Monday, July 26, 2021

Fwd: My Letter to Unilever


To Whom It May Concern:

I am using my social conscience and G-d Given values to boycott Unilever!

I am a G-d fearing individual, and a proud Believer in the Bible. 

FYI. The Bible clearly delineates the boundaries of Israel.

FYI. Our Almighty G-d, Creator of Heaven and Earth...Owner of the Land...Has given the Seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the descendents of 12 Tribes, the Children of Israel (Jacob), the Land of Israel as an Eternal inheritance! 

FYI The Palestinians are not even biological descendents of the Canaanites who were dispossessed as per G-d's Will!

Israel's Heritage, its Eternal Inheritance,  includes the heartland, namely Judea and Samaria!!! 

Temple Mount, Judea and Samaria are the Bible Belt traveled by our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

If Jews have no rights to Temple Mount and the territory of Judea and/or Samaria, than what gives them the rights to any part of the Land of Israel?

Israels enemies know this.

Israel's enemies, those who are pushing BDS  want to boycott all of Israel and basically wipe Israel off the map G-d forbid! 

Its no secret.

This phenomenon is not new.

Fyi The Land of Israel was  renamed to Palestine following the destruction of the Temple, by those who wished to erase Israel's claim to their G-d Given Land.

Yet history has shown that only once the Jewish People started returning to their ancient homeland, did the Arabs follow.

Read Mark Twain! The Land laid barren for thousands of years.

It was waiting for the Nation of Israel to return as was Promised in the Torah. The Land of Israel remains loyal to the Nation of Israel. 

Only then does the Land begin to bloom!!!

The Green Line is testimony. The Jewish side is green, blooming and flourishing. What was not under Israeli control, still lay barren. 

Sadly, the British, following the Mandate of Palestine, in the 1930s, reneged on their Mandate to reestablish Israel as the National Homeland for the Jews.

In fact the British did the opposite of their Mandate. They closed the doors to Palestine to Jews and opened it to non Jews.

Had they not violated their Mandate, surely many of the 6,000,000 Jews who perished in the Holocaust would have had a safe haven to run to and their lives could have been spared.

FYI For thousands of years Jews pray to return to Zion.

How dare Unilever and it's subsidiary, Ben and Jerry be so arrogant  as to choose Judea and Samaria  and only Judea and Samaria to boycott in the entire world?

They reject G-ds Choice of who inherits His Land!!!

They reject G-d's Laws of Universal morality also known as the 7 Noahide Laws.

They do this because they are G-dless and they wish for man made values to replace G-d's laws. 

They want to replace Laws of Universal Morality, laws for a civilized society  going back to the beginning of time with their own contrived man made unG-dly values.

Do we really need to eat Unilever and Ben and Jerry's ice cream and use their products?

G-d fearing people prefer to give business to companies who are G-d fearing.

Thank you for clarifying your position on the matter.

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The myth of "Occupied Palestinian Territories" -- Part 1 of 2
For those who still own an old encyclopedia that predates the mid-1960’s, look up “Palestinian.” Op-ed.
Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Kumi Ori Reminiscent of the Expulsion of Gush Katif


Civil Rights Violations during the "Disengagement" period

Violence at hilltop community in Samaria
Resident of Kumi Ori, near Yitzhar, claims he was violently attacked by officers when he tried to document them confronting another resident

Video of Settler who was attacked in Kumi Ori

From Chat
משחררים את קומי אורי

 "עדות של תמר גוזלן, אשתו של התושב שהותקף: 

"הרביצו לו, השכיבו את בעלי על הרצפה עם הראש על האבנים. שמו לו נשק בחזה ומשכו לו בפיאות. בכל הזמן הזה הם לא נתנו לו להתקשר לאנשים. הוא צעק לעזרה לשכן והמגבניק אמר לו 'סתום את הפה אתה לא צועק לאף אחד, אף אחד לא הולך להגיע לפה"

 עדות של שכנה שגרה סמוך לקומי אורי:

"את לא מבינה, אנחנו שמענו את זה כאילו זה אצלנו בתוך הבית. צרחות משוגעות. הייתי בטוחה שמישהו צורח כי הגיע מחבל. קפצנו פה בסלון כאילו בקטע אחר. הם חיות...

ממש ממש, כבר תקופה, עם כל אירוע כזה כי לצערנו זה לא הראשון אתה מרגיש בתוך טרפת אחת גדולה...סטרס מטורף ורעידות... קשה"

 במקום נמצאים כעת עשרות תושבים שלא מוכנים לחזור הביתה עד שיקחו את השוטרים האלימים לכלא. 

כוח מג"ב תקף את המפגינים ברימון הלם ובאגרופים לפנים. 

במקום 3 פצועים, אחד מהפצועים תושב יצהר כבן 30 מפונה כעת למיון. 

להפיץ את הטירוף!!! 
להצטרפות לקבוצת העדכונים -"

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Withdrawal from Gaza Documentary (formerly Unsettled) 6 years ago

Rabbi Alon Anava. Tu Be'Av (15th Day of Av) The Hidden Secret. Tu be'Av is a Tikun for the Sin of the Spies. 

If Tu b'av is a Tikun for Chait haMiraglim, what will we do for Kumi Ori?

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Israeli Minister of Knesset Eichler testifies:

Israeli Minister of Knesset Eichler testifies: 
-The elites keep a blackmail file on all politicians in order to control them, and they always have. 
-In reality, Israel is not a democracy at all but a dictatorship governed by a small group.
-The job of the politicians is to keep people distracted with petty issues that don't affect their lives and with petty political squabbles.
-The elites have their people at every gov't meeting to direct it according to their agenda and the politicians go along because of the blackmail.
-"All the conspiracy ideas that you could possibly imagine are the reality here." 

From Chananya Weissman 15 Questions to Ask Your Rabbi


From Chananya Weissman

15 Questions to Ask Your Rabbi

Please answer the following questions, and provide relevant Halachic sources and precedents.

1. Must a healthy child be injected with a pharmaceutical product – which always carries risks and unknowns – for the presumptive purpose of decreasing the chances of others becoming sick?

2. Is it even permissible to force definite risks and unknowns upon a healthy child for the entirely hypothetical benefit to other people?

3. Under what circumstances, if any, is it permissible for healthy Jews to submit to a medical experiment?

4. Is there any halachic precedent to allow doctors virtually unlimited control over all of Klal Yisrael, indefinitely?

5. On what basis can all of Klal Yisrael be instructed to surrender the power to decide when, if, and under what circumstances they may daven, learn Torah, educate their children, and otherwise live a normative Jewish life to any outside group? Even the Sanhedrin did not exercise such absolute control over the daily life of Klal Yisrael; why is a group of people who are overwhelmingly not Jewish, and even heretics, entitled to greater power over Jewish life than the Sanhedrin?

6. Under what circumstances may a minority of medical opinions be followed?

7. Even in cases where the majority of doctors are followed, shall the opinions of doctors who have not independently studied and demonstrated proficiency in the pertinent science be counted?

8. Similarly, must we count the "majority" opinions of doctors who have conflicts of interest, or risk serious repercussions if they express a view contrary to the establishment?

9. On what halachic basis are we obligated to assume that doctors, rabbis, or anyone else with a serious negi'us (vested interest) will not be influenced by this, especially in matters where we are assuming risks to our health and they bear no liability for anything that happens to us?

10. On what halachic basis must we assume that pharmaceutical companies with an unbroken history of satanic greed and disregard for human life shall be trusted, especially when they have nothing to fear from the law and they have tremendous leverage over the agencies that are supposed to oversee them?

11. On what halachic basis must we assume that government agencies, politicians, health officials, and other influencers of public opinion can be trusted when they have lied, made gross mistakes, engaged in deceit and manipulation, and receive funding from the pharmaceutical companies whose products and positions they endorse? At what point according to halacha does a doctor with a valid medical opinion become compromised?

12. If a rabbi has a position with an agency that has negi'us, or will otherwise suffer repercussions if he expresses a view against the "majority", on what basis can we assume that his support of their position is not influenced by this?

13. On what basis can we be so sure that this negi'us has no influence over his support of their position that we may bank our physical and spiritual lives on it?

14. In the entire course of Jewish history, during which our nation endured many plagues, has there ever been a response so widespread, intrusive, authoritarian, and unlimited both in scope and duration? Why does this situation justify such a radical departure from everything in Torah and tradition? On what basis are so many rabbis urging this radical departure with total conviction and severe condemnations for those who don't fall completely into line?

15. If a rabbi instructs a healthy person to submit to a medical experiment (even if – especially if – it is referred to in other terms), and that person is harmed in any way, is the rabbi liable in human courts or the Heavenly court?

Monday, July 12, 2021

Protest Great Britain's judicial decision to murder Baby Alta! From Tamar Adelstein

July 12, 2021

Today the final (we think) appeal to stop the murder of baby Alta Fixler was lost and she has been condemned to die by Great Britain's London High Court of Appeal.  Her crime, a difficult birth that left her oxygen deprived and disabled.  

Alta survived her traumatic birth and was eventually able to breathe without the aid of a ventilator.  In her own way, she thrived under the  loving care of her very devoted, loving parents and a plan was created to bring her home to live with her family.   Doctors involved in her care, however, decided to play G-d and set in motion a series of moves that caused Alta's health to deteriorate and need life support.   After that they began arguing that due to her suffering Alta should be mercy killed and taken off that support, r"l. 

Despite her parents' legal challenge, along with support from the Israeli Government, Israeli hospitals willing to treat her, and NYS Senator Chuck Shumer's obtaining a US visa for her to brought to America, the evil London High Court has ruled she must die.  

What can we do?  
First, let us say Tehillim (Psalms) for her:  Say 3 and 20, at the very least.   

Second, BE OUTRAGED!  For this is not only an assault against the sanctity of human life but these evil judges also decided that "she was not of an age to understand anything about the religion she was born into"  in response to her parents' challenge that murdering her by removing life support is against the tenets of Judaism (and Sheva Mitzvos too!).  In essence England's judicial system took it upon themselves to deny Alta her Jewish heritage and instead deem her, in essence, nothing more than a thing.

Third, call the Consulate General of Britain tomorrow to protest and demand Alta be allowed to live!  The telephone number is 212-745-0200
Karen Pierce is the British Ambassador to the US in Washington, DC.  That number to call is 202-588-6500.
To keep the calls going all day:  Last names A - G, call between 9 and 11am.  Last names H - N, call between 11am - 1pm, Last names O - S, call between 1 -3pm,  Last names T - Z, call between 3 and 4pm.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe said, that when it comes to Pikuach Nefesh - SAVING A LIFE - we must cry out and even bang our fist on the table in protest until the situation is reversed.

May we hear good news and may Alta bas Chaya have a Refua Shleima immediately!

Wishing everyone the Geula Shleima and Moshiach NOW!,

Tamar Adelstein, Coordinator
Crown Hts Women for the Safety and Integrity of Israel

Watch "חשיפה: תושב דומא חושף את האמת על עלילת ההצתה בדומא" on YouTube Duma Arab tells what really happened at Duma.


Duma Arab tells what really happened at Duma.