate protest than this," he insisted.

Hebrew text follows English.

Background info about the revival of the Nachala Movement which has recently built significant momentum and support with their recent fundraising campaign  for Yishuv Haaretz in Judea and Samaria and their plan to establishing 3 new Yishuvim (communities).  Establishing facts on the ground is now receiving backlash  (not totally surprising in light of the pattern of the Police to harass Settlers in Judea and Samaria with draconian administrative orders and prosecute them when they act in self defense against Arab aggression ).

Arlene Kushner from Israel:
From Israel: True Sovereignty at Long Last

Administrative order recipients set up protest tents

Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Rewarding Terrorists. Jewish Survivor of a Lynching Is Furious. Early Release of Terrorists is a Prize for Terror. Organizations Honenu and Im Tirzu Concur and Have Strong Words As Well

Honenu organization reports:

 * Detainees (of Nachala Movement initiatives...see link above) in the new settlements were brought to the police stations *

 * About 5 detainees who arrived at the establishment of the various settlement points in the country were taken to the police stations.  Lawyers from the Honenu organization advised detainees before their interrogation *

 So far, about 5 detainees have  contacted the command center of Honenu organization. They were arrested at the 3 new settlement points established by the Nachala movement....They are near Kiryat Arba, near Psagot and in West Binyamin.

The detainees were brought to police stations in Kiryat Arba, Sha'ar Binyamin and Hashmonaim, where they were assisted by lawyers of the Honenu organization namely: Adv. Haim Bleicher, Adv. Nati Rom, Adv. Moshe Polsky and Adv. Yitzhak Wiener.

 Honenu's legal center is currently set up to provide advice to detainees and anyone who needs legal assistance, both during the construction of the new settlement points and addressing
I current events.

אירגון חוננו

*עצורי היישובים החדשים הובאו לתחנות המשטרה*

*כ-5 עצורים שהגיעו להקמת נקודות ההתיישבות השונות בארץ נלקחו לתחנות המשטרה. עורכי דין של ארגון חוננו ייעצו לעצורים לפני חקירתם*

עד כה פנו למוקד ארגון חוננו כ-5 עצורים, שנעצרו בנקודות ההתיישבות החדשות שהקימה תנועת נחלה סמוך לקרית ארבע, לפסגות ובמערב בנימין.

העצורים הובאו לתחנות המשטרה בקרית ארבע, בשער בנימין ובחשמונאים, שם סייעו להם עורכי הדין מטעם ארגון חוננו: עו"ד חיים בלייכר ועו"ד נתי רום, עו"ד משה פולסקי ועו"ד יצחק וינר.

המוקד המשפטי של חוננו ערוך בימים אלו למתן ייעוץ לעצורים ולכל מי שנזקק לסיוע משפטי, הן במהלך הקמת נקודות ההתיישבות החדשות והן באירועים השוטפים.

*הצטרפו לקבלת עדכונים מחוננו*

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Rewarding Terrorists. Jewish Survivor of a Lynching Is Furious. Early Release of Terrorists is a Prize for Terror. Organizations Honenu and Im Tirzu Concur and Have Strong Words As Well.


English Translation of article in Arutz7
פצוע הלינץ' זועם: שחרור המחבל - פרס לטרור

Hebrew text follows...

Survivor of Lynching on Yom Yerushalayim Is Furious About The Release Of The Terrorist:

 "This is an enemy who at an early age showed anti-Semitism" 

Ephraim Shachor, who, along with his friends, escaped from a brutal lynching near the Lions' Gate on Jerusalem Day.

Now one of the Lynchers at the Lions' Gate in Operation "Shomer HaChomot' will be brought before the Parole Board. "

"There is no doubt that he will return to terrorism. "

Only about a year after the brutal lynching by a number of Arabs by Jews near the Lions' Gate during Operation Guardian of the Walls, one of the terrorists is facing the Prison Service's release committee.

Ephraim Shachor, the driver of the vehicle that was injured in the lynching, sent a message via his attorney, Chaim Bleicher of the Honenu organization, regarding his firm opposition to the terrorist's early release.

Shachor claimed that the terrorist was a man who would return to acts of terrorism against Jews, and that his early release constitutes a reward for terrorism and inspiration for other terrorists to follow in his footsteps.

 "I strongly oppose the early release of the terrorist. This is an enemy who at a young age showed clear anti-Semitism and tried to murder three Jews because they were Jews in the State of Israel. To this day, the terrorist does not recognize the State of Israel as Sovereign  "He will return in the future to support terrorism against Jews as much as he can. The least we can do is keep him in prison until his last day," said Shachor.

He was attacking the fact that the terrorist was appearing before the parole board.  "The parole board is  guilty of considering his release and is complicit with the court that imposed a laughable sentence on him, along with the prosecution who did not appeal the sentence. How could the most active terrorist in such a brutal lynching attack be released a year later?  Many buses were left without a single windshield, and at least seven Jews were injured. "

 "There is no better evidence than this,  that such "punishment" brought zero deterrence on the ground, and that this terrorist is to this day an inspiration to future terrorists. The discussion of early liberation is a reward for terrorism. 
"You have forgotten the simple teachings of the Torah of Israel that a terrorist is deserving of the death sentence , and that an enemy must be destroyed" Shachor wrote.

 Advocate Bleicher added, "This is a terrorist who carried out a lynching attack and from the outset received an extremely lenient punishment, which harms deterrence.  Any attempt to release the terrorist earlier constitutes a reward for the terrorists and is a severe blow to the war on terror.  We will continue to monitor and do everything we can to fight the terrorists and increase deterrence. "

 It will be recalled that in the incident, the driver of a Jewish vehicle and the occupants of his vehicle were attacked with stones in the area of ​​the Lions Gate.  The driver swerved with his vehicle and when he left he was attacked by several Arabs around who tried to lynch him, while defending himself with his bare hands only.

 The terrorist in question took a major part in what was done and was charged with the offenses of an act of terrorism, attempted grievous bodily harm in aggravated circumstances, stone-throwing and intentional sabotage with a racist motive.  The district court sentenced him to one year and eight months in prison, despite opposition from the prosecution demanding 30 months in prison. He is now expected to appear before the parole board to examine the possibility of early release.

 The chairman of the Im Tirzu Organization, Matan Peleg, responded: "This is a crazy chain of failures in the legal system that puts Israeli citizens in danger.  First, the fact that the prosecution demanded only 30 months in prison for the heinous terrorist attack instead of 20 years in prison.  Secondly, the Jerusalem District Court handed down an embarrassing and pathetic sentence, as if was about throwing gum and not an attempted lynching.  Thirdly, the shameful fact that the Parole Board did not outright reject the request for release.  While members of the security forces do everything in their power to protect the citizens of Israel, the justice system loses it and imposes ridiculous punishments that invites future attacks.  "There is an existential need to legislate minimum sentences (that succeed to deter), otherwise we will continue to drift into violent and dangerous anarchy."

פצוע הלינץ' זועם: שחרור המחבל - פרס לטרור

אחד ממבצעי הלינץ' בשער האריות במבצע 'שומר החומות' יובא בפני ועדת השחרורים. פצוע הלינץ': "אין ספק שישוב לטרור".

כשנה בלבד לאחר הלינץ' האכזרי שביצעו מספר ערבים ביהודים סמוך לשער האריות בזמן מבצע "שומר החומות", עומד אחד המחבלים בפני ועדת השחרורים של שירות בתי הסוהר.

אפרים שחור, נהג הרכב שנפצע בלינץ', שלח באמצעות עו"ד חיים בלייכר מארגון חוננו את התנגדותו הנחרצת לשחרורו המוקדם של המחבל.

שחור טען כי מדובר באדם שישוב למעשי טרור כנגד יהודים, וכי שחרור מוקדם שלו מהווה פרס לטרור והשראה למחבלים אחרים ללכת בעקבותיו.

"אני מתנגד נחרצות לשחרורו המוקדם של המחבל. מדובר באויב שכבר בגיל צעיר גילה אנטישמיות מובהקת וניסה לרצוח שלושה יהודים בגלל היותם יהודים במדינת ישראל. המחבל עד עצם היום הזה אינו מכיר במדינת ישראל כריבון ואינו מתנצל בפני הנפגעים. אין ספק שהוא שורש פורה ראש ולענה, והוא ישוב בעתיד לתמוך בטרור נגד יהודים ככל ויתאפשר לו. המעט שבמעט הוא להשאיר אותו בכלא עד יומו האחרון", אמר שחור.

הוא תקף את העמדת המחבל בפני ועדת השחרורים. "ועדת השחרורים חוטאת בעצם הדיון בשחרורו ומצטרפת לבית המשפט שהטיל עליו עונש מגוחך, ולפרקליטות חדלת האישים שלא ערערה על קלות העונש. איך ייתכן שהמחבל הפעיל ביותר בפיגוע לינץ' כה אכזרי ישוחרר כעבור שנה? לסדום היינו? אציין שכבר בשנה החולפת מאז הפיגוע נרגמו במקום האירוע אוטובוסים רבים שנותרו ללא שמשה אחת שלימה, ולפחות שבעה יהודים נפצעו".

"אין ראיה טובה מזו לכך שהענישה שלכם הביאה אפס הרתעה בשטח, ושהמחבל הזה הוא עד עצם היום הזה השראה למחבלים הבאים. הדיון בשחרור מוקדם הוא פרס לטרור. שכחתם את המוסר הפשוט של תורת ישראל שמחבל הוא בן מוות, שאויב צריך להשמיד", כתב שחור.

עו"ד בלייכר הוסיף, "מדובר במחבל שביצע פיגוע לינץ' ומלכתחילה קיבל עונש מקל ביותר, אשר פוגע בהרתעה. כל ניסיון לשחרר את המחבל מוקדם יותר מהווה פרס למחבלים ופגיעה קשה במלחמה בטרור. אנו נמשיך לעקוב ולעשות ככל שביכולתנו כדי להילחם במחבלים ולהגביר את ההרתעה".

נזכיר כי באירוע הותקפו נהג רכב יהודי ונוסעי רכבו באבנים באזור שער האריות. הנהג סטה עם רכבו וכאשר יצא הותקף על ידי מספר ערבים מסביב שניסו לבצע בו לינץ', בעודו מגן על עצמו בידיו החשופות בלבד.

המחבל המדובר לקח חלק עיקרי בנעשה והואשם בעבירות של מעשה טרור, ניסיון חבלה חמורה בנסיבות מחמירות, יידוי אבנים וכן חבלה במזיד ממניע גזעני. ביהמ"ש המחוזי גזר עליו שנה ושמונה חודשי מאסר, על אף התנגדות הפרקליטות שדרשה 30 חודשי מאסר. כעת הוא צפוי לעמוד בפני ועדת השחרורים לבחינת אפשרות של שחרור מוקדם.

יו"ר תנועת אם תרצו מתן פלג הגיב: "מדובר בשרשרת מטורפת של כשלים במערכת המשפט שמעמידה את אזרחי ישראל בסכנה. ראשית העובדה שהפרקליטות דרשה רק 30 חודשי מאסר למחבל המתועב במקום 20 שנה בפנים. שנית בית המשפט המחוזי בירושלים שגזר עונש מביך ועלוב, כאילו מדובר בזריקת מסטיק ולא בניסיון לינץ'. שלישית העובדה המבישה שוועדת השחרורים לא דחתה על הסף את בקשת השחרור. בעוד שאנשי כוחות הביטחון עושים כל שביכולתם להגן על אזרחי ישראל, מערכת המשפט מאבדת עשתונות וגוזרת עונשים מצחיקים שמזמינים את הפרעות הבאות. קיים צורך קיומי לחוקק עונשי מינימום אחרת נמשיך לגלוש לאנרכיה אלימה ומסוכנת''.

*הצטרפו לקבלת עדכונים מחוננו*

Arlene Kushner: True Sovereignty at Long Last?? Support the Nachala Movement!!!! Gantz Plans to Thwart Nachala


Gantz Plans To Thwart Nachala: "Strict Enforcement"

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Arlene from Israel <>
Date: Tue, Jul 19, 2022, 7:16 PM
Subject: True Sovereignty at Long Last??
To: <>

  From Israel: True Sovereignty at Long Last?? July 20, 2022 I am putting this brief posting out as a preview of what we may see coming down the ro




US Dollars

From Israel: True Sovereignty at Long Last??

July 20, 2022

I am putting this brief posting out as a preview of what we may see coming down the road in the next couple of days with regard to the Nachala Movement Project.


Credit: Oren Ben Hakoon

The plans are in place – and they are extensive. Three temporary yeshuvim (settlements) are to be set up rapidly. One each in Binyamin, Samaria and Judea. Each has been selected for ease of access and with careful vetting regarding the status of the land as State Land without Palestinian Arab claims. The precise locations have not yet been revealed.

Families have volunteered to come be there, through Shabbat. Yeshiva students will be studying. There will be an extensive presence in each locale. Thousands are involved.


Vast amounts of PR are coming from the Movement, and signs are being posted. The PR includes endorsements from rabbis, pictures of families participating, and much more.

From the Nachala leadership material that came out on Tuesday (rough translation from the Hebrew, emphasis added):

"A Jew should feel that when the people of Israel need him, he is ready to leave everything and say: I am here!

"…Starting tomorrow, a settlement operation will begin in the Judea and Samaria region, with a twofold goal: to establish settlements literally, but no less important to flood the public consciousness with awareness of the Arab takeover of Judea and Samaria compared to the freeze on Jews.

"…The divine promise is for all of our land…"

"Precisely in the days when the spies searched the land and plowed into their hearts evil thoughts, we will make an historical correction.

"….Even if we are stopped on the way, even if it is all as if there is nothing – our goal is not just the establishment but the very effort and the flooding of interest in the public consciousness."


The organizers emphasized that they have no intention of confronting security forces. All will be done in an uplifting atmosphere.


"….if we succeed, we will try to spend the next few days in these settlements. But also reaching one day is significant, and contributes greatly to educating children to love the country, Zionism, and devotion to values…

"We will surely go up since we inherited it…"


It will be very difficult, I have no doubt. But there is a way in which they will almost surely succeed because of the goal of raising awareness in the nation.

Defense Minister Gantz is playing tough guy, making pronouncements about how this is illegal and he does not permit illegal building.

Israel Hayom2

Credit: Israel Hayom

He was a fool to take this position, however, because he permits illegal building every day – when it is Arabs doing that building. And this too will come more into the consciousness of the public with this situation. What he does is selective law enforcement, and we will be hearing a great deal more about this.


That he is running scared on this situation is obvious. It has to look bad for him because his security forces will be confronting families with kids and religious students. There is no way he can represent them as "troublemakers." In fact, he is attempting to shame these very decent people into thinking twice before – shock!! – breaking the law.

We also know he is running scared because there were reports Tuesday of a car driving through various communities announcing that the Nachala event had been cancelled. Were they stupid enough to think that those involved would fall for this?

Clipart LIbrary

Clipart Library

They tried.

"We have to be very focused, purposeful and patient," came the message from Nachala leaders. "If we are not patient, we will not be able to reach the desired goal."


What we cannot laugh at, even momentarily, is the response of Peace Now and similar groups. These vile people also expose themselves with their statements. They have announced intention of going out to stop the Nachala program in the hills. Will the security forces prevent them from trying??

From Peace Now: "The establishment of new terrorist outposts, accompanied by an open campaign and backed by the Messianic right, is a well-planned attack against the Israeli interest." A great deal more to say about this, going forward.


Pray, my friends. Pray for the peace and the success of the Nachala Movement. Pray for the strength of Israel.


© Arlene Kushner. This material is produced by independent journalist Arlene Kushner. Permission is granted for it to be reproduced only with proper attribution.


©2022 Arlene from Israel |

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Thursday, July 07, 2022

Fwd: Is it Mutar for Yeshivos to Accept Government Funding?


Lichvod Rabbonim and Spiritual Leaders:

Urgent SOS

We, the Nation of Israel and our Spiritual Leaders are Hashem's spokespeople to the world as what is considered moral and ethical as per G-d's teachings. When we are silent the void is being filled with "values' antithetical to G-d's commandments and violate and reject the 7 Noahide laws. 

The 7 Noahide Laws: Universal Morality
"These laws were communicated by G‑d to Adam and Noah, ancestors of all human beings. That is what makes these rules universal, for all times, places and people:"

We don't want our kids brainwashed by a value system that defies the Almighty G-d. We also don't want society to be brainwashed with G-dless "values".

G-d fearing secular non Jews are also now advising parents not to send their kids to public schools which is run by G-dless political operatives. 

"TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF SCHOOLS NOW" -PSYCHIATRIST DR. MARC MCDONALD author of 'United States of Fear' How America Fell Victim to
a Mass Delusional Psychosis

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Boruch Weiss from Agudas Anshei Emes <>
Date: Mon, Jul 4, 2022, 6:59 PM
Subject: Is it Mutar for Yeshivos to Accept Government Funding?
To: <>

A fresh look



Did the title surprise you? If you are thinking "Why on earth should we not accept government help?", then you should know that this question was seriously debated by the Gedolim, including Rav Aharon Kotler Zatzal, back in the 1961.

What would the potential issurim be? The most obvious is the prohibition against putting the chinuch of our children into the hands of kofrim. In general, the rule in life is that whoever pays the bills calls the shots, and there's no way that we could allow the government to have a dei'a in our Yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs, which are run according to a sacred, untouchable, mesora.

So how did the heter to take money come about? Some history is in order. The poverty in the community decades ago was a huge issue, and many children would have gone to public school, had there been no loophole to allow acceptance of outside funding.

Even with the specter of Jewish children going to public school for no other reason than lack of funds to sustain the yeshivas, the allowance to accept assistance from the government was still not simple. The book "A Fire in his Soul" details how in 1961, Rav Aharon Kotler Zatzal and other Gedolim deliberated for months, and received input from lawyers and other experts. The Gedolim were assured that government interference in the schools was impossible, based on 1) the history of American democracy, 2) the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and American law, 3) the tolerance and democratic bent of the American people, who would not permit the violation of Jewish religious liberty or the Jews' right to trannsmit Torah teachings to their children.

Additionally, the Rabbonim based their decision on the fact that the federal aid would give the yeshivos the opportunity to expand and help thousands more children access a Torah education, and that the money to be paid to the yeshivos was not a gift, but rather a payment of a debt owed by the govenment, for the schools having maintained secular studies departments for decades while receiving zero funding, at the same time as Jewish parents paid property taxes which went towards the funding of public schools.

Only with the firm guarantee that the government would have absolutely no say in the running of the yeshivas, and for the above additional reasons, was the heter given to accept the money. It is critical to remember this.

Subsequent to Rav Aaharon Kotler's petira in 1962, the inaugral issue of The Jewish Observer in 1963 contained a long article by Rabbi Moshe Sherer z"l explaining the importance of accepting the government assistance, in order to avoid Jewish children ending up in public school.

Baruch Hashem, there is enough money within the community nowadays, that our own philanthropists and community members are capable of providing for the needs of our yeshivos, and Rabbi Sherer's reason does not apply.

Even more compelling, though, is the fact that it seems clear that the three foundations to the guarantee of governmental non-interference in our mesora of chinuch, on which Rav Aharon based his heter, have evaporated.

The government is currently interfering in the most egregious of ways in the very fundamentals of our Yiddishkeit, right in the hallowed halls of the yeshiva. For example, they mandate a certain amount of hours of secular subjects, which topics, and how they are taught. Not only that, but currently they are seeking to mandate that to'eiva be taught in our schools.

The question begs asking: Would Rav Aharon have given his heter to accept government money if he would be looking at our current situation in 2022?

I will leave it to the reader to use his imagination.

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Sunday, July 03, 2022

Hundreds join march demanding freedom for Jewish man who saved a group of children from Arab rioters' lynch attempt. Guide Reinacts Event


אל המקום אשר...

Updated Aug 25, 2022
Police Close Case Against Ariel Lynch Hero

BH! Case is closed! Will this hero be compensated for physical and emotional abuse in the hands of Shabaq?

The attempted attack near Ariel: the case against the Jew who killed a Palestinian is closed
 The prosecutor's office decided to close the case against the Jew who killed a Palestinian who tried to harm a group of children about two months ago near Ariel
ניסיון הפגיעה ליד אריאל: נסגר התיק נגד היהודי שהרג פלסטיני
הפרקליטות החליטה לסגור את התיק נגד היהודי שהרג פלסטיני שניסה לפגוע בקבוצת ילדים לפני כחודשיים ליד אריאל

Guide Who Protected Jewish Youths Against Lynching Arabs Near Ariel Reenacts Event For Police
July 3, 2022 4 Tamuz 5782

Hundreds join march demanding freedom for Jewish man who saved a group of children from Arab rioters' lynch attempt.

Man suspected of killing Arab speaks up: 'I defended myself and the boys who were with me'
The suspect, a 44-year-old Jewish resident of Samaria, tells his version of events to Shabak, police: 'I was defending myself and the boys who were with me.'

"Shemittah Rediscovered: Honenu: Shabak Tortured, Emotionally and Physically Abused a Jewish Defender and Survivor of an Arab Lynch"