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Fwd: Im Tirzu: BDS and Politicization in Israeli Academia? Not on Our Watch


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Subject: BDS and Politicization in Israeli Academia? Not on Our Watch
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A new report released by Im Tirtzu reveals the truly deep and disturbing connection between Israeli academics and the international boycott movement.

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New Im Tirtzu Report: Israeli Academics Enlisting in Support of BDS

A new report released by Im Tirtzu reveals the truly deep and disturbing connection between Israeli academics and the international boycott movement.

The report focuses on the Israeli Anthropological Association as a case study, and reveals how Israeli anthropologists are promoting and encouraging the proposed academic boycott of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) on Israel.

The report was widely covered in both the English and Hebrew media, and today we were informed that as a result of the report MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beiteinu) called for an emergency meeting in the Knesset's Education Committee to discuss these disturbing findings.

You can read more here: Jerusalem Post, Israel National News, Israel Hayom, Algemeiner, Jewish Press. The report was even covered by Press TV, the state-funded English news network of Iran!

Fighting Politicization at Ben-Gurion University

Im Tirtzu has embarked on a public campaign drawing awareness to a conference sponsored by Ben-Gurion University (BGU) that is set to feature the foreign agent organization "Breaking the Silence," as well as an array of other speakers affiliated with the radical Left. The highly politicized conference scheduled for Monday, May 30, is a clear violation of the Council for Higher Education of Israel's decision to prohibit any attempt to politicize academia.

As a publicly-funded university, BGU's use of taxpayer funds to sponsor an organization that slanders and defames the State of Israel and the IDF throughout the world is unacceptable. Im Tirtzu student activists at Ben-Gurion University have already gathered over 400 student signatures on a petition calling on the university to cancel the conference.

In light of all the media coverage following our campaign, a prominent donor of BGU has publicly stated that he intends to withhold a $1,000,000 gift from the university.

It is important to clarify that Im Tirtzu is not happy about the University's financial loss and is not calling to end donations to the University. On the contrary, we are hoping that the University will do a self-examination and will not hold any more political events saluting radical organizations like "Breaking the Silence." Events such as this ultimately hurt the students as well as the prestige of the University itself.

You can read more here: Algemeiner, Jewish Press, Israel National News.

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Saluting the IDF Reserves!

In honor of tomorrow's Miluim Appreciation Day, IMTI initiated a social media campaign inviting people switch their Facebook profile to pictures of themselves in IDF uniform. Thousands of people happily participated in the campaign and proudly showed their support for those serving in the IDF Reserves.The campaign was covered by Galei Tzahal, Israel's Army Radio.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Administrative Detention: Honenu Log : Terrible Violations of Basic Civil, Human Rights


Many IDF Soldiers and Israeli civilians find themselves or family members in legal entanglements due to having defended themselves against Arab aggression, or due to having been framed and targeted by Shabak and the Nationalist Crimes Unit. 

How is this Nationalist Crimes Unit being funded and how did it come into existence? 

The Nationalist Crimes Unit [of the Shin Bet] was created three years ago by Tzipi…to eradicate nationalist crimes, i.e. actions of what are known as Jewish 'rebels' who, for their part, feel that they are acting to prevent the further deterioration of the state of Israel.

The officials in this unit harass those they suspect and try to put as many as possible behind bars….

When a Jew's blood is spilled in a terror attack, they go from yeshiva to yeshiva, town to town, to insure that there will be no response, other than an op-ed column by a family member…..

The fact is that the security services have been acting for a long time now as if the main enemy of the State of Israel is Jewish children who move to the hills of Judea and Samaria ('Hilltop Youth') and that helping these youngsters is akin to treason….

The Unit has declared us the enemy.

The founding Fathers of America would have called Administrative Detention  "Intolerable Acts". 

Bogie Ya'alon's Overnight Good Bye Gift: Administrative Removal of 4 Settlers
By: David Israel
Published: May 19th, 2016

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