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06/27/2016 Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser to testify before Senate Panel in Hearing on Cover-Up of Islamist Terror by Obama Administration | American Islamic Forum for Democracy

Amona Revisited, Is Lieberman doing enough by merely actively looking for a solution to prevent the evacuation of Amona?


Rabbosai, I feel that there is something much more at stake here. 

"Evacuation of Amona" sounds very mild.   It is anything but...

There are those of us who recall the brutal attack and terrible suffering in Amona in 2006 upon defenseless Jewish youth and even against sympathetic Knesset members.
Three Knesset Members Hurt in Amona Evacuation 

It was authorized by the Israeli Gov't  under Olmert, with riot police and  trained riot horses used against their own people.  Many of them minors.  This brutal attack in Amona followed the heart wrenching expulsion from Gush Katif in Summer 2005.  Very raw emotional pain etched forever in the hearts and minds of those affected a large majority of the kids protesting another "evacuation".  

This community deserves an apology an expression of regret, comfort and understanding rather than further heartache.   

How can Israel even begin to contemplate adding insult to injury with additional intolerable acts to the Community of Amona? 

This is what the government should do in order to undo and correct the injustice and crimes against the Amona community.
  • APOLOGIZE to the community and victims of the brutal Amona attack of 2006,  and especially to the HILLTOP YOUTH. Admit that the Government of Israel under Olmert was wrong. 
  • Compensate for pain and suffering.
  • Aid Jewish Settlement and growth in Amona
  • Dismantle the Nationalist Crimes Unit
  • Do away with Jewish Administrative detention and conduct a fair investigation of Shabak and the Judicial System that have slandered and prosecuted and incarcerated and tortured Jewish Hilltop youth.  ( Administrative Detention for both Jew and Arab alike must have  a firm and reasonable justification. Otherwise Administrative Detention violates basic human rights.)
  • Advocate annexing Amona and the rest of Judea and Samaria to Israel.  
This is the response that would gain trust and respect for Lieberman from the Nationalist camp

How can we trust Lieberman and Netanyahu if harassment of Hilltop youth is ongoing. Why does the government  continuously harass, libel and slander the salt of the earth?  And let me tell you a secret. It's not only the kids who have become distrustful, their family and friends, far and wide, all ages  have as well.

 It takes a lot more to build up trust. Stopping the  demolition of a community is a big step in the right direction but not enough so long as there is a  Nationalist Crime Unit to harass and invent Nationalist crimes.  It is not enough so long as corrupt judges, and ISA (Shabak), Israel police and judiciary continue to enforce immoral Administrative detention for Jewish Youth thereby violating their civil rights. IT is not enough with with hilltop youth sitting months at a time in jail, or under house arrest or alternatively distanced from their home and family and friends, with no way to defend themselves against charges, with no real evidence against them other than false allegations,  and/or forced confession due to torture and no fair and transparent trial, but tried and convicted in the court of the Media.  

So allow me to remind you what happened in Amona in 2006 in case you forgot or never knew. 

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Sunday, December 28, 2014
Amona Stabbed Again: High Court Decision: New Community of Amona to be demolished within two years bs"d Hashem Yishmor....

Didn't they suffer enough???????

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Videos of Brutal Police attacks in Amona

Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Scenario at Amona was sickening. Were we forewarned?

Friday, February 10, 2006
Two Fabulous Articles: Roy Neuberger Amona and Emunah, YYJacobson's article entitled What Nietzsche Didn't Understand About Judaism Love Thy Ego.

Thursday, February 16, 2006
Jim Vinyard speaks up about Amona. Rabbis, Jewish Media and Radio still silent
Now let's return to the discussion at hand.

 Was the hilltop upon which Amona is situated, populated and inhabited by Arabs prior to the Jews settling the hilltop or was it an empty hilltop with no Arabs living or claiming to live there?  

In 1948, many Arabs fled as per the instructions of their leaders, not forced out, and their property and land was then resettled by Jews.   There was a war and we won.   According to Wikipedia, According to Simha Flapan,[27] "a detailed account of exactly how abandoned Arab property assisted in the absorption of the new immigrants was prepared byJoseph Schechtman":

It is difficult to overestimate the tremendous role this lot of abandoned Arab property has played in the settlement of hundreds of thousands of Jewish immigrants who have reached Israel since the proclamation of the state in May 1948. Forty-seven new rural settlements established on the sites of abandoned Arab villages had by October 1949 already absorbed 25,255 new immigrants. By the spring of 1950 over 1 million dunams had been leased by the custodian to Jewish settlements and individual farmers for the raising of grain crops.

Large tracts of land belonging to Arab absentees have also been leased to Jewish settlers, old and new, for the raising of vegetables. In the south alone, 15,000 dunams of vineyards and fruit trees have been leased to cooperative settlements; a similar area has been rented by the Yemenites Association, the Farmers Association, and the Soldiers Settlement and Rehabilitation Board. This has saved the Jewish Agency and the government millions of dollars. While the average cost of establishing an immigrant family in a new settlement was from $7,500 to $9,000, the cost in abandoned Arab villages did not exceed $1,500 ($750 for building repairs and $750 for livestock and equipment).

Abandoned Arab dwellings in towns have also not remained empty. By the end of July 1948, 170,000 people, notably new immigrants and ex-soldiers, in addition to about 40,000 former tenants, both Jewish and Arab, had been housed in premises under the custodian's control; and 7,000 shops, workshops and stores were sublet to new arrivals. The existence of these Arab houses-vacant and ready for occupation-has, to a large extent, solved the greatest immediate problem which faced the Israeli authorities in the absorption of immigrants. It also considerably relieved the financial burden of absorption.[28

Fast  Fwd:  A Jubilee ago,   50 years ago, in June 1967, Israel was attacked by her enemies surrounded on all sides and they fought and miraculously won.  They recaptured East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria our ancient and Biblical Homeland. 

Yet the rules that allowed Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to be resettled by Jews  in 1948, somehow didn't apply to the resettlement of Jews in Judea and Samaria. After 1967, it becomes an illegal act to settle these hilltops. Thank you Defense Minister Lieberman for highlighting the inconsistencies of Israel Law within the green line and outside of the green line. We want you to take this battle to the end.  It is not just about Amona.  It is about each and every hilltop and each and every home that did not get a proper permit which is slated for destruction because it is situation on Land that Israel reclaimed in the 6 Day War. . 

There is an unfair double standard regarding Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria.  

Why are we shocked when the Nations of the World apply a double standard on Israel?

Let us discuss what happened in 1776 The American Revolution: 
Many years ago, Native Indians settled North America including what is now known as the United States of America.   Columbus came from Europe and then boatloads followed. Pioneers came and settled and inhabited the New Country.  The 13 colonies were established under British rule. 

Then the British mistreated the Colonists with intolerable acts.  There was taxation without representation. (Not nearly as horrific as the intolerable acts perpetrated against the defenseless youth of Amona).  So the Colonists fought back and won a just war against the British.  

Does America need to demolish new homes built by the Colonists on property once owned by Britain or Native Americans? Obviously this is a rhetorical question and the answer is obvious.

Back to the subject at hand....

Lieberman's current leadership has not changed the ongoing harassment of the hilltop youth.  The latest outrage is this 15 year old kid, a minor, who is not allowed to live at home with his parents in the Shomron.    Basically they are throwing him to the streets and distancing him from his parents. Now there is a bench campaign organized by advocates sweeping the country, with signs all over the country,  that is raising consciousness about the homelessness of this 15 year old kid entitled "This Bench Belongs to the Minor from Yitzhar"

People are beginning to distrust Lieberman like they did Yaalon. He is pandering to Obama reassuring the Administration of his commitment to a 2 State Solution knowing fully well that Judea and Samaria should be under Jewish Sovereignty and not the Sovereignty of a Palestinian leader who is blood libeling Israel accusing them of poisoning Palestinians.  Lieberman is just another politician, on Netanyahu's team who continues in their intolerable treatment and harassment against the hilltop youth.   

Perhaps this bench campaign makes Lieberman look bad.  His tough stand reputation is undergoing an about face as is typical once a right winger accepts a political leadership position. 

Along comes Arutz7 and reports that Lieberman is going to help save Amona.  Everyone will now be grateful to Lieberman for not allowing Amona to be demolished and once again Lieberman can be counted as a Nationalist... a nice save face for Lieberman....
Posted on Arutz7:
Solution for Amona found? 
Nationalist MKs looking into use of absentee property laws to prevent demolition of Samarian community.
On Friday, Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan visited Amona along with a number of Jewish Home activists.
According to the Ben Dahan, the Defense Minister was actively looking for a solution which would obviate the need for an evacuation.
"Defense Minister Liberman has issued a directive to the relevant officials to make every possible effort to prevent the evacuation of Amona."
"I'm certain," Ben Dahan continued, "that the Prime Minister has also issued a clear directive to the same effect to prevent Amona's evacuation. I'm making every effort to ensure that that happens [a solution for Amona]." 
My message to Lieberman... Thank you for your efforts but you can't get off the hook so easy....Here again are my recommendations:

  • APOLOGIZE to the community and victims of the brutal Amona attack of 2006,  and especially to the HILLTOP YOUTH. Admit that the Government of Israel under Olmert was wrong. 
  • Compensate for pain and suffering.
  • Aid Jewish Settlement and growth in Amona
  • Dismantle the Nationalist Crimes Unit
  • Do away with Jewish Administrative detention and conduct a fair investigation of Shabak and the Judicial System that have slandered and prosecuted and incarcerated and tortured Jewish Hilltop youth.  ( Administrative Detention for both Jew and Arab alike must have  a firm and reasonable justification. Otherwise Administrative Detention violates basic human rights.)
  • Advocate annexing Amona and the rest of Judea and Samaria to Israel.  

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Fwd: Shurat Ha Din conference - towards a new law of war


Thank you Evelyn Hayes of RCRF (Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation) for fwding! 

Shurat HaDin Conference on Laws of War, Day One


By Tuvia Brodie

6/20/2016, 10:06 PM

Tuvia Brodie

Tuvia Brodie has a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh under the name...

More from this writer

Today (Monday, June 20, 2016) and tomorrow (Tuesday, June 21st) belong to the Israeli NGO, Shurat Hadin.  It's holding its second annual "Towards a new Law of War Conference". For these two days, it has brought to the Jerusalem Dan Hotel high-quality legal, military and political experts to discuss Israel and international law. Conference topics for this year include, among other discussions,  the International Criminal Court (ICC), cyberwar, the financial battle against terror, the sovereignty status of Judea-Samaria-Gaza, incitement on Facebook and Social Media, and legal, humanitarian and military issues surrounding ISIS and Syria.

Shurat Hadin works to make terrorism pay a price for its terror. It sues terror entities in court. It wins.

Since its founding by Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, esq in 2003 (Tsivya Fox, "How is One Israeli Law Center Bankrupting Terrorism?", breakingisraelnews, May 16, 2016), Shurat Hadin has won more than 2 billion US dollars in judgments against sponsors of terror, including Iran and North Korea. This year, it won a 655 million dollar judgment against the Palestinian Authority for terror murders against US citizens in Israel.

I don't have space to review all the Conference's speakers. Here's my version of some of the action:

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat spoke about Jerusalem's security arrangements. He stated that, for Jerusalem, the best defense is offense. He explained how Jerusalem does that.  

Venture Capitalist Jonathan Medved, CEO of VC company, OurCrowd, spoke about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. But instead of describing how to fight BDS, he spoke of how Israel is causing BDS to choke.

The reality of Israel, he said, is that foreign investment into Israel rises each year at a double-digit rate. In 2015, more than 4.5 billion dollars flowed into Israel. Foreign investors are buying more than 100 Israeli companies a year. Foreign investors aren't talking about divesting. They're talking about investing into Israel.

Prof Rachel Vanlandingham, former Judge Advocate, US Air Force, spoke about the International Criminal Court (ICC). She suggested that, when one looks at how the ICC treats Israel, one is forced to ask if the ICC has been hijacked to serve political ends. She discussed why one would ask such a question.

Atrtorney Yael Vias Gvirsman, Director, International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic at Radznyr Law School began her presentation with the question, what should Israel's position be towards the ICC? As she explored this question, she reminded everyone that Israel had ratified the ICC—but didn't sign it (in the late 1990's) for fear that the ICC would become politicized against Israel.

Dr Korir Sing'oei, Legal Advisor in the office of the Deputy President of Kenya told a cautionary tale about the ICC, one that suggested Israel was correct to be wary of a politicized ICC.

In 2013, he said, the ICC hauled the Deputy President of Kenya into court (at the Hague) to try him for crimes against humanity just at a time when Kenya was roiling in violence. His view of the ICC is that the ICC was not an instrument of justice. It didn't address the rights of the victims, nor did it appear to work to bring justice to Kenya. It was, in his opinion, political.

During this first day, two Israeli politicians spoke: Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid. Both gave professional speeches. Livni spoke of her basic political value: Israel is Jewish and democratic; Israel must not sacrifice its democracy to its Jewishness (at least, that's what I believe she said). I disagree with that. I say, she's wrong.

Lapid was different. Yes, he was off topic. But I really liked what he had to say: he spoke about the UN. He offered detail-after-detail to show that the UN has lost its morality and credibility over its demonization of Israel. At least, that's what I heard him say.

There were other speakers and other topics. I don't have time to review all of them. But one favourite of mine from last year's Conference, Prof Geoffrey Corn from South Texas College of Law, returned to talk about cyberwar.

He began with a question: is international law sufficiently resilient to deal with the changing nature of war, especially cyberwar? He quoted a US Army General telling a recent NATO Conference that NATO was unprepared to deal with Russian cyber attacks.

It seems that few are prepared. Some of the issues I heard Prof Corn raise include:

-Are we prepared to say that cyber has become an instrument of war?

-Can cyber attacks be an act of war?

-What kind of cyber attack constitutes an act of war?

-If a cyber attack is an act of war, how does a state legally respond to it?

These are questions, Corn suggested, international law is going to have to deal with. So will Israel. According to speaker Dr Udi Levy, Former Israel Intelligence officer, Israel is dealing with just this issue--on multiple fronts.

Former US Ambassador John Bolton spoke ("Bolton warns: Hillary will sign America up to the ICC", Arutz Sheva, June 20, 2016). So did a number of others.

These speakers are ejxperts. Their expertise shows. Their speeches suggest that Israel is a lot stronger then we've been led to believe.

Tomorrow is Day 2. We'll talk about Judea-Samaria-Gaza; incitement on Facebook and social media; ISIS and Syria. MK Naftali Bennett is scheduled to speak. If you're interested in attending, we'll be at the Dan Jerusalem Hotel. I'll try to give you another report tomorrow evening.

Shurat HaDin Conference on Laws of War", Day 2

By Tuvia Brodie

6/21/2016, 10:06 PMe

Tuvia Brodie

Tuvia Brodie has a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh under the name...

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June 21, 2016 is the second and last day of this year's second annual Conference called, "Towards a new Law of War". The Conference has been sponsored by Israeli NGO Shurat HaDin ("Tuvia Brodie, "Shurat HaDin Conference, 'Towards a new Law of War', Day 1", tuviabrodieblog, June 20, 2016).

Yesterday, I gave you a report of Day 1. Here's a review of the second and final day.

Disclosure: I've tried to be accurate here. If I have put errors into speakers' mouths, those errors are mine alone. For space reasons, this is a condensed account.

Irwin Cotler has served as an MK and Minister of Justice for Canada. He spoke of how the United Nations delegitimizes Israel.

Each year in the UN General Assembly, he said, the UN adopts something like 20 Resolutions against Israel, and perhaps 4 for everyone else (I couldn't tell if he was exaggerating to make a point, or if these were 'real' numbers). This anti-Israel bias has become a UN standard: make sure you condemn one nation, Israel.

There are many committees at the UN working against Israel. Almost every day, people meet somewhere in the UN infrastructure to condemn Israel.

This UN behaviour is a form of 'Lawfare' against Israel. It's the use of law and/or international code as an instrument of war against Israel. We have to fight back.

We can fight by acting like a claimant—not the accused. We have to make the case that these UN condemnations are prejudicial. We have to argue that this prejudice corrupts the values of the UN—and hurts all of Mankind. He described how we can make that case.

We also have to reverse the conventional paradigm about the Arab-Israel conflict—that Israel's Apartheid is the sole problem that brings misery to the Middle East. We have to argue the truth—that it's Arab Apartheid that causes Middle East misery.

Prof Rachel Vanlandingham, Former Judge Advocate, US Air Force, spoke about Judea-Samaria. She asked, how should these 'territories' be classified legally? This is, she said, an important question because the world uses a double standard for Israel when classifying Judea-Samaria as 'occupied' (see below).  She further argued that Judea-Samaria is really sui generis, meaning it's unique.  Standard legal classifications for 'occupied territories' don't fit here.   

Prof Eugene Kontorovich, Northwestern University School of Law, stated that 'occupation' is not fully defined. Moreover, existing definitions aren't consistently applied.

When the world says Israel 'occupies' Judea-Samaria (the West Bank), it means a 'belligerent occupation'. That means that Israel maintains actual control of Palestinian Authority (PA) land.

But there's a problem with 'belligerent control'. Citing military takeovers in Indonesia and Russia, Kontorovich showed that a military control of someone else's land is only sometimes called, 'belligerent occupation'.  For example, using Russia's more physical occupation of two territories, Israel's 'occupation' of the West Bank is not 'occupation'. The same is true regarding an Armenia takeover of Azerbaijan territory. No one says that Armenian take-over is 'occupation'. But a less 'belligerent' Israel hold on PA territory is called 'occupation'.

 That means Israel is treated with a double standard. As speaker Avi Bell (San Diego School of Law) put it, there's an 'Israel rule': what is permitted in war to Western [and some non-Western] nations is forbidden to Israel.

Uzi Shaya of Shurat HaDin spoke about how teenage terrorists find all they need on Social Media to become killers. For example, after two 14-year old Arab Muslim youth walked into a supermarket in Israel and murdered an IDF soldier, investigators made a disturbing discovery. These teens didn't belong to any terror group. They weren't religious. They came from good families. But they each had Facebook, twitter, Instagram and youtube.

The boys had used Social Media to become 'home-made terrorists'.

Social Media is like the Wild West. There are no controls. All things 'terror' are there: the incitement to kill, the manipulation to create the desire to kill and instructions how to kill.  

With Social Media, you can sit at home and become a radical terrorist. Nobody in the West is prepared for this kind of terror. That has to change.

Servers like Facebook show little interest in blocking anti-Israel hate sites. Recently, Shurat HaDin did an experiment. It created two identical hate-filled sites. The sites were identical except for one thing: one site called to kill 'Palestinians'. The other called to kill Jews. Then, Shurat HaDin sent Facebook two complaints, one against the 'kill Palestinian' site, and one against the 'kill Jews' site.

Immediately, Facebook took down the 'kill Palestinian' site. The 'kill Jews' site is still up, several months later. That has to be fixed.

Twitter has had similar issues. So has youtube. No Social Media will stop anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate postings. They all claim freedom of speech. But it isn't. It's incitement to kill.

Hamas cannot open a bank account. Hamas officials cannot get visas. But they can operate on twitter, etc. They can spread hate with no restrictions.

Michah Larkin Avni, founder of Stop Incitement Movement, called the use of Social Media to foment terror a 'Facebook Intifada'. Social Media is part of jihad. In fact, IS (Islamic State) actually refers to Social Media as an 'open-source jihad'.

There was much, much more about the dangers of Social Media. There were also discussions of Syria, refugees and IS—and how UN code fails to address what's happening in Syria.

At the end of the Conference, Israel Minister of Education and head of the Jewish Home Party, Naftali Bennet, spoke. I won't go into details. But he gave a good speech.

I hope this short-hand review was meaningful despite its brevity. I hope you can see how people from around the world fight for Israel on multiple battlefields, all of them unconventional.

This fight to defend Israel is the fight to change the laws of war to cope with that unconventional battlefield. Because of its enemies, Israel has become the driving force behind innovative, legal strategies to counter the new 'weapons' terrorists invent to attack us.

Thanks, Shurat HaDin, for the work you've done for Israel (see the Shurat HaDin website). Thanks also for a great Conference.

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                     I am not a lawyer but for all that it's all too clear
that Israel finds herself as the eternal scapegoat many of the lies and
delegitimization being perpetuated by the UN, the International Criminal
court and others.
  The work of Shurat HaDin the Israeli Law Centre - founded and led by
Nitsana Darshan Leitner is amazing! In a few short years she has taken banks
and others to US courts - as implicit in the funding of terror organizations
- providing some sort of relief for the families of the many terror victims.
And though $$millions have been 'won' and often not paid up, the whole legal
process is making some impact in cutting back the funding need for all forms
of Islamic terror.
   Over 500 people met for 2 days in the Dan Hotel. It was one of the best
arranged conferences I have ever been to and these few lines cannot do
enough to emphasize how important the work of Shurat Din. Of course they
need funding - but maybe more important they need all of us and many more to
go on with the work of exposing the lies, the double standards; the endless
stigmatization and delegitimization of Israel whilst ignoring the atrocities
and tragedies of the rest of the world.
   The list of speakers, panel members and moderators was impressive. I took
a few photos of a few, plus a few friends - and new friends! The legal
advisor to the deputy President of Kenya was special - and Valerie, the
daughter of the Kenyan ambassador has just finished her law degree at HU and
is about to go on and do a PhD here! It was a joy to hear more of the close
relationship between Kenya and Israel. Also of note was the total lack of
anger of Micha Larkin whose father, Richard, was brutally murdered on a bus
in a recent terror attack in Jerusalem. Rather than rage against the killers
of his father, he has directed to using his energy to confront the issues of
incitement on social media and to speak up [I know with Kay Wilson as well]
in the courts of world 'justice'.
Gemma Blech

Gemma Blech
Rh. Bar Kochba 95/8
French Hill
Jerusalem, Israel, 9789240
Tel: 02-5827273
Cell: 0544-506483


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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Orlando Terror Attack. Obama's ISIS Lies Exposed by Ari Lieberman

Orlando's Pulse nightclub terror attack will go down in U.S. history as the single largest case of mass slaughter ever conducted by a lone gunman in the nation's 240-year history. Barack Obama's shameful but predictable response to the carnage can best be characterized as deceitful spin involving a two-part strategy of obfuscation.

The first part involves deflection. Divert America's attention from the main culprit – Islamic terrorism – to forwarding dual strawman/red herring arguments designed to confuse and mislead. By doing so, he hoped to draw America's attention away from his own flawed foreign and domestic policies which enabled the ISIS-inspired Muslim terrorist to commit mass slaughter.

Obama cleverly but disingenuously framed the issue as a gun control matter, cynically exploiting the tragedy to advance his agenda for further eroding Second Amendment rights. In his eyes, it was the AR-15 sporting rifle (which turned out not to be the gun that was actually employed) and the National Rifle Association that bore direct responsibility for the killings. He then referred to the carnage as a "hate crime" directed against the gay community, completely glossing over the central role played by a malevolent political ideology that seeks to dominate and impose Sharia law on the West.

In fact, Omar Mateen never expressed anti-gay animus during his 911 rants to police though he did express disdain for U.S. foreign policies and unambiguously professed his Islamic leanings and allegiance to the Islamic State. Moreover, he scouted other locations, having no nexus with the LGBT community, before finally settling on the Pulse nightclub to execute his diabolical plans. Perhaps he did so because he was familiar with the club's layout, having been there on multiple prior occasions as a patron. Or perhaps he viewed it a soft target in which he could easily inflict mass carnage. No one will know for certain why he chose Pulse but Obama has already set the agenda and charted a course for its trajectory. That trajectory places Americans on a thought process that deliberately diverts attention away from the main causes and culprits.

Taking cue from her boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch agreed to release a sanitized transcript of the exchanges between Mateen and police. References to the terrorist's Islamist proclivities and revulsion of the West were to have been redacted with the aim of adding a further layer of opaqueness to confuse the public but public outcry forced a stunning reversal of that decision. ....


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Fwd: Articles by David Wilder Dr. Irving Moskowitz

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Articles by David Wilder

Dr. Irving Moskowitz - Enveloped in a cloud of holiness

Posted: 20 Jun 2016 12:42 PM PDT

Dr. Irving Moskowitz - Enveloped in a cloud of holiness

 At Ma'arat HaMachpela - with Hebron children (photos David Wilder)

Much has been written by many people about Dr. Irving Moskowitz zt"l since notification of his passing late last week. I too wrote a short piece on Facebook:
A Tzaddik has left this world for a better world, Dr. Irving Moskowitz, whose name and acts will be remembered in the annuls of Jewish history with Montefiore and Rothchild, whose generosity knew no boundaries, a man of modesty, a man of Torah, a man of the people. Together with his indefatigable Ashet Chayil Cherna, may she live and be well for many years to come, Irving changed the very face of Jewish presence in Eretz Yisrael. There aren't words to capture and define his legacy. Only that I have no doubt that what he was able to accomplish in this world is only a sliver of what he'll be able to do in the next world. May he and his memory be blessed for eternity.
I don't know if I can add much to what has already been written, but on Shabbat I read a beautiful paragraph from the Zohar, appearing in parshat Chaya Sarah, which is the Torah portion describing Abraham's purchase of the Caves of Machpela,  and immediately thought of Dr. Moskowitz:
Rabbi Pinchas said, before a Tzaddik (righteous person) leaves this world, a voice from Heaven calls out, 'prepare a place for this person, the Tzaddik, who is coming.' And because this soul is so privileged as to enter the gates of the heavenly Jerusalem, the angel Michael, the great minister, goes forth to greet him with Shalom, and all the other ministering angels wait behind and ask, 'who is it coming up from the desert, from the world below?' Because it is a world of ruins, called desert, as opposed to the heavenly world.
And the angel Michael, the great minister, answers, 'one is my pure, innocent dove,' in other words, Michael does not praise the private mitzvot and traits of the Tzaddik and his righteousness, rather he recites the innocent loftiness which includes all the traits and positive, kosher characteristics, and just as this soul includes all of these pure, innocent, kosher and honest deeds, so the elevated holiness surrounds him always, and when he deals with Torah and Mitzvot, all the area around him is with total holiness and his reward is very great indeed.

With Hebron children - with the author (photos David Wilder)
This, perhaps, describes the transcendental process by which Dr. Irving Moskowitz left this world, on his way to the next world. For his deeds were all for the good of 'Klal Yisrael,' the greater Israel, not for his own private reward, but for all of Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Torat Yisrael.
It was an honor and privilege to have known him, to have walked with him and talked with him, because he was always, as is described above, enveloped in a cloud of holiness.
Without any doubt, he will continue his righteous efforts in the world of total good and happiness, on behalf of his family and on behalf of all Yisrael.
יהי זכרו ברוך
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Nationalist Crime Unit being Criminal. Get the Knesset to Stop their Funding Due Process Denied. Honenu


Arlene writes:
And I wish to note as well, that an over-riding issue here is the application of civil law to Judea and Samaria.  Israeli civil law would not permit what is permitted by the administration under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defense. 
I will be re-visiting this in a variety of contexts, including my push for acceptance of the Levy Report.


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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing. 

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Israel Advocacy Calendar (
Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing. 

Most of these emails are posted on 

Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Personal Story of Harassment by the Nationalistic Crimes Unit. by Eliezer Shekhtman. Hakol HaYehudi Hilltop Youth


BY  ON JUNE 6, 2016

From coming to serve a summons at 3 AM, to attempting to extort $500 after an interrogation, the officers of the Nationalistic Crimes Unit of Judea and Samaria regularly use any means possible to harass Jewish activists. It's time to shut this unit down.

3 A.M. Harassment

It all began with a knock on the door at 3 in the morning. I woke up groggily and asked who was knocking on the door to my small caravan in Yitzhar.

Shouts came back, "Police! Open up!"

Because I have some experience with the types of officers from the Nationalistic Crimes Unit who come knocking on the door at 3 A.M., I demanded to see an order. They shouted that they had an order and I opened up the door. They promptly presented me with a summons to show up for an interrogation in Maale Adumim.

Trying to think as fast as possible at 3 AM, I asked them what the suspicions were and why I was being summoned. They rudely told me to show up and then I'd find out then. Attempts to reason and explain that I won't show up for an interrogation if I don't know what it's about resulted in screaming about how I would be arrested if I didn't show up.

That same night, the officers rudely awoke 6 other people at 3 A.M. One of them was arrested, four were served with administrative orders banning them from Judea and Samaria, and one other received a police summons like I did. The one who received a summons later discovered that despite not having a Facebook profile, the officers of the unit had decided that he was responsible for some post that they considered problematic.

Continuing back to my story, the order said I was supposed to come to interrogation, that same day at 8 A.M. Obviously, 5 hours of advance notice is not nearly enough time to prepare for an interrogation and so I called them to set up a later time. Attempts to ask them to also move the interrogation to the police station nearby in Ariel (a 15 minute drive as opposed to a 90 minute commute) were rejected and in the end we agreed that I would come for interrogation the next week.

Coming to interrogation

I came to the interrogation the following week on my own, still not knowing what I was suspected of. Upon meeting the interrogator, Tal Mizrahi, from the Nationalistic Crimes Unit, he explained that I was suspected of attending the now famous 'Wedding of Love' (commonly referred to in the media as the 'Wedding of Hate.') There were no claims that I held a gun, knife, mock firebomb, or any other object that would convey a threat, instead they merely noted that I was seen dancing in one of the videos from the wedding. Now, the entire investigation into the wedding is quite suspect because (i) while the dancing at the wedding may have been distasteful, it is difficult to say that dancing at a private event is incitement and (ii) Arab weddings often involve not only dancing with guns, but shooting of live rounds. Somehow none of the Arabs from those weddings are ever arrested or interrogated. Nonetheless, discrimination against Jews is the name of the game for the Nationalistic Crimes Unit and so Tal Mizrahi began asking me questions about the wedding, about my relationship with the groom, about the dancing at the wedding and dozens of other quite ridiculous questions that had nothing to do with violating the law. After around 2 hours the questions came to an end.

A surprise demand

I figured that was the end of that. A 3 A.M. wakeup and one lost day of work- it could be worse…Suddenly Mizrahi explained that the police were willing to release me after I deposited 2000 shekels ($500) with them.

This blindside came out of nowhere and as a student in university, I of course had no way to give them $500. I tried to ask him if they could take a lower amount and also noted that it is extremely harsh to demand that after showing up to the police station on my own, I am suddenly being forced to pay in order to be released. I was never arrested and so I didn't understand why I should have to 'post bail.' The request could easily be likened to extortion.

Mizrahi suddenly got very serious and explained that everyone else who had been arrested (note the first difference) on this case had put up the money. Further, after later checking with other guests, I discovered that this was a lie- that's also typical of the Nationalistic Crimes Unit. I explained to him that I had no way to put up the money and that I was certainly not going to post bail based on his demand alone. He would have to take me to a judge.

Mizrahi explained to me that I was now under arrest for refusing to accept my release terms. Somehow, only in retrospect can I appreciate the irony in the situation. After showing up to the police station on my own for interrogation, I was suddenly under arrest for refusing to give the police $500. The Nationalistic Crimes Unit has done crazier of course, but this was still quite insane.

Going before a judge

I waited a few hours in a holding cell in the police station and was soon brought to the court house in handcuffs. Mizrahi brought me along as he went to the court secretary's office to check which judge we were assigned. After one of the secretaries gave him the name of a judge, he asked that a different judge hear the case. I immediately protested, but he told me to pipe down and when I used the word 'corrupt' to describe his behavior, he threatened to charge me with 'insulting a police officer' (which is somehow a crime in Israel). A lawyer from Honenu met me in the courtroom and explained to me that while Mizrahi's actions were technically a reason for recusal, this judge was actually very good.

The lawyer turned out to be right and the judge ordered me released on my own recognizance. The judge noted that the suspicions against me were even less serious than those against the other guests, specifically in that I did not hold a weapon at any time during the wedding.  In the end I did get away with 'just' a 3 A.M. wakeup and one lost day of work, but the officers from the Nationalistic Crimes Unit did their best to harass me as much as they could. Unfortunately for them, there are still some remnant elements of justice remaining in the Israeli court system.

Of course the unit does its best to circumvent these elements through administrative orders, administrative detentions, and many other extra-judicial tools. Had I not demanded to see a judge, they would have gotten $500 from me that would have been a bureaucratic nightmare to get back   Further they make sick and cynical claims about needing to keep suspects under arrest for lengthy investigations when in fact they have no intentions of ever filing an indictment and/or are certain the suspect will be acquitted. Aside from that they continue to make raids in the middle of the night merely to harass Jewish youths and activists.

In short, the time has come to close down this unit and fire its officers for their behaviors. I can even recommend one officer to let go of first…


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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan) and Howard Chaim Grief great activists and lovers of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichronum Baruch.  May their memories serve as a blessing. 

Most of these emails are posted on 

Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog.