Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What Does the NYC BDS Protest against Governor Cuomo Mean for the Jews and Israel by Marvin Belsky, Thank Governor Cuomo!


Fri. June 10th. 2016 
Because I believe the BDS movement is just the tip of the iceberg and the BDS NYC contingent protesting Cuomo is just a malodorous symptom that has been ironically revealed by Governor Cuomo's banning BDS, it would be wise to be prepared.

Yesterday there were hundreds of dregs that came out of the woodwork, shouting Palestine will be free from the river to the sea, precisely indicating they want the elimination of Israel. But this throng of a vanguard was extremely well-organized, disciplined and highly motivated. They are obviously the unholy alliance of the left with Muslims as this was precisely who constituted the huge throng, with guilt-ridden Jews.
They were young and old, Jewish and Muslims as well as Christian. They had many multiples of signs and posters, well-crafted, and official. Someone has already emailed that Columbia was well represented, but to my eyes many more from Brooklyn. What was obvious was and is that the call on Code Pink or other websites might have been picked up by us the prior day, but this cohort of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic vanguard will always be at the ready well-poised for action.....and growing, no doubt emboldened by their efficient mobilization and clarion esprit de corps.

We should thank the Governor not only for his courageous stand on behalf of Israel, but for awakening us to the potential for a growing anti-Semitic vanguard. Being cognizant of the Old and New Left's character, this evil cohort has the Marxist discipline and motivation of the Old Left, and the youthful vigor of the New Left, together with Islamist goals.

I want to give an accurate appraisal of yesterday's events, lest we continue with our dependence on favorite beneficence of people in government, Jewish defense organizations and democratic institutions. One must cry havoc when any downturn in the economy comes, or aid to Israel becomes an increasing popular concern, or any American military force is ever involved with Israel.....the growing storm of a Weimar Republic here already has a growing vanguard, and we are MIA for Israel, the Jewish community and truly for America.

I wanted to give an accurate appraisal, but for me yesterday was a revelation, not only for many other locales as cells become activated and blend in with this motley BDS crew.

Marvin Belsky

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