Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hebron Jews - Called extreme fascists!?!


Subj: NPR radio Uri Avneri on Hebron 5:50am est January 17th about Hebron Jews

An Open Letter to the Spokespeople of Hebron, amv'sh

I woke up this morning to this broadcast of NPR. Perhaps I wasn't listening carefully but in my sleep it was my impression it was that Uri Avneri was a spokesperson for the Prime Minister of Israel. Even if he wasn't or was not represented as such, it's quite possible that the Prime Minister of Israel will wish to portray the Jews of Hebron as extreme fascists.

The reporter asked Uri Avneri "Why should Israel be willing to give more land to the Palestinians when there is no willingness on the Palestinians part to compliance". Avneri answered that the Jews in Hebron represent the most extremist Jewish element. He said that they are a small group of a few hundred surrounded by 200,000 Arabs and their goal is to purify Hebron from the 200,000 Arabs and make it a Jewish City. Most would consider their ideas as fascists." (Please listen to program for his exact language)

Argue back that if Hebron Jews are fascists then the Covenant and the Bible is a fascist doctrine. That means all Bible Believing Christians and Jews should be considered fascists as well.

Calling a Spade a Spade.

The Arabs talk about our Covenant and use it against us.

Even if you deny their allegations there is truth in their argument. Can you truthfully argue based on the Torah that the 200,000 Arabs belong in Hebron even if they don't murder us? Do they have any desire to keep the Mitzvoth and bring blessings to the world? Israel is like a violin. If the world wishes to hear music then it should not be in the hands of haters of music or even encased in a nice museum.

We don't have to be apologetic. Only those that accept the Bible and G-ds Covenant with Israel have a legitimate place in the Land of Israel.

Robin Ticker
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