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Shall we davan for Moshiach to come quickly?....The downside if we are not ready for him...


There are many that feel that we must wait for Moshiach to come to claim Har Habayit, to bring Korban Pesach, to speak out publicly against a Palestinian State, to take an active roll to stop Iran... etc.

Jewish Leadership, both Chareidi and left wing have been reacting with a deafening silence in the face of President Obama insisting we stop occupying "Palestinian Land", support Iranian Nuclear empowerment, and were quiet when the State Dept wished to empower Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood over less radical Islamic regimes like Sisi, and have been quiet as ISIS slowly has been gaining a foothold in Europe and the Middle East etc.  Yes there have been a small group of devoted activists yet we are in the minority...

Apparently it seems that the rationale in the Chareidi world is that we are too weak to make a statement, take a lead,  fight such powerful forces and that we must wait for Moshiach.  

The secular Jewish world wishes to not make any waves...

Probably they are afraid of the almost certain backlash.  

Yet are we sure we want Moshiach to come without investing at least the minimal of efforts?.

Surely, Moshiach would want us to not to be afraid to claim Har Habayit now that we have miraculously liberated it in 1967 after thousands of years.

Surely Moshiach would want us to try our hardest to try to fulfill the Mitzva of Korban Pesach to the best of our ability and daven that we don't Chas Veshalom violate any boundaries of Kedusha.

Surely, Moshiach would want us to speak out against a Palestinian State, a sworn enemy of Israel,  to be the authority in Judea and Samaria the heartland of Eretz Yisroel the Land which has been promised to the Jews exclusively, via the Covenant with our forefathers Avrahom, Yitzchok and Yaakov and their seed as an everlasting inheritance. 

Surely Moshiach will want the Judicial system of the Land of Israel to be governed by Righteous Jewish Law under a Sanhedrin rather than under secular Courts whose judges are self appointed and whose laws are defined by archaic Hodgepodge of British Turkish Law.

Eretz Yisroel is the Promised Land for the Jewish People exclusively.  Yet, the Jewish people are obligated to keep the commandments.  

This will bring peace, prosperity and blessing on humanity! 

Moshiach alone is just a person.  His kingship will reign when all the above is in place! 

Those who really desire Moshiach know that these are necessary prerequisites.  The desire of all of the above.  

Otherwise, if Moshiach comes and tries to motivate the people, how effective will he be if he gets the door slammed in his face with people telling him that they are waiting for Moshiach.  

Surely Moshiach would want us to put our faith in Hashem not Obama when Iran is pointing it nuclear arsenal at Israel and the world.

These seem to be the necessary ingredients for Moshiach to come without untold horrible tribulations.  

Yes Moshiach should come now but we need to be ready for him.....

It is not easy....Hashem Oz LeAmo Yiten......

Chag Kasher VeSameach!


from Rabbi Lazer Brody:
Several leading rabbis and Kabbalists, such as Rabbi Dov Kook of Tiberias and the "Chalban" ("Milkman"), Rabbi Chaim HaCohen Farchia, have said recently that the Geula, the full redemption of our people, has already started. Since I knew that I'd be asked about this during one of my upcoming radio appearances, I turned to my esteemed and beloved teacher, Rav Shalom Arush shlit'a, to get a crystal clear emuna-oriented outlook on the subject.

Rav Shalom made my sidecurls stand up. He told me the following spine-chilling story:

A group of secret tzaddikim – whose names I am not at liberty to mention – came to visit my holy teacher, Rabbi Yehuda Zev Leibowitz osb"m, not long before he died. They composed a letter to Hashem demanding Moshiach, right now. They all signed the letter, but they lacked one critical signature, that of Rabbi Yehuda Zev. They knew that if he would sign it, then Hashem would have to bring Moshiach right away. They appealed to him, but they didn't expect his response…
Rabbi Yehuda Zev bolted upright in his wheelchair. He pointed a reprimanding finger at one of the secret tzaddikim. Like an upset lion, he asked, "Were you in the Holocaust?" The tzaddik shook his head in the negative. Rabbi Yehuda Zev turned individually to the second, to the third and to the fourth tzaddik and asked them the same question. None of them had lived through the Holocaust. "Well I did," roared Rabbi Yehuda Zev, "and I saw with my own eyes the indescribable suffering that our people experienced on their own flesh. I never want to see that again! Are you willing to take responsibility for the grueling tribulations that our people will undergo as a purification process, if Moshiach comes and they're not ready?" None of the tzaddikim were willing to accept such a responsibility. They aborted their idea then and there...

* * * * *


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Zechariah 14: Yezidis Speak April 12 at 7:30 p.m./ National Post Article. Is this foreshadowing the prophesy of Zechariah G-d Forbid?

My question is how can we prevent Zechariah's prophesy from actualizing.  We don't need a wild imagination to envision what might happen in Jerusalem as per Zechariah's prophesy.  We need only to look at what happened to the Yazidi's.  Surely, Hashem does not want this to happen to us.  Surely the purpose of the prophesy is not merely to predict doom but rather to prevent doom by us doing Teshuva.  
Zechariah - Chapter 14
הִנֵּה יוֹם בָּא לַיהֹוָה וְחֻלַּק שְׁלָלֵךְ בְּקִרְבֵּךְ:
וְאָסַפְתִּי אֶת כָּל הַגּוֹיִם | אֶל יְרוּשָׁלִַם לַמִּלְחָמָה וְנִלְכְּדָה הָעִיר וְנָשַׁסּוּ הַבָּתִּים וְהַנָּשִׁים תִּשָּׁכַבְנָה (כתיב תִּשָּׁגַלְנָה) וְיָצָא חֲצִי הָעִיר בַּגּוֹלָה וְיֶתֶר הָעָם לֹא יִכָּרֵת מִן הָעִיר:
1. Behold! A day of the Lord is coming, and your plunder shall be shared within you.
2. And I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to wage war; and the city shall be captured, and the houses shall be plundered, and the women shall be ravished, and half the city shall go forth into exile-and the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city.

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From: RANANAH GOLDHAR <rgoldhar2@sympatico.ca>
Date: Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 5:47 PM
Subject: Yezidis Speak April 12 at 7:30 p.m./ National Post Article

with MIRZA ISMAIL, Chairman of Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International
B'NAI B'RITH 15 Hove Street North York ON
Sunday April 12, 2015, 7:30 p.m. [enter through parking lot entrance] 
Suggested donation $5
Presented by Canadian Jews and Friends of Yezidis
for further information e-mail CanadianJewsandFriendsofYezidis@gmail.com


Geoffrey Clarfield: The Yazidis are not victims. They are our partners, and they need our help

A Canadian anthropologist tells the story of a brave young man working to save his people from ISIS.
Chloe Cushman/National PostA Canadian anthropologist tells the story of a brave young man working to save his people from ISIS.
The Yazidi are an indigenous Iraqi community of just under one million people who have lived in northern Iraq for thousands of years. They are Kurdish- and Arabic-speaking monotheists who trace their decent from Adam. Because their priests and holy men have never publicly disclosed their secret, sacred texts (just like the Druze sect of the Mountains of Syria, Lebanon and in Israel — where their religion is respected and where the Druze have full rights as citizens), neighbouring Muslims have called them devil worshipers and infidels, worthy of death by holy war or "jihad."
The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) have announced that the Yazidi are infidels and have targeted their people and villages for death and destruction. With their abundant and up to date American weaponry, recently looted from the Iraqi army, ISIS terrorists usually surround a Yazidi village and then violently threaten the villagers with conversion to Islam at gunpoint, often beating and humiliating elderly men and women at forced public meetings, echoing the Nazi tactics of occupied Europe during the Second World War.
If the villagers show hesitation, they then slaughter the men and sell the women in local slave markets. In the process the women are usually gang raped, physically abused and often threatened with death. Only then do some of their captors contact their families offering their freedom for outrageous ransom payments. Then the cycle is repeated. ISIS has killed thousands of Yazidis and raped and enslaved many, many more. They will not stop until all Yazidi men are dead and their women and children violated and enslaved. Canada has now officially joined the war against ISIS. ISIS must be defeated, soon.
Yazidi refugees who have made it to our democratic shores are usually traumatized people without wealth and power. At best, they have made the case for their communities' protection to our political leaders here in Canada and the United States, hoping that that their appalling suffering will perhaps motivate our governments to do something to help, for humanitarian reasons. In this light the Yazidis are seen as unfortunate and innocent victims of a conflict that is not of their making. They are treated as victims.
This does them a great disservice.
The truth is, North America, Europe and the rest of the free world, who are again at war in Iraq with ISIS, owe the Yazidis, for without them and the many other Muslim Kurds and Arabs that have worked with them, the coalition of the willing would not have won the second Gulf War. They were essential partners.

Alex is not his real name. But he is a Yazidi who now lives somewhere in the United States, where we first met and worked together on a research project about Iraq. His story is typical of the scores of Yazidi men and women who have risked their own and their family's lives, to act as on site translators from Arabic and Kurdish into English and back again, for the coalition forces who, during the second Gulf War, did not have the immediate, on the ground linguistic and cross cultural expertise that is essential for winning hearts and minds in war zones like northern Iraq (Kurdistan). This is because during the last 30 years, most North American academic, anthropological and linguistic experts for these areas have declared that America's interest in the Middle East is "imperialist." Thus, during and after the second Gulf war, the Yazidi, and the moderate Kurds and the Arab Muslims who worked with them, have provided this essential linguistic service.
Alex tells me, "In 2003 during the second Gulf War, coalition forces visited our village in northern Iraq. Soon after, my brother volunteered to work for them as a Kurdish and Arabic translator, as they slowly consolidated their authority over northern Iraq, protecting the autonomous regional Kurdish government of a federated Iraq that was established after the first Gulf War.
"My brother was the first man from my village to take on such work. He was scared, but he was and is a brave man. For the next two years I heard stories from him and other people in the area that he, and a growing number of Yazidi translators, had won the trust of the coalition officers in the north. I decided to join up.
"My mom was worried sick for my safety. We knew that hostile local Muslims, who told people not to help the Americans and their allies, regularly threatened Yazidi translators. By then I wanted to do something to make the situation better. I also wanted to try and change false Muslim stereotypes about the Yazidi, that we were evil devil worshipers and infidels, uninterested in the greater good.
"I presented myself at the appropriate military base, passed my translator's test, was interviewed and got the job. I started work the next day. I knew very well that the Iraqi Islamists hated the coalition and threatened anyone with death for co-operating with them. They would call us 'spies' and 'traitors.' Later on during my service, my family received a written death threat demanding that I quit. I discussed it with my brothers and we ignored it. We were dedicated to making things better. We put our faith in the coalition forces and in particular, in the United States of America.
"I started work in February 2005, a day after I passed my test and interview. If people think that a translator sits on the base and interviews local people, while surrounded by heavy guns and barbwire fences, they are in for a surprise. Most of a translator's work is carried out on the ground, among the people, in farms, villages, towns and on patrol. It is as dangerous as being an active infantryman. In some ways it is more dangerous, for you go on patrol without the same long-term training that they have received as professional soldiers.
"On my first day of work I was assigned to join combat soldiers who were rooting out armed terrorists in a nearby town. They provided me with a complete military uniform and told me that we were going on a walking patrol. This was to protect me from snipers who, if they saw a local civilian with the soldiers, would shoot me first, as a kind of message to the local people. I was told that the terrorists had decided to target translators so they could disrupt coalition communications with local townspeople and villagers.
"The soldier in charge was an American sergeant. Out of consideration he asked me to stay in the middle of the team when we were walking in the city, so that I would blend in with the other soldiers. When we left our Humvees, we were immediately ordered to run as fast as we could, towards a stone wall. Once we had reached that landmark we began to walk. Whenever we came to intersections or open areas, we ran to avoid sniper fire.
"The sun had come up, it was easy to see and we had all worked up a sweat. Each minute felt like an hour. We carefully climbed up onto a stone rooftop and suddenly it felt very cold. A moment later we came under fire from snipers. I have never been so focused in all my life.
"I watched in awe as my comrades returned fire, carefully, mindfully and aggressively. They were in the moment, in the flow, as I have later learnt to say from my study of the English language. Once in a while one of them would laugh. I later learnt the English expression, 'laughing in the face of death.' I then understand what it meant.
"Their good humour and focus calmed me down as I watched them return fire for some hours. As we headed back to the camp, I began to understand, as a young man in my twenties, what a local show of military force really meant. These were brave and patriotic Americans.
"On one occasion we were guarding a section of the Iraqi border with Syria. As our patrol approached the border area, all of a sudden, we caught sight of a group of five men, all of whom were carrying AK-47s. My officers thought they might be smugglers. The officer yelled at them and told them to immediately raise their hands or we would shoot them.
"As they came into view I immediately realized that they were rather undisciplined border police and were on our side. 'They are not smugglers,' I yelled out. Our soldiers held their fire. Hours later, I realized that I had probably saved these young men's lives by knowing how to spot the difference between ill-disciplined, poorly uniformed troops and the kind of renegade soldiers who go into armed smuggling.
"My most dangerous mission at first looked simple. I was working with a team from the coalition forces. We were on a joint patrol with members of the newly constituted Iraqi Army. Together, we were tasked with finding places for new Iraqi army bases. As our patrol left a dirt road and approached the highway, a bomb exploded, 20 feet away from me. Stones and metal fragments went flying everywhere and the air was filled with dust. One fragment wounded me. Had I not been wearing my helmet I may not have survived. My commanding officer was quite shaken. We pulled back immediately.
"I did a lot of translation for and with the Iraqi Army and among Kurdish and Arab tribal leaders. As I proved myself as a translator in the field, I was sometimes asked to stay on base and translate documents. All the while, I worked at better understanding American English. This included all of the military acronyms, which are not part of normal English, but essential to American military life. I watched a lot of American films and TV shows.
"I worked as a translator for the coalition for just under five years, day in and day out. I was loyal, trustworthy and hard working. I put great hope in the fact that the Kurdish government and their peshmerga militias were attempting to create a place where Yazidi and Iraq's Christian minorities can, like them, live in freedom and security. During my time as a translator I observed that the Yazidi were essential partners of the coalition forces in northern Iraq. I do know that over the last 10 years, many of our Yazidi translators were targeted and killed by radical Islamists in Iraq. It is a tough job and not for the faint-hearted.
"When I finally reached America and became an American citizen, I realized that I now had the right to lobby for the rights of the Yazidi, and all of Iraq's threatened minorities who are now being slaughtered by ISIS. I am now a resident of the U.S., but I feel that my life's work has just begun. There is so much suffering there."
 Many young men and women have recently joined the Yazidi self-defence force. They have only a few thousand rifles, and even fewer bullets
Alex is visiting Iraq. Last week he sent me a telephone number where I could contact him. During our phone call we caught up on each other's news. He told me, "You know Geoffrey, you were born and raised in North America. America is a seductive place. The cities gleam, people get on with their lives, Americans take freedom for granted and it is easy to forget where you come from. I cannot do that. I am haunted by the recent slaughter and the ongoing enslavement of the Yazidi. I will not be quiet until someone defeats ISIS. I will not and cannot forget my people until they are as free as I, in Iraq or America."
Since last summer's slaughter and siege of the Yazidi in Sinjar and on the Nineveh plains by ISIS, these peace-loving people have finally taken up arms against their oppressors. Many young men and women have recently joined the Yazidi self-defence force. With a few thousand Kalashnikovs and even fewer bullets, they stand ready to fight ISIS on the front lines of a war that our country has officially joined.
Canada is now sending in its jets against ISIS in Iraq. Ordinary Canadians must demand that Prime Minister Harper and President Obama do something to protect and defend the Yazidi. The new coalition forces must do everything they can to defend them on the ground and help them to return to their ancestral homes, now occupied by ISIS fighters. At the same time, those in the displacement camps in Iraq need our immediate humanitarian assistance. We must help the Yazidi in every way possible. We owe it to them. They have always been our allies.
National Post
Geoffrey Clarfield is an anthropologist at large.

National Post

Geoffrey Clarfield: The Yazidis are not victims. They are our partners, and they need our help

National Post, National Post
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
A Canadian anthropologist tells the story of a brave young man working to save his people from ISIS


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USA Exposes Israel's Nuclear secrets, Rabbi Warns of Civil War in the US. Brothers and Sisters, Come Home! Rabbi Lazer Brody.


At the Press Conference in front of Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrands office this past Friday at 12pm, Helen Freedman, Executive Director of AFSI made a brilliant analogy of the recent tragedy of the airplane being taken over by the copilot who then crashed into the mountain with President Obama who is trying to take over the American gov't  cockpit locking the door with Congress being left out.  Another interesting finding....Germanwings Co-Pilot Was Muslim Convert http://conservativebyte.com/2015/03/germanwings-co-pilot-was-muslim-convert/


US Declassifies Report, Exposes Details on Israel's Nuclear Program
The Pentagon has just revealed a stunning amount of information on some of Israel's the most closely guarded secrets, including details of its nuclear program.

Op-Ed: On Obama: There are Only Five Hours Left to the Fast
We have him all figured out now and not that long to go.
by Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer,


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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing.

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Senator Chuck Schumer assures Jews he will be true to his name and be a Shomer Yisroel, a Guardian for Israel against a Nuclear Iran.


In light of his amazing speech to a dominantly Jewish Audience on March 15th it is very worrisome that Senator Chuck Schumer has yet to reassure his pro Israel constituency that he will override an expected Obama veto of the upcoming legislation regarding Iran.  Watch the video clip featuring Schumer below.  While we don't doubt his sincerity, we need to be out there as well giving him the support he needs to stand strong for Israel! 

It is for this reason a Press Conference is being organized by Jewish Rapid Response Coalition and led by Jeff Wiesenfeld for.Friday, March 27, 12 Noon. in front of offices of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand 3rd Ave between E. 48th St and E. 49th Street Manhattan. KEEP IRAN NUKE-FREE RALLY http://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/2015/03/press-conferencefriday-march-27-12-noon.html

Senator Chuck Schumer addressing the Chazaq Audience in Colden Auditorium on Sunday, March 15, 2015 re: the existential threat of Iran to Israel


Yaniv Meirav first introduced the Senator:

" We would like to call upon a man who stands up for NY's needy, a man who stands up for Israel's security.  His name means Shomer.  Keeper. Ladies and Gentlement, let us give a round of applause to Senator Chuck Schumer!"  (Applause)

Here is what Senator Schumer had to say:

" Thank you!.  It is great to be hear tonight with ;you.  As you know, as Yaniv mentioned, my name, the name Hashem gave me, has particular significance...  
because my name is Schumer which comes from the Hebrew word "Shomer שומר", Guardian, Watchman. 

 My ancestors were guardian's of the ghetto wall in Cherkov.  In Europe, the Jews were the last people to be given last names, so they מamed their professions.  So we were policemen, Shomrim,  We became Shomer in Yiddish when we came to  America but the immigration officer didn't know too much Yiddish so he wrote the name Schumer.  

But I take the job very importantly.  

Right now, Ladies and Gentlemen, as Prime Minister Netanyahu has said, there is an existential threat to Israel.  What does existential mean?  It means the very existence of Israel is threatened.  If Iran would get a nuclear weapon, G-d forbid, launch it at Israel, it could mean the end of the Jewish State.  Many millions might die and others might leave and that is why it is an existential threat. 

 Israel can handle Hamas as bad as they are - Israel can handle Hezbollah as bad as they are.  But Israel must never be confronted by a nuclear Iran and I tell you I take my name Shomer Yisroel , as a Shomer Yisroel, very seriously!

I will do everything I can... We must do everything we can, to prevent a Nuclear Iran!  It is an existential threat to the Land we have dreamed of, and with G-d's help we now have.  Ever since the destruction of the Temple, we have longed for our homeland.  We now have it and we must do whatever we can to keep it forever more, and I will be your Shomer to make sure that happens!"

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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing.

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bs"d Cry No More Yerushalayim. The Terrible Fire in Flatbush that took the lives of 7 Kedoshim Sassoon Family- What was Hashem's message? Yearning for Har HaBayit ....


(this post has been updated since the original posting...)


Updated 7 July 2015, leminyanum

Rabbi Sassoon speaking on 17 Tammuz 5775 July 5, 2015 leminyanum in Brooklyn New York, Mercaz HaSimcha  Lizchus Refuah Shleim Gila bas Francis and Ziporah bas Gila. 

When Tragedy Strikes Rabbi: Gabriel Sassoon 56:00 in video http://matzav.com/video-replay-chizuk-from-rabbi-paysach-krohn-rabbi-gavriel-sassoon-and-rabbi-noach-orlowek/  

Rabbi Aaron Mandel 54:00 reminding us that on 17 Tammuz the Korban Tamid was stopped, mevatel, and why was it a tragedy?  Gemora says in talking about the Churban that if the Nations would understand the Brachos the world receives from the Beis HaMikdash and from the Korbonos they would send legions of troops to guard the Beis Hamikdash...

(Surely the Kapora would not have to be via human sacrifices. Robin) 

Rabbi Gabriel Sassoon 56:00 in spite of his own personal tragedy (that was deeply felt by Am Yisroel), reminds us that HKBH is Si HaChesed and Si HaRachamim and this is his response from his personal sacrifice! 

Please Hashem, with that strength of conviction, may we too learn how to embrace whatever Hashem has allotted for us and declare that Hashem is Si HaChesed and Si Ha Rachamim and in that Zechus surely Hashem will speedily sent us Moshiach and may we rebuild the Beit Hamikdash Vesham Naavodcha Kimei Olam Ucheshanim Kadmaniyot so we may not know of such sorrow nor cry no more....


Cry No More Yerushalyim. Recording of Sassoon Family prior to tragic fire.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZGZZJNA6sM ynet
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrxli4LyJCk arutz7 (different photos backdrop to song)

Father Speaking by the Sassoon Levayah



I listened to Radio Hihdabroot and listened to Rabbi Wallerstein trying to make some sense about the terrible tragedy, the horrendous fire that took the lives of 7 kids of the Sassoon family leaving the mother and a 14 year old daughter in critical and serious condition.  He noted that the tragedy took place on Shabbos, in the wee hours of the morning by a defective Shabbos hot plate.  Rabbi Wallerstein asked...Is Hashem merely trying to impress upon us to be careful about having smoke detectors on every floor.  Wouldn't that message been conveyed to us in a less harsh manner, like the injury of maybe one child. Did He really need to take 7 children to teach us?  No decree can happen without the stamp of the Almighty.  Or perhaps we can say that we need to make sure to use a better quality hot plate.  But again that is a mere detail. Surely, Hashem didn't have to take the lives of 7 beautiful children to teach us this lesson. And why did the tragedy occur in the form of a tremendous fire. Surely the commandment Lo Sivaaru Eish, do not light a fire is very much related to Shabbath as well.    Rabbi Wallerstein quoted a Zohar that stated that when a tragedy of such proportion strikes it is a reflection of the entire community.  In this case the local community is the Flatbush  Midwood community, not far from Rabbi Wallerstein or for that matter Marine Park where I personally live.  (HaMakom Sheli hu Eretz Yisroel. Kol Asher ANi Nosea, Ani Nosea LeEretz Yisroel, yes even though I physically live in Marine Park Brooklyn, my place is Eretz Yisroel and my travels are all for Eretz Yisroel)  This tragedy was felt in Israel in the community of Har Nof an the Levaya, the funeral, took place in Israel in Har Menuchot.  The Prime Minister himself Benjamin Netanyahu sent his personal condolences....

A side note....I was thinking to myself after hearing about this beautiful family, a family who had come from Har Nof, a family whose children have a reputation of sterling Middos, that surely we should be extremely concerned because if they were meted out for such harsh decrees than surely the rest of us should be very worried. In fact the father Rabbi Gavriel Sassoonn attests to the pure Neshomas of his children.  He compared them to roses in their height of beauty whereby G-d plucked them precisely at the right time before their beautify fades.  They are a picture of a model family whose spiritual level is one we all admire and aspire to attain.  and yet this tragedy happened to them!  What do the rest of us have in store?   How can this not cause us to look inward and tell ourselves this is a wakeup call for all of us and they must have been the sacrificial lambs so that this tragedy, as terrible as it was,  was not worse, chas veshalom,  happening to the rest of us.  In fact this tragedy happened on the same day Nadav and Avihu's lives tragically ended on the most joyous day, the inauguration of the Mishkan. In Parshat Shmini Moshe Rabbeinu consoles Aharan his brother with this idea.  Then Moshe said unto Aharon, “This is what God said, saying, ‘Through those close to Me I will be sanctified, and before all the people I will be glorified’.” Vayidom Aharon—And Aharon remained silent. (Vayikra 10:3)

Going back to Rabbi Wallerstein's analysis.  He said that one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to conclude that Hashem is not trying to teach us merely to get smoke detectors on every floor, which we should of course, but to send us a message that our observance of Shabbos is somehow lacking.  Rabbi Wallerstein said he is not quite sure of what Hashem was trying to tell us but he did bring up the fact that the community is desensitized to the growing phenomenon of kids Off the Derech who are smoking on Shabbos  and texting and  violating Shabbos and we merely tell them, don't do it near our building.  

He related the story of the Chofetz Chaim who met an individual who admitted that he smoked a cigarette on Shabbos. The Chofetz Chaim then asked him, which hand did you smoke  from. The individual showed him the hand. The Chofetz Chaim was so grieved that this individual has desecrated the Holy Shabbath that the tears started rolling down his face onto the person's hand.  That individual experienced the deep pain of the Chofetz Chaim and refrained from ever desecrating the Shabbos again.

But I think the message about Shabbos was not only referring to the Shabbos the day of rest but also to Shabbath HaAretz. The Sabbatica Year,  The Shemittah year. 

 I also think that it was no coincidence that this family came from Har Nof.  

Perhaps there were those in Har Nof who experienced the recent massacre and would consider moving to Flatbush like the Sassoon's where they might consider themselves safer.  Maybe Hashem is telling them, no.  Don't even think that.  Eretz Yisroel is no less safe...In fact, those that passed away in the massacre,  died al Kiddush Hashem.  If it's meant to happen it will happen anywhere..... 

The father, Rav Gavriel Sassoon responded similarly to the parents of the 3 boys were were kidnapped and murdered this past summer hy"d. Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha'er and Naftali Frenkel.  There was total acceptance of G-d's decree with a call for unity of Am Yisroel.  His reaction mirrored the response of Aharon Kohen Gadol when he found out about the tragic death of this two precious sons Nadav and Avihu.  Rabbi Wallerstein made this comparison. VaYidom Aharon.  Aharon was silent.  In fact, someone in the audience of Rabbi Wallerstein's lecture, remarked that the fire in Flatbush happened on Rosh Chodesh Nissan the exact yahrzeit of the death of Aharon Hakohen's two sons Nadav and Avihu.  Wow! Look at Rashi. This can not be coincidence.   Hashem rewards Aharon by speaking to him directly, with the laws of the Kohanim regarding the prohibition of a Kohen of not being intoxicated when doing the Avoda, the Temple Service .   In the Father's eulogy, he mentions that this tragedy happened on Rosh Chodesh and compared his personal sacrifice of his family to the communal sacrifice brought on Rosh Chodesh. 

This tragedy happened Parshat Vayikra, a Parsha dealing with Korbanot.

Human Sacrifices.....I can not help but conclude that Hashem is telling us the following.  

It is now  before Pesach.  Yetziat Mitzraim.  Hashem does not want human sacrifices.  BeDamayich Chayii is with the Korban Pesach and with the Dam of Brit Mila!  However, perhaps, when we reject Hashem's gift to us, and refrain from keeping the Mitzva of Korban Pesach by withholding our claim to Har Habayit and going so far as to giving the keys to the Waqf, and now once again not publicly proclaiming our rights to Har Habayit in the face of universal accusations of illegal Occupation, Hashem is upset with us.  This apparently is consistent with the opinion of the Lubavitcher Rebbe after the 1967 war to be obligated in Korban Pesach.  If we fail to bring Korban Pesach than the alternative is Chas Veshalom Human....

The father Rav Gabriel Sassoon delivers Eulogy for his 7 children (H) 


Bamidbar - Numbers - Chapter 28
וּבְרָאשֵׁי חָדְשֵׁיכֶם תַּקְרִיבוּ עֹלָה לַיהֹוָה פָּרִים בְּנֵי בָקָר שְׁנַיִם וְאַיִל אֶחָד כְּבָשִׂים בְּנֵי שָׁנָה שִׁבְעָה תְּמִימִם:
11: And on the beginning of your months, you shall offer up a burnt offering to the Lord: two young bulls, one ram, and seven lambs in the first year, [all] unblemished.

As I mentioned, in his eulogy the Father of the children, compared his loss to the Sacrifice, Korban Tzibur, Olah (burnt completely) brought on Rosh Chodesh.  They perished on Rosh Chodesh Nissan..  2 Bulls were compared to him and his wife, the ram to his daughter Tziporah who survived but is in critical condition, and the 7 children who died,  to 7 unblemished, sacrificial lambs burnt completely.
Please visit this post for a further discussion.
Har Habayit - Har Nof Massacre Human Sacrifices - Korban Pesach in our days.. Time to reconsider....put an end to Human Sacrifices....Please Hashem....

Our Teshuva - The Children in a recording this past Chanuka, a Holiday for the commemoration of the Holy Temple sing with yearning for the Beit Hamikdash and to return to the Mountain of Hashem.  Listen to their recording and one can not help but cry. "Cry No More Yerushalyim". Surely we must hear Hashem's message to all of us "Yearn for Har HaBayit and the return of the Avoda".  A family that comes from Har Nof.....

Oy for The Covenant Hashem made with our Forefathers Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov.  An everlasting Covenant.  Yet our Gedoilim discouraged ascent to Har Habayit and even discouraged publicly claiming our rights to Har Habayit.  We can become close to Hashem in our synagogues they advised us, the people. 

We have been advised that we might cause serious danger to ourselves if we accidentally do not show the proper respect to Har Habayit.  Surely there is truth in that but there is surely truth and balance in trying very hard to keep the proper halachot without negating it entirely.  

Hashem sent us a bitter pill to swallow at a Vasikin minyan in the heart of Har Nof, surely not a minyan of shmoozers. 

Nadav and Avihu were perhaps too zealous to do the Avoda.  But would Moshe respond by advising Aharon to stop the Avoda because there is danger he might transgress.  The opposite.  Aharon and his two remaining songs were  to complete the Avoda and suspend public mourning for his 2 Holy sons. 

Maybe this is Hashem's message to us before Pesach.  Speak out forthright for our Covenant.  Bibi, don't flip flop regarding a Palestinian State to the likes of Obama or the EU/  Stay true to our Jewish Heritage.  Har Habayit is not only meant for the Jewish People.  The Temple Mount is Universal, The Place where Torah enlightens the world and where the entire Universe streams to Pay Tribute to the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, The Universal   G-d that speaks to all Noahides, for Peace and Truth and Justice for humanity. 


Robin Ticker
Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing.

Most of these emails are posted on Shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com

Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

Har Habayit - Har Nof Massacre Human Sacrifices - Korban Pesach in our days.. Time to reconsider....put an end to Human Sacrifices....Please Hashem....


I started to write this post on Asara BeTeves.  The walls of Jerusalem were breached.  The Jews still however had the opportunity to repent and  prevent the destruction of the Temple....

 Is there someway to promote Israel's Sovereignty over Har Habayit and prevent tragedy in the future? .
Israel is A Nation of Priests and a Holy Nation.

At the moment the Jewish People have divided into 2 camps.  

  • A Nation of Priests 
  • A Holy Nation
The secular Israeli prides himself as being the universal Jew. The Jew who is a light onto the Nations. Like a priest. Tikkun Olam.

The Ultra Orthodox Jew will focus on being a Holy Nation. Kadosh.  For that one needs to be separate and insular so as not to assimilate and lose the aspect of holiness.

Both sides have merit. The key is to unite the concept of being A Nation of Priests and with being a Holy Nation.  That unity is a true representation of Torah.

The Arabs understand that Har Habayit is the holiest site for the Jewish People and if we claim Har Habayit as we should, their power and strength against us would have to diminish and dissipate. They understand this only too well. .. Yet we refrain since we are told Jewish presence on Har Habayit 'inflames' Muslim sensitivities....Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement.   "The operation in Jerusalem is a response to the murder of the martyr Yusuf Ramuni and to the series of crimes by the occupier at Al-Aqsa and Hamas calls to continue these operations," 

The Satan is strongest when Har Habayit is even brought up.

The massacre at Har Nof came in the midst of a Har Habayit controversy. On one hand there was Yehuda Glick who miraculously survived an attack and then the Kedoshim of Har Nof who did not. 

BeDamyaich Chayii does not refer to human sacrifice.  Case in point is Akeid'at Yitzchok.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ - Agudah Convention: Novominsker Rebbe Slams Those Who Go To Har Habayis

The Novominsker, who is the head of the Agudah's Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah, advised anyone to is seeking to become closer to the shechina to do so in their own shuls, instead of going to Har Habayis.

The massacre followed Rav Perlow's address at the Agudah Convention.

Netanyahu came out against any change of status quo of Temple Mount

Netanyahu: No change in Temple Mount status quo
Statement comes after Jordan warns peace treaty could be in danger if new policy emerges regarding Jewish prayers at holy site
BY JTA October 28, 2014,

'Netanyahu to meet Jordan king again for Temple Mount talks'
Jordanian MP says PM expected in Amman for 2nd meeting in days to cement agreement on deescalating situation in Jerusalem

Israeli chief rabbi tells Jews to stay away from Temple Mount
November 7, 2014. Yitzhak Yosef, Israel's chief Sephardic rabbi, made the call during the funeral Friday of Shalom Ba'adani, 17 who died that morning in hospital from wounds he sustained on Wednesday when a Palestinian terrorist hit him and 12 others with his car.This is the place to call on the esteemed public to stop this incitement, from here a call is heard, forbidding any Jews from going up to the Temple Mount. From here a call is heard to stop this so that the blood of the People of Israel may stop being spilled," Yosef said.
Members of the Jewish Home party criticized Yosef for calling to Jews to stay away from the Temple Mount and disputed his assertion that it led to bloodshed.
Naftali Bennett, the party's leader and Israel's economy minister, wrote on Facebook: "Honorable Chief Rabbi, Jewish blood was spilled because Arabs murdered them."
Orit Struck, a lawmaker for the party, called the rabbi's remarks "unfortunate," The Jerusalem Post reported. "I protest the blaming of Jews for the incitement and murder committed by Arab terrorists," she said.

If the blood of Jews were spilled because of Jews going up to Temple Mount wouldn't it have been Yehuda Glick who died and not the Kesohim of Har Nof?

Today (Asara B'Tevet) I listened to Rabbi Maimon Elbaz give an audio-visual presentation on Karbanot. at Agudath Yisroel of Madison in Brooklyn.  He mentioned that Yaakov needed to get the Bechora blessing in order to own the animals to bring the Korbanot. One can not bring Karbanot on an animal that one does not own.  The thought came to me that we can not bring Karbanot on Har Habayit unless we take control of Har Habayit. By refusing to take control of Har HaBayit is is an insult to the gift Hashem has given us of Karbanot.  Karbonot is a way to be mechaper without the loss of human life....Interestingly enough, Rabbi Elbaz mentioned that he was scheduled to deliver his audio visual presentation about Korbanot at a Satmar shul.  Moshiach must be on its way....

These posts might be of interest to you where the Halachic Discussion of Korban Pesach in today's time is addressed.

The late Lubavitcher rebbe took an intermediate position. While never advocating to bring the korban Pesach, he was concerned that in case an actual obligation did exist nowadays, one who did not bring this sacrifice would be liable for karet for failure to bring the korban Pesach in its appointed time. Thus, he initially advocated that Jews leave Jerusalem on the 14th of Nissan (and again on the 14th of Iyyar), although he later concluded that this was not required.

Finally after 2000 years Hashem has given us a gift.  Israel captured Har Habayit in the 67 War.  Yet Moshe Dayan gave it away to the Waqf.  Isn't this a slap in the face.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe seemed to think so.  G-d gives us a gift and we say "No Thank You"?  Hashem gave us some time to get used to the idea.  Anavim Anavim...... But now we need to take a stand. It's us or the Arabs. They understand the significance of Har Habayit.  They are waking us up. They are driving us to take a stand.

Our prayers as we know them today were established by our wise sages to take the place of the Avoda on Har Habayit, the Temple Service.  If we have the proper Kavana, mindset when we pray, there is no way to leave Har Habayit out of the picture.  Every portion of the Tefilla is intimately connected with Har HaBayit, Ki Mizion Tezei Torah UDvar Hashem Miyerushalyim. From Zion comes forth Torah.... After completing the Shemoneh Esreh don't we recite Sheyebaneh Beit Hamikdash that he Temple should be rebuilt and may our service be pleasing....  If we really want to get closer to Hashem and the Shechina, the only way to do it is through our focus on Har HaBayit.  Praying in our shuls alone isn't enough seems to be the msg of Har Nof massacre. Hashem wants to see our authentic yearning and practical steps showing our desire to bring back the Beit HaMikdash BimHera Beyameinu Amein.

Har Habayit under the Sovereignty of Israel is a Universal message. It is not merely a religious message.   Torah is Universal.

 Religion has gotten a bad rap as being a totalitarian society. The Arabs have hijacked the religious message and has made religion into a dirty word. 

 The secular are afraid that they will be coerced to keep religion like being under the Taliban... We'll have to wear long sleeves and long skirts etc....All superficial manifestation of the Torah that is actually a misrepresentation of authentic Torah. 

Torah is a universal religion.  G-d is a benevolent King for all of Humanity.  Israel is the Chosen People to teach G-d's word to the Nations of the World.  Is Israel up to the task.  The Righteous Noahides believe so..... 

Look at the Isaiah Wall, Turning swords into plowshares... 

listen to recordings...

.  Ki Beit Beit Tefillah, Yikareh Lechol HaAmim. 

Just google "Isaiah 56:7" and see how Universal Temple Mount is!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Paul Eidelberg <foundation612.12@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 12:02 PM
Subject: The Temple Mount

The Temple Mount

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

1.  We need to publicize the idea that Jewish control of Israel's holiest site, the Temple Mount (the Har HaBayit) on which stood the Beit HaMikdash, is a precondition of uncontested Jewish control of an undivided Jerusalem and the vivid restoration of Jewish national honor as well as the sanctification of God's Name.  Once Jews maintain unequivocal control of the Temple Mount, a serious movement can be initiated among Christian in the United States to move the American embassy to Jerusalem – which would produce a salutary shock wave across the world.

2.  Conversely, so long as the Muslim Authority (the Wakf) controls and desecrates the Temple Mount, the nations will despise Israel and kowtow to the Arab-Islamic world.  Muslim desecration of the Temple Mount not only exposes Jewish weakness, but increases Muslim arrogance and incites Islamic violence everywhere.

3.  Jewish spiritual revival of the Temple Mount would not only be the pinnacle of a Jewish restoration of Jerusalem; it would also inflict a lethal blow on the ambitions of Muslims, who regard Jerusalem is the key to their global ambitions.

4. The Wakf has long been violating the Law of Antiquities and the Law of Planning. The Muslims are erasing all historical evidence of Jewish presence on the Temple Mount.  The Netanyahu Government knows this and has cravenly said they have no intention of interfering.  

5. Of course, exclusive Jewish control of the Temple Mount is inseparable to Israel's control of Judea and Samaria.  (See below, point 14.)

6. To show that the Temple Mount is the key to the world-historical function of the Jewish people prescribed in the Tenach, I shall now quote various passages from Joshua Berman's book, The Temple

7.  The Temple, he writes, represents "the spiritual center of the country.  Here, at the site where God's presence is most manifest, the representatives of the Jewish people execute commandments and rites that symbolize the service of the nation as a whole."

8. It should also be noted that any non-Jew, so long as he adheres to the Seven Noahide Laws of Universal Morality, can bring certain "sacrifices" to the Temple, which acknowledges God's sovereignty over mankind.

9. The Temple – "a house for God's Name" – symbolizes "a public declaration of God's sovereignty. The ambition of declaring God's sovereignty in the world, which was initiated by Abraham, is the calling of the Jewish people."   

10. Berman goes on to say:  "God's acclaim in the world is a direct function of how Israel is perceived [by the nations]."  Israel must become a great country.  "A great country should possess political stability at home and should be at peace with its neighbors.  It should possess a strong economy and should be home to a culture that boasts strong [moral and intellectual] virtues."  Israel did not become such a nation until the reign of King David, and it was left to his son Solomon to build the (first) Temple.  All nations then flocked to Jerusalem, which was recognized not only as the City of Peace but the City of Truth.

11. "The function of the Temple as a symbol for God's acclaim in the world reaches its apex with the visit of the queen of Sheba to Solomon's court" – Solomon, the wisest of kings.  Ponder, therefore, these verses of Isaiah 2:1-3:  "And many nations will go and cry, 'Let us go up the to mountain of God's house, to the house of the Lord of Jacob, and we will learn from His ways and walk in His paths, for out of Zion goes forth the Torah and the word of God from Jerusalem.'"
12. Now let us consider Rabbi Chaim Richman's essay, "A Third Jewish Temple" (May 18, 2000), where he says: "People assume those who are interested in the Temple are radical elements opposed to peace."  Alluding to the era of King Solomon, Rabbi Richman points out that the Temple Mount represents "the hallmark of the greatest era known to man.... This place has been sanctified by God from the beginning of time.... Here Jacob laid his head. Here Abraham tried to sacrifice Isaac.... Of the 613 commandments in the Torah, 113 of them depend on the existence of a Jewish Temple. We have not received a cancellation order for any of the commandments issued at Mount Sinai."

       13.  Public opinion must therefore be educated about the Temple, about its significance in Judaism.  Obviously, the Netanyahu Government, steeped in timidity and intellectual stagnation, will not do this.  This Government doesn't really represent the Jewish people.  At least 25% of Israel's Jewish population is religious, and at least 50% is traditional. The Jewish people were not consulted when, Netanyahu, without Knesset or public discussion, endorsed the creation of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, Israel's heartland.   There is no reason to believe, therefore, that this orator with a golden tongue and clay feet will stand firm on the issue of Jerusalem and the Har HaBayit

       14. Hence, a Jerusalem Movement involving a network of cells across the nation should be initiated by Jewish youth and venerable rabbis. Their proclaimed purpose is to preserve the integrity of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount now being sullied by Muslims. Weekly demonstrations will be necessary. Eminent speakers should be called upon to denounce Netanyahu's policy of moral equivalence regarding Jewish and Muslim claims to the Holy Land – an insult to Jewish intelligence, as well as to countless Christians who are grateful for Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem, knowing that by this alone will they be welcomed in the Holy City.☼


Robin Ticker
Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing.

Most of these emails are posted on Shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com

Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

!!! Press Conference.Friday, March 27, 12 Noon. in front of offices of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand 3rd Ave between E. 48th St and E. 49th Street Manhattan. KEEP IRAN NUKE-FREE RALLY


Please join the growing list of individuals and  organizations who are rallying around this Press Conference in Solidarity to keep IRAN Nuke Free!  

Anachnu Imachem.  Let us let the People of Israel know, we are with you!  We are One People!  Our children will ask us what did we do to prevent a Nuclear Holocaust? 

From Lynne and Nessim Tammam

Dear All,

The IRAN NUCLEAR AGREEMENT REVIEW ACT OF 2015 (the Corker-Menendez Bill) is expected to come to a vote, possibly this week.   Our Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, despite their public statements to Jewish groups claiming their commitment to Israel, have been silent about whether or not they intend to vote for the override of  Obama's expected veto of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.   This legislation will delay the lifting of sanctions against Iran and block the implementation of any agreement between Iran and the Administration until after a period of Congressional review takes place.   

The initial vote is expected to have taken have taken place by then and the pressure will be on to secure the rest of the votes needed for an override.  
Both senators are expected to be at 780 Third Avenue that day.   The purpose of our being there is to let them know that their constituents want them to commit to overriding Obama's veto of this critical legislation.
For many of us, Friday is an extremely difficult day, but THIS is the day when BOTH Senators are in the building.  March 27 is the day when we can make our voices heard. 

Everyone is encouraged to attend so that we create as large a presence as possible at the press conference.   Tremendous forces are working against Israel at this moment.   We cannot afford to remain silent in the face of Israel's most dire threat.  As Benjamin Netanyu has said, "For the U.S., this is a matter of national security.   For Israel, this a matter of survival."    Schumer and Gillibrand need to know we, their constituents, expect them to represent us and prevent Iran from having the means to develop nuclear weapons.  Hoping to see you there,

But if you can or can not attend, please make some phone calls!

 For those in New York, call Senator Schumer at 202-224-6542 (or 212-486-4430).

                                                                                      E-mail him by going to www.schumer.senate.gov
                                                                                      Fax a letter to: 202-228-3027
For those in New York, call Senator Gillibrand at 202-224-4451 (or 212-688-6262).  
                                                                                      E-mail her by going to www.gillibrand.senate.gov
                                                                                      Fax a letter to: 202-228-0282  
For those in New Jersey, call Senator Cory Booker at:
                                                                                  202-224-3224 (or 973- 639- 8700)                                                                         
                                                                                  E-mail him by going to www.booker.senate.gov
                                                                                  Fax a letter to: 202-224-8378
For those in Pennsylvaniacall Senator Bob Casey:  Call 202-224-6324 (or 215-405-9660)
                                                                                              Fax a letter to: 202-228-0604

Lynne and Nessim  Chairpersons, Yom Hashoah Mobilization Committee

ZOA National Pres. Mort Klein will Speak at Press Conference

NEW YORK - March 24, 2015 -- The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) urges everyone to attend an important press conference and KEEP IRAN NUKE-FREE Rally this Friday, March 27, at 12:00 noon, at 780 Third Avenue (between 48th & 49th Streets) in Manhattan.

This is a critical time to make our voices heard.  There are two important pending Senate bills now, aimed at stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.   Pres. Obama has threatened to veto this critically needed legislation.

Friday's press conference and rally will take place in front of the Manhattan offices of New York Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, to urge these key Senators to commit to overriding Pres. Obama's expected veto of these important pending bills.


The Bipartisan Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2015, sponsored by Senators Kirk and Menendez, imposes new sanctions on Iran if international negotiators fail to reach a deal by June 30 on Tehran's nuclear program.  Fourteen Senators, including Senator Schumer co-sponsored the bill.  We need commitments to push the bill through and to override a veto.


The Bipartisan Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, sponsored by Senators Corker, Menendez, Graham and Kaine, mandates that the president must submit the text of any agreement with Iran to Congress; prohibits the administration from suspending congressional sanctions for 60 days, during which Congress would hold hearings and review the agreement; provides for Congressional oversight; and requires assessments and certifications of Iranian compliance.  The Act would help Congress to play its critical and historic role of reviewing international agreements.  More information about the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 can be found here.


The press conference and rally are co-sponsored by the ZOA and other concerned organizations.  (The list of co-sponsors keeps growing; a complete list is not yet available.)


Speakers at the press conference will include CUNY Trustee, former top government official and activist Jeffrey Wiesenfeld and ZOA National President Morton A. Klein, and more to be announced.


Please come to this vital press conference and rally, and spread the word and urge everyone you know to attend!

From Americans for a Safe Israel

Flier Keep Iran Nuke Free flier

posted on 3/24/2015 3:42:39 AM
We will be rallying in front of Senators Chuck Schumer's and Kirsten Gillibrand's offices at the on Friday on Third Avenue in Manhattan.

In short order, Congress will pass a bill authorizing the requirement that Congress approve any agreement Obama signs with the Iranian leadership to purportedly regulate Iran's nuclear weapons development and capability. This bill is known as the Corker-Menendez Bill, the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. 

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so eloquently and convincingly stated in his recent speech to Congress, the upcoming agreement between Obama and the Ayatollahs is "a very bad deal." More and more Democrats - not just Republicans - are realizing the danger this deal poses to Israel, the Middle East, the US and THE ENTIRE WORLD!

The nuclear deal is expected to be reached by the end of March, and the Corker-Menendez Bill will be put to a vote and pass WITH BI-PARTISAN SUPPORT, sometime in April. Obama has indicated that he will veto the bill.

Congress must override Obama's veto, and it is our obligation to do everything in our power to ensure this happens.


Senators Schumer's and Gillenbrand's votes are key to overriding the veto. Both, despite their public statements to Jewish groups claiming their commitment to Israel, have been silent about whether or not they intend to vote for the override of  Obama's expected veto of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.

Both Senators are anticipated to be in their offices in NYC this Friday. We will gather in front of their offices at 780 Third Avenue, NYC to remind them of their obligation to vote to override Obama's veto to keep America and her only ally and friend in the Middle East, Israel, safe.

This is an American issue and history will judge our Congress accordingly.


We extend this call to all individuals and organizations who care about the future of the United States and Israel to join us at this rally. 


Friday, March 27, 12:00 PM
780 Third Avenue, Manhattan (between 48-49 streets)

For further information, please contact the AFSI office at 212-828-2424, or at AFSI@rcn.com

Partial list of sponsoring organizations :
Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI 
Israeli Center for Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation/
Middle East Research Center Ltd./
Strength to Strength, 
JCC Watch 
Zionist Organization of America, 
Endowment for Middle East Truth
Stop the Klinghoffer Opera Coalition's organizers

Endowment for Middle East Truth


Dear Friends, amv"sh

Is Obama a threat to the world no different than Hitler Yemach Shemo?   It's too scary to contemplate but one can not deny that he is empowering evil forces like the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran who embrace Nazi ideology ... Robin

Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel


Obama demands that Israel "Ends the Occupation that began in 1967...."

Israel's Occupation of the Jewish Homeland began thousands of years ago....Just read the Bible....

In 1967 Israel won back all these territories after being attacked on all fronts.  Should America return territories conquered from the Native Americans?

Compare Obama's antagonism towards Israel with David Cameron. Thank you Leonard Weiss for sending.  Yes, I agree,  David Cameron is a real mentsch! May G-d Bless those who Bless Israel! 

fyi David Cameron's speech to CST (Community Security Trust) Dinner. David Cameron is a British politician who has served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 2010 and as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Witney since 2001.[2] He has been Leader of the Conservative Party since 2005.
In these unprecedented times, tonight's dinner is probably the most important CST has ever had.
All of us have been sickened beyond words by the appalling attack in Paris.
And then by the dreadful events in Copenhagen, with the murder of a young Jewish volunteer guarding the synagogue.
When I was at school, I remember watching "The World at War", listening to the voice of Laurence Olivier and learning about the Holocaust.
I thought it was part of history and could never happen again.
But somehow, after all the horrors of the past, people are once again being targeted simply for being Jewish.
During my visits to Yad Vashem and Auschwitz last year I had some time to reflect on where bigotry and prejudice can lead.
It doesn't matter how many books you've read, documentaries you've studied, films you've seen…
…it's only when you stand under that sign, "arbeit macht frei"...
…when you walk alongside those train tracks that brought millions to their death…
…when you see the children's clothes, the parents' luggage, the hair…the gas chambers and the ovens...
…that the horrific enormity of it all comes home to you.
I found that I kept asking myself some difficult questions: 'what would I have done if I had seen this terrible crime unfolding in front of me?'
Would I have hidden my Jewish neighbours?
Would I have had the courage to speak out against the murder?
Would I have joined the resistance?
Would I have tried to do any of these things if I placed my family at risk?
These are really difficult questions.
I suppose that you never know precisely how you would behave until you are faced with the choice.
But as Prime Minister of this country there is one thing that that I do know.
At a time when once again the Jewish communities of Europe feel vulnerable...
...and when anti-Semitism is at record levels here in Britain...
...I will not stand by.
I will not turn a blind eye to the threats that the community faces.
If the Jewish community does not feel secure then our whole national fabric is diminished.
It is not just about the enormous contribution you all make to our society - it is more profound than that.
It is a measure of the vigour of our institutions and the health of our democracy that the Jewish community feels safe to live and flourish here.
It is about the strength of the values that we stand for.
The kind of country we are.
So let me tell you this.
We are going to fight anti-Semitism with everything we have got.
There will be no excuses. No exceptions. No justifications.
Over generations we have built something incredible in our country: a multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy - and we are not going to let anyone destroy it.
Let me be clear.
No disagreements on politics or policy can ever be allowed to justify racism, prejudice or extremism in any form in our society.
We will not have it.
So first, it's about keeping people safe.
Second, it's about tackling the causes of this extremism.
And third, it's about speaking up loudly and proudly for British values.
Let me take each in turn.
No modern democracy is ever totally safe, of course not.
But we are doing everything we can.
We have already protected police budgets for counter-terrorism...
...and provided an additional £130 million for our security services over the next two years following the increase to the UK threat level in August.
We know that if we want to stop terrorists we need to know what they are planning and restrict their movements.
So we have introduced two new pieces of legislation in the last year.
One to access terrorist communications...
...and another - the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act - to seize passports, stop suspects travelling, and relocate terror suspects in the UK away from their extremist networks.
And we're continuously looking at how we can strengthen our capabilities, learn lessons, and stay one step ahead of the terrorists.
At a time when see young people being drawn overseas who perhaps aren't already known to our intelligence agencies...
...we need to do more to ensure we have the capacity at our borders to identify those who could be at risk.
So today I am announcing an extra £13 million for our border force and police...
...including funding so that we have the latest technology to analyse passenger data and get to those young people before it's too late.
This will help protect us all.
But the Jewish community is being specifically targeted.
So CST doesn't just need money to carry on doing what it does so well.
It needs more money to do a lot more of it.
We all need to dig deep tonight and give as much as we can.
And I include the government in that.
We already provide £2 million a year for security for Jewish state schools - something that has been championed brilliantly by Matthew Offord.
But as Mike Freer put it to me what if an attack happened at a private school?
How would we feel if we knew we could have done more?
That's not a thought I am prepared to entertain.
So today in the Budget, we have committed over £7 million of new money to fund guards for all Jewish private schools and colleges.
So at every school - state or private, north or south - the government will play its part in protecting your children.
But that's not enough on its own.
CST, the Jewish Chronicle and the All-Party Parliamentary Group against anti-Semitism have all highlighted the risk to synagogues and other potentially vulnerable Jewish community buildings.
So we're going to help with this too.
Tonight I can announce a further £3 million.
That's over £10 million of new money for security - this year - and every year - for as long as necessary.
And we're doing something else too.
I want CST to have a state of the art Mission Control centre...
...with closed-circuit television command and control and the ability to respond rapidly to those who need their help right across our Jewish communities.
And today I can announce an additional £1.5 million in capital to help you build it.
But we will not win this battle with security measures alone.
We need to tackle the causes of the terrorist threat not just its consequences.
And that means taking on and defeating Islamist extremism…
…a poisonous ideology that perverts the Islamic faith in an attempt to justify the most sickening barbarism and brutality.
We know what this so-called world view includes.
The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy.
The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged.
Or that there are times and places when suicide bombs and terrorism are somehow ok.
They claim that saying these things is exercising free speech.
I say: no it isn't. It's incitement. And we are not going to stand for it.
So we are tackling this so called non-violent extremism wherever it is found.
On the internet - by taking down more than 75,000 pieces of extremist material since 2010.
In our schools, universities and prisons - with a public duty in the new Counter-Terrorism and Security Act to prevent people being drawn into terrorism.
And in our wider communities - by stopping the funding of organisations that promote extremism...
...and giving the Charity Commission new money and new powers to investigate charities with extremist links.
And yes, we're keeping those hate preachers out.
The Home Secretary has banned more hate preachers than any of her predecessors.
Britain said no to Zakir Naik, Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Judon Mumbala Umbala.
And we kicked out Babar Ahmad, Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada too.
We are a tolerant country - but if you preach terror you are not welcome here.
And if I am returned as Prime Minister at the election, I will also introduce new banning orders for extremist groups that are not covered by the existing laws relating to terrorism…
…with new civil powers to target extremists who stay just within the law but still spread poisonous hatred.
We would not sit back and allow right-wing extremists or Nazis to recruit support in these ways.
So we will not allow Islamist extremists this opportunity either.
Third, we need to shout more loudly and more proudly about our British values.
Over generations we have built something incredibly special in this country.
We are a great multi-racial, multi-ethnic society.
And we should celebrate that.
Our young people should understand the freedoms we have fought to defend.
The right to free speech. The right to demonstrate peacefully.
Democracy. Property rights. The rule of law and equality before the law.
A free media.
And there is no community in our country more proud of these freedoms and more proudly part of Britain than our Jewish community.
You have produced Prime Ministers, industrialists, writers, actors, scientists, inventors and Nobel Prize winners.
All proud to be Jewish and proud to be British too.
And there is no better example of this than some of the Holocaust survivors I have met over the last year.
People who have been through the most harrowing moments of humanity and who have come to this country and made great lives for themselves here.
People who have lived ten, twenty lives for every one that didn't make it...
...who have gone on to become everything from great musicians and teachers to Olympic weightlifters.
Every one of them proud to call Britain their home.
And I am delighted that in taking forwards the work of the Holocaust Commission...
...the new UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation is conducting the biggest audit of survivor testimony in British history.
It is right that the stories of these incredible survivors, incredible Jews, incredible Britons should be recorded and preserved.
And thanks to the brilliant work of Mick Davis and the Holocaust Commission...
...this survivor testimony will form the foundation of the new Learning Centre and national Holocaust Memorial.
The government is giving £50 million to kick start a society-wide fundraising effort for this...
...so that the lessons of the Holocaust can be learnt by young people in every part of this country for generations to come.
Lloyd, in your introductory remarks you didn't just ask whether the Jewish people in our country will be safe.
You also asked if they would be alone.
For as long as I am Prime Minister, you will never be alone.
When people talk of trying to boycott Israel - you will never be alone.
When students on campus are afraid…
…when Shechita is under threat…
…when Jewish institutions need extra security - you will never be alone.
And when Israel is under attack from rockets or terror tunnels - you will never be alone.
As I said in the Knesset, I will always stand up for the right of Israel to defend its citizens, a right enshrined in international law, in natural justice and fundamental morality.
Israel is an extraordinary nation - and even more extraordinary when you think where it is.
On its doorstep...
...the barbarism of ISIL...
...the tyranny of Assad...
...Hamas and Hezbollah a missile's distance away...
...Iran looming nearby with nuclear ambitions...
...and terrorists all around, hell-bent on doing it harm.
And yet Israel stands as a democracy...
...a place where people can have their say, just as they did yesterday.
And I congratulate Prime Minister Netanyahu and look forward to working with the new Israeli government.
With me you will always have a British Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable and whose commitment to Israel's security will always be rock solid.
And to you, the Jewish community in Britain, I say this:
For as long as I am Prime Minister, I will stand with you, work with you, celebrate what you do and ensure we do everything possible to keep you safe.
And I truly believe that we will succeed.
The battle against Islamist extremism is the battle of our generation. It won't be defeated overnight.
It will take patience and resolve. And there may well be setbacks along the way.
But as in the past, I believe in the end that our values will win through.
Back in January I joined the march on the streets of Paris surrounded by placards saying: 'je suis Juif'.
In the aftermath of one of the darkest moments in Europe in recent times, people of all ages and all backgrounds came together to show solidarity with those who had suffered.
In the face of those who tried to suppress our values, the voice of free speech responded ever louder.
As so often in the worst of times, the best of humanity came shining through.
Together, we will beat anti-Semitism.
And we will make sure Britain remains a country that Jewish people are proud to call home - today, tomorrow and for every generation to come.


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