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Letter to Rabbanim and Askanim: Jewish Community Leaders . Take a Stand and Wake up the People. Or Will We Be Like Noach in His Generation?


Lichvod Rabbanim and Askanim, Jewish Community Leaders etc., amv"sh

2020 Dems Stand With J Street, Hamas and ISIS Against Israel

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders declare war on the Jewish State by Daniel Greenfield
Fri Nov. 1 updated on Nov. 3rd 2019

Prominent US Reform Rabbi Warns of Growing Anti-Israel Sentiments in Democratic Party. 
Here is a Reform Rabbi sees the truth glaring at us. 

Then there's the scary and terrible abuse of power within the Democratic Party that refuses to accept Donald Trump as President!

Trump, Israel and the Democratic Crack-Up - Caroline Glick
Wed Oct 30, 2019
Nearly every week, the Democrats reach new heights of radicalism. Israel has good reason to be deeply worried.
"...As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote in his book Ball of Collusion which examines the Russia collusion investigation, the liberal establishment in Washington, "exploited its control of law-enforcement and intelligence to help Clinton and undermine Trump. This is a scandalous abuse of power."

Caroline Glick points out that this radicalism smacks of third world and Civilization Jihad tactics, i.e. using the system to destroy itself from within... 

But there is more...

....It is not only about anti-Israel Sentiments and Deep State radicalism. 

Let me be so bold as to take a stand:

The Democratic Party has an unG-dly platform. 

Ok! I am just a blogger and not a Non-Profit Organization so I don't have to worry about losing tax exempt status for taking a political stand as an Orthodox Jew.

BTW, the law recently signed by Governor Cuomo gives a clear political advantage to the Democrats. 

NY Bars Nonprofits From Political Endorsements After Trump Allows it

Bottom line - Have we been complicit and slowly allowing the Democrats to take power while the Democrats have reached a majority in NY State Assembly?  In the NYC Council there are 48 Democrats to 3 Republicans!  These numbers make no sense!   How did this happen when in  NYC sixty-eight percent of registered voters in the city are Democrats?  Using simple math what is 68% of 51?  I'll save you the trouble. It's not 48 vs 3. It's 35 vs 16.   And many of the so called Democrats in the Council are only Democrats because they have been convinced that there is no way they can win running on a Republican line. 

To quote John Catsimatidis of 970am, NY now is a one State Party.  This is very dangerous for democracy.

The Democrats scout and groom candidates with a leftist progressive agenda and run their campaign. That is how unqualified, unknown, inexperienced individuals with no resources get elected. They have far left progressive, socialist, pro Muslim, pro BDS, pro abortion, pro LGBTQ gender fluidity agendas. They are not challenged with credible alternative candidates from the Republican party who must rely on their own resources to run their campaign.  These candidates do not in comparison get  sufficient backing from the GOP, mainstream Conservative and/or Jewish Organizations. Unfortunately, we are resigned to lose with a defeatist attitude. Only 17% vote probably figuring it's not worth it 

NY is now feeling the repercussions. There is recent legislation putting criminals on the street. NY is no longer has friendly business environment. Many are leaving NY in record numbers. 

  • How many Conservative Jews aligned with Republican values are registered as Democrats? Judging from my own circle of close friends there are many such registered Democrats who are actually Republicans in mind and spirit! So the 68% statistic is not a true reflection of the reality. Many Jews are registered Democrats for practical considerations as per the recommendations of community leaders who are dependent on Democrats for funding..

How did the NYC City Council become so radicalized?

It's a catch 22. The more registered Democrats, the less likely Republicans will even challenge the incumbent Democrats. The problem is that we have been brainwashed to believe NYC is an untouchable Democratic stronghold when in fact it's a self fulfilling prophesy.

Perhaps if those of us who ideologically are Republican gave it a fighting chance,  we can even retake the NYC Council.  

Mayor Guiliani after all was Mayor of the City of NY from 1994-2001.  Not that long ago.  

I think we are unfortunately being bought off at the expense of the will of the voters. The voters are really not happy with our local elected officials and their progressive values!

Is it now surprising that The Reproductive Health Act was passed in January 2019 decriminalizing late term abortions empowering Planned Parenthood etc.?

After Senate Democrats gained a majority in the State Senate in the 2018 elections,[9] they vowed to make the passage of the Reproductive Health Act a priority.[10]

Is it surprising that there is a significant rise in AntiSemitism and hate crimes in NYC?
New York City Sees Surge in Hate Crimes
Anti-Semitic incidents have been the most common attacks this year, NYPD says

We are very worried about Common Core Curriculum and the indoctrination of all NY kids including our own in private schools, in Yeshivas by the NYS Board of Regents.   We are against wasting precious school hours teaching a curriculum we don't like and don't need and whose "values" are diametrically opposed to the teachings of our Torah.

Bottom Line.  We are not  registering as Republicans nor pursuing or backing  Republican candidates...even when they were clearly pro Israel and share our wholesome values and ethics.  Chele Farley vs Kirsten Gillibrand in the Senate race comes to mind.

The Democratic party is white washed on our front cover pages of our right wing papers rather than being exposed for who they really are in  the links above.

The Rabbis and Community Leaders say just go and vote. Vote for whom?   

Why are the Democratic party getting off the hook in spite of their hostility towards Israel?


Perhaps...As far as the media, Jewish right wing  media receive financial support it desperately needs from Jewish institutions and organizations and JCCs who advertise in their papers and are funded by Democrats.

Worthy organizations receive discretionary funding and $90 million a year for Security and Stem benefiting Yeshivas, JCC's and other important and causes.

These Organizations risk losing this needed funding if they fight the Democrats openly.

Meanwhile our streets are becoming more dangerous as criminals are we reluctantly partner with forces bent on destroying the moral fiber of society.

Are well funded programs worth it?

It does not help that the Jewish Republican Party Fundraising PAC like JExodus is following the Republican plan to fund primarily areas where Trump has a chance of winning.   NY is a blue State and accordingly is a "lost cause" from this short sighted perspective  and they will not invest money in such a State to help Republicans get elected when the chances of them winning is unlikely.  But there is lots more here at stake.

By following this direction according to the letter of the law, we are making a very sad mistake. In NY, especially in a State where there is such a concentration of G-d's Chosen people, the message of Universal Morality should be screaming from the Hilltops along with the message From Zion Comes Forth Torah. 

If Republicans want to strengthen their party across America, they should therefore invest in NY especially faith based institutions, their natural ally, and thereby strengthen a G-dly message coming from faith based Rabbis and not only from Christian Ministers. 

When Jews are silent, it is a Chillul Hashem that allows the void to be filled with Radicalism.

Judaism and Zionism are very much intertwined and can not be separated. Our enemies are very aware and will therefore throw whatever juicy bones it takes to suppress a True Faith Stand here in NY... and we foolishly take the bait?

To be fair, I know there is a lot at stake....
The reality is that Jews can no longer separate their private religious lives with those of the society that surrounds them. Again to be fair, remaining H-ly and insulated has been the life saving modus operandi that has preserved the Jewish people in the Diaspora for 2000 years since the Destruction of the Temple.

But now as we approach Messianic Times the rules of the game have changed. We and our children can no longer be insulated with the alien culture that surrounds us. Like in the times of Noach, when a G-dless and corrupt society, coupled with immorality seeps into the very fiber of society,  no one is immune. 

It will take a deep purge, Chas Veshalom, G-d forbid,  to cleanse such a society.... the likes described in the Tochacha.  (rebuke portions in the Torah).

The time has come to actualize the very purpose of our Nation which is to be a Mamlechet Kohanim veGoy Kadosh. A Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation.

Christians have taken a lead in defending the Laws of Universal Morality consistent with the platform of the Republican Party. 

Eventually, evil source of funding come to haunt us as it will corrupt and undermine all of our Torah that feeds off it.

It behooves a State like NY which has the largest concentration of Orthodox Jews to be at the forefront of making a Kiddush Hashem, a Sanctification of G-d's name and take a stand! We can no longer afford to remain silent or sit on the fence. The time has come, and we dare not miss it,  to educate our own people and society at large, why the platform and agenda of the Democratic party is unG-dly as it defies the Laws of Universal Morality, the 7 Noahide Laws.

Anavim, Anavim...I know we are up to the task.

The ACLJ is fighting this battle. It is time that we as Orthodox Jews do so as well. Will we step up to the plate?

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IDF Throws Troops Under Bus After Getting Threatened and Harassed by Arabs


IDF Throws Troops Under Bus After Getting Threatened and Harassed by Arabs

Newsfeed on Twitter on this shameful treatment of our bravest soldiers by IDF higher ups whose orders are coming from political and not military considerations.

Kfir Combat Soldiers of Netzach Yehuda Brigade are humiliated and threatened by emboldened Bedouins after they are detained together, the soldiers for alleged misconduct on Bedouins while on patrol in the line of duty of protecting themselves and Settlers.

(All mothers of Chayalim should be up in arms for the army publicizing any "misconduct" as it serves only to embolden the enemy,  even if a fair hearing was conducted,  which in this case is very questionable... and then even more so for endangering the lives of these Chayalim placing then in detention with now emboldened Bedouins! These soldiers have chosen to serve in a combat unit putting their lives on the line day and night to protect Israel!!! Are tax paying Settlers not worthy of protection? Those who are in command, in a supervisory capacity,  must be held accountable for this gross negligence and disregard of the lives and safety of our sons, our Chayalim,  whom we have entrusted to the IDF for the service of Israel and these officers or political powers directing this charade should be brought to justice measure for measure. )
‏העימות "האלים" בין הבדואים ללוחמי חטיבת כפיר:  
ואני רוצה להגיד רק דבר אחד:
אני מתביישת שאלה הפנים של צהל 
שילד שנלחם ושומר עלינו מוצא את עצמו במעצר מושפל ומתבזה לעיני כל
כי הגן על עצמו ועל לוחמיו!
בושה לנו כעם שאלה הפנים שלנו! 
Rough Translation:
The "violent" confrontation between the Bedouin and the Kfir Brigade fighters:
 And I just want to say one thing:
 I am ashamed that this is the face of the IDF
 A child who fights and watches us finds himself in humiliated detention and disgrace to all
 Because he  protect himself and his fighters!
 Shame on us as a people that this is our face!

China Begins Cracking Down on Churches That Have Unauthorized Version of the Bible: Report

Fwd: Report from Chinese Torture Camp Shows How Truly Evil Its Government Is

Smear Campaign Against Settlers and against Soldiers who are doing their job to Defend the Settlers. Stonings and violent confrontations in Judea and Samaria with lack of sufficient Protection for Settlers


The Blood Libel and Smear campaign against the Hilltop youth continues while Chayalim from Netzach Yehuda are prosecuted and shamed for doing their jobs, protecting themselves and defending settlers in Judea and Samaria.  No wonder that violent Bedouins and Arabs are emboldened to threaten IDF and the residents. Stones are constantly being thrown in Judea and Samaria injuring civilians without serious deterrent nor realistic expectation of reprisal or repercussions. 

Fwd: Duma Village Arson Minor Defendant Convicted of Terrorist Group Membership.

תיק דומא
 Court Decision that Duma Suspect who was a minor was a member of a Terrorist Organization. This occurred after recent military orders banished Neriyah Zaroge and his family, from Hilltop Outpost Kumi Ori. Connecting the dots...

Fake News Blood Libel of Yitzhar Youth Playing Paintball in Yitzhar as if they were shooting.

Government Destroys Jewish Homes in Samarian Settlement
By David Sidman October 24, 2019

Fwd: Video of Hilltop Settler Tzuriel threatened on his farm near Mechola by a gang of Anarchist backed Arabs. Where is the IDF?

IDF Throws Troops Under Bus After Getting Threatened and Harassed by Arabs.
To add insult to the injury, these Kfir Combat Soldiers of Netzach Yehuda Brigade are then humiliated and threatened by emboldened Bedouins after they are detained together

Mutiple stonings in different locations in Judea and Samaria this morning.
Rough Translation of this tweet:
October 28, 2019 7:43am
About an hour ago, in Mivterei Chalchul, near Kiryat Arba, a Jew was injured in his face and hands by shrapnel as a result of stones being thrown.

At this moment a stone attack on a bus neat Beit Omer.

2 hours ago a stone attack in Lub'n Sharquiya

In the morning, stones were thrown at Route 443 with damages to vehicles.

Cheap blood
Zero deterrence
Terror celebration

Translation of tweeted comment to this tweet includes: 
Where is Bibi and where is the Defense Minister" (fyi they are the same person).
What do you want him to do? All the army and police are concentrated in Yizhar.
If I were to publicize that an Arab was stoned that would get press.
DNA is only examined on stones thrown by Jews.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Al Baghdadi’s takedown: A Captured Wife Revealed His Secret Lair - World Israel News

Fwd: Video of Hilltop Settler Tzuriel threatened on his farm near Mechola by a gang of Anarchist backed Arabs. Where is the IDF?

Video Posted on WhatsApp chat in support of Hilltop Settlers

Translation follows:

תודה רבה לפיקוד הצבאי
בזמן שיהודים מותקפים כל יום
פיקוד צהל עסוק בלעצור חיילים ולשלוח אותם נגד אחים שלהם נערי הגבעות
קבלו את הדיווח הבא:

בשבת האחרונה פלשו ערבים מגובים באנרכיסטים לחווה של צוריאל ואורה ( בן כפר דורם)ליד מחולה.
צוריאל האריה עמד לבדו במשך דקות ארוכות לבדו והגן על משפחתו ורכושו.

חשוב שכמה שיותר אנשים יחשפו לתמונות משם ויבינו שהעבודה עוד לא תמה.
בבניין הארץ ננוחם.

Rough Translation:
Many thanks to the Military Command.  While Jews are being attacked every day,  the IDF is busy arresting Chayalim or sending them against their brothers on the Hilltops.
  Take note of following report (video).    Last Saturday, anarchist-backed Arabs invaded Zuriel and Ora's farm(Zuriel was originally from Kfar Darom from Gush Katif) near Mehola.  Tsuriel the lion stood alone for long minutes, protecting his family and property.    It is important that many more people are exposed to videos and photos from there  (the hilltops) and realize that the work is not yet over.
In the building of the land we will be comforted.
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Trump's SyrIa withdrawal is actually a stroke of genius by AFSI Chairman Mark Langfan


In the maelstrom of Trump-hatred, the pundits have focused on the 2% negative and ignored the 98% positive effects of Trump's withdrawal.

Jews Will Not Abandon the Democrats, Even as the Democrats Abandon Them - Abraham H. Miller

Rejoicing because ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. CNN, NY Times


Reason to Rejoice..

“He was vicious and violent, and he died in a vicious and violent way, as a coward, running and crying,” Trump stated in a White House speech. “. . . 
 “Last night was a great night for the United States and for the World. A brutal killer, one who has caused so much hardship and death, was violently eliminated — he will never again harm another innocent man, woman, or child. He died like a dog. He died like a coward. The world is now a much safer place,” Trump declared.

President Trump: ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS Leader Known for His Brutality, Is Dead at 48
President Trump announced the death of al-Baghdadi, who transformed the Islamic State into a global terrorist network that conquered territory the size of Britain and directed horrific attacks in the West.

In response to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach


Anyone who has cared to follow the ISIS atrocities and identifies with the women and children still enslaved under ISIS and their victims will be motivated to rejoice.. 

Divrei Hayamim: Chronicles 16:31-34

31: The heavens will rejoice and the earth will exult, and they will say among the nations, "The Lord has reigned."
32: The sea and the fullness thereof will roar. The field and all that is therein will jubilate
33: Then all the forest trees will sing praises, before the Lord, for He has come to judge the earth.
34: Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, for His loving-kindness exists forever.

הודו לה' כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו!

Give thanks to Hashem for He is good, for His loving-kindness endures forever!

Tehillim Chapter 68:2-5

2 May God rise; His enemies scatter, and those who hate Him flee from before Him.
3 As smoke is driven away, You will drive [them] away; as wax melts before fire, the wicked will perish from before God.
4 And the righteous will rejoice, yea, they will exult before God and they will delight with joy.
5 "Sing to God, sing praises to His name, praise Him Who rides in Aravoth by His name Yah, and rejoice before Him.

The Jerusalem Boys Choir Sing Super Trump

A pompeous display of rejoicing is in poor taste. But spontaneous  and heartfelt rejoicing and outpouring of thanks to Hashem and His messengers, for the salvation of all Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's past, present and future victims is a must! The fact that all special forces came back safely is also reason to rejoice!

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Fake News Blood Libel of Yitzhar Youth Playing Paintball in Yitzhar as if they were shooting.


Tweet by Elchanan Groner...see link below. This is a rough translation

Building a Blood Libel step by step.

1. Headline in Yediot "Residents of Komi Ori Outpost assemble by army jeep" as if it's nothing short of a trial Lynch.

2. Inside picture "Youth from Yizhar with paint guns from Kumi Ori Outpost"

3. In the article: Major General  of Miluim warns  'its a matter of time they shoot at a soldier"

What really happened

A photographer from Yediot took a picture of Yizhar Youth on vacation playing paintball.

This didn't happen in Komi Ori nor anywhere. Gornisht mit Gornisht. A Jeep passed by on the middle of their game and the Youth stopped  their game to let them pass.

By the way, some of the kids danced with the Golani Chayalim on Simchat Torah.

The Reporter and the photographer knew it was a game of Paintball and not a real event and promised that the picture wouldn't be publicized.  But the editors of Yediot it seems decided to make use it to libel the Settlers
Hebrew tweet:
1. ראשית בידיעות: "תושבי מאחז קומי אורי מתגודדים סביב גיפ צבאי", כאילו זהו לא פחות מנסיון לינץ.
2. בפנים תמונה: "נערים עם רובי צבע במאחז קומי אורי".
3. במסגרת: האלוף במיל מזהיר: "עניין של זמן עד שירו על חייל"

Use back arrow for full thread

ron zadok (@ron_zadok) tweeted at 0:51 AM on Fri, Oct 25, 2019:
‏‎מי מאיתנו לא שיחק פינבטול כאשר הוא רעול פנים... Use back arrow for full tweet thread

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Government Destroys Jewish Homes in Samarian Settlement Hakol Hayehudi


The community's leaders have harshly condemned the government's aggression calling the demolition "a violent price tag that harms the community's efforts to restore peace"

תיק דומא Re: Court Decision that Duma Suspect who was a minor was a member of a Terrorist Organization. This occured after recent military orders banished Neriyah Zaroge and his family, from Hilltop Outpost Komi Ori. Connecting the dots...


From a Duma WhatsApp chat:

לצערנו בית המשפט הרשיע הבוקר את א', הנאשם הקטין בתיק עלילת דומא בסעיף של חברות בארגון טרור.

מדובר בהחלטה שערורייתית ומופרכת אך גם מפתיעה, זאת בשל הדברים הנחרצים של בית המשפט בחודשים האחרונים כנגד האישום. כפי שמסביר עו"ד ציון אמיר, סנגורו של א', בסרטון הבא.

*קרדיט: ארגון חוננו

From Honenu rough translation

Unfortunately, this morning the Court convicted A. The minor who was a suspect  in the Duma arson of being a member of a terror Organization.

We are talking about an outrageous and refuted ruling and even a surprising one.

This in light of the recent decisive  position of the court against this accusation as the Defense lawyer Zion Amir explains in the video.

Does the elections in Israel have something to do with the sudden shift and bias against Settlers using A. as a political pawn?

There are so many Arab Youth in UNRWA camps who are so proud to be jihadists and openly boast about it who aren't put in jail as was A. for over three years with no conviction. Why pick on a kid who denies he ever was or desired to be a Jewish terrorist (except under forced confession due to physical or emotional duress and blackmail) and rule that he is a member of a Jewish terrorist organization.  (Fyi There is zero evidence such an organization exists other than a politically motivated designation.)


תיק דומא: בית המשפט יכריע אם הנער שהודה בפיגוע חבר בארגון טרור
My comments:

I am not that surprised....

The court ruling that Minor A. belonged to a terrorist organization has apparently achieved the intended goal.  

At the start of the trial, the family of Minor A were under tremendous pressure to plea bargain that A. belonged to a terrorist Organization.  The family refused to slander fellow Jews even as they reluctantly agreed to plea bargain confessions (probably false) made under emotional duress.   After all, surely the prosecution would have agreed to leave Minor A. alone to go on with his life had they only agreed to their terms.....

But now the Court ruled that A. who was 16 at the time, WAS a member of a terrorist organization.

There is no substantiating evidence that such a Terrorist Jewish organization even exists! There is only a politically motivated designation of the late Rabbi Kahana's followers as being a terrorist group after his passing.

This "terrorist group" serves a political purpose to create a veneer of equivalency. There are Arab terrorists and then there are Jewish Terrorist.

What seems obvious to me is that these kids are being used as political pawns. The entire Duma trial has nothing to do about bringing the arsonists who burnt an Arab family to justice! Nobody really cares about finding the true arsonists.

The goal is to discredit the settler movement, smearing ideological and passionate Settlers youth as "Jewish Terrorists" and turning territory folks against one another.

 Is it working? For sure. 

There has been silence or outright condemnation by Settler leaders themselves of the Duma suspects and Hilltop youth. 

Where is Women in Green and Chevron activists and Shomron Liason Council and Nationalist Rabbis?????  Are they terrified of being smeared and lose very needed funding if they openly defend these youth? That's the only plausible explanation of their deafening silence.

We need long term vision...

Update: Yizhar Youth smeared in Fake News by Yediot?

Fake News Blood Libel of Yitzhar Youth Playing Paintball in Yitzhar as if they were shooting at Chayalim.

Ultimately the goal of our enemies is to discredit all territory folks. 

For self preservation, we therefore need to take a united stand!

We all know that the love and passion for Eretz Yisroel of these youth is no different than ours, as they were nurtured on our passionate love of Eretz Yisroel and Am Yisroel and Torath Yisroel... They are not terrorists as they abide by Torah, no different than those who educated them. If they are designated as "terrorists" it's therefore a reflection on the entire Nationalist community. 

Our attempt to distance ourselves saying "they are a fringe minority" won't ultimately protect us. The opposite. All they need is one scapegoat and others who support the accusation, to run with the smear.

Is it right to turn our backs on these Youth who are the subject of a baseless campaign,  shouldering the brunt of the enemy's attack...when the goal of our enemy is to discredit a few in order to then discredit the movement who nurtured them!

The recent clashes with IDF with hilltop youth in Komi Ori was a foreshadowing of this ruling.  It's political grandstanding. Hilltop Youth are being portrayed as lawless, aggressive, violent  kids, anti Zionists, ready and willing to fight the IDF! Surely they all belong to the same terrorist organization as A.! After all even their own leaders condemn them!!!

It is no secret that for years  Shabak has planted moles and agents targeting the vulnerable  to manufacture a false narrative of Jewish Terrorism.
Why remind everyone of the expulsion of Gush Katif and the progrom at Amona and confuse people with the facts?

 Why did the IDF have to seemingly send Golani troops against Hilltop youth protesting the immoral expulsion of Neriyah Zaroge  from his home and his land. This settler is an example of being  the salt of the earth. There is no evidence of any wrongdoing and their immoral administrative detention orders serve to destroy his efforts and his families', hard work, sweat and tears in the settling and building of OUR Land.

Women in Green...Is Netzer the only hilltop at risk????

What merit will we have to build a lasting settlement if we are passive when our Brother's and Sister's settlement elsewhere in Judea and Samaria are also targeted  and we are silent?

Here is the broader picture, a letter written by Helen Freedman co-Executive Director of AFSI

Letter to the Editor: The Jewish Press

The name Neriyah Zaroge is undoubtedly an unfamiliar one to most readers. He is a young resident of Yitzhar, a community in the Shomron which I and the AFSI Chizuk missions have visited many times. By command of the IDF Central Commander, Nadal Feden, Neriyah has been served with a military order banishing him from his home in the hilltop outpost, Komi Ori, his wife and two children, and his herd of sheep for a period of three months. There is no legal basis or evidence of any wrong doing on his part. It is part of what appears to be an ongoing program of favoring the land-grabbing Arabs over the Jews who simply want to hold onto Jewish land. As Neriyah wrote to the IDF Central Commander, "Instead of dealing with the non-stop, illegal building of the Arabs in the area, or the daily stone throwing and acts of terror on our highways, you chose to terrorize the Jews." If Sovereignty was applied to Judea and Samaria, such anti-Jewish discriminatory acts could not occur. They must be ended.

Another example of the military favoring the Arabs over the Jews occurred recently at Amichai, another community in the Shomron, on the outskirts of Shilo, which AFSI has supported from its creation. Born from the need to provide homes for the expelled Jews from Amona, Amichai is a brand new settlement which the government promised and delivered and to which the displaced Jews were able to move. Now they have seen that the Arabs are planning to build a community adjacent to them with the apparent consent of the military. At a recent protest, which was entirely peaceful, the Jews were the ones restrained and threatened, not the Arabs who are violating Israel's land. Again, we believe this could not happen if Sovereignty was applied to Judea and Samaria. This must be the answer to the many anti-Jewish positions taken by the military. There should be no IDF Central Commander giving orders. The idealistic Jews living in the hilltops, raising their families, and holding onto the land should not have to experience or endure discrimination from their own people.

Helen Freedman
Co-Executive Director
Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI 

See how Prime Minister  Netanyahu and Yitzhar Leaders recently condemned Settler Youth. 

Jpost and Arutz7  unfortunately publicized the smear campaign calling it  'Right Wing Extremism" and  "Scandalous and Shameful conduct". 

Related posts:

Government Destroys Jewish Homes in Samarian Settlement
By David Sidman  October 24, 2019

Channel 13 telecast the results of a 25 year investigation which documented how Israel intelligence violently and systematically infiltrate demos organized by Israeli nationalists

The settlement is often associated with right-wing extremism

Yitzhar demands youths leave after soldier injured
Samaria community says it "sees the conduct of the youths and the attack on IDF soldiers as scandalous and shameful."
Arutz Sheva Staff, 20/10/19

Disqualify Bennett and Netanyahu not only Lapid.

My comments:

See update above about fake news by Yediot smearing Youth from Yizhar. Did Netanyahu and Yizhar leaders condemn the kids based on fake news or was there a real incident?

Slandering Settler Youth in the News once again. Netanyahu and Yitzhar Leaders condemn Settler Youth prematurely. Media takes note making sure to highlight 'Right Wing Extremism" and "Scandalous and Shameful conduct

Trump must sue the Democrats to enforce his Brady rights by Mark Langfan

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

NY Bars Nonprofits From Political Endorsements After Trump Allows it


NY Bars Nonprofits From Political Endorsements After Trump Allows it


Why can't faith based organizations which are nonprofit make a statement that they are against late term abortions and Gender fluidity and not be worried it will be taken as a declaration against the Democratic party and risk losing tax exemption!!!

Also  Organizations of faith should be allowed to condemn the platform of antiSemitic Congresswomen who wish to deny the Jewish people a homeland, without fear of losing their tax exempt status.

 The Land of Israel is the eternal inheritance of the Children of Israel.

The Land of Israel is the Promised Land, promised to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  This is repeated multiple times in the Bible!

Is this getting too political?

These are all religious statements and not political ones.

The Democrstic party has overstepped the line when their "values" infringes on religious freedoms and when someone like Corey Booker thinks he can decide that religion is racist since it is against homosexual relationships.

The Democratic party is an unG-dly party in that their platform has  defied the Laws of Universal Morality by pushing Late term abortions  and has powered Congresswomen who questions Israel's right to settle on their Biblical and indigenous homeland in Judea and Samaria.

This new law infringes on freedom of speech and freedom of religion in that an organization of faith will be penalized for expressing their right to condemn the lifestyle choices of a political party.   This law needs to be fought in higher courts in the Federal government.


Breaking: Judge reverses jury decision in case of 7-year-old's forced transgender transition

Child abuse': Texas officials investigating case of 7-year-old boy transitioning to girl in defiance of father's wishes

Mike Huckabbee comments

There are more details at the link, including the chilling tidbit that the mother has asked the judge “to order her ex-husband to attend counseling that affirms transgender ideology.” I wasn’t aware that it was within the powers of the court to order American citizens to attend brainwashing sessions to replace their religious beliefs with transgender propaganda, but I guess if “Beto” can take away a church’s tax exemption for following the Bible…oh wait: he CAN’T do that, because it’s a blatant violation of the First Amendment.

Beto O’Rourke’s Bad Idea to Punish Conservative Churches
He would end tax exemptions for contributions to religious institutions that ban same-sex weddings. What is he thinking?

Turkey, Syria and President Trump: What the Media is Not Telling Us

Trump Rewards Central American Countries

Hypocrisy in Rebuking Trump. Schumer and The Economist.


Schumer Complains About ISIS Terrorists
A proven master of hypocrisy.

Cover article in Economist. October 19, 2019

Who can trust Trump's America?

On the cover. Page 5

"The consequences of Donald Trump's betrayal of the Kurds: leader, page 11.
Removing American troops from Syria triggered a war, abandoned an ally and acted against the national interest: briefing, page 21"

Is the Economist agenda to protect innocent Kurds  from Genocide or to badmouth Trump who they claim "triggered a war and abandoned an ally and acted against national interest".

"Alas shallowness and impulsiveness have become the Hallmark of Mr. Trump's foreign policy....Mr. Trump takes momentous decisions on a whim, without pondering the likely fallout or devising a coherent strategy to contain it"

Who can trust Trump's America? - The Economist asks: Ash Carter

About Ash Carter

August 2, 2011 - President Obama nominates Carter to replace Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III.
September 23, 2011 - The US Senate unanimously confirms Carter as the deputy secretary of defense.
October 6, 2011-December 3, 2013 - Deputy Secretary of Defense.
December 5, 2014 - President Obama nominates Carter to succeed Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. Hagel's resignation was announced November 24, 2014.
February 17, 2015-January 19, 2017 - Serves as the 25th secretary of defense.
July 12, 2016 - Makes an unannounced visit to Afghanistan to meet with the country's leaders and visit with US forces who are battling a resilient Taliban. Carter's trip comes a week after President Obama's announcement 8,400 troops will remain in Afghanistan through the end of 2017, a higher number than the 5,500 troops originally planned.
March 28, 2017 - Harvard University's Kennedy School announces that Carter will join the school as a professor and as director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Slandering Settler Youth in the News once again. Netanyahu and Yitzhar Leaders condemn Settler Youth prematurely. Media takes note making sure to highlight 'Right Wing Extremism" and "Scandalous and Shameful conduct"


The settlement is often associated with right-wing extremism

Yitzhar demands youths leave after soldier injured
Samaria community says it "sees the conduct of the youths and the attack on IDF soldiers as scandalous and shameful."
Arutz Sheva Staff, 20/10/19

Once again, the Prime Minister and  leaders of Yesha immediately rush to condemn Settler youth smearing their name and reputation within 24 hours without really knowing what happened.

This condemnation is very suspicious. It reminds me of all the condemnations of the Political VIPs, Rabbis and leaders of the Settlement community who rushed and almost tripped over themselves in their desire to condemn the youth for the Duma arson without knowing the whole story or knowing the truth.

4 years later Amiram Ben Uliel is still in jail under harsh isolation,  estranged from family and community with no trial or conviction nor credible evidence of wrongdoing.

Looking for truth is not the goal of our enemies. Discrediting the settler enterprise by employing divide and conquer strategy is.

What causes good people to rush and bend over backwards to condemn their own youth?

If the past is any lesson, they are terrified of being slandered and marginalized, being cut off of funding, and lumped with the Settler Youth whom have been slandered and libeled and designated as "Jewish Terrorists" belonging to the late Rabbi Kahana's following.

We don't know the whole story.

 It's premature to make a statement especially when we know from  past experience that  there is good reason to judge the Settler youth on side of merit. דן לכך זכות!

Where IS the outcry from these Yitzhar leaders?

They should be crying out the following....

Why are they expelling this Settler and his family from his home and beloved land for no given reason and with no evidence of wrongdoing?

How come his civil liberties are denied him? No Habeous Corpus under military occupation in Judea and Samaria.

How come such scandalous and shameful orders are given for elite Golani IDF Soldiers, who enlisted not to throw their brothers and sisters off the precious Land, but to protect their brothers and sisters who wish to live and settle the Land!

The leaders of Yitzhar clearly are either infiltrated or being threatened or bribed and the youth as well were either infiltrated by Shabak, the Jewish Division of Terror group, and/or threatened and/or provoked.


Monday, June 11, 2018
On Duma Affair: Apologize NOW! by Ruti Itzkowitz Letter to all those who rushed to Condemn Jewish Terror before any Investigation or conviction! (including the Defense Minister, the Prime Minister, the President, MK's Rabbanim...)

J'Accuse. Will the Land continue to be Silent? by Ruti Itzkowitz with Translation. Kol Yehudi On the Slander of the Hilltop Youth

Tuesday, June 05, 2018
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