Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Fwd: Consul General Aviv Ezra: What is Happening in Israel right now

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Subject: Fwd: Consul General Aviv Ezra: What is Happening in Israel right now
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Subject: Consul General Aviv Ezra: What is Happening in Israel right now



Happy Hanukkah. I just wanted to take this opportunity to draw your attention to what is happening in Israel right now in 3 short sentences:


1. Hezbollah is digging tunnels for terror purposes from Lebanon into Israel. This constitutes a severe attack on Israel's sovereignty and a further violation of UNSC Resolutions 1701 and 1559.


2.    Israel is conducting defensive actions within its sovereign territory. Israel has the right to defend itself and is not interested in escalation.


3. Hezbollah acts as Iran's proxy in Lebanon, undermining regional stability. Hezbollah has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union and other states.


Any public statement on your side would be highly appreciated.


Thank you,



'International consensus' on Jerusalem is baseless - Israel Hayom


Canadian legal scholar Dr. Jacques Gauthier has devoted 20 years to the thorny question of the ownership of Jerusalem, and has concluded that Israel has unquestionable sovereignty not only over the whole city, but over Judea and Samaria as well.

Eldad Beck


Monday, December 03, 2018

Fwd: Middle East and Terrorism: More Sins of Google Translate - Sally Zahav

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Hi Sally, amvsh

I have noticed this problem consistently as well. I am not a professional translator but as a blogger post about Duma Blood libel and the travesty of justice against the hilltop youth. I often use Google translate to help the reader  understand the articles posted in Hebrew. 

Very often I too find key sentences omitted and mistranslations that seem purposeful. Censorship  and almost purposeful  bad translations to obscure what was written in the original by Google translate

KT Robin Ticker

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Another Blood Libel against Hilltop Youth????? Let's remember Duma prosecution, torture and imprisonment and House arrest of innocent kids for 3 years with a Trial still pending and no credible evidence! Free Amiram Ben Uliel and Elisha Odess before I believe credibility of this news item! Tires slashed on 30 cars in Arab town, truck sprayed with 'Jews won't be silent' | The Times of Israel


Letter sent to Times of Israel in response to this article


Dear Times of Israel.

Hebrew Graffiti like Nekama etc. has been traced to Shabak who in the past  manufactures evidence and fake news about Jewish Terrorist. Case in point the take over of Account prison to intimidate Elisha Odess.

In the Duma case the nuances of the Hebrew Graffiti was off with graffiti of Yechi Hamelech and Nekama both found. Were the Jewish terrorists arsonists  Chabad or Kach? Actual their prime suspect is neither.  He is Breslov. This time the nuances are more consistent targeting Kahanas group.

Even Shabak can learn from their mistakes.

Misplaced cynicism? I don't think so. Do your job as investigative reporters rather than political propaganda.

  I hope you are not in the business of spreading fake news. Real news is that Amiram ben Uliel and Elisha Odess have been languishing in jail or house arrest for close to 3 years and a trial is still pending. This constitutes עינוי הדין. Delaying Justice is a form of torture in itself.  There is no credible evidence just confessions obtained  under severe duress or following torture...

Please cover the Duma Trial honestly and remembers that a Heavenly Court  will judge your accuracy and unbiased coverage of the news and the consequences thereof.


Becerra Border Betrayal | Frontpage Mag