Friday, January 20, 2006

Live Video's from Hebron


Video of Tzippy Schlissel mother of 10's arrest

Scroll past the pictures for the video and click on play.


Taken from EFSI Blog

IsraelReporter Shlomo Wollins continues his updates and live videos from Hebron. Don't read the news reports and summaries, check the video's and see for yourself!

(When you get to Israel Reporter scroll down to the pictures and click on the pictures. VIDEOS-click pictures to stream video clips)

These are the titles of the 9 VIDEO clips
- Video Coverage of Second Invasion of Chevron
- Exclusive Interview (English) with Chevron Leader mid-Invasion
- Video-walk in Midst of Riot Police Sweeping Buildings to Arrest Child-Protestors
- 10+ Riot Police Arrest Chevron Local Teenage Girls Refusing to Show ID
- Chevron Young Girls Stand Next to Riot Police Commandos and Sings Songs Expressing Strength, Faith, & Lack of Fear of Horses and Soldiers
- Chevron Young Boys Follow Expulsion Troops Chanting: “Police State!”
- Riot Horses from Germany Exit From Military Invasion on Chevron Streets
- Nightly “Kumsitz” (Singalong) Next To Campfire in Chevron Shuk
- Riot Police Sweep Shuk and the “Orange Donkey”
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