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Free Meir Ettinger! Update from his grandmother Mrs./Reb. Libby Kahane. Vassar Sponsors the Demonization of Israel…Slander and Blood Libel against Israel.


We need to counter slander against the hilltop youth with positive speech!  Please write letters to the editor of your papers, call your Rabbi's and Lawyers to write letters on Meir Ettinger's behalf to not extend his administrative detention, which is actually senseless incarceration with no proof of any crime. Tell the Rabbi's that we need to help free Meir Ettinger by Feb. 21 so that they don't reextend his administrative detention. 

Mrs/Reb.. Libby Kahane, wife of Rabbi Meir Kahane ob"m hyd gave AFSI an update on her grandson's condition.  She writes: 

The Judge who is to decide on the four-month extension of Meir Ettinger's detention is to give his decision on Feb. 21.  Another thing: I'm not sure that you know that on Friday, February 5, my grandson Meir Ettinger stopped his hunger strike. I think my pleas to him not to cause irrevocable harm to his heart, lungs, kidneys were part of that decision....When he stopped his hunger strike the prison authorities granted him a small "perk." The perk he requested was a disk player and music CDs. Why? So that when Purim and Pesach come around he can listen to music and thus fulfill the commandment of rejoicing on the holidays.

We in the religious world grew up with the concept of Middah Keneged Middah.  G-d acts with retribution in the same manner that we deserve.  Perhaps Israel gets what it deserves for slandering and blood libeling, torturing and holding under administrative detention hilltop youth... 

...Eight academic departments invited Jasbir Puar to Vassar College and she told students lots of lies....
Puar's talk this past Wednesday evening was titled "Inhumanist Biopolitics: How Palestine Matters." Rutgers' Associate Professor of Women's & Gender Studies has been busy telling lies, presenting a version of this lecture from Poughkeepsie to Santa Barbara.  Her incendiary, unbalanced hate speech masquerades as scholarship.... 

With no documentation or specific evidence, Puar asserted that Israel's ultimate goals are ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, stealing of Palestinian land, and entrenchment and expansion of suffocating Israeli power. Israel's "settler occupation" (her term) which she calls the "second Nakba" (catastrophe) is all about using "asphyxiating" biopolitical control over body and environment to suppress the Palestinian people. To this end, she claims Israel uses scientifically executed "maiming" and "stunting." 

Maiming" means shooting to intentionally cripple, shattering knees and hitting vital organs (an obvious contradiction) to minimize death statistics and ensure that Palestinian workers can be profitable without threatening the occupier.

"Stunting" is used to permanently debilitate and disable the Palestinians. This is achieved through population poisoning with uranium, lead and phosphorus and "calorie starvation" in children. Through Israel's actions, it is creating physical, psychological and cognitive injuries by controlling infrastructure, water, electricity and land, restricting mobility and limiting telecommunications.  Her personal observation is that 95 percent of Palestinians are permanently disabled.  


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Monday, February 08, 2016

Get to know Amiram ben Uliel who is sitting in prison, Tortured into Confessing and Incriminating Himself falsely


Google translate with editing from post from the website HaKol HaYehudi before his incarceration (see Hebrew article below)
ט' טבת התשע"ה   Dec. 31, 2014 

Refused to recognize the authority of the court and will remain in custody
Judea Pearl
A young man of about 20 from the hilltops of Benjamin was arrested following a subpoena and has refused to recognize the authority of the court and demands to be tried before a religious court. "The only law that obligates us is Torah law," said his friends. "We are proud of him that he is willing to pay the price for loyalty to the Torah"

A female judge of the Magistrate Court of the youth in Jerusalem, Gioia Scapa Shapiro, decided yesterday (Tuesday) to arrest the youth from the hills of Benjamin pending trial, until he would agree to the conditions of release set before him.
To the detainee, who lives in Givat Geulat Zion in Gush Shilo,there are a number of indictments attributed to nationalist issues. He was arrested at his home earlier this week following a subpoena issued by the court against him in Jerusalem. Since then, he refuses to recognize the authority of the court to try him. The detainee also stated at the hearing that he wants to be tried before the Tribunal for the people under Rabbi Yisrael Ariel.

In response, the Judge Shapiro instructed that the youth deposit ₪ 9000, obligating him to appear before hearings and posted bail for two third party guarantors, 10,000 ₪ each one . As mentioned, the youngster, that was represented by attorney Yitzhak Bam, refused to recognize the court's authority and remained in custody.
Friends of the young man are supporting his decision to remain in custody and are saying that "he is not the only one, but his views reflect the views of a larger community of Jews who do not recognize the authority of laws that are not the laws of the holy Torah, nor of judges who themselves are criminals and unfit to testify according to Torah". "The only law that obligates us is the Torah, we are proud of him that is willing to pay the price for truth and loyalty to the Torah."

סרב להכיר בסמכות ביהמ"ש ויישאר במעצר

יהודה פרל

צעיר כבן 20 מגבעות בנימין נעצר בעקבות צו הבאה ומאז מסרב להכיר בסמכות בית המשפט ודורש להשפט בפני בית דין תורני. "החוק היחיד שמחייב אותנו הוא חוק התורה", אמרו חבריו. "אנו גאים בו על כך שמוכן לשלם את המחיר על הנאמנות לתורה"
שופטת בית משפט השלום לנוער בירושלים, ג'ויה סקפה שפירא, החליטה אתמול (שלישי) לעצור צעיר מבנימין עד לתום ההליכים נגדו, וזאת עד שיסכים למלאות אחר תנאי השחרור שהציבה בפניו.
לעצור, המתגורר בגבעת גאולת ציון שבגוש שילה, מיוחסים מספר כתבי אישום בנושאים לאומניים. הוא נעצר בתחילת השבוע בביתו בעקבות צו הבאה שהוציא נגדו בית המשפט בירושלים. מאז, הוא מסרב להכיר בסמכותו של בית משפט לשפוט אותו. העצור אף הצהיר בדיון כי הוא מעוניין להישפט בפני בית הדין לענייני העם ומדינה ברשתו של הרב ישראל אריאל.
בתגובה, הורתה השופטת שפירא כי על הצעיר להפקיד סכום על סך 9,000 ₪, התחייבות להתייצב בפני דיונים והפקדת ערבות צד ג' בידי שני ערבים על סך 10,000 ₪ כל אחד. כאמור, הצעיר, שיוצג בדיון על ידי עורך הדין איציק בם, סרב להכיר בסמכות בית המשפט ונשאר במעצר.
חבריו של הצעיר תומכים בהחלטתו להישאר במעצר ואומרים כי "הוא לא היחיד, הוא משקף ציבור גדול מאד של יהודים, שאינם מכירים בסמכותם של חוקים שאינם חוקי התורה הקדושה, ושל שופטים שהם עצמם עבריינים ופסולים לעדות על פי התורה", אמרו היום חבריו. "החוק היחיד שמחייב אותנו הוא חוק התורה, אנחנו גאים בו על כך שמוכן לשלם את  המחיר על האמת והנאמנות לתורה".
 "A Deep, Gentle and Caring Person" כ"ו טבת התשע"ו . July 1, 2016 
Translated by Google Translate edited. 
by Avraham Shapira
Amiram Ben Oliel friends tell about a person whose actions, in general, are made out of genuine concern for the people of Israel. "He was occupied primarily with the settlement of The Land of Israel, invested his entire being, very dedicated. I would wish that others were as pained like he was for the welfare of other Jews.   
A Glimpse of the Hilltop Youth
Very severe charges were recently filed against Jewish youths surrounding the  event of the torching of houses in Duma village five months ago. The defendants were depicted as  a terror cell, perpetrators of terror attacks, whose intentions were to kill people. The media were quick to blow it out of proportion calling them "Murderer" and "accomplices" with lust for murder and violence.
We spoke with those who are closer to the boys than the media, and those painted an entirely different picture. Caring boys, who love Torah, the people and the nation who sacrificed alot in the course of their short lives in order to help the people of Israel. Strictly observant, happy, loving and loved.
Amiram Ben Oliel, 21, from Jerusalem, is the main defendant. Benoliel grew up in Karmi Tzur, a settlement in Gush Etzion. At 16, Ben Oliel came to the Benjamin Hills. He settled together with friends in Ramat Migron, afterwards in  Givat 904 established near Amona and finally in Givat Zion that is in Gush Shilo, and there he lived also after his marriage.
Two years ago he married Orian Nazari and had a daughter. A few months ago, the young ben Uliel family moved to Jerusalem as part of the process where he connected with Rabbi Eliezer Berland from the Breslov  Chassidim. Benoliel Learned in Kollel several months and there he was also violently arrested by the Shin Bet and police.
"Amiram is a gentle person, very loving and caring," said his friend, Rafael Morris in a  conversation with HaKol HaYehudi. Amiram occupied himself with  construction and agriculture and shepherding. He was  especially involved in the settlement of the Land of Israel, he invested his entire being to the matter, very dedicated. Amiram is very attached to the Land of Israel, every evacuation was painful as was every terror attack against Jews. I would wish it was so, hurting,  for other Jews. His entire being was love of the people and the land, living under difficult conditions and has invested a lot. Amiram observes the commandments meticulously, sets times for Torah study also when he gets rides and when others are simply sitting and talking he is studying on the side. Recently he has gotten stronger in learning and he went to study the teachings of Rabbi Nachman and moved to Jerusalem. "
Concerning statements about lust for blood and murder Morris says, "Nonsense. He did not have any lust for murder, blood or violence. Far from reality. All his actions in general, arose from a genuine love for Torah, for the Land of Israel and for the people. He is very thought out and not militant."
 | "He took service to G-d very seriously"
His friend, Elyashuv Har Shalom, spoke of a  "very deep individual". Har Shalom, who studied with him as a study partner adds that "one can engage with him soul discussions. He always enlisted to help in the Yeshiva. On a social level he is the one who really cares, and very dedicated to things. This point is very strong with him. In terms of working on internal growth study and doubts were very important.  There were a lot of arguments at the Yeshiva, but he was open to hearing everyone.He has a very warm heart  for what happens to the people of Israel. He was pushing always to pray for the sick and detainees of Zion. Amiram lived at a very high nationalist level. There was a time he was banned and we were in Yad Binyamin with a family and had a connection with the children and youth of Yad Binyamin. I felt every time that the other person's point touched him as well. It was very painful for him and he felt that he was responsible, a guarantor for the other.
Re: the condition of Amiram today, says Har Shalom: "I'm really furious. I can not sleep at night knowing that a man is in jail for things they are actually the evils of government. Last Shabbat was the birthday of his daughter and his loss of presence was great. Amiram took the worship of God very seriously. the issue of modesty is very important to him because he is so sensitive to that, the damage that we heard investigation did to him on this issue is really infuriating. it's really something close to his heart, and they did everything to break him. "
Hadas Tal, the wife of Rabbi Dvir Tal and the daughter-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel Tal, also told HaKol HaYehudi about the period when  Benoliel was in their home in the community of Yad Binyamin. "He lived by us. He is very gentle and we hardly sensed him around. Humble, quiet, no demands. Didn't speak with me, watched himself from seeing inappropriate things, nice and gentle. He was not noticeable.  He was sensitive and considerate. Before Passover He was me in and could not leave. I remember him asking how he could be of help and he cleaned the oven for me for Passover. I remember also friends coming over one evening to visit him and they sat in the pergola outside and play guitar and he seemed very loved. A really good guy. "

Asked how she feels when now he sits in prison, she replied: "I feel we are waiting for the Kingdom of God. Waiting for God to deliver us mercifully, there is a lot of confusion and a lot of darkness, and simply we are waiting for salvation."
"אדם עמוק, עדין ואכפתי"

אברהם שפירא

חבריו של עמירם בן אוליאל מספרים על אדם שכל מעשיו, בכלל, נעשו מתוך דאגה כנה לעם ישראל. "התעסק בעיקר ביישוב הארץ, השקיע את כל כולו לעניין, מסור מאוד. הייתי שמח אם כמוהו היה כואב לעוד יהודים" • הצצה אל הנוער בגבעות

כתב אישום מחמיר מאוד הוגש לאחרונה כנגד נערים יהודים סביב אירוע הצתת הבתים בכפר דומא לפני כחמישה חודשים. הנאשמים הוצגו כחוליית טרור, מבצעי פיגועים, שבכוונתם להמית אנשים. בתקשורת מיהרו להוסיף נפח ל"רוצח" ול"עוזרו" כביכול, כבעלי תאוות רצח ואלימות.

שוחחנו עם אנשים שקרובים אל הנערים יותר מאנשי התקשורת, ואלו פרסו תמונה אחרת לגמרי. נערים אכפתיים, אוהבי התורה, העם והארץ שמסרו הרבה במשך שנותיהם הקצרות בכדי לעזור לעם ישראל. מקפידים על מצוות, שמחים, אוהבים ואהובים.

עמירם בן אוליאל, בן 21 מירושלים, הוא הנאשם המרכזי. בן אוליאל, גדל בישוב כרמי צור שבגוש עציון. בגיל 16 הגיע בן אוליאל לגבעות בבנימין. הוא התיישב יחד עם חבריו ברמת מגרון, לאחר מכן בגבעת 904 שהוקמה על יד עמונה, ולבסוף בגבעת גאולת ציון שבגוש שילה, שם התגורר גם לאחר חתונתו.

לפני כשנתיים התחתן עם אוריין נזרי ונולדה להם בת. לפני מספר חודשים, עברה משפחת בן אוליאל הצעירה לירושלים כחלק מתהליך בו התחברו לרב אליעזר ברלנד מחסידות ברסלב. בן אוליאל למד בכולל מספר חודשים שם גם נעצר באלימות על ידי אנשי שב"כ ומשטרה.

"עמירם אדם עדין, מאוד אוהב ואכפתי", אומר חברו, רפאל מוריס בשיחה עם הקול היהודי. "עמירם התעסק בבניה ובחקלאות, ברעיית צאן. התעסק בעיקר ביישוב הארץ, השקיע את כל כולו לעניין, מסור מאוד. עמירם מאוד קשור לארץ ישראל, כואב לו על כל פינוי ועל כל פגיעה ביהודים. הייתי שמח אם היה ככה כואב לעוד יהודים. כל כולו אהבת העם והארץ, התגורר בתנאים קשים והשקיע המון. עמירם מקפיד על מצוות קלה כבחמורה, קובע עיתים לתורה גם בטרמפים וכשסתם יושבים ומדברים הוא לומד בצד. בתקופה האחרונה הוא מאוד התחזק, הלך ללמוד את תורת רבי נחמן ועבר להתגורר בירושלים".

לגבי האמירות בדבר תאוות רצח ודם אומר מוריס "שטויות. לא הייתה לו שום תאוות רצח, דם או אלימות. רחוק מהמציאות. כל מעשיו, בכלל, נבעו מאהבה אמיתית לתורה, לארץ ולעם. הוא מאוד מחושב ולא מתלהם".

 | "לוקח את עבודת ה' מאוד ברצינות"

חברו אלישוב הר שלום, מספר על "בחור מאוד עמוק". הר שלום, שלמד איתו בעבר חברותא מוסיף ואומר, כי "אפשר לעשות איתו המון שיחות נפש. הוא תמיד היה נרתם לכל עזרה בישיבה. ברמה החברית הוא אחד שמאוד דואג, ומאוד מתמסר לדברים. זה נקודה מאוד חזקה אצלו. מבחינת עבודה פנימית היה לו מאוד חשוב הספקים ולימודים. היו הרבה וויכוחים בישיבה, אבל הוא פתוח לשמוע את כולם. יש לו לב חם מאוד לכל מה שקורה לעם ישראל. הוא היה דוחף תמיד שיתפללו על חולים ועל עצורי ציון. עמירם חי ברמה לאומית גבוהה. הייתה תקופה שהוא היה בהרחקה והיינו ביד בנימין אצל משפחה והיה לו קשר עם ילדים ועם הנוער של יד בנימין. הרגשתי כל פעם שהנקודה של הזולת מאוד נוגעת לו. מאוד כאב לו והוא הרגיש ערב".

על מצבו של עמירם היום, אומר הר שלום: "אני ממש בוער. אני לא מצליח לישון בלילות מעצם הידיעה שאדם בכלא על דברים שהם בעצם עוולות של השלטון. שבת שעברה הייתה יום הולדת לבת שלו והחסרון היה גדול. עמירם לקח את עבודת ה' מאוד ברצינות. הנושא של הצניעות מאוד חשוב לו ובגלל שהוא כל כך רגיש לזה, הפגיעה ששמענו שהיה לו בחקירות בנושא הזה היא ממש מרתיחה. זה בלבבו ממש, והם עשו הכול כדי לשבור אותו".

הדס טל, רעייתו של רבי דביר טל וכלתו של הרב שמואל טל, סיפרה גם היא לקול היהודי על תקופה בה שהה בן אוליאל בביתם בישוב יד בנימין. "הוא היה גר אצלנו. הוא מאוד עדין ולכן כמעט ולא הרגשתי אותו. צנוע, שקט, בלי דרישות. לא דיבר איתי, שמר עיניים, נעים ועדין. הוא היה לא מורגש, בקטע הטוב. מאוד רגיש ומאוד בשימת לב. לפני פסח הוא היה איתי בבית ולא יכול היה לצאת. אני זוכרת שהוא שאל מה אפשר לעזור וניקה לי את התנור לפסח. זוכרת גם ערב אחד שהגיעו חברים לבקר אותו והם ישבו בפרגולה בחוץ ונגנו בגיטרות והיה נראה שהוא אהוב מאוד. ממש בחור טוב".

לשאלתי איך היא מרגישה כשעכשיו הוא יושב בבית סוהר, ענתה: "אני מרגישה שאנו מחכים למלכות ה'. מחכים שה' יגאל אותנו ברחמים, יש הרבה בלבול והרבה חושך, ופשוט אנחנו מחכים לגאולה".   

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof. Shabak tortured Duma Suspects to force them to bring false testimony against themselves. Maybe Abu Khdeir's "killers" sentenced to life imprisonment are also based on lies and falsehoods? Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof Parshat Mishpatim


Exodus 20:13
ֹלא תַעֲנֶה בְרעֲָך עֵד שָקֶר

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

Bringing false testimony is one of the violations of the 10 commandments.

Torturing someone to bring false testimony against himself is surely compounding the sin multiple times!

False confession revealed in Duma arson case. 

Amiram Ben Uliel emphasized that he only made the confession so that they would stop torturing him.
Duma torture testimony revealed. Documents from Deputy Attorney General's visit exposed for first time, revealing he 'silenced' detailed testimony of severe torture. Ben Uliel, the only suspect to have an indictment filed against him after he made a confession following intense torture, said that before his confession he was forced to lie backwards in a painful bridge position for many long minutes.
Elisha Odess 18 gave false confession of a crime he did not commit because of torture as revealed in Duma arson case
Transcriptions of ISA interrogation show after AG gave torture permission, minor suspect confessed - but wasn't indicted.
These hilltop Jewish youth in Israel are being used as political scapegoats and pawns.

So now Shabak themselves admit that they are guilty of justice.  

I ask,  who will now take ISA and AG  to court for torturing, slandering and traumatizing innocent kids?????

One could argue ok so just have them release the suspects and forget about it.  Don't wash our dirty laundry in public. 

Obviously, torturing and traumatizing innocent people should not be conveniently forgotten.  In order to heal it is imperative for the victims that justice be served. It is equally important for the perpetrators to be held accountable so that this kind of miscarriage of justice is not repeated!  

If Shabak behaved in such a cruel,despicable unlawful, illegal way to force suspects to confess to crimes that they did not commit, under the legal umbrella and sanction of the Attorney General of Israeli court system,  we can logically assume that they have done so other times. 

They have lost credibility and all their indictments are suspect.   

This brings me to another case recently in the News.

Abu Khdeir's killers sentenced to life imprisonment, 21 years
Feb. 4, 2016

Here is some background re: the Abu Khdeir murder.

Kidnapping and murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir in Wikipedia

Several bystanders saw the kidnapping, and chased the car before notifying the father.[5] The family notified the Israeli police immediately afterwards at 4:05 am about the incident, and the police, accused by the family of neglecting their complaints,[47] tracked Abu Khdeir's cell phone, which was later retrieved from one of the arrested suspect's home,[48] and discovered his scorched body within an hour in the Jerusalem Forest.[5] According to the Palestinian Attorney General, Dr. Muhammed Abed al-Ghani al-Aweiwi, an autopsy conducted at the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv revealed that the child had soot in his lungs, indicating that he was alive and breathing when he was torched. He had been forced to swallow petrol beforehand.[49][50][51][52] The burns affected 90% of his body and it appeared he had sustained head injuries from a beating and was repeatedly hit in the head with a sharp object,[7][16][53] which was alleged to have been a tire iron,[54] but is now alleged to have been a wrench (see #Investigation of the crime). The Israeli Police suspected that the same vehicle was used in both Abu-Khdeir's and Zalum's cases.[28][55][56]According to the confession of the leading suspect, Yosef Haim Ben-David, 29, owner of an eyewear shop in Jerusalem,[2] and resident of the settlement of Geva Binyamin, the original intention was to beat up an Arab or torch a shop. They switched into civilian clothes after removing their religious clothes,[2] and almost cancelled the project when, on stopping to dine, the Arab proprietor reminded them as they left to pick up their change. On sighting Mohammed Abu Khdeir, they asked for directions to Tel Aviv, and he gave a rough indication, in poor Hebrew.[2] As he began to dial his cellphone, perhaps suspicious, the minors clamped hands over his mouth and dragged him into the car where, after he yelled "Allahu Akhbar" he was choked, and the ringleader gave instructions he be finished off. On arriving at the forest, he was beaten repeatedly with a crowbar, each blow accompanied by a recital of Jewish victims of terrorism: "This is for the Fogel family, and this is for Shalhevet Pass". They then poured gasoline over him, set him alight, and got rid of the evidence. The indictment against him and the two minors also includes an attempt to kidnap the 7-year-old Beit Hanoun boy, Moussa Zaloum, whom they choked and whose mother they punched in the face, and the torching of an Arab store earlier in June in the Palestinian village of Hizma.[2]

The  three prime suspects in the killing of Palestinian teenager Muhammed .Abu Khdeir have confessed to the crime and reenacted it, police said on Monday. by Stuart Winer July 7, 2014

I  do not rejoice at the death of innocent people when they are Arab. I also find abhorrent, false accusations and indictments of Jew or non Jew, Arab or Christian alike. I am interested in truth and justice. Precisely because I try to fear G-d, There is something called Universal Morality that applies to every being on this planet.  I know that there is a Heavenly Court that will judge us. Setting up Courts is one of the 7 Noahide laws.  Jews believe that G-d loves all of his creatures and wants justice for all. We pray for justice, and not only for Jews and not only for hilltop youth but for humanity. 

The Abu Khdeir prosecution and convictions smell like a skunk.  I can't buy the story.

Why am I bothering to bring up their case? As explained above, it bothers me when any individual is falsely maligned, falsely accused,  convicted or punished for a crime that they were not guilty of. In addition, I see here a pattern of political manipulations of the justice system in Israel in order to conveniently aid a broader agenda using these youth as scapegoats and pawns. 

In this saga, there were many disturbing elements.  Why would Jewish kids randomly burn a gay Arab kid in response to the murder of Gilad , Ayal and Naftali, Shalhevet Pass, and the Fogel family and in such a brutal manner that you need to be an Arab to even think of it.  Amazingly according to the report above they were indicted for other similar kidnappings and torchings.  These weren't religious hilltop youth but rather Soccer fans.  They apparently were troubled youth under surveillance.  I don't even think they lived in Judea and Samaria.  The 31 yr old who supposedly masterminded this fatal arson, of igniting a live person,  was allegedly an emotional unstable individual who had previously tried to murder his own child.  Someone was from Adam somewhere in Judea and Samaria. Vulnerable individuals basically. 

It was reported that Abu Khdeir, a 16-year-old from Shuafat in northeastern Jerusalem, was abducted, burned and brutally murdered on July 2, 2014, while waiting to enter a mosque .

Netanyahu and the others couldn't apologize for this "Jewish Terror" fast enough. 

Of course this was all alleged with no trial and Netanyahu et all were apologizing?   Was the eventual  trial transparent or was it held secretly by a kangaroo court?

Now that we know that Shabak fabricates scenarios to suit the agenda of the day, let me attempt to reenact what might have really happened in the Abu Khdeir case.  

The Arab gay kid was set on fire by other Arabs because they don't like Arabs being on the female end of a relationship. They have no problem with raping and sodomizing little Arab boys but when a boy grows up they need to act like a man and do it to other boys and not be on the receiving end themselves.  That is the prevalent culture of their society from what I understand.  Of course I might be totally mistaken on this and this is all conjecture.  Then they needed some way to put the blame on someone.  In addition Shabak under the jurisdiction of the Israeli government needed to somehow relieve the pressures upon them from the Obama Administration and the UN and the EU who were dangling hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of all kind of goodies that is necessary for Israel's security.  All they needed was to come up with some evidence that Jewish terror exists among Jewish kids.  This evidence was extremely important because the 2 State Solution is built on the premise that we have two civilized political societies with which peace can be established.  If you only have one civilized society and the other is clearly an uncivilized brutal society, the foundation of the 2 State Solution dream will collapse like the Hamas tunnels.  Since the terror attacks on Israeli civilians was not something one could hide, the second best option to balance the scale of the two societies was to somehow show that neither were perfectly civilized.

This is the background from which this happened.  So Shabak together with their agents thought of these troubled individuals, Good and vulnerable scapegoats. Maybe they had substance abuse problems and other issues that were not being addressed.  Perhaps they were intoxicated at the time. Get them somehow involved, frame them and then have them confess to this crime.  Immediately apologize publicly profusely for the terrible crime committed by these Jewish kids.  Try to get as many right wing leaders and Rabbi's and political leaders in Judea and Samaria to hop on board, apologize and dangle a couple of goodies for influential positions for the politicians and projects that the settlements need in return for their self righteous condemnations.

The entire international press then will report on the phenomenon of "Violent angry Jewish Terrorists".  Viola, and that is what happened. The goal was reached and you can continue to talk about the 2 STate Solution in the UN and the EU and on this foundation the entire world will be able to condemn Israel with Israel being the useful idiot that allowed themselves to be had.

So now the kids must be indicted. Since the goal was reached, and Jewish terrorists were produced for International consumption,  the Shabak was going to go easy on these kids.  15 years or less with an apology.  But what happened next?  Israel was suddenly hit with an onslaught of terror attacks on its civilian and military population and the perpetrators were teenie boppers  - Arabs, 13 year olds, 15 year olds etc.  Almost nobody older than 19.  Uh OH!  How do you deal with this?  Israel must show its people that they will be tough against these minors.  But they are very much afraid that the organizations for the rights of children, especially Arab children, will be on their case for harsh punitive sentences.  

They now they came up with a solution. They decided to give life imprisonment to these troubled minors, these Jewish kids who confessed to burning the Arab kid Abu Khdeir, a crime that they are not guilty of but nevertheless confessed under torture,  and thereby Israel shows their critics that they are fair and non-biased against the Arab children who happen to be minors who knifed and murdered Jewish civilians. 

For those of us who remain passive in this charade of justice, Rabbis who don't want to get involved and turn their cheek, we learn for this weeks Parsha the teaching of Perek HaKones. One is liable in a Heavenly Court, in the case of Grama, indirectly causing a mistaken judgement, due to ones action or inaction, like not testifying.  One is Chayav Bedei Shamayim, guilty in a Heavenly Court, in the case of one who murdered intentionally without any witnesses. He can not be convicted in a human court of law but he will receive justice from a Heavenly Court.  His punishment, a death sentence will be executed by someone accidentally causing his death. Being judged by a Heavenly Court will happen as well to those who allowed a miscarriage of justice by being passive and not testifying. 

Do we really collectively want to be judged in a Heavenly Court for the unjust imprisonment, slander, torture and trauma of these youths?   If not then SPEAK UP!


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Thursday, February 04, 2016



There are so many beautiful things to say about the communities of Judea and Samaria, the same communities that nurtured these hilltop youth.  Take a few minutes to watch just one of these beautiful videos and you too will just fall in love.

It is crucial that we put a stop to the slander on Meir Ettinger and the hilltop youth. It has become literally a blood libel of Jews against their fellow Jew.  Either there is a fair and just trial for those incarcerated or under house arrest, or these Hilltop Settlers should be released. 

In the meanwhile we need to counter the blood libel with the opposite, with positive speech about the hilltop youth.  There are so many positive things to say about them. 

  • They are beautiful kids, idealistic, 
  • they love the land with all their heart and soul.  
  • They love the Torah and they love their fellow Jew.  
  • They are hard working kids who have learned the art of construction and farming and shepherding. (please watch the construction video from the link above)  
  • They lead a wholesome simple life. 
  • Many of them have experienced serious trauma being thrown out of their homes or are friends with kids who were thrown out of their homes and 
  • they are subjected daily and have experienced first hand,  horrific terror attacks or attempts on their lives either on family members or friends and/or neighbors, living in Judea and Samaria.  
  • The government has been lax about their security and the security of their families as 
  • they are second class citizens living under military rule of law and therefore 
  • they do not have the same rights as other Jews.  
  • or even Arabs.  There is a bias against the Settlers in Judea and Samaria.  
  • Arabs build illegally yet in comparison significantly fewer such homes are demolished.  
  • Arabs continuously throw rocks, firebombs, shoot at innocent Israeli's and 
  • Jews are at risk if they try to defend themselves.  On the other hand 
  • they are under terrible scrutiny all the time, under surveillance, as if they were the ones who were perpetrating hundreds of terror attacks weekly as documented in HaKol Hayehudi.  
  • This alienation in turn has alienated them from the mainstream Rabbis and the government who betrayed them and their families by allowing this modus operandi to continue. On top of all this... 
  • seeing their friends, under house arrest or incarcerated, tortured under administrative detention doesn't help endear the kids to the establishment.    
  • Meir Ettinger is a selfless Jew whose only concern is for the people of Israel.  
  • He loves Jews, 
  • he loves Torah and 
  • he loves Eretz Yisroel. 
  • He wishes to actualize yearnings of the Jewish people for a government that is governed according to Torah.   

Does that make Meir Ettinger a danger to Israel society?  To society no, but probably yes to certain individuals since what he says makes them vulnerable.  His ideology threatens one who has power and control over the settlers in Judea and Samaria and those whose power and influence are diminished as a result of what he says. 

The Prime Minister and the Defense Minister are trying everything in their power to badmouth this group.  

It has just been reported that Ya'alon is planning further home demolitions in Judea and Samaria.  We learned from the Gush Katif fiasco,  that it first starts with delegitimization and psychological warfare against the Settlers!  It is no surprise to those of us who remember what happened in Gush Katif that it is happening again.

We need to turn the tables and call a spade a spade.  

Branding hilltop youth as a terrorist group is nothing short of a blood libel.  

It is almost certain that our enemies has and will blow such libelous slander out of proportion and then Middah Keneged Middah,  the "Jewish hilltop terrorists" persona will morph into simply Israeli and Jewish terrorists.  

Israel then will ponder why the world is slandering Israel with all  kinds of lies and false reports?  

When will we comprehend that had we not fueled the false reports against the Hilltop Youth it never would have mushroomed into a full grown blood libel against ourselves and the entire Jewish nation?  

Action Items:
  • Stop another Gush Katif fiasco, and 
  • end the immoral incarceration of Meir Ettinger and 
  • demand that Elisha Odess and Amiram ben-Uliel get a fair trial and 
  • that all the hilltop youth now incarcerated under the supposedly legal "administrative detention" orders are released from house arrest or jail 
  • unless there is some real evidence, (not forced confessions), against them. 
  • Please protest the slated demolitions of Jewish homes in our Biblical Homeland.  
 In addition, even if some of these hilltop youth are angry for reasons listed above, surely the establishment owes THEM an apology and probably compensation for emotional and physical trauma and distress as a result of the abusive and lawless way they have been mistreated!!!! Admitting that one made a mistake is the first step towards reconciliation and forgiveness.

Yeshayahu- Isaiah - Chapter 1

כה: וְאָשִׁיבָה יָדִי עָלַיִךְ וְאֶצְרֹף כַּבֹּר סִיגָיִךְ וְאָסִירָה כָּל בְּדִילָיִךְ
25 And I will return My hand upon you and purge away your dross as with lye, and remove all your tin.
כו: וְאָשִׁיבָה שֹׁפְטַיִךְ כְּבָרִאשֹׁנָה וְיֹעֲצַיִךְ כְּבַתְּחִלָּה אַחֲרֵי כֵן יִקָּרֵא לָךְ עִיר הַצֶּדֶק קִרְיָה נֶאֱמָּנָה
26 And I will restore your judges as at first and your counselors as in the beginning; afterwards you shall be called City of Righteousness, Faithful City.


כז: צִיּוֹן בְּמִשְׁפָּט תִּפָּדֶה וְשָׁבֶיהָ בִּצְדָקָה
27 Zion shall be redeemed through justice and her penitent through righteousness.


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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing. 

Most of these emails are posted on

Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Beautiful Eretz Yisroel Videos featuring Judea and Samaria


Beautiful Eretz Yisroel Videos

From Jewish Heritage Project:
Other Videos from Judea and Samaria
Biblical Path to Peace: Moshe and Norah Elkman's facebook page:
Please check out Itamar's website a typical Yishuv in Judea and Samaria and decide for yourself if this is a breeding ground for Jewish Terror activity.  Many of their kids belong to the hilltop youth community and they are beautiful kids just like their families! Lester Goldsmith, Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith's father, ob"m my neighbor of Marine Park was so proud of how many of his grandchildren who served in elite units in the IDF, not only from Itamar, were arrested (they probably refused immoral orders like throwing fellow Jews from their homes or refusing to demolish "illegal" Jewish homes).  True Yiddishe Nachas :)