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הפסיקו להתעלל בבני - ערוץ 7 Stop Abusing My Son Arutz 7


Another victim of the Jewish Terrorist Designation of Shabak.  Please forward and post link.


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Stop abusing my son
The mother of Yinon Reuveni, who was convicted of setting fire to a church in the north, tells about the difficult conditions in which he is being held and causes damage to the entire family.

Yinon and his family on the wedding day inside the prison
Yinon and his family on the wedding day inside the prisonPhoto: IPS

I want to believe that the harassment of my son and his young daughter-in-law is not deliberate. He wants to believe, but does not succeed.

Every parent faces difficulties, each parent knows what is "grief and raising boys". Difficulties are fine, part of life. The problem begins when someone tries to make it harder and harder to push into the corner.

My husband and I grew up in the big cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. We arrived in the south, out of a sense of mission and joined the Torah core in Ofakim. Assaf came from informal education and spent years working with youth at risk. Today we are both teachers in the religious high school in the city and want to continue to work for the people of Israel in general and the children of Israel in particular.

In recent years, since they came here and arrested Yinon, most of our forces have been directed to his aid, in a desperate attempt to allow him to return to normalcy.

Yinon, my oldest son, was charged and convicted (on the basis of sparse and doubtful evidence ...) in setting fire to a church in the north. The Supreme Court sentenced him to a harsh sentence of 5.5 years in prison, while the burning of synagogues and damage to cemeteries by Arab rioters is treated with contempt by the authorities.

The injury to Yinon did not end with his being sent behind bars. To a large extent, the nightmare had just begun. The conditions under which he is subjected deviate from any norm of rights granted to every prisoner in prison, from a cruel rape to the head of a criminal organization.

During his imprisonment, Yinon managed to cross five different prisons. At first Yinon was in the regular wing of the Ella prison in Be'er Sheva. Where he attended prayers in a minyan and Torah classes, and we, who live in southern Ofakim, visited him often in prison and we spoke by telephone many times.
Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that no one really wanted to make it easier for Yinon and we had these difficult years and Yinon began to wander to remote prisons in the north and center.

All this was tolerable. At one point it was decided to define Yinon as a "member of a terrorist organization." He does not take vacations and avoids calling his family. The only contact he has with the outside world is to visit family members for 40 minutes every two weeks, and for three years he has been imprisoned in solitary confinement, except for one hour a day from his small cell, not to the dining room or to prayers Nor on Yom Kippur, he can not meet other prisoners.

The Shin Bet knows very well that Amnon is not threatening, that he has changed his mind and is waiting for the day when he will be released and rebuild his life, and recently sent a letter to the IPS administration explaining his recent change in his life and his desire to embark on a positive path. Nevertheless, GSS agents do not refrain from presenting an opinion, of course, in any discussion of Yinon's case, according to which Yinon is a dangerous terrorist and even his phone calls with his wife and his parents are liable to harm the public peace ...

As a worried mother, I could not "make do" only on sleepless nights and I set my feet on rabbis, Knesset members and ministers from all walks of life. Everyone understands the absurdity of the fact that memorization does not even get the conditions of terrorists who do 'hapless' in prison, all of them identify with the pain and all promise to help. Everyone comes back at the end with excuses from various excuses. The elected echelon, the decision-makers, succumbed to the intransigence of the GSS and the IPS. I was also in the Ministry of Public Security, responsible for the IPS, with an attentive ear and a sincere desire to help, but even there they were unable to restore normality to the system in charge.

We were forced to celebrate Yinon's wedding in a rather delusional fashion. We spent the days before the wedding in court hearings in petitions in which we asked for a bit of normality at least at the wedding. The petitions were rejected. The canopy was held in a prison with a fairly small number of family members, and the dinner and dancing continued in a nearby hall. The guests danced and danced in front of the bride when the groom was locked in a solitary cell in prison.

Thus, the circle of victims of Yinon's imprisonment has now joined Tehiya, a young girl whom Shinui knew several years ago and whose soul was associated with her soul. The connection with Tehiya is now limited to a visit once every two weeks. It will also be at the mercy of the prison authorities to decide whether the visit will take place behind a glass partition or in the regular visitors' hall.
This is how the Israel Prison Service's trampling system comes to take care of undermining any spark of normality from Yinon's life, not a family, not a minyan on Saturdays and Yom Kippur, and now not even any kind of marital relationship.

As an educator and the mother of a family that moved to the periphery to be a partner in the building and growth of all of Sderot with Israel, I try to believe that the humiliating treatment of Yinon does not stem from an impulse of vengeance.

As one who shares the path that sees every Jew as equal and partner, I would like to believe that memorization is not the victim of the perception that the young people are "enemies" of the nation. I want to believe, but reality is patting me.

My last hope is you, dear Israel. To raise a cry for the terrible injustice done to my son and your voice will be heard. That the decision makers will no longer be able to return us empty and leave us at the mercy of the prison authorities.

Yinon and Tehiya want to build their lives in peace and quiet, but someone up there apparently wants to preserve their hostility and alienation. We can not let this go on.

Disporpotional Bias. A Political Agenda Against Jewish Settlers. Sarah Sanders Blasts FBI for Its Biased Handling of Roger Stone vs. Hillary Clinton – Freedom News Report. Let's Blast Shabak. Why is Tzvi Nerya's STONE scrutinized while thousands of stones thrown by Arabs aren't?


Related: an illegal Arab village Khan al Ahmar is protected by the Govt of Israel while 2 caravans in Amona constructed in response to the murder of a fetus of a drive by terror attack is violently demolished.

If the government of Israel has intelligence on what's happening in Iran how could it be so clueless of the Agenda of the European Union in Khan al Ahmar?


מעיפים את חאן אחמר עכשיו!
לפני הבחירות חייבים לנקות שולחן!
חותמים על העצומה לפינוי חאן אל אחמר עכשיו>>>

עו"ד ערן בן ארי מסביר למה חייבים לפנות את המאחז הלא חוקי עכשיו!

Also related:

אזרחים מתעדים מחבלים מיידים אבנים ושולחים לצבא, התגובה: התעלמות. - חדשות רוטר Pictures of Arab Terrorists throwing stones at the Army and no one cares? Grafitti sprayed in Arab Village, they send in full army and police force to investigate. For Arab terrorist rock throwers? No need for Arab DNA evidence. There are real pictures to get to the root of the matter.! Jan 24-31 Boomerang report Jewish blood cheapest

Disproportional Bias

Amona Violent Confrontation with Hilltop Youth over 2 Caravans and slanted News Coverage. Will you help give it a fair and balanced narrative?

 300 Jewish SETTLER youth came in solidarity to protest the demolition of the 2 "illegal?" caravans in Amona.

These kids were attacked, violently aggressively with tear gas and stun grenades removed with no mercy, with no empathy, by a  force of heartless military and police force sent by the G.O.I. who treated them like they were the enemy for wanting to settle our Biblical Homeland.

These kids came to protest as well the disproportional treatment of their peers, minors, students  in Yeshiva Pri Haaretz.   More than half of this Yeshiva were interrogated, 5 arrested accused of the murder of an Arab woman with no credible evidence accused of  throwing stones at her car on Shabbat. Denied due process, denied the rights to speak to an attorney or their parents, aggressively interrogated, cursed at, slandered in international and local media as Jewish terrorists, and traumatized.
Is it just a coincidence that the indictment of Roger Stone appeared simultaneously with the indictment of Tzvi Nerya in the Shomron because of reported evidence that his DNA was on the STONE that supposedly hit the Arab Women on a Fri. Night when her car was supposedly hit by Jewish Terrorists as per the testimony of her Arab husband driver who testified he heard the stone throwers speak Hebrew.

First read this article about Roger Stone. We can draw parrallels.

Lindsey Graham sends fiery letter to FBI after Roger Stone arrest demands answers.  Disproportional bias?

Re: Tzvi Neria Lev's STONE indictment:

Who examined the body of the Arab woman and pronounced her dead?

Who determined it was a rock that killed her and not some other explanation

Is it possible death came from another source like a stabbing? Was the attacked car examined carefully by unbiased experts? Where was the blood found on the car coming from? Was it conclusively from the stone attack?

How credible and trustworthy is this investigation?

Who testified that it was Jews that threw the rock.

Is it possible that these Arabs who testified have an agenda and lied? 

In a Jewish Court of Law would these witnesses be permissable?

Why is this testimony credible and believed when they incriminate Jews and not taken seriously when their testimony vindicate Jews as did the testimony of initial witnesses in the Duma arson who claimed there were 2 or 4 arsonists who fled the scene and in a direction that differed than the one supposedly taken by Amiram ben Uliel?

If Shabak Jewish Division of Terror agents in the past have provoked young impressionable teens  (eg Yishai Raviv, Rikki Ayal's husband etc.) and if Shabak fabricated, produced, and manufactured Jewish terror evidence as have been reported (eg Duma suspects forced confessions, Acco staging etc.), perhaps their evidence against Tzvi Neriah is also suspect.

Is it possible that they managed to plant Tzvi Neriah fingerprint on the stone that supposedly killed the Arab woman to frame him?

Was the rock guarded?

Has Shabak agents ever been investigated by a special counsel on charges that they are biased investigators with an agenda? There appears to exist glaring evidence of bias as noted in this post and others

Is it possible to Sue Shabak for libel?

Who will investigate the investigators?

Why does Shabak produce  DNA of "Jewish Terrorists"   on rocks thrown but they didn't see reason to have ever  investigated or produced DNA of " Arab Terrorists" on rocks thrown? How many rocks have been thrown at Jews these past month alone? Surely they have ample rock samples to test!

What would happen if they went into an UNRWA school known as a hotbed of Radical Islam Education  and harshly interrogate more than half the school for rock throwing, denying them human and civil rights, denying them rights to see their parents, rights to an attorney, and produce findings of the kids DNA on rocks etc...

Hey if it's accurate then I'm all for this kind of evidence to help find the rock throwers but if it's not accurate, for shame! If it is accurate then why for heaven's sake did they suddenly take advantage of such technology against Jewish rock throwers and never saw a need to use it to find and convict deadly Arab rock throwers. This technology seemed to appear overnight!I

In fact the following report documents how a school of Arab rock throwers don't even need DNA to identify them!

For Grafitti sprayed in an Arab Village, they send in full army and police force to investigate.

For Arab terrorist rock throwers? No need for Arab DNA evidence. There are real pictures to get to the root of the matter! Jan 24-31

See Boomerang report Jewish blood cheap

Very suspicious indeed. Sounds like there is an agenda and this explains a disporportionately bias.

Terrified, these Shabak investigators just wouldn't dare treat the Arab students this way.

Leftist Media would have a field day.

Politics as usual.

Doesn't it apoear that they have an agenda to prosecute Jewish Teens till they produce a Jewish terrorist rather than find out who really threw all the rocks that have been thrown continuously endangering the roads and  lives of Travelers both Jew and Arab alike?

Hey, isn't it possible an Arab teen threw a rock that killed one of it's own. They surely have good incentives and are highly motivated from their indoctrinated Jihad Education..

Why are we quick to condemn Tzvi Neria as a credible radical Jewish Teen Terrorist that stoned this Arab car on Shabbat?

Something is very off sync.  His family and Yeshiva and the Halacha forbids someone from throwing rocks at random Arab cars. Even the late Rabbi Meir Kahana would not give a Heter, dispensation, in spite of what many might want everyone to believe.   On what grounds, pray tell, would a Torah Scholar give a Heter, for this? Is it self defense? Is it even revenge? Why target an innocent Arab with no evidence he committed a crime?

When the Torah in Parshas Devarim Perek 19 Pasuk 10 says

יוְלֹ֤א יִשָּׁפֵךְ֙ דַּ֣ם נָקִ֔י בְּקֶ֣רֶב אַרְצְךָ֔ אֲשֶׁר֙ יְהֹוָ֣ה אֱלֹהֶ֔יךָ נֹתֵ֥ן לְךָ֖ נַֽחֲלָ֑ה וְהָיָ֥ה עָלֶ֖יךָ דָּמִֽים:
10 so that innocent blood will not be shed in the midst of your land which the Lord, your God, gives you for an inheritance which would deem you guilty of [having shed this] blood.

Does the Torah differentiate between an innocent Jew or an innocent Arab who was murdered suggesting if it's an innocent Arab that is murdered it's permitted? I have yet to see any Jewish Source that suggests this is the case. 

Even if you suggest that there are some radical religious Nationalist Jewish terrorists who believe it's a Mitzva to kill innocent Arabs and that would justify them throwing stones at random Arab cars on Shabbat, wouldnt they be risking violating a D'Orayta of killing a Jew as well since they really don't know who is riding in the car?

Self defense is another matter. Bringing a terrorist and criminal to justice is a Torah obligation be it Jew or nonJew. A murderer can be pursued. If it was an accidental he can run to an Arei  Miklat, a city of refuge.

We recognize the possibility of a Jew being a murderer and yes he must be brought to justice.

in the Torah, in my limited knowledge, Individuals are not entitled according to Jewish law to take the law into his own hands other than Goel Hadam, the relative of a homicide victim. The Torah provides an opportunity for the accidental homicide killer to seek refuge. However, the crime must be investigated and if intentional, the criminal can not seek refuge. So even if you accused these Settlers of Biblical fanaticism that encourages Terrorism, these random stoning attacks of innocent people, Jew or nonJew does not the criteria.

But when the government purposefully fails to protect it's citizens and empowers the enemy to attack, surely they will have to answer to a Higher Authority.

If they assist the Palestinians in the creation of a Palestinian State and turn the other way when Palestinians are settling the land and aggressively target Jews when they are settling the Land, the Agenda is quite clear!
If Israel is serious about finding rock throwers and bringing them to justice, they must investigate all leads and all perpetrators equally to find the criminal and bring him/her to justice.

Personally, I highly doubt it's a religious Nationalist Jew that threw the stone but sure investigate. Don't condemn prematurely.

Setting up Fair Courts of Law is a foundation in both a Jewish and Non Jewish Civilized Society.

Setting up Honest And Fair Courts of Law is one of the 7 Noahide Laws!

So is 'Not to Kill".
If the investigators and Court decided who was guilty at the onset and generate false evidence, may G-d have mercy.

Jewish Division of Shabak has spies and informers that infiltrate and provoke young impressionable Settler  kids to commit price tag attacks on Arabs.

Their success rate is pretty dismal BH!

A  fair investigation of a terror attack  considers all parties as guilty initially.

Let me go do far as to  suggest that Shabak is guilty of framing Jewish teens as terrorists to justify their existence..

So if Jewish teens are suspect then so too is Shabak.

Shabak's evidence against Jewish teens is suspect and suspicious.

That is a pretty damning accusation. I admit.

Here are serious concerns as per whether the DNA evidence brought by Shabak is to be trusted.

- why haven't the countless stones thrown by Arab teens ever been tested for DNA to find the perpetrators?

- Successful Arab terrorists and their families been rewarded with all kind of incentives after they have murdered someone and "Jewish terrorists" get no incentives. Why would young G-d fearing Jews then  risk their lives, risk violating Torah and target Arabs who are innocent?

- Why are prison conditions of convicted  Arab terrorists, with undisputed conclusive glaring evidence,  far superior than Jewish teens held under Administrative Detention with no credible evidence.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems to get it when it comes to Roger STONE.
Politics.  That's the Bottom Line.

The implementation of the 2 State Solution seems like the final goal!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Fwd: Senators voting against Anti-BDS legislation / S1 Anti-BDS Vote yesterday S. 1 (Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act of 2019 )

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From: Cheryl Jacobs Lewin <>
Date: Tue, Jan 29, 2019, 9:51 PM
Subject: Fwd: Senators voting against Anti-BDS legislation / S1 Anti-BDS Vote yesterday S. 1 (Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act of 2019 )
To: Cheryl Jacobs Lewin <>

Subject: Senators voting against Anti-BDS legislation / S1 Anti-BDS Vote yesterday S. 1 (Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act of 2019 )

Subject: Re: Senators voting against Anti-BDS legislation / S1 Anti-BDS Vote yesterday S. 1 (Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act of 2019 )

Not all the senators who abstained are opposed. For example, Cramer was stuck in ND with no flights and he is a bill sponsor. One of colleagues says "he will be a rock star on Israel." Even though we would like 100% of the vote to go in favor, this was the most bipartisan vote we have seen in ages. (a few others were out campaigning...)

The Senators voting against this bill were:


@SenatorBaldwin @SherrodBrown @SenatorCarper @SenatorDurbin @SenFeinstein @SenGillibrand @MartinHeinrich @maziehirono @timkaine @SenatorLeahy @SenJeffMerkley @ChrisMurphyCT @SenGaryPeters @SenJackReed @SenSanders @SenatorShaheen @SenatorTomUdall @ChrisVanHollen @SenWarren


The Democrats' stealth jihad

Friday, January 25, 2019

Source: Accused Teen’s Yeshiva Dean Main Prosecution Witness | The Jewish Press - | David Israel | 18 Shevat 5779 – January 24, 2019 | My Comments


I don't trust Shabak.  I also don't trust the Dean.

When examining a case in a Jewish Court of Law the judge must consider all sides as guilty at the onset until all the evidence is presented. 

Shabak is under lots of heat and pressure to produce a Jewish Terrorist. They will stop at nothing, torture, lies, blackmail etc.

They probably changed the charges to manslaughter so that they can negotiate  reduced charges because Shabak right now is losing credibility. They don't look so good in the media. Especially in social media which is harder to control.  

They can save face from mounting allegations and negative public opinion against them of fabricating evidence to manufacture Jewish Terrorists by offering a plea bargain deal letting the kid go off easy with Manslaughter charges rather than murder charges by suggesting that they  are saving Tzvi Nerya  from a 25 year prison sentence. 

Tzvi Nerya if innocent should never agree to a plea bargain but maintain his innocence.!

What would motivate Tzvi Neriah to stone an Arab car.

It is against Halacha. Neither his Parents or his Yeshiva would condone it.

He wasn't a rebel kid or kid at risk and why would he purposefully commit an act contrary to Halacha and contrary to what he was taught?

Why would Shabak assume these kids believe throwing rocks at random Arab cars is permissable Halachically. Indeed they don't brag about it or admit they did it and they deny vehemantly all allegations?

As soon as the heat is off Shabak, they probably won't care about sacrificing another kid on the alter if they can get away with it, and renege on the plea bargain like they did with Jonathan Pollard.

Sorry for being cynical.

Several questions come to mind.

Was the Rosh Yeshiva either entrapped or blackmailed to providing a refutation  of the students Alibi. That was my first reaction.

Why didn't this Rosh Yeshiva help Meir Ettinger,  Elisha Odess and Amiram Ben Uliel from trumped up Shabak  charges and protest 3 and a half years these Duma suspects have been suffering with no credible evidence? Was he afraid that they would come after him and his Yeshiva? Even now they refuse to speak about the Duma suspects and connect the dots.

Why would a Rosh Yeshiva testify against his Talmid?

So if we are to judge the Rosh Yeshiva in a positive light he either lied to protect Tzvi Nerya and provide him with an Alibi but it was inconsistent or if we judge the Rosh Yeshiva in not such a positive light, he  lied to protect himself. 

The Rosh Yeshiva could have easily been blackmailed. This whole Parshah is a black stain on Shabak and they can blackmail almost anyone. What comes to mind several possibilities.  He could have been blackmailed that he would lose all the stipends of each student declaring the yeshiva a hotbed of terrorism  thereby effectively closing down the Yeshiva. This has happened in the past.

Or perhaps they caught him or a family member doing something illegal  or immoral and exposing it would cause the Rosh Yeshiva terrible embarrassment. Netanyahu and Sharon and all politicians are not immune to such blackmail.

If he submitted a fake Alibi to save Tzvi Nerya from prosecution wouldn't he have colluded with the family and the lawyer so it would have been consistent?

In either case, we can conclude that if his story is inconsistent with the Alibi of the defendant than the Rosh Yeshivas story was suspect.

If it was a descrepant Alibi The Rosh Yeshiva must have made it up since if it was the truth and an Alibi  it  would have been consistent.  

If it was the truth why would the lawyer suggest Tzvi Nerya give another Alibi other than the truth?

If the Rosh Yeshiva had no clue where Tzvi Nerya was, he should have been honest and said he really didn't know.

If the Rosh Yeshiva was present where Tzvi Neriah claimed to have been and didn't see him  why would he agree to testify and be a  key witness against his Talmid. Why didn't he just keep his mouth shut and judge his student favorably rather than help Shabak who have a history of torturing Hilltop youth. . 

There is no explanation why Tzvi Neryas Alibi would differ than the Rosh Yeshivas. 

Now either Tzvi Neryas Alibi is a lie, or  the truth.

It seems to me that if Tzvi Nerya is innocent he would say the truth.

There are different possibilities.

Perhaps his lawyer advised him to lie  because the lawyer thought the truth wasn't an Alibi enough.

Perhaps the Rosh Yeshiva lied for him because he thought the truth wasn't an Alibis enough.

Did the lawyer instruct the kid to give an Alibi that wasn't truthful?

Or perhaps the Alibi Tzvi Nerya submitted was accurate.

But, either way the Rosh Yeshivas testimony is suspect and is not credible.

Tzvi Nerias  Alibi is really the one that should be examined closely.

Shabak's reasoning:
Shabak needs  a discrepancy to invalidate Tzvi Nerya's Alibi and who but the Rosh Yeshiva is more credible?. After all, noone would question a Rosh Yeshivas word.
Then they could bolster that with fake DNA evidence

 But in this case it's a stupid argument

Why should the Rosh Yeshiva be believed over Tzvi Nerya?  He can easily be blackmailed as we discussed or he felt he could justify a lie to protect Tzvi Nerya. His testimony is completely suspect and not to be believed.

What the Rosh Yeshiva says is irrelevant unless he was an accomplice to the Stone throwing murder trying to hide evidence and obstructing justice or an accomplice to Shabak trying to save his own skin 

It isn't smart of him to testify against Tzvi Nerya as it might only incriminate himself.

Since the Arab heard the stone throwers speak in Hebrew  from his moving vehicle there should be at least another accomplice. 

How come all the other students had credible alibis?

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New York Abortion Law Worse Than Pharaoh - Breaking Israel News. Thou Shall Not Kill Parshat Yitro. One of 7 Noahide Laws


Israel should be a Kingdom of Priests and be a role model for the world...when Israel is lacking, it is then reflected world wide....

Let us Yearn for a Jewish State governed by Biblical Law, both the Oral and the Written Law. Surely then  Israel and the world will see much Blessings showered upon her!

"This law in New York State is the same as the law we have in Israel," Dr. Shussheim told Breaking Israel News. "The Jews received the Torah from God and were commanded to teach it to the nations. Israeli law supports this. Many of the leaders in this horrible push to legalize the murder of babies are Jewish. If this is what we do, how can we expect the nations to do any better?"

Huckabee Sanders on Covington Media Coverage: "I've Never Seen People So Happy To Destroy A Kid's Life" | Video | RealClearPolitics

Mike Huckabee Newsletter Jan 24, 2019 Abortion is not progressive -- Latest bulletin from Venezuela -- President Trump drops the State of the Union Address -- 10 Year Challenge -- Subway changes -- Michael Cohen feels "threatened," delays House testimony -- Ainsworth: MISS MANNERLY offers her wisdom and advice -- Holy Love

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Subject: Abortion is not progressive
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Today's Commentary ---  Abortion is not progressive -- Latest bulletin from Venezuela -- President Trump drops the State of the Union Address -- 10 Year Challenge -- Subway changes -- Michael Cohen feels "threatened," delays House testimony -- Ainsworth: MISS MANNERLY offers her wisdom and advice  -- Holy Love 




Having made the word "liberal" truly toxic, today's leftists have slapped a new label on their failed policies: "Progressive."  I've often asked what's "progressive" about wanting to repeat the same ruinous economic policies that have brought poverty, inequality, death and misery everywhere they've been tried for over a century.  But it's not just in that arena that "progressives" (I always put it in quotation marks, for good reason) are trying to lead society backwards.  Their views of abortion also run counter to public opinion, basic decency, mounting scientific evidence and the tide of history.

For a tragic example, look to New York.  Tuesday, on the 46th anniversary of the Supreme Court's notorious Roe v. Wade ruling, Democrats who recently took power in both the state Assembly and Senate passed a sweeping pro-abortion bill that Gov. Andrew Cuomo  ran on a promise to sign.  It's laughably dubbed the "Reproductive Health Act." It actually has nothing to do with reproduction or health. 

Mike Huckabee

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Latest bulletin from Venezuela

By Mike Huckabee

Here's the latest bulletin from Venezuela, where President Trump has weighed in on the results of what is likely an illegitimate presidential election.  This is the latest debacle in an escalating series of them.  But please remember: when "Democratic" socialists tell you how great socialism is, they don't mean they intend for America to become like Venezuela.  Of course, the problem is, no socialist nation ever "intends" to become like Venezuela, not even Venezuela.  It's hidden in the fine-print of the socialist contract.

Incidentally, Russia is condemning any attempts to unseat socialist President Nicolas Maduro, while Trump recognized his opponent, Juan Guaidó, as Venezuela's interim leader. Once again, if Trump is "Putin's puppet," he sure doesn't seem to grasp the duties of the job.


President Trump drops the State of the Union Address

By Mike Huckabee

Late last night, President Trump decided to comply with Speaker Nancy Pelosi's frankly petty and groundless demand that he postpone his State of the Union Address until after government shutdown ends.  I can't say that I understand the reasoning.  Personally, I liked the idea of him taking up the invitation to give it in front of a gainfully employed crowd in a swing state, where his policies are appreciated, and deny all the jeering Democrats their moment of acting childish on TV. 

Of course, despite his opponents' claims that he is stupid, incompetent and insane, he keeps repeatedly besting them in every confrontation.  So I have to assume he has a good reason for this decision.  Maybe it's to emphasize that he is the one who's being conciliatory while Pelosi continues to refuse to negotiate with him and drag out the shutdown for no good reason (it's already cost more than the border wall funding she refuses to agree to.)  She can now go down in history as the Speaker who delayed a State of the Union Address to keep having a pointless snit, which makes it awfully hard to keep up the laughable pretense that she and Chuck Schumer are the "adults in the room."   Or maybe Trump has some other ace up his sleeve he hasn't played yet.

Anyway, that's where it stands for now.  I'm disappointed that he postponed his SOTU speech, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how this plays out – and to what he says to the Democrats' faces, once he does get around to giving it.



10 Year Challenge

By Mike Huckabee

There's a meme going around on Facebook called the "10-Year Challenge," where users are dared to post a photo of themselves now and 10 years ago.  Seems like a fun, harmless idea; no possible ulterior motives behind it. And Facebook swears it was user-created and they have nothing to do with it.

But even if that's true, this link explains why you still might want to think twice before participating.  Remember the #1 rule of the Internet: if a site lets you use it for free, then its product is you.



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Subway changes

By Mike Huckabee

Here's yet another example of just how regressive so-called "Progressives" are. Since the headline of this article is "Subway Riders Demanding Answers," I thought I'd give it to them.  The short answer is just three words: "Mayor Bill DeBlasio."  

It took Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani to turn around the dirty mess New York City had become in the 1970s, '80s and early '90s.  Putative Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg kept the renaissance going for another 12 years.  And it's taken "progressive" leftist Bill DeBlasio just four years to bring back the pre-Giuliani New York and make the Big Apple wormy again. 

This is what comes of schools that don't teach real history: young voters grow up thinking that the clean, crime-free, well-functioning cities and nation they grew up in happened that way by magic.  So they elect liberal Democrats to run them and then learn the hard way that it isn't true.  I just wish they'd quit forcing those of us who do remember the bad old days to stop having to relive them, too.


Michael Cohen feels "threatened," delays House testimony

By Mike Huckabee

Of what possible value is the House testimony of someone who is set to go to prison for three years after pleading guilty to bank fraud, illegal campaign contributions and...wait for it...lying to Congress, and who might be motivated to "compose" in further testimony to lessen his sentence?

We may not ever find out, as former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is "postponing" his February 7 testimony before the now-Democrat-led House Oversight committee.  This is by advice of counsel, who happens to be...wait for it...longtime Clinton crony Lanny Davis.  Davis accuses President Trump and Rudy Giuliani of threatening  Cohen and his family through comments made against his family.

"This is a time where Mr. Cohen had to put his family and their safety first," said Davis.



Ainsworth: MISS MANNERLY offers her wisdom and advice

By Laura Ainsworth, Staff writer

Dear Miss Mannerly:

I wish to remain anonymous, but just to give you some background, I am the powerful chief executive of a HUUUUGE entity (and no, I don't mean Google). This year, I received an invitation to speak at a prestigious venue, just as the person in my job traditionally does every year (in fact, I did so last year, and it turned out quite well, if I do say so.) But due to an unrelated dispute, the person who invited me this year –-- different person from last year, not a nice person!! –- has now dis-invited me. To my knowledge, this has never, ever happened before. Since she had already invited me, I wasn't sure how to respond.

I wrote back with what I thought was a very polite letter. This is it…



Holy Love

By Anonymous

A newsletter reader facing terminal cancer submitted this beautiful sonnet about how facing death has deepened his faith.

My soul wants to cry for aid
under a lowering sky.
But that's not how this game is played,
for I am marked to die.
The boon of palliative care
was never meant for me;
and it's in no way unfair
because now, on bended knee
I can behold in full a gentle Grace;
pain's opened divinity's door
and gave me glimpse of smiling Face;
how could I ask for more?
The clouds may be so grey above,
but over them, shines Holy Love.    


Evening Edition - January 23

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


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'We know our son is innocent' - Israel National News. Who will stand trial in a Heavenly Court for the Character Assassination of this boy and the Hilltop and Settler Youth?


Bringing Libel Lawsuit for Jewish Settler Youth judged and smeared as Jewish Terrorists prematurely.

Google translate follows Hebrew letter from Ruti.

רובין, שלום

קשה לתאר איך התקשורת השמאלנית עובדת כאן על דעת הקהל.

בטלוויזיה הרשמית ("ממלכתית"...), כאשר מספרים את סיפור ה"רצח" כל הזמן נשאר הכיתוב: טרור יהודי.

נתניהו כמובן עסוק עכשיו בדברים שחשובים לו: תיקים 1000-4000 ובבחירות המתקרבות, אז מה איכפת לו לעשות סדר ?

שרת המשפטים איילת שקד כבר אמרה שאין לה אפשרות להתערב. מה שכן יכלה לעשות הוא לפחות "לתקן" בפומבי את הנאמר, כאילו יש ארגון טרור- הרי אפילו שניים הם לא "ארגון" וגם שניים עדיין לא הורשעו בכלום. הוא הדין גם בכיתוב הקבוע במסך- טרור יהודי; הוא הדין גם בנאשמם ברצח. אפילו עכשיו לא מתקנים ל"הריגה" שזה שונה לחלוטין מרצח, וזה אחרי שכבר הוגש כתב אישום (רק היום) על הריגה, והשופט עצמו אמר שיש בעייה עם הוכחת ה-DNA.

מישהו מבחוץ צריך לזעוק על רצח האופי לנער שעכשיו יאבד את נעוריו לכמה שנים גם אם יזוכה לבסוף, ולנערי הגבעות בכלל.

כל טוב


Robin, Hello

It is hard to imagine how left-wing media works here on public opinion.
On official television ("statehood"), when the story of the "murder" is being told all the time remains the caption: Jewish terror.

Netanyahu, of course, is busy with the things that are important to him: the 1000-4000 portfolios and the upcoming elections, so what does he care about order?
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has already said she can not intervene. What she could do was at least "publicly correct" what was said, as if there were a terrorist organization - even two are not an "organization" and two have not yet been convicted of anything. The same is true of the permanent inscription on the screen - Jewish terrorism; The same is true of their charge of murder. Even now, they are not charged for "killing", which is completely different from murder, and this is after an indictment has been filed (only today) for manslaughter, and the judge himself said there is a problem with proof of DNA.
Someone from the outside has to cry out about the murder of character to a boy who will now lose his youth for a few years even if he is finally acquitted, and the hilltop boys in general.
All the best

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Fwd: Here It Comes Again! Arlene Kushner on Overt antiSemitism raising it's ugly head in the New York Times, the Democratic Party etc.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Arlene from Israel <>
Date: Wed, Jan 23, 2019, 4:27 PM
Subject: Here It Comes Again!
To: <>


From Israel: Here It Comes Again!

January 23, 2019

Last time I wrote, it was to provide just good news. It sure lifted my spirits; messages from you, my readers, made it clear that it lifted yours as well. We need to hold on to the positive if we are to stay strong and cope with all the world flings at us. Seeing how important this is, I am determined to turn away from the heavy stuff every so often in order to offer "only good news" postings.

Oh, but what the world flings at us! Ugliness looms from many quarters, and it is not going away any time soon.


Credit: Rainbow taichi


This week America celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As we consider how the legacy of this great man has been distorted for political purposes, we are brought smack up against some of that ugliness.

Perhaps one of the most blatant instances (there were others) can be found in a NYTimes op-ed written by Michelle Alexander, a Times opinion columnist (emphasis added):

"…if we are to honor King's message and not merely the man we must condemn Israel's actions

"Our elected representatives, who operate in a political environment where Israel's political lobby holds well-documented power, have consistently minimized and deflected criticism of the State of Israel, even as it has grown more emboldened in its occupation of Palestinian territory and adopted some practices reminiscent of apartheid in South Africa and Jim Crow segregation in the United States."

Alexander attempts to lend credibility to these outrageous and vile charges by maintaining that they "honor King's message."

To top it off, she maintains that:

"…it seems the days when critiques of Zionism and the actions of the State of Israel can be written off as anti-Semitism are coming to an end."

But if we want to be true to Martin Luther King's legacy, we really should quote him. He got it right:

"When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking anti-Semitism."

Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons


King, famously, spoke of his dream that the day would come when his children would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Most of us would utter a fervent AMEN to this, but what we are seeing in recent years in the US is quite the reverse: a very race-conscious society, which has become politically correct for progressives. It is not "All Lives Matter," but "Black Lives Matter." And within this politically correct universe, Jews are identified as "white," a particular irony. "White" in this context implies "oppressor."

Just a month ago, Women's March co-founder Tamika Mallory, who is black, declared that "white Jews, as white people, uphold white supremacy."


Credit: oann

Mallory, In spite of considerable criticism on this issue, has refused to break with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who is blatantly anti-Semitic.


Mallory's Women's March co-founder, Linda Sarsour, a Muslim who identifies as Palestinian American, is even worse.


Credit: Flickr

At a conference four months ago, she lectured those Muslim Americans who are not working towards a Palestinian state (emphasis added):

"If you're on the side of the oppressor, or you're defending the oppressor, or you're actually trying to humanize the oppressor, then that's a problem, sisters and brothers."


Recently, Sarsour defined the embrace of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions directed against Israel) as "free speech" and a "constitutional right." In defending Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn), who speaks for BDS (more on this below), she criticized those who attack Omar's position. They are not all from the right, Sarsour said. Some are people who "masquerade as progressives but always choose their allegiance to Israel over their commitment to democracy and free speech."

Whoa! This is outrageous twice over.

First, and most significantly, because she draws on the classic anti-Semitic charge of "dual loyalty."

And then, because it reflects the stance of "intersectionality." It's a package deal with the rules set out: You cannot be a political progressive unless you are also anti-Israel.

And she dares to talk about free speech?


Some people have begun to pull away from participation with the Women's March in recognition of what is going on, and I hope this trend continues. I believe Sarsour and Mallory have been cut an enormous amount of slack because they are so politically correct: A black woman and a Muslim women speaking for "women's rights" (although not rights for all women, clearly).

They, however, are only one manifestation of the alarming phenomenon of rising anti-Semitism in the US. There are problems much larger and more troubling than these two.


It is not new to have a Muslim sitting in Congress. The first was Keith Ellison, who served in Congress from 2007 to 2019 and is now attorney general of Minnesota. A convert to Islam, he presents a façade of moderation, but has a history of connections with Farrakhan's Nation of Islam; CAIR, an organization linked to Hamas; and other jihadist groups such as the Muslim American Society, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The second was André D. Carson who has served as the Representative from Indiana's 7th district since 2008. Carson is also a convert to Islam.
Both Ellison and Carson are American-born and identify as African Americans.


But now there are two new members of Congress – the first Muslim women elected – who are distinctive in several ways.

Rashida Tlaib, who now represents Michigan's 13th district, is the American-born daughter of Palestinian Arab immigrants. A Muslim, though not a traditional one, she is a member of Democratic Socialists of America (as is NY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). She identifies as Palestinian American: Her mother is from a village outside of Ramallah, and her father is from Beit Hanina, in Jerusalem.

The Liberty Eagle

Credit: The Liberty Eagle

Tlaib is TROUBLE. Not with a capital T, but with a capital TROUBLE.

She is opposed to aid to Israel and is for a "one state solution" with Palestinian Arab "right of return." Prior to the primary she had said she was for a "two state solution" with US aid to both states. After the primary, she reversed herself. She actually moved so far left that JStreet, which had backed her, withdrew its endorsement.


She also supports BDS. Criticizing Senators Marco Rubio and Jim Risch, who were promoting anti-BDS legislation, she charged that they "forgot what country they represent" – a rather strange statement in light of the fact that both of these gentlemen are Catholic.

This is clearly a ploy to make any support of Israel appear to be illegitimate, and it particularly enrages me because of her blatant identification with "Palestine." At her victory party after she won the election, she celebrated draped in a Palestinian flag.


Credit: Twitter

Imagine, please, the furor that would have ensued if a Jew who had won election to Congress had danced in an Israeli flag. That she did not encounter such a furor is worrisome.


Tlaib is also extraordinarily coarse. Active in efforts to impeach President Trump, she told a story in public about a promise she made to her son that "we're gonna impeach the mother__cker.

Senior Democrats were not happy about Tlaib's declared intention to proceed with impeachment, when nothing of the sort is certain. And Trump? He responded appropriately and with dignity, saying she dishonored her family and disrespected the United States.

So, she's off to a great start. But, in spite of this, on Tuesday it was announced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had appointed her to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, along with Ocasio-Cortez. What does this tell us about Pelosi?


Somali American Ilhan Omar has the distinction of being the first Somali immigrant in Congress. Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, she is from the Majeerteen clan. When the Somali civil war broke out, she fled with her family to a refugee camp in Kenya. There they remained for four years, until coming to the US as refugees in 1991. She became a US citizen in 2000, at age 19.


Credit: Wikiwand

Today Omar represents Minnesota's 5th district in Congress, succeeding Keith Ellison.

A traditional Muslim, she makes a much more genteel impression than Tlaib, but this is not to say that in her own more soft-spoken style she is not trouble – for she most certainly is.

Omar, like Tlaib, supports BDS but was disingenuous about her position before the election. When asked about BDS in a campaign debate, she replied that "it's not helpful in getting that two-state solution," but "neglected" to clarify that she was for it nonetheless. Perhaps she, too, is not for a "two-state solution."


In 2012, Omar had tweeted that "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel."

More recently she tried to walk that back, saying that she did not realize the full anti-Semitic implications of what she said, and that she had written in the context of Israel's war with Hamas.

During the campaign in 2018, when someone cited this 2012 tweet of hers and called her a "Jew hater," she responded that "Drawing attention to the apartheid Israeli regime is far from hating Jews."

And so there you are. She did not explain how Israel's war of self-defense rendered the nation "apartheid." But that's a progressive, anti-Israel "throw-away" word, and there is need for her to explain.


On January 17, it was announced that Nancy Pelosi had appointed Omar to sit on the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee – in spite of the fact that she is a freshman in Congress without foreign affairs experience and a supporter of BDS. This committee deals with issues that affect Israel, and there have been calls for Pelosi to rescind the appointment.

House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) referred to Pelosi's choice as "shameful."

While Republic Jewish Coalition spokesperson Neil Straus observed that, "It is despicable that Democrats are so afraid to upset their far-left base that they no longer are willing to oppose antisemitism."

The Democrats are looking worse and worse.


I began this posting with reference to Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, and so I would like to end with a video of a musical tribute to him I discovered a couple of years ago.

It was special because, very fittingly, it featured two musical a cappella groups: The Jewish "Maccabeats" and the African American "Naturally 7." A message of brotherhood delivered by Jews and African Americans.



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