Sunday, January 08, 2006

Philosophy vs Governing


I would like to take this opportunity to clarify what I believe my own role is in this entire discussion. I have been told that I am arrogant, a provocateur, to even suggest the formation of 2 Jewish Entities, one Jewish Entity based on the Torah and one Secular. I do not call it a State because I recently read a letter the Lubavitch Rebbe sent to Geula Cohen objecting to the word State. I am not a prestigious Rav or Rebbetzin and have no qualifications as such.

This is a philosophical discussion. It has been shown in very academic circles that the Bible has definitely had strong influence in defining the modern day Republic.

An independant gov't based on Torah, not subservient to any other governing entity, has not been in existance since Churban Bayis Rishon. It is revolutionary. It is no wonder that the opposition to this proposal has been so powerful and condemned by everyone (secular as well as chareidi, religious zionists and secular zionist). I knew that I must be on to something because the backlash was so powerful.

This proposition is shaking the foundations of the way Orthodox Jewry has evolved over the past 2000 years. The secular Jewish world is more likely to be willing to be a light unto the Nations but they are very wary of Torah Shebaalpeh and are afraid to talk about Torah Shebichtav because they might be considered Messianic and Religious fanatics. The chareidi yearn for Eretz Yisroel for the future but Eretz Yisroel of today is not that relevant. Because if it was relevant there would have been an outpour of opposition to the Roadmap.

It is not my position to govern. I am sufficiently challenged to govern my own daled amos. My basement especially cries out to me because the clutter is unbelievable. I am humbled in my ability to govern every Erev SHabbos one half hour before candle lighting. I won't elaborate.

But these ideas came as a result of a strong desire to see us Komemiyut LaAretzeinu and a sincere thirst to understand what the Torah had in mind when it gave us the Mitzvah Of Shemittah.

From this thirst of knowledge comes the knowledge that our Torah laws are so very beautiful. Each and every Mitzvah will bring us closer to Hashem and Hashem's desire for us to live Meiyn Olam Haba. Each and every one of us have special perspectives, talents, abilities, missions that are necessary for the entire whole. We are each dependant on each other. Because the gifts we receive from above come via the personal sacrifices and gifts to G-d from others.

May we be zocheh to Moshiach Tzidkeinu Bimheira Biyamainu. Amen
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