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Abuse of Power! Administrative Detention Out of Control targeting Jewish Kids. Kudos to the Jewish Press for exposing this miscarriage of Justice!


Shabak has lost it.  But Why? First read of the latest miscarriages of justice under the guise of Administrative Detention.  My Analysis follows these posts.

Annals of Crazy: Shabak Bans 15-Year-Old 'Jewish Extremist' from Talking to 12-Year-Old Neighbor.  A Wednesday decree issued by Shabak truly sounded like part of the mad hatter's party in Alice in Wonderland.

After 10 Months – Meir Ettinger Freed From Prison. Will Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman follow in Ya'alon's footsteps and sign new administrative detention orders against Kahane's grandson, sending him back to prison without trial?

What's going on?  Let us take a look at other examples of such abuse of power and see how and why it works.  In the article below, simply substitute the words"U.S. Attorney" with "Shabak prosecution". 

"Abuse Of Power" And The Rubashkin Case [and the Hilltop Youth Cases Robin]

The concluding paragraph of the NACDL amicus curiae in support of the Rubashkin appeal of which Reynolds was a party, cites a 1940 speech given by Justice Robert Jackson when he was U.S. Attorney General, on the subject of the great potential for abuse of power in the Office of the U.S. Attorney.
The NACDL brief said Jackson's words are uncannily relevant to the Rubashkin prosecution.
"The most dangerous power of the prosecutor is that he will pick people that he thinks he should 'get…" Instead of discovering the commission of a crime and then looking for the man who committed it, he will pick the man and then searching the law books… or putting investigators to work, to pin some offense on him," Jackson noted in his speech.
"It is in this realm — in which the prosecutor singles out a person he dislikes or desires to embarrass…and then looks for an offense – that the greatest danger of abuse of prosecuting power lies. It is here that the real crime becomes that of being unpopular with the governing group, being attached to the wrong political views… or being personally obnoxious to, or in the way of, the prosecutor himself."
"Jacksons' words are worth repeating for they apply so well to the [Rubashkin] case," the NACDL brief stated. "When the elaborate raid on illegal immigrants at Agriprocessors did not bear fruit" [i.e. the lurid crimes that should have justified a military-style raid turned out to be nonexistent], "the prosecutors, rather than look ridiculous, searched and found another crime… And the trial judge, who was part of the planning and pre-arrest activities, imposed a sentence of over a quarter-of-a century," to show how bad the crimes were.
"All this served to justify the huge resources that the Government had employed, with its massive raid more befitting of a bust of a well-armed drug cartel."

The question is why is the government of Israel so focused on framing Jewish children and youth as Jewish Terrorists expending enormous resources to prove that they are Jewish Terrorists involved in terror activity against innocent Palestinians? 

What does Israel benefit from "admitting" even half heartedly that they too have Jewish Terrorists, and children nonetheless....

In the International arena, the Obama Administration, the EU, the UN, all being broadcast in leftist International Media,  have to somehow sell the Peace Process...  peace between two Nations with aspirations of a homeland.  The Palestinian People and the Nation of Israel.  

The Palestinian people have been in the news non stop with videos of constant terror education funded by UNRWA, indoctrination in UNRWA camps, Arab Sesame Street promoting the destruction of Israel, jihad dolls, suicide belts for dressup,  starting from a young age, which has then led to real attacks, stabbings, rock throwings, car jammings, and even suicide explosions against innocent civilians, perpetrated by children and youth, indoctrinated from a young age to hate and terrorize Jews and Israel.  

On the other hand, Israel educates its children with Judeo-Christian values that values life and believes that one has the right to defend oneself when one is attacked and that Israel is the rightful inheritors of the Land of Israel.  Israel and the Settlers of Judea and Samaria do not produce kids who are taught that it is proper to go into some random Arab's home and proudly set it on fire and burn the parents and a little toddler and then brag about it.  There is no justification religiously, morally, legally and  it's downright dangerous.  It's stupid and wrong and accomplishes nothing. Am I surprised that indeed they have come up with no real evidence other than a forced confession based on some Hebrew graffiti scribbled on the wall?  

These authentic facts prove that there is an imbalance between the two sides. One side is barbaric and criminal and the other is just and moral taking on high ground.

The Palestinian side has a given that is based on falsehood.  As Mike Huckabee put it, it's BDS without the D.  To quote Liz Berneq Esq. from ZOA at the BDS Conference in the UN "Remember, there is no such thing as the 'Occupation!'"

The Jewish/Israeli Side has truth and morality. 

So for all those in favor of a Two State Solution,  in order to keep these two sides even, worthy of an intellectual and academic discussion, one has to somehow show that they are both moral and ethical or that they are both terror States.  Both tactics are used. 

Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of Soda Stream presents a Utopian world of coexistence between Palestinians and Jew.  His company is living proof that this can be accomplished!  Cinderella...the fairy tale...and they all lived happily ever after.... Or did they? 

Am I being cynical of Peace?  

No!  I too am warmed by the concept of coexistence. But then I remember another time in history where Jews and Arabs coexisted.  That was 1929 Hebron in Beit Hadassah hospital where Jews and Arabs alike were treated fairly and equally no different than Hadassah Hospital today.  It was not long ago when terror victim reported 
‘I yelled for help and they spat at me,’ says victim of Jerusalem attack. Adele Banita gives harrowing account of terror assault in which her husband Aharon and Old City resident Nehemia Lavi were murdered, and she was badly wounded
and this story 
Elderly terror victims: Arabs refused to help us as we bled
So what went wrong? If all Arabs wish to coexist why in the above stories did they lack basic human decency to help the terror victims.  We must conclude, as painful as it is to our good Samaritan hearts, that there is a significant number of Arabs who do not deserve Israel's benevolence, human rights, jobs and economic help, water, electricity and educational subsidies.  Their agenda is the destruction of Israel.

I believe that coexistence can and should exist but under certain parameters.  When you leave these parameters out, you open yourself vulnerable to a massacre no different than Hebron in 1929. 

What are the parameters I am referring?

 Let us return to the conquest of Joshua of the 7 Canaanite Nations.  The Canaanite nations were offered the following options.  Either they accept Israel's Sovereignty and the Seven Noahide laws or they can leave.  If they choose to stay, in spite of refusing to these conditions then we are required to fight them and wipe them out lest their immoral and disgusting practices contaminate us and they will have done to us what we should have done to them.  

There needs to be a way to separate the good guys from he bad guys.  

All Arabs are not bad.

I learned this lesson from a very wise elderly Yeminite women by the name of Miriam Yefet.  

Years ago, when I was single,  living at home in NY,  I took the summer off to volunteer in Kiryat Arba. I had joined a Bnei Akiva Garin by the name of Moreshet Avot who planned on making Aliya to Kiryat Arba. I wanted to get a feel for the place. I contacted the Social Worker at the time, Yehudit Katsover who hooked me up with Miriam Yefet.  This 80 year old spunky petite Yemenite women was grieving over her son Moshe ob"m who recently was killed while on reserve duty.  She could not be consoled. I was assigned to befriend her and see how I can help her situation. 

I personally was not interested in going into the Arab section of Hebron. However as Miriam Yefet's attendant, helping her with her bags, I received an interesting education of the Arab Shuk in Hebron.  We took the Egged bus into Hebron from Kiryat Arba and walked to the Arab Shuk.  There we were greeted warmly with the local population each of the Arabs sellers in the market outdoing themselves to accommodate Miriam Yefet.  She spoke their language and knew them personally.  She apparently helped them when they needed help. Sometimes with food, sometimes with advice.  She demanded only the finest quality of fruits and vegetables and they accommodated her as best as they could as she sat in a chair they provided as they brought her their merchandise. She argued with them and told them, this is our land and they listened to her respectfully.  She told me.  I know who is good and who hates us.  I speak their language. 

 Many Arabs are not only good but show courage that puts us to Shame.  I  bring as an example "Mosab Hassan Yousef" aka Son of Hamas.  It seemed to me that he received the largest applause with Bassam Eid as a close second at yesterdays session at the UN entitled "Ambassadors against BDS.  As Bassam Eid of Palestinian human rights told the audience at the United Nations on May 31, 2016 , most Arabs would prefer living under Israel's Sovereignty where they are physically and financially secure, have health and education benefits and a good paying job over living under a corrupt Arab Administration in misery and poverty and abuse.  

But we are naive and foolish to hide under the carpet that Jihad is pervasive in the Palestinian population centers big time. Jihad education has been indoctrinating Palestinians children and has been allowed to operate unchecked by the government of Israel.  As long as this is the situation, it is a time bomb a terror attack Chas VeShalom in spite of SodaStream's false utopia of peaceful coexistence!

Would this be tolerated in America? Allowing ones enemies to live next door to you.   Probably under Obama.  But when I grew up, we all proudly put our hands to our chests and recited "I Pledge Allegiance, To The Flag, OF the United States of America".  Remember?  "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Perhaps Soda Stream has discovered how to keep out the Jihad element from their operation.  Are they so naive to believe that all Palestinians, given equal and fair treatment,  human rights  etc. will turn away from their jihadist ways and forget the teaching of their prophet Mohammad who taught Taqiyya, deception.'an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Lying_and_Deception.  Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Lying and Deception.

Does SodaStream ever discriminate against extreme radical Muslim Fundamentalists who follow the teachings of Islam religiously?   How does Mr. Birnbaum address the employees of Soda Stream who might be a small minority but are devout Muslims who according to Son of Hamas Mosab Hassan Yousef practice Islam, a religion of death cult.  Surely they will contaminate the atmosphere, have a negative influence and infiltrate the Utopian operation of Coexistence under the guise of human rights and equal opportunity as the Torah predicts.  

There must be a way to differentiate and  filter the Ger Toshav from the Jihadist.   


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