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After careful consideration Yoelba has asked to be removed from being coeditor of Shemittah Rediscovered


In response to my request in a previous post to keep focus of this blog on Shemittah and the other various Mitzvoth pertaining to the Land of Israel, Yoelba has requested to be removed as coediter of this blog.

Blogger Yoel Ben-Avraham has several blogs and his posts can be viewed there. I of course continue to welcome comments to any posts published on this blog and links to other blogs can be posted via comments.


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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Letter to President Bush - Hamas and Democracy


President Bush is in a bind. On one hand he wants to promote democracy. Hamas won democratically. On the other hand, Hamas' platform calls for the destruction of Israel. America does not want to call for the destruction of their ally Israel.

President Bush responded as follows. Hamas won because the people in Palestine were dissatisfied with the Palestinian Authority. Apparently the government did not provide adequately for the needs of the people. The people simply want adequate services, housing, employment etc. President Bush suggested corruption among the PA. So the voice of the people spoke and that is a good thing according to President Bush.

Dear Mr. President,

DO NOT BE NAIVE. Hamas won because the people approved of its platform!

Yes it's possible for democracy to fail. If all of Americans would vote democratically to end democracy then what is your solution?

The failure is the fact that while democracy has proven to be a wonderful form of government, it is not the appropriate government for Israel. Israel, is bound by the Torah. That means they are bound by 613 commandments. Some of these commandments are impossible to accomplish when they are not in ownership of the Land. The Roadmap calls for 2 Democratic States living side by side. This is in direct contradiction to the Covenant.

In the Covenant, G-d promises the Land of Israel which includes Judea, Samaria and Gaza, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to their seed as an eternal inheritance. The children of these founding fathers of Israel acquired the status of a Nation following the Exodus from Egypt and receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai.

Please Mr. President, as a believing Christian, do not disregard the Covenant. The Covenant is fundamental to the Old Testament. Disregard of the Covenant is making a statement that the Bible is irrelevant to our day and age.

Blessings for all the Nations of the world are forthcoming when the Nation of Israel are able to keep their commandments on the Land of Israel.


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Sunday, January 22, 2006

What to do to Help Jews in Hebron stay on their Land

In a message dated 1/20/06 6:47:59 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Worldwide Fax Campaign Underway

With Hevron in headline news, I have been getting a lot of calls from concerned individuals all over the world who want to know is happening in Hevron and what they can do to help.

The situation in Hevron is very tense. The current struggle involves two strips of homes which are literally across the street from Avraham Avinu neighborhood, where I live with my family.

The area in question is owned by Jews who were forced to abandon their property in 1929 when Jews were massacred and the survivors were forcibly expelled by the British. Arabs stole the land and built a market place on it. In 1967, when Hevron was liberated, the land was not given back to the rightful owners; instead the Arabs were allowed to continue using it.

Today only a very small percentage of the Jewish owned land in Hevron has been resettled by Jews. The Rebbe cried about this, “they kill and then they inherit!”

In the last ten years the army evacuated this Arab market for security reasons, but still did not grant permission for the rightful owners to reclaim their property. In 2001, Arab snipers murdered 10 month old Shalhevet in her carriage in the playground of Avraham Avinu. In response to that terrorist attack, the Jewish community in Hevron settled the property.
The legal owners "Kollelot HaSefaradim Eretz Yisroel" endorsed this action.

Young Jewish families with support from abroad began to renovate the shabby, dilapidated storefronts of the market and with their own hands, created lovely living quarters for themselves.

The absurdity of the matter is that both the government and the courts recognize that the homes are on Jewish property. Furthermore, throughout Hevron you can see Arabs building grand structures, all without permits and still no penalty from the government. Only Jews renovating the inside of existing structures on Jewish property are harassed and are prevented from getting proper permits.

The residents of Hevron are known to be uncompromising and strong. The entire Jewish world benefits because of it. Thanks to these committed Yidden Baalei Mesirus Nefesh, we have access to Maaras HaMachpela, and to the resting place of Rebbitzen Menucha Rochel.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke many times about how important it is to have settlements in Yehuda and Shomron. Of all the settlements, Hevron is seen as the pinnacle of strength. When Hevron holds onto its property, the other settlers are encouraged that it can be done. If Hevron would fall, G-d forbid – even one neighborhood in Hevron – the other settlements could be discouraged. We cannot let that happen.

Escalating the events that occurred in the past week, hundreds of youth came to protest in Hevron. These youth were in Gush Katif and are still hurting from witnessing its destruction.

Besides the fact that the ‘riots’ were blown out of proportion in the media I personally may not agree with everything that went on this week in Hevron, but I still think it is important for history to know, that in one city in Eretz Yisroel, when they came to expel Jews from their land, the Jews went crazy.

There is a convenient and quick way that you all can help. The leaders of Hevron think this campaign will be effective and make a change for the better.

In the past year, Chabad of Hevron has had two incidents at the Tziun of Rebbitzin Menucha Rochel which were resolved thanks to dozens of faxes sent to the right places. Being that this situation goes beyond our local authorities, we need hundreds, even thousands of faxes, from as many places as possible, Stationery coming in from all over the globe is very influential in Ertez Yisroel.

The evacuation decree threatening Hevron is not a government decision. It is an order from the Justice Department and therefore it can be changed Bederech Hateva! Your role is to have local leaders, rabbis, organizations, businessmen, and of course yourselves write a short letter in your words and fax it in! This is something that can be done from abroad and without the interference of expenses.


Faxes on stationary of an organization are most effective. We need faxes from as many locations as possible, as well as many faxes from each location. Unique wording is more effective than a pre-written form letter. You can use Hebrew or English or the language of your country. A brief, clear message is what is needed.

Let them know that you expect the conflict in Hevron to be settled peacefully to the benefit of Klal Yisroel. We want cooperation not confrontation.

Jews all over the world depend on the community of Hevron as the guardians of the holy Jewish site of Maaras HaMachpela which is undisputedly a Jewish site. They are the guarantee that what happened at Kever Yosef will not happen to the Kever of Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov, Sara, Rivka, Leah and Menucha Rochel.

Let them know you find it despicable that Jews living on Jewish owned land in the Jewish homeland are subjected to being expelled by Jewish soldiers.

Here are the fax numbers you will need:
President Moshe Katzav: 02-5631932
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert: 02-6705361 02-5664838 02-5638693
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz: 972-36976218

Please send me a copy of your faxes, my fax number is 972-29605770

Forwarded Message:
Subj: Save Hevron Fax Campaign from Danny Cohen
Date: 1/20/06 5:47:59 A.M. Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

This blog's focus is on Shemittah


When I invited members to Shemittah Rediscovered I didn't realize that it meant that members had the ability to post to the blog. I simply thought it meant one can comment. (I was new to blogging) It's not that I have anything against the extra posts and I am happy to read them in their respective blogs. But I don't want to change the focus of my blog of Shemittah to other topics. Therefore, I am asking all members to relate their posts somehow to Shemittah or refrain from placing posts in order to keep the focus on Shemittah as was my original intention.

Thank you Yoel Ben Avraham and Batya Medad for getting me into blogging and I am not against the dialogue of Yoel ben Avraham and Turmos Ayya resident. I myself while living in Kiryat Arab went with an elderly Yemenite women (over 80) by the name of Miriam Yefet to the shuk of Hebron (now under siege by the army) and they (the Arabs) loved her in Hebron. (I helped her with the packages) They ran to do her bidding. She told them quite up front that this Land is Our Land and they respected her. She was able to distinguish between those that hated Jews and those that didn't. She aided the poor in Hebron and being that she spoke their language she also understood them.

I personally believe that Eretz Yisroel is an inheritance for Am Yisroel as promised repeatedly in the Torah. If Moshiach would tell us from which shevet we are from we would all be displaced. The non Jew has the status of a Ger Toshav whereby he would need to accept the sovereignty of Nation of Israel and the Torah just like the people of Israel would need to accept the Torah.

According to the Torah, Hashem says "Li Kol Haaretz". The Land does not belong to individuals. However, Hashem decides who to give the Land and has given it to Am Yisroel as a Nachala. Each Shevet and each person has their Nachala that belongs to them. That is my answer to the Arab who says "How can you kick me off my Land? " If the Mossiah would come and tell me that the Nachala I have isn't rightfully mine (as in the Jubillee year) then I would pick myself up and leave without argument. The Torah is the way of peace so when this happens Bimheira Biyameinu it will be done with love and joy. Each and every person who respects the Torah has a place to live on this earth and the blessings of wealth and prosperity are for Jews and Non Jews alike if we keep the Mitzvoth, Chukim, Mishpatim of the Torah.

Is Dialog Possible?

A Jewish "Settler" resident of the modern Jewish community of Shilo which grew up beside the site of ancient Biblical Shilo exchanges email messages with an Arab, resident of the village of Turmosayya, located in the valley beneath Shilo. Is there a place for true dialog between the two?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Live Video's from Hebron


Video of Tzippy Schlissel mother of 10's arrest

Scroll past the pictures for the video and click on play.


Taken from EFSI Blog

IsraelReporter Shlomo Wollins continues his updates and live videos from Hebron. Don't read the news reports and summaries, check the video's and see for yourself!

(When you get to Israel Reporter scroll down to the pictures and click on the pictures. VIDEOS-click pictures to stream video clips)

These are the titles of the 9 VIDEO clips
- Video Coverage of Second Invasion of Chevron
- Exclusive Interview (English) with Chevron Leader mid-Invasion
- Video-walk in Midst of Riot Police Sweeping Buildings to Arrest Child-Protestors
- 10+ Riot Police Arrest Chevron Local Teenage Girls Refusing to Show ID
- Chevron Young Girls Stand Next to Riot Police Commandos and Sings Songs Expressing Strength, Faith, & Lack of Fear of Horses and Soldiers
- Chevron Young Boys Follow Expulsion Troops Chanting: “Police State!”
- Riot Horses from Germany Exit From Military Invasion on Chevron Streets
- Nightly “Kumsitz” (Singalong) Next To Campfire in Chevron Shuk
- Riot Police Sweep Shuk and the “Orange Donkey”

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hebron Jews - Called extreme fascists!?!


Subj: NPR radio Uri Avneri on Hebron 5:50am est January 17th about Hebron Jews

An Open Letter to the Spokespeople of Hebron, amv'sh

I woke up this morning to this broadcast of NPR. Perhaps I wasn't listening carefully but in my sleep it was my impression it was that Uri Avneri was a spokesperson for the Prime Minister of Israel. Even if he wasn't or was not represented as such, it's quite possible that the Prime Minister of Israel will wish to portray the Jews of Hebron as extreme fascists.

The reporter asked Uri Avneri "Why should Israel be willing to give more land to the Palestinians when there is no willingness on the Palestinians part to compliance". Avneri answered that the Jews in Hebron represent the most extremist Jewish element. He said that they are a small group of a few hundred surrounded by 200,000 Arabs and their goal is to purify Hebron from the 200,000 Arabs and make it a Jewish City. Most would consider their ideas as fascists." (Please listen to program for his exact language)

Argue back that if Hebron Jews are fascists then the Covenant and the Bible is a fascist doctrine. That means all Bible Believing Christians and Jews should be considered fascists as well.

Calling a Spade a Spade.

The Arabs talk about our Covenant and use it against us.

Even if you deny their allegations there is truth in their argument. Can you truthfully argue based on the Torah that the 200,000 Arabs belong in Hebron even if they don't murder us? Do they have any desire to keep the Mitzvoth and bring blessings to the world? Israel is like a violin. If the world wishes to hear music then it should not be in the hands of haters of music or even encased in a nice museum.

We don't have to be apologetic. Only those that accept the Bible and G-ds Covenant with Israel have a legitimate place in the Land of Israel.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Shemittah in Gush Katif - Anita Tucker


I just came back from the Beit Orot Dinner and had the priviledge of listening to Anita Tucker. I was very moved when Anita told her personal story of being expelled. She described 15 soldiers, dressed in gray, intimidating, coming to her home in Netzer Chazani. The Tuckers were prepared with a very long table, with their beautiful table cloth and good dishes etc. Her daughter invited these soldiers into the house. The family sat the soldiers down and Anita proceeded to describe how she and her family came to Gush Katif. She mentioned that they were sent there by the government and they were encouraged to actively engage in an agricultural enterprise. They were greeted in a friendly manner by their Arab neighbor leaders who let them know of their hope that the settlers would consider them for employment in the future. When the Arab neighbors were told of their intention to actually grow something in the sand the Arabs were surprised because they said the land was cursed and nothing grew. The place was called by the Arabs El Gerara (Based on the Biblical times when Avraham and Yitzchok settled in Gerar).

After her talk I went over to Anita Tucker (who was a farmer in Gush Katif) and asked her "What did the farmers do during the Shemittah years". She told me that they wanted to take a Sabbatical but the Badatz convinced them to rely on Kulos (What I understood was that they imported sand and put layers of plastic on the earth and the produce was grown with this alternative earth. There were other kulos as well). The reason the Badatz (Hashgacha, I understood) convinced them to rely on these kulos because they did not want to deal with the Arabs and would rather deal with the Jews and felt the Arabs would take over because the Badatz would have to depend on them for produce.

Well the Arabs did take least in Gush Katif.

My question is "Why couldn't things remain fallow in Gush Katif during Shemittah and Badatz organize lots of field trips to all the different farms rather than go to the Arabs? It would have been a blast!"

I don't know who is behind the Badatz but I wonder how they felt about the disengagement...

Anita also spoke about these 15 soldiers who listened stone face to her story. They were trained well to hide their emotions. When she saw there was no reaction, she began to cry bitterly for G-d to send her some sign that The State of Israel actually meant something to these men. Her daughter heard her cry and proceeded to show one of the soldiers her parents bedroom. Her daughter locked the soldier in with her Mother so that there would be privacy and told him to personally tell her mother how he felt. Anita said, the soldier cried. Anita was comforted that somehow her words did actually penetrate a fellow Jew. Her daughter did this for the remaining 14 soldiers. Each one of them cried individually, privately. The commander, last one retained however his mask and continued to reiterate that at 12:00 they would be asked to leave. At that point Anita ran from the bedroom locking him in by himself. The family walked out on their own surrounding by these men. Her husband remembered that he forgot Tallis and Tefillin. He went back and there he found that last commander crying. He was another fellow Jew touched by the tragedy. Anita felt G-d was sending her a message and it gave her faith and hope that once again the State of Israel will find its soul that is buried very deep in the hearts of it's Soldiers and will once again reclaim the Land.

If you have read my blog you will see that I am promoting an independant authority. The Lubavitch Rebbe in a letter to Geula Cohen in 1969 says not to call it a State of Israel since it would be too defining. So call it an authority based on Torah and Mitzvoth. I too believe like Anita Tucker in the soul of each and every Jew and their yearning for what's right and good and not what's evil will in the end prevail. I too do not wish them to be cut off. Yet, If we attempt a revolutionary concept on a broad scale, it will be too difficult to work out the details and iron out the kinks. I therefore promote a small scale Torah based enterprise that would allow such a ruling authority a chance to experiement, succeed and to expand at a pace that is not detrimental.

Any feedback to these ideas are most welcome.

Shavua Tov!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jews belong in Israel not Brooklyn - (so stifle yourself)


One of my internet correspondents found out that I am presently residing in Brooklyn. His reaction was as follows:

Jews belong in Israel not Brooklyn. If you are interested in pointless intellectual activities, go to a university. We are in a life or death struggle in Israel against our internal and external enemies. Thousands of Jews have been murdered by the Arab friends of the Israeli CHILLONIM. Tens of thousands more have been maimed or crippled for life. If you believe you have a way to change all that, come home and start to work on it. As Rabbi Aryeh says; "Life is not a virtual reality game."

At 07:11 AM 1/12/2006, you wrote:
No. I am presently in Brooklyn, NY. But I would be pleased if ideas mentioned in the Blog were discussed and I would be interested in feedback. As Rabbi Nachman says "Kol Asher Ani Nosea, Ani Nosea LeEretz Yisroel".

I responded back to him as follows:


I am also an Israeli citizen and own an apt. in Kiryat Arba. I don't believe you read my blog. You are fast to jump to conclusions.

In my opinion each and every Jew wherever they reside, is an equal citizen of Eretz Yisroel with equal obligations and responsibilities. I believe that they have the mutual responsibilities for defending the Land of Israel.

Yaakov Avinu did not want to go down to Egypt either. G-d arranged events so that Yosef was forced down first and Yaakov Avinu followed. Yes, Mipnei Chatainu Gilinu Meartzeinu. Yaakov was very worried that in Mitzraim he and his family would assimilate and Hashem appears to him and promises that He will be with him in Mitzraim and will take him out of Mitzraim. That occurs in this weeks Parsha Vayechi. Yaakov dies in Mitzraim and Yosef brings his body to Maarat Hamachepela as Yosef promised Yaakov his father in the beginning of the Parsha.

I left Eretz Yisroel December 1998 with the intention of going for a visit to Chutz Laaretz but with a premonition it would be longer. I had made Aliya around seven years prior. I remember being very afraid of going back to Chutz Laaretz and I remember crying bitter tears and reading the Parsha and being somewhat comforted. I do not think many people experienced a grief so deep as I did at the time when I left Eretz Yisroel. Circumstances brought me to the decision to leave Eretz Yisroel. Hashem is in control. It is with HAshem's mercy that we have the zechus to be in Eretz Yisroel. Yet, Hashem can change that around no matter how much we wish otherwise.

It is you who are mistaken in the way that you relate to your fellow Jews in Chutz Laaretz. You have an attitude that you are more deserving since you live in Eretz Yisroel and therefore only you can influence events and have a say in what's happening.

G-d who knows what is in each and every heart is the judge. We share a common Ancestral Heritage. We both fall into the category of Bnei Brith. That means that a Jew in Chutz Laaretz is also a member of the Covenant. You can not take G-d's gift away from another Jew just like you would not want others to take it away from you. The Covenant is G-d's promise to the Nation of Israel that the Land it theirs and that they have to keep the commandments. It makes no difference whether one lives in Eretz Yisroel or whether one lives in Chutz Laaretz. Each and every Jew has a chelek in Eretz Yisroel. If I belong to a particular tribe and I would know which tribe then I would have a better clue as to where my portion is.

It is this attitude of the Israeli which excludes the Jews of the Diaspora and the attitude of the Jew in the Diaspora that excludes himself from Am Yisroel when it comes to claiming the Land of Israel , that was a major factor instrumental in the success of the Disengagement. Because, Hashem yearns for each and every Jew wherever he/she may be to believe in the Covenant, have that yearning for the Land of Israel and a desire to keep the commandments in Eretz Yisroel.

Another reason you are mistaken with this attitude is because each and every member of Am Yisroel is necessary for a complete whole. If each and every Jew in Eretz Yisroel and in the Diaspora would stand up for the Covenant and proclaim that this Land is ours, that by definition is in opposition to the Roadmap. Why didn't enough people in Eretz Yisroel cry out to the Jews of the Diaspora "Hey, this is yours as much as it is mine. Whether you fought in the army or not is not relevant. It is ours because G-d has promised it to us via His Covenant. Don't you believe in the Covenant? Why don't you scream and object? Why didn't you at least put in a Kol Korei in your newspapers like the Jewish Press, Yated and Hamodia? We had 225,000 people at the Kotel. Why didn't you all write letters to the President of the U.S.A.? Why were the Rabbanim of America silent to the Roadmap Plan which is interpreted to mean acquiescence and implicit agreement?

The Rabbi of the Kingsway Jewish Center in Brooklyn, Rabbi Goldstein, was asked what was his take on Disengagement of Gush Katif and he replied "I feel guilty that I am not living in Eretz Yisroel and I or my children are not fighting in the army so therefore I don't feel I have a right to tell the gov't of Israel what to do. (Even though personally he was against the disengagement). This attitude, like the attitude of the Rabbanim in Chutz Laaretz is similar to yours but manifested differently. Chaim Dovid Zweibel of Agudas Yisroel told me personally that the hands of Agudas Yisroel of America are paralyzed unless the Rabbanim in Eretz Yisroel speak out against the disengagement. This same attitude caused silence among hundreds of thousands of Torah believers in America who were sickened by the disengagement and yet were silent.

Please rethink your words. Unless you start being inclusive of all of Am Yisroel and stop believing that only ones who are actually living is Eretz Yisroel are capable of changing events I can not bless your efforts. I am convinced that G-d disagrees with you.

The focus must be on The Covenant.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Philosophy vs Governing


I would like to take this opportunity to clarify what I believe my own role is in this entire discussion. I have been told that I am arrogant, a provocateur, to even suggest the formation of 2 Jewish Entities, one Jewish Entity based on the Torah and one Secular. I do not call it a State because I recently read a letter the Lubavitch Rebbe sent to Geula Cohen objecting to the word State. I am not a prestigious Rav or Rebbetzin and have no qualifications as such.

This is a philosophical discussion. It has been shown in very academic circles that the Bible has definitely had strong influence in defining the modern day Republic.

An independant gov't based on Torah, not subservient to any other governing entity, has not been in existance since Churban Bayis Rishon. It is revolutionary. It is no wonder that the opposition to this proposal has been so powerful and condemned by everyone (secular as well as chareidi, religious zionists and secular zionist). I knew that I must be on to something because the backlash was so powerful.

This proposition is shaking the foundations of the way Orthodox Jewry has evolved over the past 2000 years. The secular Jewish world is more likely to be willing to be a light unto the Nations but they are very wary of Torah Shebaalpeh and are afraid to talk about Torah Shebichtav because they might be considered Messianic and Religious fanatics. The chareidi yearn for Eretz Yisroel for the future but Eretz Yisroel of today is not that relevant. Because if it was relevant there would have been an outpour of opposition to the Roadmap.

It is not my position to govern. I am sufficiently challenged to govern my own daled amos. My basement especially cries out to me because the clutter is unbelievable. I am humbled in my ability to govern every Erev SHabbos one half hour before candle lighting. I won't elaborate.

But these ideas came as a result of a strong desire to see us Komemiyut LaAretzeinu and a sincere thirst to understand what the Torah had in mind when it gave us the Mitzvah Of Shemittah.

From this thirst of knowledge comes the knowledge that our Torah laws are so very beautiful. Each and every Mitzvah will bring us closer to Hashem and Hashem's desire for us to live Meiyn Olam Haba. Each and every one of us have special perspectives, talents, abilities, missions that are necessary for the entire whole. We are each dependant on each other. Because the gifts we receive from above come via the personal sacrifices and gifts to G-d from others.

May we be zocheh to Moshiach Tzidkeinu Bimheira Biyamainu. Amen

Two Jewish Entities side by side living in peace - Hebron expulsion


To all of my Friends in Hebron, amv"sh

For Jews in Hebron, being part of the State of Israel translates into expulsion. Why can't Hebron Jews announce they are officially ceding from the State in order to survive. It parallels the American Revolution with loss of freedom of speech and freedom of religion etc. I understand that there is a strong desire to maintain unity. This idea is by no means cutting yourself from the rest of Am Yisroel Chas Veshalom. It is simply an expression of freedom of religion and for now the State of Israel does not allow the religious Israeli to express their religion. Living on the Land of Israel is fundamental and basic to the Jewish religion. It is the Covenant. We are not called Children of the Covenant (Bnei Brith) for no reason. Many Mitzvoth are dependant on the Land. The State does not believe in the Covenant. The Medina today does not even play religious music on Erev Shabbat (I couldn't find a channel with music to welcome in Shabbos this past summer and it upset me. Why can't Arutz7 broadcast in Israel?). Convince the Nation that a religious Jewish Entity side by side a secular Jewish State is preferable to having a Palestinian State out to destroy Israel, side by side with a Jewish Secular State.

The following point as well leads me to believe that this is the proper "roadmap".

The majority of the people in the State of Israel are not ready for a governing entity based on Torah as polls have indicated. However if there is a small model that is successful then slowly the rest of Israel will bs"d join in. This model will be comprised of believing members of Am Yisroel that are willing to try their hardest to run a society based on Torah laws. This is revolutionary and there will be mistakes. Those mistakes will be dealt with but only when there isn't strong opposition trying their hardest to see that this doesn't succeed. I do not believe that Feiglin's platform is realistic and that he is facing reality with what he is up against. The only way a Torah governing entity can evolve is by starting small while getting the "bugs" out of the system. A different way to put this is by establishing, setting up, defining and legislating and fine tuning the halachot relevant to the running of a gov't based on Torah.

These are two very compelling reasons why ceding from the gov't is our only option.

Shabbat Shalom


Even if you personally reject some of these ideas, others might find that these ideas have merit and worthy of consideration. Given the actions of our gov't, these ideas should be given a good brainstorming.

Uniting all Jews - The Covenant


What will unite all Jews? It's the Torah. The time has come to finally focus on the Covenant. G-d promised the Land of Israel to Avraham Yitzchok and Yaakov and to their children for Achuzat Olam. Hashem repeats it many, many times in the Torah.

In this weeks Parshas Vayechi, it is repeated in Perek 48 Pasuk 4. "Jacob said to Joseph. "Kel Shakai had appeared to me in Luz in the Land of Canaan and He blessed me. He said to me 'Behold - I will make you fruitful and numerous; I will make you a Congregation of Ntions, and I will give this Land to your offspring after you, as an eternal posession'"

The Covenant is repeated over and over again in the Torah. When something is repeated over and over it is because Hashem wants us to know how important it is.

Here are some obvious questions. Why isn't the Covenant mentioned by Rabbanim who are knowledgeble in Torah? Why is the Covenant ignored by Secular Zionists when the Land of Israel is what it's all about?

I suggest the following. Many Rabbanim wish not to focus on the Land of Israel and the secular Zionist will not focus on the Torah. The Rabbanim have chosen Torah without Eretz Yisroel and the State has chosen Eretz Yisroel without Torah. The Rabbanim have a history of rejecting the Land starting with the Miraglim. The State of Israel has a flaw. It's formation left Torah out of the picture.

Judaism has survived 2000 years of Galus without the State of Israel. The Land of Israel is something that is a dream. We daven for it, we yearn for it but when we get it we refuse to see that it is relevant to our religion.

The State of Israel has been good to the Torah Jew. It built Yeshivot and supported religious Jews and their Institutions. The Religous Torah Jew was satisfied with this arrangement and was happy not to take the lead and preferred the insulation.

But now there is a crisis. The Secular State is actively not allowing freedom of religion. The religious Jew has Hakaras Hatov to the Secular State that has up till now supported them. They refuse to see that the State is forcing them to choose between a State and their religion. They are naive. They keep on letting the State be their leaders hoping that the State will somehow change their mind. They choose not to put claim to the Covenant.

The Religious Jew in the Diaspora still yearns for the Land of Israel in dreams of the future. But the Land of Israel of today which even though is an Eternal Covenant is simply not relevant to their religion and to keeping of the Mitzvoth.

Then there is the fear of public opinion that dominates all. If we speak about the Covenant then it might appear like we are being arrogant because it's as if we are saying that we believe that G-d is directly talking to us. How dare we talk like we have a revelation! That is Christian idealogy. So it is politically incorrect to bring up the Scriptures. Also who are we to say something that our Rabbi's have been silent about. Also the Torah sounds very cruel at times especially those passages instructing Yehoshua with how to deal with the inhabitants of Eretz Canaan when they reposess the Land. So of course we try our hardest to ignore passages and not mention those passages that sound undemocratic and cruel.

Mentioning specific Mitzvoth such as Shemittah and it's connection with living with security in the Land is taboo. Again much too "religious fanaticsm". We are very afraid of what others think and how it will sound.

So in my humble opinion G-d allowed the disengagement to happen. He wants us to desire the Land, to claim the Land and to focus on the commandments. Hashem has been patient with us this time. He forced us out by our own people, and we were crying together. It's pretty horrible but could have been a lot worse if it was an alien country forcing us out such as what happened in Churban Bayis I and II.

A Tikkun is definitely a possibility.

First step is to focus on the Covenant. That by definition is in direct opposition to Bush's Roadmap Plan. If Rav Shteinman and Rav Eliashiv would come out with statement referring to the Covenant and our Biblical claim to the Land then hundreds of thousands of our brethren could follow through with PR. Kupat Hair is fabulous at PR. Every Lamppost in Flatbush and Boropark. Glossy inserts in every edition of the Jewish Press whose circulation is hundreds of thousands. Glossy inserts in Yated and Hamodia as well.

President Bush would have no support for his Roadmap Plan from Believers of the Bible. The Fundamental Christians have been talking about the Covenant and against the Disengagement. Orthodox Jews bonding together with Fundamental Christians on the Covenant is too strong of a block for President Bush to ignore.

I would be interested in any feedback to this post.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It Won't Win An Oscar But It's a Great Film

Yisroel Medad's comments on the film created by the youth of Kedumim.

It Won't Win An Oscar But It's a Great Film

Rabbanim and all men who are between the age of 20 and 60 have to take over. It is not the job for kids. The army did not send out kids. They sent out soldiers to fight. And the adult population who believes in the Covenant has an obligation to Hashem to claim the Land. The Rabbanim and the adult male population have for some reason stepped aside and created a Chillul Hashem by not putting a claim to the Land. The youth have tried to fill that void but it is not in their jurisdiction. Who will be like Yehudah Hamacabbi and cry "Mi LaHashem Elai?" The masses will come and join. This is our reality. Cry out for all the Rabbanim in the Diaspora to claim Eretz Yisroel as well. Because we are all Bnei Brith. We are collectively Children of the Covenant. We desire the Land. We desire to bring Kedushah to the Land. We desire the Mitzvoth of the Land. We desire Eretz Yisroel! That is our battle cry!