Friday, September 25, 2020

Maaleh Shai Demolished - Double Standard . If Arabs Can Build Illegally Throughout Israel Uninhibited Why Can't Indigenous Jews.


Arab attackers not stopped, Jews banned
IDF forces called in to deal with Arab rioters in Ma'ale Shai order Jewish residents out, allow rioters to continue rioting.

After stabbing attack, new community established in Samaria
New Jewish community established in area under Palestinian Authority control, in honor of rabbi stabbed to death by terrorist.

Choosing Life Forum: Destroy terrorist's house, not new community
Choosing Life Forum, which represents bereaved families, calls on PM to leave outpost established in memory of terror victim.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Fw: Apprehension on the UAE Deal. The Righteous Speak Out! A Compilation. Israel Is Failing To Protect It's Taxpaying Citizens ..

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Please fwd and spread the word davka, especially, before the American elections. President Trump, the best friend Israel has ever had, can't risk G-d's wrath before the election. We don't want him or his administration held accountable in a Heavenly Court for a terrible mistake, for his administration's part in nullifying the Biblical Covenant by even suggesting a Palestinian State!

Please add to this growing list of naysayers to a Palestinian State and and a potentially dangerous agreement preconditioned on it!

Apprehension on the UAE Deal. The Righteous Speak Out! A Compilation

The situation now in Israel is that Settlers in Judea and Samaria but not exclusively, also near Gaza, in the Negev and Galil are not being protected by the State of Israel and if they dare to defend themselves, they themselves are charged with criminal activity while the perpetrators are free and there is no accountability.

Documentation: Settlers in Judea and Samaria and elsewhere - Taxation Without Representation

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Fwd: Who will join me to tell Jared: This is wrong! We DO have Sovereignty and we will NOT sell our Land! From: Joe and Renanah Gemeiner



Subject: Fwd: Who will join me to tell Jared: This is wrong! We DO have Sovereignty and we will NOT sell our Land!

From: Joe and Renanah Gemeiner

As a Jew two of the most important things one learns  are that:
1) Esau - the Forefather of the Arabs, sold his birthright to Jacob because Jacob and not Esau was equipped to appreciate and promote the values of G-d, in this world.  This is why the Israelites were given the Torah and the Promised Land in which to be a H-ly Nation.

2)The second very important thing is that when the Jews came to enter the Promised Land, they lacked the inner strength to do so  (though the women did not) and were forced to wander 40 more years before being allowed to enter.  For thousands of years to today Jews mourn the sin of this Generation whose fault we learn included not loving the Land enough.

In the Holocaust, the Jewish leader of the Hungarian Rescue Operation - Rudolf Kastner - is accused of hiding Rabbi Weissmandl's warning  "Above all not let them put you into ghettos. If you fight them putting you into ghettos, half of you may die, but if you let them put you into ghettos you are all going to your deaths."  Kastner is accused of using the trust that the Jews had in him to lead them into the ghettos in return for the Nazis allowing him and his chosen few to live. 
Jaded Kusher was placed at the head of the dancing White House Lawn parade by a brilliant and diabolical Trump - to lead the Jews into selling off their birthright - the most precious part of the land of Eretz Israel known as Judea and Samaria and falsely referred to as "The West Bank."  This land was given to the Jewish People as an eternal inheritance and explained continuously throughout the Torah. Not only do we give up our Birthright but we give up our standing for Torah, for G-d and we put our People in lethal moral and physical danger!

Our historical and indigenous rights were recognized and led to our being granted sovereignty under international law one hundred years ago. The whole League of Nations confirmed the Mandate for Palestine (Palestine being the Roman name for ancient Israel and having nothing to do with Arabs or Moslems) dictating that Britain must aid the return of the Jews to their Homeland and prevent any ceding of this land to other powers.  Yet in order to appease the Arabs - who received the vast majority of the previous Ottoman Empire in the Middle East - the British allowed the Arabs to flood into and illegally occupy land in Israel while they - the British - blocked the Jews.

Even as Arab leadership was partnering with Hitler  (see Nuremberg Trial transcripts) to devise and promote our extermination, Britain sought to appease the Arabs by blocking the Jews entry into our Homeland even though sole Jewish sovereignty had been granted to this land decades before,
But there was nothing we could do about it then as the League  Nations and the US  betrayed us and the international law they had enshrined.

And now, when we DO have the power to direct our own destiny, our Jewish leadership has hidden from our People the truth of our Jewish indigeneity and Arab nonindiginaity to the Land of Israel.  Rather than being grateful, Arab leadership  lie and encourage acts of terror against Israel.  They are largely descendants of recent illegal immigrants who were allowed to illegally occupy the tiny piece of Jewish Land. The sovereignty that was granted to us in 1920 never left.  The UN in fact has adopted and must honor all treaties of the League including that of the Mandate for Palestine! 

And yet for decades when we could have exercised sovereignty we did not.  And now we have a situation where our People do not even know that the claims of the existence of a Palestinian Arab Nation and of our being Occupiers - are lies.  


Jared recently explained the true nature of Israel's surrender:

"The reality today is that a lot of this land is inhabited with Israelis

"What we did with our plan was we were trying to save the two-state solution, because… if we kept going with the status quo… ultimately, Israel would have eaten up all the land in the West Bank."


Will we have become the Generation who is selling our birthright - not for a bowl of soup - but for Cash, Power and Popularity?

  Will we like Esau show, G-d forbid - that perhaps we do NOT have the capacity to appreciate our Land nor the will to serve the Creator in the Land given to us so that we would have a safe and bountiful home in this world wherein to live by G-d's word?

Knowledge of our Land rights IS the key to reclaiming our identity and dignity!  If every Jew in and outside of Israel knew the words of the Mandate and its validity as an international treaty- we would never allow our land to be given away!  We would know that our sovereignty rights WERE enshrined under international law and are valid to this day! We would NOT copy the actions of the Nazi-Arab and British-Arab alliances to keep us from our Land by denying the existence of this legal treaty -  as per the League of Nations  based on  the Mandate of Palestine which was made because we were the sole Nation with indigenous rights!  We would know that the Arabs in Judea and Samaria are NOT indigenous to Israel but are largely the descendants of recent illegal immigrants. We would know that the illegal Arab influx into Israel was allowed by the very Mandatory power whose job it was to protect Jewish rights. We would know that this illegal Arab occupation was encouraged as an excuse to block Jewish ingathering and that it enabled the Final solutions to succeed as well as it did!


Is there a Jew or a righteous Gentile today who will join me in telling Jared and Trump and Netanyahu - " This is wrong! We do have sovereignty in this Land and we will NOT sell it - not for cash, not for a place on the White House lawn, not for popularity and not for a bowl of soup!"

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Moshe Elkman Director Biblical Path to Peace: Letter to Sovereignty Newsletter re UAE Deal and comments


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Dear Nadia and Yehudit,

Firstly I find your newsletters excellent.

So below are my thoughts,

Best wishes,


Since the announcement of the Israel UAE peace deal there has been a lot of world euphoria especially as other Arab nations may follow suite.We can all imagine the great PR for the leaders of Israel , President Trump and other Arab nations shaking hands and signing a peace deal on the lawn of the White house prior to the US elections.This will be a great boost for the reelection of President trump who is a true friend of Israel.This can be seen as a "messianic sign" of the lion lying down with the lamb. 

There are many positive effects of the peace deal: El Al able to fly over Saudi Arabia, F35 jets to UAE to hopefully deter Teheran and allowing Israeli intelligence to be just within 100 miles of Iran. 

So what is my problem with the UAE peace deal? The deal was done on condition that all talk of sovereignty be dropped. UAE Foreign Ministry Director of Policy and Planning Jamal al-Musharakh stated "One of the prerequisites of the commencing of bilateral relations was the halting of annexation" Jerusalem Post Sept 1 , 2020. 

Jared Kushner came out openly and spoke about the establishment of a PA State.

 Bin Zayed: Israeli Relations with UAE Depend on Palestinian State

Other Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia have stated that if they were to have a peace deal with Israel then Israel should retreat to pre 1967 borders and establish a Palestinian State as has Qatar's ruler Sheikh Tamim bin -alThani as reported in Jerusalem Post Sept 2, 2020. 

So I believe that as Israel is a democracy then the Land of Israel Lobby should put forward a bill demanding sovereignty over ALL of Judea and Samaria not just certain sections and with Hashem's help and our prayers such a resolution should be successful. 

Perhaps it would be wise to present such a bill to the Knesset after the US elections. What do you think?

In fact there is an amazing Rambam in this week's Rambam which says: 

"Messianic age will be life within the context of this world, with the world following its natural pattern except that sovereignty will return to Israel" 

Isn't that a powerful Rambam?

Moshe ElkmanEmoji 

My comments


Lichvod Moshe Elkman 

Beautifully said!

Why do I think David Friedman is pulling wool over our eyes in this recent interview in Hamodia?

Conversation With a Goodwill Ambassador
By Sara Lehmann
Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 5:26 pm | ד' תשרי תשפ"א

Here is  Ambassador David Friedman's remarks February 9, 2020 at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs regarding the Deal of the Century.

How does Ambassador Friedman  reconcile his former statements pushing for a Palestinian State made on Feb 9, 2020 and this interview in Hamodia. How does he reconcile his remarks in Hamodia reassuring us that a Palestinian State is not what we think it is with Jared Kushner's statement?

Please note that this was preceded by Trump's statement on Thursday that sovereignty was "more than just off the table," Israel has committed not to bring it up again.

Re your comment
"So I believe that as Israel is a democracy then the Land of Israel Lobby should put forward a bill demanding sovereignty over ALL of Judea and Samaria not just certain sections and with Hashem's help and our prayers such a resolution should be successful."

Amein! The bill you suggest should davka, purposefully happen before US elections. This is not to embarrass the Trump Administration who has been the best American administration for Israel that ever existed, but rather not to invoke G-d's wrath at the nullification of His Covenant with the mere suggestion of a Palestinian State. This suggestion that a Palestinian State is an option, is a grave mistake, and is more damaging to President Trump reelection campaign than any bad PR in response to  Israel applying Sovereignty in its ancestral homeland. 

America in turn should acknowledge Israel's right as a Sovereign State to declare it's own borders without outsiders meddling.


Gmar Chatima Tova!