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.re: Hamas Operative: Mahmoud Atauna or Sami Atauna. Shin Bet: Are their reports to be trusted even against Arabs?


Is Mahmoud Atauna a Hamas Terrorist?  Is he a Hamas operative who intended to stab and kill Israeli civilians and security force members inside Israel captured by the Shin Bet? 

Or is he Sami Atauna a Hamas defector who willingly gave himself up and shared life saving intelligence regarding Hamas?  

When I I recently read this report on the capture of  Mahmoud Atauna it made me happy that Israel captured him.  I wanted to give credit to Shabak for capturing this terrorist because I believe in giving credit where credit is due.  But frankly in the back of my mind I was a bit suspicious.  Why would  Shabak make this news public?  What did they have to gain to disclose their source, clearly putting the Hamas operative's life in danger especially when he helped them  unless their agenda was to give themselves, the Shin Bet a positive image of doing a great job in fighting terrorists? Nu,  that in itself is not so terrible. 

Since Shabak framed and created a false narrative about Jewish Terrorists, they lost credibility and before putting them in a positive light I decided to research further. 

What has come to light is that it seems to me that Shin Bet should not take the credit for capturing the Hamas operative nor for the intelligence of this Hamas Operative. The initial story that was reported a month ago by Western sources was rather that this Hamas Member is actually a hero, potentially saving many Israeli lives for defecting and has courageously put his life on the line to protect Israel.  

Unfortunately the news released for publication from the Shin Bet has a totally different slant and  does not give Atauna any credit but rather paints him as a terrorist who wanted to attack Israeli solders.  This narrative makes the Shin Bet the hero.

My question to the Jewish and the other news services.  Why is this breaking news and why is it newly released if it was in the news a month ago?  In the recent version, Shin Bet calls him a Hamas terrorist.  His name is released as Mahmoud "He was arrested about a month ago after he crossed into Israel carrying two knives, the Shin Bet said in a statement. Atauna said under questioning that he had intended to stab and kill Israeli civilians or security force members inside Israel."  

Was Atauna's statement of guilt reported out of context?  Were his intentions to stab and kill Israeli civilians a thing of the past and that now the opposite was true? 
What is the truth?  Is the Shin Bet trying to paint this Hamas defector as a terrorist and take all the credit so that they can somehow undo their tarnished image following their framing of innocent Jewish hilltop youth?

In addition accompanying this story, HaModia displays a photo op of Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon (L), IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkott (C) and IDF Chief of Southern Command Eyal Zamir (R), seen at the Southern Command headquarters, near the southern Israeli border with Gaza.  This picture, prominently featured in the paper allows them to share taking credit of this intelligence windfall.

They too need to reshape their tarnished image as many have been questioning their Leadership of Israeli's Defense.

Their image has been tarnished following a wave of angry grassroots backlash against PM Netanyahu, DM Yaalon and IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkott for condemning the IDF Soldier in Hebron before any fair investigation was held. They made it worse by justifying their condemnation with self righteous statements about the IDF having to have to answer to a higher moral standard. 

Many were very upset with the murder accusations against the Hebron soldier and many are still very upset that there are manslaughter charges against this soldier.  Mother's in particular are annoyed, knowing that their IDF soldier sons are putting their lives on the line each and every day and at the very least expect that the IDF has their back.  In a split second decision many would understand and accept that this soldier had good reason to believe that the terrorist was still capable of endangering the lives of the soldiers, the first responders and the civilians nearby by blowing himself up with a hidden explosive under his vest.  Better their son alive in military jail than blown to pieces by a terrorist.

In the News:

Shin Bet Reveals: Arrested Hamas Member Gave Israel Information on Tunnels

Beware of weakening the Shin Bet

Shin Bet busts 'Jewish terror cell'Israel Security Agency says it broke up a cell of Jewish extremists who carried out attacks against Palestinians in 2015.

IDF discovers two-kilometer-long Hamas tunnel in Gaza border area
The IDF announced Monday that it had discovered an over two-kilometer-long, concrete reinforced tunnel that had been dug from Khan Yunis into an Israeli community adjacent to southern Gaza, and that IDF bulldozers entered Gaza and destroyed the tunnel over the weekend. Foreign sources reported that the approximately 30-meter-deep passage was discovered near Kibbutz Sufa using new technology capable of locating empty spaces in the ground.

Senior Hamas tunnel network defector tried to flee to Israel by sea: sources
Western intelligence sources monitoring events in Gaza confirmed Monday that a senior operative from the Hamas tunnel network defected to Israel last week. The sources identified the defector as Sami Atauna, a resident of the Jebalya refugee camp who came to the border fence by himself and surrendered to an IDF patrol. The sources added that the senior operative had also made an unsuccessful attempt to defect to Israel by sea during the past few weeks.

Senior Hamas tunnel network defector tried to flee to Israel by sea: sources

April 18, 2016

Senior Hamas tunnel network defector tried to flee to Israel by sea: sources, DEBKAfile, April 18, 2016


Western intelligence sources monitoring events in Gaza confirmed Monday that a senior operative from the Hamas tunnel network defected to Israel last week. The sources identified the defector as Sami Atauna, a resident of the Jebalya refugee camp who came to the border fence by himself and surrendered to an IDF patrol. The sources added that the senior operative had also made an unsuccessful attempt to defect to Israel by sea during the past few weeks. It is not clear whether there is any connection between the defection and the discovery of a Hamas tunnel leading into Israel, which was announced by the IDF on Monday.


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Fwd: Legal Forum Annual Conference - Summary

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May 2, 2016

Legal Forum Annual Conference - Summary

Last night the Legal Forum for Israel held its annual conference in Jerusalem and was honored to host Justice Minister MK Ayelet Shaked.  Other guests included Head of the Jerusalem Bar Association, attorney Asher Axelrod, founding members of the Legal Forum Yitzchak and Malkit Miron, Chairman of the Legal Forum, attorney Yossi Fuchs, Director of the International Legal Forum, attorney Yifa Segal, attorney Mark Zell, Daphne Netanyahu, and Prof. Eliav Shochetman.  

In his opening remarks, attorney Axelrod emphasized his support of the Forum and the wide range of areas it addresses, and called upon attorneys to join the organization. In addition attorney Axelrod stated that the Jerusalem Bar Association looks forward to cooperating with the Legal Forum.

Minister Shaked expressed her deep appreciation for the Forum's activities, and even called upon other attorneys to join the Forum and strengthen its influence.   

The event received extensive coverage in the media following statements made by Minister Shaked during her talk with Legal Forum Director General Nachi Eyal, regarding her intention to begin applying Israeli laws in Judea and Samaria within a year, in cooperation with the Defense Ministry with essentially the purpose being that ultimately any law which was passed in the Knesset will either apply to Judea and Samaria by virtue of the legislation itself or by an order of the military rule [which legislates in Judea and Samaria], or by any other manner which is considered appropriate. 

This statement made waves in Israel due to the fact that it forges a clear legal connection between Israel and Judea and Samaria, particularly with regard to legislation and human rights. It seems only natural that a statement like this should be made at the Legal Forum for Israel's conference which brings together national and Zionist attorneys who are working constantly to strengthen the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

To view some of the media reports please visit the Legal Forum's Facebook page.

Reports in English:


The Legal Forum for Israel is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the Jewish identity of the State of Israel, ensuring sound government and protecting human rights.
The Forum's activities are carried out by attorneys, and legal and financial experts, who are  acting to protect human rights in Israel. To continue this valuable work, we need your help. Please donate to The Legal Forum so that justice can prevail.



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9,000 Photos from Palestine in 1800’s – with no trace of Muslims or mosques | Pamela Geller

Fwd: Sovereignty is catching on. Kudos to Justice Minister Shaked who is for enforcing Sovereignty in Area C. Practically this means same Israeli Law for Jewish Residents of Judea and Samaria as rest of Israel rather than being under martial law....End Occupation bring Sovereignty. Opinion Jpost Dan Illouz


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Dear Friends

1)      We have a special event this coming Friday at Oz veGaon in
honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

See details below.

2)      The issue of Sovereignty is catching on more and more:

·        Justice Minister Shaked commits to enforce Sovereignty in area C

·        A Fresh perspective: End the occupation, bring Sovereignty by
Dan Illouz

Hope to see you in Oz veGaon on Friday,

For our summer schedule of weekly Friday  lectures in Oz veGaon please
click here:

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

A Premiere Performance this Friday at Oz veGaon

This coming Friday, May 6, 2016 at 9:00 am, in honor of Holocaust
Remembrance Day, there will be, G-d willing, a premiere of a very
special performance at Oz veGaon – entitled Two Sisters.

Chaya Baranes and Rivka Vitrial are producing a performance about
stories of life from Slovakia to the Land of Israel. It is about a
Jewish family that hid in a bunker in the forest, partisans and a
priest who hid Torah scrolls and Jewish property in the church

About a soldier-grandfather who kept a diary that survived, and about
two sisters, Rachel and Hanah, who managed to keep their secret in

It is about a first home in the Land of Israel – in the sand, about
the first freezer – a block of ice, and about the crazy dove from the
Amidar neighborhood.

Stories about secrets, scrapes and laughter, accompanied by authentic
film clips.

Researched and written by: Chaya Baranes, Rivka Vitrial

Director: Rivka Vitrial

Artistic consultant: Hadar Galron

Chaya and Rivka are sisters, daughters of Holocaust victims. Their
mother is a Holocaust survivor, an authoress who has put into writing
the horrors of the Holocaust with the aid of her daughters and now,
the performance.

The second generation struggles more than the first generation to
commemorate and preserve the memory of the Holocaust.

We must all act to promote this Jewish national project – Never again!

An extremely moving morning that no one should miss. Call your family
and friends and invite them, too!

The performance is in Hebrew with simultaneous translation to English.

For transportation:
From Jerusalem: Renee Margolis 052-329-4194
From Kiryat Arba-Hevron: Rivka Rybak 054-803-4853

Yehudit Katsover 050-7161818   Nadia Matar 050-5500834

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