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Fwd: Chilling Reports on Obama and Iran. Sanctions on Iran lifted.

Esteemed Rabbanim, Honorable Knesset Members, Journalists, Fellow Activists and Friends, , amv"sh
Are you aware of this? Please report and share!  If this news is accurate, and it comes from a reliable source, surely Obama can not be trusted to keep America nor Israel safe.  When we still have a chance to expose him don't turn a blind eye. 
The Holocaust happened because nobody stopped Hitler Yemach Shemo VeZichro in time.  By the time Morgenthau spoke up it was too little too late. The American Jewish community in the 1930s and 1940s could not find the moral fortitude to unite and stop it from happening. 
Perhaps they were afraid of Antisemitism rearing its ugly head at them. Perhaps they did not want to risk their political clout and funding.
Back to present.  Aipac is promoting Obama's agenda!!!!  
 Aipac and the Jewish Community in the Diaspora must work together, with all its resources in Media, Politics. networking etc. to expose Obama's agenda. 
When one like Obama,  has clearly shown that he has endangered those under his command knowingly and purposefully and  there is reason to believe his leadership is endangering the world,  it must be addressed. It can not be ignored or treated as if it will disappear miraculously.
Netanyahu, in partnership with Influential Jews in America, and that includes us all,  need to know that the time has come to publicly denounce and reject Obama's current diplomacy strategies of continued talks and negotiation with a deceptive Iran while enabling them to move full speed ahead towards developing nuclear capability. Furthermore, declarations of remorse for supporting the "peace process" which has proven to be a dismal failure is long overdue.  Please read Caroline Glick and convince the Jerusalem Post to allow her to syndicate. Her message should not be contained.  It's time for Israel and Jews and Righteous Gentiles to cut our losses and start with a new narrative. No 2 State Solution and NO Peace Process. .  The Jewish people, Israel a Jewish country, by all accounts should be Sovereign in our Land including all of Judea and Samaria which is clearly within the delineated boundaries of our Biblical Homeland.
Each of us must do our part. If you are a journalist, get Rachel Ehrenfeld  published.  Mainstream Jewish Print news generally refuses to put in any news that is very damning to Obama. It is usually cushioned in such a way putting him in a neutral or even positive light. Such Online news  from sources from Artuz7, Afsi, David Horowitz Freedom Center, Sally Zahav posts, UCI posts, David Bedein - Israel Resource Center, TZC newsletter,  Act for America, Gatestone, Yesha Bulletin, Women in Green, Mattot Arim,    PMW, Love of the Land  posts- Yosef and Melody Hartuv, Steven Shamrack, Eretz Yisroel Shelanu, Ted Belman, CJHSLA, Jewishpress.com, Algemeiner.com, Think Israel,   posts etc etc. are not making it into mainstream papers. Who is controlling what gets published?  How are decisions decided as per what gets printed? Unfortunately, the majority of Jews, let alone nonJews, are clueless and still trust our President to keep America and Israel safe because they are shielded from such aggravating news in mainstream media and often not made aware of the precarious state we fnd ourselves by their Rabbis and  Spiritual Leaders and mentors...In fact, usually, activism is discouraged with the feeling of displaced humility and hopelessness.  Who am I to enact change.  What can little me accomplish in this terrible mess the world is in? When this is our collective response it is no wonder that Obama is still in the White House and Iran unchecked.
Furthermore, let each and every one of us resolve to withhold our checks and funding to Jewish organizations who promote BDS and let our Rabbanim and spiritual leaders know that we expect them to carry a greater leadership role.  Surely it is fitting for them to publicize G-D's Covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to their seed, the People of Israel re: their everlasting connection and rights with the Land of Israel.  Surely this will with the help of the Almighty, usher in an age of peace and prosperity for the benefit of humanity.
 When called to task many Rabbis claim they are not political and refuse to make "political statements" and thereby wrongfully mistake taking a Torah stand as political.  Why is it however that right before elections, their board members are holding fundraisers for candidates?
Jews should promote Torah NOT empower Sharia.  They are mutually exclusive. Torah is a common denominator and the 7 Noahide Laws speak to all Righteous Gentiles.  The people of Israel are entrusted to  bring the Truth of Torah to the world. As we prayed for on Rosh Hashana, all will recognize that G-d is our King. A Loving and Just King.  Not a ruthless despot. 
True we are hampered by risk of being excluded from  mainstream and branded as radical.  We even may risk our job and our livelihood.  But what alternative do we have? 
 Any person with any influence, and that includes all of us, must exercise it.
 Let us learn from our mistakes.   Chag Sameach.

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Americans for a Safe Israel
Americans For a Safe Israel
Mark Langfan, Chairman
Contact: Helen Freedman, Executive Director
September 17, 2013




 Obama's new red line is now Iran. We know that his Syrian red line on the use of chemical weapons, apparently one that he said he hadn't even set,  faded into oblivion. He took no responsibility for what he then labeled as the world's red line regarding WMD. Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, the featured speaker at the Sept. 16 AFSI meeting, gave a chilling talk about Obama's ties to Iran. See the enclosed article:
Is a "Tehran Moment" in Obama's Future? 
by Rachel Ehrenfeld

If it were not for Iran's former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs, Obama would have probably made a deal with Iran a long time ago. Now it seems that Washington's acceptance of Russia's scheme to dispose of Syria's chemical weapons is part of Obama plan for a grand rapprochement with Iran.

The September 9 disclosure by Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that Washington has been in direct communications with Tehran and the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announcement regarding "[t]his administration's commitment to reinforcing ties between the Iranian and American people" were the prelude for Obama's September 14 confirmation that he had "exchanged letters with new Iranian President Hassan Rohani."

This exchange is just the latest in Obama's attempts to befriend the regime. Soon after he settled in at the White House, Obama, in an unprecedented video appeal to the Iranian people on Nowruz (the Iranian new year, March 20, 2009), proposed to end the decades-long animosity between the U.S. and Iran and offered a "new beginning." Obama said he wanted to "speak directly to the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of to make clear his desire to establish constructive ties" between the two countries.
But Ali Khamenei was not impressed. Nonetheless, advised by Trita Parsi (president of the National Iranian American Council), Obama waited ten days before condemning the violent crackdown of the regime on the June 2009 election protestors.

Obama continued to issue "warnings" to Iran, but has not done much to stop its nuclear enrichment program.  The sanctions on Iran have hurt the Iranian economy. But the sanction regime and enforcement mechanism have had more holes than an Emmentaler Swiss cheese--holes and exemptions that have allowed Iran to continue to trade and export its oil. The revenues from these activities sufficed not only to pay for the nuclear program, but also to overcome a few cyber-hacking (Stuxnet) setbacks.
Ali Khamenei's choice in Hassan Rowhani as successor to Ahmadinejad proves that he "gets" Obama. 
Electing the Western-educated, scholarly looking, seasoned nuclear negotiator Rowhani as Iran's new "moderate" president was a good move. Rowhani is as committed to Iran's nuclear program as his predecessor. But this allegedly "moderate reformer" is better at delivering double-speak messages to further the Iranian deception. 
Yesterday, Rowhani in a televised speech stated that Iran would support whomever the Syrian people elect as president, even if it is not Bashar Assad. This "democratic" sounding statement surely fell on Obama's attentive ears. All the while, Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been fighting alongside the Assad government against the rebels. An inconvenient fact that the U.S. chooses to ignore, as it also refrains from protesting Iran's extensive training and sending of Shiites from and all over the world to fight alongside Bashar's forces in Syria
Rowhani's appointment of mostly Western-educated former diplomats and bureaucrats to his government succeeded in creating the impression that Iran is becoming more moderate and is ready to renew the process of talks with West. 
"Process" is the key word. The process that goes on in perpetuity achieves the following: The Iranians agree to talk but demand concessions to come to the table. When they get them, they join the talks only to obtain more concessions, but always walk away from the table because their demands were not met. All the while the clock on their nuclear weapons program keeps on ticking along nicely.

In advance of Rowhani's visit to New York on September 26 to attend the U.N. General Assembly, OFAC declared last week that it had lifted sanctions on Iran to allow for a "broader range of activities by non-government organizations, to expedite the provision of health services, disaster relief,wildlife conservation [emphasis added] and human rights projects in the country." OFAC also lifted sanctions on "imports and exports of services related to professional and amateur sporting activities" between the U.S. and Iran. Who knows? Perhaps this assistance would persuade Revolutionary Guard members to leave their uniforms behind to join Iran's shooting team for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. What we know, however, is that the money spigot from the U.S. can now directly help Iran to complete is nuclear program.

But why would Obama help Iran? After all, nuclear Iran presents a real danger to the U.S., not only to Israel and Saudi Arabia. 
If Obama's "me first" leadership style is any indication, it would not be unreasonable to assume that in return for his gestures to Iran, he would ask Rowhani to reciprocate with an invitation to visit Tehran. This, as Obama's logic seems to go, would ensure that that visit to Iran will reserve his place in history next to Nixon's visit to China. And if Iran decides to use its nuclear weapons, hopefully that deluge would happen apr├Ęs Obama.

Iran's "invisible army" in Latin America
 Although the immigration issue has been pushed out of the headlines for now, it's still an issue that has enormous consequences for our national security.

Please read the chilling article below. This is another reason why we are calling on Congress to protect our national security before doing anything else on immigration.

If you haven't already signed our petition to Congress, it's not too late to add your name!

Iran Aggressively Recruiting 'Invisible Army' of Latin American Converts to Infiltrate U.S. Through 'Soft Belly' of the Southern Border

Iran is recruiting an "invisible army" of revolutionary sympathizers in Latin America to infiltrate the U.S. through the "soft belly" of the southern border, U.S. officials and national security experts told TheBlaze. And they're using one website in particular to do it.

The Iranian regime's conversion efforts are becoming increasingly aggressive, especially over the Internet, with the goal of conducting operations against United States interests in the Western Hemisphere, according to U.S. government officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the nature of their work in the region. 
click here to continue reading

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