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New York Times has a history of slandering Jews with Peyos


אל המקום אשר...

Rabbi  Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Shlita

Yasher Koach on your advocacy on behalf of Charedi Yeshivas!

Rabbi Zwiebel of the Agudah: "You reach a certain tipping point when a newspaper [NY Times] devotes such substantial resources, with nothing positive to say, and sometimes stretches the truth to say bad things."

This slandering of Charedim ( ultra Orthodox Jews) by the New York Times is not new.

 Perhaps had we protested in past libels against our brothers in Peyos we would not need to do it again.  After all, all Jews in Peyos look alike.  In this blog post in Jan 2016, I alluded to this possibility.

Duma Blood Libel calling Hilltop Youth Jewish Terrorists. Yesterday Tue. Jan 12, 2016 New York Times Print Edition, Front Page blurb to article on page A9, Front cover Forward January 15, 2016

Rabbi Zwiebel, Shlita

Please advocate now as well to release Amiram ben Uliel. It's been 8 years since he has been incarcerated and convicted to 3 life sentences for a crime he was convicted for based solely on his own confession with no other evidence following torture. The torture was permitted based on a decision of Israel Supreme Court. Basically it seems obvious that this miscarriage of justice was a political setup in order to find and frame and slander a Jew as a Jewish Terrorist.

Amiram is presently held under the harshest solitary confinement conditions. He was not allowed to pray with a Minyan on Yom Kippur and can not be in close  contact with his own  family members including his young daughter except with draconian rules and barriers.

Does Torah allow conviction based on confession  and torture without any other evidence?  


Fwd: Nobel Laureate Robert Auman Calls Upon Israel Supreme Court to Reconsider Ben Uliel Confession Under Torture

שתיקה כהודאה דמיא 

Monday, February 20, 2023

Fw: The Haredi Health Commission (HHC) and Daas Torah fyi


Hebrew Terms translated:

"Daas Torah" is the accepted Torah perspective

 "Nogea Badavar" can be translated as "a conflict of interest", vested interest, compromised.

"Askanim" are Community Leaders working on behalf of the Community.

"Bikur Cholim" are volunteer organizations to help the sick.

"Haredi" aka "Charedi" are ultra Orthodox Jews

"Yeshivas" are private religious Jewish schools.

"Chesed" acts of Kindness

"Rav" is a Rabbi

"Rabbonim" Plural for Rabbi, Rabbi's

"HaRabbonim" translates to "The Rabbis"

אל המקום אשר...
The Haredi Health Commission, (HHC) and Daas Torah
A Deeper Dig at the Origins of the Haredi Health Commission and their Goals


HaRabbonin, Shlita
Rabbi Reisman,
Rabbi Brudny,
Rabbi Lieff,
Rabbi Eytan Feiner,
Rabbi Uri Orlian,
Rabbi Elly Krinsky,
Rabbi Elie Weinstock
Rabbi Shalom Axelrod,
Rabbi Ya'akov Trump,
Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan
Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon
Rabbi Ephraim Polakoff,
Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt,
Rabbi Yaakov Bender,
Rabbi Zvi Ralbag,
Ranbi Yaakov Feitman,
Rabbi Shaul Chill,
Rabbi Moshe Hauer,
... (This is a partial list)

Organizations ..
VALUE Baltimore
Associated Jewish Federation of Baltimore
Baltimore Bikur Cholim
Bikur Cholin FR and 5T
(partial list)

who are accepting paid advertising, (funded by ?) to promote the safety of the vaccinations...  

Highly respected Jewish Media have a vested interest to push vaccination. How can the anti vax narrative compete with funding with this public relations misinformation narrative?

This above link regarding the HHC (Haredi Health Commission) is circulating and if true, and there is very good reason to believe there is truth, exposes a very tragic and very sophisticated and dangerous public relations campaign and infiltration of very evil forces into the close nit Orthodox Jewish and ultra Orthodox Haredi community to push a nefarious agenda.

Additionally worrisome is that the success of such devious infiltration and networking empowers evil forces and serves as a stepping stone to push further G-dless agendas on any cohesive community.

This is happening in the Jewish world as well as in other cohesive communities via liaisons hired by Baltimore City Health Dept., and NYC Health Dept, NJ Health Dept...

They are successfully infiltrating into the close nit communities and penetrating into the fabric of Orthodox Jewish circles.

They endeavor and are quite successful in establishing a cohesive voice to push vaccines. They secure partnership between Rabbonim, Askanim, Shuls and their Rabbis and their Presidents, trusted Jewish organizations like JCC's, Bikur Cholim groups, Chesed Organizations, Jewish Businesses, Trusted Jewish Doctors, Pediatricians, Trusted Jewish Medical clinics and providers, Yeshivas etc.

The goal is to create a "Cohesive message with One Voice", scripted, which is "Get Vaccinated Now. Vaccines are safe and effective."

This cohesive network is accomplished via the recruitment of trusted individuals, and influencers in the community. There is also recruitment in Orthodox Jewish and Charedi circles of peer ambassadors. These peer ambassadors including women and men, passionately advocating vaccines at any kind of venue be it local sporting events, nail salons, supermarkets, food distribution sites etc.

Weekly training sessions for the ambassadors are generously provided.

The sophistication of their outreach, marketing and educational material is quite impressive and clearly well funded.

Again, their agenda is to indoctrinate everyone to vaccinate.

They succeed to market their vaccines by convincing the people to trust conventional medicine, by encouraging listening and trusting their Influencers like their Rabbi, their Yeshiva, their medical providers, their doctor etc. This then is coupled with "incentives".

The main selling point is to trust the safety and efficacy of the vaccine based on trusting the narrative from those they trust be it a Rav or a doctor who in turn trusts conventional medicine.

Meanwhile those trusted sources, Rabbonim who appeared on the promotional video to "get vaccinated now and that vaccines are safe and effective", and trusted doctors, haven't done their independent research. They are Nogea baDavar to support conventional medicine. They have not done their due diligence to investigate unbiased research. They are obtaining misinformation based on those who are Nogea beDavar.

The purpose of this email is to plead to you to please do your own due diligence to make sure that you are not being used nor being an influencer to push an agenda you really would never push had you been aware of the true comprehensive picture .

Brucha Weissberger has a substack website truth613.substack.com which is is worth exploring. She has links to many scientific peer reviewed studies not coming from the CDC, FDA, NIH, Big Pharma etc that clearly show the vaccines are neither safe nor effective and in fact the opposite, very unsafe and downright dangerous.

There are numerous convincing arguments that indicate that the CDC, FDA, NIH, Big Pharma feed on each other rather than serve as originally intended, as check and balance on one another.

This feeds lies and misinformation.

True checks and balance serves to expose and prevent greed, fraud and corruption. The absence and breakdown of checks and balances on big pharma companies by regulatory agencies in turn endangers lives and society.


Heimish Children videos on youtube Duvi and Rochel  in Yiddish and English pushing what a mitzvah it is to take the vaccine based on the Commandment in the Torah to protect one's life.
 ונשמרתם את נפשותיכם

Probably based on
 "ונשמרתם מאד לנפשותיכם" ברכות (ל"ב ב') 

The vaccine is dressed up as a heroic dreidel who says vaccines saves people from getting sick from serious virus's like Polio who are injured for life. The little boy tells the little girl that his father taught him that  Hashem is great because He helped doctors invent vaccines so that people remain strong and healthy 

An abridged English version, but apparently this was taken down immediately, because so many people complained...

Produced by Shoshana Bernstein writing/communications

Shoshana Bernstein and the CDC are behind the video. There’s FOIA documents between Bernstein and Walensky

“Mrs. Bernstein is a master at conveying complex concepts in simple language, making us all a little smarter and better informed.“
Endorsement on her website by Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel
Executive Vice President, Agudath Israel of America

Sent Feb 21

URGENT: Can anyone here help sponsor an ad in Lakewood Shopper? BH we reserved the back page this week. We want to counter the awful covid vax pushing ads from the NJ Health Dept lately in the frum publications that are saying “Covid 19 is mild in kids. Except when it’s not.”
Be’ezras Hashem we’re preparing an ad saying “Vaccines are safe in kids - except when they’re NOT.” With some strong graphics. 
The back page is $800. 
Please help by giving what you can towards the ad at tinyurl.com/DonateUJCC.

The ads:

Groundbreaking Testimony Changes Everything: Florida County RETURNS CDC Funds After Confirming Vaxx is a Bioweapon

🚨🚨🚨 *שלושה כלליים חשובים מאוד מהתנ"ך כדי לא ליפול שוב פעם בעצת רשעים גמורים.*  

1) כה׀ *אמר ה' ארור הגבר אשר יבטח באדם* ושם בשר זרעו ומן־ה' יסור לבו: (ירמיהו פרק יז פסוק ה)

2)  " *ברוך הגבר אשר יבטח בה' והיה ה' מבטחו* .
(ירמיהו פרק יז פסוק ז)

נאמר בתורה הקדושה אתה הראת לדעת *כי ה' הוא האלהים אין עוד מלבדו* : (דברים פרק ד פסוק לה)  ו *אין לנו על מי להישען* אלא *על* *אבינו שבשמיים* 🤲
תעשו את מצוות היום שלכם והעבירו הלאה בבקשה 🤲🙌
            *האמת* *The Truth** 👣

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