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The Blood Libel Regarding "Settler Violence". עלילת הדם על "אלימות המתנחלים



עלילת הדם על "אלימות המתנחלים" – השקרים, התעמולה, המניפולציות, הנתונים המנופחים | קלמן ליבסקינד

*The blood libel regarding "settler violence" – the lies, the disinformation, the manipulations, the inflated data.* 

*The dreadful way in which settlers are blamed for events in which they are the victims.*  

*Kalman Liebeskind*
*Maariv December 29, 2023*
 Translated into English as a public service by the Sovereignty Movement

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 Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
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לעלוי נשמת הראל שרביט הי"ד l'Ilui Nishmat Harel Sharvit Hy'd . Free Amiram Ben Uliel Ben Nurit. Stop Blood Libels on Jewish Settlers!!!!

אל המקום אשר...


ערב שבת קודש י"ז טבת תשפ"ד

תרגום בעברית  חלקי בעזרת גוגל למטה ...

Harel Sharvit Hy'd who was just killed in Aza, whose Levaya is happening at this very moment as I am writing this post, literally stopped his life before serving in Gaza to be an activist and advocate for Amiram Ben Uliel. Amiram Ben Uliel was blood libeled, falsely accused and was tortured until he confessed to the arson crime that took place in the Arab village of Duma. This arson in 2015 killed 3 members of the Dawabsha family...the parents and their baby. 

So now is the perfect time to continue the legacy of Harel Sharvit h'yd and fight for Truth and Justice and to conquer our enemies and return to our beautiful Land without threats of our enemies who want to exterminate us. May we yearn as did הראל שרביט ה'יד for Malchut Shamayim...a Heavenly Kingdom, Malchut Beit David... a Kingdom who knows how to serve G-d with humility and with Self sacrifice as did King David and yearn for the rebuilding of our Holy Temple as did Harel Sharvit h'yd.  b'Ezrat Hashem may Truth and Justice, peace and prosperity reign speedily in our days Mamesh!!!

The Duma Parsha and the Miscarriage of Justice Against Amiram Ben Uliel: 
So who is/was the most likely perpetrators of the Duma arson crime?

Since there in an ongoing infighting between different Muslim clans and arson is not unusual occurrence in such families, many believe the likely perpetrators were from a feuding Arab clan.

But only Jews were rounded up and investigated. 3 months later, still no suspect! How come? Probably they weren't searching in the right place but in their mindset the right place had to point a finger at a Jew.

 So in order to find a Jewish Perpetrator special permission was granted to apply special measures,(torture) and Amiram Ben Uliel was tortured until he confessed. 

All this followed 3 months of rounding up tens of Hilltop Youth, who were held  under administrative detention, incarcerated, endured harsh interrogations, denied basic civil and human rights as minors or adults. All this was justified based on the false accusations that they are ticking time bombs, followers of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane h'yd and "surely advocates of the murder of innocent Arabs". All lies.

Amiram and minor A. were finally chosen as the scapegoats to push the false narrative of "Jewish Terror". Amiram's  re-enaction of his "crime" took place with his interrogator and torturer with him and directing him.  Amiram was sentenced to 3 life sentences in a kangaroo court with much delay. He and his family consistently retracted his confession and always claimed it was made under duress and his testimony should have been inadmissable!  He and his family never bragged about murdering innocent Arabs. They never saw this arson in a positive light nor viewed the deaths of innocent Arab civilians as their pride and trophy as do Hamas Terrorists. In fact they had have no issues in trying to find the real perpetrators and bring them to justice. 

 Amiram had an Alibi, but the court system didn't even interrogate his wife who claimed he was home. It's pretty obvious that Amiram's personality is just not the type to do something stupid, suicidal and macho which is to walk into the center of an Arab village a few kilometers in, throw a Molotov cocktail, saw no one was killed, write Hebrew graffiti, in a handwriting that is not his, that doesn't reflect his Breslov ideology and then throw another Molotov cocktail to kill the members of the Dawabsha family and then walked back to his home undetected.  In addition, the initial story of local Arab residents who were there and interviewed, totally contradict his re-enaction of what transpired that night.  Surely there is sufficient evidence to prove Amiram is not the perpetrator beyond a shadow of a doubt. But the Israeli court allowed the prosecution to first allow the prosecution to find Jewish perpetrators in order to placate World opinion and then manufactured the evidence in support of a false narrative! 
על אלה אני בוכי'ה

It has now been 8 years that Amiram Ben Uliel is in prison under the harshest conditions, beyond his actual sentence of 3 lifetime imprisonment. He was placed in solitary confinement, not part of his sentence ...a form of continuous mental torture by itself. Amiram is not held in the Agaf Torani, the Torah branch, with other like minded prisoners.

These are more or less his incarcerated conditions from my understanding. (Please correct me if I am off).  

Amiram Ben Uliel has visitation rights with his wife and little girl every 2 weeks though a glass petition for a half hour or so. He is living in a tiny cubicle of a cell 24/7 by himself and receives fresh air for a half hour or so every day.  He can have around 5 books total in his cell. That's it for socialization

In the Diaspora, globally, there is a strong uptick spreading lies of "Settler Violence". Examples include President Biden threatening Israel to withhold weapons and to deny Visa's to "extremist ,Violent, Settlers".  Yossi Dagan head of the Shomron council and Caroline Glick and many others prove them wrong but the media, often originating from Al Jezeera,  spreads lies and slander about Settlers (and also about the IDF for that matter).

UNRWA education is all Hate Education against Israel that the enemy now has to somehow justify. 

That is why we must insist that Amiram Ben Uliel  is freed along with those placed under Administrative Detention. 

Amiram and those interrogated in the Duma miscarriage of justice, is a perfect example of a modern Blood libel. Amiram and the Hilltop Youth Settlers are and were just pawns to spread lies about "Jewish Terror" for moral equivalency. 

It is obvious that Hamas is a Terror organization.... especially now when Hamas and Fatah terrorists are proud to share on social media videos of themselves committing atrocities. In order to counter this horrible reality, Al Jezeera and our enemies have to invent and spread lies about "Settlers Violence".  This then "justifies" atrocities against Jews since it serves to blood libel a few Jews which is then attributed to all Jews.

Links of videos of  Harel Sharvit advocacy on behalf of Amiram and his last last communications before he was killed will be added G-d willing to this post. 

תרגום חלקי בעזרת גוגל...

אל המקום אשר...
 בחוץ לארץ יש עלייה חזקה בהפצת שקרים של "אלימות מתנחלים".  דוגמאות לכך כוללות הנשיא ביידן שאיים על ישראל למנוע נשק ולשלול ויזה ל "קיצוניים, אלימים, מתנחלים".  יוסי דגן וקרוליין גליק  ואחרים מוכיחים שזה שקר אבל התקשורת, שמקורה, (הרבה באל ג'זירה), מפיצה שקרים על מתנחלים (וגם על צה"ל).  חינוך של אונר"א הוא כולו חינוך שנאה שהאויב צריך כעת איכשהו להצדיק.  לכן עלינו לעמוד על כך שעמירם ישוחרר מיד יחד עם המוחזקים במעצר מנהלי.  עמירם והנחקרים  (עשרות בני נוער גבעות) בפרשת דומא הם דוגמה מושלמת לעלילת דם מודרנית.  עמירם ומתנחלי נוער הגבעות הם רק פיונים להפצת שקרים על "טרור יהודי" על ידי מחלקת יהודי טרור של שב"כ לשם שוויון מוסרי.  ברור שחמאס הוא ארגון טרור.  במיוחד עכשיו כשמחבלי חמאס ופת"ח גאים לשתף ברשתות החברתיות סרטונים של עצמם מבצעים זוועות.  
על מנת להתמודד עם המציאות הנוראה הזו, אל ג'זירה והאויבים שלנו צריכים להמציא ולהפיץ שקרים על "אלימות מתנחלים".  אז זה "מצדיק" מעשי זוועה נגד יהודים, וככה זה משמש לעלילת דם על כמה יהודים כדי להדביק העלילה על כל היהודים...

לעלוי נשמת הראל שרביט הי"ד בן הרב יצחק ונוגה

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5th of Tevet: 23 years Since The Murder of Binyamin and Talya Kahane HY"D on Judean Autonomy


Posted by Lenny Goldberg

5th of Tevet: 23 years Since The Murder of Binyamin and Talya Kahane, H'yd...

𝑅𝑎𝑏𝑏𝑖 𝐵𝑖𝑛𝑦𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑛 𝐾𝑎ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑒'𝑠 𝐹𝑖𝑛𝑎𝑙 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑃𝑟𝑜𝑝ℎ𝑒𝑡𝑖𝑐 𝑀𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑎𝑔𝑒

Rabbi Binyamin Kahane was not only the son of Rabbi Meir Kahane, he was also a student of his father, a "talmid muvhak". That made him the ultimate continuation of his father's legacy – for he inherited his "genes" and he absorbed his Torah externally. I first became acquainted with Rabbi Binyamin at the the Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea which he played a major role in establishing. He was a serious and dilligent "matmeed", quiet, reserved, exuding a princely demeanor.

Even before thrust into the limelight by his father's death and assuming a leadership role, I recognized his remarkable writing skills and ability to analyze the political landscape through the lens of the Jewish Idea. At that time, he had already initiated his weekly parsha commentary titled "Kach He Darka Shel Torah" – "Thus is the Way of Torah ("Thus"/"Kach" was also the name of Rabbi Kahane's movement, so this was a catchy title). Impressed by his work, I took on the task of translating everything Rabbi Binyamin wrote or spoke into English for the decade between Rabbi Meir Kahane's murder in 1990 and Binyamin Kahane's death in 2000. Much like his distinguished father, Rabbi Binyamin possessed vision and an ability to discern trends, foreseeing the trajectory of events. For quite a time already, Rabbi Binyamin had firmly concluded that casting votes in the Knesset was not the avenue for bringing about change, a sentiment he frequently expressed in his writings. The blessed redemption, according to him, would have to manifest through alternative means. Similar to his father, who advocated for the idea of the "State of Judea" in his later years, Rabbi Binyamin, packaging the idea differently, also urged that the settlers "take their destiny into their hands".

Today, given the looming threat of Arab pogroms fueled by their success on October 7, coupled with the absence of an IDF response to these attacks (as witnessed two years ago in Jaffa, Lod, and Acco where Jews were left to endure Arab pogroms), Jewish communities are increasingly recognizing the need to protect themselves. Response teams in settlements across Judea and Samaria are preparing for a potential recurrence of events similar to October 7. They are procuring drones and undergoing independent training, acknowledging the reality that reliance on the IDF for their safety may be precarious. In certain respects, the settlers are proactively "taking their destiny into their own hands." Rabbi Binyamin Kahane hoped that this movement would evolve into something more profound – additional Jewish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and a revitalized spirit of Zionism. The following is a translation of some excerpts from his parting message, written in the midst of the "Arab Intifada 2000" which saw the renewed murder of Jews and the trashing of Joseph's Tomb in Shchem:

To my dear Brothers living in the mountains of Judea and Samaria: The situation facing us demands that we courageously reassess that we have believed until now. The issue before us is no longer just the fundamental problem of Chillul Hashem and Jewish humiliation. It is now a simple issue of security and survival that involves each and every one of us. Living in the mountains of Judea and Samaria, we are truly fortunate in that we comprise a community that fears its G-d, loves its nation, and is prepared for self-sacrifice. At this time of unrelenting strife, violence and an all out declared war, this faith grants us an advantage over those who may live in safer areas.

The situation in Israel is complex. On the one hand, we are fully prepared physically and spiritually to retain Jewish control over the Jewish homeland, more than any other sector in Israeli society. On the other hand, the IDF is being exposed, with all the goodwill – as a confused body lacking direction and ideology, and above all, with no faith in G-d.

My suggestion is as follows: All the settlements on the mountain ridge running north-south along the length of Judea and Samaria must conjoin with each other, forming a united leadership. This will immediately broadcast an unequivocal message to the Israeli government: We, who live here, are ready and willing to take full responsibility for this area upon ourselves. As we all know, the government fully intended in any event to abandon virtually all this region to the Arabs. So please hand over the land to us. By the grace of G-d, here in these mountains we have wonderful youth and highly trained military personnel whose moral is high; they will glady accept the responsibility upon themselves.

Without a doubt, the Arab denizens will be terrified merely at hearing this news: authority here will no longer rest with the shackled army which for so long has been the punching bag for Arab hooligans. Rather, those "monstrous settlers" (and thank G-d the media portray us as the devil incarnate) will now take charge. Without the slightest of doubt, such a step would clear the air here. There will be a complete about face: this news will, for the first time in too many years, attract the youths in their hundreds. At long last, there will be a genuine "yishuv Ha-aretz", and the beginning of Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel. This will put an end to the confused stammering and search for ways of handing over the land to the enemies of G-d. Can we even begin to imagine the inspiration this this earth-shaking news would give to so many secular and religious Jews, in Israel and abroad. It has been far too long since we experienced that deep and stirring feeling of national pride.

None of this entails separating ourselves from society. To the contrary, we will remain part of Israeli society, willing at a moment's notice to rejoin, by agreement, that state which has, until now refused for 33 years to annex us. We speak hear not of separation, but of additional Jewish sovereignty over a part of the Land of Israel which has been too long abandoned. We act for the good of the Nation of Israel and for the sake of our families safety. Above all, we act for the sake of Kiddush Hashem, the sanctification of G-d's Name and eradicating its desecration until the hour of the Redemption arrive.

With grave concern and with love of Israel,
Binyamin Kahane,

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Conceptzia Stinks. Are the Generals of the IDF Putting the Lives of Chayalim at Risk Unnecessarily? Worried Parents Speak Up. Is Morale Falling Due to Conceptzia?


אל המקום אשר...

8th day of Chanukah... 5784
and updated...

See References Below:

The growing discontent with the top rank Military leaders intensified with the recent ambush of Golani Soldiers in Gaza. 9 soldiers were killed and others wounded  Many see this as having been preventable. The daily rise in IDF fatalities is increasing 

Parents of Soldiers on the Battleground, among others, are reporting that there is insufficient  air support and  are asking why aren't buildings demolished before the ground troops enter? It is noted that the absence of air support enabled the October 7th massacre as well.

Conceptzia driven, irresponsible marching orders to clean IDF Graffiti of the likes of "Shma Yisroel" and "Chozrim Habayta" is affecting morale . Removing soldiers from duty when they proudly put Shma Yisroel, Hashem Melech and Chanukah songs on the loudspeakers in Gaza sends the message that the higher ups are clueless as per why we went to War and are not fighting this War on G-d's behalf when the evil is directed against G-d Almighty.

The Soldiers on the ground have better clarity and Vision. The Generals need to step down and to be replaced with Generals who are first and foremost G-d fearing and answer to an Almighty G-d rather than the US, before giving derelict orders that endanger the troops.

Rabbi Jacobson describes how the Lubavitcher Rebbe was constantly warning Israel to fight the enemy till the end with Torah being the Light.

Jonathan Pollard calls on Generals to be court martialled. Caroline Glick says they should be fired  and HaRav Uri Sofer is well researched and outspoken as well.


Letter and Petition of the Mothers of fighters to The Prime Minister. Don't endanger the Chayalim unnecessarily. You must destroy the buildings. Translation follows;
אימהות הלוחמים לראש הממשלה: לא לסכן חיילים לחינם! חובה להוריד בניינים!
Sign Now (hebrew petition)

Mothers of the fighters to the Prime Minister: Do not endanger soldiers for nothing!  Buildings must be taken down!
The mothers of the soldiers are demanding from the Prime Minister:

Our sons, the heroes, are fighting with courage and bravery, as we have taught them, against the Nazi enemy in Gaza and in all sectors.
 We demand not to endanger the soldiers for nothing.  We demand that buildings, "hospitals" (terrorist headquarters), schools (where incitement and anti-Semitism are taught) and every enemy structure be taken down, and not put our boys in dangerous alleys for nothing!

The greatest humanitarianism - the elimination of the enemy!

Soldiers' lives are a million times more precious than the same population that celebrated and rejoiced in the massacre of Jewish babies, the rape of women and the slaughter of the elderly on the last holiday of Simchat Torah.

How long will soldiers risk their lives for no reason?  How long will the soldiers suffer from orders of those who follow the "conceptzia". (The dangerous conception that we must save civilian life at any cost)

We demand from the prime minister: not to endanger soldiers for nothing!  Buildings must be taken down!

Sima Hasson, mother of 2 heroic fighters -

The March of Mothers of the fighters.
 Signatures (12,349)
 Anna Dmitrichenko
 Shlomo Lipshitz
 Efrat Rheingold
 enzo bellaiche
 Amy Kesselman
 Lillian Parkash
 Yonatan ben his father-in-law
 Anat Uziel
 Sophie Les Krakowski
 Tzipi Dudovitz
 Meli Mirkin

Translation of a Fathers letter

A reservist, the father of a soldier in Golani's 13th battalion, wrote to the Chief of Staff:

 In honor of the IDF Chief of Staff
 Major General Herzi Halevi

 1.  We are all mourning the death in the storm of battle of a hero of Israel, a commander adored and loved by his soldiers, Lt. Col. Tomer Greenberg 14th, from Golani's 13th Brigade, who fell last night in Sejaia with eight other commanders and fighters, heroes of Israel 14th.

 1.  Our son, who serves in the 13th Battalion under Tomer's command, tells of cases in which air support was not given to Golani's ground forces.  For example, during the occupation of Sajaya it became clear that there were terrorists entrenched in a school, despite repeated appeals by the Commander of the base, this school was not bombed from the air. This fact forced the Commander to carry out a military attack without any easing the situation and bombing from the air before the attack and without assistance during it  .

 2.  In other cases, orders to precisely attack houses from which fire was directed at our forces - given by Commander of Base 13 - were not carried out without Air Force pilots repeatedly checking that there were no 'non-involved' in the place, wasting precious time and putting our soldiers at risk.

 3.  Many questions are being asked from the air  force with the loss of our good soldiers from the 13th battalion, who suffered terrible and terrible losses fighting against the Nazi murderers at Simchat Torah in the Gaza Strip.  Now the continued bloodletting of this dear battalion raises many question marks for me and for many parents.

 4.  We entrust our sons to you in order to protect the people of Israel, and send him to the battle of Israel's aid in a pinch.

 5.  It cannot be that considerations of preserving the life of a cruel enemy who gassed our soldiers, butchered, butchered, raped and abused.  And still our good sons and daughters are tortured in the cellars of the Hamas horror, this cruel enemy suddenly receives refined treatment at the expense of the lives of our good sons.

 6.  The fact and the thought that history repeats itself is chilling.  Benny Gantz admitted in a speech that during Tzuk Eitan in 2015 he endangered the soldiers of Golani in order to save the lives of the murderous enemy.  It is doubly shocking and horrifying that this incident of endangering our children from Golani also took place in the cursed neighborhood of Sajaya.

 7.  Many questions are being asked in the airspace and do not give rest regarding the specific battle in which the Major General fell together with other soldiers from the 13th Battalion. Why was the compound not bombed from the air and literally flattened before the cleansing by the Golani soldiers? Was it possible to prevent an unnecessary risk of soldiers' lives?  Is it appropriate and right to fire and depose pilots who do not immediately respond to assistance to the ground forces spilling their blood on the ground? Do the IDF's values ​​include the simple value that the lives of our soldiers come before the lives of the enemy, his supporters and helpers?  Is the army today behind the immoral policy of Benny Gantz from 2015 to abandon and endanger the Golani soldiers?

 8.  We, as parents, do not sleep at night out of concern for our son's safety, now this concern is amplified sevenfold for fear of preferring the life of an enemy over the life of our son.

 Isaac Nativ
 A reservist and a caring father
 To his son, a soldier in the 13th Golani Battalion
מערכת הקול-היהודי ה' טבת תשפ"ד - 14:06 
מאות אמהות של לוחמים הפגינו: "לשטח את עזה"
בעקבות הדיווחים על לחימה בתוך שטח בנוי ברצועת עזה, הפגינו אמש מעל ל-100 הורי לוחמים מול הקריה בתל אביב בדרישה: לשטח בניינים בעזה ולהפסיק את הסיוע ההומניטרי
Hundreds of mothers of fighters demonstrated: "Raze Gaza" (Hebrew)
(Translation into English)
Kol HaYehudi 5 Tevet 5784

Following the reports of fighting inside a built-up area in the Gaza Strip, last night over 100 parents of fighters demonstrated in front of the Kirya in Tel Aviv demanding: raze buildings in Gaza and stop humanitarian aid

 More than 100 parents of fighters who are currently operating in the Gaza Strip, came last night (Motzei Shabbat) to a protest rally in front of the Security Council in Tel Aviv with a firm demand from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the War Cabinet: "Level Gaza and do not endanger soldiers."

 Shlomo Am Shalem, the father of a warrior, said: "We came tonight to break the silence. Our sons are at the front, our brothers are in captivity, but the false conception how to fight this war called "Conceptzia" is strong and strikes again and again and it does not let up, it continues to claim victims. The concept is based on a satanic invention that originates in the basements of Christianity and the anti-Semites who like to see us slaughtered and hate it when we rise up like a lion to devour those who seek our souls. This satanic invention strikes again and again and does not let up, it claims victims. The distorted morality is "Christian." There is no concept of 'non-involved', and our precious soldiers are sacrificed on this altar."

 Finally Am-Shalem said: "That's why we came to tell the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff - there are no uninvolved parties. Enough of the atrocious orders not to take down buildings which then endangers our sons on the front."

 Tamar Amar, mother of 3 IDF soldiers, including an officer in Maglan who was wounded at the beginning of the war and returned to fight, spoke at the rally: "It is our belief that the terrorists must be destroyed first! Destroy Hamas! The fighters are the children of all of us. Some of us have lost the right to fight in defense of the homeland and to destroy the enemy. 

 We are strengthening the Israeli government, the security forces and the commanders of the IDF: Fight, we are behind you. Keep fighting until victory. Keep bombing the enemy until the end."

 "At the same time, we want to be sure that no foreign entity endangers the security of our soldiers and that the security of Israeli citizens is taken into account.... Not American pressure, not non-Jewish morality. Jewish morality requires that we first preserve the lives of Israeli citizens and the lives of our soldiers," Tamar Amar added.

Shoshi Hillel, a mother of 5 fighters, spoke from the depths of her heart with tears: "My youngest son is now in the alleyways of Shejaia in Gaza and has not come home since the beginning of the war. I am proud of my sons and the missions they fulfill, this is a mitzvah war. It's either us or them. I was shocked to hear from conversations with my sons that there is a change in warfare, and great pressure is exerted from the US and Europe to destroy fewer buildings. I'm crying out from here - Enough of the weakness of the spirit and submission to Biden's dictates! Enough of the supply convoys of fuel and food to the enemy that endangers my sons, who rushed to cover up the disgrace of the Simchat Torah massacre. All who are merciful to the cruel ends up being cruel to the merciful. Have you forgotten whom we are fighting against?"

 Sima Hasson called to the top of the command and to the Prime Minister: "When buildings are left standing - our soldiers are falling, when buildings fall - our soldiers are left standing. Do not endanger our fighters in Gaza. We are awoken to the falling of shells from above. I hear all the shelling that reaches (our enemies) in Gaza. I am in the Western Negev and we hear the amount of the shelling has should return to the way it was at the beginning of the war and even stronger. These are Nazis that need to be crushed, the blood of our sons should not be wasted in vain."

 Hasson also said: "Every fighter who is currently in Gaza is fighting with his entire heart and soul for eternity, my son is in a paratrooper patrol in long training, they fight with the commanders to fight our enemy more and more. We have sons to be proud of. For all of us. We must not risk their lives in vain. We as parents demand not to surrender to United States pressure. It is forbidden to bring in humanitarian aid that goes to the enemy and then endangers our soldiers who fight day and night."
Letter and petition of the wife of a soldier who took over the loudspeaker in a Jenin Mosque. Translation follows!

*מכתב מתמר סוקולובסקי אישתו של חייל מהמסגד בג'נין*:
שלום ינון. 
קוראים לי תמר. 

בעלי גוייס בשמחת תורה ונמצא במוצב ריחן. 

יש לנו תשעה ילדים בגילאי שנה עד 18 ב"ה ואני מחזיקה מעמד ועושה זאת בשמחה כדי שחיילינו בכל מקום שהם יוכלו להשלים את המשימה. 

*הערב היתה פעם ראשונה שנשברתי.*

מאתמול ילדיי ואני רואים בלופים את התמונות שבעלי שולח לנו מג'נין וכששמענו את *קריאת שמע ישראל מתוך המסגד שבו גם הוא היה, הרגשנו שכבוד עם ישראל חזר*!! 

סוף סוף נשמעות המילים שבהן הסבים והסבתות שלי נפרדו מהעולם בשואה, מתוך שפל, והנה כאן הן נשמעות בעוצמהובגבורה ומביעות את גבורת לוחמינו האמיצים.

סוף סוף משתמשים במסגד שממנו יצאו קריאות לרצח יהודים להוספת כח לעם ישראל. 

והנה אני רואה שיש מי שהעניין לא מצא חן בעיניו ובמקום לתת צל"ש לחיילים, מעמידים אותם למשפט!! לא פחות! 

*אין לי איך להסביר את כאב הלב שאני מרגישה, את ההשפלה . את ההבנה שבצה"ל עדיין לא החליפו את הדיסקטוממשיכים לדבר באותה שפה של לפני המלחמה*. 

פעם ראשונה שפשוט רציתי שבעלי יחזור הביתה והרגשתי שאין לי אמון במובילי המהלכים בצבא. 

החזרת הכבוד לעם ישראל צריכה להיות חלק מיעדי המלחמה. החיילים שלנו בבריאותם הנפשית יודעים זאת- ולכן הם מרססים גרפיטי ולכן הם גם קוראים שמע ישראל מתוך המסגד. 

עד שלא נבין שזו הדרך, נמשיך לאבד את הדרך ולהגיע לשומקום... 

כותבת בכאב, תמר סוקולובסקי.

*Letter from Tamar Sokolovsky, wife of a soldier from the mosque in Jenin*:
 Hello Yinon.
 My name is Tamar.

My husband was drafted on Simchat Torah and is at Richan Outpost.

We have nine children between the ages of 1 and 18 years old and I hold on and do it happily so that our soldiers wherever they are can complete the mission.

 *Tonight was the first time I broke down.*

 Since yesterday my children and I have been watching the pictures that my husband sends us from Jenin and when we heard the *recitation of Shema Yisrael from the mosque where he was also, we felt that respect for the people of Israel had returned*!!

 Finally, the words in which my grandparents said goodbye to the world in the Holocaust, out of lowliness, are heard, and here they are heard with power and bravery and express the bravery of our brave warriors.

 Finally, the mosque from which calls for the murder of Jews came out is being used to add strength to the people of Israel.

 And here I see that there are those who did not like the matter and instead of giving the soldiers a medal of honor, they put them on trial!! No less!

 *I have no way to explain the heartache I feel, the humiliation.  The understanding that the IDF has not yet replaced the discussion and continue to speak the same language as before the war*.

This is the first time I just wanted my husband to come home and I felt that I didn't trust the leaders that guide in the army.

 Restoring honor to the people of Israel should be part of the goals of the war.  Our soldiers in their mental health know this - that's why they spray graffiti and that's why they also read Shema Israel from the mosque.

 Until we understand that this is the way, we will continue to lose our way and reach nowhere...

Writing in pain, Tamar Sokolovsky.

Fyi: This uplifting footage of her husband taking over the loudspeaker went viral on social media.

Yet the IDF removed these soldiers from operational duty, immediately after their commanders saw and investigated the videos!?!


Rabbi Jacobson: The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Prophesies about Israel were ignored

- Jonathan Pollard with Rabbi David Bat-Hayim: Court Martial Major Generals Aharon Haliva and General Yaron Finkelman.

- Caroline Glick: They Should All Be Fired, condemning the RADICAL WOKE LEFT in the Israeli military!

- Rav Uri Sofer on the dangers facing Israel from within

Rav Sofer's critically important booklet which needs to reach EVERYONE, regarding the truth of *who was behind the Simchas Torah genocide*: booklet:
English translation forthcoming...

- Center for Near East Policy Research -Director David Bedein

Askar UNRWA Cradle of Killers

Other documentary films

Additional supporting links:
Moshe Feiglin
Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו  
יואב גלנט - Yoav Gallant
בני גנץ - Benny Gantz
Without a clear scale of values, we are endangering lives for those who are dead, and instead of the government, we are managed by Public Relations firms, which change the goal of the war from 'victory' to 'the hostages'.
Their spilled blood will be demanded from you.
בלי סולם ערכים ברור, מסכנים את החיים עבור המתים, ובמקום הממשלה, מנהלים אותנו משרדי פרסום, שהופכים את מטרת המלחמה מ'ניצחון' ל'חטופים'.
דמם יידרש מידכם!
IDF Soldier speaks out against casualties caused by rules of engagement (Hebrew with English subtitles)

CRUSHING the most INSANE criticisms of Israel : with Rabbi Manis Friedman

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Points for Rabbonim and entreating them not to be Silent in light of Pikuach Nefesh facing Am Yisroel

אל המקום אשר...

See References below as well

Lichvod HaRabbonim:
1. Please speak publicly regarding the ongoing blood libels against the Settlers. President Biden, Blinken, Netanyahu's administration including leaders in the military such as Gallant, Fuchs, are all partners in spreading a false narrative of Settlers Violence. This has justified confiscating their weapons and placing a record number of righteous Settler leaders in Administrative Detention who are involved in security in their communities. These are Settlers leaders who address real, not imaginary Arab threats of terror against them and their families. The IDF and Military Intelligence have some sort of disconnect and think that the enemy Hamas in the South and Hezbollah in the North is somehow different than their terror counterparts within stone throw of Jewish Settlements in Judea and Samaria.

Such policies based on this "conceptzia" treat Settlers as the enemy and even neutralize their efforts to protect their families and communities, even as we fight this war. 

This "conceptzia" is a deliberate false impression based on lies, manufactured as well by our own people like the Division of Jewish Terror in Shabak,   for political points, spread in global media,  presented as a given, that Jewish Settlers are violent and are ticking time bombs against Arabs and need constraint.  

This "conceptzia" gives credence to the concept of "Purity of Arms" the "moral" ethics taught in the IDF, not based on Torah, which is willing to risk the lives of the IDF in order to protect enemy civilians.  It risked the lives of our soldiers ordered to clean up "graffiti"  our soldiers created when they conquered parts of Gaza. Graffiti like Shma Yisroel or חוזרים הביתה. 

Our enemies now use this "noble" rather dangerous "conceptzia" as a weapon against Israel. Hamas is now fighting in Gaza hiding under civilian clothes and Hamas is aided by Biden's dangerous and immoral portrayal of the IDF as killing innocent Gaza civilians.  

The number of IDF fatalities have risen substantially since the cease fire!

Restraining the IDF from first attacking from the air in fear of hurting enemy civilians has resulted in unnecessary deaths of IDF Golani soldiers on the ground getting booby trapped. 

The GOI has given permission for Arabs, many of whom are terrorists, pretending they are civilians, permits to enter Jewish communities under the pretext that they are peaceful and merely harvesting olives etc. Especially irresponsible when 70% of Jewish men in these communities are now drafted fighting on Israel's borders. We know first hand the part Intelligence provided by Arab workers played in the massacre in Kibbutz Beeri and its horrible repercussions.

Demand the freedom of Settler leaders placed unjustified under Administrative Detention without due process. They are held based under libelous accusations of being ticking time bombs and therefore there is no need for evidence. Habeas corpus, legal protection, unfortunately doesn't apply to Settler Jews.

2. Demand the immediate release of Amiram Ben Uliel whose conviction is based totally on a forced confession following physical and emotional torture. This kind of evidence, confession, especially when tortured is not permitted in a Jewish Court of law. It is not permissible in any Democratic Country whose Judicial system is not compromised.

3. Please publicly speak about the first Rashi of Breishit as does Rabbi Jacobson as per the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Why are Rashi's teaching coming from Xtian leaders like Hagee yet there is Silence, no declarations, from  Torah Organizations, Torah Institutions  representing millions of G-d fearing Jews. Our rights to Eretz Yisroel are first and foremost from the Torah! 

Please Declare:

- We have rights to our Land, based on the Torah which explicitly spells out the delineated borders of Eretz Yisroel.
- Promises mentioned so many times to our Forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Secondary reasons to declare Eretz Yisroel is our Land.

- Military victory over our enemies following threats of annihilation and getting attacked from all sides.

- Binding Political Declarations like the Balfour Declaration, the Mandate of Palestine and then again from the UN vote in 1948. 

Our Holy Torah is the light in the darkness. Shouldn't Rabbonim testify in the court of World opinion as per our Divine Rights to our Land? Otherwise won't we be held liable in a Heavenly Court? Grama?

4. Recognize evil and act on it before it gets any stronger.

Hamas and the teachings of Islam based on Mohammad being the role model permits the violation of every Noahide Law against infidels, namely the Saturday people and the Sunday people. They have the right according to their Hadit to murder, steal property and people, be deceitful, take women as reward for Jihad and do as they wish including every atrocity in the book as was the case October 7th. They are planning atrocities in the North and throughout Judea and Samaria and then global takeover. G-d forbid חס ושלום.
ישעיהו ח י
עֻצוּ עֵצָה וְתֻפָר דַּבְּרוּ דָבָר וְלֹא יָקוּם כִּי עִמָּנוּ אֵל.

Yeshaya 8:10 Take counsel and it will be foiled; speak a word and it will not succeed, for God is with us.

We must do what we can to preempt בדרך הטבע and trust in G-d to help us fight for Him. 

Please recognize the threat and act on it!  Here in the USA we are witness first hand to the empowerment of "Free Palestine" protests and calls for Genocide in Harvard, Yale, MIT, University of PA, NYU etc. threatening the Jewish Students and Staff with no real repercussion.

Calls for Genocide is not protected under Freedom of Speech. The Presidents of these prestigious elite institutions obfuscated basic reality that endangers their Students and Staff rather than nipping such expression in the bud, preempting real violence on campus.

5. Educate both Jews and non Jews for the 7 Noahide Laws as does Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith of Passaic. There is a Sefer by Rabbi Yonasan Steif Shteif called Mitzvah Hashem.

Rabbonim who are speaking up!!!

A group of rabbis visited Havat al-Machoch: "Cancel the administrative orders"

A group of Rabbonim calling and demanding that the Minister of Defense and the General of the Central Command cancel the administrative orders against activists who work  to defend the settlements and farms in Judea and Samaria 
שורת רבנים ביקרו בחוות המכוך: "לבטל את הצווים המנהליים"
שורת רבנים בקריאה ודרישה משר הביטחון ואלוף פיקוד המרכז לבטל את הצווים המנהליים נגד פעילי ההתיישבות והחוות ביו"ש

Some References:


"The Left's greatest weapon is ignorance, and our greatest weapon is knowledge." - Gadi Taub
Caroline Glick devoted an entire show to expose media myth of "Jewish terror."

1b. Weapons confiscated from Judea and Samaria farmers

1c. *נלחמים בהתיישבות: צה"ל סוגר את יחידת ספר המדבר*

צה"ל פועל לסגירת יחידת ספר המדבר - יחידת הגששים שמורכבת מבוגרי חוות ביהודה ושומרון והוקמה לפני מספר שנים. היחידה מתמקדת בפעילות לסיכול הברחות נשק ומסתננים בגבול ירדן. היחידה זכתה לשבחים רבים על סיכול הברחות וכן על פעולותיה במרדף אחר המחבלים מפיגוע הגרזנים באלעד.

לצד זאת פעילי שמאל קיצוני פעלו רבות נגד היחידה וכתבה נרחבת אודותיה פורסמה באתר השמאל הרדיקאלי שיחה מקומית. המהלך מצטרף להודעה של אלוף פיקוד המרכז על כוונה להוציא צו הרחקה מנהלי מיהודה ושומרון לארבעה חודשים לנריה בן פזי, ממובילי פרוייקט החוות באזור בנימין.

לכתבה המלאה בקול היהודי:

_עדכונים מהקול היהודי בוואטסאפ:_

באמצע המלחמה: צה"ל מחרים נשקים מבעלי חוות ביו"ש

Leaked lDF Document shows TRUTH about Settler Violence
The atrocities perpetrated October 7th by Hamas on Jews and those Hamas deemed Jew-adjacent have stimulated the perverse obsession of far too many with pushing a false narrative in which Jewish "settlers" in Judea and Samaria are depicted as "extremists" prone to violence directed at Arabs, as if such "settlers" were the equivalent or worse than the criminals of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists. Truth be told, it's not been Jews trying daily to murder Arabs in stabbings, drive-by shootings, rocket attacks, and mass rape-murder and kidnap invasions, but many Palestinians inspired by Hamas and its rivals who aspire to and commit such acts of madness, mayhem, and shear meanness. This report says leaked IDF documents show most incidents of anti-Arab "settler" violence boil down to allegations against Jews brought by Arab participants in disputes with Jews from neighboring communities in Judea and Samaria. In how many cases were such disputes initiated by Arabs and escalated by Arabs towards violence?

בהתיישבות: האלוף פוקס שוקל להרחיק בעל חווה ממשפחתו
נריה בן פזי, בעל חווה בבנימין, קיבל שימוע לפני הוצאת צו הרחקה מנהלי מאלוף פיקוד המרכז יהודה פוקס.

In the Settlements: General Fuchs considers alienating Neria Ben Pazi,  a rancher from his family. He is an owner of a farm in Binyamin, and had a hearing before the issuance of an administrative removal order from Central Command General Yehuda Fuchs.

Caroline Glick with Prof. Mordechai Kedar on the making of Sadistic Terrorists: Prof. Kedar is an Israeli scholar of Arab culture and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University. He speaks their language! He understands and is an expert on the teachings of Islam. 

בתוך מבנה שלא הופצץ: תשעה לוחמים נפלו בקרב
Inside a structure that was not bombed: nine fighters fell in battle

Center for Near East Policy Research -Director David Bedein

Askar UNRWA Cradle of Killers

Other documentary films

2. There is tons of material documenting the miscarriage of Justice for Amiram Ben Uliel.pp
Letter to Members of the MGH (Moetzet Gedolei HaTorah), Distinguished Rabbonim and Activists to Address Pidyon Shvuyim and the Miscarriage of Justice to Amiram ben Uliel נ"י. Mishpat Tzedek for Amiram ben Nurit ben Uliel

Rabbi Jacobson: The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Prophesies about Israel were ignored

Jonathan Pollard with Rabbi David Bat-Hayim: Court Martial Major Generals Aharon Haliva and General Yaron Finkelman.

Caroline Glick: They Should All Be Fired, condemning the RADICAL WOKE LEFT in the Israeli military!

Rav Uri Sofer on the dangers facing Israel from within

Rav Sofer’s critically important booklet which needs to reach EVERYONE, regarding the truth of *who was behind the Simchas Torah genocide*: booklet:

English translation forthcoming...


5b. Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith's

Mordechai told Queen Esther...

כִּי אִם הַחֲרֵשׁ תַּחֲרִישִׁי בָּעֵת הַזֹּאת רֶוַח וְהַצָּלָה יַעֲמוֹד לַיְּהוּדִים מִמָּקוֹם אַחֵר וְאַתְּ וּבֵית אָבִיךְ תֹּאבֵדוּ וּמִי יוֹדֵעַ אִם לְעֵת כָּזֹאת הִגַּעַתְּ לַמַּלְכוּת.
Megillat Esther 7:4
For we have been sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be slain, and to perish; now had we been sold for slaves and bondswomen, I would have kept silent, for the adversary has no consideration for the king's loss." דכִּ֤י נִמְכַּ֨רְנוּ֙ אֲנִ֣י וְעַמִּ֔י לְהַשְׁמִ֖יד לַֽהֲר֣וֹג וּלְאַבֵּ֑ד וְ֠אִלּ֠וּ לַֽעֲבָדִ֨ים וְלִשְׁפָח֤וֹת נִמְכַּ֨רְנוּ֙ הֶֽחֱרַ֔שְׁתִּי כִּ֣י אֵ֥ין הַצָּ֛ר שֹׁוֶ֖ה בְּנֶ֥זֶק הַמֶּֽלֶךְ:

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Assembly of Free Palestine protests. Time to Call in the National Guard

אל המקום אשר...


To Whom it May Concern:

Palestine is not a country.

There is no Occupation of Palestine. That is a complete lie and propaganda that the controlled media putting out there as a given.  


Israel themselves made Gaza Judenrein in 2005 when they expelled 22 beautiful Jewish Communities in Gaza known as Gush Katif and gave total Autonomy to Gazans who then elected Hamas.

Hamas used billions of dollars to build underground cities to wage war.

Any protest on behalf of Palestine is a call for "From the River to the Sea",  which is the call for the extermination of Israel now and from the Atlantic to the Pacific on the future. Heaven Forbid ! It is a call for violence, for extermination of Israel the little Satan to be followed by controlling United States the big Satan.

If you empower this, they will overpower you.

If you tell them but I supported you and the Palestinian cause, just ask the victims of the Gaza massacre and pogrom if it helped them any.

There is an Almighty G-d that wants a civilized world. This protest for "Palestine" is a War against Almighty G-d and against G-d fearing people and civilized society all over the world.

Are you on the side of tyranny or...

Will you choose to stand on the side of Civilization and not allow them to assemble thereby nipping this existential thread before it gets a chance to take over?

Assembling for the "Palestinian cause" is an assembly for Tyranny and Violence. As we have seen across the globe,  and recently in Times Square such assembly is pro Nazi, always Violent and dangerous and must be outlawed.

Otherwise be prepared to pay the painful price of allowing evil to go unchecked.

Strong Leadership against such evil is the only option.

Your choice.

Ask now the victims of terror and the hostages from leftist, Secular Kibbutzim, how they feel about Hamas and the thousands of Gazans who within hours joined Hamas to murder, rape and plunder chanting from the River to the Sea.

When the victims were attacked personally they turned to G-d and their mindset changed and they saw the reality but for many it was too late.


Robin Ticker

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Dangerous Seminar Scheduled at Rutgers on Dec 7th: Race, Liberation, and Palestine: A Conversation with Noura Erakat, Nick Estes, and Marc Lamont Hill

אל המקום אשר....

-------- Original Message --------
On Dec 5, 2023, 3:33 PM, <> wrote:
Re: Dec 7th Seminar 4:30pm-6:00pm

Posted on

Dear President of Rutgers and Ms. Simonds,

If Rutgers provides a platform that educates and supports and promotes Jihad of Jews, directly or more subtly, as does this seminar, all Jewish students and G-d fearing students must immediately drop out of Rutgers and demand a full tuition refund. Supporting from the River to the Sea means supporting the extermination of Jews and the annihilation of the Jewish State. The term "Liberation of Palestine" is totally fake. There is no country by the name of Palestine and Gaza has had full autonomy under Hamas as per the choice of the Gazans since the 2005 expulsion of 22 thriving Jewish Communities living in Gaza also known as Gush Katif.

If Rutgers permits this event, it is complicit, a haven for evil and a dangerous place. This Seminar is everything but legitimate education.

Has Rutgers turned into a school that provides a platform for lies, propaganda and hate consistent with Nazi ideology?

Why would any Jew even think about staying in Rutgers? The same for non Jews.

Jewish and non Jewish alumni and financial supporters of Rutgers should withdraw any financial backing immediately if this event is allowed on campus.

So basically you need to choose where your backing will come from. Will it come from Qatar that teaches lies and brainwashes students and faculty alike with an evil and false narrative or will you get backing from those who truly educate based on a rock solid foundation based on G-d's Laws of Universal Morality aka the 7 Noahide Laws.

The War for Palestine is a War against an Almighty G-d.

You decide which side you wish to be on. There is no sitting on the fence.

Your choice.

May the slanderers and schemers, be on the receiving end of what they scheme for others.

Sincerely, Robin

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Monday, December 04, 2023

Fwd: הרב וולפא לראש הממשלה: אין לנו ברירה רק לספח את עזה ולבנות את היישובים מחדש

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Date: Mon, Dec 4, 2023, 8:05 AM
‪Subject: הרב וולפא לראש הממשלה: אין לנו ברירה רק לספח את עזה ולבנות את היישובים מחדש ‬
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