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Violence and Dozens of Arrests in blocking "Humanitarian' aid to Hamas. Reminiscent of Amona. Shame on the Military Elite with a Political Defeatist Vision


Watch: Mounted police officer tramples an older protester at Gaza border

Footage obtained by Arutz Sheva shows police choking young protesters.

Posted on haKol HaYehudi
אלימות ועשרות מעצרים בחסימת הסיוע לאויב

Google translate  of HaKol HaYehudi article with some editing: 
Violence and dozens of arrests in blocking aid to the enemy

The eighth day of the blockade: many protesters arrived at the Kerem Shalom crossing and the Nitsana crossing in order to block the supplies to the enemy in Gaza.  The police arrest the protestors en masse and violently.

The commanding general expanded the closed military area order so that the Nitsana crossing is also included in it, after the protesters managed to block it yesterday.  In the Kerem Shalom crossing area, the police arrested more than 40 protesters, some of them with great violence.  Among those arrested is also Yehuda Di, whose mother Leah and his two sisters Rina and Maya the 14th were murdered in an attack in the Jordan Valley.

The protest, which at the beginning numbered a few dozen people, is gaining more and more public support and many people from all over the country and of all ages are coming to the area in order to block the supply.

Large forces of the army and police are there every day, arresting and evicting the demonstrators, sometimes violently.  As a result, members of the "Order 9" organization, which organizes the blockades, began to arrive at the Nitsana crossing, through which trucks also pass.

Eight days of blockade have passed so far, with most of them managing to block the crossings almost completely.  But while the number of protesters is increasing, the determination of the authorities to stop the blockades is also increasing.

Three days ago, the commander of the Southern Command issued a closed military area order on the area of the Kerem Shalom crossing, which was extended today also to the Nitsana crossing, in an attempt to prevent the blockades.  Since then, arrests have also started.  The head of the "Order 9" organization, which organizes the demonstrations, was arrested.  A soldier who was in the field was also arrested with great violence and imprisoned in a military prison.

A few days ago we revealed that the documents that were in the trucks stated that the customer of the flour is the UNRWA organization, an organization that Israel is fighting and trying to shut down.  Thus, while Israel is trying to act against world countries to close the budgets linked to the organization, on the other hand the state allows the organization to finance and organize the aid trucks for the enemy during war.

It should be noted that many of the organizations that contribute to UNRWA and aid to the Gaza Strip are terrorist organizations or illegal associations that have been helping Hamas for years and have been outlawed.

For example, the British "Muslim Hands" organization, which is a banned association from the Hamas charity coalition.  On the organization's Facebook page there is a regular donation to Gaza and a few days ago a video was published of the director of UNRA thanking "Muslim Hands" donors who help the Gaza Strip.

In addition, you can see the Turkish IHH organization, a declared terrorist organization in Israel and in many countries around the world.  The reason for them being outlawed in many countries is due to their involvement in terrorism through the supposed aid they provide to citizens in combat zones in the world, aid in the framework of which weapons or funds are smuggled into terrorism.

The organization is known to the public for the Marmara flotilla that it organized and hate demonstrations against Israel that it regularly holds in Turkey. 


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Kerem Shalom crossing: Violent arrest of reservist on the Frontline in Gaza since October 7th, for protesting Humanitarian Aid to Hamas. Honenu Responds.

Kerem Shalom crossing: Violent arrest of reservist on the Frontline in Gaza since October 7th, for protesting Humanitarian Aid to Hamas. Honenu Responds.


Please express your outrage!

Are the lives of our soldiers who are literally sacrificing their lives Hefker?

The reservist violently arrested here is a Tzadik and has been sacrificing his life since October 7th fighting on the front line in the Gaza strip. How dare they violently arrest him? Is this the payback a loyal soldier gets? Are the military elite telling Chayalim they must empower the enemy who has been trying to exterminate them and exterminate all Jews and desires to eliminate Israel to not dare protest giving Hamas Humanitarian aid? 


Shame on those who violently arrest those that protest "Humanitarian" aid trucks to Hamas! Shame on you!!!

Response from Honenu representing him. Translation follows

*ארגון חוננו:*

*חייל המילואים שנעצר באלימות בכרם שלום שוחרר: "נפל קורבן לניסיון לייצר מצג של הקשחת עמדות במעבר כרם שלום"*

*חייל המילואים שתועד נעצר באלימות קשה סמוך לכרם שלום שוחרר לאחר יממה. עו"ד אופיר שטיינר מחוננו: "אנו מברכים על ההחלטה, אף שהגיעה באיחור ולאחר פגיעה משמעותית בגופו, ברוחו ובזכויותיו"*

חייל המילואים שתועד אתמול (שני) נעצר על ידי המשטרה הצבאית סמוך למעבר כרם שלום, תוך שימוש באלימות קשה שוחרר לפני זמן קצר. החייל נזקק לטיפול רפואי לאחר מעצרו וטופל במרפאה צבאית בכלא 10. את החייל מייצג עו"ד אופיר שטיינר מארגון חוננו. 

עו"ד שטיינר ברך על ההחלטה לשחרר את החייל ואמר: "החייל נפל קורבן לניסיון לייצר מצג של הקשחת עמדות במעבר כרם שלום, מול אזרחים ולוחמים כאחד. הוא הותקף באלימות קשה מאוד ע"י שוטרים צבאיים ונלקח למעצר בכלא 10, כאילו היה אחרון העבריינים. רק לאחר לילה בכלא, זכה לראות רופא ולהשמיע את גרסתו. מייד עם קבלת גרסתו, הבינו גורמי האכיפה בצה"ל שאין כל סיבה להחזיקו במעצר, והוא שוחרר אף לפני שהגיע לביה"ד הצבאי. אנו מברכים על ההחלטה, אף שהגיעה באיחור ולאחר פגיעה משמעותית בגופו, ברוחו ובזכויותיו, ומקווים שהשוטרים האלימים יובאו לחקירה."

נזכיר כי אתמול נעצרו 13 עצורים במחאה שנערכה בכרם שלום מול הכנסת הסחורות לעזה. בין העצורים היה גם חייל מילואים אשר נעצר באלימות בידי שוטרים צבאיים ונאזק במקום. בעקבות האלימות הקשה נזקק החייל לטיפול רפואי והעובר במהלך הלילה ממשרדי מצ"ח בבאר שבע למרפאה צבאית בכלא 10, אך רק בשעות הבוקר התאפשר לו לפגוש רופא. כמו כן, החוקרים הודיעו לחייל כי למרות מעצרו בשעות הצהריים, הוא ייעצר וישהה הלילה במעצר, וזאת עוד בטרם נחקר וגרסתו נשמעה.

לפרטים וראיונות: 

ישראל שילר (תקשורת נכונה)

Translated with the help of Google translate

*Honenu responds*

 *The reservist who was violently arrested in Kerem Shalom was released: "He was the sacrificial test lamb, as an attempt to create a tough display at the Kerem Shalom crossing"*

 * The reservist who was arrested violently near Kerem Shalom was released after a day. Attorney Ofir Steiner is grateful: "We welcome the decision, even though it came late and after significant injury to his body, spirit and rights"*

 The reservist who was video'd yesterday (Monday) getting arrested with severe violence by the military police near the Kerem Shalom crossing, was released a short time ago. The soldier needed medical treatment after his arrest and was treated at a military clinic in prison 10. The soldier is represented by attorney Ofir Steiner from the Honenu organization.

 Attorney Steiner welcomed the decision to release the soldier and said: "The soldier was human sacrifice in an attempt to create a tough stand show at the Kerem Shalom crossing, in front of civilians and fighters alike. He was violently attacked by military policemen and was taken into custody in Prison 10, as if he were the worst of criminals. Only after a night in prison, was he allowed to see a doctor and hear his version. Immediately upon receiving his version, those in charge of enforcing the law in the IDF enforcement realized that there was no reason to keep him in custody, and he was released even before he arrived at the military hospital. We welcome the decision, even though it came late and after a significant injury to his body, spirit and rights, and we hope that the violent policemen will be investigated."

 We will recall that yesterday 13 detainees were arrested in a protest held in Kerem Shalom blocking the entry of goods into Gaza. Among the detainees was this reservist who was violently arrested by military police and was handcuffed on the spot. As a result of the severe violence, the soldier needed medical treatment and was transferred during the night from the Ministry of Defense offices in Be'er Sheva to a military clinic in prison 10, but only in the early morning was it possible for him to see a doctor. Also, the investigators informed the soldier that despite his arrest in the afternoon, he was to spend the night arrested in detention even before he was interrogated and his version heard.

 For details and interviews:
 Israel Shiler 

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ארץ הקדושה / ר' אברהם סלאמה

ארץ הקדושה / ר' אברהם סלאמה

אֶרֶץ הַקְּדוֹשָׁה יְקָרָה חֲמוּדָה
לְתוֹרָה וּתְעוּדָה תִּקָּרֵא דְרוּשָׁה

בְּאֶמְצַע הָעוֹלָם הוּסַד יְסוֹדָתֵךְ
מִשָּׁמַיִם סֻלָּם נִצָּב לְעֻמָּתֵךְ
מוֹרֶה בִּשְׁלֵמוּתֵךְ כִּי אַתְּ הַנִּבְחֶרֶת
פִּנָּה מְיֻקֶּרֶת וְאֶבֶן הָרֹאשָׁה

רָמָה עַל גְּבוּלֵי תֵבֵל רַב יְקָרֵךְ
בַּפָּז לֹא יְסֻלֶּה וּבְסַפִּיר עֲפָרֵךְ
גַּם מַחְכִּים אֲוִירֵךְ וּמְאִירַת עֵינַיִם
בַּת יְרוּשָׁלַיִם בִּלְבָבוֹת חֲרוּשָׁה

הַר הַמּוֹרִיָּה מְעוֹנָהּ הַמִּקְדָּשׁ הַנּוֹרָא
לְכִסֵּא שְׁכִינָה וַאֲרוֹן הַתּוֹרָה
וַעֲבוֹדָה טְהוֹרָה וְשֻׁלְחַן הַפָּנִים
לְכַפֵּר עֲוֹנִים מִזְבֵּחַ נְחוּשָׁה

מְקוֹם הַנְּבוּאָה וְאוּרִים וְתוּמִים
וְהָאֵשׁ הַנּוֹרָא בָּאָה מִמְּרוֹמִים
בְּאַרְצוֹת הָעַמִּים אֵין עֲרוֹךְ הֲדָרֵךְ
בָּרוּךְ שֶׁבְּחָרֵךְ לְעַמּוֹ יְרֻשָּׁה

סַנְהֶדְרֵי גְדוֹלָה רַבָּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל
כַּחֲצִי הָעֲגוּלָה אֵצֶל הַהַרְאֵל
עַיִן רָאֲתָה אֶל תּוֹכֵךְ אַשְׁרֵי חֶלְקָהּ
אֶרֶץ הַחֲשׁוּקָה מֵאֲבוֹת שְׁלֹשָה

לְבָבוֹת יִכְאָבוּ עֵינַיִם תִּבְכֶּינָה
דְּמָעוֹת יִשְׁאָבוּ יָדַיִם תִּרְפֶּינָה
יַעַן כִּי נְתוּנָה חֶמְדָּתָהּ לְחֵרֶם
כְּסֻכָּה בְכֶרֶם כִּמְלוּנָה בְמִקְשָׁה

אַתְּ רַבַּת בְּרָכוֹת בְּתוֹךְ עַם סְגֻלָּה
בָּךְ יֹפִי וּמַלְכוּת תִּפְאֶרֶת וּתְהִלָּה
מֵאָז הֵם בַּגּוֹלָה אַתְּ רַבַּת הַמְּהוּמָה
כְּאִשָּׁה שׁוֹמֵמָה מְכוּרָה נְטוּשָׁה

מֵאַרְבַּע הַפֵּאוֹת שְׂרִידֵי עֲדָתֵךְ
עֵינֵיהֶם תְּלוּיוֹת אֶל אַהֲבָתֵךְ
עַד יָקִים חָרְבוֹתַיִךְ אָדוֹן הַמִּתְנַשֵּׂא
וְאוֹתָךְ יַעֲשֶׂה בְּרִיאָה חֲדָשָׁה

הוֹמִיָּה בְאֵבֶל עֲנִיָּה סוֹעֲרָה
עוֹד תְּהִי בְתֵבֵל לְעוֹלָם גְּבִירָה
לְשֵׁם וּלְתִפְאֶרֶת לְאוֹרֵךְ יֵלֵכוּ
וּבְכֵן יִתְבָּרְכוּ יַחַד אִישׁ וְאִשָּׁה

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Fwd: Woke Kindergarten. Ugh. Brooklyn Schools becoming a hotbed for supporting Jihad?


אל ממקום אשר...

Free Palestine a Visual History    Instazine

So you made it to a protest

NYC elementary teachers draw from anti
 Israel propaganda to twist 'Wheels on the Bus’ to celebrate the eradication of 
Jewish state
By Deirdre Bardolf
Published Jan. 27, 2024

My protest letter to employees at

There is no equivalency between Hamas Jihad and Israel's moral right to self defense. 

This perverted equivalency is not education. 
--------- Forwarded message ---------


Dear Superintendent Shenean Lindsay and school officials,

This is beyond disturbing.

Fire the Jihadists teachers. 

Ban and mark criminal the woke propaganda that has horrific educational value...way worse than no educational value!

They are destroying the minds of innocent children and laying the groundwork of the destruction of the fabric of a civilized society.

The woke Kindergarten material in the links above embed a few elements of "education" for legitimacy purposes and subtly, encourages everything but!

It subtly pushes Jihad and the elimination of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish People. That is precisely behind the meaning of seemingly innocuous words "Free Palestine".
In addition woke education promotes disturbing morality and normalizes it. It teaches against G-d's basic laws of Civilization and morality. 

This education directly opposes an Almighty G-d and His Laws passed down from the beginning of time.

Bring woke is being rebellious of a Moral Code meant for the benefit of humanity. Being woke means you think you know better than G-d. Your values are better than G-d's values. You do not want G-d telling you what to do and how to behave.

You are teaching children that perversion is the norm.

This is sick and is producing a sick society.

The propaganda desensitizes young children to the reality of what "From the River to the Sea" actually means. It teaches absolute lies to the children while encouraging them to join adults to rally for Jihad. Disgusting.

What should be taught?

Basic Laws of Civilization and Morality known as the 7 Noahide Laws.

Not to do as did Hamas at the Nova festival butchering and murdering and raping and burning and looting  and kidnapping more than 1,200 innocent people. Each one of these subhuman acts is a direct violation of one of the 7 Noahide Laws 

Hamas was voted into power by Palestinians after International pressures forced 10,000 Jews from their beautiful homes in 2005. These Settlers were mainly farmers, living in the Gaza strip and employed Gazans as workers.

 It is the Palestinians who are occupying Jewish Land since 2005. They used the metal from the Jewish hot houses, not to grow vegetables, but to send rockets into Southern Israel. They spent billions of dollars not to build beautiful communities in which to live,  as did the Jews, by the Sea but rather to build underground tunnels in which to store weapons and prepare for war against Israel. 

Hamas are and were the Occupiers in Gaza. This woke false narrative of the "Israeli Occupation" by the International Community, based on lies, was the catalyst for one of the greatest injustices in our lifetime and directly contributed to the war Gaza today.

 In 2005, under Ariel Sharon, due to intense International pressures and a weak Israeli government, Jews were tragically expelled from their homes in our ancestral and Biblical homeland. After  1967 War, these Jews had settled in the Gaza strip, totally legally,  and built 22 beautiful communities called Gush Katif. They created heaven-like communities. With love, sweat and tears, they built an oasis from barren land in the desert. They were primarily  farmers growing all kinds of produce for local and international export such as flowers, delicious fruits and vegetables including bug free lettuce. 

In 2005, these amazing Settlers were brutally expelled and their 
beautiful homes, community centers and prayers of worship were destroyed, reduced to rubble.

That is the truthful narrative regarding Israel "Occupation" of Palestinians.

Mohammad Kabiya was courageous to say it on BBC.

Read the comments.

Israeli soldiers are now reconquering what legitimately belongs to the Nation of Israel. 

In one of your schools in District 17, it has been reported (see link above) that two third grade teachers took it upon themselves to teach their young students Palestinian history, indoctrinating some of your over 17,000 students about "Palestine", a place that does not even exist on a legal world map (though in your District 15 school they had a map with "Palestine" in place of Israel.)

Those who support Hamas knowingly and does not show remorse will reap what they sowed. They will eat the poisoned fruit of their labor. They support death and destruction, tyranny and curses upon innocent people. Let they themselves bear the brunt of what they wish for others rather than upon innocent peopl

Those who teach G-d's Laws will be Blessed. Those who Bless Israel will be Blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed.

You choose.

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Fwd: Ticker Tu Bishvat Seder תשפ"ד 2024


לעלוי נשמת
My mother
 שיינדל ב"ר יעקב ז"ל 
Whose English birthday fell out today Jan 24 and her Hebrew Birthday was either on טו בשבט Tu Bishvat or the day after. 

Hi Everyone! 
If you can not make it to our Seder there is material here that may be helpful to you if you make your own Tu Bishvat Seder. If you will not be attending but want to get a better understanding, please print out the link from AISH. 

If you read through the AISH link carefully you will notice that the Tu Bishvat Seder is divided into 8 Sections.  Like a Passover Seder things are done in an order and food is eaten in a particular order.  

Here is the reference where all this is coming from:
Kabbalistic Tu B'shvat Seder
From Aish

 We organized the fruit into various categories.

To make things clear here are  different categories.

 The Category number we gave each food item corresponds with the Section in the Seder it is eaten, followed by the # cup of wine where it is eaten.  

The Program and a description of the Sections of the Seder follows below.

We drink the 4 cups of wine in sections 6 and 7.
The 4 cups of wine for Tu Bishvat:
1. All white wine
2. Mainly white wine
3. Mainly red wine
4. All red wine

For example, for a fruit that is category 61, it is eaten in Section 6 and it has inedible shells and peels and is eaten following the 1st cup of wine which is white wine.  

Food items were divided into categories:
Category 4         All Motzei, Mezonot (bread, cookies, rice, pasta)
Category 5        7 Minim 
Category 61       All Fruits with inedible shells and peels
Category 72       All Fruits with edible shells and inedible pits (2nd cup of white wine mixed with little red wine)
Category 73        All Fruits with edible shells and edible seeds (3rd cup of red wine mixed with white wine)
Category 74        Fragrance (like Etrog)

The Program begins:

Section 1    
Introduction: See Aish link printout. Summary...
Identifying the 7 Minim. (Special fruits of Israel)
Identifying Different categories of fruit (fruit that have inedible shell, fruits with edible peels but inedible pits, fruits whose entire fruit is edible and Fragrance)

Section 2
Why have a Seder
Remembering Bikurim
Remembering Tithes
        Sin of the Tree of Knowledge (Adam)
Section 3

Making sure we enjoy the fruits Hashem has given us.
Elevating the fruit with a Bracha infusing the world with Holiness absorbing spiritual essence of food.

Section 4
Eating Grain products
Tenufa - Bringing the Omer, the Barley offering on Passover. Difference between barley and wheat.

Section 5  Eating 7 Species of Israel in specific order if there is no preference (7 Minim). Olives, dates, grapes, figs,pomegranates.

Section 6  
First cup of wine (white wine)
Eating fruits of category 61,  all Fruits with inedible shells and peels

Section 7 cups 2,3,4

2nd cup of wine (white wine mixed with a little red wine)
eating fruits of category 72, all Fruits with edible shells and inedible pits.

3rd cup of wine with more red wine than white wine.
Eating fruits of Category 73, a
ll fruits with edible shells and edible seeds.
4th cup of wine (all red)
  Fragrance.  Category 74 Thinking about Esrog

Section 8  Bracha Acharona. Thanking Hashem for the food we just ate

Thanks so much for participating. Happy Tu Bishvat!

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CUNY January 25th Free Palestine Rallies. Protest letter to Queens College banned. CUNY wide Student Strike

Updated Jan 25, 2025
A pro Palestinian rally scheduled at Brooklyn College as well at 12:30pm in front of College Entrance 2900 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn.

Updated Jan 24, 2024

Talk about freedom of expression :(. Queens College blocked me. My email was banned

Message blocked

Your message to has been blocked. See technical details below for more information.
The response from the remote server was:

554 rejecting banned content

Message blocked

Your message to has been blocked. See technical details below for more information.
The response from the remote server was:

554 rejecting banned content

Message blocked

Your message to has been blocked. See technical details below for more information.
The response from the remote server was:

554 rejecting banned content

Message blocked

Your message to has been blocked. See technical details below for more information.
The response from the remote server was:

554 rejecting banned content

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Robin Ticker <>
Date: Tue, Jan 23, 2024, 7:10 PM
Subject: January 25th planned Free Palestine Rally at Queens College
To: <>, <>, <>, <>
Cc: <>

אל המקום אשר....

Dear Queens College officials,

I hope you realize that you are giving a platform to those who are even worse than the Nazis.

The Nazis didn't video or brag about their atrocities.

Hamas Terrorists do and did. The videos are out there for all to see. They are proud of their Jihadism.

ISIS/Hamas and Fatah have the same Jihad education. The agenda is simply the extermination of the Saturday people first and then the Sunday people.

The organizers of this rally support Hamas who believe that Jews are infidels and like all non Muslims can be slaughtered, raped, beheaded etc and furthermore believe that  that this is something to glorify and aspire. Under Islamic Jihad ideology, this is a Holy War whose end goal is to to murder and butcher the infidels. 

This war is a Holy War to conquer Temple Mount and to exterminate the Jews and conquer the entire Land of Israel and destroy what the Jews, G-d's Chosen people represent.

What does Temple Mount represent? Why is the capture of Temple Mount considered the ultimate Victory  by Hamas? Why did they name this War Mabul Al-Aqsa, Al-Aqsa Deluge 

Temple Mount is the Holiest site for both Jews and non Jews. It is the place where an International Court called the Sanhedrin resided to emulate G-d Almighty whose very essence is about Truth,  Righteousness and Justice. It is a place to spread and enforce G-d's Word, the Divine Moral Code for a peaceful and prosperous and just society.

You have chosen to side with evil and this Evil will then turn it's back on you.  We, the human race, under G-d's benevolent Kingdom will be on the receiving end of what we empower. One who empowers evil,  will reap what they sow. One who empowers, truth, righteousness, justice, mercy and kindness will receive the same as their just reward. 

It is our choice and up to us.

This war is about Good vs Evil.

Queens College, probably blinded by Qatar funding is choosing the side of Evil, the side of Islamic Jihad by allowing this Jihad rally on campus. This is not matter of freedom of expression. It is about allowing poisonous and dangerous ideology to be spewed and to contaminate naive and stupid people.

Queens College inexcusable permission to hold a rally calling for genocide will eventually be called out for what it really is, and Queens College reputation will be sullied and there will be major turnover. This happened in  Germany when the deNazification of Germany following WWII took place.

 Truth and Justice will prevail.

The masterminds and supporters of Hamas will be put on trial  and like the Nuremberg trials, the evil-doers will receive their due punishment.
In 1946 Nuremberg, prominent Nazis were tried and convicted and were literally hung on the gallows like Haman's sons.

We demand that all the Queens College administration, faculty and or students who is empowering this evil Jihad rally, be fired immediately, replaced and or thrown out with no tuition refund. There must be no mercy on cruel, barbaric, lying and stupid individuals for getting sucked into lies and deceit of evil planners. 

May the enablers who should know better, be on the receiving end of the likes of Hamas for having empowered them.

May Queens College and all the City Universities return to a bastion of only G-d fearing administrators, faculty and students who know the difference between Good and Evil, who fear a One and Only Almighty G-d and are not afraid to confront and destroy any remnant of ISIS/Hamas/Fatah Jihad ideology on campus.


It has come to my attention that on January 25th there is a "Free Palestine" rally planned at the Queens College Campus at the back of Kiely Hall scheduled from 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM.

Monday, January 22, 2024

ZOA’s Mort Klein JPost Op-Ed: The Dangers of a Palestinian Arab State Are Now Truer Than Ever (2022). Question...How can we now DeNazify Jihad Indoctrination?


אל המקום אשר...

See disclaimer at end of post

ZOA's Mort Klein JPost Op-Ed: The Dangers of a Palestinian Arab State Are Still True

Dear Mort Klein et al, Shlita

Tysm for your excellent Op Ed in Jpost!

David Bedein has been documenting UNRWA's schools Jihadists indoctrination throughout Israel including, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and Gaza for years. Many of the examples you cited probably came from his Center's years of research.

"Our work warns of premeditated attacks on Jews, planned in the open- from safe havens of UNRWA schools .

These are our earlier movies , shot on location at UNRWA facilities, which were not yet given sufficient credence - allowing attacks to occur on October 7, taking Israel by surprise:"

Now due to everyone's collective amazing efforts to publicize UNRWA's Jihad Hamas alliance, the Dangers of Hamas/Fatah/ISIS Jihad Education, is BH, finally sinking in.

However, even if we succeed to deweaponize and dismantle the existing Terror platforms, UNRWA schools, PA Education etc. it still leaves a void that needs to be filled immediately, otherwise a new wolf will probably emerge claiming to be Grandma.

So let me call your attention to history's successful example of deNazification which managed to transform Nazi Germany into a Democracy.


"Denazification (German: Entnazifizierung) was an Allied initiative to rid German and Austrian society, culture, press, economy, judiciary, and politics of the Nazi ideology following the Second World War. It was carried out by removing those who had been Nazi Party or SS members from positions of power and influence, by disbanding or rendering impotent the organizations associated with Nazism, and by trying prominent Nazis for war crimes in the Nuremberg trials of 1946. The program of denazification was launched after the end of the war and was solidified by the Potsdam Agreement in August 1945. The term denazification was first coined as a legal term in 1943 by the U.S. Pentagon, intended to be applied in a narrow sense with reference to the post-war German legal system. However, it later took on a broader meaning.[1]"

DeNazification like methods needs to be adapted today.

The Nation of Israel and the Jewish People, a "Mamlechet Kohanim", a Kingdom of Priests, (even by no choice of our own), we "The Chosen People", are surely the best choice to do the job! We are the Divine Choice to be a role model and teacher to the world, how to transform Jihadism indoctrination into a Moral, Civilized and G-dly society.

Let me direct you to the key, the 7 Noahide Laws. When studied and implemented with G-d's help, will surely be a game changer to bring the ultimate Victory of Good over Evil.

It will in addition also hopefully transform sick progressive leftist Western values from a G-dless society that empowers evil into a civilized society that desires Truth and Justice based on G-d's infinite wisdom and direction.

That can start to happen when we control and replace Jihad education in UNRWA schools (for starters) etc. and incorporate teachings of Torah laws, the 7 Noahide Laws, that is in fact incumbent for all of humanity. These laws are the basic moral code, and are the foundations of a civilized and a moral society which must integrate into all facets of society be it political, educational, military etc.

These teachings need to be paralleled with implementation. We must not delay in bringing to Justice (one of the 7 laws) those that masterminded and took part in the atrocities, murder, butchering and rape of October 7th and still sadly continues... Chas veSholom, Hashem Yishmor! 

(Wouldn't it be amazing if we had a Sanhedrin sitting on Temple Mount to bring Justice to these monsters!?!)

7 Noahide Laws:
Here are some comprehensive sources that teach Jew and non Jew regarding these laws.

Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith, actually gives a weekly shiur to non Jews every Sunday morning on the 7 Noahide Laws to Germans. His source is a book by Rabbi Yonasan Steif ob"m the Author of Mitzvoth Hashem. Rabbi Smith is translating this work into English.

" Rabbi Steif was rescued from death in the Holocaust in 1944...He was a major Posek, he wrote halachic responsa, works on the Talmud and two works setting forth the obligations of gentiles, one called Sefer Mitsvos Ha-Shem, "The Book of God's Commandments".A number of other works were published later, and are still being worked on today."


Who am I to say Hamas should be put on trial by a Sanhedrin on Har HaBayit? I didn't write it that way on purpose. I wrote in parentheses (wouldn't it be nice) as in tongue in cheek because the Hamas wants control of the Beit HaMikdash and it would be nice to see the opposite where their downfall will happen on the Beit HaMikdash. Poetic justice.

But still  who am I, and it is not my place!

I obviously am not Moshiach and even Dovid Hamelech was guided by the prophets and asked the Urim veTumim  to ask Hashem when he was fighting with the Plishtim. 

The best I or others like myself  can do in this point in time is to yearn for Justice and Malchut Shamayim, Malchut Beit David and Binyan Beit HaMikdash and suggest and envision how in my own small minded perception of things, how this can happen.

I recognize that I don't see the full picture so these ideas are mere brainstorming and should not be given more credibility and substance than what it is.

Therefore it should be noted that while I am not demanding (except from HKBH :) that we implement a nascent Sanhedrin putting the Hamas Terrorists on trial on Har HaBayit at this particular point in time, I admit I really like the idea :) and ask that you give it serious consideration.

אל המקום אשר...

Ref: MiGolah LeGeula: From Exile to Redemption p160 based on a Sicha by the Rebbe Shabbos Parsha Re'eh 5746) 

Chapter 2 We Want Moshiach Now. "Because they didn't demand it" (punishment was brought up on those people who didn't demand it)

My question is...So can we demand that Hashem send Moshiach to set up a Sanhedrin at the Beit HaMikdash to bring Justice to our enemies or should we just go for it since the work already has been done and maybe the time is ripe for a Sanhedrin and there won't be a backlash.  Can we go ahead and establish it on Har HaBayit before Moshiach reveals himself. Can we demand that even before Moshiach comes Hashem enables us to set up a Sanhedrin so we can bring Justice to our enemies? Is strong desire and yearning sufficient to make it happen because by doing so that's our way of demanding it from Hashem based on the fact that we deserve it after all the terrible suffering our people have gone through? 
... Also can we demand that we annex Har HaBayit and have the zchut and obligation to bring Korban Pesach this year?

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Key to the Destruction of Hamas and the Return of Abductees is not in Gaza by Aviad Vissoli. *המפתח למיטוט החמאס והשבת החטופים אינו בעזה* / אביעד ויסולי

אל המקום אשר...
English translation with the help of Google follows!

*המפתח למיטוט החמאס והשבת החטופים אינו בעזה* / אביעד ויסולי

ראשי מערכת הביטחון אובדי עצות.  כחצי מהחמאס חוסל, יותר מ – 10,000 הרוגים ומאות שבויים, רוב רצועת עזה הרוסה אך סינוואר אינו מראה סימנים של שבירה.  מה מחזיק את החמאס בחיים?

התשובה היא פשוטה, גלויה, ברורה לכל ערבי. גם הסיבה שראשי מערכת הביטחון אינם מבינים אותה אינה מפתיעה.  כולם שבויים עדיין באותן קונספציות שהובילו לאסון ב – 7 באוקטובר.  לא למדו כלום.

נחזור לתקופה של טרום ה-  7 באוקטובר.  החמאס התאמן בגלוי לכיבוש קיבוצי עוטף עזה. הוא בנה כוח תקיפה, בנה מודל של קיבוץ, הסריט את האימונים ביוטיוב ופרסם את זה לכל העולם. החמאס עשה הכנות ברורות וגלויות לתקיפה באזור הגדר שזוהו על ידי התצפיות. גם הכוונות של החמאס לתקוף את הישובים בעוטף עזה הוצהרו בפומבי והוצגו בטלויזיה ובנאומים של ראשי החמאס ללא הרף.  

ראשי מערכת הביטחון בנו לעצמם שק של מיתוסים מדוע לא להאמין לראשי החמאס ומדוע החמאס יתנהג לפי המנטליות הליברלית - פרוגרסיבית שלהם במקום לפי הדברים שנאמרו בגלוי על ידי ראשי החמאס.  אותם מיתוסים כוזבים גרמו לכשל הנורא ב – 7 באוקטובר. הם גם הסיבה שהחמאס אינו מראה כל סימני שבירה.

*ניתן לקבוע כי עד עכשיו צה"ל לא פגע בערכים החשובים של החמאס.  הפקודה שניתנה לצה"ל למוטט את היכולות הצבאיות והשלטוניות של החמאס נשמעת אולי טוב בתל אביב, בוושינגטון ובפריס, אבל בערבית החמאסית היא חסרת כל ערך או משמעות.  זו הסיבה שסינוואר לא מנהל איתנו מו"מ על החטופים. ישראל לא פוגעת, ואפילו לא קרובה לפגוע, בערכים החשובים לחמאס. במה שיכול למוטט אותו.  במה שיקומם נגדו את הציבור הערבי.  רק כאשר נבין  מה מניע את החמאס ומה חשוב לו, נוכל להכאיב לו באמת.  עד עכשיו פספספנו זאת בגדול.*

במערכת הערכים של החמאס, גם אם נהרוג את כל 40 אלף הפעילים שלו עד האחרון, כולל סינוואר וכל הנהגתו, הוא לא הפסיד במלחמה.  הוא פשוט יחליף אותם ב – 40 אלף אחרים.  החמאס מייצג רעיון. לא "יכולות צבאיות ושלטוניות".  כל עוד נתכחש לרעיון העומד בבסיסו, לא באמת נפגע בלב של החמאס.  בסך הכל עד עכשיו גרדנו כמה קליפות מהשריון שלו. זו המציאות.  על נתניהו, גלנט, גנץ וכל הכפופים להם להפנים אותה, במקום להוביל מערכה שלא קרובה בכלל להכרעה. קני הנשק של צה"ל מכוונים לכיוון הלא-נכון.

ליבת החמאס אינה סוד. ראשיו מצהירים עליה ללא הרף.  כולנו שמענו עליה.  חיילינו הגיבורים רואים אותה בכל בית בעזה.  הבעיה היא שראשי מערכת הביטחון אינם מאזינים לאויב. הם שומעים אותו אך אינם מקשיבים לדבריו, אינם מבינים אותו ועל כן אינם פוגעים בו.  כן, גם היום הקונספציה המערבית מעוורת את קבינט המלחמה וראשי צה"ל, השב"כ והמוסד, וגורמת למערכה הארוכה בתולדות מדינת ישראל להמשיך לדשדש ללא הכרעה.  

מהי ליבת החמאס?  מהו הערך המרכזי והחיוני לקיומו?  היכן ניתן לפגוע בחמאס בצורה שתשתק אותו? מה יקומם את הציבור העזתי נגדו? מה יפיל את תמיכת הציבור ביהודה והשומרון בטבח ה – 7 באוקטובר, המגיעה לכמעט 80% על פי הסקרים? מה הרעיון העומד בבסיס החמאס שעל ישראל למגר, כדי למוטט אותו? מה מנוף הלחץ על החמאס שיגרום לו לשחרר את החטופים?

*התשובה לכך נמצאת בכל מקום שאליו נכנסו לוחמי צה"ל, בכל כיתה בעזה, בכל משרד ואפילו על כל תלוש שכר של עובדי החמאס.  בכולם רואים את אותה תמונה, אותו סמל, אותו ערך שהחמאס מייחס לו את החשיבות העליונה ותכלית קיומו: כיפת הסלע. הר הבית*.  

כיפת הסלע (קובת א-סח'רה בערבית) אינה "אלאקצה" אף שהערבים מכנים אותו כך במרמה, כדי להצביע, כביכול, על היותה מקום קדוש לאיסלאם.  כיפת הסלע אינה מסגד בכלל.  אין בה שום קדושה באיסלאם.  ילדים משחקים בה כדורגל.  היא משמשת כ"כיכר ההפגנות" של הערבים בהר הבית.  בעת הרמדאן הם שולחים לשם את הנשים.  מסגד אלאקצה, וכל שאר מסגדי הר הבית, נמצאים ב – 80 מטר דרומה לכיפת הסלע, ורק שם מתפללים אלפי המוסלמים הבאים להר הבית.  

אם כך, מדוע כיפת הסלע "מככבת" בכל בית, משרד, כיתת לימוד ומסמך רשמי של החמאס בעזה?  מדוע בתמונות של כל ראשי החמאס לעולם רואים את כיפת הסלע מאחוריהם בתצלום ענק ולא את מסגד אלאקצה? מדוע כיפת הסלע היא תכלית קיומו ויעדיו של החמאס?  

מסיבה פשוטה: כיפת הסלע מסוככת על "הסלע", שהוא אבן השתיה הנמצא בקודש הקודשים של המקדש בהר הבית.  *כיפת הסלע מסמלת למוסלמים את המקום הקדוש ביותר לעם היהודי עלי אדמות. ואמת נכון הדבר - כיפת הסלע היא המקום המקודש ביותר לעם היהודי עלי אדמות.* 

רגע, מה ענין המקום הקדוש ביותר לעם היהודי לחמאס?  מדוע כיפת הסלע היא היעד הראשי של החמאס? מסיבה פשוטה – תכלית קיומו של חמאס מתבטאת במלחמה דתית (ג'האד) נגד הציונים, השמדת היהודים וגירושם מארץ ישראל. ומלחמה דתית מתחילה בהשתלטות על המקום הדתי המקודש ביותר לאויב. הר הבית. 

ראו סעיף 7 באמנת החמאס:
" תנועת ההתנגדות האסלאמית היא חולייה אחת מהחוליות של מלחמת הקודש [ג'האד] בעימות עם הפלישה הציונית. ... למרות שהחוליות רחוקות זו מזו, ולמרות שהמכשולים שהערימו הנוהים אחר הציונות בפני לוחמי מלחמת הקודש [מג'אהדין] עצרו את המשך הג'האד, תנועת ההתנגדות האסלאמית נושאת עיניה להגשים את הבטחת אללה, ככל שיארך הדבר; שהרי השליח [מחמד], תפילת אללה עליו וברכתו לשלום, אמר: "לא תגיע השעה עד אשר יילחמו המוסלמים ביהודים ויהרגו אותם המוסלמים, ועד אשר יסתתר היהודי מאחורי האבנים והעצים, ו[אז] יאמרו האבנים והעצים: "הו מוסלמי, הו עבד אללה, יש יהודי מתחבא, בוא והרגהו", למעט הימלוח (ע'רקד), הנמנה עם העצים של היהודים.

*תמצית הרעיון, האסטרטגיה והמהות של החמאס היא - מכיוון שאבן השתיה הנמצאת מתחת לכיפת הסלע היא המקום הקדוש ביותר ליהודים עלי אדמות, הרי כיבושה במלחמת דת (ג'האד) על ידי המוסלמים יביא להשמדתם וגירושם של הציונים מאדמת פלסטין.  זה המפתח ותכלית קיומו של החמאס -  ג'האד על הר הבית וכיפת הסלע כדי לגרש ממנו תחילה את הציונים, ומשאר ארץ ישראל לאחר מכן*.  

*אם ישראל רוצה למוטט את החמאס, עליה להביס אותו בהר הבית תחילה. בהר הבית מתנהלת המלחמה האמיתית עם החמאס.  בעזה מתנהל, לשיטת החמאס, רק קרב*. 

בשנים האחרונות החמאס השתלט על הווקף המוסלמי בהר הבית, ורוב המוסלמים הנכנסים להר הבית הם תומכיו. הם גם לוחצים על ירדן, שהסטורית שלטה בווקף בהר הבית, להקצין את עמדותיה ולסכן את הסכם השלום עם ישראל, על אף שהיא המרוויחה העיקרית ממנו.

*החלת הריבונות של ישראל בהר הבית תמוטט את הרעיון העומד בבסיס כוחו והשפעתו של החמאס על הציבור הערבי – מלחמת דת מוסלמית (ג'האד) להשמדה וגירוש היהודים מהר הבית ומארץ ישראל*.

"השמדת היכולות הצבאיות והשלטוניות של החמאס", כפי שהממשלה הגדירה את יעדי המלחמה, לא תמוטט את החמאס.  רק מימוש סממני הריבונות של מדינת ישראל כמדינה יהודית על הר הבית, יחסלו את הרעיון העומד ביסוד החמאס ואת בסיס תמיכת הציבור הערבי בו.  

כאשר מדינת ישראל תוכיח לערבים כי החמאס הובס בהר הבית וגרם דווקא לחיזוק האחיזה והריבונות של מדינת ישראל בכיפת סלע, שהיא היעד האולטימטיבי שלו, היא תחסל את תמיכתם בחמאס ובג'האד שלו.

*אין ספק כי הריסת "כיפת הזהב" מעל אבן השתיה תהווה מכת ניצחת לחמאס ואקט אשר יסמל את החלת הריבונות המלאה של מדינת ישראל בהר הבית.  ואולם, ניתן לנקוט בצעדים רכים יותר אשר ישלחו לעולם הערבי מסר כי החמאס נכשל ביעד האולטימטיבי שלו – לסלק את היהודים מכיפת הסלע בהר הבית.  צעדים כגון: פתיחת הר הבית לבני כל הדתות 24/7, בדיוק כמו למוסלמים; בידוק שווה לבני כל הדתות בכל השערים להר הבית; בנית בית כנסת בהר הבית; מתן אפשרות לתפילת יהודים מלאה וחופשית בהר הבית; מתן אפשרות תנועה חופשית והפסקת המעקב המשטרתי הצמוד אחר יהודים דתיים בהר הבית.  כל אלה צעדים שמשטרת ישראל יכולה לבצע מיידית בהר הבית ללא כל שימוש בכוח צבאי.*

החמאס טוען באורח גלוי ופתוח, ובצדק, כי הוא אינו רק ארגון טרור, אלא כי בסיס קיומו הוא רעיון המשותף לכלל המוסלמים – סילוק הציונים מ"אלאקצה".  ועל כן, רדיפת החמאס במנהרות בעזה, הגם שהיא נדרשת כדי למגר את כוחו הצבאי, לא תמוטט את החמאס.  יתכן שהיא אף מחזקת את תמיכת הציבור המוסלמי ומדינות העולם בו. החלת ריבונות ישראל בהר הבית במלואה, תמוטט את הרעיון העומד בבסיס החמאס ותחסל את התמיכה העממית בו.

גם הלחץ על החמאס להשיב את החטופים לא יושג בעזה.  מבחינת סינוואר וכל אנשיו, אפשר להרוג את כולם ועדיין זה ייחשב להם כניצחון.  ביטול הפריווילגיות והשליטה של החמאס וירדן בהר הבית, ילחצו על החמאס פי עשרות מונים מכל מבצע צבאי בעזה.

כפי שה"קונספציה" של הממשלה ומערכת הביטחון כשלו בהתראה, בהגנה, בהערכת יכולות ובתפיסת האסטרטגיה של החמאס, כך הם נכשלו בהבנת הרעיון העומד בבסיס קיומו של החמאס ובאופן סיכולו.

*פגיעה אמיתית ומשתקת לחמאס תושג בהר הבית, לא בעזה. ללא ירייה אחת.*

מידע נוסף: אביעד ויסולי 050-5791746

Aviad Visoli:

 *The key to the destruction of Hamas and the Return of Abductees is not in Gaza* / Aviad Vissoli

The heads of the security system are at a loss.  About half of Hamas has been eliminated, more than 10,000 dead and hundreds of prisoners, most of the Gaza Strip is destroyed but Sinwar shows no signs of breaking.  What keeps Hamas alive?

The answer is simple, obvious, clear to every Arab.  The reason that the heads of the security establishment do not understand her is also not surprising.  Everyone is still captive to the same concepts that led to the disaster on October 7.  They didn't learn anything.

We will return to the period before October 7.  Hamas has been openly training to occupy kibbutzim surrounding Gaza.  Hamas built an attack force, built a model of a kibbutz, filmed the training on YouTube and published it to the whole world.  Hamas made clear and visible preparations for an attack in the fence area identified by the observations.  Hamas's intentions to attack the settlements in the Gaza Envelope were also publicly stated and shown on television and in speeches by the leaders of Hamas continuously.

The heads of the security establishment have built for themselves a bag of myths about why not to believe the leaders of Hamas and why Hamas will behave according to their liberal-progressive mentality instead of according to the things openly said by the leaders of Hamas.  The same false myths caused the terrible failure on October 7th.  They are also the reason that Hamas shows no signs of breaking.

 *It can be stated that until now the IDF has not violated the important values ​​of Hamas. The order given to the IDF to collapse the military and governmental capabilities of Hamas may sound good in Tel Aviv, Washington and Paris, but in Hamas Arabic it has no value or meaning.  This is why Sinwar does not negotiate with us about the abductees. Israel does not harm, and is not even close to harming, the values ​​that are important to Hamas.  That's right. So far we've missed it big time.*

In Hamas's value system, even if we kill all 40,000 of its operatives down to the last one, including Sinwar and all of its leadership, it has not lost the war.  He will simply replace them with 40 thousand others.  Hamas represents an idea.  Not "military and governmental capabilities".  As long as we deny the idea behind it, we won't really hurt the heart of Hamas.  All in all so far we have scraped a few shells off his armor.  This is the reality.  Netanyahu, Gallant, Gantz and all their subordinates must internalize it, instead of leading a campaign that is not at all close to a decisive victory. The IDF's weapons are pointed in the wrong direction.

 The core of Hamas is no secret.  His heads declare her incessantly.  We've all heard of her.  Our heroic soldiers see it in every house in Gaza.  The problem is that the heads of the security establishment do not listen to the enemy.  They hear him but do not listen to his words, do not understand him and therefore do not harm him.  Yes, even today the Western conception blinds the war cabinet and the heads of the IDF, the Shin Bet and the Mossad, and causes the long campaign in the history of the State of Israel to continue to falter without a decision.

What is the core of Hamas?  What is the central and essential value for its existence?  Where can Hamas be hit in a way that will paralyze it?  What will revolt the Gazan public against him?  What will drop the public support in Judea and Samaria for the October 7th massacre, which reaches almost 80% according to the polls?  What is the idea behind Hamas that Israel must eradicate in order to collapse it?  What is the lever of pressure on Hamas that will make it release the abductees?

 *The answer to this can be found everywhere that IDF fighters have entered, in every classroom in Gaza, in every office and even on every pay slip of Hamas employees. In all of them you see the same image, the same symbol, the same value that Hamas attributes to it the supreme importance and purpose of its existence: the Dome of the Rock  . The Temple Mount*.

 The Dome of the Rock (Kubat al-Sakhra in Arabic) is not "Alaqsa" even though the Arabs fraudulently call it that, to indicate, as it were, that it is a holy place for Islam.  The Dome of the Rock is not a mosque at all.  It has no sanctity in Islam.  Children play soccer in it.  It serves as the "demonstration square" of the Arabs on the Temple Mount.  During Ramadan they send the women there.  The Alaqsa Mosque, and all other Temple Mount mosques, are 80 meters south of the Dome of the Rock, and only there do the thousands of Muslims who come to the Temple Mount pray.

If so, why is the Dome of the Rock "starred" in every home, office, classroom and official document of Hamas in Gaza?  Why do you always see the Dome of the Rock behind them in a huge photo and not the Alaqsa Mosque in the photos of all the heads of Hamas?  Why is the Dome of the Rock the purpose of Hamas's existence and goals?

Wait, what does the holiest place for the Jewish people have to do with Hamas?  Why is the Dome of the Rock the main target of Hamas?  For a simple reason - the purpose of Hamas's existence is manifested in a religious war (jihad) against the Zionists, the destruction of the Jews and their expulsion from the Land of Israel.  And a religious war begins with taking over the most sacred religious place for the enemy.  The Temple Mount.

 See Article 7 of the Hamas Charter:
 "The Islamic resistance movement is one of the units of the Holy War [Jihad] in the confrontation with the Zionist invasion. ... Although the units are far from each other, and although the obstacles that the pro-Zionists piled before the fighters of the Holy War [Majhadin] stopped the continuation of the  Al-Haad, the Islamic resistance movement, has its sights set on fulfilling Allah's promise, however long it takes; for the Messenger [Muhammad], may Allah's prayers and peace be upon him, said: "The hour will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them, and until the Jew hides behind the stones and trees  , and [then] the stones and the trees will say: "O Muslim, O Servant of Allah, there is a Jew hiding, come and kill him", with the exception of Himluh (Arakad), which is among the trees of the Jews."
* The essence of the idea, strategy and essence of Hamas is - since the Even Hashesiya, 'אבן השת, the Foundation Stone,  located under the Dome of the Rock is the holiest place for Jews on earth, its conquest in a religious war (jihad) by the Muslims will result in the destruction and expulsion of the Zionists from the land of Palestine.  This is the key and purpose of Hamas's existence - Jihad on the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock in order to expel the Zionists from it first, and from the rest of Israel afterwards*.

 *If Israel wants to topple Hamas, it must defeat it on the Temple Mount first.  The real war with Hamas is being waged on the Temple Mount.  In Gaza, according to Hamas, there is only a battle*.

In recent years, Hamas has taken over the Muslim Waqf on the Temple Mount, and most of the Muslims who enter the Temple Mount are its supporters.  They are also pressuring Jordan, which historically controlled the Waqf on the Temple Mount, to radicalize its positions and jeopardize the peace agreement with Israel, even though it is the main beneficiary of it.

 *The application of Israel's sovereignty to the Temple Mount will collapse the idea that underpins Hamas's power and influence on the Arab public - a Muslim religious war (Jihad) to destroy and expel the Jews from the Temple Mount and the Land of Israel*.

"Destroying the military and governmental capabilities of Hamas", as the government defined the goals of the war, will not collapse Hamas.  Only the realization of the symbols of the sovereignty of the State of Israel as a Jewish state on the Temple Mount will eliminate the idea that is the foundation of Hamas and the basis of the Arab public's support for it.

 When the State of Israel proves to the Arabs that Hamas was defeated on the Temple Mount and actually caused the strengthening of the State of Israel's grip and sovereignty on the Dome of the Rock, which is its ultimate goal, it will eliminate their support for Hamas and its jihad.

*There is no doubt that the demolition of the "Golden Dome" above the drinking fountain will be a decisive blow to Hamas and an act that will symbolize the application of the full sovereignty of the State of Israel to the Temple Mount.  However, softer steps can be taken that will send a message to the Arab world that Hamas has failed in its ultimate goal - to remove the Jews from the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount.  Steps such as: opening the Temple Mount to members of all religions 24/7, just like for Muslims;  Equal inspection of members of all religions at all gates to the Temple Mount;  You built a synagogue on the Temple Mount;  Allowing Jews to pray fully and freely on the Temple Mount;  Allowing free movement and ending close police surveillance of religious Jews on the Temple Mount.  These are all steps that the Israel Police can immediately carry out on the Temple Mount without any use of military force.*

Just as the "concept" of the government and the security establishment failed to alert, protect, assess the capabilities and grasp the strategy of Hamas, so they failed to understand the idea that underlies the existence of Hamas and how to thwart it.

 * A real and paralyzing blow to Hamas will be achieved on the Temple Mount, not in Gaza.  without a single shot.*

 Additional information: Aviad Visoli 050-5791746 aviad@mateh.orgko

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Re: Rabbis Outraged by "Antisemitic" Senate Resolution. Gam zu LeTova? Please listen to what Jonathan Pollard has to say about becoming dependent on America


Rabbonim of the Coalition for Jewish Values:

Even though as we all know, it is totally outrageous to even suggest demanding a report on "Israel's human rights practices", and the CJV is totally justified to call out the hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders and his resolution that won't pass anyway, it is also actually dangerous for Israel to continue a military dependency of Israel on America as Jonathan Pollard explains and in fact weaning Israel off of American military aid is a positive thing.

Jonathan Pollard: Why did Israel become so dependant on America

Jonathan Pollard and Rabbi David Bar-Hayim: Israel must not rely on America

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On Jan 16, 2024, 5:30 PM, Coalition for Jewish Values <> wrote:

Sanders Exploits Jewish Identity to Harm Jews
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2833 Smith Ave. Ste. 225
Baltimore, MD 21209
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Contact: Meredith Mollohan <>
Press Release
Rabbis Outraged by "Antisemitic" Senate Resolution
Baltimore, MD, Jan. 16, 2024—Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), representing over 2,500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis in American public policy, today harshly condemned the introduction of S. Res. 504 by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) demanding a report on "Israel's human rights practices" from the Secretary of State, which could then be used to withhold military aid as Israel combats the genocidal Hamas terror organization that, on October 7, slaughtered 1,200 civilians as part of it 18-year campaign to terrorize and destroy the Jewish People. CJV Vice President Rabbi Dov Fischer made the following statement:

CJV Vice President Rabbi Dov Fischer made the following statement:
This resolution will be defeated handily and by a bipartisan majority, but its very introduction grants credence to the notion that Israel, a Democratic ally whose military comprises both Jewish and Arab soldiers, and which makes unparalleled efforts to avoid civilian casualties, might be committing war crimes or be unworthy of aid as it acts to eradicate a genocidal threat to its citizens. 

Requests for reports under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 are exceedingly rare. The United States could as soon investigate its own efforts to eliminate ISIS or the current Houthi threat to Red Sea shipping, as to use this pretense to target Israel. Sadly, Sen. Sanders distinguishes himself today as an outcast from the Jewish community, one who shamelessly exploits his Jewish identity in order to promote antisemitic attitudes and behaviors.
Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV) represents over 2,500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis as the largest rabbinic public policy organization in America. A 501(c)3 non-profit, CJV promotes religious liberty, human rights, and classical Jewish ideas in American public policy.


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Replace disturbing and hate definitions of 'Israel' and 'Acting Jewish' with truthful, loving and peaceful definitions.


אל המיקום אשר...



Israel: The people who were Chosen to connect the world to a Loving G-d and to bring a G-dly Kingdom to reign over the Universe with Truth and Justice, and with Mercy and Kindness and to be a role model for the Almighty G-d, the Creator and King of this Universe.

To be Israeled or getting Israeled is to live as a better human being who abides by the 7 Noahide Laws which includes
- Recognizing One G-d,
- Blessing G-d,
- refraining from sexual immorality
- setting up a just court system and its enforcement,
- not to murder,
- not to steal,
- not to tear a limb from a live animal

'Acting Jewish' is to act like Judah the son of Jacob who is Israel's namesake. Judah is known for his noble character. He has the qualities of leadership, since he and his descendants including King David, took full responsibility for their actions, attributed their elevated status to G-d Almighty and not to their own prowess and called themselves servants of G-d Almighty. A righteous King is one who fears G-d and lives according to G-d's commandments and precepts. According to Jewish tradition, the Messiah is a descendant of King David who is a descendant of Judah.

Please replace the above definitions with existing
definitions in your Urban Dictionary. Someone has added the word 'israeled', 'acting Jewish' and also now I also see 'Israel' and 'getting Israeled' with horrendous definitions! See below.

When someone asks you for sharing something of yours and then fight you to get you out of it. And tell everyone you took it from them.
In a restaurant, someone asked to share my table. I agreed. After a moment, he asked me to leave because he has a meeting! "I've been israeled."

"Acting Jewish"
Being financially conservative or frugal. Also just being plain cheap.
"You are acting jewish because you won't even spend a dime!"

A shitty toilet paper brand that wants to take over land that isn't theres
"israel is a piece of fucking shit"

"Getting Israeled"
Getting lsraeled is stealing something that is not yours when you share it with someone else to help that person
"David getting Israeled when he gave his favorite pen to Anna when she requested for one to write her notes as the time was running out"

These definitions are derogatory and racist against the Jewish people. I demand these words get removed immediately. These words go against your own code of conduct as below:

"Don't be an asshole. We are okay with people defining offensive words. After all, people use offensive words in the real world and a resource for understanding what those words mean can be valuable. However, we are not—and never will be—okay with people using a definition to harass, discriminate, and/or directly incite violence against others."

I look forward to seeing these false and slanderous definitions all removed ASAP!


Robin Ticker
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What Do the Israeli Leadership Elites Not Understand Yet? By Shalom Pollack


From: Shalom Pollack <>
Date: Mon, Jan 8, 2024, 4:25 

What do the Israeli leadership elites not understand yet?

Have you noticed that terrorists love to kidnap Israeli hostages and do so with growing scope and frequency? Perhaps it is because it works so well.
 And have you noticed that this weapon is not used by Arabs against other Arabs? They also don't rape other  Arabs in the war against each other all the time but they know what is not done. 

Jews?  -  party time!

Have you wondered why?

Perhaps you recall a few months ago, a couple of Druse young men ( an Arab non-Muslim minority who serve with distinction in the Israeli army) were involved in a car accident in Jenin (PA territory) After being taken to the local "Palestinian" hospital it was discovered that they were Israeli citizens and the terrorists announced that they were holding Israeli hostages in return for terrorists prisoners in Israel.

Had they been Jewish Israelis there would have begun a drawn-out gut-wrenching period of negotiations, demonstrations to "free them now at any cost!  " and ultimately bowing to massive blackmail and depressing national humiliation.

However, the Druse community in Israel did not turn to the Israeli authorities to free their sons from the terrorist kidnappers.

They knew better.

Unlike the sophisticated, humanitarian Jews, they understood in which neighborhood they lived.

They blocked the main road artery of Israel and announced that if their people were not released in a few hours the entire Druse community of Israel (200,000 )  would kill any "Palestinian" they saw until the release. The  Druse were ready to go on the warpath for their kinsmen. It's a thing that our Jewish leadership has tried to quash;  it's called pride.

 Arabs understand that very well. That is also why they never rape each other. Some things are just not worth the gain.

But  Jews..? Party time!

It wasn't always this way.
 In the pre-state period, Ben Gurion ordered a team to abduct  Arab rapists of Jews and permanently changed their masculine physiology. Word got out quickly, even without social media, and other Arab rapists quickly fled the country.

But we matured. Now we pay, and pay, and pay the price for " Jewish morality"?

When Moses wiped out the Canaanites to free just one hostage, a Jewish maidservant did he forget what is true Jewish morality? Why didn't he negotiate?

In the Seventeen nineties, Muslim pirates in North Africa discovered a lucrative source of income. They began to abduct Western citizens at sea for ransom for which their governments paid handsomely, and so the practice continued until President  Thomas Jefferson had enough.
The Marines (.".to the shores of Tripoli.".) were sent in, not to negotiate or pay a ransom. They solved the problem, some say that even "noncombatants"  were killed. 

In the Nineteen eighties in another Muslim land, they were up to their old tricks again.

Western citizens were abducted from the streets of Beirut and held for large ransoms which  Western governments paid. The abductions continued of course.

Finally, the KGB was called upon to quietly deal with it when a Russian national was abducted.
The families of the terrorists had their body parts sent by mail to their homes.
The abduction of Russians ended.

 Amidst the current war of survival, we are engaged in against an enemy that plays by no rules. Is there anything we should be learning from the past?

The world has no time or use for losers.
Everyone respects a winner. They may not always like them but they respect them.

Israel rejected  Torah values and, desperate to be loved by the Nations, adopted a policy of rewarding its enemies. It has resulted in escalating  criticism, and losing respect and friends.
Trying to walk and talk just like them hasn't worked.

Latent antisemitism does not attract large crowds when Israel wins and does not look over its shoulder for approval. Rather it is the policy of appeasement and self-denigration to please a hostile world that led to the continued contempt of the Nations and the subsequent deterioration of national confidence.
It has simultaneously led to the serious deterioration of personal security in the country.

To stop this growing tragedy, the current confused and arrogant leadership and elites across the board must be replaced with those tightly attached to our Jewish roots; who do not measure success in how well we can hide our  Jewish identity and "be like them". 

The hope and prayer of the  Jewish majority in Israel is that the shocking events of the Simchat Torah had a higher purpose; it was the eleventh-hour rescue from being swept away in the swirling whirlpool of self-hate to civil war. 

On the eve of the massacres, Jews witnessed with anguish and horror the march of self-hatred to self-destruction. 
The Jewish majority pray to be freed of  the current elites who brought us to this brink of disaster

Not every generation is witness to dizzying and unpredictable events as we do today.

May we merit true Jewish leadership with the clarity to see and understand and with the faith and strength to bring us back to where we are meant to be.

We can not know how many more chances we will be granted to make it right.

Tour guide and author
"Jews, Israelis and Arabs"