Sunday, October 20, 2019

Slandering Settler Youth in the News once again. Netanyahu and Yitzhar Leaders condemn Settler Youth prematurely. Media takes note making sure to highlight 'Right Wing Extremism" and "Scandalous and Shameful conduct"


The settlement is often associated with right-wing extremism

Yitzhar demands youths leave after soldier injured
Samaria community says it "sees the conduct of the youths and the attack on IDF soldiers as scandalous and shameful."
Arutz Sheva Staff, 20/10/19

Once again, the Prime Minister and  leaders of Yesha immediately rush to condemn Settler youth smearing their name and reputation within 24 hours without really knowing what happened.

This condemnation is very suspicious. It reminds me of all the condemnations of the Political VIPs, Rabbis and leaders of the Settlement community who rushed and almost tripped over themselves in their desire to condemn the youth for the Duma arson without knowing the whole story or knowing the truth.

4 years later Amiram Ben Uliel is still in jail under harsh isolation,  estranged from family and community with no trial or conviction nor credible evidence of wrongdoing.

Looking for truth is not the goal of our enemies. Discrediting the settler enterprise by employing divide and conquer strategy is.

What causes good people to rush and bend over backwards to condemn their own youth?

If the past is any lesson, they are terrified of being slandered and marginalized, being cut off of funding, and lumped with the Settler Youth whom have been slandered and libeled and designated as "Jewish Terrorists" belonging to the late Rabbi Kahana's following.

We don't know the whole story.

 It's premature to make a statement especially when we know from  past experience that  there is good reason to judge the Settler youth on side of merit. דן לכך זכות!

Where IS the outcry from these Yitzhar leaders?

They should be crying out the following....

Why are they expelling this Settler and his family from his home and beloved land for no given reason and with no evidence of wrongdoing?

How come his civil liberties are denied him? No Habeous Corpus under military occupation in Judea and Samaria.

How come such scandalous and shameful orders are given for elite Golani IDF Soldiers, who enlisted not to throw their brothers and sisters off the precious Land, but to protect their brothers and sisters who wish to live and settle the Land!

The leaders of Yitzhar clearly are either infiltrated or being threatened or bribed and the youth as well were either infiltrated by Shabak, the Jewish Division of Terror group, and/or threatened and/or provoked.


Monday, June 11, 2018
On Duma Affair: Apologize NOW! by Ruti Itzkowitz Letter to all those who rushed to Condemn Jewish Terror before any Investigation or conviction! (including the Defense Minister, the Prime Minister, the President, MK's Rabbanim...)

J'Accuse. Will the Land continue to be Silent? by Ruti Itzkowitz with Translation. Kol Yehudi On the Slander of the Hilltop Youth

Tuesday, June 05, 2018
My comments

Saturday, October 19, 2019

On Trump betraying the Kurds. A bigger picture. Research and First Hand Reports from Andrew Bostom and Nahren Anweya Sent to Prominant and Expert Jewish and Non-denominational Organizations


Jackson Richman
Washington Correspondent JNS and Jewish Website
Michael Makovsky 
CEO and President of JINSA
Mr. Schanzer 
Senior Vice President  of Foundation of Defense of Democracies

A letter similar to this was already sent to the 
David Efune 
Editor-in-Chief Algemeiner
David Harris 
Chief Executive Officer AJC
Malcolm Hoenlein 
Executive Vice Chairman Conference of Presidents

Re: Trump's 'impulsive' decision to leave Syria undermines Israel's interests, according to experts


Actual Kurdish Muslim treatment of Jews today and in the past
First-hand accounts of the oppression and antisemitism experienced by Jewish communities under Kurdish dominion.

Neither the Kurds nor Turkey can be trusted to prosecute ISIS. When it fits their agenda they are complicit.

Can these expert and prominent Jewish and non-denominational Organizations please explain why there has been no outrage of horror and anguish at the plight of the Yezidis who were massacred, their men beheaded and their women enslaved and their children indoctrinated, groomed as ISIS jihadis since 2014 because the Kurds abandoned them. 

Can we really depend on the Kurds or the Turks to bring justice to ISIS?

Cruel ISIS  perpetrators are still at large, many with known identities, no secret, and they have yet to be brought to justice as there is no International Court of Law to defend and enforce basic laws of Universal Morality based on the 7 Noahide laws. Dangerous criminals, guilty of the worst atrocities against humanity, have yet to be prosecuted.

My question to you is why haven't any international courts of justice been established to prosecute KNOWN ISIS terrorists guilty of war crimes and atrocities?!?

What comes to mind is something similar to the Nuremberg trials for the Nazis. 

The UN has a proven track record of being complicit with the evil itself. 

They too can not be depended on to apprehend and convict the ISIS terrorists.


Kurdish predatory mass killings of Christians and Yazidis are well-characterized and went on for centuries. Grinding persecution continues to this day, as can be gleaned from detailed reports by both Assyrian and Yazidi organizations (hereherehere)
[*] Kurdish "region(s)" were ethnically cleansed of Jews by the late 19th/early 20th centuries in a series a pogroms, compounded by constant grinding persecution including enslavement of Jewish families handed over between generations of Kurds as "family property". (p. 658p. 108)


The Kurds....not so innocent...(Neither are the Turks)..See What Nahren Anweya - Assyrian Christian has to say about the Kurds...