Thursday, February 22, 2007

Open Letter to All Rabbanim - Take a Biblical Stand!


Conference of Authentic Jewish Leadership (CAJL)
P.O.B.340149 Brooklyn, NY 11234-0149
Or c/o Shmuel Koenig
1530 E. 19th St. Apt. 6K
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Chodesh Adar 5767

Dear Esteemed Rav, amv”sh

We are an organization working to unite all Torah believing Jews to make a claim to our rights to Eretz Yisroel and to our Biblical Inheritance. Our goal is to publicly denounce any talk of a two State Solution as proposed by President George Bush because it is a direct negation of the Torah’s Covenant between G-d and the Jewish people. We call upon each and every Jew to join with us and be active in whatever capacity that they are capable. We are especially writing to the Rabbinical and Spiritual Leaders of Am Yisroel since they have an extra dose of Achraius (obligation) according to their influence, to guide the population to speak out in a public and strong voice.

Attached please find a statement for you to fill out. We are asking you to state your protest regarding a 2 State Solution as proposed by President Bush. Being silent implies implicit agreement with Bush’s Roadmap or complacency meaning that even though you would prefer it not happen it doesn’t bother you enough to protest it. Remember that the greater influence you have over Hamonei Am the greater the impact of your statement or non statement. Collectively we can certainly make a difference. Individually, we will have to answer to our Creator whether we made an effort even at personal risk to our job, prestige, source of income, or popularity

Every Jewish soul was as Sinai. Atem Nitazvim … You are standing today, all of you, before G-d, the heads of your tribes, your elders…..your small children, your women….for you to pass into the Covenant of Hashem , your G-d and into the imprecation that Hashem , Your G-d seals with you today…..Not with you alone do I seal this covenant and this imprecation, but with whoever is here, standing with us today before Hashem, our G-d, and with whoever is not here with us today. Devarim 29:9 Parshas Nitzavim.

Please fill out and return the attached form. Ask others to do as well. The personal contact info is for our organization’s private use in order to contact you for further activism. Others will have access to the Public Statement and public contact information you provide. We thank you in advance for your concern and love for Hashem, Am Yisroel, Eretz Yisroel and Torat Yisroel.

Sincerely, Coordinators CAJL

Robin Ticker ,
Tova Abadi
Shmuel Koenig 1530 E. 19th Street Apt 6K Brooklyn, NY 11230
Dear Honorable Rav, amv"sh
We are not only asking, but actually begging you to take a few minutes to print out the following pages and fill them out and return them to one of the addresses listed above. Thank you.
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Contact information for CAJL use only:
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Rabbinic Public Statement Protesting Bush’s Roadmap:

I protest the formation of a Palestinian State within the borders of Judea and Samaria. Our Biblical borders have been given to us by G-d and there is no other answer. A Two State Solution as proposed by Bush’s Roadmap cannot coexist with Torah. (my additional comments are…)

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