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What to do to Help Jews in Hebron stay on their Land

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Worldwide Fax Campaign Underway

With Hevron in headline news, I have been getting a lot of calls from concerned individuals all over the world who want to know is happening in Hevron and what they can do to help.

The situation in Hevron is very tense. The current struggle involves two strips of homes which are literally across the street from Avraham Avinu neighborhood, where I live with my family.

The area in question is owned by Jews who were forced to abandon their property in 1929 when Jews were massacred and the survivors were forcibly expelled by the British. Arabs stole the land and built a market place on it. In 1967, when Hevron was liberated, the land was not given back to the rightful owners; instead the Arabs were allowed to continue using it.

Today only a very small percentage of the Jewish owned land in Hevron has been resettled by Jews. The Rebbe cried about this, “they kill and then they inherit!”

In the last ten years the army evacuated this Arab market for security reasons, but still did not grant permission for the rightful owners to reclaim their property. In 2001, Arab snipers murdered 10 month old Shalhevet in her carriage in the playground of Avraham Avinu. In response to that terrorist attack, the Jewish community in Hevron settled the property.
The legal owners "Kollelot HaSefaradim Eretz Yisroel" endorsed this action.

Young Jewish families with support from abroad began to renovate the shabby, dilapidated storefronts of the market and with their own hands, created lovely living quarters for themselves.

The absurdity of the matter is that both the government and the courts recognize that the homes are on Jewish property. Furthermore, throughout Hevron you can see Arabs building grand structures, all without permits and still no penalty from the government. Only Jews renovating the inside of existing structures on Jewish property are harassed and are prevented from getting proper permits.

The residents of Hevron are known to be uncompromising and strong. The entire Jewish world benefits because of it. Thanks to these committed Yidden Baalei Mesirus Nefesh, we have access to Maaras HaMachpela, and to the resting place of Rebbitzen Menucha Rochel.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke many times about how important it is to have settlements in Yehuda and Shomron. Of all the settlements, Hevron is seen as the pinnacle of strength. When Hevron holds onto its property, the other settlers are encouraged that it can be done. If Hevron would fall, G-d forbid – even one neighborhood in Hevron – the other settlements could be discouraged. We cannot let that happen.

Escalating the events that occurred in the past week, hundreds of youth came to protest in Hevron. These youth were in Gush Katif and are still hurting from witnessing its destruction.

Besides the fact that the ‘riots’ were blown out of proportion in the media I personally may not agree with everything that went on this week in Hevron, but I still think it is important for history to know, that in one city in Eretz Yisroel, when they came to expel Jews from their land, the Jews went crazy.

There is a convenient and quick way that you all can help. The leaders of Hevron think this campaign will be effective and make a change for the better.

In the past year, Chabad of Hevron has had two incidents at the Tziun of Rebbitzin Menucha Rochel which were resolved thanks to dozens of faxes sent to the right places. Being that this situation goes beyond our local authorities, we need hundreds, even thousands of faxes, from as many places as possible, Stationery coming in from all over the globe is very influential in Ertez Yisroel.

The evacuation decree threatening Hevron is not a government decision. It is an order from the Justice Department and therefore it can be changed Bederech Hateva! Your role is to have local leaders, rabbis, organizations, businessmen, and of course yourselves write a short letter in your words and fax it in! This is something that can be done from abroad and without the interference of expenses.


Faxes on stationary of an organization are most effective. We need faxes from as many locations as possible, as well as many faxes from each location. Unique wording is more effective than a pre-written form letter. You can use Hebrew or English or the language of your country. A brief, clear message is what is needed.

Let them know that you expect the conflict in Hevron to be settled peacefully to the benefit of Klal Yisroel. We want cooperation not confrontation.

Jews all over the world depend on the community of Hevron as the guardians of the holy Jewish site of Maaras HaMachpela which is undisputedly a Jewish site. They are the guarantee that what happened at Kever Yosef will not happen to the Kever of Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov, Sara, Rivka, Leah and Menucha Rochel.

Let them know you find it despicable that Jews living on Jewish owned land in the Jewish homeland are subjected to being expelled by Jewish soldiers.

Here are the fax numbers you will need:
President Moshe Katzav: 02-5631932
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert: 02-6705361 02-5664838 02-5638693
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz: 972-36976218

Please send me a copy of your faxes, my fax number is 972-29605770

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