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Honenu: GSS (General Security Services) aka Shabak, "Jewish Division of Terror " Strikes again, and again...


אל המקום אשר...

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Re: Honenu: Illegal GSS questioning, again

Basic Civil Rights of Jewish Youth especially Israeli Nationalist Jewish Youth must be protected and they can not be pawns in a political war, whether it is triggered by the "Deal of the Century" or any other political agenda, as were Amiram Ben Uliel and minor A, Duma arson suspects.

The "Jewish Terrorist Narrative" must be the exposed as false and those up to the very top of the Israel political spectrum need to apologize for their personal involvement, credibility and actual words, that spread false lies, innuendo and slander against their innocent Jewish brothers.

This kind of wrongdoing goes back to the sin of Joseph and his brothers.

Unless we raise awareness and act in a capacity of our ability to put a stop to false framing and slander of Jewish Settler Youth, how many additional innocent, idealistic members of our Jewish Youth will be targeted?

It will lie on our collective conscience for not speaking up and for not doing our part to stop baseless hatred.

Another Honenu Report: See translation of ynet article below

*האזינו: כך מהלכים בשב"כ אימים על אזרחים שומרי חוק*

*חוננו: איש השב"כ מדגיש שהבחור לא חשוד בדבר, ואף על פי כן הוא משגר לעברו איומים חסרי פשרות*

הפיצו את ההקלטה המטרידה

סוכן השב"כ "בנאי" לצעיר שהסתובב ליד הר הבית: "קח אחריות על מעשיך" | האזינו

Shin Bet agent to young man walking around the Temple Mount: "Take responsibility for your actions"

An Israeli young man walking around the Temple Mount gates received a call from a Shin Bet agent two weeks ago asking to meet with him at the police station. The reason: "A security issue related to you, to convey a message (warning)". The agent who said his name was "Banai" added. "You are not a child, You should invest your energy in good directions."

By Gilad Cohen

An Israeli young man taking a tour around the Temple Mount gates recently received a call from a Shin Bet agent who asked to meet with him to send him a message.

The recorded conversation (h) see ynet link

The conversation between the young man and the ISA agent
About two weeks ago, someone called a young man 27 years old, and presented himself as a Shin Bet agent named "Banai" who claimed is responsible for the Temple Mount and Old City of Jerusalem.

The agent, who introduced himself as a "Banai", asked the young man to meet him at a police station for about half an hour. Background: a walking tour D had around the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem with a friend a few weeks earlier.

When D. asked the agent why he wanted to meet with him, he replied that the purpose of the meeting was "regarding some security issue that I see you were related to...relating to the tour around of gates, also a security issue, and send you some new message."

D. asked to continue the call over the phone, but the agent suggested to meet at a police station close to D. and explained: "I think it is less appropriate on the phone, then to meet in person, you also do not know me, just see the phone number ... In the end we need an office to sit down and talk. "

The young man told the agent that he was hesitant to meet him "because there are guys who go to the GSS and cause problems, are recruited by them (with the help of the Shabak), and I don't want to be."

Agent: "I'm already telling you, this is not an investigation, and you are not charged with anything. For me, this is a matter (of meeting a) half hour re: a security issue that is important to convey to you, before there can be implications for this security issue. I don't want to disclose more on a phone call, naturally, you probably understand".

D: "No. What security related matter do you need to talk to me about?"

Agent: "Unfortunately, I am refrained from saying more than I can tell you now. I told you I was in charge of the Old City and the Temple Mount, that which is close to your heart."

Later in the conversation, the agent again tried to convince D to meet him, but D. replied: "Shame on what you do. You live in the concept that there are people here who want to make a trouble, your time is unnecessary/wasted. If the State and Israel really matter to you, you will find another job. How do you sleep at night when you chase the wrong side. "

Agent: "I'm less interested in hearing what you have to suggest. Right now you're the low man of the totem pole activity, you have to take responsibility for your actions."

D: "You [plural] are doing the wrong thing. I am telling you this with love. You'd better think. You're probably getting orders."

Agent: "You're no longer a child. You should invest energy in the right directions."

D. replied: "Public confidence in you [plural] has dropped below zero, because of your activities and how you [plural] behave. Take it to heart," and so the conversation ended.

The Honenu organization, attacked the Shin Bet "The Division on Jewish Terror" does not stop treating innocent civilians and intimidating them. The Shin Bet agent stresses that the guy is not suspicious, and yet he sends uncompromising threats to him.

It is very sad, that the elected officials, mainly the Prime Minister, does not put an end to this misconduct that is repeating itself. As believers we are turning the attention of Bibi to the Master of the World who conducts [His Justice] measure for measure and you are not the first...

The Security Service refused to respond.

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Fwd: Honenu: Illegal GSS שב"כ Shabak Questioning Again. This Time On a Jewish Youth from Tzfat

honenu new logo

Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado; Photo credit: Honenu

Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 10:43 In mid-June, Y. was summoned to the police station in Tzfat and was convinced that he was being called to a police interrogation. When he arrived at the station he was surprised to discover that he had been summoned to a GSS questioning by means of a police summons form despite a prohibition to use a police summons in this way. Several weeks previously the Mivtan, the department of the Justice Ministry which is authorized to investigate complaints by GSS interrogatees, ordered clarification of GSS procedures on this matter and the prohibition was set. Additionally, at the beginning of the questioning Y. was not told that he was allowed to leave, which is also against the law.
Y. said that on the day before the questioning policemen arrived at his home and presented his mother with a police summons form for him. On the afternoon of the following day, Y. reported to the police station and asked the policemen present in the room to show him their police identification cards. He stated that they presented to him identification cards indicating that they were from "The Office of the Prime Minister". Despite his requests they refused to give him their names.
Y. understood from this that he was at a GSS questioning and attempted to leave the station. The policemen refused to open the gate for him and he returned to the questioning. Y., who was careful to maintain his right to remain silent, was questioned by a GSS agent who went by the name "Illouz". The questioning lasted for approximately one hour, at the end of which Y. was released. Y. was not interrogated by the police.
Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado sent a complaint to the Mivtan, a matter of weeks after they had responded to a similar complaint, noting that the Mivtan had already stated that, "There are no grounds for summoning an individual to a GSS questioning by means of a police document."
The complaint describes how Y. arrived at the Tzfat Police Station and "At the station [the agent known as] 'Illouz' was awaiting him and conducted his GSS questioning. The GSS currently repeated behavior that was already determined unacceptable and authorized as such."
The complaint continued: "Illouz" did not verify that Y. was aware that he not obligated to participate in the discussion and "also this was contrary to rules which the High Court of Justice set. Moreover, when my client understood that it was a GSS questioning he asked to leave the station, however the policemen did not open the gate for him and he was forced to remain in the station."
In the conclusion of the complaint Yado noted that the previous response from the Mivtan was received three years after it was filed: "I hope that I will receive a quicker reply this time, concerning the summons via a police form and the fact that [the agent] known as 'Illouz' did not verify with my client that his presence at the questioning was voluntary and that he was allowed to leave, and also their refusal to open the gate to the station."
Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado: "The High Court of Justice rules, the office of the Attorney General censures, but the GSS adamantly continues its attempts to abuse the advantage it has over youths in order to illegally act against them, to violate their freedom, their right to privacy and their right to dignity. We will continue to protect them and their rights."

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What is the value of confessions made under torture?


Is Ben-Uliel the Duma arsonist? He may or may not be. The verdict of the court is not based on any credible evidence. Opinion.
Prof. Boaz Sangero , 28/06/20 

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No To A Palestinian State! A False Premise of the "Deal of the Century'.


אל המקום אשר..

Updated July 2, 2020 

PM Netanyahu is not being upfront, in fact he was deceptive to CUFI June 28, 2020 when he claims “President Trump’s plan confronts a lie head on: that the Jewish people are foreign colonialists in our own ancestral homeland,” said Netanyahu."

The opposite. The Trump Deal is in fact pushing a lie. 

If the Land of Israel is indeed our "own ancestral Homeland" why is the goal of the "Deal of the Century" to establish a Palestinian State within our ancestral Homeland? 
Isn't the Land, with delineated borders promised as an Eternal Heritage to the Nation of Israel? 

(See link below of the Trump Deal 180 pages. Just read the intro page 6. )

"It is time to help the Palestinians 
achieve a hopeful and prosperous future and enable them to join the community of nations. "

The Expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gaza in 2005 did not bring peace. It brought a barrage of rockets into southern Israel and made 10,000 Jews homeless and traumatized.

If the Land belongs to G-d, this "Deal of the Century" is null and void. CUFI knows the Bible. Who is Netanyahu fooling? Is giving away parts of Judea and Samaria an option? Is it owned by Trump or Netanyahu's to give away? Can Trump give away part of the White House when he doesn't own it?

 Surely this "Deal" is a recipe for disaster and not peace and prosperity!

See related Links below.
 תירגום בעברית למטה

President Trump was unfortunately ill advised by Orthodox Jews, men of good character and high integrity, yet who erred,  working with the PM of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu, a great leader... yet he too erred.  Together they misled the President of the US to believe that the "Deal of the Century" whose premise is the formation of a Palestine State  is an option. [1]

For the record: From a Biblical standpoint, a Palestinian State is not an option nor can ever be an option! It is a grave mistake to raise false hopes.

 Even if the intent was noble, wanting to help Palestinians etc. this premise is not consistent with G-d's plan and not based on Truth. 

This Plan is therefore on a collision course with G-d's vision. 

G-d's vision for the Land of Israel is clearly spelled out in the Bible, and whose boundaries are clearly delineated to include all of Judea and Samaria! 

The Promised Land of Israel is the Eternal Heritage and Inheritance of the Jewish people. Jews are the descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel.  We are the seed and spiritual heir of our Forefathers Abraham,  Isaac and Jacob. 

Blessings and Prosperity of the entire world depends on the Nation of Israel settled on its ancestral Homeland, fulfilling the Commandments.

Blessings coming from the Nations of the world...nations who recognize that the Almighty G-d of Israel wills it to be this way, is key to global peace and prosperity.

Time to set the record straight, cut our losses, before more damage is done. Time to speak G-d's Truth about the Promised Land and against the 2 State Solution.

If there is something we have all learned from COVID 19, is that it pays to be on the side of G-d and not against Him.

We ask all Rabbis and Spiritual Leaders of Faith,  to make a  statement of clarity, and follow the lead of Iggud HaRabbonim, the Rabbinical Alliance of America, [2]  and others like Rabbi Eliezer Waldman and Rabbi Yechezkel Moskowitz to set this matter straight!  

A Palestinian State is not on the table, and let's put an end to the confusion!

The Trump Plan. "Deal of the Century".
 Peace to Prosperity. (180 pages)
A Vision To Improve the Lives of The Palestinian and Israeli People.

1. Ambassador David Friedman's remarks February 9, 2020 at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs regarding the Deal of the Century.

2. A Statement Which Should Really Be Unnecessary. Iggud HaRabbonim, Rabbi Yaakov Klass 

Say a clear NO to Trump's Plan
לא נסכים לתוכנית טרמפ... (באנגלית)

In This weeks Jewish Press Fri June 26, 2020 page 22

Rabbi Eliezer Waldman: We Cannot Accept The Peace Plan

Rabbi Yechezkel Moskowitz: Arab Enmity, Not Jewish Settlement, Makes Peace Impossible

3. Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem at the Sovereignty tent vigil: The Trump plan is terrible and endangers Israel several times more than the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and northern Samaria.

4. Former Member of Knesset Orit Struk presents Section 22 of the Trump plan, the most problematic and dangerous section of the plan, and calls on Likud ministers to demand clarification from Netanyahu before any vote is taken on the plan. 

An Op-Ed by Mrs. Tamar Adelstein and Mrs. Faige Lobel
on the eve of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 26th Yom Hillula
Gimmel Tammuz


לצערנו נשיא טראמפ הועצה לא טוב על ידי יהודים כשרים טובים ודתיים. ולמרות שהם אנשי יושרה גבוהה.. בכל זאת טעו, יחד עם ראש ממשלת ישראל, בנימין נתניהו, מנהיג גדול ... שגם הוא טעה.  

 הם הטעו את נשיא ארה"ב והעולם כולו להאמין כי "עסקת המאה", שהנחתה היא הקמת מדינה פלסטינית, היא אופציה.  [1]

 לדיון: מבחינה תנ"כית, מדינה פלסטינית אינה אופציה ואינה יכולה אף פעם להיות אופציה!  זו טעות חמורה לעורר תקוות שווא.

 גם אם הכוונה הייתה מכובדת, הרצון לעזור לפלסטינים וכו 'הנחת יסוד זו אינה משלים עם תוכניתו של הקב"ה ולא מבוססת על אמת.

לפיכך, תוכנית זו נמצאת על מסלול התנגשות עם חזונו של בורא עולם..

 חזונו של בורא עולם לארץ ישראל מובא בבירור בתנ"ך. גבולותיו תוחמים  בבירור לכלול כל יהודה ושומרון!

 תהילים 105

8 זָכַ֣ר לְעוֹלָ֣ם בְּרִית֑וֹ דָּבָ֥ר צִ֝וָּ֗ה לְאֶ֣לֶף דּֽוֹר׃

9 אֲשֶׁ֣ר כָּ֭רַת אֶת־אַבְרָהָ֑ם וּשְׁב֖וּעָת֣וֹ לְיִשְׂחָֽק׃

10 וַיַּֽעֲמִידֶ֣הָ לְיַעֲקֹ֣ב לְחֹ֑ק לְ֝יִשְׂרָאֵ֗ל בְּרִ֣ית עוֹלָֽם׃

11 לֵאמֹ֗ר לְךָ֗ אֶתֵּ֥ן אֶת־אֶֽרֶץ־כְּנָ֑עַן חֶ֝֗בֶל נַחֲלַתְכֶֽם׃

 ארץ ישראל המובטחת היא המורשת הנצחית והירושה של העם היהודי.  

 ברכות ושגשוג העולם כולו תלויות באומה של עם ישראל המתיישבת במולדת אבותיה, ומקיימת את המצוות.

 ברכות המגיעות מאומות העולם ... ממדינות שמכירות בכך שזה רצון אלוקי, היא המפתח לשלום ושגשוג עולמי.

 הזמן לקבוע את השיא ישר, לקצץ בהפסדים שלנו, לפני שייגרם נזק נוסף.  הגיע הזמן לדבר את האמת והרצון של בורא עולם, שארץ הקודש מובטחת לעם קדוש, וההבטחה הזאת סותר לגמרי "הפיתרון לשתי מדינות."

 אם יש משהו שלמדנו מ- COVID 19,  היא שכדאי להיות בצד אלוקי.

 אנו מבקשים מכל הרבנים ומנהיגי הדור הרוחניים, להצהיר עם צלילות, ולהצהיר כמו אירגון איגוד הרבונים, ועוד רבנים כגון הרב אליעזר וולדמן והרב יחזקאל מושקוביץ על האמת.

 מדינה פלסטינית לא בא בחשבון, ובואו נגמור עם הבלבול!

לינקים באנגלית

תוכנית טראמפ.  "עסקת המאה".
 שלום לשגשוג.  (180 עמודים)
חזון לשיפור חיי העם הפלסטיני והישראלי.

 1. דברי השגריר דייויד פרידמן, 9 בפברואר 2020 במרכז ירושלים לענייני ציבור בנושא עסקת המאה

 2. הצהרה שצריכה להיות מיותרת.  איגוד הרבונים, הרב יעקב קלאס

 בעיתונות Jewish Press יום שישי, 26 ביוני 2020, עמוד 22

 הרב אליעזר וולדמן: איננו יכולים לקבל את תוכנית השלום

 הרב יחזקאל מושקוביץ: איבה ערבית, לא התיישבות יהודית, הופכת את השלום לבלתי אפשרי

 3. סגן ראש עיריית ירושלים במשמרת אוהלי הריבונות: תוכנית טראמפ נוראה ומסכנת את ישראל כמה פעמים יותר מגירוש היהודים מגוש קטיף וצפון השומרון.

 4. חברת כנסת לשעבר אורית סטרוק מציגה את סעיף 22 לתכנית טראמפ, החלק הבעייתי והמסוכן ביותר בתכנית, וקוראת לשרים של הליכוד לדרוש בירור מנתניהו לפני שתתקיים כל הצבעה על התוכנית.