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A Primer on Amalek and Hakeem Jeffries


אל המקום אשר...

Since remembering the Holocaust is something close to our hearts, many might be interested in these emails and posts by Rabbi Chananya Weissman.

A Primer on Amalek Part 1

A Primer on Amalek Part 2

A Primer on Amalek Part 3

And this one
A Primer on Amalek Part 4

These are found on Rabbi Weissman's website

I am putting this out there because Hakeem Jeffries was recently voted as House Minority leader.

During the Iran Deal pro and con advocacy 2015 he took a lead role. He was brilliant and charming and I too was deceived. But after his first class act I realized it was all a big deceptive show and now reading how Amalek operates he seems to fit the Amalek profile to the T. He managed to charm the Brighton Beach Community who are Russian Jews and are not that naive... that he really cared about the Iranian threat. He literally knew more than anyone one else, regarding options and he fooled the community that he was sincerely interested in what their concerns were and how we can address them. Even I was impressed. But soon thereafter it became apparent that it was all deception. His mind was made up from the getgo regarding the Iran deal. He is no friend to Israel nor The Jewish People.

Fyi links to my then upbeat, gushy, enthusiastic, positive, hopeful blog posts about Hakeem Jeffries:
Re: Iran Deal. 2nd Town Meeting with Hakeem Jeffries and Listening Session in Brighton Beach

No surprise we were duped. Listen to his pro Israel speech in 2014!

Israel Rally 7-24-2014 Jeffries

His advocacy for Planned Parenthood is quite telling though I would not be surprised if the following video will be erased from YouTube searches since he comes across self righteous and overly aggressive in his defense for Planned Parenthood.

Rep Jeffries exposes Planned Parenthood haters

Democrat Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries Elected House Minority Leader


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From Rabbi Chananya Weissman:

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Here is a fantastic speech by Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith, who understood what was going on with the covid shenanigans way before almost everyone else, myself included.

Trenton, September 24, 2020
Transcript of Rabbi Smith's speech in Trenton, New Jersey - the words of clarity and direction, more urgent now than ever