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Yated responds


Thank you to the editor of Yated for responding.  It shows that indeed you care!

Reporters make news.  Reporters are the frontline officers in the media War.


Shtika KeHodaya Damia,  It is not the settlers per say that we must promote.  The Settlers and the hilltop youth are battling for Torah.  Am Yisroel  must unite for that Torah battle.

 The Gedoilim have called for Machsom PI, Closing ones mouth for Lashon Hara.

Silence when words must be spoken is also Lashon Hara. 

Eicha?  How can we silently  allow the destruction of the property of thousands of Jews without condemning it..How are we silent when the next round of destruction is being planned
? Our silence makes us accomplices to a degree and we are  Chayav BeDinei Shamayim.  It's like the witness that doesn't testify.  It's like the Ox that has a history of goring and you allow him to gore one more time.  Why do we learn Gemorrah if not to act when necessary

Our Hishtadlus:

Being that the religious  papers have wide circulation and do not have reporters on site to get a more balanced picture, Arutz7 has an obligation to allow articles of this nature to be reprinted in the religious press in order that a more balanced picture be presented for Torah's sake.  I am not addressing the compensation matter to Arutz7 which of course is important and in my opinion should be addressed.  I suspect  this is part of the reason that they have not given permission for you to reprint. .  However, when the lives of Jews are at stake Am Yisroel must act as one to fight the Media War against us and monetary matters comes secondary.

This having been said,  I am sure Yated and the other papers can use material from blogs and individuals who are more than willing to explain their side of the story for free.

The great influence of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah and the Religious papers can be shown in the following scenario.

Each individual, man women and child are and should be foot soldiers.  If for example, you get each Yeshiva student and their parents writing a letter to Obama saying that ERetz Yisroel belongs to Hashem and it is our Biblical inheritance and it was PROMISED to Am Yisroel  and that we are commanded to keep the Mitzvoth of the Land which will in turn bring peace and blessings to humanity, that will make a big Kiddush Hashem!  Torah Umesorah and the Rabbanim with Torah Umesorah that meet with Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah on a regular basis can network with the Yeshivoth and network with the Jewish Media to make this a big news item, then there is no question that Obama's message in Cairo would be openly refuted.  After all doesn't each school child learn in Chumash "Ki BeYitckok Yikareh Lecha Zera",  and "Velo Yerash ben Haama im Yitzchok... (paraphrased).

This is not merely a matter of fair reporting. This is a matter of TORAH!

The time has come to seriously and openly address the Svara that holds that until Moshiach comes we must not settle the Land.  The Satmar Mayor naively writes to President Obama that he supports his efforts to establish a peaceful solution in the Middle East.  In writing this sounds idylic and supports the Satmar ideology not to settle the Land until Moshiach comes.

 Practically, Mayor Wieder is giving Obama the green light to give away parts of Eretz Yisroel to Sonei Yisroel whose ideology is even worse than Hitler Yemach Shemo.  Hitler didn't promote and teach that committing suicide to exterminate the Jews is a Holy act - Jihad.  He merely  promoted exterminating the Jews.  All 6,000,000 of them.  . The Mufti of Jerusalem yemach shemo was in cahoots with Hiter Yemach Shemo.  Does Mayor Wieder of Kiryas Yoel realize that he is alligning himself  and aiding the partners of Amalek?  Is this Authentic Torah as he suggests in his letter?????

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Our paper doesn't subscribe to the JTA. It would be helpful if Arutz 7 would permit us to reprint their news items. Thanks.

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Subject: INN news items worthy of front page in your paper. PLEASE Read talkbacks as well.

Dear Activist list, amv'sh

The mainstream Jewish Media does not usually report the truth that puts settlers in a favorable light or attempts to explain and validate or  justify their struggle and simply ignores news that shows discrimination in a justice system that is biased against them.  The Jewish Sentinal even had the nerve to be critical of the fact that the settlers also described in the news as radical extremists, unlawful, Anti State , Messianic extremists and  violent who wish to kill Arabs and compare them with Hamas militants avoid  reading the mainstream press.   ( I don't remember if the Jewish Sentinal in this particular article equated them with Hamas militants and as individuals with  violent tendencies who would love nothing better than to kill Arabs but the other descriptions were there.  There is no doubt that the press has painted the settlers as Jews that love to sing "Am Yisroel CHai, all Arabs should die".

If the mainstream press doesn't print their side of the news than what else can we expect?  Where should we get the news that accurately describes the situation? ?Arutz7 seems to be one of the few sources with  excellent reporting as shown below and even they won't print the whole story if it makes the Rabbis look bad.

Please email some of the mainstream Jewish Media editors and complain of lopsided reporting. Please ask them to print articles such as the ones below presenting the settlers and their opposition to a 2 State Solution based on Biblical entitlement  in a favorable light  on front page.  Why do they need  to rely on JTA for ttheir cover stories which is generally unfavorable to Yehudah and the Shomron and emphasizes reciprocity.  The Torah, to quote Rav Amnon Yitzchok is not only for the Orthodox or Dati Jew. It is for Chilonim as well.   Speaking of our Biblical Heritage is for Chilonim as well.  Rav Amnon Yitzchok said he'd rather be a Chiloni that keeps Torah and Mitzvoth then a Chareidi that doesn't.

The News doesn't only report the News it also creates the News and Publisher and reporters have a responsibility to speak the Truth and not a distortion of the truth.

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Nationalist Camp: Disobey Expulsion Orders

 by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Terror Victim's Brother Refuses to Testify in Murderer's Trial

by Hillel Fendel

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9 Day of Av Tisha B'Av...Videos Gush Katif, Kiruv,


MUST SEE LIVE FOOTAGE MOVIE OF EXPULSION FROM GUSH KATIF on Tisha B'Av 2005! This is the most authentic Tisha B'Av programming by far! (with no costly advertising) and can be viewed in the privacy of your home or in a gathering setting.

HOME GAME is a movie about a Basketball Team from Netzer Chazani a community in Gush Katif with live footage starting from 3 weeks before the Expulsion through the Expulsion on Tisha B'Av 2005. A MUST SEE! It's free for the 9 days as a public service. (There is solicitation for a voluntary contribution. Proceeds go to the former Gush Katif community now struggling)

How was it possible that the government succeeded in removing the communities from Gush Katif so smoothly? Here are some answers. Heartbreaking even to an activist that has seen it all. See all 4 parts and the last clip of Shlomo Wollins of WEJEW.COM personal afterthoughts in producing this documentary.

On a more lively note, maybe one more suitable for kids, here is a video of a Hachnosas Sefer Torah in Neve Dekalim prior to the expulsion. The spirit and the intense love of the Torah is palpable. Their pain is also, to one who understands the context.

Yishai Fleisher's Tisha B'Av Video Special: Hashiveinu Hashem Venashuva...

More on Tisha B'Av: Go to Israel National News

Please forward to friends, family, shuls and shul lists, camps and bungalow colonies.

Yasher Koach!

May these days turn from Eival To Yom Tov! from sadness to a day of rejoicing, may it come speedily in our days. Amein!

Thank you Avi Abelow Director of Home Game and Shlomo Wollins of WEJEW and Akiva of Mystical Paths for sending links.

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Dear Editors of Mainstream Jewish Media, amv"sh

 Mainstream Jewish  Media does not carry stories such as this one. Instead they report on the front cover that the majority of Jews support Obama and the 2 State Solution and they support  a freeze in construction and growth in Judea and Samaria. 

Does the News report the News or does it make the News?  I douldn't access the Shdema panel of Journalists on the internet but my gut reaction is that the News creates the News by what and how they choose to report!

Editors,  Please
Be Truthful land courageous and put Helen Freedman's article on the front Page of your media publication.  Thanks! 
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By: Helen Freedman


            This past May 17-26, 2009, AMERICANS FOR A SAFE ISRAEL/AFSI conducted its 30th tour of the Land of Israel. These semi-annual Chizuk missions have always strengthened the participants, although our aim is always to give Chizuk to those we visit in the threatened areas of Israel. The strength, determination, faith and love of the "settlers" always serves to inspire us to return to our homes, determined to do whatever we can to help our brethren. This recent trip left me with a heavy heart. I see more clearly than ever that the Israeli government views the "settlement" Jews as enemies – perhaps even more dangerous to the secular Israel they desire than are the terror wielding Arabs.

            On our first day in the Shomron, led by David HaIvri, liaison for the Shomron Community Council, we visited communities where Jews are living in caravans – where classrooms and dormitories are located in caravans. At Havat Gilad, despite the fact that the land is owned by a Jew, Moshe Zar, and named after his murdered son, the government does not provide water or electricity. Not one home is permitted to be built there, nor one caravan brought in.

Rechelim, another "settlement", was built as the Zionist response to terrorism when two women named Rachel were murdered by terrorists. The AFSI Chizuk missions began visiting there when there was only a single tent. Now it has been declared an illegal outpost, even though it is a flourishing community. Its nursery school is in a caravan, and without government funding, it must depend on private funds for a permanent nursery. We learned that 2,450 children in the Shomron lack classrooms because Defense Minister Ehud Barak refuses to sign the necessary papers to add classrooms to existing schools and build nursery schools for young children. Gershon Mesika, the Shomron Regional Head, declared, "There is a concerted governmental effort to hold up construction and the children are being held hostage."

            On our second day in the Shomron, with Israel Danziger of Mishmeret Yesha guiding us,  we noticed that there was much more Arab traffic now that the roadblocks have been removed. The Arabs were driving beyond the speed limit, passing cars, changing lanes, and generally causing hazardous road conditions. I had never felt so threatened before. Shortly after our return to the U.S., we learned that Dr. David Matar was injured in a car accident with an Arab and a woman was killed by an Arab driver.

            At Givat Ronin we found more caravans being used as homes for the twenty families in this ten year old community. Water and electricity are problems here too.  In contrast to this impoverished situation, we see that the EU has promised 2.5 billion dollars to the Arabs in the area for new building, new roads, new mosques.  As we drive along, we see a U.S. AID sign for Boreen, a PA town, and we discover that the Israeli government is also funding Arab mosques. All of this, while drying up the pond for the Jews.

            Near Yitzhar, a Jewish community that has suffered many deaths from terrorism, we pass a Saudi Arabian Equestrian Center. There is an elegant path of palm trees leading up the driveway to the club house. The surrounding lands are filled with palatial Arab homes. This exists in the middle of the Jewish state. Why is this permitted? What difference does it make what words are spoken and what contracts signed when the facts on the ground are so evident? The Arabs are everywhere, and the Jews are holding on by their fingertips.

            We arrived at Nachliel in the Binyamin area. Again, there is no government funding for the school. Caravans serve as dorms and classrooms. With the help of the students, we plant tall shade trees. It's a difficult, but satisfying experience. Israel Danziger tells us about the one hundred families that are holding onto the entire Shilo plains area made up of Adei Ad, Kochav Hashachar, and Esh Kodesh. Yad Yair has already been destroyed by the Israeli government. It is now only a slope alongside Ramallah.

            We had the extraordinarily good fortune on Tuesday night, May 19, to join a convoy of fourteen buses that would be permitted to enter Shechem/Nablus in order to pray at the Tomb of Joseph. We regularly visited Kever Yosef when it was in Israeli hands and there was an army base adjacent to the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva at the grave. Even then, we had to travel in special armored buses to enter the PA controlled area. We watched the PLO officers strut around in their decorated uniforms, while the IDF wore fatigues – NOT uniforms – because that would displease the PA. We knew then that it would not be long before Israel would turn over the holy grave of Joseph to the Arabs and they would destroy it, as they did. Why was it all so obvious to us, and such a mystery to the Israeli government?

             It was wonderful being back at the holy place, and experiencing the reverence and love pouring out from the crowd that pressed to board the buses and enter the Kever area. It was bittersweet however, since we were like thieves in the night, entering after midnight, and returning before dawn, as per the agreement with the Arabs and the IDF. And this was the holy grave of our forefather Joseph, and this was in the holy land of Israel, where Jews have become the outsiders.

            As we drove out of Ariel along Route 60, we saw the spreading houses of Ramallah. The Arab homes are lavish and built close to the road. One eight story building overlooked the road, and could provide a perfect launching area for attacks on Jewish drivers. Once again the Arab taxis were a concern as they disregarded normal traffic rules and drove recklessly, as though they were the only ones on the road. We approached Pisgat Ze'ev at the northern end of Jerusalem and saw that an Arab home was being built at the main intersection of the city. We subsequently learned that many Arabs are buying apartments in the city, hoping to drive the Jews out as they move in. The same is true in French Hill. Driving south we came to Har Gilo and had a view of the ghastly concrete wall wrapping itself around Bethlehem and Gush Etzion. This is an ugly scar and distressing sight because we know the wall is not meant for security, but as a dividing line between Israeli and PA territory.

            We arrived in Bat Ayin where Shlomo Nativ was killed a few weeks before, by an Arab wielding a pick-ax. Shlomo's  friend, Yair Gamliel, was wounded in that attack. The Arab escaped. Gamliel's father has been in prison for 22 years for a supposed attempt at a bombing which never took place, and which he contends was never meant to occur.  He was only allowed to visit his wounded son in the hospital while in chains and surrounded by guards. While Arab prisoners are allowed visits with their families, the Jewish prisoners must see their family members while behind bars.  The discrimination against Jews is painful to witness.

            We drove south on Route 60 past areas where 20-30,000 Arabs live. It was not surprising to learn that the Arab villages south of Hebron are under Hamas control. We were at the edge of the Judean desert, passing Carmel, Maon, Sussya, Beit Yatir, and Bedouin camps where the shepherds were grazing their sheep right up to the fence. We stopped for a visit at Chavat Magen David, the home of Jonathan Shareth and his new wife, Yael.  Beginning in 2000, Jonathan had built everything himself, and we admired his handicraft. He spoke of the difficulties he encountered in trying to make a go of it alone.

            The next day, led by Chaim Silberstein of the Jerusalem Capital Development Fund, we were on our way to Kever Rachel, the grave of Mother Rachel. Chaim told us the touching story of how it was the tears of Menachem Porush that convinced PM Rabin to include Kever Rachel into Area C – the Israeli controlled area, rather than A, where it might have landed because of its location in Bethlehem. Sur Bacha was pointed out to us. It is an Arab community in eastern Jerusalem that houses over 30,000 illegal Arab buildings. We hear no outcries calling for the destruction of these homes that threaten to swallow up Israel's capital city. One wonders how the world can believe that Israel mistreats its Arabs so badly when we see how they swarm into Israel's cities and lands, not waiting for permits or legal papers to begin building their homes. Logic makes us ask how bad the Israelis can be if Arabs are desperate to live on their land.

            Chaim gave us a lesson on the ten Jewish neighborhoods on the periphery of eastern Jerusalem in which almost one quarter of a million Jews live. These are thriving communities like French Hill, Gilo and East Talpiot. The Arabs accuse the Israelis of having "occupied" their land and building on it. These are the "settlements" they insist on evacuating. The idea is preposterous. We looked past Ir David, the City of David, towards Silwan, the previous home of Jewish Yeminites. Today, Beit Yonatan is the one Jewish building standing proudly amongst the Arab dwellings, bravely flying the Israeli flag. How each inch that the Jews gain is such a victory, since it is done in spite of the obstructionist Israeli government!

Another such example of Jewish victory is in the Dr. Irving and Cherna Moskowitz housing development, Ma'Aleh HaZaytim. At present, 52 Jewish families are living there, surrounded by Arabs. In the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood there are seven Jewish families living amongst Arabs who have squatted on Jewish land. On our way there, we passed an illegal Arab auto dealer's "showroom," brazenly built without any permits. The Arab proprietor had no reason to hide his acquisition. He knew no one would stop him.

            We met with Arieh King, a one man crusader for Jewish land – in Jerusalem and throughout the country. He railed against the ugly concrete dividing wall built inside Jerusalem, which is establishing the Arab side of the city, and keeps some Jewish communities on the wrong side. In the north, near Ramallah, land owned by the JNF is being lost to Arabs. Residents of Ramallah move into Jerusalem and members of the PA illegally take their places in Ramallah. There is no checking of legality because the wall makes that impossible. Of course, Jews are not allowed into Arab areas. There are actually parts of Jerusalem that are designated Area A – no Jews allowed. Arieh took us to the old Atarot airport, in northern Jerusalem, where we saw for ourselves that the Arab population had proliferated, with new building everywhere, This previous JNF owned land is now Judenrein. There was an UNWRA school located there, with teachers from Hamas. Because MK Dr. Arieh Eldad was with us, along with members of his Hatikvah party, we were able to enter the area and actually drive along the old airstrip, verifying the Arab take-over of the area. It was interesting to learn that Arab refugee camps – Calandria and Shoafat, were also built on JNF land. The E1 corridor, linking French Hill and Maaleh Adumim, and owned by Persian Jews is also under threat. The Arabs would love to break the linkage in Jerusalem. Will they win this battle also?

            The Arab takeover of Israel is especially apparent in Hebron. Despite Rav Eliezer Waldman's words of optimism at the beginning of our visit, the reality that David Wilder presented to us was very distressing. Arabs have 98% of the city. The Jewish 2% also has Arabs living in it. When one looks over the city from Tel Rumeida, all one can see is Arab building. The Jews are confined to one street, and yet, they encapsulate the heart of religious Zionism in Israel. It is the Hebron Jew who has endured against all odds, from the time of King David's kingdom in the city. The 2,000 year old Maarat HaMachpelah, the burial site of Jewish matriarchs and patriarchs, is testament to the eternal nature of Jewish life in Israel. The Jewish "pond" in Hebron is remarkably small, but the "fish" breathe the holy air of Israel's second holiest city, and they will survive.

            On Shabbat, we had a walking tour with Bracha Slae of Ateret Cohanim. With two guards accompanying us, we walked into the former Jewish Quarter, now called the Muslim Quarter, of the Old City. We found many young Jewish families living in renovated apartments scattered throughout the area. Their children played happily on the rooftops, unable to go into the streets without guards protecting them. We were impressed by the courage of those who chose to live amongst hostile Arabs, some of whom glared at us as we walked through the narrow, crowded passageways. At Mincha time we prayed at the Kotel Hakatan, with hundreds of white shirted Yeshiva boys. Afterwards, it was inspiring to see hundreds of them singing together in the Cardo.  Their voices rose in the late afternoon light, and my heart was gladdened. No matter that wherever we looked there was illegal Arab building. There was also the Jewish heart and mind that reached out to HaShem and justified our existence in the Jewish homeland. Nothing could change that. Our spirits were lifted also by the newly renovated Ohel Yitzchak synagogue in the Old City. It's a gem of a building, restored through the generosity of Cherna and Dr. Irving Moskowitz, who have left their imprint throughout Israel – and especially in Jerusalem.

            We were concluding our Chizuk mission with a series of visits that have become mandatory in the AFSI itinerary. Our friends from the former Gush Katif communities, which were destroyed in August 2005 – four years ago – and who are still living in tents, caravans, apartment buildings, and all manner of temporary lodging – have become very dear to our hearts. We wouldn't consider being in Israel without visiting them in their far flung places. Anita Tucker, one of the heroines of the Jewish refugees, and Dror Vanunu, who had been with us from our very first visits to Gush Katif, and is now an official spokesman for the group, met us at Yesadot, a farm area in the Negev. Anita explained that it took 3-1/2 years for the government to approve this permanent home site for the Netzer Hazani outcasts. Building is scheduled to begin in the fall to accommodate forty families. I looked out at this barren land which now encompasses the dreams of Anita Tucker and her fellow displaced persons, and I couldn't stop the tears from gathering in my eyes. I remembered the lush, beautiful, and bountiful hot houses that Anita would take us to where we would feast on tomatoes, celery, and a variety of wonderful vegetables. Would the Tucker family be able to re-create what had been destroyed? Would their neighbors be able to do the same? It was a gargantuan task, rebuilding an entire community, along with the farms and homes. Anita and the Netzer Hazani people will do it – despite the hardships and obstacles thrown in their paths the past four years. Their pond was destroyed, but they will build anew, defying all odds.

            We stopped at Yad Binyamin to meet a spokesman for Job Katif. This is an extraordinary institution, begun by Rav Rimon from Alon Shvut, designed to retrain the members of the 21 Gush Katif communities who found themselves unemployed when their farms and communities were destroyed. Over 80% of the Gush Katif residents worked in their communities, so the expulsion and destruction also cost them their jobs. Job Katif had succeeded in helping over 1100 people start new businesses and get re-training. All of this was done without any government assistance. Private donations helped to keep the pond from drying up.

            We roamed through the large caves of the beautiful Lachish area, some of which were traced to the Bar Kochbar period. We learned that some of the Gush Katif transplants will be settling there in the very near future.

Our last stop was in Nitzan where 550 families live in caravans which they jokingly call, "caravillas." They are also provided with sewer pipes for protection against rockets, and these are called "sewervillas." Moshe Saperstein refuses to enter the shelter for reasons not too difficult to understand. Rachel Saperstein, always the optimist, was especially concerned about government neglect.  The lighting was out – the cleaning services eliminated, and there was no money for a makeshift summer camp for the 300 children of Nitzan – most of them from the former Nevei Dekalim. We learned that although 70 families are building today in the new Nitzan, 20% can't build because their compensation money was spent on their daily living expenses. Without jobs, they had no choice but to draw on whatever available funds there were in order to live.

            When we spoke to some of the Gush Katif transplants from Eli Sinai, Dugit, and Nissanit – the northernmost Gush Katif communities, who are now living in temporary housing in Ashkelon, there was a feeling of bitterness. They spoke abut the Erez crossing which had succeeded as an industrial zone housing 120 Jewish and 120 Arab businesses until 2004 when Hamas terrorism overtook it. The entire zone was bulldozed with no compensation for the lost businesses. Out of the 160 former Gush Katif families now living in Ashkelon, most are renting homes. Four families were able to build new homes, and twenty are in the process of getting permission. The vast majority are unable to build because they have run out of money. There is a Commission of Inquiry investigating the failure of the government to find solutions. One wonders what findings will emerge from the government investigating itself, and what actions will be taken to remedy the situation.

            Another must visit city on our itinerary is Sderot, and that was our next destination. Although the rocket fire has decreased in the city so that there is some semblance of normalcy, we visited a home where a Kassam had recently landed in the rear of the building, smashing a window next to the bed on which the owner's grandson was sleeping. An entire rear room had collapsed, with shrapnel cutting right through the walls, leaving pock marks everywhere.

            We went to the police station to see the display of rockets. Of the 8,000 plus rockets that were fired from Gaza, there were 1,000 on display. Although Sderot had been targeted before the expulsion from Gush Katif, there had been a 300% increase in rocket attacks since the expulsion. And these rockets were deadly, being packed with ball bearings and screws in order to inflict maximum damage.

            The bright spot in this city of 20,000 is the Hesder Yeshiva, run by Rabbi Fendel. On a previous visit, we had seen the sleeping palettes of the Yeshiva boys all in one large, protected room, and the Yeshiva itself as a run-down building. What we saw this time was somewhat miraculous. A beautiful new Yeshiva, sprawling campus, protected dorm rooms, have all been built with some help from the government, but most of the costs being covered by private donations. One must marvel at the transformation, amidst all the rocket fire. Again, there was Sderot, bombarded by Kassam rockets, with the government doing nothing to protect its citizens. One would think drying up this pond would send the fish fleeing for their lives. Not so. The city is thriving, with much of the thanks going to Rabbi Fendel and his Hesder Yeshiva boys.

            We were coming to the end of our trip, our last stop before heading for the airport for the return trip to New York. We had been invited by some young Israeli women serving in the National Service to visit them in Yaffo.  The ancient city, mentioned in the story of Jonah and the whale, lies adjacent to Tel Aviv, with a  population breakdown of 55% Jewish and 45% Arab. As we walked along the main street towards the port, we saw that most of the stores were run by Arabs. We were stunned to learn that 80% of the Jewish girls were married to Arabs. The work of the National Service girls, committed to one or two years of full time effort, was to expose the unmarried girls to their Jewish heritage through teaching programs and service at community centers. The hope was that by learning the traditions of their own culture and religion, they would not be susceptible to the temptations the Arabs offered them.  It was shocking to think that in the Land of Israel there are Jews who don't know who they are.

            Our beautiful trip to Israel – wonderful as always – was tinged with sadness as we recognized the many problems that Israel must solve; however, as always, we are filled with optimism that HaShem's promise to the Jewish people will be realized, and we've only just begun.


Helen Freedman is the Executive Director of Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI. She can be reached at the AFSI office: 212-828-2424;800-235-3658;; cell: 917-886-0729






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Fwd: Rav Ovadia Shlita Slams President Obama & Other World Leaders


Hodu LaHashem Ki Tov Ki LeOlam Chasdo!

Can Agudath Yisroel of America, the Young Israel, the OU , Chabad International and the RCA and the thousands of Rabbanim and Congregations and hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of devoted Jews follow suit of Rabbi Amar and Rav Ovadia Yosef and do what we can to bring out the Torah message of our Biblical Heritage.

Most importantly we the G-d fearing and caring Jews, believers in our Torah   and loyal American citizens must be convinced ourselves that the Torah is everlasting and can not be annulled! 

Keeping the Torah in the sacred Land of Israel will benefit all of mankind and bring peace and prosperity to humanity and the world!

From: "The Yeshiva World" <>
Date: July 25, 2009 9:52:30 PM PDT
Subject: Rav Ovadia Shlita Slams President Obama & Other World Leaders

Rav Ovadia Shlita Slams President Obama & Other World Leaders

Maran Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlita in his motzei shabbos drasha came out against US President Barak Hussein Obama and other world leaders who feel they can dictate policy in Eretz Yisrael.

The Rav stated "they tell us not to build here and not to build if we are their slaves". The Rav concluded that Moshiach will come and they will all be gone.

Rav Ovadia added that in the place of the Beis HaMikdosh today there are Arabs and all these wicked people will be ousted when Moshiach arrives. He is waiting for us more than we await his arrival explained the Gadol HaDor. "Only learning Torah will expedite his arrival. Nothing else will help, not bagrut (matriculation) or safrut (literature)".

(Yechiel Spira - YWN Israel)

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Chairman of Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations Turns against Obama


Conference of Presidents reprimanding OBAMA!

Excellent first step!  Let's continue and talk about our Biblical Heritage!

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From: Evelyn Hayes <>
Date: Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 4:11 PM
Subject: Fwd: [AmericanZionists] National Jewish Leader Turns against Obama
To:, "Congressman Anthony D. Weiner" <>, "Schumer, Senator (Schumer)" <>,,, boblang <>, "" <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  National Jewish Leader Turns against Obama
By Leo Rennert

A huge crack has surfaced in Obama's Jewish base in the person of Alan Solow, one of the president's closest Chicago friends and long-time supporters.

Solow, who was named chairman of the Conference of President of Major Jewish Organizations last December, just released a highly critical statement on behalf of the 52-member group, in which he thoroughly disagrees with Obama's demand that Israel halt all construction of Jewish housing in East Jerusalem, including the Old City -- the holiest place in Judaism.

In a statement co-signed by Conference Executive Vice Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein, Solow took special aim at Obama's insistence that Israel not proceed with 20-apartment development on a Jewish-owned parcel in the eastern section of Israel's capital.

Solow said he found "disturbing the objections raised to the proposed construction of residential units on property that was legally purchased and approved by the appropriate authorities. The area in question houses major Israeli governmental agencies, including the national police headquarters. In addition to the Jewish housing, the project called for apartment units for Arabs as well."

Solow complained that, while the Obama administration wants to freeze legal Jewish housing in the eastern part of Jerusalem, it has been quick to "raise objections to the removal of illegal structures built by Arabs in eastern Jerusalem, even though they were built in violation of zoning and other requirements often on usurped land."

"Hundreds of Arab families have moved into Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the same right should be accorded to Jewish residents to live wherever they choose in Jerusalem. No government of Israel has or can pursue a discriminatory policy that would prevent the legitimate presence of Jews in any area of the capital," Solow added.

To appreciate the significance of Solow's fallout with Obama on Jerusalem, one needs to keep in mind their long-time close relationship in Chicago. Solow, who once lived in Obama's neighborhood, backed his political ascent going back to Obama's campaign for the Illinois Senate a dozen years ago.

One also needs to keep in mind that Solow was chosen to head the Conference of Presidents as a clear post-election signal that the American Jewish community, which voted for Obama by a lopsided 78 percent margin, wanted the new president to know that one of his closest friends and supporters would be speaking for U.S. Jewry as Obama prepared to take office.

For his part, Solow was clearly smitten with Obama and firmly believed that he could be counted on to nurture positive ties with Israel during his term in office. "I said with a smile that he will be the first Jewish president," Solow boasted after Obama won the Democratic nomination. "He has a deep understanding of issues that confront Israel and the Jewish community."

Solow had similar feelings and expectations for another one of his close Chicago acquaintances -- White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Speaking of Emanuel, Solow remarked last year that "his support of Israel fits with the president-elect's thinking."

Now, Solow's statement makes it clear that his rosy expectations of Obama and Emanuel as reliable friends of Israel have been dashed.

Furthermore to appreciate Solow's public disagreement with the president, it's significant that he issued his statement not as a private citizen, but on the letterhead of , the Conference of Presidents. The conference embraces 52 Jewish organizations spanning the gamut from Reform to Orthodox, from American for Peace Now to the Zionist Organization of America.

So this time, it's not only a few reliable Israel supporters like Morton Klein of ZOA or Conference Vice Chairman Hoenlein who have been voicing deep concerns about Obama's policies toward Israel. Now, it's long-time friend Solow, speaking for the entire Conference.

The same Solow, who also initiated Obama's recent White House meeting with a group of Jewish leaders.

For Solow to break so visibly with Obama belies assertions by far-left Jewish groups like J Street that their full confidence and support for Obama represent the consensus of views of American Jewry and that only a few Jews on the margins are being critical of the president.

Solow's statement has ushered in a new chapter in relations between this White House and the American Jewish community. This honeymoon could be over.


Re: Solidarity Mission to Judea-Samaria

Dear Organizers of This Mission, amv"sh


I would love to go.  It's hard for me to get away.  I would like to offer some input.

Can you put Hebron first on the itinerary to gain chizuk (spiritual strength)?  I hope and pray that this mission will inspire Rabbi Lerner, Mort Klein, Dov Hikind and the other leaders in the Jewish Community to have the courage to say things that are not now politically correct and establish a new politically correct message.

 I would like Rabbi Lerner, Mort Klein, Dov Hikind etc.  to speak out for our entitlement of the Land of Israel based on our Biblical Heritage.
  I would like them to validate the struggle of the hilltop youth. The press have them portrayed as being radical, extremists, violent, lawless, anti State, and on the fringe etc.rather than portraying them accurately as lovers of the Land of Israel who feel that Jews have the right to settle all parts of the Land and that these outposts are actually protecting the major population centers of Israel as we learned from lessons of the destruction of Gush Gatif.  Media vilification on the hilltop youth will be more difficult when mainstream Leaders validate their struggle.

Unfortunately the State by removing checkpoints, arresting settlers  w/o due process, and by not authorizing new kindergartens and housing in Judea and Samaria given the high birthrate, show that the State is being difficient in protecting and serving their loyal entitled constituents  who serve in the army (many in elite units),  are productive and tax paying citizens and happen to reside in Judea and Samaria.  

This tour is going to great places and meeting great people.  Let me suggest that Nadia Matar, Susie Dym, Israel Danziger and Arieh King be  included on the itinerary and this will give it a fuller picture.  Helen Freedman can help. 

Dov Hikind on the Dov Hikind Show emphasizes lack of reciprocity.  Up to this point Dov Hikind and Rabbi Lerner as political figures, have tried to be politically correct by not emphasizing the Biblical message.  This is not because they deny the Torah chas vechalila  but they like Netanyahu are relying on the fact that there will be no reciprocity and the Palestinians will never agree to a demilitarized State. (which Sovereign State has no army?).

However, the Arabs and our own Congressman have picked up on this and rightfully say that these Jews don't mean what they say.  These Jews really do not want a Palestinian State and the 2 State Solution. The Jews are deceiving us....

After all the Torah says.....

At this point we have no alternative but to admit our error in misleading the public and clarify the accurate Jewish response :    This is G-d's Land. This Land was Promised to us by G-d and Sovereignty is not to be shared, and with G-d's help only we can bring sanctity to the Holy Land by observing the Commandments..Jews must have full Sovereignty for the benefit of mankind, peace and blessings to the world and all those that accept Jewish Sovereignty are welcome to stay. Otherwise they should move or face the consequences.

Why should only the Arabs speak about Allah? Let's bring G-d on our side and make a Kiddush Hashem by showing Am Yisroel's yearning and desire to keep the Commandments in Sefer Devarim in Eretz Yisroel by living and settling the Land

.Let us not be deceptive and even suggest that under certain conditions one is willing to sell one's birthright (for a pot of lentils aka reciprocity). 

Thank you for listening.

Sincerely, Robin Ticker

Posted on and facebook

Subject: Needed Committed Jews - Solidarity Mission to Judea-Samaria -- forward
Date: Friday, July 24, 2009, 5:15 PM

Rabbi Pesach Lerner
Executive Vice President
National Council of Young Israel
111 John Street, Suite 450
New York, New York 10038
Tel: 212-929-1525 ext. 100
Fax: 212-727-9526



To:       Lay and Professional Leadership, Jewish organizations who care for Israel


From:  Rabbi Pesach Lerner, Executive Vice President, National Council of Young Israel


Date:   July 17, 2009


Re:      Mission to Yehuda and Shomron



Dear Friends,


Many of you have been receiving emails about our upcoming Emergency Leadership Mission to Israel.  If you have not, please accept this email as our personal invitation.


The mission is to give chizuk and support to the communities of Yehuda and Shomron, and for each of us to see for ourselves so we can become better and more knowledgeable activists on behalf of greater Israel.


Mission Dates:

Leaving NY Sunday August 30 at 2:30 pm.  

Arrive in Israel, Monday morning about 8 am.

The bus will meet us at the airport and the mission will begin.  The mission ends Thursday afternoon/evening, September 3.

Please see attached very tentative mission itinerary.  For questions and or suggestions about the itinerary, please contact Scott Feltman, Executive VP of One Israel Fund at: 516-239-9202 ext 12 or email:


Flight Information:

The main group (as we will have a Press conference at the airport) will be taking the EL AL flight from JFK airport Sunday, August 30, at 2:30 pm.  For those that may not be able to get a seat on that flight (reservations must be made asap), EL AL has a Sunday, August 30, 2:30 pm flight from Newark airport.  Both arrive at Ben Gurion about 8 am.on Monday.


You can make your own travel arrangements or contact Do-All-Travel, attention Judy at the Israel desk, 718-972-6000 option 0 ask for Judy or


Land Arrangements:

The bus will meet us at the airport and the mission will begin.  The mission ends Thursday afternoon/evening, September 3.

A bus will be provided to the airport for those who will return to the airport when the mission ends.  For hose who will remain in Israel, we will make arrangements to get you to your next stop.


The land cost will be about $850  (final numbers can only be calculated once we know how many people will be on the mission, so we can properly divide the cost of bus, tour guides, etc.).  The mission will include bullet proof bus, hotel (double occupancy; single occupancy is available) all meals, guides, fees, extras, etc.


We invite you and your leadership to join us.  Please share this email with others you believe should join us.


For information or questions about the mission, theme, participants, etc. please contact:

Dov Hikind:

Pesach Lerner:

Howard Teich:


For assistance with flights please contact:

Wolf Sender:


To date, participants include:

Dov Hikind, NY Assemblyman

Mort Klein, President,  ZOA

Rabbi Pesach Lerner, Executive VP, NCYI

Steve Orlow,  Scott Feltman, One Israel Fund

Howard Teich, Community activist

Rabbi Steve Weil, Executive VP, OU


To register, please send a $500 deposit (toward the land costs) to Scott Feltman, Executive VP, One Israel Fund, 1175 West Broadway Suite 10, Hewlett, NY  11557.  Please make checks payable to: One Israel Fund.


Space is limited, time is of the essence.

We welcome your participation, questions and comments.



From: Scott M. Feltman []
Sent: Friday, July 03, 2009 1:07 PM-----STILL TO BE ADAPTED AND CHANGED
To: Pesach Lerner
Subject:  Tentative Mission Itinerary

Here is a sample mission which should cover many, if not all of our bases.  These are long days but there is so much to convey in such a short amount of time.  I tried to make sure that each person and place is multi-faceted, you don't have the luxury of just a pathos or security visit, each thing has to cover MORE than one of the following areas:  history, security, rights, terror/army death, normal person, religious, secular, political, etc.  I have a tour guide holding the dates but we will need to confirm the itinerary and dates immediately.  Even now, some things will be difficult.  For example, I put the Herodion at the end of the day in the hopes that we will get clearance to visit.  It's a hot time for tourists but they tend to do this in the early morning.  This itinerary is subject to change at any time base   on security clearances and availability of speakers and community representatives.    
 Day 1 – Northern Shomron
·         Arrive in Ben Gurion
·         Check-in at Aishel HaShomron Hotel in Ariel
·         Shacharit & Breakfast (Guest Speaker - TBD)
·         Private tour of the University Center of Judea and Samaria in Ariel – home to over 20,000 students –  
 ·         Visit to Barkan Industrial Park.  Learn about the tremendous industry of the Shomron – one of the largest in Israel and learn about its "Green Movement".  Lunch at the Barkan
·            Visit Paduel and view the Shomron as well as Ben Gurion Airport from its panoramic lookout 
·         Meet the residents of Nofim
·         Beit Aryeh – Here you will learn why certain communities are within the security fence and others are on the outside.
·         Partake in the building of a home in the Shomron in Chovot Yair.  Enjoy dinner at the Coffee House
·         Return to Hotel
Day 2 – Shomron
·         Depart Ariel for Itamar and meet the families of this strategic yishuv.   Meet the members of its Kita Konnenut – the Civilian Rapid Response Team.  Get acquainted with the "Big Brother" Program and meet with Mayor Moshe Goldsmith.
·         Tour the modern community of Eli.  Meet with Rav Eli Sadan, Rosh Mechina of Bnei David Pre-Military Academy
·         Visit Shiloh – first home of the mishkan.  Meet with resident Professor Yisrael Medad .   
       Meet Ronit Shukar, winner of the Moskowitz Prize's 2009 Lion of Zion Award for her role in the pioneering Zionist enterprise of the settlement of the Shilo area; for her commitment to the renewing the Zionist dream of Jewish agricultural labor in the Binyamin Region; and for her efforts to instill these values in today's youth by setting an example for Zionist achievement
·         Visit with the IDF base stationed outside Ramallah, the most hostile city in the West Bank.  This battalion is charged with the difficult task of trying to prevent terrorist infiltrations, enter Ramallah to arrest suspected terrorists under the cover of night and capture smugglers. This visit will allow you to witness firsthand the complex situation and hear from the commanders in charge, as well as the soldiers in the field, about their lives and missions.  Lunch on base with the soldiers.
·         Meet vintner Yaacov Gross of the award winning Psagot Winery – recreated in the same cave used for making wine in the time of the 2nd Temple.  Observe the security fence from Psagot protecting over one-hundred thousand Jews from the terrorist hotbed of Ramallah. 
·         Drive to Kfar Adumim and see the entire yishuv of Ma'ale Adumim and its proximity to Jerusalem.  Ma'ale Adumim is home to over 35,000 residents.
·         Check into hotel in Jerusalem 
·         Dinner and Guest Speaker - TBD


Day 3 – Jerusalem

·         Shacharit at Beit Orot

·         Har HaZeitim Lookout Point of the City of Jerusalem

·         Bus and walking tour through the old and new cities of Jerusalem, paying close attention to the lines of demarcation since 1967

·         Meet with key gov't officials and Chief Rabbis

·         Meet a "sister" from the Sion Monastery and learn about the Christian views towards the Old City governance

·         Briefing with Eilat Mazar - leading archaeological expert for the Temple Mount and Ir David excavations.  Learn about the Arab quest to eradicate all evidence of Jewish historical claims to the city of Jerusalem.  Watch a video presentation of the history of Ir David.

Day 4 – Yehuda

·         Meet Eve Harow – International Spokesperson on behalf of the 300,000 residents of YESHA.   

 ·         Drive to strategic community of Neve Daniel – highest point and in the Gush Etzion Region

·         Meet the residents of a unique group of settlers who have settled in the Judean Hills

·         Drive through the anglo community of Efrat  

 ·         Visit Alon Sh'vut and meet with its Chief Rabbi Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon, RAM at Yeshivat Har Etzion and founder of Jobkatif 

        Visit the Ancient Oak Tree – a symbol of the pioneer spirit of the region.

·         Lunch and wine tasting at the Gush Etzion Winery

·         Experience an Audio/Visual Presentation of the Gush Etzion Region in Kfar Etzion

·         Visit the ruins of mikveh from 2,200 years ago

·         Scale the Herodion and learn about the ancient history of the entire Gush Etzion Region

·         Drive South to the ancient city of Susiya.  See the excavations of this once proud city.  Learn about the historical significance of the area as well as its close proximity to the cities of Beersheva and Arad.

·         Meet the hesder students at Yeshivat Otniel – learn about its tragedy and triumph.

·         Arrive at Me'arat Hamachpela in Hebron for Mincha.  Brief walking tour  of  the Jewish Community of Hebron.  Enjoy dinner in Yeshiva Shaavei Hevron where you will hear unprecedented news in the city of Hebron.

·         Depart for the Airport