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Shabak Framing Jewish Hilltop Youth as Jewish Terrorists


It is no secret that Shabak has moles, informants and provocateurs embedded in the Settler community. 

Report: Police Agents Recruited Minor for Price Tag Actions

Honenu Organization: (translated with the help of google translate see txt in Hebrew below)

* Honno reveals: Police agents operated an agent provocateur who sent a minor to carry out a price tag operation *

The organization Honenu reveals that the police, and apparently in cooperation with other security forces, employed among teenagers in the settlement a provocateur agent, who in at least two cases solicited a minor to perform price tag actions.

According to legal material obtained by attorney Moshe Polski, our representative who represents the minor, it appears that the agent updated the security forces before and during the price tag events, while refraining from arresting them.

In one case, the agent gave the minor a bag with flammable material and coloring books, while coaxing him to carry out a price tag action against Arabs.

The minor refused to carry out an arson operation and agreed to spray only slogans.

Later, the agent took the minor up to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem and instructed him how to cover his head and how to carry out the price tag. The agent also gave him the text of the slogans he had to spray on the houses of the Arabs there.

Following the exposure, Attorney Moshe Polski is expected to ask the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court this morning to allow publication of the details of the case and the investigation materials.

"Israel 2018 wakes up to  'Champagne' reality we thought that ended in 1995.

"This is an earthquake, which should concern every citizen of the State of Israel", says Honenu this morning. 

"It is inconceivable that those who are responsible for the rule of law and order will act and entice minor children to commit offenses, in order to blacken and hurt an entire community.  We call for an urgent commission of inquiry that will lead to swift conclusions on this matter.

The obsession of the Nationalist division in the police and the Division against Jews in the Shin Bet security service to produce "results" at any price crossed once again every line. What began with the delinquent torture of underage boys continued  to employ agents to provoke minors [to do acts of terror], and we ask, who is the responsible adult?  Who will end this mischief"

Attorney Adi Keidar added that "the phenomenon of employing agents by security forces that provoke [acts of violence] must cease, and those who partnered and was responsible must be immediately removed from their positions.

Every time it will be published in the media that a price tag action was carried out, the public should know that there was a chance that the long hands of the security forces were involved in the event, was a partner to it and perhaps even pushed others to do so. "

ארגון חוננו:

*ארגון חוננו חושף : גורמי משטרה הפעילו סוכן מדיח ששלח קטין לבצע פעולת תג מחיר*

ארגון חוננו חושף הבוקר כי המשטרה, וככל הנראה בשיתוף פעולה עם גורמי ביטחון נוספים הפעילה בקרב נערים בהתיישבות סוכן מדיח, אשר לפחות ב-2 מקרים שידל קטין לבצע פעולות תג מחיר.

ע"פ חומר משפטי שהגיע לעו"ד משה פולסקי מחוננו שמייצג את הקטין, עולה כי הסוכן עידכן את גורמי הביטחון לפני ארועי התג מחיר, במהלכם ולאחריהם תוך שהם נמנעים מלעוצרם.

במקרה אחד, מסר הסוכן לקטין תיק עם חומר דליק וספרי צבע,  תוך שהוא משדל אותו לבצע פעולת תג מחיר כנגד ערבים.
הקטין סרב לבצע פעולת הצתה, והסכים רק לרסס כתובות.

בהמשך לקח הסוכן את הקטין עד סמוך לשכונת שיח ג'ארח בירושלים והנחה אותו כיצד לכסות את ראשו וכיצד לבצע את תג המחיר. עוד מסר לו הסוכן את נוסח הכתובות שעליו לרסס על בתי הערבים במקום.

בעקבות החשיפה עו"ד משה פולסקי צפוי לבקש הבוקר מבית המשפט השלום בירושלים להתיר לפרסם את פרטי הפרשייה ואת חומרי החקירה.

"ישראל 2018 מתעוררת למציאות 'השמפניות' שחשבנו שהסתיימה בשנת 1995.
מדובר ברעידת אדמה, שצריכה להדאיג כל אזרח במדינת ישראל." אומרים הבוקר בחוננו.

"לא יתכן כי מי שאמונים על שלטון החוק והסדר יפעלו וידיחו נערים קטינים לבצע עבירות וזאת על מנת להשחיר ולפגוע בציבור שלם. אנו קוראים להקים ועדת חקירה באופן דחוף, שתביא למסקנות מהירות בעניין.

האובססיה של המחלקות הלאומניות במשטרה ושל המחלקה כנגד יהודים בשב"כ להביא "תוצאות" בכל מחיר חצתה פעם נוספת כל גבול ונורמה, מה שהחל בעינויים הזוהיים של נערים קטינים המשיך באופן טבעי להפעלת סוכנים והדחת קטינים, ואנו שואלים, היכן המבוגר האחראי?? מי ישים סוף להשתוללות??". שאלו בחוננו.

עו"ד עדי קידר הוסיף כי "תופעת הפעלת סוכנים מדיחים ע"י גורמי הביטחון חייבת לעבור מן העולם, ויש להדיח את האחראים והשותפים לה באופן מידי מתפקידם.

בכל פעם שיפורסם בתקשורת כי בוצעה פעולת תג מחיר ידע הציבור שישנו סיכוי כי ידם הארוכה של גורמי הביטחון מעורבת בארוע, היתה שותפה לו ואולי אף הדיחה אחרים לבצעה".

Hamas to Continue Gaza Border Riots Through Ramadan, Will Add Judea & Samaria | The Jewish Press - | Hana Levi Julian | 11 Iyyar 5778 – April 25, 2018 |

Border policeman sentenced to 9 months for shooting Palestinian minor | The Jerusalem post


Support Honenu who defends such Policemen.

Why can't the judge give this Policeman the benefit of the doubt. His intention was to protect Israel from dangerous rioters. These rioters had an agenda that was way more severe than peaceful protest. One doesn't need to throw rocks to protest. Rocks are a lethal weapon. So even if this Policeman did use live ammunition against these rioters one can argue that these rioters by throwing stones were taking a calculated risk of a "mishap" happening where live ammunition would be used against them instead of rubber bullets. Surely if they had an upper hand and the roles reversed would they use rubber bullets? The answer is obvious. Stones and molotov cocktails vs rubber bullets. Who is giving them the upper hand?   The same on the Gaza fence.  They started the provocation.

Any subsequent disciplinary action on this Police officer should never be made public because it will demoralize the IDF who will now think twice before shooting a terrorist lest he too be prosecuted pending a trial to determine if indeed he made the right decision in a split second regarding whether the rioter and stone thrower was a peaceful protestor or a potential terrorist out on an agenda. What do you think is most likely?

Whose life is more precious? The Police officer who is risking his life to defend Israel against potential jihadists who are daily being indoctrinated with Jihad, who are educated  to throw rocks, stab, run over and ram into pedestrians, throw molotov cocktails, kidnap IDF soldiers and basically over throw Israel Sovereignty from the river to the sea or the rioter?  If the policeman chooses to not judge these rioters in a favorable light perhaps the G.O.I. that turns a blind eye to the daily indoctrination in Palestinian Education is to blame.  He is acting with caution for good reason.

This Media report and the public investigation is testimony that ISRAEL is infiltrated with leftists who are busy exercising civilization and cultural  Jihad from within, judges included, expecting Israel to apologize to the world for our Divine and international rights to be Sovereign  in our Biblical Homeland. They instead defend the 17 year old Palestinian Rock thrower who is probably as racist as they come based on Fatah and Hamas indoctrination that Israel stupidly has failed to eradicate.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fwd: Halachic questions on the Duma Investigation


Questions to ask a Rav and/or Posek.  We are asking the Rav to please speak up and not to be humble or shy since this is a matter of Pikuach Nefesh and Pidyon Shvuyim.

  • Halachically is one permitted to rush to publicly condemn a suspect prior to a thorough investigation?  Especially if they are heads of State (Yaalon, Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett etc. )
Devarim 13:15
טו וְדָֽרַשְׁתָּ֧ וְחָֽקַרְתָּ֛ וְשָֽׁאַלְתָּ֖ הֵיטֵ֑ב וְהִנֵּ֤ה אֱמֶת֙ נָכ֣וֹן הַדָּבָ֔ר נֶֽעֶשְׂתָ֛ה הַתּוֹעֵבָ֥ה הַזֹּ֖את בְּקִרְבֶּֽךָ:   15Then you shall inquire, investigate, and ask thoroughly, and, behold, it is true, the matter is certain, that such abomination has been committed in your midst:

  • Halachically is one permitted to delay a trial (It's been almost three years and this case is still in the summation of the pretrial stage) and the boys have been imprisoned, in isolation, unable to be together with Torah Observant community, unble to pursue education, and tortured. 
  חרב באה לעולם על עינוי הדין, ועל עיוות הדין, ועל המורים בתורה שלא כהלכה.
The sword comes to the world for the procrastination of justice, the corruption of justice, and because of those who misinterpret the Torah.

  • Halachically is any self confession let alone a confession following torture permissible? Yevamos 25b


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