Monday, June 25, 2018

Fwd: President Trump on Jews Lack of HaKoras HaTov on Huckabee Trump Interview. Sexual Harassment of Duma Suspects THE PERIL OF POLITICIZED ANTISEMITISM | Frontpage Mag


If we Jews are People of the Book shouldn't we be suspicious of those quick to condemn  President Trump. 

Hasn't the President earned our trust?  Surely he has! It's not just the Embassy move to Jerusalem!

President Trump has a proven record of being a President who respects the Bible, and surrounds himself with G-d Fearing people who are People of the Book and who allign themselves with The People of The Book and the Nation of Israel.  

Watch "An Exclusive Interview with President Donald Trump (Full Interview) | Huckabee" on YouTube

So why did OU, RCA and Agudah rush to Condemn President Trump's policy without a thorough understanding of the entire picture in favor of a "humanitarian" plea for the illegals' children??  

And this raises a more painful question as per why have they been quiet about the persecution and subsequent Duma Investigation against the Jewish  Hilltop Youth no less deserving of a humanitarian plea for compassion in light of no conviction? These kids too are separated from their families over two years with no evidence against them other than confessions extracted from torture.

Is it possible that these Organizations are being advised by those with past affiliations with the Democrats, most likely a non Kosher source, a deadly bond, hard to sever, and this is contributing towards political skewing of their better judgement.

What other explanation is there?

Time to drain the swamp.

When we validate the message of the Hilltop Youth we validate our Holy Torah. When we slander and accuse Hilltop Youth as "Jewish Terrorists" we are slandering G-d fearing Jews,  and creating a Blood Libel. 

This in turn set the stage for undeserved, traumatic torture of innocent kids.

Sexual Harassment by Shabak Interrogators and Minor's Suicide Attempt Revealed in Duma Case | The Jewish Press - | David Israel | 12 Tammuz 5778 – 


Jewish Democrats' libels against Trump mask a dire problem in their ranks.

June 22, 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Letter to Jewish Press on RCA, OU and Agudah's Public Statement Critical of Trump's enforcing Family Border Separation of Illegal Immigrants. Please take a humanitarian stand for Jewish Minors. Fyi 13 Facts the Media 'Pros' Don't Want You to Know About 'Family Border Separation' - Geller Report.


Dear Editor of Jewish Press, amv"sh

Thank you so much for your coverage on Page 1 and Page 3 on the statements made by OU, RCA  and Agudah critical of Trump's decision to separate the kids of illegal immigrants juxtaposed to the articles about the expulsions and Demolition of Jewish homes this past week and about the 1000 Israeli Minors Protest of Eviction and Destruction of Tapuah West on Page 3!

Jewish Press Page 1

Jewish Press Page 3

It is very praiseworthy to be concerned about the welfare of kids of illegals brought into America. It shows that these Jewish and Rabbinic Organizations will make a public statement when it comes to humanitarian matters.

The time has come for these Major Jewish Organizations to also bring humanitarian attention to the Jewish Hilltop Youth who are being beat up and tortured for their political stand.  Please see the pic on the Front page of the  Jewish Press,  and the article on Page 3 of the Eviction and destruction which followed a few days later in  Tapuah  West AKA Tal Binyamin. This community was  established almost 18 years ago in memory of the terror attack and murder of Rabbi Binyamin Zev Kahane and his wife Talya Hy"d, ob"m December 2000.

The article on Page 3 mentions that excessive force was used on these kids.  It is quite horrifying! This is documented....

Statements such as the ones made for the unfortunate children of the illegal immigrants would be extremely helpful as well for the Jewish unarmed idealistic youth,  many minors who were brutally beaten. 

Here are some facts about Family Border Separation perhaps these Jewish Organizations were unaware of and perhaps misjudged the situation.

13 Facts the Media 'Pros' Don't Want You to Know About 'Family Border Separation'

On the other hand, Elisha Odess has been separated from his family, since the time he was 16, for over 2 years and a half years, tortured to confess crimes he never committed. Amiram ben Uliel as well. Yet the Court decided this past Tuesday June 19th that the trial continues in spite of no evidence other than forced confessions due to intimidation and threats to their lives and torture. Surely Israel is a beacon of freedom, humanity and compassion and this too deserves some public expression of Concern and Outrage!