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From Mattot Arim:

Whose Fault is it that We All Hate Settlers?
Hatred -- of any group -- does not drop out of the sky like rain. It is cultivated. Let's ask the JTA (the news agency which supplies most American Jewish newspapers) not to cultivate hate and not to falsely accuse settlers of criminal deeds.
Dear Jewish Telegraph Agency, Your website  states that the JTA strives to be "the definitive, trusted global source of ...current events". But this past year you printed a series of 3 one-sidedly negative articles against settlers which does not fit this description.
I am told that Mattot Arim www.mattotarim.organ Israeli grassroots organization, has approached you several times regarding the most distasteful "fact" presented in your series:  "[R]adical settlers ...have ...thrown acid at Israeli soldiers" I understand that Mattot Arim told you they have carefully looked into this matter with the Hebron spokesperson, the Shomron Council spokesperson, Women in Green founder Nadia Matar, Gush Katif spokesperson and others and all believe that this allegation is not factual.
I also understand that you (the JTA) have claimed that an un-named Israel Police spokesperson made this allegation to you and you merely reported it. Could you, the JTA, possibly confirm this to me by return email. This will allow the un-named spokesperson's behavior to be raised in the Israeli Knesset or cabinet by Mattot Arim. Could you also write to the Israel Police, inform them that the information they gave you has been challenged and ask them to corroborate their allegation by providing the JTA in writing some elementary details regarding their allegation (copy of the chemical analysis performed if any, who (names, dates) purportedly witnessed these events, were any soldiers purportedly injured and if so where are the medical reports, etc.).
Or, since it's Yom Kippur season -- the traditional apology season -- could you simply publish a correction and apology indicating that no facts are available to support this allegation so it is hereby retracted until further notice! I look forward to hearing from you, sincerely, Robin Ticker


Dear Jewish Print Media,

You are Jewish aren't you?... and some of you are even Orthodox and Chareidi....

Why  bring your news from treif sources even if they call themselves Jewish?  Can't you syndicate from the following Kosher sources regarding Settlements in Judea and Samaria? A Palestinian State has its ideological partner with Nazi Germany.  Settlement in Judea and Samaria has its ideological roots in the Torah.  Why isn't your news waking up the Jewish People that the Land of Israel is our entitlement based on our Jewish Heritage?  Front Page Coverage of Women in Green and Matot Arim will tell the authentic Jewish news. Netanyahus handshake with Abbas is newsworthy but so is the fact that he is willing to negotiate away Land that does not belong to him making this agreement as well as Oslo null and void based on Biblical entitlement. Freezing Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria  and removing outposts indicates weakness in our ideological religious and historical conviction and claim to our Land. (The Land belongs to G-d and He chooses to whom he will give it.  First Rashi of Breishit). Yasher Koach to 5TJewish Times for their news coverage....


Women In Green  Unbelievable!

Mattot Arim  Unbelievable!

Yosef and Melody Hartuv, Love of the Land, subscribe to their newsletter
Israel National News - Arutz7

The David S. Wyman Institute forHolocaust Studies

Act for America - Brigitte Gabriel

Palestinian Media Watch ,,
Independant Media Review Analysis _IMRA - David Bedein - link to past issues

Outpost July August 2009- (12 pages long, very worthwhile reading) (excellent online news source )

Dear fellow activist, amv"sh

Please send your own letter to the above media and let them know that you'd appreciate front page non skewed, objective media coverage that reflects the position of the settlers and Torah
cc: and

Gmar Chasima Tova! Gmar Chatima Tova!

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Newsflash! Powerful AFSI letter by Helen Freedman to DM Ehud Barak re SHDEMAI Rav Amnon Yitchok


To the New Media,

If you haven't already, please put this letter on the front page of your newspaper
.  It is well written and speaks the truth! 

Let your readers continuously be aware that there is
a very strong movement worldwide against American Foreign policy
and the freezing of building and construction in Judea and Samaria.  The freeze is effectively in place now for several months due to failure of the Netanyahu administration (Barak and company)  to issue permits.  From many News Print headlines (and you know who you are),many readers have come to wrong conclusion that negotiating away parts of Eretz Yisroel be it an outpost or a full community is inevitable, a done deal something we are too weak to protest given the massive international pressure and therefore must come to terms with as painful as it may be.  We are being brainwashed by front page articles and sometimes back page articles in news media that majority of Jews in the USA and around the world  is  comfortable or must be satisfied with "gestures of normalization" from the Arab world in return for giving away portions of our Land ("confidence building measures").  The implication being that we must maintain the good graces of America and the Nations of the world and seek their approval. .  Your readers will gain chizuk from  Rav Amnon Yitzchok that speaks from the Torah and of having faith in the Almighty Hashem and from Helen Freedman and the Women in Green to protest unjust, anti Torah, militarily irresponsible and suicidal policies

Contact the Shofar Organization,  and get some transcripts of Rav Amnon Yitchok's latest speeches that reach hundreds of thousands of caring Jews and blasts the policies to remove Jews from the Land of Israel and the secular character of the State of Israel that is coercive in their secularism.  He is entertaining, convincing and charismatic and speaks with clarity. He has a tremendous following among secular Israelis who are becoming Baalei Teshuva in spite of serious efforts on the left to stifle his voice. .

To the Leaders and Rabbanim of major religious Jewish Organizations in America please also take your cue from Rav Amnon Yitchok that is Mekarev hundreds of thousands of chilonim with words of Torah and Emunah and from Helen Freedman, a courageous women with a powerful voice who is not afraid to speak the truth, for Torah, for Eretz Yisroel and Am Yisroel about Jewish entitlement and about the Palestinians lies and untruths about "occupation" and against any agreement or compromise that involves a settlement freeze and/or the formation of a Palestinian State Chas Vechalila!

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From: eli7 <>
Date: 2009/9/9
Subject: NEWSFLASH! AFSI letter to DM Ehud Barak re SHDEMA ASFI מכתב בנושא שדמה ממנכ"לית תנועת
To: eli7 <>

From: Nadia Matar []
Subject: CORRECTED-AFSI letter to DM Barak re SHDEMA-AFSI


להלן מכתב חזק בנושא שדמה שהלן פרידמן, מנכ"לית תנועת AFSI ,כתבה אתמול לשר הבטחון עם העתק לראש הממשלה ולשרים,

לאחר שהשתתפה לאחרונה בפעילות בשדמה וראתה במו עיניה את המצב ההזוי בו ליהודים מונעים מלשהות בשדמה יותר מכמה שעות ולערבים נותנים לבנות בנייה בלתי חוקית מאסיבית על שטחי C בשליטה ישראלית למרות צווי ההריסה וצווי איסור שימוש המבנים.



Daar friends,


below please find Helen Freedman's powerful letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Helen Freedman, AFSI's executive director, recently spent a morning with us in Shdema and saw with her own eyes the ludicrous situation in which Jews are prevented from showing a  constant Jewish presence at the site while Arabs

continue to build illegally on Shdema's territory depite the destruction orders.



The committee for a Jewish Shdema and Women in Green




1751 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10128

Tel: 212-828-2424; Fax: 212-828-1717

E-mail Website;  

Contact: Helen Freedman, Executive Director

September 8, 2009


To: Minister of Defense,

Mr. Ehud Barak

Re: Shdema


Dear Mr. Barak


I'm writing to you in the name of the thousands of members of Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI) in the United States who are concerned about the illegal Arab land grab taking place everywhere in Israel, and in particular in the abandoned army base of Shdema.


I was recently in Israel, viewed the situation in Shdema firsthand, and took part in one of the weekly cultural events put on by The Committee for a Jewish Shdema.  I have followed the Committee's evolution from a small group of activists, to an established organization with ambitious plans for the area and strong support by the public, local authorities, and governmental figures and MPs.


I believe the Committee's goals of keeping Shdema in Jewish hands is an imperative for both practical and principled reasons.  As a practical matter, Shdema overlooks the highway connecting Jerusalem with Eastern Gush Etzion and southwards.  Controlling Shdema is therefore vital to the safety and security of Israel's Jewish citizens that reside and travel in those areas.  As a matter of principle, for Israel to abandon sovereignty over its territory de facto and out of inaction will lead to chaos, violence, and a tsunami of Arab lawlessness, as we are already seeing everywhere in Israel, in the Galilee and the Negev as well as Gush Etzion.


The illegal Arab building in Shdema is a striking example of brazenness that was actually funded by the American (USAID) and European governments.  AFSI has every intention of raising a furor over U.S. governmental funds going to fund illegal, politically motivated construction in the Israeli territory of Area C.  The Internet sites of some of the international organizations active in Shdema are full of hatred for Israel and lies and incitement against her.


The Arabs have plenty of land under their own jurisdiction on which to build whatever they'd like.  We at AFSI hope that as defense minister you will defend Israel's vital interests and ensure that Shdema remains Jewish. 



Helen Freedman

Executive Director, AFSI



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Women In Green: Judea and Samaria or State of Terror - Yoram Ettinger front page news article


Dear Journalists and Rabbanim,

Let us choose Life - Jewish Judea and Samaria rather than Fatah Terror State!  This terror State aligns itself with Nazi ideology and those that were Partners with Hitler Yemach Shemo. Let this reality be in the consciousness of your readers  and congregations that a 2 State Solution is actually the empowerment of evil of the likes of Nazi Germany as Israel's neighbors. Why is our tax money $900,000,000 going to them?  Where will the $20 billion dollars from an arms deal with Saudi Arabia go?

To all Journalists and  Rabbanim, Why not go on this chizuk trip and do your part to promote life rather than empower evil. Raise consciousness to your readers and members of your Kehilla of the ugly reality that the 2 State Solution really is the embodiment of evil aligned with Nazi ideology. The best way to counter and  to fight this evil is by choosing life, Jewish settlement and expansion in Judea and Samaria. Passivity on our part and activism on their part leads to our destruction chas Vechalila!  Our Hishtadlus and G-ds intervention will beezrat Hashem weaken our enemies until we can be worthy of destroying Amalek from our midst.  Shabbat Shalom!

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From: Women in Green <>
Date: Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 1:03 PM

Dear Friends,

Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 23rd, and join us on a uplifting chizuk trip to some outposts in Binyamin and Samaria who are on the national public agenda.

Following the information on our trip is an article by Yoram Ettinger, "State of Terror", explaining the dangers of the creation of a Palestinian State in Israel's Heartland.

After reading Ettinger's article one understands even more how important it is to strengthen the outposts and do all we can to build more and more Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

With love of Israel,

Nadia Matar
Women in Green




Women in Green invite you all to a special and moving morning of chizuk in the hills of Eretz Israel .

We will visit some of the outposts on the national public agenda. We will see that "outposts" are real thriving Jewish communities, defending the larger communities of Judea and Samaria who in their turn are the ones who defend Jerusalem.

Please G-d, between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, WEDNESDAY,SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2009

We will visit Bnei Adam- Mitzpe Yossef-the Ronen Farm and Haresha

With whom?
With the great and special tour guide Aryeh Klein who will fascinate us with his stories and explanations. The tour will be in Hebrew with translation into English for English speakers.

Departure by bus from Jerusalem at 9:00am, Inbal Hotel
Approximate return: 3:30pm

Fee: 30 nis (which will help to partially cover the expenses of the day)

More details about the trip will be posted soon.
As usual, we come to strengthen and come back strengthened.

Registration for the bus is a must. Please call Elisheva Ginzburgh and register now: 052-300-3689

For details: Nadia Matar 050-5500834, Yehudit Katzover 050-7161818


State of Terror
By Yoram Ettinger
August 26, 2009

Why a Palestinian state would be a threat to American, Israeli and even Arab national security.

The idea that a Palestinian state can lead to enduring peace in the Middle East has become a diplomatic obsession for American policy makers. Bringing such a state into being has become the equivalent of finding the Holy Grail. In fact, however, a Palestinian state would not only fail to bring peace and stability to the region, but would make it an even more dangerous place than it already is. And ironically, given its adamant backing for a government that would have been led by Yasser Arafat and now would be headed by Abu Mazen, U.S. support for the creation of "Palestine," which would immediately ally itself with and become a client of rivals and enemies of America such as Iran, would harm American, Israeli, and even Arab interests.

The history of the PLO's Abu Mazen ­ who is hailed by the US administration as a peaceful leader ­ tells us something important about the likely character of a Palestinian state. As a graduate of Moscow University (Ph.D. thesis: Holocaust Denial) and a beneficiary of KGB training, he managed the logistics of the Munich Massacre of eleven Israeli athletes in 1972. He was the architect of PLO ties with ruthless communist regimes until 1989 and, since 1993, a series of PLO accords with Hamas. In 1950, 1966 and 1970, he was forced to flee Egypt, Syria and Jordan, respectively, for subversive activities. During the 1970s and 1980s he participated in PLO attempts to topple the Christian regime in Beirut, which resulted in the 1976 Syrian invasion of Lebanon and a series of civil wars, causing close to 200,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of refugees. As Yasser Arafat's confidante and first deputy for over fifty years until Arafat's death, Abu Mazen is one of the engineers of contemporary Palestinian hate education, which has become a production line for terrorists. In 1990, he collaborated with Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, despite the Gulf country's unique hospitality to 400,000 PLO-affiliated Palestinians.

This history is not that of a peace maker, and the PLO's track record of inter-Arab treachery, non-compliance, corruption, repression and terrorism does not give evidence of peaceful Palestinian state of the future. Since its makeover from a terrorist organization to a semi-independent entity in 1993, the Palestinian Authority, which has been led by PLO graduates of terrorist bases in Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria and Tunisia, has become an incubator for terrorist tactics, which have been exported to Iraq, Afghanistan, England, Spain and other countries.

The 1968-70 and 1970-1982 PLO autonomy in Jordan and in Lebanon respectively provided training and inspiration for scores of international terror organizations; introduced the first wave of commercial aircraft hijackings; and facilitated the murder of 300 US Marines in the 1983 attack on the US Embassy and Marine Headquarters in Beirut. The year 1993 ­ when the PLO catapulted to prominence ­ marked a wave of anti-US Islamic terrorism, starting with the first bombing of the World Trace Center in 1993 and ending with the September 11 attacks.

The proposed Palestinian State would inflict destruction upon America's Arab allies and would enhance the fortunes of its rivals and enemies. Other states in the region know this. During the October 1994 signing of the Israel-Jordan peace treaty, top commanders of the Jordanian military urged their Israeli counterparts to stop short of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River, "lest it destroy the [pro-US] Hashemite regime east of the River." Home to the largest Palestinian community in the world, Jordan is considered by the PLO to be Palestinian land. Why would the US support the Hashemite regime on one hand, but doom it to oblivion, by promoting a Palestinian State, on the other?

Even more worrisome are the ties between the PLO and Iran. The PLO was one of the earliest allies of the Ayatollah Khomeini when he toppled the Shah of Iran in 1979. After his 2005 election to the chairmanship of the Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen's first visits were to Teheran and Damascus. A Palestinian state would extend Iran's long terrorist arm, facilitating subversive operations against pro-Western Arab regimes. It would also enable Iran to enhance its intelligence and military operations in the region, including port facilities in Gaza.

A Palestinian State would be a tailwind to insurgent terrorists in Iraq. With its long record of connections to Soviet intelligence, it would provide Russia and possibly China and North Korea with a foothold in the eastern flank of the Mediterranean at the expense of vital US interests. The increasingly Islamist and anti-US direction of Abu Mazen's educational and media efforts indicates that a Palestinian state would export terrorism to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.

The long and determined effort by American administrations to soften the Palestinian Authority's harsh features cannot change the fact that a Palestinian State would add fuel to the fire of terrorism in the region. In tying its fortunes to the creation of such a state, the United States may be signing a suicide note for its Middle East policy.

Ambassador Yoram Ettinger served as Minister for Congressional Affairs at Israel's Embassy in Washington and Director of Israel's Government Press Office, in addition to other posts. He speaks frequently on U.S. college campuses about the conflict in the Middle East.

Women For Israel's Tomorrow  (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel
Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380

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Teshuva Elul! STOP Nothing is as important ! WATCH THIS FILM! CHOMESH 1 Hour and 4 minutes


It is Elul.  Time for Teshuva and self reflection.  How can we allow history to repeat itself?  Please forward! Show and send to your family and friends! 

"HITNA'ARI" – Menora Chazani's Film about Jews' Expulsion from Chomesh is Presented Free of charge
Till SUNDAY, September 6 / 17 Ellul , at
(Book the high resolution film with (From Dr.
PS. To support Chomesh First!:

'Jews who sell to Arabs are enemies' Halachic Decision "The New Sanhedrin" at meeting participated by Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, Menachem Porush


Dear List,  In response to the talkbacks in jpost to this article:

Jews who sell to Arabs are enemies'

Clearly these Rabbis are not racist and the  Torah is not racist  as some of the talkbacks suggest.  Because Jews as well are not allowed to sell a parcel of Land in Israel forever to each other because of the commandments Shemittah and Yovel.  These commandments clearly demonstrate, the Land belongs to the Creator of the World and by Jewish Law, Jews are not permitted  to do as he wishes with this Land!  Ownership of the Land comes with Biblical obligations. Will these Arabs who buy from the Jews keep the laws of Shemittah and Yovel as the Jews are required? Will they take a Sabbatical year every seven years?  How will the Holy Land retain it's quality of holiness if the commandments are not being adhered?  This isn't racism.  Levites have no inheritance rights either and they are accepting of their role. What about Jewish women?The Ger Toshav, alien resident, is provided for but they must accept Jewish Sovereignty and the Laws of the Land. As some of the talkbacks noted, Torah is not the same as Democracy and Democracy is not the Torah. But Torah is the source of many democratic principles as well as a model from where the modern day republic took it's political philosopy.

Jews who sell to Arabs are enemies'

A Jew who sells his land to Arabs should not be allowed to lead prayers in synagogue, should not be given the right to make a blessing during the Torah reading, should not be counted among the quorum needed for public prayers and is considered an abettor to the enemies of Israel, according to a halachic decision issued on Monday night by a group of rabbis calling themselves "The New Sanhedrin."

Professor Hillel Weiss.

Professor Hillel Weiss.
Photo: Bar Ilan-University

Prof. Hillel Weiss, a spokesman for the Sanhedrin, said that while the seller of land to Arabs is helping the Jewish people's enemies, this does not mean that he or she is guilty of a sin that entails the death penalty.

Rabbis who participated in a meeting that took place in the capital's Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood on Monday evening included Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Rabbi Ya'acov Yosef, son of Shas mentor Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, and former United Torah Judaism MK Rabbi Menachem Porush, 93.....

Also please read

Parshat Behar

"And the Land Will Not Be Sold Forever"

Rav Yisrael Shachor, Former Rosh Kollel, Chicago Kollel, 2003

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Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Anthony Wiener Flatbush USA Policy Towards Israel


Tonight, Congressman Anthony Weiner held a Town Hall Meeting in Flatbush Ave N Jewish Center about USA Policy Towards Israel. Other meetings in the area are scheduled.  It was not a full audience by any estimation.  The auditorium was filled with less then half.  I doubt it was widely publicized or announced in the shuls.  We got a personal letter from the Weiner office since my husband had written letters in the past on this topic. I didn't hear Agudah, YI, OU publicize this important meeting regarding America's foreign policy that is infringing on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews in Jerusalem Judea and Samaria.  I do believe that Young Israel did have a representative there.  I can not understand this passivity given the knowledge that the citizens of Yesha have had their checkpoints removed putting the lives of 350,000 residents in danger and that no new housing permits have been approved over the last few months in Yesha.  Netanyahu's gov'ts policies are seriously infringing on the quality of life for 350,000 Jews and the Jews in Flatbush or Boro Park are not being directed by their leadership to SPEAK OUT!   The other day Rebbetzin Bracha  Lieberman the mother of Hillel Lieberman HY"D who murdered at Kever Yosef called me up and happen to mention that checkpoints were removed and that in the past her daughter in law had 2 flats on the road.  G-d forbid should this happen now without any army protection.  Aside from the natural birth growth freeze, would most mothers take the chance on traveling under such hostile and dangerous roads?  Giving freedom of movement to Palestinians by taking away checkpoints means providing freedom of movement for terrorists and loss of freedom of movements to Jewish mothers and widows and orphans of terror victims. For this Netanyahu was praised by President OBama!

Why aren't the Rabbonim speaking up?  Unfortunately, the Silence of American Jewry occurred in 1943 as millions of Jews were exterminated and Peter Bergson tried to raise awareness to bomb the train tracks to Auschwitz.  He was successful to bring 400 Rabbis to Washington for 1 march.  Why did they give up so easily when they were ignored by Roosevelt?  We should have raised the roof with massive demonstrations for the lives of fellow Jews!  What good is all our speeches on Ahavas Yisroel and Machsom Peh? When we say we want something we must act in a way that shows that we mean it.  Anyone can say that they want security for Israel and its people but if actions don't prove it and we don't back up our words in action, then such words are merely lip service and meaningless.

Congressman Weiner spoke first.  His  main point was that the Obama Administration should address Palestinian Terrorism rather than pressure Israel. He suggested that rather than give $900,000,000 to the PA unconditionally, we give it incrementally, $100,000,000 at a time and see if they reciprocate  In addition, he and Nadler introduced legislation to stop the Bush Administration proposed 20 Billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia.  "They are paying the bills for the suicide bombers" Mr. Weiner said in a 2007 article in the NY Sun.  He said at the Town Meeting that the Saudi's can not be trusted with the money.

 He also said that we must respect the decisions made by government democracies yet at the same time he noted that Hamas and Hizbollah, terrorist organizations have been elected via the democratic process.  I suppose Weiner would maintain that when it comes to a terror state one can ignore the democratic election and act in self defense and defiance against the decisions of a terror state.  Apparently, he would disagree at the suggestion that one can ignore decisions of a non terror democratic elected government even when it is making decisions against the platform  by which it was elected due to pressure by the American government. 

The government representing Israel,   made a decision against the will of the electorate to annul G--d's Covenant,  This government chose to reject the Divine will, the Holy Torah,  and chose to cave in to American pressure.

Congressman Weiner also said that he is a staunch activist for Jonathan Pollard  and is calling for his clemency by the President.  He said that Jonathan had incompetent lawyers in the past.  But he prefaced by saying that it is a known fact that Jonathan Pollard did a bad thing since he spied for Israel.  Congressman Weiner saw me shake my head when he said that it is a known fact that Pollard did a bad thing when he spied for Israel.

At the meeting there were 5 or 6 questions about USA Policy towards Israel. 

Then there was a question about healhcare reform and the audience forgot about USA Israel Policy. It was a heated discussion about Healthcare.

I was no. 2 to be called upon.     Here were my 3 points.

1) According to the Torah, the Land of Israel is not promised to the seed of Abraham completely and  Ishmael is excluded since it says that Ishael will not inherit with Isaac and the inheritance goes to Isaac only.  This contradicts what Obama said at Cairo.  The Land is not promised to the seed of Isaac completely since Eisav sold his birthright  to Jacob for a pot of Lentils.  It is exclusively promised to the seed of Jacob who is called Israel.  Therefore the people of Israel are the legitimate inheritors of Judea and Samaria and not the Palestinians according to the truth of the Torah.

2) The Palestinians have an ideology worse than Nazi Germany.  Hitler yemach shemo promoted extermination of the Jews, and succeeded with 6,000,000. His partner was the Mufti of Jerusalem, Fatahs ideological Founding Father. Fatah goes one step further than Hilter Yemach shemo and promotes martyrdom, SUICIDE, to be SHAHID, a holy martyr in order to kill Jews.  Many of the schools in the PA have names after such Martyrs, suicide bombers as reported by PMW (Palestinian Media Watch)  So why is America promoting a Palestinian State whose ideology aligns itself with Nazi Germany??

3) Didn't Jonathan Pollard share intelligence of weapons of mass destruction and how would we respond if an ally to America had intelligence regarding the World Trade Center attack and did not share that info with America?

Answer to quesion no 1) was speak to the Rabbonim and that we must honor the decisions of an elected democracy. 

Answer to question 2) He, Congressman Weiner is actively trying to stop aid to Palestinians unless they show some willingness to stop terror

3) Had no clear answer about whether AMerica kept to their end of their treaty with Israel to share intelligence.  How then can we say that he did a bad thing when we don't know the answer to this question.  If America did not keep to their treaty this put Pollard in a moral dilemma forcing him correctly to answer to a higher authority.

After several more questions the topic changed to healthcare, Weiner's baby.  Congressman Weiner was very convincing that the healthcare reform that he is promoting together is the best for America. 

Walking to his car I told Weiner that his arguments sold me on his healthcare arguments for now. However, my final comment to him before he went into his car was, if the Federal gov't takes over healthcare reform this means that much funds will be going to the Federal gov't instead of to private medical insurance companies.  To this he agreed.  Let's say that it will be half of the money going to private insurance companies.  If I know that the government now is spending Tax Payer dollars to promote a destructive Palestinian State whose agenda is the destruction of Israel, how can I trust that the federal gov't will spend this health care money morally.  Perhaps the key decision makers will provide major funds for abortion or mercy killing and other problematic causes in the name of healthcare. I am afraid to trust Obama and his Adminstration  right now even if Medicare is well run at the moment and has been over the last 40 years. To this he replied that regarding healthcare, nothing much will change for 5 years and that will be at the end of Obama's 2nd term if reelected. Then he joked that perhaps the next President after that will be himself (Weiner). 

I for one of course would welcome the change!

Robin Ticker

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: aaron kinsberg <>
Date: Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 12:42 AM
Subject: impression on Weiner's public relations spiel



Hi Robin,
My take on the Wiener Town Meeting. It's worth repeating.
He is quite bright & knows how to say the right things. He let's people hear what they want to hear. He let us know that he doesn't agree with the Pres' comment re settlement freeze b/c he doesn't know what is the game plan. He said this different ways to everyone's delight. Of course, one hears what one is set up to hear.
I have no doubt that he has worked hard for Israel and deserves recognition for that. But when push comes to shove, he's a Democrat first.
As he was leaving, I approached the Congressman. For a brief moment, I believe he let his guard down. I told the Congressman that he was downplaying the negative effect of Obama's comments re the building freeze. I pointed out to him that Israel made numerous concessions over the past 17 years and received nothing in return except a vague promise of American support. Menachem Begin, A"H, said in 1971, "There is no guarantee that can guarantee an international guarantee." And sure enough, each Israeli concession was met by further Arab demands & more US pressure and more terrorism.
The Congressman then blurted back, "All I meant was that the President's statement regarding the settlement freeze was nothing more than that. It was a statement and nothing has happened. Nothing has changed." ...
I immediately pointed out to him that Obama's statement will have the opposite effect because every unilateral concession by Israel in the past has been met with Arab intransigence. He again repeated that nothing has been lost by Obama's statement. When I again repeated that the Arabs will make more demands because they see their tactics work, he conceded, "Yes, it could have that effect." 
I wanted too ask him if he was aware of the building freeze in parts of Y-m, and in all of Yehuda & Shomron and this is having a detrimental effect on the lives of Jews. But he turned to speak to somebody else.

I wanted to ask him publicly what I had asked him after the meeting. Unfortunately I was not called on and the meeting became more passionate, not about the mid-east but Health care. It was also dominated by a handful of people who kept calling out with comments re Health care. 

Kol Tuv,
Aaron Kinsberg

In 2003, Congressmen Wiener was trying to pressure Pres Bush to recognize Y-m as Israel's capital. Ira Forman, of the National Jewish Democratic Council, commenting on the silence of the Jewish community,
"Anthony Weiner's efforts highlight the great hypocrisy of these people (the Bush Administration) and it highlights the failure of our community to criticize a president when it's appropriate."

Well Congressman Wiener, it's time to criticize this President even if he is a Democrat.