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Re: My comments a leader of Neturei Karta

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here you can read the true reality that natire karte presented in Iran
Below are my comments highlighted in orange The following is the speech written by Yisroel Feldman irepresenting Neturei Karta at the Conference in Iran with my commentary..

also look on this web site

Orthodox Jewish Attitude to the Holocaust

(This is not the Orthodox Jewish Attitude. It is the attitude of a fringe minority.)
Talk prepared by Rabbi Yisroel Feldman of Neturei Karta International to be delivered at the International Conference to review the Holocaust, December 11-12, in Tehran, Iran
With praise to the Almighty may my words find favor in His eyes. Nice beginning
I want to begin with gratitude and great respect to the Iranian government in general and to the Honorable Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei and to His Excellency, President Mahmoud Ahmadinegad. Lo Sichanem
Much has and will be said at this conference concerning the debate of European Jewry during the Second World War. I am neither a scientist nor a professional historian and am not capable of responding to many of the questions discussed here.
What I propose to do though, is to speak about the morality of what happened to European Jewry and the morality of using their fate as an explanation for other political and cultural activities.
No matter how we may debate some of the details of what was done to the Jews of Europe there is no doubt that they were treated brutally and that this brutality included all men, women and children. The Jews were physically attacked and murdered. Their possessions and homes were taken. They were shipped across Europe like animals jammed into cattle cars with little or no food and water. Millions died. And many of these were defenseless women and children. These are facts. The worldwide Jewish community is by and large descendents of those who survived this horrible hell.
It would probably lend much credibility to those who wish to study the destruction of European Jewry if they would clearly condemn these actions committed during the holocaust. There is no moral justification for what was done. Fine so far
However, there is also no moral justification for using these events to dispossess and occupy Look at the first Rashi of Beraishis. Hashem gave the Land of Israel first to the Canaanites. He then took it away and gave it to the seed of Avraham Yitzchok and Yaakov. The Canaanites are descendant of CHam who was cursed to be the slave of Shem. The ownership of a slave belongs to its Master. So G-d had a Master Plan all along. another people who have nothing whatsoever to do with what was done in Europe. Let Europe make amends for what took place if they so desire, not the Palestinians. The Palestinians express kinship and admiration for the atrocities and the Nazi regime. How can you ignore this minor detail?
Plus, it is our belief that it is not the appropriate role for Jews when they live in exile amongst the nations to adopt any position of antagonism towards any other peoples or nations. Why is desiring to keep Mitzvot Teluyot Baaretz a position of antagonism to other people. Ki Ner Mitzva VeTorah Ohr. To get light you need a candle. You would be foolish to destroy the candle or the lanturn if you wished to create light. One can only keep the Mitzvoth Teluyot Baaretz such as Leqet, Shikcha, Peah, Teruma, Shemittah etc if they have the material, the actual parcel of Land.
My husbands family is secular. They had a weekend Bar Mitzva in a Hotel. We didn't attend because even with Kosher food there was no way we could keep Shabbos. We weren't being hostile as they interpreted our actions but simply attempting to keep the sanctity of the Shabbos. We believe that Jews are called upon to lead by example by serving as a positive role model for all of mankind, not as dictators of public policy. Why is claiming something that is in your stewardship, what is entrusted to you in order that you follow the precepts and keep its laws interpreted as being dictators of public policy? Zionism violated many tenets of the Jewish faith. Are you referring to the State of Israel established in 1948. If so then be more specific. I define Zionism as the desire to live in Eretz Yisroel and keep the Mitzvoth. This has been our yearning for 2000 years. I would not use the terminology Zionism because according to my definition of Zionism I imagine you would be included. And It sought to deny the metaphysical reality of Jewish exile and the Divine command that we live at peace with other peoples. According to your opinion the metaphysical reality is that we are in Galus forever or until Moshiach is revealed. The reality is, that we are in Galus a Jewish exile. You seem to believe that Jewish Sovereignty is not allowed until the Moshiach is revealed. Does that mean also that we are not allowed to keep certain Mitzvoth until Moshiach is revealed. Does it mean that we take away Mitzvoth of the Torah because Moshiach hasn't been revealed? Where does it say in the Torah that choosing and picking Mitzvoth are allowed? Of course if we are physically unable then we have no choice. If we don't have a right hand we will put on Tefillin on the left hand. Would we purposely cut off our right hand so that we can observe Tefillin on the Left Hand? Its cruelty towards the Palestinian was and is notorious. The Torah doesn't always sound very diplomatic and peaceful. In fact there are many instances where is sounds downright cruel. One of the places that this is so is with some of the Canaanite Nations. G-d commands that they be wiped out, men women and children and the spoils are cherem. The Zionists were not cruel enough. They had to expel the Palestinians and cut down their places of worship and Idolatry. When the Nation of Israel continued to disobey G-ds commands, the curses happened and the Nations oppressed them and did to the people of Israel what the people of Israel should have done first to them. The Torah is not democracy.The founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, wrote in his diary that he felt the existence of anti-Semitism was a healthy thing because this would make Jews mistrust the other nations of the world and come running to the state he wanted to create for them.This was the unfortunate reality. I wouldn't call it healthy however. It is unfortunate that they don't cometo Eretz Yisroel for the purpose to keep the Mitzvoth Teluyot Baaretz w/o progroms and antisemitism. I agree that the secular aspect of the establishment of the State of Israel is a deep flaw that is causing a crack in the foundations of the State of Israel. I see that to replace the void of the State, can only be a Jewish Sovereignty that used Torah and Mitzvoth as its modus operandes. Until Dovid Hamelech there was no King that Hashem really annointed happily. Shaul was not the ideal. Yet, Bnei Yisroel were supposed to live on the Land and keep the Mitzvoth. He saw fit to even cultivate this anti-Semitism and some of the Zionist leaders refused to participate in attempts to rescue European Jews from the horrors of the inferno of Europe because it suited their own purposes to do so. If this is true it is a crime of the highest degree.
The advent of Zionist ideology, even before the creation of the state, met with tremendous opposition from great Jewish leaders who saw in Zionism two major problems: One, that the Jewish people had been commanded not to try and leave exile by force, but rather to live peacefully as subservient loyal citizens wherever they would reside. Can you quote reference to this commandment? Does Rambam mention it in Sefer Hamitzvoth? And secondly, that we had similarly been forbidden from assuming ownership of the land. That's easily resolved. Simply keep the Mitzvah of Shemittah. By allowing the fields to lie fallow, you declare that the Land returns to its rightful owner G-D. But in order to keep Shemittah you still need sovereingty on parcels of Land. That these things have come to pass and that they have been achieved through the wide scale oppression of another nation is absolutely in dissonance with Jewish faith and law. But that is Torah and the problem is that we didn't kick out and destroy the other nations when they refuse to accept the Sovereignty of Am Yisroel and accept the Torah and our Biblical Mandate. The great Rabbis who witnessed the birth of Zionism predicted that this movement would bring terrible catastrophes upon the Holy Land and upon the world, and many refer to this development as the foremost reason for the holocaust itself. Did they predict the tremendous Baal Teshuva Movement as well especially in the Yeshivoth established in Eretz Yisroel?. The Rabbis saw Zionism as a horribly rebellious phenomenon and felt that by embracing Zionism the Jewish people was invoking the Divine wrath Maybe they were simply referring to the secular aspect of Zionism that rejected parts of the Torah e.g. Kashrus, Shabbos etc.. However, the Neturei Karta is rejecting Eretz Yisroel specifically the Mitzvoth that are dependant on the Land which also in my opinion may invoke Divine wrath since that too is rejecting Mitzvoth of the Torah albeit different Mitzvoth then the secular Jews., and in fact, in our time, it is clear that Zionism has created untold tragedy. It first and firstmost created a working infastructurefffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffThroughout the centuries Jew and Muslim lived side by side amicably, but those times predated the Zionist era. The situation is such that we need a miraculous salvation from what Zionism has wrought.
What is most important, though, is that when approaching the all-important topics of Zionism and the holocaust that we keep our balance and moral clarity. What was done to the Jews and to other European peoples, such as the Poles and Gypsies, was a great evil. If its parameters need to be explored, let them be freely explored, but all the while realizing that we are exploring the reality of an evil deed. This is the delicate clarity that is so needed when approaching this sensitive issue.
Similarly, when studying Zionism we need to always distinguish between Zionism and Judaism. Between those caught in its grasps and those actively committing acts of Zionist aggression; If Judaism includes Mitzvoth Teluyot Baaretz, then. Zionism in its proper form is yearning and desire to keep these Mitzvoth that are dependant on the land. Between Torah True Jews and those who have strayed from our faith and traditions;
These are the distinctions that need go forth from this conference. They will lend its deliberations credibility and add to the ultimate goal of peace between peoples, the eradication of all cruelty, and the overall moral and Divine agenda of all mankind. Your agenda, is in direct conflict with the agenda of the Almighty Who at times advocates cruelty. If you,those that support Ahmad....and are kind to the cruel then one day you will be cruel to the kind.
May G-d be with you.Thank you. I took that blessing personally. It's mutually exclusive for you to talk both to me as well as to ahmedinojad. If G-d is with him then G-d is against me and my fellow Jew. You can not have it both ways.

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Uptodate Shemittah Information - Beth Medrash LeToras Eretz Yisroel - Rav Efrati

Bat Zion from self sustaining Shokeda asks FaigeRayzel
If you wish, please tell the group about Shmitta and the people and organizations that are promoting and supporting this mitzvah.
Do you know of any English-language seforim or pamphlets on the subject "How to Keep Shmitta?"
I would like to understand the basic halachot before I would start asking questions.
What other resources are you aware of for farmers and gardeners who want to keep Shmitta?
Thank you!
The Shemittah year is a year that is a Taste of the World to come.  Hebrew it is called Shabbat Haaretz.  It is a year that the Land rests.  It is a Sabbatical year that one is not allowed to work the Land.  The Land returns to G-d as it says Ki Li Kol Haaretz, The whole Land belongs to Me. (Exodus 19: 5) and we are to be a Mamlechet Kohanim Vegoy Kadosh, a Nation of Priests and a H-ly Nation.  It says Ki li Haaretz again in Leviticus 25:23 following the Laws of Shemittah and Yovel.  "The Land shall not be sold in perpetuity, for the land is Mine; for you are sojourners and residents with Me.  In verse 18 in Chapter 23 it says "You shall perform My decrees, and observe My ordinances and perform them; then you shall dwell securely on the Land.
So from these Pesukim, the Torah states a direct connection between keeping the Mitzvah of Shemittah and dwelling securely in the Land. 
There are two parts to the Mitzvah of Shemittah.  On part is called Shemittah Karka  (the laws are discussed in Parshas Behar in Leviticus) and the other part is called Shemittas Kesafim (the laws are discussed in Parshas Reeh in Devarim). 
My discussion here will not be specific about the kind of work one may or may not do in the Shemittah year if you are a farmer.  I will focus on the proper spirit that I believe is inherent in keeping of the Mitzvah of Shemittah.  It is the spirit of Shabbat, a taste of the world to come.  It is a Sabbatical year a time to rejuvenate.  I believe that this year is a year of community.  It is a year where what's mine is subjugated to whatever I/we possess comes from our Creator. This spirit manifests itself both in Shemitas Karka as well as Shemitas Kesafim.  Therefore I believe this Mitzvah affects the entire nation whether or not one is a farmer.
The Shemittah year starts next Rosh Hashana in the Hebrew Calendar 5768.  From that time on the farmer must not work the Land.  He/she must allow his/her field to lie fallow. The fields are open to all.  One is obligated to loan to needy people whatever they may need and is not allowed to demand retribution at the end of the Shemittah year.  One must forego their loans. 
This Mitzva is considered one of the most difficult to keep and only the most faithful are able to keep it.  Much blessings are promised in the 6th year, enough to last for 3 years.
In the time of Hillel (after the destruction of the 2nd Temple, people were unwilling to give out loans.  Hillel instituted a Takana called the Pruzbul.  It is a way to get around foregoing loans).  Heter Mechira, selling the Land to Arabs for the Shemittah year was another loophole.
I am convinced that we should try to keep the Mitzvoth of Shemittah w/o loopholes in order to grow in faith and fear of G-d and we will be showered with blessings.  To do so is truly revolutionary and hasn't been attempted since the time prior to the 1st Temple.   It is written that there were 70 years of Galus between the first and 2nd Temple to represent  70 years of Shemitta not observed.  Since Shemittah is every 7 years does that mean that Shemittah was not observed properly the 490 years prior to the destruction of the 1st Temple?  If that is so,that brings us back to the time of the Judges even before the time of King David! Was Shemittah never really observed properly!?!? In the year 5747 I tried an experiment regarding Shemittah.  You can read about it
I have a pamphelet in English written by Rabbi Kalman Kahana z"l Rabbi of Kibbutz Chofetz Chaim, an authority on the laws of Shemittah and a pioneer activist for Shemittah observance in modern day Israel, called "A guide for the year of Sh'mittah.  My copy was printed in 1979 by the "Institute for Agricultural Research according to the Torah of Poalei Agudath Israel".  The publishers of this pamphlet is Feldheim Publishers, J-M 

Feldheim Publishers Israel Office:
POB 46163
Jerusalem, Israel 91431

Phone: (02) 651-3947
Fax: (02) 653-6061

 Another pamphlet that I have is called Shemittah What It's All About, Compiled by Rabbi Eleizer Gevirtz byTorah Umesorah Publications Copyright 1983.  5723 Eighteenth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11204 718-259-1223
I know that there was a Keren Shviis where farmers were being paid not to work on the Shemittah year.    The Torah Umesorah publication mentions National Center for  Shemittah Observing Farmers originating in Moshav Komemiyus.  Other communities mentioned are Beit Chilkiya, Kfar Gideon and Yesodot.
In Mishpacha Magazine this past week it mentions that Rabbi Efrati, confidant of Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv and world expert on the mitzvos of Eretz Yisroel,  has dedicated a Center called Beis Medrash Toras Eretz Yisroel in Har Nof Jerusalem.  His own great mission is a campaign to bring the special mitzvos of Eretz Yisroel to all sectors of the Jewish Nation. Financial backing came from a Poalei Agudas Yisrael municipality member, Reb Shlomo Druk z"l.   He also bought land on the outskirts of Har Nof. Three years ago the cornerstone was laid, this past Sukkos the dedication ceremony was held.  Other donors from NY and others contributed but the building is not yet finished and they are heavily in debt.
At this years Agudah Convention in Ct. I picked up a brochure for Kinyan Ha'aretz who mentions Rav Shaul Reichenberg known for his expertise particularly regarding seder Zeraim.  Rav Reichenberg is mentioned in the Mishpacha Magazine article Issue 136 December 6th, 2006.  "The new center is yet another accomplishment in Rav Efrati's continued campaign to elevate the halachos of Eretz Yisrael to their deserved place.  Plans to further that goal include learning the specific halachos, delivering lectures, and imparting the message to the greater public via the Keren Maasros headed by Rav Shaul Reichenberg, and the new halachic literature published by the Beis Medrash.....
In 1978, when talk spread of a new Beis Medrash in Jerusalem devoted to these halachos, many eyebrows were raised.  The initiative took off when Kollel Avreichim was transplanted from Shaalavim to Jerusalem.   Rav Kalman Kahane, zt"l then appealed to Rav Efrati, who at the time was a young Avreich and Maggid Shiur in a yeshivah in central Israel, to serve in the Kollel."
So this is the info that I have.  It seems that this Beis Medrash has it's roots from Rav Kalman Kahane zt"l from Kibbutz Chofetz Chaim. 
If anyone has any more info please email me.   I will post this on my blog
I hope this was helpful.

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Agudah's reflection on the demonstration


What was Avi Shafran's of Agudath Yisroel's take on the demonstration? Please read A ‘successful’ rally that forgot to invite the One who can actually make a difference
By Rabbi Avi Shafran

Rabbi Shafran was not impressed. He says that they emphasized "Kochi VeOtsem Yadi", my strength and my might instead of the Creator of the World.

I am glad that Rabbi Shafran saw that the organizers were not on the mark. Let me suggest to Rabbi Shafran that Shemittah is the antidote of Kochi VeOtsem Yadi. I suggest that he subscribe to this blog and read it from the beginning. If you know him directly please recommend this blog to him.

Thank you very much!

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Message from Agudas Yisroel support the Rally and an important ADDENDUM


The scheduled visit to New York of the Iranian President – a man who has described the Holocaust as "a myth" and called for Israel to be "wiped off the map," a man who pursues destructive nuclear capacity in defiance of the entire world community, a man who sponsors terror and mayhem in the Middle East and beyond – should fill every civilized heart with revulsion.

And it should fill every Jewish heart with something more.

The arrival of this would-be heir to Hitler should remind all Jews how little has truly changed since millions of Jews were last targeted for destruction, r"l. And it should remind us, no less, of the uniquely vulnerable position of Yisroel bein ho'amim, Jewry among the nations, and of the fact that ein lonu al mi lehishoein ela al Avinu She'baShomayim – We can depend on no one but Our Father in Heaven.

Therefore, at this critical time, and during this season of introspection and repentance, we call upon all Jews to return to our sacred heritage, with tefillah and renewed allegiance to Torah, our eternal wellspring of life, the source of our strength to withstand all our enemies.

Along with our supplications, we feel it is our duty as well to express to the world our deep anguish over the presence in our midst of a vicious ruler who threatens genocide against Jews.

A number of Jewish groups are planning to gather outside the United Nations headquarters, at

Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza (2nd Avenue and 47th Street in Manhattan)

on Wednesday 27 Elul / September 20 at 12:00 noon

to present a collective Jewish expression of outrage at the General Assembly's hosting of the Iranian leader, of support for Israel's security and soldiers, and of solidarity in the fight against the global scourge of terrorism.

Whatever differences may separate us from some of those groups, we stand united here with all Jews.

Therefore, after consultation with the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah and following the precedent of the previous generation's Gedolim in similar circumstances, we urge all who are able to do so to participate in the planned gathering. We have been assured that a special section will be made available for men and women to gather in separate areas, and we will lift our voices in tefillah to Hashem, secure in the knowledge that

Bechol dor vodor omdim aleinu lechaloseinu veHakodosh Boruch Hu matzileinu miyodom.

In every generation, there are those who stand against us to annihilate us, but Hashem saves us from their hand.

Hakhel MIS
Dear Agudath Yisroel of America and Malcolm Hoenlein, amv"sh
We are right to be concerned about Iran's nuclear capabilities and his rhetoric that Ahmadenojad will try to actualize if given the chance. That is why it is correct to try to stop him.
Only the Jew will be able to neutralize the threat.
But Agudath Yisroel of America and Malcolm Hoenlein, when we act on the interests of America only and forget what it means to be a Jew we are not effective.
The war is between Democracy vs. radical Islamic Fundamentalism. The Torah can mitigate the evils of both powers.
That is why these curses are happening. Our inactions, have shown that Democracy comes first and Torah second.
Bush's Roadmap and Torah are mutually exclusive. By SILENCE or by actual support, to choose Bush's Roadmap with Chaloimos (dreams) of 2 Democratic States living side by side in peace is a choice of Democracy over the Torah. That is where we Err big time. If we don't support Bush's Roadmap and the Convergence Plan then why don't we SPEAK UP at this rally! Now we have an audience!
There are many fine secular Jews like Buddy Macy that recognize that the Roadmap is suicidal. Yet, those of us that claim to be Orthodox Jews, and religious go to shul every Shabbos and listen to the Torah Readings still remain SILENT to the Roadmap Plan and Convergence Plan which blatantly disregards and reverses the Torah. That is a Chilul Hashem.
Only the Torah is an eternal agreement between G-d and the Nation of Israel - not Oslo and not the Roadmap Plan and not Convergence Plan.
Yesha, Hebron, Shchem, Aza is an integral part of Eretz Yisroel that is within the delineated borders specified in Parshas Masei.
It is no wonder that we have not spoken out against OLMERT, PERES, PERETZ, LIVNI AND HALUTZ the "leaders" of the State who have no regard for the Torah as well.
It is just a pity that we are misguiding people so wrongly.
A person will be judged by the influence he/she had. One's judgment be it good or bad will be magnified by those that he/she have influence over. We can choose between LIFE and DEATH. We can choose the Torah or we can Choose Democracy.
We can speak out for the Torah or choose to disregard the Torah and simply speak against Ahmadenojad. What we may fail to realize is that G-d is sending Ahmadenojad as his messenger because of us for disregarding the Torah.
The policies of the present Israel government and policies that we have tolerated, in exchange for payment of subsidies, has been the factor that has made us as a Jewish Nation deserving chas vechalila of the likes of Ahmadenojad. But not only have these policies that we have allowed to happen WITHOUT protest brought tragedy to Am Yisroel, starting with the Disengagement from Gaza and communities in the Shomron and Hebron, it spread then to the War in Lebanon and the inept way it was conducted. Now the cancer is spreading to affect the entire world. Am Yisroel is the vessel through which the entire world receives blessings and curses. The Christians know it and proclaim it.
This rally will be ineffective even if hundreds of thousands of people show. But even worse, if we continue to choose to disregard the Torah, we personally Chas Vechalila will be held responsible for the tragedies that will fall not only our people but also the entire world as a direct consequence of us, the Nation of Israel, disregarding the Torah.
Saying Tehillim is not enough. Renewing our Allegiance to Torah is a good start.
Publicly state that Torah and Eretz Yisroel are inseparable.
If we believe what the Torah says is true, then by doing Mitzvoth properly shouldn't we be experiencing blessings? Time for Cheshbon Hanefesh. Let us focus on the Mitzvoth in Parshath Devorim, that are specific to Eretz Yisroel and a physical piece of property, the actual LAND. As a starter let's desire to keep these Mitzvoth. And if we choose to focus on Lashon Hara rather than focusing on the Mitzvoth read at Hakhel in Sefer Devorim, then let's focus on the root cause of Lashon Hara which were the Spies.
If we wake up with nightmares and can not sleep, if we see another Holocaust in the horizon, now is the time to reverse the evil decrees.
The Iranian President is not the root of our problems. He is simply a manifestation of the symptoms of the disease. . The time is for us Am Yisroel, specifically the Leaders of Am Yisroel, like Agudath Yisroel of America, for once and for all time SPEAK LOUD AND CLEAR for the Torah and for the Mitzvoth that can only be done in Eretz Yisroel (whose boundaries are delineated in Parshas Masei) by Am Yisroel. VeShavu Banim Legvulum.
Hashem has called upon Heaven and Earth to be witnesses. The curses can come in many forms. The Iranian President is only one kind of a curse. Even if we succeed to knock him down, we would still have to contend with Mother Nature.
Robin Ticker

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Moshe Feiglin and Relational Database Theory

Politics is not my thing but I can't understand why the most obvious merger is not being considered. Why don't the parties that have a common belief system and have consistently shown by their actions that  Eretz Yisroel is our Biblical Right,  use that as a common denominator to unite? 
My  guess is that it has to do with the concern to be the uncontested leader.  Each party is afraid that if there is a merger with like ideology  then there is a possibility with a merger that  they will not come out on top and be excluded from the picture. 
My background is in computer database. I will use computer relational database theory as a Mashal to this discussion.  Please read through this until the end, even if it may be cumbersome.  Another example of relational theory is the INTERNET itself where each post and each individual post have equal access. 
Many years ago in the 1970's the concept of computer databases was in its infancy.  Previously every computer was stand alone with it's own application.  Each computer had a tape drive or cards and using Cobol or a similar programming language, files were defined and data was stored in certain locations where the particular programmer defined them to be.  As the level of sophistication grew,  the programs required shared date that was embedded in other programs.  As the application grew the entire system became unmanageable.  Each program defined their own files and each program reinvented the wheel using the same data in a different format according to the whim of the programmer.One program that needed data that was stored in a different application had to figure out how the data was stored and how to access it or redo similar aspects of the other application. This led to much waste, duplication, data integrity was compromised, unnecessary reprogramming and much error.  The programs were unable to grow as the application grew in scope. So the concept of databases grew and from there was developed a Database Definition Language and Database programming language.  Data no longer were stored in files that were part and parcel of a particular program but rather it was now in a place a Database, that was defined by a database definition language and accessed with a database language and was shared by many programs and many user applications.  At least now there would be less duplication of data, and the integrity can be better monitored.  Data was retrievable by many different programs.  This was a vast improvement.  The data in the database could be defined in a hierarchical manner or non hierarchical..  
Let's take a typical business application of invoices and present it in a hierarchical manner.  The master invoice file would have general invoice information.  Information on the Master Invoice would include the client, the invoice number, the date of the invoice and the total amount on the invoice.  Then there would be an embedded details file that would contain the details of the invoice.  Each detail would be another record on the details file that was embedded in the master invoice file.That worked fine if the view of the data was to produce invoices.  However when the inventory person in the purchasing dept.  needed information regarding parts, using the hierarchical method, described above, he/she was forced to access the invoices first and then get to the information that was embedded in the details to find out which parts were sold.  Such access was cumbersome.  The purchasing dept. have no real interest in the invoices themselves and in fact should not have any access to the invoice data. Their only concern is when  inventory for a particular part becomes low and requires reordering. As a programmer that became mired in trying to access data that was embedded I began to research relational Database model theory developed by E.F. Codd. 
The bottom line in relational database theory is that hierarchy can be simulated but no data is totally subservient to the master or embedded. The hierarchy is simulated by keys that connect all the masters with the details.  In reality it is as easy to access the details as it is the master. You can access the details directly or through the master.  In a relational database we can easily query which PARTS were used by a particular CLIENT, which PARTS were used in an INVOICE, which PARTS need to be reordered.  There is direct access to each piece of data via all the unique keys.  So if I wanted to store the data most efficiently I would have the following database files.  PARTS, CLIENT,INVOICEMASTER, INVOICEDETAIL., VENDORS, PURCHASE-ORDERS, PURCHASE- ORDER-DETAILS etc..  Each record in a database file must have it's own unique key.  So every Client record has a unique CLIENT ID .  Every PART has an PART ID.  Every INVOICE has an INVOICE ID and every detail on an invoice as it's own INVOICE_DETAIL ID.  etc,
So what is the Nimshal?  In reality we are all children under G-d.  Each one of us have a unique and DIRECT connection to G-d.   Yet we are also  family members with strong roots. We each have our own mission and talents and abilities that are necessary for a united whole and we draw our strength from the roots of our tree.  No individual can be negated because they don't belong to a specific hierarchy. We are equal under G-d in the sense that we each have a Tselem ELokim.  Our job is to bring out the essence of our individuality. 
As Jews we are working for a common goal. The goal is to serve G-d and keep the Torah.  That is the essence of Manhigut Yehudit.  As in a Database application each user has their own unique ID and  individual perspective. We can  be identified as So and So the daughter of So and So or alternatively by our social security number. We each carry our own individual view or perspective.  Each view is a legitimate view. 
 The Accounting Department has interest in parts insofar that they are a details on an invoice.  The Purchasing dept has an interest in parts insofar that they need to reorder them in order to keep inventory stocked.  The CEO of the company mav have interests in parts that don't break down and ruin his companies reputation. 
A typical Employee Database application will relate to the CEO as simply an Employee with a unique Employee ID or alternatively as a special employee with unique benefits.  In many aspects the CEO is simply no different than a regular employee yet is other ways he is the leader and has a different perspective and focus.
True being the winner and the leader is important. But a hierarchical model alone will not allow for growth or bringing out the individuality of each detail. That requires the Relational Model. The most effective leader will recognize and utilize each and every other leader'individual to promote Service of G-d and Torah.  My question is why aren't we uniting in our common goal. 
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The Covenant Renewal- Nitzavim Vayelech -Areivus


When the Bnei Yisroel enter Eretz Yisroel they receive a renewal of their Covenant. The first Covenant was given at Har Sinai. What was new about this Covenant? It was the concept of Areivus, that every Jew is now responsible of the sins of his brothers. Every Jew is obligated to help others observe the Torah and to restrain from violating it. As the commentary in the Stone Chumash explains that now they would be liable for transgressions committed openly (Ohr HaChaim) This is essential to the world view of the Jew, for it explains why one may not be apethetic to the shortcomings of others and why public desecrations of the Torah are the concern of every Jew of good conscience.

Atem Nitzavim - You are standing. Moshe empahsized that the people were standing before G-d because the purpose of the Covenant was to bind them to G-d's Torah. Sforno comments that Moshe stressed that they were standing before G-d, Who cannot be deceived. Moshe divided the people into categories to suggest that everyone is responsible according to how many others he or she can influence.

This concept of Areivus justifies my position of speaking out against influential Rabbinic Leaders such as Rav Shteinmen, Rav Kanievsky, Rav Eliashiv, the Admor M'Gur, the OU, Agudath Yisroel of America etc. who have been silent regarding the Roadmap and regarding the disengagement and the Convergence plan. It justifies the obligation of spokespeople of Yesha as well as the journalists in Jewish Media such as Arutz7, Jewish Press, Yated, Hamodia, Nachum Segal, Chofetz Chaim Foundation etc. to challenge this silence. The Roadmap is mutually exclusive to the Biblical promise that Hashem gave Eretz Yisroel exculsively to Am Yisroel. How can UTJ and Shas join an evil government. This evil government is clearly in opposition to Torah. Yet this was overlooked in exchange for bribes be it child support or educational subsidies or political position. . Those that remain silent become silent partners in allowing expulsion of Jewish settlement and settlers, partners in robbing our fellow brethren of their property, partners in destroying family units and cohesiveness, partners in taking away many families means of Parnassa, partners in terrorizing little children with an army of soldiers and last but not least partners in the bloody violence against the youth who were the only ones to stand up for the Torah and for Eretz Yisroel at the risk of their own lives. To sum it all, those that are silent are partners to the humanitarian and security crisis in Israel and partners in the empowerment of terrorism including Hizbollah and Hamas.

For this Hashem says Haster Astir Panai Bayom Hahu Al Kol Hara Asher Asa, Ki Phana el Elohim Acheirim(Devarim 31/18) . But I will surely have concealed My face on that day because of all the evil that it did, for it had turned to gods of others".

The young girls in Neve Dekalim cried bitter tears as the expulsion was happening "Al Tastir panech Mimeni Beyom Tzar Li". Don't hide your face from me on the day of my affliction.

Can we ignore the fact that much of the North of Eretz Yisroel was burnt in this past war with Lebanon? Isn't that a consequence of worshipping idols as well? Or do we simply continue to choose not make any connections to the events of the day and the warnings of the Torah.

Which idols did we collectively worship? My guess is trusting in America, trusting in an evil gov't in Israel that acts as if it is a puppet for America and in believing in our own strenth and power rather than on Torah and Mitzvoth. It is very difficult to place our total trust in Hashem . It's downright scary. Without prayer how can we humanly be capable of passing this test.

Yet all the curses are reversible. We need merely to admit our mistakes, beg Hashem for forgiveness and no doubt Hashem will hear our prayers and reverse the Gezaira. Atem Nitzavim Hayom. Each and every one of us including men, children, women and strangers. Anyone with any kind of influence must speak out publicly for the Torah and against any plans that are in direct opposition to the Torah. Failure to speak out is equivalent to being partners in the desecration of Hashem's name.

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Manhigut Yehudit - a broader coalition

As a continuation of our discussion about Manhigut breaking away from Likud let me suggest the following.
In my previous post I suggested that there be a model Torah based, self governing, autonomous region within Eretz Yisroel.  The ideal situation would be if the broader Israel would encourage and support such an autonomous region dwelling side by side in peace and harmony.  Let me suggest other individuals that would be an asset to such a union.  General Yaalon has been courageous in protecting Eretz Yisroel.  It would be necessary to engage in military experts in such a coalition.  Someone of Yaalon's stature and expertise would prove to be invaluable.  Military strength is definitely a requirement in order to enforce any decisions of the political body.   Manhigut wishes to represent the broader Israel.  Prof Eidelberg has the political expertise for a model government for the greater Israel. His writings on Constitutional Democracy would prove a jumping point of greater discussion and acutalization.   His electoral reform and other suggestions would undoubtedly be a wonderful framework for such a government that represents all Israeli's.  Benny Elon has his strengths in Reclamation and Torah based ideology.  The Sanhedrin and Temple Institute would be an effective Constitutional authority in a Torah based society. Other important leaders that have proven themselves is Uri ARiel and MK Eldad.  Susie Dym of MAtot Arim has done wonderful grassroots work and has been a tireless, powerful mover in the Katom camp.  Batya Medad seems to have a handle on who's who in the political spectrum and has worked tirelessly blogging away Lishma.  In Hebron, I would bring aboard Danny Cohen from CHabad and from Aza, Yigal Kirshen..(I'm not sure of the spelling).   I would bring aboard Afsi and Herb Zwiebon and Helen Freedman.  I would definitely include the secular Jews from left wing parties that had the courage to challenge their own Leadership. I would include Buddy Macy from NJ who has worked tirelessly on behalf of Eretz Yisroel and challenged the American Jewish Leadership that has failed us.  I would of course include the spokespersons of Hebron, the Shomron and Gush Katif and Arutz7 who are the creme de la creme even though I must admit I have been disappointed that they haven't supported publicly any initiatives on my part.  Public Relations and looking and sounding politically correct and not too much like a "religious extremist" is high on their list of priorities even though ideologically they may be in agreement with many of the ideas presented in my blog. 
To take this bold step, one must be willing to sacrifice his political position and his paying job.  He/she must be willing to be alienated by friends, family and foe alike for the sake of defending and keeping the Torah and the Mitzvoth.  We must defend Hashem's Torah  and our legitimate claim to Eretz Yisroel to ourselves and to the entire world.  We must be willing to take that leadership role among the Nations and be the Kingdom of Priest prescribed by the Torah.
I would challenge the political parties that claim they are based on Torah such as Shas and UTJ.  I would try to enlist those that spoke out against the disengagement such as Meir Porush and the Skulener Rebbe and the Bostoner Rebbe and others that I have omitted in error and bring them to our camp. Of course there were those group of Rabbanim that came and spoke to Congress on Behalf of Eretz Yisroel.  I would even lobby the Satmers whose claim against the Medina has been that it is not based on Torah.  I would include the Righteous Gentiles who believe that Israel must take claim to the Land and have been quite vocal in their support for Israel such as Bob Hillman and Jim Vinyard.  This spokespeople have influence among fundamental Christians in America and the Bush Administration.
These are some of my ideas.  I love brainstorming and wish others would join in this discussion .
Shabbat Shalom!

Why Manhigut should break with Likud and join with NationalUnion,Hazit and Yemin

Why don't you go with the other belief based parties instead of Likud who like Bibi was unfaithful?
You will build on real strength rather than on an alloy.  Your building can only be as strong as its foundation. Perhaps the reason the State of Israel is rejecting its own ideology in the present  is because in it's formation it rejected the Torah.  Rectification can come from recognizing the flaw and focusing on the Torah. You will attract not only people from Likud but also from Shas and UTJ.  And most importantly you will stay true to  your beliefs.
Sticking with Likud (Bibi and company) will be a thorn in your side.  If you separate from Likud, your strongest advocates may come from the Youth who were betrayed.  You can use their energy to work on their parents.  Likud betrayed the youth in Gush Katif and Amona.  They betrayed their belief in Eretz Yisroel Hashleima. They are willing to make deals and compromise. You can not change that or bring a reversal to what happened. It's like asking the battered wife to once again go into partnership with her ex
 when he still hasn't proven in any substantial way that he regrets his actions from the past.  How can she trust him?  How can you expect anyone to believe that Manhigut will be capable of withstanding the enormous pressures of world powers if they choose to depend on a party that betrayed their very belief system.    It is a serious flaw that will haunt Manhigut  if they were to win.  Winning is not everything. I wouldn't be so focused on winning but on sending out the right message.  I'm all for trusting in Hashem.  Be true to Hashem, His Torah and Mitzvoth and then you will only owe Hashem your successes. 
It's time to put power and ego aside and be willing to work with others that are more in line with the Torah and the fundamental principal that Eretz Yisroel is our inheritance and that the Roadmap Solution is against the Torah and that only Am Yisroel are obligated in keeping the Mitzvoth that are in Sefer Devarim within the delineated boundaries specified in Parshas Masei.
Why are you so afraid to sound too Biblical.  If you can win the war on giving The Torah Perspective legitimacy, than you will have won a major part of the battle. But you are correct to recognize what we are up against.  Join with Benny Elon and Yamin and Hazit in this battle.  Pick spokespeople of Yesha that are true to the Torah and our rights to Eretz Yisroel. Challenge Shas and UTJ  to defend their position of having betrayed the Torah by not yearning to keep the Mitzvoth of Eretz Yisroel.  Perhaps, with this approach, we have a fighting chance.  I would call upon the courageous hilltop youth that fought the battle that the adults should have fought to join forces with you.  State publicly that they, unlike the mainstream leadership stood up for Torah and for our Biblical Inheritance.  Veheishiv Lev Avos Al Banim...  Even enlist the little children, the Jewish Hizbollah (Tzivos Hashem) to quote from the Torah.  Have a contest in the schools for the kids to find Parsha references of Bnei Yisroel's right to Eretz Yisroel ). In the High Schools let them set up mock Sanhedrins to decide on matters like what should be done to the Temple in Tzefat which worships the Sun.  Should it be destroyed?  Even if we don't win the elections initially, the Emes of our words will come through. With time we will prevail.
And if you say that the country is not yet ready for such a giant leap, then I personally agree with that statement.  Therefore I would suggest that this Torah based ideology be allowed to be implemented on a small scale.  If the State of Israel is rejecting parts of the heartland of Biblical Israel, then let a trial, self governing Torah based ideology be set up in precisely these areas that are being rejected.  Give them the right to defend themselves from any aggression be in Kassam or Yassam. Allow them freedom of religion and allow them to be self governing.  The general populace of the State of Israel does not wish to be coerced into a religious State and the religious population as well do not wish to be coerced to live a secular lifestyle.  This seems to me like a wonderful compromise and let us live in peace and harmony and mutual respect with each other.   
Any comments are most welcome. 

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Parshas Ki Savo - Last years post

Sovereignty of Land is a function of keeping Mitzvoth. Being supreme and not the underdog.


The silence on behalf of Eretz Yisroel has been deafening.

How come no one is proclaiming that Eretz Yisroel is our Land. This weeks Parsha is not so silent.

It's pretty obvious that Eretz Yisroel was given to Am Yisroel. Moshe repeats it and repeats it again and again in this weeks Parsha. Moshe even sounds like a broken record.

Wouldn't once or twice be enough? I started going through the Parsha looking simply at pshat for sentences that mention "Eretz Shehinchalta laavoseinu" or "Eretz Shehinchalta Lanu" etc. I'm only in the middle. So far in Perek 26, it is mentioned independently in pasukim 1,3, 9,15. In Perek 27 in Pasuk 2,13. That is 6 times alone in a Perek and a half. It's like a father trying to drum something important into a child's deaf ears.

But the Parsha is also very clear on our obligations in the Land. I also started tracking the various Mitzvot that the Bnei Yisroel are required to do in the Land. The Brachos and the Klalos are contingent on the performance of Mitzvoth. That concept is drummed in again and again in the Parsha as well.

Here is a list of Mitzvoth that we are to do in the Land. The list is only in the beginning.

Pesukim 1-11 - Mitzva of Bikurim
Mitzva to be Happy with all the good that Hashem gave us

Pesukim 12 it mentions Maaser Rishon
Pasuk 12 mentions Maaser Ani.

In the Stone Chumash Commentary it says "By the day before Pesach of the year after each three year cycle, an owner must make sure that he has delivered all tithes to their proper destination and then on the last day of Pesach of the fourth and seventh year, he recites the confession in this passage (vs 13-15)."

This is the fourth year of the Shemittah cycle. Can anyone see if there is any connection between Pesach of this year and the decision to go through with the disengagement? Can we focus and evaluate on how well we fulfilled the Mitzvot of Maaser Rishon and Maaser Sheni or should we simply say it's not relevant to our day and age and let us not make any connection to the performance of Mitzvoth and to events that occurred.

Before you continue reading this I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not putting the blame on the people of Gush Katif and say that they deserved what happened to them because they did not keep the Mitzvoth. It is very painful to hear this especially in their current pain and grief. This is like pouring salt on a fresh wound. Let me preface my remarks by saying that the people of Gush Katif are the creme de la Creme. G-d expects a lot from them. He knows what they are capable of doing. However we must get to the root cause of the problem. If we don't, more expulsions are scheduled to occur Chas Veshalom. New settlements like Ir Emunah are to be built. How can we prevent another expulsion? We can blame Sharon for carrying out the decree but still G-d allowed it to happen.

Every night I have a Chavrusa with my seven year old son. Before going to sleep I try to read to him and translate a portion of Parashat Hashavua. So this week I am reading from Shlishi to Revei to him. It says in Pasuk 16 "This day, Hashem, your G-d commands you to perform these decrees and the statutes, and you shall observe and perform them with all your heart and with all your soul, You have distinguished Hashem today to be a G-d for you, and to walk in His ways and to observe His decrees, His commandments, and His statutes, and to hearken to His voice. And Hashem has distinguished you today to be for Him a treasured people, as He spoke to you, and to observe all His commandments, and to make you supreme over all the nations that He made, for praise, for renown, and for splendor, and so that you will be a holy people to Hashem, your G-d as He spoke."

So how can I explain to my seven year old son the desecrations of the synagogues in Gush Katif following the expulsion. If we were keeping all the Mitzvot (the ones previously mentioned before this passage about bikurim and Maaser Rishon and Maaser Sheni) would G-d have allowed such a desecration?

G-d is very explicit in this weeks Parsha that the blessings are a function and contingent on the performance of Mitzvoth. If that is the case, are the farmers of Gush Katif examining their performance of these Mitzvoth. Did they in fact recite the declaration in vs. 13-15 on Pesach this year? Did the poor people (Ger, Yasom and Elmana and Leviim get extra from Maaser sheni?) I cry when I even mention this because the precious Jews of Gush Katif are more worthy than I. Who am I to bring up a possible fault on their part? Yet it is a collective reckoning that is required. All those of us that are not farmers have we declared that Eretz Yisroel was given to us and that we in turn are required to keep the commandments or else we forfeit our right to sovereignty.

It is a time to review our actions. It is the time for Teshuva. Let us be circumspect.

Maybe this is all Hashem is waiting for. When we focus on the Mizvoth, and in our desire to keep them, Hashem will make us supreme rather than the underdog.

Let us break the silence.....

Monday, August 28, 2006

Torah as an Authentic Model of Government - In response to Shmuel Sackett's post


My comment to Shmuel Sackett's post.

Shmuel, I agree with you. The Torah is the key. I am glad to see that Manhigut and articles such as your own specifically mention the Torah rather than use words like "Jewish values" and historical right to the Land. Unfortunately, mentioning the Bible for PR purposes, even by the strongest supporters of Yesha, has been severely discouraged and suppressed. Any reference to the Bible is politically incorrect. There is a real fear of backlash that is quite virulent. Arutz7 and the leaders of Yesha opposed the Disengagement and Convergence publicly because of humanitarian and security reasons rather than on Biblical considerations. It is only now, where humanitarian and security concerns have in fact materialized and still talks of convergence are as strong as ever, that the Torah arguments are coming into the picture.

Talking about the Bible is like opening up the Pandoras box.

I feel that your party, Manhigut Yehudit has a special role to counter and undo the very real negative impression that believers in the Bible who attempt to put "Biblical precepts" into practice, are simply radical Messianic extremists, hate spewing racists, Nazi like, no different than radical Islamic fundamentalism. In Western society, the only existing acceptable politically correct model of government must be based on Democracy. Anything else is viewed as a threat against democracy and freedom.

The following points would be helpful to undo such negative brainwashing.

The Bible is a source of the modern day Republic. Yet over the years, there has been a cover up among Western Society to attribute any recognition of the contribution of the Torah to the political philosophy of government over the ages. From articles that I have read in Azure magazine, there were non Jewish Hebraist philosophers in the 17th Century whose political thought showed how the modern day Republic came about as a direct result of the influence of the Hebrew Bible. The reason I bring this up is in order to make politically correct the notion that a government based on the Bible is actually an authentic ancient model of Government.

Torah is relevant to our day and age and in fact we wish to revive the Biblical model. We believe it is the only appropriate government for the Land of Israel. The Biblical model of government precedes any of the forms of governments that exist in the world today. I would encourage philosophers, economists, and Biblical Scholars to open up this new body of discussion about how a government based on the Bible is worthy at the very least, to be studied, discussed and treated with respect rather than with disdain and marginalized as crazy dangerous radical extremism and the number one threat to Israel's society and to democracy. Please read further thought on this topic at

Any comments are very much appreciated.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Re: Israelis or Jews? by David Wilder - Commentary- Shoftim and Shotrim

Israelis or Jews? by David Wilder
Aug 25, '06 / 1 Elul 5766

My Commentary:

Dear David, amv"sh

I read with interest your article. It seems that the Secular Israeli's have divided the country into two distinct parts. Israeli (Yisroel) and Jews(Yehudah). David, You know better than most that one year ago prior to the disengagement I suggested a similar separation. It wasn't because I wished to divide the Nation but I recognized that we could not and did not wish to coerce the Israeli population to be a Jewish Nation based on Torah and Mitzvoth. It was clear that majority of Israeli population supported disengagement and were simply not on the level and ready to live a life based on Torah and Mitzvoth. Such a life requires living on Faith - Kol Mitzvosecho Emunah.
The Settlers of Yesha have the right to live a life based on Torah and Mitzvoth.In America citizens respect and relate to the concept of freedom of religion.
The Jews of Yesha failed to make the distinction of a government that is based on Torah and a government that is secular so the Israeli's did it for us. I argued that the Jews of Yesha had no alternative but to make that distinction prior to the disengagement and unfortunately failed to do so giving unity as their excuse.
Avrahom said to Lot "Why should brothers fight". Avraham called for a separation because there was no way he could live with the corrupt ways of Lot and his shepherds. After the separation, the shechina once again returned to Avrahom.
The Settlers have no choice but to declare that they wish to live a life based on Torah. They wish to have a Sanhedrin, Shoftim, Judges as well as Shotrim, a Jewish army to enforce the laws of the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin will declare laws based on their halachic decisions and their laws are binding. The population is required to adhere to the decisions of the Sanhedrin under penalty of law.
The time has come to at the very least to discuss an alternative to the existing Government. The Government of Israel wish to separate from us and has separated themselves from us as you so clearly show in your article. In addition they treated us brutally. They stole our homes and they imprison our children. They gave Our Land to the enemy who used it to fire rockets at us. They took away our means of Parnassa. That alone should give us sufficient right to separate from them.
But the real reason to separate ourselves is none of the above. The real reason is because if we really yearn to live a life of Torah of Mitzvoth we simply have no option. Setting up a government based on Torah and Mitzvoth with Shoftim and Shotrim is revolutionary. There will be many pitfalls and many mistakes. It seems to me very clear that an attempt such as revolutionary as this has to be done very small scale with people that want it. It would be counterproductive to coerce anyone. This model should come from precisely the Land that the State of Israel wishes to give to the Arabs. It seems very logical to create a government based on Torah and Mitzvoth on Land that is rejected from the State of Israel but fall within the Biblical boundaries delineated in Parshat Masei. The new infant government would be declared a theocracy and not a democracy. It would be self governing theocracy but not based on radical Fundamental Islam, be it Hamas or Palestinian Authority. On the contrary, It would be a proud Jewish theocracy based on the Bible. A Torah government that will enforce Shabbat and Kashrut, It will destroy any temples that are clearly identified as idol worship. The specific laws must be defined by the Shoftim that are established and enforced by Shotrim. The job of the Sanhedrin would be to seriously review all the Mitzvoth read in Sefer Devarim. Moshe knew that he would not enter the Land of Israel and specifically wrote down Sefer Devarim as a guideline of how the Nation of Israel was to keep the Torah in Eretz Yisroel. Many of these Mitzvoth are read at Hakhel following the Shemittah year.
The initial goal is to express the desire and the yearning and intense love for Eretz Yisroel and the Mitzvoth of Eretz Yisroel among our people. I am convinced that with much prayer, we will be Matzliach and this small model will grow and grow as the Nation of Israel and Nations of the world recognize the beauty and the Hashgacha Pratis, peace and security Hashem will bestow this Gush Emunim.
I am also convinced that we will be required to do acts that will go against our nature of being Rachmanim bnei Rachmanim. We will attack brutally any entity that wishes to destroy us including women and children if necessary. We must erase any form of idol worship in our midst. Torah overrules Democracy. The Sanhedrin will define what constitutes Torah. Democracy has worked well for America and many other countries. For Eretz Yisroel, only Torah is the answer and not Democracy. There are many elements of Democracy that exist in the Torah. Yet Constitutional Democracy and Torah are mutually exclusive. We must not fall into the trap of Kochi VeOtsem Yadi. We are required to blindly follow the Mitzvoth and halachot defined by the Sanhedrin and have faith that it will bring positive results in spite of negative press and alarming odds against us in battle and elsewhere.

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East vs West-WWIII Chas Vechalila- Radical Islam vs. Materialist Western Culture

I've been reading it and hearing it from various places. We are facing an Enemy that wishes to destroy the entire Western Society. General Yaalon says it, Yated who quotes Nachum Segal, the New Yorker and Frontpage etc reports it.  The New York Times will quote Nasrallah of Hizbollah and Mahmoud_Ahmadinejad the President of Iran who is quite blatant.  Even my secular brother-in-law from Maryland recognizes the reality. 
Jews wherever they are on their number one hit list and they are happy to have Jews conveniently placed in one place like Israel so that it is that much easier to destroy them.
This is my commentary.
The orchestrator is Hakodosh Baruch Hu.  Why does Hashem put the entire world at risk for destruction.  What is Hashem's goal?  We know that the goal is for the entire world to recognize the Oneness of Hashem.  What is the role of the Jew?  It is the Jews job to bring that recognition to the world. As it says in Aleinu "Lesakein Olam BeMalchus Shakai Vechol Benei Basar Yikrau Bishmecha.." to
Correct the World with the Kingdom of G-d and all of humanity will call Your name.
Let us look at the elements of Western Culture and the elements of Fundamentalist Islam.   These are the two opposing forces in the world today. Certain basic elements have given America it's power and different elements has enabled Islamic Fundamentalism's rise to power.    Judaism  has the capability to take these forces and use them to serve G-d rather than to destroy G-d's world.  When these forces are not channeled properly and when we, Am Yisroel,  the spokespeople of G-d are not doing our job, the forces go unchecked in dangerous ways.  The entire world is then in danger.
I will use America as the representation of Western Culture.  America is known for it's strong work ethic and puts its strong emphasis on materialism and living the good life.  One raised in western society will believe in the following: "We have worked hard and we have become the superpower that we are.  We believe in Democracy, and wish the entire world to be Democratic as ourselves.  We are powerful.  We have destabilized  Iraq so that we can put in a gov't that will be Democratic in order that the lives of the citizens of Iraq will improve.  Their quality of life will be much improved and they will benefit from Western Society freedoms.  We support the Roadmap Plan in the Middle East which will bring two Democratic States living side by side in peace and harmony.   We will destabilize any gov't and put in it's place a gov't that supports Democracy for the betterment of Mankind.  We enjoy our freedoms and wish the entire world to live in peace and prosperity and the pursuit of happiness."
Radical Fundamentalism puts their focus not on this world but on the the World to Come.  We believe in Allah and put our faith in Allah.  We are ready to die for Allah and wish to destroy the infidels from the world.  We don't care about material values of this world and even are willing to sacrifice our life for Allah.  We will be patient and will obtain freedom and  our beliefs will take over the world or we will achieve Martyrdom in the process.  We will win either way.  Our human life and no human life is sacred.  The Jews are weak and their State is weak.  They too have forsaken G-d and have adapted the Western ways.  It is our duty and obligation to destroy them.  We are doing the will of Allah and will be greatly rewarded in the World to Come. Allah is Great!
What is the role of Am Yisroel and where have we failed so miserably? 
The Lubavitch Rebbe writes

and you will have peace.

When the Jewish people will trust in G-d, that the Land of Israel belongs unequivocally to them, and are willing to declare this openly to the nations of the world, then “No one will contest the matter, and you will not need to go to war.” In fact, even weapons will prove unnecessary…” The Rebbe, (Likutei Sichos, vol. 34, p. 8)

In the beginning, G-d created the Heavens and the Earth

What is the reason the Torah begins with Creation? Because if the nations of the world say to Israel: "You are robbers because you have conquered with force the lands of the nations of Canaan" Israel can answer: "He created it and gave it to whomever was proper in His eyes. Of His own will He gave it to them and of His own will He took it from them and gave it to us."

-- Rashi on Genesis 1:1

Torah and Democracy are not the same.  We must choose Torah over Democracy. We must not be the puppet of the American Gov't.  We proudly must declare the Torah Position, which by definition is a theocracy, as the ideal form of government for Eretz Yisroel.  We must not fear public opinion or fear that we will be branded as Radical Religous Extremists.  We are not Islamic Fundamentalist and neither do we accept Democracy as our religion.  Eretz Yisroel and Torah and Am Yisroel are One and our mission is to be a Mamlechet Kohanim and Goy Kadosh, a Kingdom of Priests and a H-ly Nation.
Having the Land is not enough.  Living on the Land in not enough.  The Land belongs ultimately to G-d.  G-d has given us many commandments and as it says in the beginning of Parshas Reeh,
26 See, this day I set before you blessing and curse: 27 blessing, if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God that I enjoin upon you this day; 28 and curse, if you do not obey the commandments of the Lord your God, but turn away from the path that I enjoin upon you this day and follow other gods, whom you have not known.
As the commentary in Stone Chumas points out, we can not choose mediocrity.  If we do not choose heights we choose curses.
The Torah then continues to command us to wipe out all places of idol worship. That doesn't sound too democratic.  When the Talibans destroyed the temples they were blasted in the Press.  Yet the Torah commands us to do the same to places of idol worship. Democracies believe in Freedom of Religion.  Yet the Torah would clearly wish us to destroy the temple in Tzefas whose worship is to the Sun. 
 Photo of the obelisk sun god freemason pillar erected on the Metzuda in 
the holy city of Tzfat.
The Torah clearly delineates the boundaries of Eretz Yisroel in Parshas Maasei.  Parshas Reeh has 80 Mitzvoth.  These Mitzvoth are to be done in Eretz Yisroel.  Moshe knew that he would not be able to enter Eretz Yisroel.  The entire Sefer Devarim is guidelines of how to live in Eretz Yisroel.  How can we say that we are focusing on these Mitzvoth and at the same time disregard the Boundaries specified in Parshas Maasei.  When President Bush speaks of the Roadmap, have we united to say that it is direct contradiction to the Bible?  If we, the believers and keepers of the Bible don't speak up then who will?  When the disengagement was happening, did we unite and declare that the disengagement was clear violations of the Torah.  If we truly yearned to keep the Mitzvah of Shemitah which requires a piece of property we would never be silent.  We would declare that this is our Land and we in turn are obligated to observe the Mitzvoth.  Sefer Yehoshua is quite clear in the rebuke of the Tribes of Bnei Yisroel for their failure to conquer parts of Eretz Yisroel including Lebananon and Gaza. 
We see that we are on the brink if not in the midst of WWIII yet we still refuse to claim even in principal in a unified and unequivocal voice that Eretz Yisroel is the inheritance of Am Yisroel and we are obligated in keeping the Mitzvoth.
The Mitzvah of Shemittah is the Mitzvah that has direct relationship to security of the Land.  In this past weeks Parshas Reeh, it talks of Shemittas Kesafim.  This Mitzah requires us to relinquish our possessions for the Shemittah year. We return the Land to Hashem and if we are a farmer, forego our source of Parnassa for the year. If we are not a farmer we forego our money through loans that need not be repaid.  This is the antidote to Kochi VeOtzem Yadi  which is the cancer referred to by the Islamic Fundamentalists. 
Islamic Fundamentalist wish to sacrifice their lives and their children lives for their idolatrous beliefs.  The Torah clearly condemns sacrificing human life and condemns very clearly sacrificing children to the Molech.  The Torah does demand that we trust our sustenance will come from G-d alone rather than on the work of our own hands. Rather than putting our full trust in Hashem and keep the Mitzvah of Shemittah (without heter Mechirah or Pruzbul), we are willing to go to battle and die.  Our Sages say that poverty is like death.  Yet if we believed in the Torah and Mitzvoth we would believe that Shemittah brings blessings and not poverty.  And going off to War is surely more dangerous then risking losing our job and being dependant on others not to starve.  And in fact the reality of today is precisely what we are most afraid of.  Millions have been displaced and have been homeless and out of work and their homes have been looted.  And in spite of how bad it is, we still did not starve because of the tremendous Chesed of our brothers.  So now we've experienced the worse and no one can deny that it's still a lot better than what Nasrallah and Mahmoud_Ahmadinejad  wishes to do to us.
In Shemittah year we put our faith in G-d completely, and made sure to eat.  After the year is over we know that we did not work yet we did not starve.  In fact we ate and ate feasting from the farms of our neighbors and obtaining whatever we need through loans that we are under no obligation to repay.  When the enemy puts the gun to our necks and says get out, you are occupying OUR Land, we reply,  this Land is G-D's!  We spent this entire SHemittah year proving this point.  We let our Lands lie fallow.  We returned the Land to G-d this past year.  G-d chose us to inherit the Land because we keep the Commandments.  This year we have prayed so hard for our sustenance and have seen G-d's miracles first hand each and every day.  Praying comes second nature.  We now pray against you, our enemies and in conjunction with the merit of having kept the Torah, this will cause our enemies to dissipate like the wind.
When we do not keep the commandments and are willing to give away the tools necessary to keep the commandments, specifically the Land, we must Trust that Hashem too will keep His word about the curses.  Hashem Yishmor.
My prayer is that it is still not too late.  Let us proclaim unequivocally that the Land of Israel is Ours. We are obligated in keeping the Mitzvoth.  We believe in the Bible and what the Torah says the Torah means.  Shemittah is coming up.  We will brainstorm and call upon economists, political scientists and Biblical Scholars and come up with ideas and laws specific to a Shemittah year.  Hashem Yerachem! Please G-d have Mercy!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ashera -

I received this email from Zilpa of Tzefat ( as for a possible explanation for the war: She quotes from Devarim:
Ye shall surely destroy all the places, wherein the nations that ye are 
to dispossess served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the 
hills, and under every leafy tree. And ye shall break down their altars, 
and dash in pieces their pillars, and burn their Asherim with fire; and 
you shall hew down the graven images of their gods; and ye shall destroy 
their name out of that place"(Deut. 12: 2-3).

Photo of the obelisk sun god freemason pillar erected on the Metzuda in 
the holy city of Tzfat.

Is THIS the reason for the war? Because we have left it standing? And it 
is like a thorn in our eye?
My response to Zilpa is:
Dear Zilpa, amv"sh
You definitely have a point. You have a yearning to have a gov't based on Torah. That is the first step to fixing the problem.  The reality is that we are not under a Torah gov't.  In today's political climate, even to suggest a gov't based on Torah where it would be proper to destroy idols etc is very very scary for people.  Do you remember how the world reacted when the Talibans destroyed the Temples?  That's the reaction we are up against.  The world has labeled any theocracy as radical fundamentalism and something to wipe out.  Us Jews have bent over backward to show how accommodating we are to all religions. 
To even suggest a Torah theocracy is revolutionary and the Jews and all Jewish media have silenced any hint of a suggestion of a real government based on Torah. 
The time has come to at the very least allow public debate about what life would be like with a government based on Torah with a Sanhedrin.  What would Torah rulings be in such a situation.  Let this be  played out in Schools and Mesivtas.  Let there be a mock Sanhedrin and let the kids be the pretend judges.  Maybe one day in the near future, Hopefully, Beezrat Hashem,  in our time soon, a government based on Torah will become the reality and we will not be jailed or marginalized because of our beliefs.
Kol Tuv,

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Trust in G-d and You Will Have Peace

and you will have peace.

When the Jewish people will trust in G-d, that the Land of Israel belongs unequivocally to them, and are willing to declare this openly to the nations of the world, then “No one will contest the matter, and you will not need to go to war.” In fact, even weapons will prove unnecessary…” The Rebbe, (Likutei Sichos, vol. 34, p. 8)

Now to my dear friends at the OU.
I just read this link of the Rebbe's  today. When I sent my email why not to sign the OU petition, I receive a response from Rabbi Weinreb that I shouldn't lecture on Torah and then another response from coin on my blog that I was disregarding Torah ShebaalPeh.  Even if  Reb Weinreb of the OU and coin feel that I am not a Rabbi and therefore not qualified to speak out, perhaps words of the Rebbe of Lubavitch,  recognized worldwide as being a Gadol Batorah, Torah Shebaalpeh and Torah Shebichtav and hidden Torah as well,  by Jewish and nonJewish alike, will make a better impression.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Truth About Israel - a MUST READ!


I am not born and bred Lubavitch. I have visited his Ohel many occasions and have always found inspiration. Now I just received the following email which contained a link that was mindboggling. I beg you to find the time to read the Rebbe's writings.

Devorah Gralnik wrote:
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 13:35:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Devorah Gralnik
Subject: Important Must-See Website:

We all want to do what we can for Israel during these turbulent times. Get a fascinating, eye-opening look at the situation -- the Lubavitcher Rebbe's vision and the Torah's view on the fate of the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. And learn what every human being ? Jew and non-Jew alike ? can do to help.

It's all laid out in a very compelling and easy-to-follow website,

Please spread the word about this important website.

Take heart, have faith, and may we merit to witness with our own eyes Israel's salvation with the revelation of Moshiach...right away!


Visit the website of the Flatbush Jewish Action Network, at:

Monday, August 07, 2006

Why NOT to sign the OU petition

Subject: OU Petition for Israel
>Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 18:54:42 -0400
>Please visit:
The OU's petition is lacking one very fundamental point that must be addressed and not ignored.  Bush is supporting Israel's right to attack Hizbollah and that is good.  Bush is also promoting a 2 democratic state solution living side by side in peace.  This is a direct contradiction to the Torah.  The OU has failed to stand up for the fundamental truths of the Torah which at times is not democratic.  Hashem created the world. Hashem gave the Land of Canaan first to the Nations of Canaan.  Then Hashem took it away from them and gave it to us Am Yisroel.  He promised the Land starting with Avraham Avinu and then to Yitchok Avinu and then to Yaakov Avinu and to his seed for Achuzat Olam.  No peaceful democratic State, Palestinian or other has been promised the Land of Israel within the delineated borders specified in Parshas Masei except Am Yisroel.  It is exclusively promised to the Nation of Israel.  Judea and Samaria is an integral part of Eretz Yisroel whose boundaries are clearly within the delineated boundaries specified in Parshas Masei.  Am Yisroel in turn are obligated in keeping and guarding the Mitzvoth taught by Moshe Rabein in Sefer Devarim in the midst of the Land (Bekerev Haaretz - see Perek 4 in Sefer Devarim). 
The OU believes in the Torah.  They have an obligation to state the Torah whether or not it is politically correct or not.
I will not sign this petition since ultimately it does not go to the root of the problem. The security and humanitarian crisis we find ourselves are simply the natural consequences of ignoring what is fundamental to the Torah.  This petition, will not help unless it will attack the root.  It might temporarily suspend the spread of the disease but eventually the disease will return and G-d forbid  even with more strength.  Only the Torah will attack the root of the disease and stop it in its track.
Let the OU start a petition that has its roots in Torah rather than in democracy.
Robin Ticker

Daven for a Soldier or for someone in harm's way. Request of Rav Kook

Today I heard that the husband of Garviela (Mageni) daughter of my friend Shoshana Mageni and Chaim Mageni ob"m (the famous tour guide of Kiryat Arba) was one of the reservists killed in Lebanon.
Please take upon yourself a name and remind yourself and others to have them in mind.
Email Yanki Schneck
Assistant of Chief Rabbi of Rehovot to get signed up.


BY TELEPHONE, BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 8-10 PM IN ERETZ YISRAEL, 011-972-2-581-1911; BY FAX, 011-972-2-651-2950;
Rabbi Pesach Lerner
Executive Vice President
National Council of Young Israel
111 John Street   Suite 450
New York, NY 10038
212-929-1525 ext 115
Fax 212-727-9526
 Elisha Klausner
 Veitzener Cheder
Rav at  Kahal Tiferes Yisroel

"Osa Shalom bimromav ho yaesa shalom elaneu val kul yisrael bimeranu AMEN!!!!!!!!!!"