Thursday, January 26, 2006

Letter to President Bush - Hamas and Democracy


President Bush is in a bind. On one hand he wants to promote democracy. Hamas won democratically. On the other hand, Hamas' platform calls for the destruction of Israel. America does not want to call for the destruction of their ally Israel.

President Bush responded as follows. Hamas won because the people in Palestine were dissatisfied with the Palestinian Authority. Apparently the government did not provide adequately for the needs of the people. The people simply want adequate services, housing, employment etc. President Bush suggested corruption among the PA. So the voice of the people spoke and that is a good thing according to President Bush.

Dear Mr. President,

DO NOT BE NAIVE. Hamas won because the people approved of its platform!

Yes it's possible for democracy to fail. If all of Americans would vote democratically to end democracy then what is your solution?

The failure is the fact that while democracy has proven to be a wonderful form of government, it is not the appropriate government for Israel. Israel, is bound by the Torah. That means they are bound by 613 commandments. Some of these commandments are impossible to accomplish when they are not in ownership of the Land. The Roadmap calls for 2 Democratic States living side by side. This is in direct contradiction to the Covenant.

In the Covenant, G-d promises the Land of Israel which includes Judea, Samaria and Gaza, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to their seed as an eternal inheritance. The children of these founding fathers of Israel acquired the status of a Nation following the Exodus from Egypt and receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai.

Please Mr. President, as a believing Christian, do not disregard the Covenant. The Covenant is fundamental to the Old Testament. Disregard of the Covenant is making a statement that the Bible is irrelevant to our day and age.

Blessings for all the Nations of the world are forthcoming when the Nation of Israel are able to keep their commandments on the Land of Israel.


Robin Ticker
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