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Fwd: We Are Facing A Pivotal Point In History...from PJTN Laurie Cordoza-Moore

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Date: Thu, Mar 28, 2019, 2:55 PM
Subject: We Are Facing A Pivotal Point In History...
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In the midst of the flurry of my activities at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Anaheim, I had the opportunity to share the PJTN mission with listeners of Todd Starnes' mid-day program on Fox News Radio (click here to listen).  It was a tremendously powerful interview covering the challenges America faces—from our K-12 classrooms to the halls of Congress.  From infiltration of dis-information in our children's textbooks, to the pressing need to remove Ilhan Omar from Congress in the face of her ever-growing link to anti-Semitism and terror groups beset with plans for our destruction.  

America, we face major challenges!

Omar remains a major focus of my conversations with major media influencers and broadcasters here at NRB.  If you haven't already, please go online and sign the PJTN petition—as more than 26,000 Americans have already!  

Here are my opening comments from today's PJTN media press conference in Anaheim:  

"Today, I stand here among thousands of media professionals attending the convention of National Religious Broadcasters. They dedicate themselves tirelessly and selflessly to make known the truth of the Gospel.  To each of you, I give this challenge: Join PJTN on the frontlines of the war against anti-Semitic, anti-Judeo/Christian, anti-American and anti-Israel media arrayed against us! This conflict is more real than the battles of human history.  It is a call to a battle in which infinitely more is at stake than land or wealth.

We have as believers and Americans reached a pivotal point—a kairos moment—in our spiritual lives and in the life of our country.  This is a season marked by the convergence of ancient forces that have manifested themselves for more than 3,000 years in the history of one nation and one people.  That nation is Israel and her people, the Jews.  That only enemy, the spirit of Amalek, again seeks to destroy—once and for all—God's land and His people.  Not only is that spirit again marshalling hatreds used by empires of the past—such as Persia, Greece and Rome—adding the genocidal rage of Nazis and present day terrorists, but also is infiltrating churches with the heresy of "replacement theology," which is sowing tares of anti-Zionism among younger Christians.  The outcome of this conflict will determine the destiny of untold numbers of souls and the direction of many nations."

These words were just the beginning of an all-out call for Christian media to come to the fore in support of Israel, the Jews and the future of our two nations.  

Please know that through your ongoing support, PJTN continues to get your voice before millions of listeners and viewers!

Please consider your best donation today!  I feel your support and it energizes all PJTN accomplishes!

Major media is hearing you here in Anaheim—and I will not be silenced in carrying your message forward…

Blessings from NRB,



Proclaiming Justice to The Nations · 1858 Wilson Pike, Franklin, TN 37067, United States
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Fwd: Linda Sarsour's NYU Makeover Algemeiner


The art of the snake is deception and charm. Sarsour exemplifies the snake. Don't be lured and then entrapped. Her words has its root in Taqiya with Islam's blessings to deceive the enemy. Too bad for her, past history has already exposed her true colors.

Too many Democratic Socialist politicians are getting flack for associating with LInda Sarsour who in the past showed her anti-Semitic agenda. She has no choice now but to try to disguise her true agenda and redo her image.  She openly "fights" racism with calls of  "unity", even hiding behind an over 90 Holocaust Survivor "friend" who naively believes her while Sarsour actually supports the Intifada Intifada cry and Apartheid Week on Campus of Students for Justice of Palestine. 

There are limits for when unity is not in order! 

It is quite obvious that uniting with a snake or with a wolf masquerading in sheep's clothing is not such a great idea.

It's all connected to the Muslim Brotherhood plan for  Civilization Jihad, using Taqiya tactics.

Yes Sarsour needs a makeover but not one that disguises her true agenda.  

My blessings to all anti-Semites are that their true agenda is exposed for what they really are. 

An enemy that reveals his/her true colors is less dangerous than the one that doesn't.

Linda Sarsour's NYU Makeover

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

AIPAC Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Mike Huckabee Righteous Gentiles The Watchmen and Protectors of Israel - AIPAC 2019


Many of the inner circle of President Trump are Chasidei Umot HaOlam, Righteous Gentiles. They each have a long personal history that testify to their Love of Israel and the Jewish people.

Their words speak for themselves.  They believe that those who Bless Israel will be Blessed.

Mike Pompeo spoke at AIPAC. His passion is real and unrehearsed. He just returned from a trip to Israel.

Mike Huckabee as well just returned from Israel. This was his monologue on his cable TV program.

Mike Pence - The United States and Israel are Family at AIPAC 2019

Is it coincidence that they  all share the same First Name, Mike.

Mike is short for Michael. מיכאיל

The Angel on the Right...
מימיני מיכאל

The Name Translates to:

Who  is Like G-d?

Fwd: Jonathan Tobin: What to Make of a Historic pro-Israel Presidency

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Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2019, 8:54 PM
Subject: What to Make of a Historic pro-Israel Presidency
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What to Make of a Historic Pro-Israel Presidency

By Jonathan Tobin, editor-in-chief, JNS
Pompeo thinks Trump may have been chosen to help save the Jews. But even if you leave religion out of it, there's no denying that this is the most pro-Israel administration yet....(March 26, 2019 / JNS)
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said something last week timed to the Jewish holiday Purim.... When asked by an interviewer by the Christian Broadcasting Network if U.S. President Donald Trump had been "raised for such a time as this, just like Queen Esther to help save the Jewish people from the Iranian menace?"
Pompeo's response went directly to the point,,, he is confident that the Lord is at work here," when he surveyed "the work our administration has done to make sure this democracy in the Middle East, that this Jewish state, remains."....
But the more important question to be asked is how Jews—the vast majority of whom, purport to care about Israel and its safety—can dismiss Trump's record on this issue as being of either negligible importance or assert that his policies are actually bad for the Jewish state?
After this week's signing by Trump of a proclamation recognizing Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights, the debate about his attitude towards Israel should be over. The timing of the declaration was almost certainly aimed at aiding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election campaign. But the recognition of Israel's hold on the Golan sent a stronger message to Iran, whose forces and Hezbollah auxiliaries are occupying Syrian territory, than it did to Israel's voters. It at least partially offset Trump's ill-advised desire to pull U.S. troops out of eastern Syria and reinforced the administration's tough stance against the Islamist republic.
Moreover, when placed in the context of Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, his unwillingness to accept—as did previous presidents—the Palestinian Authority's intransigence and financial support for terrorism, and his pulling out of the disastrous 2015 nuclear deal with Iran brokered by his predecessor, there's no longer any room to deny the depth of the support of this administration for the Jewish state.
This isn't to argue that this one aspect of his administration must cancel out any other consideration when thinking about 2020. But it does mean that an honest discussion about Trump's policy when it comes to Israel requires us to discard our partisan lens and understand that whatever his true motivation or how he arrived at his conclusions, what he has done has greatly strengthened Israel's strategic position.
Some have argued that Trump's "America First" beliefs will undermine America's position in the world and ultimately weaken Israel. But while that was a reasonable argument to make in 2016, before we knew how he would govern, it no longer makes sense in light of Trump's strong stance on Iran or his desire to persuade NATO allies to strengthen their defenses. Indeed, with France and Germany—whose leaders are supposedly the epitome of true Western values—bent on appeasing Iran, that argument now falls flat.
Nor has his inconsistent policy towards Russia—a combination of weak talk and strong policies that are much tougher than those of our European allies—endangered Israel, given that it was Barack Obama who punted Syria to Moscow, not Trump.
Trump has done more than merely reverse Obama's goal of creating more "daylight" between the United States and Israel. He has promoted policies that have discarded decades of foolish conventional wisdom about the Middle East and replaced it with stances on the conflict that are rooted in realpolitik and recognition of Israel's rights and security needs.
That doesn't mean Trump is perfect and, as whoever wins the April elections in Israel may find out, his peace plan may cause more harm than good. But it's past time that his critics acknowledge that what he's done with respect to Israel places him above any other American president with respect to friendship for the Jewish state, including Harry Truman (whom many Jewish admirers also spoke of in religious terms), Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush.
That doesn't make Trump Queen Esther. But whether or not you intend to vote for him next year, it is past time to stop pretending that this administration's policies towards Israel can be depicted as anything but a historic breakthrough that should be properly noted and applauded.
Jonathan S. Tobin is editor in chief of JNS—Jewish News Syndicate.
©2019 Jews Choose Trump | 62 William St, New York, NY 10005
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Fwd: Rep. Ilhan Omar & the Somali Pirates - Muslim Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar (D-MINN) who, since being sworn in, this past January, on a Koran,

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Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2019, 12:09 PM
Subject: Rep. Ilhan Omar & the Somali Pirates - Muslim Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar (D-MINN) who, since being sworn in, this past January, on a Koran,

Rep Ilhan Omar & the Land of the Pirates




Ilhan Omar Arrested in 2013 For Trespassing, Booked At Hennepin County Jail. Photo Credit:

Muslim Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar (D-MINN) who, since being sworn in, this past January, on a Koran, and regularly tweets out messages of Jew hating to the world is still sitting, queen-like high on both the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Education and Labor Committee. Rather plum assignments for a freshman and particularly for a young woman refugee from primitive Somalia, whose apparent goal it appears is to replicate the hell-on-earth conditions of her homeland, on our own shores. And sadly, she's damned good at it. Right after this past week's horrific slaughter at two mosques in New Zealand, Ms. Omar said prayers for the dead and called out "White supremacists" and their hate as being responsible for the atmosphere leading up to it.


Last February 28th, a radical Muslim group had blown up the Makkah Hotel in Omar's hometown of Mogadishu, killing over 30 and wounding 90. Suicide bombings in her native land of Somalia, in which innocent civilians are blown to bits are just too frequent to make headlines any more since they occur every day in the Muslim controlled world.

However, she was remarkably silent just this last February 28th at the news that a radical Muslim group had blown up the Makkah Hotel in her hometown of Mogadishu, Somalia, killing over 30 and wounding 90. Suicide bombings in her native land of Somalia, in which innocent civilians are blown to bits are just too frequent to make headlines any more since they occur every day in the Muslim controlled world. Not enough for Omar to tale take time out to comment on or pray for those victims.


This is the land from which Congresswoman Omar emigrated. Hate originating from the Koran has ripped apart her home nation. Yet she cannot raise her voice to decry the killings called for and carried out throughout the Muslim world by, you guessed it, Muslims. This is the mindset of this woman who calls the democratic state of Israel, "a terrorist nation." And where is she in demanding of her brothers and sisters still left in Somalia, to cease and desist from their terror on the high seas?


Operation Black Hawk Down in Somalia. Photo Credit: YouTube

According to the organization devoted to oceanic safety, Oceans Beyond Piracy, over the last 10 years, Somali pirates have reaped over $30 billion in materials and ransom, captured and held hostage hundreds of sailors and travelers and made the high seas around the eastern coast of Africa a hell hole for shipping. Primitive, savage piracy reigns in this area of our modern world. And do you recall the savagery of the movie, Blackhawk Down that replicated the attacks by murderous, Muslim Somalis on our own U.S. troops who risked their lives to make that nation's citizens safer from Islamic terror? All for naught.


According to the organization devoted to oceanic safety, Oceans Beyond Piracy, over the last 10 years, Somali pirates have reaped over $30 billion in materials and ransom, captured and held hostage hundreds of sailors and travelers and made the high seas around the eastern coast of Africa a hell hole for shipping


Ms. Omar came to our shores as a refugee from a nation filled with hate spawned by her coreligionists. Apparently she carried these sentiments over in her baggage to unleash on us. If she hates Jews, Christians and whites as much as she indicates in her tweets and words to her fawning television hosts, let her stuff her venom into some plastic bags, haul herself off to the airport and wave farewell to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Somalia and Ms. Omar are well suited for each other.

Ten legit public policy questions
to ask Ilhan Omar
American Thinker, by Majid Mohammadi    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/19/2019 6:35:49 AM     Post Reply
Every American citizen has the right to ask public policy questions from his lawmakers in the public sphere. Lawmakers also have the right to answer or refuse. Ms. Ilhan Omar is not an exception because she is a Muslim. Our Congress is not a safe zone for Muslims or any other group. Here are my ten questions: 1. Why don´t you defend the rights of Muslim women in Somalia and other Muslim-majority countries? 2. Why don´t you talk about the violation of women´s rights by enforcing sharia in some Muslim nations?

Ilhan Omar Doesn't Represent American
Muslims, She Represents Islamists
The Federalist, by Shireen Qudosi    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 3/19/2019 4:46:02 AM     Post Reply
When the newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar kicked off her acceptance speech with "As-Salaam-Alaikum," I felt a space of belonging. There was a feeling that American Muslims had arrived—but what arrived with them, and which version of Islam was going to be represented through her and fellow Muslim freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib? As-Salaam-Alaikum means "peace be with you," but how Omar has carried herself in the weeks that followed has been anything put peaceful. Here's a qu

Watch "Remarks at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC" on YouTube. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Brooklyn College Students Call for 'Intifada' in Christchurch Attack Vigil | Jewish & Israel News

Fwd: Will Christian Media Come To The Frontlines Of The Propaganda War? Comments


Kol haKavod to Laurie Cordoza Moore for being one of the leading Protectors, one of the leading Watchpeople of Israel! May Hashem protect her and PJTN  to protect Israel in kind!

As the Lubavitcher Rebbe would say Bracha veHatzlacha! Blessings and Success!

May the Nation of Israel and Righteous Gentiles  find the strength to break away from the husk, the Klipa, of Amalek, which prevents us from exposing and fighting the Amalekites who are out for the destruction of Israel and the destruction of Western Civilization.

Calling for biPartisanship as did Benny Gantz at AIPAC in a time when the Leadership of the Democratic party empowers Hamas and CAIR, a front for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood is an example of being entrapped with the husk of Amalek. 

Accepting funding for worthy and not so worthy social programs for Jewish Causes from questionable Democratic discretionary funding translates into entrapment into the clutches of the Klipa of Amalek. We become dependent on this blood money which disarms us from fighting their nefarious agenda.

Deafening Silence in our circles, both Jewish and non Jewish,  against the antiSemitic, anti American  elected officials of the "Justice" Democrats, specifically Ilhan Omar, AOC and Rashida Tlaib,  is the Deafening Silence Laurie is referring to.

Unity is necessary as Benny Gantz suggests. However, unity with those who unite with Israel's enemies is where we must draw the line! It simply allows the cuckoo bird into our nest who then becomes the vulture who proceeds to take over our nest.

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From: Laurie Cardoza-Moore - Proclaiming Justice to The Nations <>
Date: Tue, Mar 26, 2019, 9:05 AM
Subject: Will Christian Media Come To The Frontlines Of The Propaganda War?
To: Robin Ticker <>

Share This Message With Your Friends and Family -  


As I write this, the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) annual conference in California is just getting underway with an estimated 6,000 plus media professionals from around the world set to convene in Anaheim, California.

On Wednesday of this week, PJTN is set to stage a major press conference at NRB to challenge Christian media with one loud call to join PJTN on the front lines of the anti-Semitic, anti-Judeo/Christian, anti-American and anti-Israel media war!!!  

With the recent silencing of one of our colleagues, Judge Jeanine Pirro who had the courage to question Ilhan Omar's loyalty to our Constitution, after Omar questioned the loyalty of Jewish Americans. We are facing the silencing of speech that is unprecedented in our lifetime.  In the midst of fake news; left leaning news; disinformation and propaganda, there is one glaring truth: Silence in Christian media on topics that matter is deafening. 

I am announcing at NRB this Wednesday that PJTN is vowing to double down on our efforts to remove Ilhan Omar from Congress and to call on Christians to stand against the anti-Semitism being normalized by Omar's remarks.  Did you know she spoke at a fund-raising event for CAIR (a terrorist front group of the Muslim Brotherhood) this weekend and openly made humor of her anti-Semitic views?  Fortunately, hundreds of Patriots and PJTN Watchmen showed up to protest, stating their disapproval of Omar outside the event.

Tens of thousands continue to sign our petition.  If you haven't already—please go online and add your voice of support now at

Hours after Omar's speech, Hamas - the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood - fired a missile at a family home in central Israel, injuring seven Israeli civilians.  Al-Qaeda and ISIS are calling for attacks on Americans.  Are they threatening us with another 9/11?  We need to remind the terrorists, we are Americans, and if you attack us, we will bring the full forces of our army on you!  In the midst of all of this, where is the media to connect the dots between Washington and Gaza?

The voice of PJTN will tell you what media has failed to say: Ilhan Omar is an integral part of the Hamas arsenal.  In Gaza, they use missiles, in Congress they use Ilhan.  The objective remains the same, the utter destruction of Israel and America.  We the people cannot stand by as she goes unchallenged, raising money for organizations that seek our demise while professing to represent the constitution.  Is this treason?

I am proclaiming at NRB that all American patriots and media professionals must sign our petition and rally behind the cause of justice and freedom.  As Israel is under attack from Gaza, America is under attack from within our own Congress by the same subversive ideology that seeks to replace everything that we hold sacred.  What began with anti-Semitic tropes has become a thinly veiled attack on Judeo-Christian civilization.

I cannot face this "giant" without your continued support!  

Your financial donation this week undergirds all we do – including our strong voice this week in bringing PJTN's urgent messaging to major media. 

We can only turn the tide back to Judeo-Christian values in truth in media with your financial support.

Your prayers help give me the strength to do all we do…




Proclaiming Justice to The Nations · 1858 Wilson Pike, Franklin, TN 37067, United States
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Monday, March 25, 2019

Gantz speech at Aipac



Starts off good. Israel will prevail against its enemies...Gantz is devoted to the Jewish people. Thanks Board of Directors of Aipac. 

What we are fighting for?

We have the best army, best airforce, the bravist fighters...

 Kochi veOtzem Yadi? My strength and my power? Where is the Almighty in the equation?

"For hope, we need unity.

For security, we need unity.

Unity is our past and future."

Sounds good. But Unity with Whom????

Securing Anwar Sadat on his visit to Israel was his first assignment.

Signing the  Camp David Accords showed great leadership?

Ensured Israels safety? Sadat, Begin and Carter did a great service to Israel??? Tell that to the troops and residents by the Gazan border and Southern and Central Israel now under constant attack!

Rules of engagement and 10 Commandments is Israel's Moral code? So long as it is according to Gantz's own interpretation of the Ten Commandments. He doesn't seem to give much credibility as per the Traditional interpretation of the Ten Commandments.

He promotes a high standard of moral codes while rejecting the Traditional interpretation of Torah. 

Was stationed in the Sudan desert. Jews of Ethiopia.  Brought them back home.   That's good.

Ethiopian girl. Candidate of Blue and white party. Ok.

Every Jew must be safe. We are our brothers keeper. Mentions Pittsburgh massacre.  Good.

We will not tolerate racism and antiSemitism. Sounds good. 

Until Gantz becomes divisive and suggests Kahane who was elected to the Knesset by the people is a radical racist.

Actually Kahane was banned by racist members of Knesset. They were afraid of his popularity.  Gantz seems to suggest that it is a given that Kahane was racist and that if you supported Kahane you must be a divisive racist. Sounds like a true Democrat. If you support Trump you are Islamaphobic, racist individual against Blacks and minorities. 

Nadav his son was an IDF soldier. He was so proud of his Paratrooper son.

We are as well. Loud applause!

His mother was a Holocaust survivor. 

Strength and moral power coming together. Fine. A strong IDF is a proper response to the Holocaust. Great!

High Moral standard. Never Again to Iranian Regime. Sounds good.

He will use force if and when needed. Sounds good but in action he endangers the lives of Chayalim for his higher moral standard of protecting Arab Civilians on the Gaza front who are not there for peaceful purposes.

Says that Hezbollah, Al Qaida Hamas, ISIS...will get personal reminder as will all the terrorist...

But those kite, balloon arsonists throwing all kinds of explosives at the Chayalim and  Jewish residents in the South, starting fires and destroying vegetation are dealt with kids gloves.

Sounds tough though in his speech..

Israel will keep security advantage. Sounds good. Not sure how the families in southern Israel feel this security advantage is to their advantage but it sounds good at the Aipac speech and gets lots of applause from an audience that is clueless of the facts on the ground.

We will strive for peace with any honest Arab leader.

 Doesn't he know about Taqiya? How trusting will he be if he admires the peace agreement between Sadat, Begin and Carter that gave away Sinai so that today Southern Israel is under constant attack by Hamas at the Gazan border. I get it. As a General it kept him employed and keeps the IDF employed. Real peace would have put him out of a job. 

Jerusalem will be a  United Eternal Capital of Israel.  Sounds good. Wonder what his views are of Temple Mount and East Jerusalem. 

Jordan valley is Israel's eastern border. Great! He isn't interested in Jordan taking over the valley. 

No mention of lack of security  on the Gazan border

No mention of Judea and Samaria...

Is Gantz aware that Judea and Samaria is the high ground overlooking Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport and is overlooking very heavily populated low ground?

Not only the Golan Heights is  situated on high ground...

Israel's security is in the hands of IDF.
We fight for ourselves he says.  Sounds good but again, he forgets to give credit to the Almighty.

Without the Almighty's help, we are goners.

We won't withdraw from Golan. Sounds good.


Unity is secret weapon
Excellent...but unity with Whom though?

Reform, Conservative Orthodox United. Enough space for all at the Western Wall.

Not into divisive dialog????

His dialogue is extremely divisive if you are traditionally Jewishly observant.

How many Reform and Conservatives actually  pray regularly by the Western Wall?  Gantz is a good sharer and shares the space with fellow Jews  who don't come to pray, taking precious space from Jews who do.  Very genourous of him. 

He never checked for Kippa on his soldiers... well why not ..maybe Fear of G-d will help fight our wars. Works overtime to accommodate Reform, Conservative and Orthodox. 

Perhaps he should take a census of how many Israelis are Reform and Conservative before he forces their higher moral standard on the entire population.

Against radicals, no Kahanists?
No racists? No corruption?

What is his definition of a radical or a racist?

Are radicals the Hilltop youth who were framed as Jewish Terrorists with no evidence?  Their Duma charges sounds very similar to the witch-hunt  Mueller investigation against Trump.

No Corruption? Check out the Israel Supreme Court who are self appointed and self serving leftist progressive  judges  biased against Jewish Settlement. Is he against the baGatz or will he call them the rule of Law?

Out for the best interest of Israel? 

I have my suspicions. He is looking out for the ruling minority elite of which he wants to be a leader.

He thanks President Trump for Embassy move to Jerusalem  and for USAs recognition of  Israels Sovereignty on Golan Heights. Agreed!

Calls for bi partisanship?  Last I checked the  Democrats are anti Israel!!!

Reality check! Pelosi and Schumer are not Israel's friends at the moment. They have empowered junior members of Congress, leftist progressives Democratic Socialists who would love his rhetoric about unity.  The only problem is that they  wish to empower the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Does he really want to embrace the cuckoo and invite him to Israel's nest?  Soon he will have a vulture that has taken over the nest.

Is Gantz living in his own imaginary reality of unity and security?