Sunday, January 22, 2006

This blog's focus is on Shemittah


When I invited members to Shemittah Rediscovered I didn't realize that it meant that members had the ability to post to the blog. I simply thought it meant one can comment. (I was new to blogging) It's not that I have anything against the extra posts and I am happy to read them in their respective blogs. But I don't want to change the focus of my blog of Shemittah to other topics. Therefore, I am asking all members to relate their posts somehow to Shemittah or refrain from placing posts in order to keep the focus on Shemittah as was my original intention.

Thank you Yoel Ben Avraham and Batya Medad for getting me into blogging and I am not against the dialogue of Yoel ben Avraham and Turmos Ayya resident. I myself while living in Kiryat Arab went with an elderly Yemenite women (over 80) by the name of Miriam Yefet to the shuk of Hebron (now under siege by the army) and they (the Arabs) loved her in Hebron. (I helped her with the packages) They ran to do her bidding. She told them quite up front that this Land is Our Land and they respected her. She was able to distinguish between those that hated Jews and those that didn't. She aided the poor in Hebron and being that she spoke their language she also understood them.

I personally believe that Eretz Yisroel is an inheritance for Am Yisroel as promised repeatedly in the Torah. If Moshiach would tell us from which shevet we are from we would all be displaced. The non Jew has the status of a Ger Toshav whereby he would need to accept the sovereignty of Nation of Israel and the Torah just like the people of Israel would need to accept the Torah.

According to the Torah, Hashem says "Li Kol Haaretz". The Land does not belong to individuals. However, Hashem decides who to give the Land and has given it to Am Yisroel as a Nachala. Each Shevet and each person has their Nachala that belongs to them. That is my answer to the Arab who says "How can you kick me off my Land? " If the Mossiah would come and tell me that the Nachala I have isn't rightfully mine (as in the Jubillee year) then I would pick myself up and leave without argument. The Torah is the way of peace so when this happens Bimheira Biyameinu it will be done with love and joy. Each and every person who respects the Torah has a place to live on this earth and the blessings of wealth and prosperity are for Jews and Non Jews alike if we keep the Mitzvoth, Chukim, Mishpatim of the Torah.
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