Sunday, January 08, 2006

Two Jewish Entities side by side living in peace - Hebron expulsion


To all of my Friends in Hebron, amv"sh

For Jews in Hebron, being part of the State of Israel translates into expulsion. Why can't Hebron Jews announce they are officially ceding from the State in order to survive. It parallels the American Revolution with loss of freedom of speech and freedom of religion etc. I understand that there is a strong desire to maintain unity. This idea is by no means cutting yourself from the rest of Am Yisroel Chas Veshalom. It is simply an expression of freedom of religion and for now the State of Israel does not allow the religious Israeli to express their religion. Living on the Land of Israel is fundamental and basic to the Jewish religion. It is the Covenant. We are not called Children of the Covenant (Bnei Brith) for no reason. Many Mitzvoth are dependant on the Land. The State does not believe in the Covenant. The Medina today does not even play religious music on Erev Shabbat (I couldn't find a channel with music to welcome in Shabbos this past summer and it upset me. Why can't Arutz7 broadcast in Israel?). Convince the Nation that a religious Jewish Entity side by side a secular Jewish State is preferable to having a Palestinian State out to destroy Israel, side by side with a Jewish Secular State.

The following point as well leads me to believe that this is the proper "roadmap".

The majority of the people in the State of Israel are not ready for a governing entity based on Torah as polls have indicated. However if there is a small model that is successful then slowly the rest of Israel will bs"d join in. This model will be comprised of believing members of Am Yisroel that are willing to try their hardest to run a society based on Torah laws. This is revolutionary and there will be mistakes. Those mistakes will be dealt with but only when there isn't strong opposition trying their hardest to see that this doesn't succeed. I do not believe that Feiglin's platform is realistic and that he is facing reality with what he is up against. The only way a Torah governing entity can evolve is by starting small while getting the "bugs" out of the system. A different way to put this is by establishing, setting up, defining and legislating and fine tuning the halachot relevant to the running of a gov't based on Torah.

These are two very compelling reasons why ceding from the gov't is our only option.

Shabbat Shalom


Even if you personally reject some of these ideas, others might find that these ideas have merit and worthy of consideration. Given the actions of our gov't, these ideas should be given a good brainstorming.
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