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Re: Grave Sakana to Not only Chinuch but to Yiddishkeit - Shmuel Koenig

From: Shmuel Koenig <ShmuelKoenig@verizon.net>

To: Different Rabbanim
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2022 5l
Subject: FW: Grave Sakana to Not only Chinuch but to Yiddishkeit - Shmuel Koenig
From Robin Ticker:
Shmuel, Please share with as many Rabbonim as you can.
We need to know our enemy and their agenda. If their agenda is to rebel against Hashem, then respectful pleading with them is like negotiating with the wolf guarding the hen house. 
Understanding from where these Gezeiros arose is crucial to then give us the wisdom to understand how best to fight this evil.
The evil forces are most afraid of Torah Jews pushing Hashems agenda which for the goyim are the 7 Noahide Laws. 
Rather than be on the defensive and try to be satisfied with merely just being left alone so they dont interfere with our education, perhaps the best approach is to proudly stand up to their G-dless agenda by exposing it and then educate the world with Hashem's knowledge and truth and raise knowledge regarding the Torah for the world which are the 7 Noahide Laws 
From Brucha Weissberger,
For whoever joined since Sunday late afternoon, I am reposting this critical information. 
I post the following IN CONSULTATION with a Rav (meaning to say, this is leto'eles, it is NOT lashon hara or meant to be for the sake of negativity, but only for the sake of waking up our people to the dangers we are facing.)
Regarding the grave sakana to not only our chinuch but our entire Yiddishkeit that we are facing- a short summary:
Most people know that laws may chas veshalom be passed which would 1) mandate our schools to teach many more hours of secular studies and have almost no time left for limudei Kodesh, 2) teach "gender" studies which are absolutely impossible for us to teach and would be a complete destruction of children and our communities, 3) subject our schools to be under the jurisdiction of the local public schools, 4) allow for them to be inspected at any time, 5) allow anyone to file a complaint at any time, 6) provide for 60 days jail time for any parent who does not send their child to an "approved" school (one which complies with the "substantial equivalency" guidelines summarized above.)
What most people do NOT know is the this:
1) These NYS proposed laws are NOT a stand-alone issue and didn't begin recently. This originates all the way up at the United Nations, this is global, this has been planned and implemented bit by bit for decades, and it has a GOAL - to promote to'eiva, promiscuity, and abortion, to destroy the family structure, and to remove people from belief in One G-d. While they want to wipe out what they call the "Judeo-Christian tradition" in general, they have a specific goal to destroy Orthodox Judaism. 
2) The battle has NOT been fought properly until now by most of the ones who were supposed to be fighting it, or should I say, regretfully, they have made it much worse. 
This is because the government has been basically INVITED to control our schools because we keep on requesting and accepting money from them in the form of various programs, and in so doing, we have accepted more and more oversight over our Mosdos by them. The current situation is the natural outgrowth. 
3) The danger is not only that parents could go to jail for 60 days. 
The much worse danger is that chas veshalom CHILDREN COULD BE FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM THE HOME BY CPS IF THE PARENTS REFUSE TO SEND THEM TO THE SCHOOLS THAT TEACH SHMAD, and then the government would place the children in the schools of their choosing. 
This is a sha'as hashmad mamesh, and also, as a knowledgeable Rav pointed out, could easily chas veshalom lead to a situation of bloodshed if police come to forcibly remove children from homes of parents who refuse to send to shmad-compliant schools. 
Most probably none of us here have ever faced such a threat to our spiritual and physical safety. 
This is a time of לך כנוס את כל היהודים. 
We should be gathering to storm the שמים. 
We should NOT be relying on any organization to save us. 
The organizations receive millions of dollars from the government and are therefore unable to fight them effectively. The organizations may mean well but they have made the mistake of NEGOTIATING with the government about topics of Mesora about which THERE CAN BE NO NEGOTIATION. 
AP, with the goal of ensnaring us to be forced into their agenda, which is an agenda of shmad, is global, and is decades in the planning and implementation. 
I will post links to articles and recordings which will give you more information and proof.
Another post of Brucha Weissberger...
I share the following with a heavy heart and after consulting with a Rav who is painfully aware of the grave reality and told me to share it. This is a heartbreaking recording of a talk by Rabbi Chaim Lefkowitz, who works with great Rabbonim and with a legal team to fight for authentic chinuch.. but he tells us that it's very late already. 😰
Whatever is negative here is not shared as lashon hara, but to wake up the tzibbur to try to save ourselves from shmad and destruction through davening and proper actions. 
I hope everyone understands and takes the information in the proper spirit. Not to cause division, but to beg everyone to unite for Emes and kedusha and repent from mistakes where $$$ from the government played a role in allowing negotiations about our Mesora, where there should not have been negotiations. 
Bottom line- it is an absolute and utter necessity to immediately break away from all government funding of our schools.
Again, the youtube is:
Monday, May 30, 2022
Fyi United Nations Population Fund Leader Says Family Breakdown is a Triumph for Human Rights. Alice Bailey's Vision of A New World Order... 10 point plan
From Shmuel  Koenig:
About Eretz Yisrael:
The Jews have to observe the 613 mitzvot and the non-Jews have to observe the 7 mitzvot bnai noach.
This will help bring the geula.
With best wishes for the geula,
Shmuel Koenig

Honenu: Shabak Tortured, Emotionally and Physically Abused a Jewish Defender and Survivor of an Arab Lynch. Similar to Trauma inflicted on Duma Detainees in 2015

אל המקום אשר...


Updated July 4, 2022 to include testimony of Nethanel Forkovitch who experienced similar inhumane treatment by Shabak, interrogated as a Jewish terrorist in 2015. See below a link to his testimony to Honenu (h)

Update: News reports on Israel National News

Hundreds march in Samaria demand free the hero who saved our children


Let me preface with amazing, powerful words by Jonathan Pollard.

https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/327191Jonathan Pollard: Israel is heading to disaster

'I'm waiting for a real Jewish leader.' Pollard slams government, compares life in Israel to his time in prison. 'This never ends well.'

Honenu reports: 

Arabs attack Jewish children, June 21, 2022 their defender is detained


Shabak (GSS) detained,  interrogated and emotionally and physically  tortured  a Jewish resident of Ariel, 44 year old father of 3, former Jewish Navy Officer,  with no former criminal record. This hero according to Honenu defended children from an Arab Lynch. All miraculously survived the Lynch.  When this hero went to report the attempted lynch to the Ariel Police Department and  give testimony and file a complaint,  he was himself detained and treated like a terrorist and handed over to GSS (Shabak).  He was subsequently tortured and was denied an attorney for 6 Days!

Updates on Ariel detainees - One suffered heart incident

June 27,2022


There was a large demonstration following the exposure of this shameful treatment of an innocent victim.

Five normative protesters of this unwarranted and unexcusable denial of basic civil and humanitarian rights and abusive interrogation/ investigation  were then themselves detained and bh released but not before they too suffered police brutality.

Detained protesters unconditionally released

June 28,2022


Descriptions of the protesters:

"Protesters are minors and women. The protesters suffered police brutality when they were detained, and one of them was badly beaten while he was handcuffed in a police car."

MK Moshe Arbel in the Knesset regarding the terrible injustice of a man lynched and defends himself is denied his basic civil right to an attorney. Are we like Sodom and Gomorrah


My comments:

Jews are literally punished for defending themselves in Judea and Samaria. 

Shabak has a history of framing Jews as Jewish terrorists. The latest June 21, 2022 Shabak, detained a Jew who filed a Police Report regarding a violent assault by Arab stone throwers, denied him a lawyer for 6 days brutally investigated and physically and emotionally abused and tortured him.

This is nothing more than a politically driven miscarriage of justice to create a false narrative of Jewish Terrorism. 

The Duma Affair:

An Arson in the Arab Village of Duma took place in late July 2015. The arson investigation by GSS which subsequently occured,  tortured and extracted forced false confessions under duress, mistreated detainees and those arrested, and denied basic civil and human rights to tens, if not more, of Settler Youth. The trauma is still very much real. The investigation was literally staged for the same purpose as the existing investigation. To smear Jewish Settlers who are ideologically motivated to Settle our Biblical Homeland.

This Lynching has brought out of the closet the story of trauma victim of Shabak interrogations in 2015 by the name of Netanel Forkovich of Kochav Hashachar. There are tens if not more such victims who today still suffer great trauma but their stories are buried.

From Honenu:

*צפו בעדות המטלטלת: "ברוך הבא לחקירת שב"כ" - נתנאל פורקוביץ שובר שתיקה*

* Watch the moving testimony:

 "Welcome to the GSS interrogation" - Nathaniel Porkovich breaks the silence *

רכז הנוער של כוכב השחר, מצטיין נשיא, נעצר באמצע שירות מילואים ונלקח למרתפי המחלקה היהודית בשב"כ. במשך 12 יום עבר נתנאל חקירות קשות כשהוא אזוק לכסא, על לא עוול בכפו.

The youth coordinator of Kochav Hashahar, an outstanding president, was arrested in the middle of reserve service and taken to the cellars of the GSS Jewish Department. For 12 days, Nathaniel underwent harsh interrogations while handcuffed to a chair, for no wrongdoings by the work of his hands.

 *"אין יום שאני לא חושב על מה שעברתי* "There's not a day that I don't think about what I went through"*

He testifies to 12 days of severe physical and emotional abuse handcuffed and treated like a terrorist. Apparently they wanted him to confess to being an accomplice to the Duma Arson based on the "crime" that he sold a vehicle to a hilltop youth. They told him he might get 45 years in prison for the crime of being an accomplice to acts of terror.

העדות המלאה: His complete testimony (h) https://youtu.be/co7IQXcNrgc,

Amiram ben Uliel was the Settler scapegoat most tortured  and after many years of waiting for a trial in solitude, is sentenced to multiple lives in prison, for a crime which he never committed, nor is there any credible evidence he committed this arson besides  his own confession extracted under duress and torture. The evidence at the scene, handwriting of the graffiti and interviews with Arab eye witnesses at the scene does not add up nor match his forced version of his confessed crime.

There is an ongoing stretched out appeal where all this evidence was presented and again the verdict has been delayed as Amiram continues to languish in solitude, almost 7 years now, and denied all privileges. Privileges are generously showered out to Arab terrorists incarcerated for terror attacks when the evidence of guilt against them is rock solid and they are proud of their acts of terror and are held in high esteem by their people and rewarded financially.

So we see a pattern. It could happen to any of us....

The survivor of the Lynch attack near Ariel last week,  rather than the violent Arab rioters who initiated the lynch, was investigated jailed, treated inhumanely, denied civil and human rights, denied attorney and severely emotionally and physically abused. 

Honenu whatsapp post reports:

* Adv. Kedar meets with the survivor of the lynch " he is in a very difficult mental and physical condition" *

* After about six days of not being allowed to meet with an attorney, today the survivor of the lynch was able to meet with attorney Adi Keidar of the Honenu organization.  The detainee underwent severe interrogations, sleep deprivation, Shabbat interrogations and severe violation of rights.  Attorney Keidar "There is no difference or even half a difference between this and any security incident as it was completely driven by Arab rioters" *

Attorney Adi Keidar from the Honenu organization met for the first time today with the survivor of the lynching near Ariel last week.

Adv. Keidar met the detainee at the GSS facility where the detainee is being held, and heard from him his version of the incident as well as what he was going through in the GSS interrogations as well as details about the difficult incident in which he was dragged on the floor without clothing.

"I was shocked to find out that he was in a very difficult mental and physical condition," Advocate Keidar said after the meeting.  An orderly complaint was received from him by an investigator and I very much hope that things will be investigated later.  As a matter of fact, it seems on the face of it that the incident was not an incident that should have been investigated by the GSS, an incident between which and a security incident there is nothing and everything that was created and initiated by the Arab rioters who turn out to be terrorists.  "Until that date, we will not give our version in full," Kedar said.

Recall that this morning was published about the abuse that the lynch exploited during his interrogation.  According to the publication, he was dragged naked on the floor at the GSS, forced to defecate, and also had a heart attack during the interrogations.  Hours without the possibility of sleep as well as interrogation even during Shabbat despite being a Torah and mitzvah observer.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people demonstrated outside the Knesset tonight in protest of the arrest and the difficult interrogations that the detainee is going through.  Knesset members Bezalel Smutrich, Itamar Ben Gvir, Ofir Sofer, Michal Waldiger, Simcha Rotman and Avi Maoz participated in the demonstration.  "Immediately stop the torture during the interrogation and announce the transfer of the interrogation to the Israel Police," the GSS protesters demanded.

The detainee, married, in his forties, with no criminal record, father of 3 children aged 3,5, and 6, a graduate of military service in the Navy, was arrested last Wednesday afternoon, after arriving at the Ariel police to file a complaint about the lynching  The hardship he went through with another group of children near the fence of the city of Ariel.  To his amazement, he was arrested and transferred to the GSS for questioning, while he has been banned from meeting with an attorney to this day.  The Ashkelon Magistrate's Court extended his detention until next Wednesday.

Original Honenu text

*עו"ד קידר נפגש עם ניצול הלינץ' "נמצא במצב נפשי וגופני קשה ביותר"*

*לאחר כשישה ימים שלא הורשה לפגוש בעו"ד, נפגש היום ניצול הלינץ' עם עו"ד עדי קידר מארגון חוננו. העצור עובר חקירות קשות, מניעת שינה, חקירות בשבת ופגיעה קשה בזכויות. עו"ד קידר "אירוע שבינו לבין אירוע ביטחוני אין שום דבר וחצי דבר שכל כולו נוצר והחל ביוזמת הפורעים הערבי"*

עו"ד עדי קידר מארגון חוננו נפגש היום לראשונה עם ניצול הלינץ' סמוך לאריאל בשבוע שעבר. עו"ד קידר פגש את העצור במתקן השב"כ בו מוחזק העצור, ושמע ממנו את גרסתו לאירוע וכן את מה שעובר עליו בחקירות השב"כ וכן פרטים על האירוע הקשה בו הוא נגרר על הריצפה ללא ביגוד.

"הזדעזעתי לגלות כי הוא נמצא במצב נפשי וגופני קשה ביותר", אמר עו"ד קידר לאחר המפגש. לדבריו, "מסתבר כי כל הטענות שנטענו על ידו התבררו כנכונות. נגבתה ממנו תלונה מסודרת על ידי חוקר ואני מקווה מאוד שהדברים ייבדקו בהמשך. לגופו של עניין, נראה על פניו שהאירוע אינו אירוע שהיה צריך להיחקר על ידי השב"כ, אירוע שבינו לבין אירוע ביטחוני אין שום דבר וחצי דבר שכל כולו נוצר והחל ביוזמת הפורעים הערבים שמסתבר שהם מחבלים. על כן אנחנו דורשים הפסקה מיידית של חקירת השב"כ, ועד לאותו מועד לא נמסור את גרסתנו באופן מלא", מסר קידר.

נזכיר כי הבוקר פורסם על התעללות שעבר ניצול הלינץ' בעת חקירתו. על פי הפרסום הוא נגרר עירום על הריצפה בשב"כ, נאלץ לעשות את צרכיו על עצמו, וכן הוא עבר אירוע לבבי במהלך החקירות. פרסום זה, שכאמור אושר על ידי העצור בפגישה עם עו"ד קידר, מצטרף לכך שהעצור נחקר ארבעה חקירות במהלך 24 שעות ללא אפשרות שינה וכן חקירה גם במהלך השבת למרות היותו שומר תורה ומצוות.

בתוך כך, מאות בני אדם הפגינו הערב מחוץ לכנסת במחאה על המעצר והחקירות הקשות אותם עובר העצור. בהפגנה השתתפו חברי הכנסת בצלאל סמוטריץ', איתמר בן גביר, אופיר סופר, מיכל וולדיגר, שמחה רוטמן ואבי מעוז. "לעצור באופן מיידי את העינויים בחקירה ולהודיע על העברת החקירה למשטרת ישראל", דרשו המוחים מהשב"כ

כזכור, העצור, נשוי, בשנות הארבעים לחייו, ללא עבר פלילי, אב ל-3 ילדים בגילאים 3,5, ו-6, בוגר שרות צבאי בחיל הים, נעצר ביום רביעי האחרון בשעות הצהרים, לאחר שהגיע למשטרת אריאל להגיש תלונה על הלינץ' הקשה שעבר יחד עם עוד קבוצת ילדים בסמוך לגדר העיר אריאל. לתדהמתו הוא נעצר והועבר לחקירת שב"כ תוך שנאסר עליו לפגוש בעו"ד עד היום. בימ"ש השלום באשקלון, האריך את מעצרו עד ליום רביעי הקרוב.

*הצטרפו לקבלת עדכונים מחוננו https://chat.whatsapp.com/KxCFJfyf3OsDC146crtWUq*

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Carrie Madej


I was terribly saddened by hearing of the plane crash of Carrie Madej and her boyfriend. 

The following letter was sent to my friend T, Dec 2020 when I wanted to warn T about the Covid vaccine. Carrie Madej was the one that convinced me to really investigate. Her sincerity was so authentic that I transcribed the following youtube in Sep 2020 with referenced links of terms and Pharmaceutical companies that she referenced. The fact that I was able to find links proved to me she knew exactly what she was talking about. She really opened up a new reality of evil forces when I was clueless. I sensed her deep emotional distress of what she was revealing. May G-d sent them a complete recovery very soon!

 The youtube itself  was later removed. I am glad I transcribed it.

To: T.
From: Robin Ticker <faigerayzel@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Dec 17, 2020


Thank you T.   Here is another perspective that isn't so positive about the vaccine.  In fact it tells a totally different story. Dr. Carrie Madej feels that there could be permanent irreversible consequences and damage unlike your version. Totally conflicting narratives.  Imho the narrative by Carrie Madej is way more academic then what you sent me. 

She had an earlier video on YouTube that was removed.

I transcribed it myself because it seemed authentic and I wanted to check out what she was talking about. I had no reason to believe they would remove it from youtube when I transcribed it.  I googled any company and term that was unfamiliar to me. The links I found are embedded in the transcription and are in bold and italic and shaded yellow..

Please feel free to pass around.

Dr. Carrie Madej 
Transcript of video that was later removed from youtube discussing the dangers of Covid vaccine. I saved the transcription as a link on my Google drive and pasted the content  below  just in case you can't open this link. 


Covid19 Vaccine:

Dr. Carrie Madej


You can still see her profile.

Internal medicine physician. Ostiopathic trained.

Youtube removed

In this version she is a bit emotional in the first minutes


Another youtube removed


2:35 minutes into video

I want to start this talk by saying

the most important question/choice in your life is what it means to be human.

This is very important to question. It's going to be very important to question this vaccine that is coming up. So let me introduce some basic facts first, and then I will give you some basic information of what's been going on since we've been distracted in the media and I'll give you some of the conclusions at the end. And then as far as the data I plan to present, I will give you some references you can look up on your own. Give me a day or two to put them on the group's album page.

So first of all some information for us to digest. Each of us have enough DNA in our bodies that could stretch up to 10 billion miles when uncoiled.

That's about 10,000 terrabytes of data which is about 35 million hours of high definition video. So what would this information hold? The blueprint for life, how to create it, how your body functions, how it grows, how it reproduces, our thoughts and memories just to begin. Just some of those.

Just to know that DNA is similar to computer code or binary code so if you are familiar with those it will take a small change in the pattern of code and it will have a grand effect. So you can insert a gene into the genome and put in something extra in there or you can take something out so it's missing one, you can translocate, which means you can take one part of the genome and put it in a different area, or flip flop them, or you can take from another synthetic or from another organism, a genome, and cut out the genome of the human and insert the other genome in them.

When you are doing this you are rewriting your genetic code, you are rewriting your software code. How much change in that code would it take to be considered not human and is it ethical or legal whether or not we know what's going on. This is a very important thing to discuss because they are planning on rolling out this technology within this year.

This is also considered to be an engineered cell line, a synthetic cell line, a modified genetic line. These are all different words that might be used. You need to understand the lingo since it might be confusing to understand what someone is trying to talk about.

An interesting point is that we cannot patent anything that is natural or is from nature. But we can patent something that was created modified or engineered. A good example of this is Monsanto. It can genetically modify the seeds therefore it's created something a little bit different, you may see the corn, the tomato whatever, in the grocery store, it may look the same as the wild type but it's not. They changed something. On the outside it looks the same but on the inside it's not. So therefore, they control, they own their seeds. So if it's a wild one that grows from nature they can not patent that, own that. So translate that, transpose that on a human cell line, that could potentially mean we can be patented, a human cell line can be patented and if it's patented it can have owners so I think you see where I might be going with this.

So what if our DNA is modified with a gene from another species are we still human? Is this transhumanism? And what if our genome is modified and thus can be patented and owned? This is not a scifi movie or a future event. This is right now today. This is called recombinant DNA, Recombinant RNA technology. This is what is proposed for Covid19 vaccine.

The Covid19 genetic vaccines are designed to make us into genetically modified organisms. That is the same lingo and technology used today for Monsanto seeds.

So the front runners for this Recombinant DNA technology are Inovio which is backed by the Bill Gates Foundation, Glaxosmithcline and Sanofi.



Bill Gates investor

- Inovio Pharma



INOVIO's first-of-their-kind DNA medicines are precisely designed DNA plasmids delivered through INOVIO's proprietary smart device — CELLECTRA® — directly into the body's cells to produce an immune response robust enough to potentially treat or prevent disease.





And Moderna which is also a Melinda Gates backed foundation.

- Moderna


I will add that this Recombinant DNA backed vaccine has never been tested on humans. Let me repeat myself that this has ever been used in humans before. Never.

They are now proposing to take something never used and inject it into everyone. Vaccine trial are being fast tracked at a level I have never seen before nor ever expected to see this .. They are injecting them into everyone. Skipping over animal trials going to human trials. Not using good scientific methodology at all. No randomized placebo control trials for any vaccine which is the standard for any vaccine to be approved by the FDA.

They are not following any scientific technology

No safe protocol and they want to inject it into everyone.

The manufacturers are exempt from product liability. If it causes seizures, paralysis etc, they are exempt from liability.

They are exempt from randomized controlled trials. They are doing this with Covid 19 vaccines but also doing it with other vaccines. They can tweet it a little and it's still the same thing. What kind of mindset is this? A little change can make a big difference.

They are exempted from evidence that proves these vaccines will do what they say they will do. For instance, they just have to prove that the vaccine is producing antibodies.

Just because you have antibodies dies not make you immune to something. We don't know that for a fact.

It doesn't show it works with a population of people

A real study shows it works with a population of people

They are not doing that. They say they have no time.

It may not work at all.

So let us ask ourselves so what is the purpose then?

So another important fact to know about all vaccines is that many are using a MRC-5 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MRC-5

aborted fetal cell line of the 1960s. This is an immortalized cell line.

Immortalized means it does not die. In other words it is cell that has lost the ability to go through apoptosis. A cell that can not go through that death process is called cancer. That is the definition of cancer. So they are trying to use alot of words so as not for you to realize they are using a cancerous cell. Another term for aborted fetal cells is diploid cells


There are other terms for them but I'm giving you the 2 main terms they will use when they give you a list of ingredients. Some of the vaccines that are using these cancer cells are MMR measles, mumps rubella, chicken pox, shingles, hepatitis a and b, polio vax and others.

I want to put this point in because people are always saying "this is fantastical, there is no way this is going on. Absolutely not. I trust our government, I trust our companies, I trust Bill Gates, you're saying false information."

I am trying to tell you that many many physicians and researchers have tried to get this information to the public for many years one way or other and they have been silenced. Many of my colleagues have tried to do it. I know I have tried my best. Many have tried it. So we have tried to bring this to the public. When there's money behind it, it doesn't work. It's media control. So this is why you don't see true professionals and researchers speak up more. You see some still but you don't see the group of us. We don't feel we have freedom of speech.

Just want to go on. An Italian report backed by the government of Italy and a group of scientists called



gave it's conclusions regarding the list of vaccines I just mentioned.

This group of scientists state that this group of vaccines has the increased chance of oncogenesis.


This means increased risk of cancers. Increased risk of mutagenesis, muted genes, what it means I don't know exactly either. Increased risk of transmitting live infections. This is well known. They might have a bacteria that is a contaminant. Or microplasma pneumonia, this is a very bacteria as a contaminent. This has nothing to do supposedly with the vaccine itself but they are in there so you are getting an infection on top of the vaccine. So folks, telling you, this is part of the story and can be considered or potentially be used as a viral weapon. They are injecting cancer substances along with many toxic substances mercury derivatives and aluminium derivatives and other things like that and in addition, the unknown effect of the combination and an accumulation of these vaccines together and the synergistic effect that happens. For instance if you have one vaccine that has its side effects and another vaccine with its side effects and you put them together in a human body within a given time frame, it's not just like a + b equals a and b. The two together can have a synergistic effect with 100x more detrimental side effects than you would imagine. We don't know this. There hasn't been any studies in this. The pediatric population is definitely more susceptible due to their immaturity of their immune system which would be common sense.

So let's go back to the topic as per why the vaccines are being pushed so heavily on us if the current research and evidence on them is flawed.

So let's follow the money and that usually will give you some better ideas.

In 2011 the German company of Curevac was given 33million dollars for their development if RNA vaccines.

Then in 2013, Moderna Therapeutics were given 25million for their research and development of RNA vaccines.

Then in 2015 Inovia was given 45million dollars for their DNA vaccines which they themselves mention and admitting of using DNA nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is using microscopic very tiny little robotic organism technology. All of these companies are backed by the Gates Foundation or have been associated with the Gates Foundation in some way. It's important to note that so far these companies have been unable to get these products licensed for human use due to the fact that these vaccines have failed to provide sufficient immunity in human trials. Sufficient immunity is again only stating you have sufficient number of antibodies. This again is not showing the person is completely immune out in the public from what again any virus or bacteria it's trying to protect you from. It's only looking in vitro, in a test tube, how many antibodies. This is not again a good science to prove its efficacy of a good vaccine even if they could get this.

In 2010, DARPA which is the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, military agency, started focusing on DNA and RNA vaccines. And they had a synthetic DNA vaccine that could be delivered using noninvasive electroporation which is using a sticker with a kind of micro needles in it and you can barely feel it go on n there, and in their words in quotations "it is to enhance and subvert" humans at a genetic level. This is around the same year Bill Gates started to heavily Fund the DNA RNA research vaccines with the companies mentioned before. In 2012 DARPA acknowledged a brain machine interface. That is AI, artificial intelligence and the brain will form a neural network and therefore have the ability to communicate by thought alone or being influenced or being controlled remotely. Note that DARPA funded a company that produces soft flexible hydrogels, and mentioned hydrogels in the past, injected beneath the skin monitoring. Important you hear this. They sync to a smart phone app that gives the user immediate health insights. However hydrogel nanotechnology grows and spreads in the body once it's implanted. We do not know how it affects our DNA. We know it can send information directly and continuously to an artificial intelligence.

All of us have a smartphones, mine included, we have health apps. One way or the other it's on our phone. You can disable it but you can't erase it. It's impossible. There is the COVID 19 apps as well and it has got to do with this. They are getting you set up, you have the app, you have the software, now all you need is the little hydrogel and then forever, everything in your body is monitored. For a woman, when you ovulate, when you menstruate, when you had sex, for a man when you had sex, how much alcohol content in your body, all about your vitamins and minerals, if you've fallen down, how many steps you're taking, if you are anxious, your emotions, when you sleep. They know everything about you continuously. It's going to an AI program. What is that doing? That is something they are trying to do very fast. They are setting it up on your smartphone. This is not fantasy. This is real.

So in conclusion

We are going into unchartered territory that can change what it means to be human. The vaccines for Covid 19 are not safe by any scientific methodology. They are introducing cancerous cell lines and mutogenic cell into our bodies and they have been for a long time. They are introducing toxins into body. This has been going on for a long time. Introducing. They are introducing various animal genomes be g bodies. This has been going in long time in our body. They do not have proof that what they say they do will happen. Absolutely no good yet. They don't have to have the proof. The Recombinant RNA the Recombinant DNA technology will cause unknown and permanent change in a person's body. Permanent. Once that DNA change has happened that person will live with this change for the rest of their lives. Also the ripple effects of the DNA change who knows what the ripple effects will be for the rest of their lives. There's no going back. It's not like this vaccine didn't work. I won't do it again. No. It's do or die with this. I don't know and I don't think those who are trying to market it really know the ultimate outcome. It doesn't sound good. Essentially this treated species, this destroyed species, the one we know as us, humans, also it's introducing nanotechnology and it's robotic effects into our body.

This is suggesting to use this vaccine and it's auxiliary products, items I mentioned just now, id2020 etc. To hook us all up to an artificial intelligence interface.


- ID2020 Big Pharma alliance with Melinda Gates Foundation


This is not a one way street. This is a 2 way street.

I know it's a lot of info to digest. It scares me. It has scared me for years. I've been to scientific meetings where they've talked about this. I've been to business meetings where they talked about this. This is real. Not fantasy.

I've studied this since my early 20s. It's real.

We have to speak up now. For us, for our families for future generations. For the human race. It's no joke guys. Please do your own research as much as you can and start talking and talking and don't stop the social media. Stay on all of it. Start flooding the social media with this. We have a chance if we start to wake up more people. It is with the greatest love and peace I'm telling you this.

Bottom Line

Is there an increased risk of cancer, muted genes, live infections with contaminants, mercury and aluminum derivatives and combined side affects of vaccines synergistic effect, and animal byproducts as this doctor suggests...Follow the money of RNA vaccines. German company 2011 Curevac received $33million. In 2013 Moderna Therapeutic got $25 million. In 2015 Inobia 45 million using nano technology. Backed by Gates foundation. 2010 Darba study of DNA and RNA enhance DNA

2012 AI and brain

Hydrogel technology. Inserted under your skin which injects your whole body with nanoparticles whose info can be transmitted via AI.

Watch till the end. She seems very sincere.




Astrazeneca backed by Bill Gates



Bill Gates Foundation conflict of interest


Hebrew U. scientist: Drug could eradicate COVID-19 from lungs in days. My question. Will this be given a fair shake if big pharma won't benefit?


*קורונה - מי מרויח מהמשבר?*


הסגר הפיל את הכלכלה במדינות העולם, גרר פיטורים, סגירת עסקים, והתראות מפני משבר תזונתי.

אולם - האם ישנם גם גופים שהרויחו מנפילת הכלכלה?


*לינקים רלוונטים*

1. חברות הפארמה. האם בכירי משרד הבריאות והשר לשעבר נפתלי בנט מודעים לניגודי העניינים של ארגון הבריאות ומממניו? ומה הקשר למונסנטו?



2. ענקיות האינטרנט וטכנולוגיות: האם יש קשר בין תוכנות המעקבים, חברת NSO, והרווחים מהמשבר?



3. עסקי המזון


4. העשירים, הדולר, ועוד



5. ניגודי העניינים של גייטס



להצטרפות לקבוצת *קורונה-עובדות*:

https://chat.whatsapp.com/DvIW2YgIUvq6fdlijUfBk0 I

תחקיר: כיצד המידע הגנטי שלנו עובר לממשלת סין



Friday, June 24, 2022

Re: [nashimbyarok-WIG] No to Elections! לא לבחירות נוספות! My Comments. Remember The Sin of the Spies


Ribonut: No to Elections

אל המקום אשר...

"The People have long since expressed its desire for a right-wing government. It is the duty of the leadership to implement this desire."

My comments

"It is the duty of the leadership to implement this desire" is a naive expectation given the reality.

If the leadership's is a puppet to outside forces,  "The People's" desire is irrelevant. 

"The People"  probably are disconnected from the sad reality that their desires are irrelevant. 

With blind trust they continue to believe in,  and follow and gives legitimacy to a leadership that not only fails their desires but undermines them. See related link below on the demolition of Jewish settlement on March 22, 2022 at 4am followed by a wave of terror throughout the country. Happenstance?

Only a Leadership submissive to an Almighty G-d rather than submissive to other powerful forces pushing an alien agenda, can implement the Will of G-d and the will of G-d fearing people.  Using terms like Right Wing and Left Wing are a meaningless play on words for politics. These terms are often hijacked. "Right Wing" gov't is all too often the big bad wolf behind the scenes masquerading as Right Wing Grandma.

If leadership is primarily connected to further personal gain, power and honor, the People's desire will not influence the leadership's decisions unless the people demand and stand firm that G-d's agenda and only God's Agenda must be implemented! 

This was the failure of The People in the Desert when Leadership failed them!

They cried senseless tears when they could have stood up for G-d's vision, which they knew first hand, rather than trust and follow such leaders. They then suffered wandering the desert for 40 years and thousands of years laters we the people shed bitter tears on Tisha Baav for Churban Bayis and the exile.

Because G-d is Almighty even against the most powerful Leadership. 

The Spies and the people found out the hard way 

Time to spell out  G-d's agenda with clarity rather than masking it.

Define the term Sovereignty for the Nation of Israel and for G-d Fearing People with Truth, with Emes.  Clarify the definition of true Sovereignty as a manifestation of G-d's Will, and His Kingship and Sovereignty over humanity.

This entails:
The requirement of humanity to keep the 7 Noahide Laws and for the Nation of Israel to keep the Commandments of the Torah which with time, the Nations of the world will recognize as smart and wise, fair and just, in the Land whose boundaries are clearly delineated encompassing Judea and Samaria.

If we as the Nation of Israel succeed to teach and set an example of what it means to live a H-ly life, adhering to Hashem's commandments, for both Jew and non Jew, we will be on the way to establish a Dira Betachtonim the ultimate purpose of creation.

Dira Betachtonim means A Holy Dwelling for the Almighty manifesting His Presence in the lower world.

לא בשמים היא....


Israel Demolition of Jewish Settlement Happened at 4am

On Wed, Jun 22, 2022, 7:58 AM Nadia Matar <nadiamatar1966@gmail.com> wrote:
English follows Hebrew

לא לבחירות נוספות!

אין כל עילה לצאת שוב למערכת בחירות שתניב את אותן תוצאות. זה מכבר הביע העם את רצונו בממשלת ימין. חובת המנהיגות ליישם זאת.

יהודית קצובר ונדיה מטר, תנועת הריבונות

עם התפרקות הממשלה עולים שוב הקולות להליכה לבחירות, אבל למה? האם אכן מדובר בהכרח? או שמא גם כאן אנחנו קורבן להנדסת תודעה שמאחוריה אינטרסים זרים וצרים?

מאז ראשית דרכה של הממשלה הנוכחית ועד ימים אלה שבים חבריה ורוקמיה וטוענים שכל הצפרדעים שנבלעו על מנת להביא להקמתה לא נועדו אלא למנוע הליכה חוזרת לבחירות. 

ערכים רבים, כמו גם הבטחות והצהרות רבות, נדחו אל מול הערך האחד והיחיד: רק לא בחירות. אז מה קרה כעת? לאן נעלמו כל אותן הצהרות? הרי בנקל ניתן להקים כעת ממשלה חדשה מבלי לצאת אל הקלפיות, מבלי להזדקק לשלושה חודשי קמפיינים משתלחים ומפלגים, מבלי להוציא שלושה מיליארד שקלים מקופת המדינה עבור יום השבתון המיותר של יום הבחירות כאשר מחיר הלחם עולה.

אין צורך להיות גאון פוליטי כדי להבין שתוצאות הבחירות יעלו או יורידו מנדט או שניים לגוש כזה או אחר. תוצאה שונה מהותית לא תתקבל גם בבחירות הבאות, שני המחנות יתייצבו מול פסיפס מנדטים דומה לזה הקיים מבלי יכולת להקים ממשלה יציבה ויתכן שנזדקק להליכה חוזרת אל הקלפי, וגם בכך לא נבטיח את סוף הסאגה המיותרת והיקרה הזו.

ומעבר לכל זאת, הרי עמדתו הברורה של העם נאמרה כבר במערכת הבחירות הראשונה. העם רוצה חזרה לערכי הציונות, המסורת, היהדות, העלייה, הריבונות וההתיישבות. רוב מוצק הוכיח זאת בהצבעה חוזרת ונשנית למפלגות הימין.

לא למפלגות שמאל קיצוני נתן העם את קולו. לא לשילוב נציגי ושלוחי התנועה האיסלאמית הצביעו אזרחי ישראל ואין כל סיבה לעוות את רצונו הדמוקרטי של העם ולהביא עליו הנהגה הפוכה מזו לה הוא מייחל כפי שאין כל סיבה להביא עליו עוד מערכת בחירות.

לכל חברינו במחנה הימין,  היכנסו למשא ומתן , שימו 2 ראשי ממשלה חליפיים כל אחד לשנה, החלטות יתקבלו ברוב בין שלושת הראשים, שימו בקווי היסוד של הממשלה אג'נדה לאומית יהודית וחסכו לנו בחירות מיותרות. 

לא לבחירות, כן לאחדות מחנה הימין.

NO to additional Elections!

There is nothing to be gained by another round of elections, which will yield the same results as before. The People have long since expressed its desire for a right-wing government. It is the duty of the leadership to implement this desire.

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, the Sovereignty Movement

With the government's dispersal, again voices are raised asking for elections, but why? Must it really be? Perhaps here too, we are victims of consciousness-engineering pushed by foreign and narrow interests?

Ever since the present government began its term, its members and those behind it claim that all the compromises we had to make for its establishment would prevent us having to go to elections again.

Many values, many promises and declarations, were rejected in favor of the one and only value: Anything but elections. 

So what now? Where have all those voices gone? Why, we can easily establish a new government without going to the ballot box, without needing three months of divisive campaigns and without spending three billion shekels of the state's money for a needless day off while the price of bread is rising.

You don't need to be a political genius to understand that the results of the elections will only result in the rise or decrease of one or two mandates for one bloc or the other. Results essentially different from previous elections will not happen; the two camps will end up with a mosaic of mandates similar to what exists now, without the ability to form a stable government and it could be that we will need to go to the ballot boxes again, and even that will not guarantee an end to this expensive and unnecessary saga.

And besides all of this, the position of the People was made clear in the first election. The People want a return to the Zionist, traditional and Jewish values of aliyah, sovereignty and settlement. A solid majority has proven this by voting for right-wing parties time and again.

The People did not give its vote to radical left-wing parties – the citizens of Israel did not vote to include representatives of the Islamist Movement and there is no reason to distort the democratic will of the People and bring upon it a leadership that is opposite that which it wishes for, just as there is no reason to bring upon it another election season.

To all of our friends in the Rightwing camp, start negotiating, if need be have 2 alternating prime ministers, each for one year, decisions will be made by a majority among the three heads; have a nationalist, Jewish agenda as your coalition guidelines and save us the needless election.

No to elections – yes to unity among the Rightwing camp.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Israel National News: Government ministries have become branches of the LGBT Government ministries are changing their profile pictures on social media to LGBT-supporting images.


אל המקום אשר...



Statement from YU Pride Alliance

The Wellbeing of LGBT + Pupils
A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Schools
Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
Chief Rabbi of United Jewish Congregations of the Commonwealth 
Produced with LGBT+ Jews
September 2018

June 17, 2022
Being connected with reality... Rabbi Smith replies with clarity on Israel's role in having stewardship of the Land and why we were exiled in the first place
"Shemittah Rediscovered: Fwd: Being connected with reality... Rabbi Smith replies with clarity on Israel's role in having stewardship of the Land and why we were exiled in the first place" https://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/2022/06/fwd-being-connected-with-reality-rabbi.html?m=1

Friday, June 17, 2022

Fwd: Being connected with reality... Rabbi Smith replies with clarity on Israel's role in having stewardship of the Land and why we were exiled in the first place


Thank you Rabbi Smith for such unbelievable clarity!

Rabbi Smith's letter below was in response to correspondence between Nadia Matar of the Sovereignty Movement and myself  where I asked Nadia for her input to the idea of establishing a prototype Sovereign Torah Autonomy in Judea and Samaria.  

My intention let me clarify is and was not chas Vesholom  to establish a separate disconnected enemy State to the existing State of Israel and be divisive but rather to establish a prototype Sovereign sister Torah autonomy side by side the State of Israel. The end goal is the unification of a Sovereign Israel true to Hashem's vision.

Fyi background correspondence 

Sunday, June 12, 2022
Nadia, they want to build a Palestinian State- Your thoughts
"Shemittah Rediscovered: They want to build a Palestinian State- Your thoughts" https://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/2022/06/they-want-to-build-palestinian-state.html?m=0

Robin responds June 16, 2022 to Nadia's reply that Robin is not connected to reality. Robin sites numerous examples how she is definitely connected to a very disturbing reality and therefore more than ever we need an Almighty G-d on our side.
"Shemittah Rediscovered: Re: Being connected with reality..." https://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/2022/06/re-being-connected-with-reality.html?m=1

Nadia then responds why Robin fails to push Aliya en masse which in Nadia's vision is the correct approach.  Robin responds in kind June 16 that Aliya in and of itself is not sufficient. Promoting and educating G-d's Vision and agenda for Jews dwelling in the Land and in the Diaspora and by extension educating His Vision for the  Nations of the world will be the catalyst for mass Aliya and the Nations too will stream to Israel.
"Shemittah Rediscovered: Re: cont. Being connected with reality..." https://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/2022/06/re-being-connected-with-reality_16.html?m=1

Rabbi Smith in this letter powerfully clarifies that the purpose of dispersion in Galus is to fulfill the Jews mission of bringing G-d's light unto the Nations. The Nation of Israel were forced into exile as a result of not doing what they were supposed to do when they were Sovereign in the Land.  Rabbi Smith brings much clarity to the debate.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Passaic Clarity <passaicclarity@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 16, 2022, 10:16 PM
Subject: Re: Being connected with reality...
To: Robin Ticker <faigerayzel@gmail.com>


It seems that the Aliyah process is designed to eradicate the internal strength of the Jew to make things right.  A person who subjects himself to an "approval process" to dwell in the Holy Land which already belongs to him is acknowledging the authority of the State of Israel.  

However, the only true stewards of the Holy Land are the Jewish People, not the State of Israel.

But by going through the Aliyah process a person transfers (in his mind) his ownership to the State because he is looking for approval and free benefits.  But free benefits are slavery to the authority of the State.  It is in Marxism where the State is a thing that must be respected and lived with no matter how bad the State is.

And we see that tragically, Americans, who are supposed to be inculcated with the American idea of the leadership of the people, move to Israel and become completely silent and inactive (generally) and acquiesce to the State.  They may complain at kiddush and on What's App groups but they have built a world view in which the State is the authority and therefore can only be screamed at and complained about but not actually replaced.  Even those who want to do something have built into their thinking that they need to struggle to redirect the State.

The situation is worse than under the Ottomans and under the British.

I suspect that (and I hope that someone will do this calculation) that the number of Jews murdered in Israel since 1948 as a result of the surrender and inaction policies of the State far exceed the number (even per capita) under the Ottoman and British.

Rachmana L'itzlan.

Now if I am correct, then the insistence that everyone make Aliyah under the State authority is actually designed to eliminate the independent thinking that comes from seeing reality more accurately free of the State's handouts and bring all Jews under the State.

I applaud you for pointing out that a Jew is a full Jew in any place in the world - in every place he is required to be a full Jew and in fact, we were scattered into the diaspora to accomplish what we had failed to do in our stewardship of the Holy Land, namely to be a Light Unto the Nations, specifically by teaching the Sheva Mitzvos Bnai Noach.  To strip the world of the influence of Jews and concentrate all the Jews into one place where the attitude is to refuse to be a Light Unto the Nations and to, even in the Holy Land, completely ignore the obligation to teach the non-Jews in the Holy Land, is not a recipe for the fulfillment of G-d Al-mighty's vision for His Creations.

You may ask your friends how many non-Jews they teach Sheva Mitzvos to on a weekly basis.

If they say none, it reveals that with all their judging others for not living in the Holy Land, they themselves do not understand what it means to be a Jew living in the Holy Land.

The Holy Land is Holy from the beginning of Creation.  G-d Al-mighty gifted it us so that we can be its stewards, a Holy Nation stewards of the Holy Land on behalf of the entire world.  It is a merit to steward the Holy Land that is inseparable from the responsibility to care for the nations as the Father of the Nations.

Anyone who only wants the merit but rejects the responsibility is missing the point and is handicapped in their thinking and causing immeasurable suffering to the Jewish and non-Jewish residents of the Holy Land and the inhabitants of the world as a whole.

The surprising result of this is that we realize that our job is to not only educate the non-Jews to realize and live in accordance to their being created in G-d Al-mighty's image, but also to educate the Jews to realize and live like a Jew.

Besuros Tovos,