Thursday, November 29, 2007

The New Jewish Congress and The Yeshiva World

The Yeshiva World News posted news about the Agudah Convention and Agudah's statement regarding Annapolis.  I posted a comment on Yeshiva World News addressing some of their comments to Agudah's response.  My comment is now subject to review by the website.  I hope it gets posted.  In any case this is what I wrote.
 I referred to the New Jewish Congress that took place in Yerushalayim the same day as the summit in Annapolis.  Read about it on Arutz7. 
Faigerayzel's comment to the readers of Yeshiva World News:
If we truly have the yearning and desire to keep the Mitzvoth of the Torah we would say as follows.  Finally after 2000 years, Hashem has given us the gift of Eretz Yisroel.  We can now do many Mitzvoth that we were unable to keep before we became a Sovereign nation.  For example we are now able to keep the Mitzvah of Shemittah.  Rav Eliashiv and the Beth Medrash LeTorath Eretz Yisroel, specifically deal with Mitzvoth Teluyot Baaretz.  Did this Beth Medrash exist before there were specific halachic questions from religious farmers living in Eretz Yisroel?  Rav Eliashiv has given a psak against Heter Mechira which is a symbolic selling of the Land.  Yet there is silence regarding actually giving away Land in Yehuda and Shomron at the Annapolis summit.  That seems very inconsistent.  Surely if one truly wishes to keep the Mitzva of Shemittah and we know what blessings of peace and security are promised, then surely the Rabbanim would boldly say that only Am Yisroel has the mandate to keep the Mitzvtoh for the blessings of all mankind.  The Land belongs to the Creator of the World.  Am Yisroel is the rightful stewards of the Land since only we have the mandate to keep he Mitzvoth that are dependant to the Land.  In the Shemittah year we clearly show that the Land is not ours to give away.  It belongs to Hashem.  And we, as Hashem's chosen people, are obligated to keep the commandments, for the benefit of mankind.  We are obligated to let the fields lie fallow and to release our loans.  Will a nice democratic, peace loving Palestinian State have any mandate or inclination to keep these commandments?  The Land of Israel is called the Promised Land.  It is also called the Holy Land by the Nations of the world.  These names clearly portray an accurate picture.  G-d promised the Land of Israel to the Nation of Israel..  The Blessings of mankind will be actualized by sanctifying the Land with holiness by the Nation of Israel by keeping the Mitzvoth. 
Lawman613.  We have been in Galus much too long.  We don't see that Hashem has given us a historic opportunity to actually keep Mitzvoth in Eretz Yisroel something denied to us for 2000 years.  Yet we refuse to believe that we can actually leave the Galus if we only had the desire or yearning.
Let us unite in our desire to now make Eretz Yisroel a place that is governed by Torah and Mitzvoth with a Sanhedrin.  Please visit a post on Arutz7 of the New Jewish Congress that is working precisely in that direction. Hop aboard and let us say "Shir Hamaalos Beshuv HAshem et Shivas Zion Hayinu Kecholmim".  Eretz Yisroel is relevant to our time and our generation.  Our Torah is relevant to our time and generation.  Our dreams of Yerushalyim and Zion and Eretz Yisroel can finally be made into our reality. The only thing that is missing is our desires and yearning to make it happen by the majority of caring Jews.  I believe Moshiach is waiting for Am Yisroel to say "We want Eretz Yisroel, We claim Eretz Yisroel, We want to keep the Mitzvoth of Eretz Yisroel"  The entire Torah and all the Mitzvoth of the Torah reach their ultimate only in Eretz Yisroel. All of Sefer Devarim, also called Mishneh Torah is Moshe's instruction about how we can live in Eretz Yisroel.  Hashem took us out of Mitzraim not to stay in the desert.  The whole purpose of the Torah is to observe it in Eretz Yisroel with a Beth HAmikdosh.  True the Beit Hamikdosh is not yet built but let us think of ourselves as the Jews coming out of the desert.  First they had to conquer the Land and drive out the Avoda Zara.  There was no King from Beis Dovid initially.  There was Yehoshua, Shoftim and Shmuel.  The poeple asked for king to quickly.  We must start the process and then Moshiach will find us worthy.  Claiming Eretz Yisroel as our own is the first step.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Re: Annapolis What is the Coordinating Council on Jerusalem doing?

In response to my question to the Coordinating Council on Jerusalem about what they are doing to protest the Annapolis summit I get this response.
n a message dated 11/25/2007 11:57:35 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

CCJ will not be going per se, but one of our member organizations is organizing a rally. Contact Americans for a Safe Israel for information on the rally.


From: []
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 3:11 AM
Subject: Annapolis




Is CCJER going to go to Annapolis and who will be speaking to represent them? If not what is CCJER doing to protest.



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My comments:
I would guess that membership of Afsi compared to the memberships of the big organizations on the Coordinating Council such as the Young Israel and the OU is miniscule. The Young Israel and the OU each have networks that reach hundreds if not thousands of Rabbi's and members.   Did the Coalition form simply to neutralize any activism against Annapolis?  Hoorah (also known as HU RA) because you may have succeeded!   People figure that of course you are acting on their behalf.  Meanwhile effectively, other than AFSI the CCJER is silent.  That's because the CCJER is only about Jerusalem and not protesting ANNAPOLIS and a 2 State Solution, (Chas Vechalila, Chas Veshalom).  SHAME ON YOU!  All the Arab Countries with the UN and the USA are uniting to effectively wipe Israel off the map and you along with  Agudath Yisroel of America choose  to be SiLENT while the Nations of the World are talking about giving away Judea and Samaria. If G-d forbid they try to implement their evil plans will you then express how you share the pain of your brethren in Judea and Samaria just as everyone expressed their horror and pain about witnessing the expulsion of Gush Katif?  Will you raise money to memorialize the beautiful communities in Yesha that once was?  Will you raise money for the poor Jews that became refugees from Judea and Samaria?  HOW WILL YOU RESPOND THEN?   HOW WILL YOU LIVE WITH YOUR CONSCIENCE?  WILL YOU SAY I BELIEVED G-D WOULD SEND A MIRACLE as did the Jews from Gush Katif? WAKE UP because Sederot is not faring that well.  Maybe had they realized earlier that the expulsion from Gush Katif would directly hit them as well they would have been a bit more proactive.


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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where is the Torah Voice?

Dear Agudath Yisroel, Rabbi Lerner, and other esteemed Rabbanim, amv"sh
Is Agudath Yisroel or other esteemed Rabbanim or CCJER ( Coordinating Council of Jerusalem) going to Annapolis to protest? If so do they have a permit to speak? I know that Coalition to Defend Jerusalem (Bob Kunst's organization) has a permit and will be speaking and has speakers lined up. Afsi has a permit but I believe does not have speaking permits. My question is whether anyone will be speaking for CCJER and if so will it be under the umbrella of the Coalition to Defend Jerusalem or jointly or separately or at all. A very major concern of ours is whether the Torah message will be voiced or heard at all. Will anyone broadcast the Torah message that the entire world belongs to Hashem and Hashem promised the Land of Israel which includes Judea and Samaria, to the Nation of Israel and we are obligated to keep the commandments. (first Rashi of Breishit/Genesis) Will there be a voice that loudly voices opposition to a STATE OF PALESTINE, G-d Forbid? Bob Kunst, to his credit, in spite of all his other agendas, such as Hillary Clinton, Shalom International and Gay Activism, has been promoting and sponsoring any form of protest that is being organized against Annapolis and against the possibility of a repeat of a future holocaust. See below the post on his website I wonder if Bob Kunst and company would welcome a speaker that would clearly speak the Torah perspective even though the Torah perspective is not one that welcomes his personal lifestyle. Is Shalom International, the organization for which he is president ,the same as the Shalom International that is missionary? Proselytizing is also clearly against the Torah beliefs in ONE G-d. Is Hillary Clinton, whose husband Bill Clinton, spearheaded Oslo, really serious about protesting the State of Palestine G-d forbid or is she simply willing to protest an undivided Jerusalem and a Republican initiative but personally has no objection to allow the State of Palestine to become established G-d forbid. If this is the case, then is Bob Kunst still active in her campaign as the website seems to indicate. Will the Coalition to Defend Jerusalem clearly come out against the establishment of a Palestinian State in spite of Hillary's support of Oslo. Would the Coalition to Defend Jerusalem welcome a speaker that spoke the position of Torah which is also clearly against Annapolis Summit, against the Roadmap and against Oslo and against the rise of a terror state similar to Nazi Germany.
Is the Coalition to Defend Jerusalem the only forum with a permit to speak. Apparently they plan to attract a large media group to publicize their protest. Isn't it important that the words of Torah at least have the same coverage? Will anyone out there, any Torah personality say that Annapolis is bad because it is in direct contradiction with the Torah Roadmap? Will any Torah personality speak about the Covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Creating a State of Palestine takes away any possibility of keeping the commandments of the Torah dependant on the land such as Shemittah and therefore we lose our ability to earn our blessings of peace and prosperity for the people of Israel and all of mankind.
Not making any statement regarding the Torah is a BIG CHILLUL HASHEM! Isn't it important that the Torah voice be heard on National Radio and TV and on all networks and print media? Who and How will the Torah Voice be heard? Lmaan Zion Lo Echesha. For Zion's sake I will not be Silent! If the Torah's voice is not heard than other voices will be heard and, is there any wonder why there is a problem of Identity theft, the identity of the Nation of Israel is being taken away from us because we have yet to assert our voice?
Please visit the following link to see the voice of Bob Kunst President of Shalom International, the strongest voice that there is so far for the opposition to the Annapolis summit.

> >
> >
> >
> >>Subject: More Rallies to Defend Jerusalem-DC/Annapolis, Miami, NYC, Chicago, Jerusalem
> >>
> >>We are protesting the Bush/Rice/Olmert fiasco to set up a New terrorist state to destroy Israel with. Jerusalem doesn't belong to them to give away, but to every Jew and all Jews ever murdered for being Jews for the last 5000 years. Below is a list of rallies we are sponsoring in Round I to stop this appeasement and rewarding of terrorists that will not only attack Israel but the U.S. as well.

Next National/International Round of rally/protests is Dec. 9, 2007 after Annapolis.

> >>Yours in Shalom,
> >>Bob Kunst
> >>Pres., Shalom International
> >>305-864-5110
> >>Coalition to Defend Jerusalem
> >>
> >>-----------------------------------------------------------------------
> >>
> >>
> >>>Subject: More Rallies to Defend Jerusalem-DC/Annapolis, Miami, NYC, Chicago, Jerusalem, Philadelphia
> >>>
> >>>Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007, Noon at LaFayette Park in front of the White House and a march to the Holocaust Museum. Shalom International and Coalition to Defend Jerusalem, Contact: bob Kunst 305-864-5110
> >>>
> >>>Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007, Noon at 'Torch of Friendship', 3rd St. and Bisc. Blvd, in downtown Miami. Contact: Carole Flato,305-527-8137
> >>>
> >>>Monday, Nov. 26, 2007, 11 AM to 2 P.M., ANNAPOLIS, Gate 1, King George and Randall. Shalom International and Coalition to Defend Jerusalem, contact: Bob Kunst, 305-864-5110,
> >>>5 P.M., At US State Dept., 23rd and 'C' Sts. in Wash., D.C.
> >>>
> >>>Monday, Nov. 26, 2007, Noon to 2 P.M., NYC, at Israeli Consulate, 43rd St and 2nd Ave.. Contact: Eva Costabel, 917-553-6042. Eva is an 83 yr. young Holocaust survivor organizing this rally.
> >>>
> >>>Monday, Nov. 26, 2007, 7P.M., Chicago Rabbinical Council doing a massive Prayer at Congregation K.I.N.S. of West Rogers Park, 2800 W. North Shore, contact: 773-465-3900
> >>>
> >>>Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007, 11Am to 2P.M., ANNAPOLIS, Gate 1, King George and Randall Sts., Shalom International and Coalition to Defend Jerusalem, contact: Bob Kunst-305-864-5110

Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007, Noon Rally at Holocaust Memorial, Philadelphia, JFK between 16-17Sts., Contact: Barbara Knowles, 215-879-8535.

Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007, Lobbying Congress in Capitol Bldg.
> >>>
> >>>Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007, 11 AM to 2 P.M., Wash.D.c., 23rd St. and 'C' St., US State Dept.: contact Bob Kunst, Pres. Shalom International, 305-864-110
> >-------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >Join Natan Sharansky and Israelis from all parts of the country on Har
> >HaZeitim on Sunday evening November 25, the eve of the Annapolis
> >summit, to
> >declare support for Jerusalem as the eternal undivided capital of the
> >Jewish
> >people.
> >
> >What: Jerusalem Rally - sponsored by One Jerusalem
> >Where: Mount of Olives
> >When: This Sunday, November 25, 2007
> >Time: 5:30 PM (17:30)
> >
> >
> >There will be buses leaving from the Jerusalem Theater (corner of
> >Chopin and
> >Marcus, Talbiyeh) Sunday at 5 p.m. (and returning about 8 p.m.)
> > Reserve by
> >calling Shalom Helman, 052-477-6275 or email helman-s@....
> >
> >For more information visit in Hebrew and
> > in English, or contact Eitan at 050-723-9438
> >Behar.eitan@...
> >
> >
> >

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Yesha Supporters stay pure like the Maccabees. Warning from Ruth Matar

We must be extremely careful to keep that jug of oil pure untainted. Our fight for Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem must be true to Torah every step of the way.  We can not risk even for a little bit for the sake of being popular or successful  to align ourselves with those whose message may sound good but upon investigation promotes agendas that is against the Torah and wish to use our alliance to further their own agendas which are contrary to ours.  Hashem is all powerful and we need to ally ourselves with His Torah. If we align with such powerful forces under their umbrella we run the risk of having our own message diluted. If they wish to promote our agenda publicly we should remain distinct rather than get  swallowed up. Mr. X apparently has no compunctions about using his constituencies.  He will promote himself to Israel activist groups as being an Israel activist and says he is against territorial concessions.  He knows that this is what we wish to hear so then we will then join with him under his umbrella.  He will then promote to his Christian Evangelicals supporters that he wishes to promote J as the savior telling THEM what they wish to hear in order to get their support. 
The following was taken from the website of Shalom International.  This is not being told to the Jewish activists obviously.

Frank and the Shalom team were straight in their declaring to Jewish leadership: "We will love and stand by you unconditionally. But we can never compromise our conviction that Jesus is the source of this love and the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world." Many Jewish leaders applauded the first part—but distanced themselves when there would be no compromise concerning Jesus. Yet many Jewish friends quietly applauded a ministry that could not be bought.


Ruth Matar in the following letter shows how he was deceitful in order to win her support.  He told me and her and countless others that he is not part of Hillary Clinton's campaign yet he is still actively campaigning with Hillary. He is a politician. Read Yedidya Atlas' article below regarding Hillary Clinton's rush to support a Palestinian State yet she will fight for Jerusalem in order  to win her votes against Bush. 

When we stay true to Torah we are protected from being used and abused.

(for being gullible)
Letter from Ruth Matar (Women in Green) Jerusalem
Thursday, November 22, 2007
Dear Friends,
In my latest Letter from Jerusalem, of Sunday, November 18th, I issued a warning asking you to carefully investigate the sponsors of any demonstration against the Annapolis Conference before joining.
I wrote as follows:
"In this connection I must issue a very important warning. Investigate the sponsors of any planned demonstration in Annapolis very carefully before joining. For instance, it has come to my attention that some organizations which are not working completely in Israel's interest, (no names mentioned), are possibly trying to recruit people for their own agendas. One organization that asked Women in Green to join them in their demonstration, turned out to be affiliated with the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the promotion of gay rights in the US."
I received mostly supportive e-mails, but a few responses were from people who were incensed at my warning. 
I do NOT apologize for issuing the warning.
However, I do apologize profusely for not immediately recognizing the incredible deceit attempted upon us. As for my mentioning the organization's association with the struggle for gay rights-- it is neither my business, nor any interest of Women in Green.
I feel the need to share the details of the almost successful "sting" on Women in Green by a nameless organization, headed by a nameless "Mr. X", which brought me to issue a most necessary warning.
I received an e-mail on Nov. 4, with the subject: "Defend Jerusalem" Rallies. "Mr. X" wrote as follows:
Dear Ruth Mater: (my name is Matar…)
Please consider doing your teach-in and be at our Rally in front of the White House on 11/25/07 and also to let your list know of our efforts.
We need your help to get the word out.
Thanks in Shalom,
Signed (Mr. X)
Organization X
Phone number
I was pleased to get this e-mail, especially since Mr. X wrote that he had already obtained a permit for a demonstration on November 25, 2007, from noon to 5 PM, at Lafayette Park across from the White House in Washington D.C.
As he requested, I phoned Mr. X at the number he gave in his e-mail, to tell him that I unfortunately could not be in the United States on the date in question, but that Women in Green in the United States might be interested in participating in this November 25 rally, especially since he had already obtained a permit.
However, I told Mr. X that I was not familiar with his work, or that of his organization, and that I needed to know more about both before I could make a commitment for the Women in Green. I stressed that we could work together only if we were 100% certain that we are on the same political wavelength, namely that the Land of Israel is the Biblical Inheritance of the Jewish People, and that no parts of Jerusalem or Israel can be bartered away at the Annapolis Conference.
This is where the incredible deceit of Mr. X comes into play. He assured me that this was exactly his point of view, and that we were completely on the same wavelength. I agreed, therefore, to alert our people in the United States about the November 25 rally in Washington, DC. I even foolishly gave Mr. X the phone numbers of some of our key people in the States.
Shortly thereafter, I received a great number of phone calls and emails from Women in Green supporters in the United States, who demanded to know how I could be so naive and careless as to suggest joining forces with Mr. X without knowing his true orientation. This orientation, they said, is diametrically opposed to that of Women in Green.
They informed me that Mr. X is closely identified with the Hillary Clinton for President campaign, and that he was apparently trying to hitch a ride on the popularity of the Women in Green organization in the United States.
After receiving this information, I again phoned Mr. X and accused him of not being up front with me, since by no means could I be considered to be an admirer nor a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I bluntly told Mr. X that I felt he had been rather deceitful with our organization. I warned him that under no circumstances should he dare to make use of the name of Women in Green nor the names of Ruth or Nadia Matar.
Incredibly, he told me to calm down, that in his opinion no harm had been done, since he himself is no longer as active in the Hillary Clinton campaign as he had been heretofore. He even had the effrontery to tell me that there was, therefore, no reason to end the cooperation we had discussed in our first phone conversation.
I now know from further study of the Internet, that he is as prominent as ever in the Hillary Clinton campaign. I found the following letter from Mr. X to a Ms. Y on the Internet, dated November 11, 2007, just a few days ago:
"Hillary has dropped 11 points since the Philly debate. It's been two weeks of bad news getting worse. I'm organizing the following rallies to keep Jerusalem united, which Hillary already made a statement on in Sept. This would be an opportunity for her to support keeping Jerusalem united with us at our rally in D.C. or Annapolis, bring the media and put yourself in the middle of the Summit that Bush/Rice/Olmert are pushing that only endanger Israel and the U.S.
Please let me know,
Mr. X"

This exchange between Mr. X and Ms. Y clearly proves that there is more concern with Hillary's campaign than the danger faced by Jerusalem and Israel at the Annapolis Conference!
Women in Green have not as yet chosen to support any candidate for President in the 2008 elections. However, I can say with iron-clad certainty that Women in Green will not support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.
Why am I so adamantly opposed to Hillary Clinton as President of the United States?
Personally, I will never forget or forgive Hillary Clinton for her relationship with Yasser Arafat's wife, Suha. At a conference in November of 1999, while on a state visit to the Middle East, Hillary Clinton sat by silently while Suha publicly told vicious lies about the Jewish People. When Suha ended her poisonous tirade, Hillary Clinton jumped up to hug and kiss her.

When she was subsequently criticized for this bizarre behavior, Hillary Clinton said she was unable to understand the translation into English of Suha's speech, due to malfunction of her ear phones, or some such nonsense!

The following is an article entitled: "ISRAEL'S FRIEND OR FOE?" about Hillary Clinton, by Yedidya Atlas. This article from November 7, 2000, article details what Hillary "Terrorist Enabler" Clinton did that showed who she really is. Here is something that you should never forget about her.

by Yedidya Atlas Nov. 7 '00 / Heshvan 9, 5761

Tomorrow, American-Jewish voters will make their decision whether to cast their ballot in New York's Senate race for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, or for Republican candidate Rep. Rick Lazio. If Israel's security is a deciding factor in their considerations, then a review of their respective positions BEFORE they became candidates and began running after the key Jewish voting bloc reveals basic differences between the two.

An in-depth study of Congressman Rick Lazio's eight-year track record voting in the House of Representatives on issues related to Israel shows that he has been a 100% supporter of Israel. A member of the Republican Israel Caucus and a member of the House Budget Committee, Lazio has been a consistent supporter of foreign aid bills and the continuation of US aid to Israel. He has also been an outspoken supporter of American recognition of Jerusalem as the undivided Capital of Israel ¬ including signing a Congressional letter to the President urging the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and not signing a Congressional letter calling on the President to pressure Israel to stop construction of Jerusalem's Har Homa neighborhood. Lazio has also co-sponsored two pieces of legislation that call for official U.S. recognition and construction of an embassy in Jerusalem. If Israel is the issue, then his record - which is on the record - speaks for itself.

And Hillary Rodham-Clinton? Well, in May 1998, she told a youth conference on Middle East peace in Villars, Switzerland, that she supports the eventual creation of an independent Palestinian state. Her spokesperson, Marsha Berry told reporters: "These remarks are her own personal view." Then, in November 1999, while on a purported State visit to the Middle East, she publicly appeared with Yasser Arafat's wife Suha. With Hillary at her side, Suha Arafat made the deliberately false allegation that "Our [Palestinian] people have been submitted to the daily and intensive use of poisonous gas by the Israeli forces, which has led to an increase in cancer cases among women and children." Mrs. Arafat also accused Israel of contaminating much of the water sources used by Palestinians with "chemical materials" and poisoning Palestinian women and children with toxic gases.

Instead of reacting with outrage, Hillary Clinton sat by silently - and gave her a hug and a kiss when she finished speaking. Later, many hours after the event, and only after a media furor put her on the spot for what many view as a bit more than a mere political "faux pas", Mrs. Clinton called on "all sides" to refrain from "inflammatory rhetoric and baseless accusations" - including Israel, whose leaders made no such accusations. Glossing over this remarkably repugnant affair, Mrs. Clinton has yet to specifically contradict and denounce the monstrous lies uttered by Yasser Arafat's wife in her presence.

Hence, it is no wonder that the American Muslim Alliance chapter in Massachusetts held what it called a "successful fundraiser" for First Lady Hillary Clinton at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston on June 13, 2000. AMA Massachusetts Chair Tahir Ali said afterwards, "We are attempting to send an important message to all AMA chapters: we must support all who have [Muslim] interests at heart, regardless of what part of the country they are running in."

According to Steve Emerson, a well-known investigative journalist specializing in militant Islamic organizations, the AMA's leaders "have sanctioned terrorism, published anti-Semitic statements, and repeatedly hosted conferences that were forums for denunciations of Jews and exhortations to wage jihad." Faced with pressure on the matter, Mrs. Clinton announced on Oct. 25th that she was returning the $50,000 in campaign contributions raised for her by the AMA. She failed to give a credible explanation as to why it took her more than four months ¬ from June 13th until October 25th ¬ until she saw it necessary to return the money.

Mr. Emerson, in a recent Wall Street Journal article, noted: "As first lady, Mrs. Clinton began in 1996 an outreach program to Muslim leaders in the U.S. With America's Muslim population at some six million and growing, an effort to include the community's leaders in the mainstream of American politics is unquestionably a worthy undertaking. But curiously, nearly all of the leaders with whom Mrs. Clinton elected to meet came from Islamic fundamentalist organizations. A review of the statements, publications and conferences of the groups Mrs. Clinton embraced shows unambiguously that they have long advocated or justified violence. By meeting with these groups, the first lady lent them legitimacy as "mainstream" and "moderate"."

But this should not be unexpected, considering Mrs. Clinton's past radical affiliations. During the 1980's, ultra-liberal lawyer Hillary Rodham-Clinton served on the board of the New World Foundation, which funneled money to the Palestine Liberation Organization, at a time when the PLO was officially recognized by the United States as a terrorist organization.

Similarly, in February 1996, Hillary hosted a reception at the White House for leaders of Hamas-supporting groups such as the American Muslim Council and the Council on American-Islamic Relations. And in January, 1998, Hillary hosted another White House reception honoring Muslim leaders and the Muslim Public Affairs Council who defended militant Islamic fundamentalism and also supported radical Islamic groups.

This, then, is the real Hillary Rodham-Clinton. An ambitious woman willing to utter any banal cliche on behalf of "Israel's security" to placate unaware New York Jewish voters, but one whose pre-Senate race record on Israel is appalling. It's a record of supporting the terrorist PLO, even before the 1993 signing of the first Oslo Agreement on the White House lawn, of ignoring blatant calumny heaped on Israel by Suha Arafat, of supporting the creation of a Palestinian PLO State, of hosting and legitimizing extremist Islamic groups in the United States. Most recently, it included taking campaign contributions from these very same evil, anti-Semitic organizations - until being caught with her hand in the extremist Islamic cookie jar. This is the very same Hillary Rodham-Clinton who now claims to be Israel's friend.

Her record says otherwise.

* * * *

Dear friends, the Jewish state is in greater danger than in any time since the 1948 War of Independence. May G-d help us to be successful in our fight against the gang rape of Israel by its many powerful enemies.

With Blessings and Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fwd: An Encounter With President Bush, A blessing from a Rabbi.



Dear Friends:
Last week, my wife and I had the amazing experience of spending half a day at the White House where my 104-year-old father received the National Medal of Arts from President Bush. I say "amazing experience" because I believe that we were able to perform a Kiddush Hashem.
There is a feeling of malchus in the White House. It is beautifully kept and tastefully decorated. The soldiers and Secret Service personnel in evidence every few feet were extremely courteous and treated a Jew in a big yarmulke with great honor and respect. But the outstanding event was our encounter with the President of the United States.
During the award ceremony in the East Room, at which twenty people received medals for service in the "arts" and "humanities" and hundreds more were in attendance, I could see on President Bush's face the strain of being on the receiving end of constant ridicule and attack. He looks fit and strong, and his manner is friendly and kind, but he appeared to be under inward strain.
I felt that I wanted to give him a blessing. Whatever one may think of his policies, it is clear that he believes in G-d and tries to uphold standards of morality. He respects the People and the State of Israel. I planned to try to speak to him to praise his belief in G-d , to demonstrate to him that the Jewish People are attached to G-d and to encourage him to stand firm against those who advocate giving away any part of the Holy Land.
But at the time, it all seemed impossible. Immediately after the awards ceremony the President disappeared with the honorees to a photo session in another room. At the reception in the State Dining Room, which was to follow the awards, it seemed clear that he would be gone, on to his next appointment. My wife and I lingered in the thronged corridor between the East Room and the State Dining Room. Suddenly, I saw a door open and the President emerge, surrounded by Secret Service men. He was rushing through our corridor, headed toward another door.
It just "happened" that my wife and I were standing exactly at that door!
About one foot from me, the President stopped and spoke with someone. When he finished, I said quietly, "Mr. President, I would like to give you a blessing."
He turned, and instantly he was completely receptive to me. It was amazing, I would say "min hashomayim." And so I spoke to him from my heart, and this is what I said.
"Mr. President, you are a great man because you believe in G-d and you are not afraid to say so in public. You uphold morality. One reason you receive flak is that people who do not believe in G-d try to pull you down to their level. I want to give you the blessing that G-d should always give you the right words and that your actions should be in accord with His will. He should guard you and protect you and your family and always be with you."
I had more to say to the President, but I thought the best way to get that additional message to him was in writing, so I handed him a copy of my book, "FROM CENTRAL PARK TO SINAI: How I Found My Jewish Soul," with a message inscribed in the front flap. This message had been worked out carefully, in consultation with respected rabbis and roshei yeshiva.
When I tried to hand the book to the President, a Secret Service man grabbed it.
"Do you want to give that to the President?" he said.
"I'll take care of it."
And then they were off.
I thank G-d for my few moments with the President of the United States. I wanted him to know that a Jew speaks in the Name of G-d.
This is the inscription I wrote in the front flap of the book.

"To the Esteemed President of the United States
The Honorable George W. Bush

Dear Mr. President:
I know that you are great in the eyes of G-d because you have the courage to express your belief in Him and your adherence to a Biblical code of morality. Even against criticism, you have the courage to maintain these beliefs; therefore you have achieved eternal greatness.
In our lifetime, we have seen the miracle of the Children of Israel, after 2000 years of Exile, returning to the Holy Land. As it says in Isaiah 11:22, "He will ... assemble the castaways of Israel ... and gather the dispersed ones of Judah from the four corners of the earth."
Esteemed President, you have been granted the awesome power to assist in the fulfillment of prophesy and directly influence the borders of the Holy Land. With the greatest respect, may I point out that giving away even the smallest piece of the Holy Land would mortally endanger the Children of Israel and impede the G-d -given plan by which those Children are returning to their Land.
May G-d give you heroic strength to ignore and overrule those who advocate giving away the Land that G-d has returned to the Children of Israel. May your name live forever in honor!
With great respect,
Roy S. Neuberger

May Hashem help that our friends among the nations and the leaders of those nations should recognize the sanctity of Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel and that we should soon see the Geula Shelemah and the coming of Moshiach ben Dovid!
Roy S. Neuberger

With President Bush


Remembering the past so as not to repeat our mistakes. read Ruth and Nadia Matar


1)  Women in Green mourn IDO ZOLDAN, HY"D, another Jewish victim of the Annapolis syndrome.

Ido Zoldan, 29, married to Tehilla and father of two toddlers, was murdered by Arabs two nights ago in a drive-by shooting near the community of Kedumim. Ido was a known lover of the Land of Israel, active in the effort to return to Chomesh.

Women in Green join the thousands who participated in his funeral yesterday and who vowed to continue Ido's legacy: the love of the land of Israel and our total devotion to it. Women in Green agree with those who spoke at the funeral and accused the Israeli government of being responsible for the murder. The releasing of Arab terrorists and the talks about agreeing to cut Eretz Israel into pieces actually motivates the Arabs to murder Jews. The Arabs are the ones who pulled the trigger but it is Olmert and his fellow members in the government who enabled the Arabs to murder Ido Zoldan HY"D. May we see the day when G-d will avenge his blood and the blood of all those who were murdered because of the Oslo and Expulsion Criminals.

2)   The Yesha Council cancelled the demonstration planned for today Wednesday November 21st, due to stormy weather forecast. They will publicize the new date as soon as they can. For details call; 02-6211-999.

This is the place to answer a dear friend and member who wrote us the following question:

After all the heartache from GK and our realization that the Yesha Council cannot be trusted, why are you advocating participation in a demo organized by the selfsame Yesha Council?  I am confused, to put it mildly!


After the expulsion from Gush Katif, Women in Green wrote numerous articles in which we described how we had come to the realization that the expulsion was actually facilitated and even made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Yesha Council and, unfortunately, even some Rabbis, with the expulsion government.

Before the expulsion, we had no trust in the Yesha Council. After the expulsion it became clear to us that never again can we accept as leaders for the struggle for the Land of Israel, people who are monetarily and otherwise connected to the government in power. It became clear to us that in the uncompromising struggle for the Land of Israel, another kind of leadership was needed. We need a leadership that has no ties to the government. We need a leadership that is not scared to defy the government's decrees. This is where the movement to renew the settlement enterprise comes in. It is the Chomesh people who work to go back to the places that were criminally abandoned. It is the Loyalists and Youth of Eretz Yisrael who work to create new communities in Judea and Samaria, despite of the government's antisemitic White Paper Decrees forbidding Jewish building in Judea and Samaria. It is the movement who calls upon soldiers to refuse to carry out any expulsion order. Women in Green is involved with all of them!

Two and a half years after the expulsion we can say that indeed, slowly, a new grassroots leadership is arising. There are more and more adults and young people in the national camp who do not feel bound by the Yesha Council but rather are completely loyal to the cause of the entire Land of Israel. In addition, the large majority in the national camp has come to the realization that the Yesha Council is a body that cannot, nor should, lead any real struggle. All they are good for (and in fact that is what they have been elected to do) is to take care of the municipal issues in the communities they  were chosen to lead and in addition, they are also good in organizing symbolic protest and prayer vigils. In fact, sadly, they are probably the only ones who have access to big money to fund such large protest-gatherings.

Such was supposed to be the protest today Wednesday against the Annapolis gang-rape of Israel. Women in Green discussed  at length whether or not to call people to attend, exactly because of the question our dear friend raised above. Because we feel that now, two and a half years after the expulsion, nobody considers the Yesha Council to be "the leader" of the settlers movement anymore, and because no other major anti-Annapolis protest was being planned, Women in Green felt it to be important that there should be a large turnout at such a demonstration. The demonstration has been postponed and thus, Women in Green will decide what its position is at every step of the struggle. This time, if we realize that once again they are betraying us, nothing will convince us to be silent when the future of Eretz Yisrael hangs in the balance.

With Love of Israel,

Ruth and Nadia Matar
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Neutralizing any effective protest on behalf of Yesha. read David Bedein email.

Yesha Council took the energy of all our most caring Jews for Eretz Yisroel and neutralized their activism leading to nowhere allowing the Disengagement and the expulsion of 10,000 tax paying residents and the destruction of over 20 communities with their cultural centers and synagogues. Now the rockets are hitting Sederot on a daily basis. One Jerusalem and Young Israel seem to be using similar tactics now before Annapolis.  Once they have Yesha they also have Jerusalem.
The following was sent to me from David Bedein at
YOUNG ISRAEL Nov, 25th Jerusalem rally "forgets" about Judea/ Samaria  -Allows Jerusalem under siege by Arab armies. Olmert could support this rally.
Please cut,paste and read that map:
The Israel Ministries of Defense and Foreign Ministries conducted a study  published and obfuscated in August 2006 which showed that any withdrawal from Judea and Samaria would place the whole country in danger:
Please cut,paste and read that map:
Join Natan Sharansky and Israelis from all parts of the country on Har
HaZeitim on Sunday evening November 25,  the eve of the Annapolis
summit, to
declare support for Jerusalem as the eternal undivided capital of the

What: Jerusalem Rally - sponsored by One Jerusalem
Where: Mount of Olives
When: This Sunday, November 25, 2007
Time: 5:30 PM (17:30)

There will be buses leaving from the Jerusalem Theater (corner of
Chopin and
Marcus, Talbiyeh) Sunday at 5 p.m. (and returning about 8 p.m.)
  Reserve by
calling Shalom Helman, 052-477-6275 or email

For more information visit in Hebrew and in English, or contact Eitan at 050-723-9438

Aaron S. Tirschwell
Chief Program and Development Officer
Council of Young Israel Rabbis in Israel
Heichal Shlomo
58 King George Street - Suite 109
Jerusalem ISRAEL
office: 972.2.625.4983

Visit our website:

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CAJL AC KISLEV115768 112107 BE A Modern Day Maccabee! Pray, Protest, Lobby et

CAJL Conference of Authentic Jewish Leadership
AC Action Campaign  (includes CC Calling Campaign, or lobbying or protesting or letter writing etc)
Kislev 11 5768 November 21, 2007
Dear Fellow Activist on Behalf of Israel, amv"sh
The following were sent to me by very special individuals that are activists on behalf of Eretz Yisroel.  They are personal examples of Mesiras Nefesh which in English is hard to translate but basically means self sacrifice.   When we speak of self sacrifice we think of the Maccabees who were willing to sacrifice it all in order to keep the pure light of the Jewish Nation burning.  The grassroots activists of today that are fighting for Yesha, Judea and Samaria, are the true Maccabees of our day.  We are few against the many.  Yet with prayer, determination and faith in the Almighty, we give up our sleep and paid salaries to devote time and energy necessary to fight this battle for the Nation of Israel and for Land of Israel in order to observe the words of our H-ly Torah.  Please become a Maccabee and join us  by making phone calls, pray in front of 770 in Crown Heights on Sunday,November 25th with Tamar,  or protest in front of the Israeli Consulate on Monday November 26th  with Buddy and Eva or protest in Annapolis on Tuesday, November 27th with Helen from Afsi , or lobby on Capital Hill on Tuesday on November 27th with Gennady.  If none of the above is possible then do whatever you can. Speak constantly about this terrible decree, Heaven forbid to your friends and neighbors and talk to your rabbis to do their share as well.  Spend time lobbying on the phone or in the synagogue or at work or at your lunch break.  Lemaan Tzion Lo Echesha.  For Zion I will not be Silent!   Speak up at the Agudah Convention and ask the Rabbinic Leaders to speak out for Judea and Samaria this coming Thanksgiving!!!!! 
To my Dear Friends, My Fellow Activists, our Modern Day Macabees, amv"sh
Yasher Koach!  (May you have strength from the One Above) 
Thank you, Tamar Edelstein, Buddy Macy and Eva, Helen Freedman of Afsi and Gennady of Bnei Eilim.
Received from Tamar Edelstein:
Dear Friends,

please pass on the below info.  hope to see you there.

Tamar Adelstein























NOVEMBER 25, 2007




For more information, call Mrs. Adelstein @ 718-774-0914

For details regarding buses traveling to Annapolis on Tuesday, November 27 from Manhattan

call Rabbi Rapp @ 718-467-1055/718-773-6609



Received from Buddy Macy:
As the mainstream American Jewish "leaders" continue to shirk their responsibilities to the Jewish People by refusing to protest the planning in Annapolis of the second Holocaust - the give away of half of Jerusalem and all of the Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria, and the deliverance of thousands of terrorists to within a cheap rocket's launch of all of Israel's population centers, including Tel Aviv - a group of grassroots activists has taken it upon themselves to rally against the suicidal plans.
Please join us this Monday, November 26th, from 12 Noon to 2 p.m., outside the Israeli Consulate in New York City (2nd Avenue at 43rd Street).  Bring posters, fliers and plenty of energy to this critical rally.  We must prevent the Israeli Government from leading the Jewish State to extinction!
We welcome the attendance of representatives of all of the major Jewish organizations, but do not expect any to show up.
Time is most definitely of the essense.  Please forward this to everyone on your list RIGHT NOW!

For more information, call Eva Costabel - 917-553-6042 or Buddy Macy - 973-785-0057.
We look forward to seeing you this Monday.
Received from Helen Freedman:
Dear friends,
    Please join us and encourage your friends, neighbors, congregants and concerned Jews and Christians to call AFSI asap to reserve for the trip to Annapolis on Tuesday, Nov. 27. This is a critical time in the history of Israel - and America. The enemies must not win. Please do what you can.
Very best,
Helen Freedman

Forwarded Message:
Subj: JOIN AFSI IN ANNAPOLIS -- Register Now 
Date: 11/19/2007 3:51:25 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

With the Thanksgiving weekend approaching and the date of the conference still uncertain, it is imperative to register with us now.

The possibility that the date will be announced over the weekend can not be ruled out. Only by registering now can we be ready for this possible development.        

Protest Against The Division of Jerusalem and Eretz YisraelAFSI has obtained a permit to demonstrate in Annapolis. The conference has tentatively been set for November 27th.The permit is flexible should another date be chosen. AFSI will be providing bus service from Penn Station in NYC -- leaving at 7:00 am. We will arrive back in NYC at 8:00 pm.Estimated travel time is 3½ hours. We will be in Annapolis for approximately 4 hrs.The bus fare is $30.00.Please bring your own lunch.Please contact us:

1)     to make reservations for the bus

2)     if you are meeting us in Annapolis – for organizational purposes.

Americans For a Safe Israel 212 828 2424 

Received from Gennady

We are going to Capitol Hill on November 27th, 2007. Everyone is welcome to come. We reserved a room inside a Capitol Hill and will invite congregational staff of the congressman where we will ask the congressmen not to sponsor the new terrorist state. Without money the Annapolis Summit will fail. We plan to leave from New York at 7:00 a.m. Please do not be late. The arrival to Washington should be somewhere at 12p.m. After we give our talks to the congressmen we will go to lobby to congressional offices. We plan to break in a team of three people and all of you can participate either by engaging in a dialogue or just support the person who will speak by attending next to him.
Those who would like to go. Find out the names of your congressmen. Also, we ask each person to pay $25 for the bus for round trip. Those who cannot afford to pay we can speak privately. Note: If something happens and the trip is cancelled or you had some emergency, all money will be returned.
There are few options that you can take. When registering for the bus give us your Full name and any contact information.
You can mail to
Bnai Elim
510 Brighton Beach Avenue #249
Brooklyn, NY, 11235
Or you can pay in person to
Jewish Center of Ocean Avenue
2600 Ocean Avenue (Go through two golden doors) between Avenue U and V
You can come on Thursday November 15 from 12 A.M. to 2 P.M
And also on Tuesday November 20th from 12 A.M. to 2 P.M
We might also be open on November 22 from 2 pm till 4pm but that is in question, contact us first.
Do it as soon as possible. First 50 people will guarantee a spot. We are getting one bus but if there will be close to 100 people we will add another. We also will be collecting at different locations.
If you have any questions email me as soon as you get a chance.
For phone calls and letter writings to Congress 
To call Avigdor Lieberman's office


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Monday, November 19, 2007


CAJL Conference of Authentic Jewish Leadership
CC    Calling Campaign
Kislev 5768, November 19, 2007
letter from Buddy Macy,
Dear Fellow Activists,
Below is an excellent email written to Howard Rieger, and, separately, to Malcolm Hoenlein, by one of our peers in Baltimore.  I encourage you to follow Monica Caplan's wonderful example and either call Howard Rieger at UJC (212-284-6500, ext. 6600, Secretary, Pat) and Malcolm Hoenlein at the Conference of Presidents (212-318-6111, Secretary, Lauren), or write a very brief email to Howard Rieger ( and Malcolm Hoenlein (, asking them how they can remain silent while Israel sinks into the abyss.  And, tell them that they must help prevent the summit in Annapolis from taking place.  Feel free to let me know if you speak with either or both men, or Bcc: me to the email, so I may track how much mail they are receiving.  Thanks so much. Buddy
Dear Mr. Rieger:
Please do me the courtesy of reading this e-mail.
The modern State of Israel was created as a "safe harbor" for the world's Jews—a place for Jews to live in safety so that "never again" would millions of Jews be in danger of imminent slaughter. 
Yet five million Jews living there today are surrounded by enemies who are methodically preparing to get rid of them—whether by chipping away at the tiny amount of land that is Israel until it is indefensible, or by wearing down its leaders and citizens through continuous attacks.  These enemies are being encouraged and strengthened by the sympathy, money, arms, and legitimacy provided them by "concerned" world nations and by naïve and/or weak Israeli leaders.
NEVER AGAIN???  In the 1930's, most Jewish leaders and major American Jewish organizations refused to admit the reality of the grave situation facing European Jews; it was apparently easier, "safer," and more comfortable to do so.  PLEASE DON'T REPEAT THEIR MISTAKE.  HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO THE RIGHT THING THIS TIME.
I do not understand why your organization isn't screaming out in support of preserving the State of Israel as an intact Jewish state. 
I understand that many Americans don't want to "undermine" the government of Israel by speaking out against any of its decisions or policies.  This is an understandable, but misguided, notion.
The leaders of the State of Israel are human beings—and they make human errors.  What they have done in the past few years have proven to be errors.  Those who love and support Eretz Yisroel have a moral duty to speak up in the light of that.
Because of the leaders' decisions…
  •         Thousands of productive Jewish citizens, previously encouraged by the Israeli government to settle there, were thrown out of their homes in Samaria and Gaza so that those areas could be turned over to Arabs.  Many thousands of those Israelis are still struggling to rebuild their lives—without the promised support of the government.  The areas from which they were expelled are now terrorist strongholds.

  •         Residents of Sderot and the western Negev are suffering constant rocket attacks without proper shelter (as if there could even be "proper shelter").  Israel should be removing those who are terrorizing innocent Israeli men, women, and children, not sitting and doing nothing for fear of "international" condemnation.  
It is said that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same behaviors over and over, and expect a different outcome.  If so, then Israel's giving up more of anything is pure insanity.  Israel's enemies are undoubtedly laughing in glee at Israel's naiveté—they take more land, continue to call for Israel's destruction, and continue to lob rockets across the border…and Israel tries to "be nice" to them.  As any child knows, being nice to a bully only makes him bolder.
The chief "Palestinian" negotiator, Mr. Erekat, this week REJECTED Israel's position that it be recognized as a Jewish state.  The Arab "street" and leaders think that an Israel of any size (even a square centimeter) is too much of a Jewish state.  The idea that Israel can "buy" the acceptance of Arabs by any compromises is pure fantasy. 
In the mind of Israel's neighbors, the "problem" isn't Israel's size, actions, "occupation," or treatment of Arabs; it is Israel's EXISTENCE!
Israel is being pressured by misguided (or self-interested) world leaders to give up all of Judea and Samaria—and half of Jerusalem (including the Temple Mount).   This reality is frightening (or should be to anyone paying attention): Israel is surrounded by enemies who would like nothing more than her disappearance from the face of the earth.  A "Palestinian" Arab state within as few as 10 miles from Jewish population centers (Tel Aviv among them) is sheer stupidity from a security standpoint.
NEVER AGAIN???  Unless Jewish leaders and major American Jewish organizations HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO THE RIGHT THING THIS TIME, "again" will soon be a tragic reality. 
Remember the 1930's, gather your courage, and speak up!
Monica L. Caplan
Baltimore, MD

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Organized Protest in Annapolis on day of Annapolis Summit. with AFSI

Letter from Ruth and Nadia Matar (Women in Green) Jerusalem
Sunday, November 18, 2007
Dear Friends,
The Annapolis Conference has tentatively been set for November 27th. AMERICANS FOR A SAFE ISRAEL have obtained a permit to demonstrate in Annapolis. We are including the details for the demonstration, as they were sent to us.
AFSI has obtained a permit to demonstrate in Annapolis.
The conference has tentatively been set for November 27th.
The permit is flexible should another date be chosen.
AFSI will be providing bus service from Penn Station in NYC -- leaving at 7:00 am.
We will arrive back in NYC at 8:00 pm.
Estimated travel time is 3½ hours. We will be in Annapolis for approximately 4 hrs.
The bus fare is $30.00.
Please bring your own lunch.
Please contact us:
1) to make reservations for the bus
2) if you are meeting us in Annapolis – for organizational purposes.
Americans For a Safe Israel
212 828 2424
We, in Israel, feel that Israel is in grave danger, maybe more than ever before! President George W. Bush is determined to sacrifice Israel on the altar of his misconception that this will serve the strategic interests of the United States.
Women in Green cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that you show, with your presence, that you are uncompromisingly and adamantly against the division of Jerusalem, or any part of Israel!
I am sure there will be additional organizations that will also arrange permits for demonstrations in Annapolis, such as the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) etc. I have not received their definite plans as yet.
In this connection I must issue a very important warning. Investigate the sponsors of any planned demonstration in Annapolis very carefully before joining. For instance, it has come to my attention that some organizations which are not working completely in Israel's interest, (no names mentioned), are possibly trying to recruit people for their own agendas. One organization that asked Women in Green to join them in their demonstration, turned out to be affiliated with the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the promotion of gay rights in the US.
You must Google the names of demonstration sponsors carefully before joining!!
AFSI, of course, is completely Kosher.
We wish we could be there with you, but Women in Green must stay on the forefront of the battle, here, in Israel.
With Blessings and Love for Israel,
Ruth and Nadia Matar
Women in Green

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        Respected Ladies and Gentlemen,
         May we, the undersigned, Jewish & Muslim Co-Chairmen of the
Islam-Israel Fellowship of the Root & Branch Association, Ltd., bring to
your attention the following:

         1.  Thinking and saying that Israel and the Western World are
threatened by Islamic terrorist groups, is a fatal misnomer.  It helps giving rise
to the illusion that we are threatened merely by "terrorist" groups such as
that of Osama Bin Laden. This plays right into their hands as it lets most
of the so-called "Islamic Fundamentalists" off the hook.

         2.  Groups such as "Islamic Jihad" and Abu Mazen's "el-Fatah" (in
the West better known as the P.L.O./Palestine Liberation Organization) are
integral parts of Islamic warfare against the very existence of Israel.  In
fact, they are the vanguard of such warfare.  There is no sense in trying
to make peace merely with the vanguard, regardless of what documents or
treaties they sign.

         3.  Fostering the idea that bringing democracy to the Middle East
will solve problems is another illusion.  Democracy is a form of
government, not an expression of the soul of a People.  We should have
learned this from examples such as:
                 A.  Germany which elected Hitler in democratic elections
in 1933.
                 B.  Persia where its present President was elected in
democratic elections.
                 C.  Gaza with its democratically elected Salafi/Wahhabi
Hamas "government".

Please note that it took Europe 400 years of revolutions and wars to move
from the "Dark Middle Ages" to modern democracy. How can one expect the
Arab/Muslim world (now, according to its own calendar, in the Fifteenth
Century) to swallow democracy like a miracle pill, and be healed?

         4.  Jihad against Jews (sic!) was first demanded by Mufti Amin
el-Husseini in a live broadcast from Radio Berlin in 1943 (!).  Then the
principles of "Jihad" against Israel and its supporters -- strategy and
tactics -- were laid down by the "Fourth Conference of the Academy of
Islamic Research" held at Cairo's Al Azhar University in 1969.  It convened
on the behest of Gamal Abd-el-Nassr, then President of Egypt.  The
Conference proceedings were published in Arabic and in English by Egypt's
"Government Printing Office" in 1970.  Our present situation is simply an
outcome thereof.

         5.  Real peace will only be achieved when Arab/Muslim nations
declare that Jihad against Israel is illegal according to the Qur'an and
Islamic Tradition, educate their Peoples accordingly, and put offenders in

         6.  Once the Arab/Muslim world adopts that stance, the suffering
of both Peoples, Jews and Arabs, will end.  Distrust will be dissolved and
both Peoples can live side by side (to some degree comparable to Germany
and France after WWII; or to Serbia and Croatia).

         7.  Israel came into existence by Divine Decree,  according to
the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible)  as well as the Qur'an and the Greek ("New") Testament,
 irrespective of adverse "theologies" (please see attached file). 
 Political attempts to achieve peace must take these sources into account.

Jerusalem is not meant to be a bone of contention.  It should become the
City of Peace for all nations.
May your efforts find Divine Guidance and Blessing.

Dr. Asher Eder,
Jewish Co-Founder and Co-Chairman
Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi [],
Muslim Co-Founder and Co-Chairman
Islam-Israel Fellowship,
Root & Branch Association, Ltd.


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