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Honenu Breaking News. FWD and Translate into Hebrew and FWD: Shabak Recruiting informants against their fellow Jews in Judea and Samaria. : Beware and Help Available


Shabak,  Violating basic human rights of the residents of Judea and Samaria!!!!!

Residents of Judea and Samaria apparently do not have basic civil rights.  Shabak has been harassing the residents, especially vulnerable youth, to the point of torture in certain situations according to the Honenu lawyers and they have no protection under habeas corpus. 

We are looking for Lawyers and Rabbanim who are willing to join us to approach the Israeli Consulate here in the USA demanding an end to Administrative detention and the justification for this horrendous obstruction of justice under the guise of "security".  BH there has been many Rabbi's and Lawyers who have expressed their opposition to this practice and are interested in not standing by idly while their fellow Jew is being abused. 

Jews and Non Jews, are all entitled to basic human and civil rights. 

The government of Israel seems to have a difficult time differentiating between the enemy of Jews and Israel and those who are critical of the government policies.   

Therefore allow me to clarify and spell it out!!!

How to recognize an enemy of the Jews and Israel
  • The enemies of Jews wish to destroy and annihilate Jews.  They therefore glorify acts of terror against Jewish and Israeli civilians and members of the IDF.  They send their children to schools where they are indoctrinated with educational curriculum teaching them how to effectively destroy Israel and the Jewish people.
  • They stone, they stab and throw Molotov cocktails and ram their cars into bus stops populated with civilians and soldiers.
  • They encourage young and old to be martyrs by exploding themselves via suicide belts etc. 
  • They use their civilian population, women and children as human shields placing rockets in schools and hospitals
  • They name streets after terrorists who have succeeded in blowing themselves up along with Israeli civilians.  
  • They hand out candy following a successful terror attack.  
  • They provide stipends to terrorists and their families.  The greater the act of terror the greater the stipend to the terrorist and/or his/her family
  • They dream of Jihad and look forward to an afterlife of 70 virgins
  • They sacrifice their children no different than pagan sacrifices to the Molech calling them a Shaheed
  • They chant from the River to the Sea,  Palestine will be free
  • They chant Intifada, Intifada
  • They are violent against each other with tribal feuds and will justify murder of women of their own families who have brought dishonor to their families
  • They issue a death warrant against anyone who sells their property to a Jew
  • They justify armed aggression (terrorism) so long as Palestine is not free (Palestine includes Acco, Haifa and Yaffa basically calling for the destruction of Israel) 
  • They are the recipients of billions of dollars coming from EU, UN and US tax money etc, much of which is then stolen by a corrupt political government officials  of either PA or Hamas
  • They occupy their time with destruction
In Contrast: Jews critical of Israeli government policy (Hilltop Youth for example)  who are often labeled/libeled Jewish Terrorists. Example
  • They love the Land of Israel
  • They love the people of Israel
  • They want to protect Israel
  • They pray for the return of the Temple as do all good Jews 3x a day (Shacharit, Mincha, Maariv)
  • They believe that Jews have the right to build and settle Judea and Samaria
  • They believe that Judea and Samaria is the Biblical Inheritance of the Jewish People
  • They occupy their time with building the Land, working the land (farming) and being shepherds raising sheep and cattle and are economically self supporting, waking up early, praying, going to work in the fields,  or construction, while reaping the harvests and converting raw material into usable goods like milk products, produce, developing helpful technology to benefit society..
The Jews of Judea and Samaria make the enemies of Israel look bad.  This blatant contrast then justifies Israel actions against it's enemies.

To fight back, the enemies of Israel have to then prove that the Jews of Judea and Samaria, especially the youth, are equivalently bad and unworthy.  So they need to invent libels and slander. They then apply pressure to the government of Israel by infiltrating the inner political circles, higher ups,  and the media. These imposters and traitors then establish legal means of harassing and silencing the inner voice of the Jew. 

That is how Shabak under the Nationalist Crimes Unit is in operation so that the Enemies of Israel can then justify to the world via their sophisticated PR network their claim to the "Occupied West Bank".

So why do Jews and the Government of Israel turn against itself?  

  • Either because there are Jew haters who hate themselves for betraying their own people and betraying the G-d of Israel and the Torah. Kapos of today. 
  • Or there are Jews who succumb to bribes or threats,.  They or family members are bribed either with money or power, or both, and/or threatened with the opposite, loss of income or a job, failure of a well deserved promotion because of their politically incorrect viewpoints. 
  • For those who are being most stubborn, usually teenagers or young adults who can not be bribed or threatened, they are being charged with Nationalist crimes that are either lies, taken out of context or exaggerated that can not be defended nor disputed, and they are then placed under immoral administrative detention in the form of either house arrest or incarceration which  then legally permits an Israeli court of Law and Israeli Judicial system to engage in the obstruction of justice.  Legal and human rights are taken away from the accused and from family members and friends.. 

That is why all of us who can still see clearly (since we are not blinded by money or power or threatened) must insist that Israel abide by basic legal and human rights, a given for any democratic society. We can not allow Administrative Detention be the tool for those who wish to silence dissent. 

 If there is a crime then let their be charges, and a fair trial. Otherwise the government is and have been in serious violations of basic human rights which the forefathers of the United States of America would have called "intolerable acts!" 

How has Administrative Detention been incorporated into Israeli Law and the Judicial System?

Probably because of self appointed judges and self oversight where there is no objective monitoring of the courts themselves. Basically corruptness within the Judiciary. Hoshiva Shofteinu KeVaRishona....

YESHA Residents Being Recruited by Shabak Intelligence Officer

(Thursday, June 9, Honenu Update)

Recently, numerous Shomron residents turned to Honenu's legal aid headquarters with very similar stories of attempts by Amir, an officer in the Shabak of the Yehuda and Shomron District Police, to recruit Shomron residents as agents, generally taking advantage of an individual's personal financial or other vulnerability (such as legal problems)  

Amir approached the Shromron residents and attempted by various, sometimes strange means, to arrange meetings with them in order to recruit them as agents who would incriminate their neighbors and friends in incidents of "nationalistic crime" 

Honenu recommends that anyone who is approached in a recruitment attempt of this type consult Honenu for legal counsel. 

For a complete post from Arutz Sheva click here:

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