Sunday, December 26, 2021

I was at Chomesh by Shalom Pollack's 

I was at Chomesh 

Yesterday, December 23, 2021, I went to Chomesh.

What is there?
Why did I go?
What did I see?
What were my thoughts?

Yehudah Dimentman, twenty-five years old was murdered by Arabs on his way home from the yeshiva where he learned in Chomesh, a hilltop in Samaria.
Why was he killed? The Arabs proudly claim it is because he is a settler, part of the occupation of the "Palestinian " Homeland
 Chomesh was once a dynamic Jewish community strategically overlooking the coastal plain, until 2005 when prime minister Sharon ordered it and three other flourishing Jewish towns nearby be demolished and its population forcefully expelled. No reason for the destruction and expulsions in Samaria were given but the same decree that extinguished the communities firmly ordered that they never be rebuilt. (Sounds like an edict of a Roman emperor after the destruction of the temple?)
Yehudah Dimentman was not only a criminal by Arab definition; Israeli law considers him and those studying Torah amongst the debris of Chomesh criminals as well.

Why did I go?
The widow of the murdered young man, left with a baby, begged prime minister Bennet to please lift the ban on rebuilding Chomesh and at least the yeshiva where her husband studied, prayed, and was murdered, be allowed to exist. After the seven-day mourning period, she asked that "Am Yisroel" join her in remembering her husband and in supporting the rebuilding of  Chomesh and the yeshiva.
When she asked that "Am Yisroel" join her, I understood that Am Yisroel indeed had to be there that day. We could not disappoint her or ourselves as Am Yisroel.
There is a saying," if it hurts you scream out". it did hurt. The murder hurt, the widow hurt, and the situation that allowed these tragedies hurt the most. I had to be there with the finest of Am Yisroel, and that is who I met.

What did I see?
I saw the finest that we have. I expected to because whenever Jews or the land of Israel are in danger, the same section of the population shows up. 
It was a cold rainy day but that did not stop over fifteen thousand Jews from coming from far and wide.
Most were teens, boys, and girls. Some carried flags. There was a powerful spirit emanating from the wonderful youth. There was no flirting or intermingling; so different from what one would expect to find when thousands of teens gather This was part of their education and discipline. They came for a serious reason and they understood.
There were also a number of young families with children in tow and babies in their arms and in carriages.
I was amazed at how these parents managed. We walked long distances up and down to reach our destination on top of the hill.
There were also a few older people like me. I was reminded of my years as the many young people flitted by me on our way up the hill. On our way, we passed an Arab village. How did I know it was an Arab village? One; there were no fences or security measures to protect them. unlike Jewish villages who need protection. Two, the garbage was strewn all about.  You would think if they really thought it was their land, they would have some pride in it.

On our way up the road, there was a large pit recently dug out across the road by the government to prevent the return to Chomesh by the stubborn yeshiva students and former residents.
A young man with a megaphone stood above the pit to warn people of the obstacle in the dark and urged us to fill the hole up with rocks to undo the work of those who would keep the place "Judenrein"
I was impressed by the vigor and leadership of this young Jewish man.
The rain became stronger. Huge puddles were formed. There were only a few umbrellas. Nothing deterred them or dampened the spirits.
It was impressive
What did I see?
I saw the best. 
It was a great honor to march with them

My thoughts?
I know that I have seen the future leaders of Israel.
I watched the soldiers and police who guarded the procession. I wondered what they thought of the n of Jews who care enough to march in the rain up a hill?
I thought of the neighboring Arabs. What did they think of the Jews who don't give up?
I felt good to know that I was on the right side of history.

This morning at the gym, I mentioned that I was at Chomesh yesterday. One fellow clearly wasn't impressed and sneered and said something to the effect of, ``Oh those people"
I said, ``Yes, our very best. The ones who still have faith. The roots that make sure this tree doesn't fall."

He wasn't impressed and said, "in the end, you will be the only ones in the country," I thought that was a very revealing statement. What I think he meant was that those people with their fanatic beliefs will make things so bad that normal Israelis like him will (continue to) leave the country. This fellow went for a holiday to Greece on Yom Kippur. He has his Jewish values right.
 As former prime minister Olmert said, "I want a country that is fun to live in." 
What's the point of our holy land if you can't have fun?
 I get it. 
That is why only a certain kind of Jew marches in the rain - even if it is not so much fun.

I told him yes, that is a possibility we might be the only ones left.
 Perhaps we are experiencing a historic process of elimination. Not everyone will have the merit to be here when the story ends.

 My book, "Jews, Israelis, and Arabs" explains it all.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Re:Fighting DeBlasios vaccine mandates Att: The Senior Partners of Law Firm Nelson Madden Black as per my phone conversation with paralegal Brandon and my on- line Zoom Question to Attorney Barry Black... from Robin Ticker re 7 Noahide Laws.

אל המקום אשר...

In response to the following urgent fundraising messages I received via whatsapp and for the benefit  of those not aware of the specific context of this email. 

Tuesday December 14 
We are ALL at risk from DeBlasio's vaccine mandates. Whether you support the shot or not, you almost certainly don't want your freedom taken away. As the government seizes ever more control over our schools, medical decisions, businesses and more, things will only get worse. 
We have formed a group called New Yorkers for Religious Liberty (NYFRL) and with the help of excellent frum attorney Barry Black of Nelson Madden Black LLP, we are be'ezras Hashem suing the city with a strategic class action lawsuit to stop ALL the Covid vaccine mandates, which are illegal and unconstitutional. 
We are suing on behalf of
▪️Private school teachers
▪️Healthcare workers
▪️DOE employees
▪️Public sector employees 
▪️Private sector employers
And more!
We must raise $100,000 immediately to pay the legal team so they can work on this case. 
PLEASE, please donate generously. Every bit counts, but we also need serious donations of $500, $1,000, $5,000 and up, to be able to cover the costs. 
DONATE at OR call the law office of Nelson Madden Black at 212-382-4300 and specify the payment is for the NYFRL case.
Please, we are fighting for the future of all of us and our families. We are fighting to be able to continue living our lives of Torah without excessive government intrusion. We are fighting to be able to make our own medical decisions and not have them dictated to us by a government with questionable motives. We are fighting so that our shuls and businesses will be able to function unrestricted by illogical government dictates. We are fighting on YOUR behalf but we cannot do it alone. 
PLEASE NOTE that our lawsuit has the approval of Rabbonim from both the Litvishe and Chassidishe sectors. We are working to help ALL communities. 
IT ALSO IS CRUCIAL TO KNOW THAT NYC IS A WORLD TESTING GROUND FOR THE MANDATES. Whatever happens here can happen elsewhere, and a successful fight here will BezH have great repercussions elsewhere in the country and the world. 
So, by helping us you are helping yourself as well, WHEREVER YOU LIVE. 

Please share as widely as possible. Tizke lemitzvos.

Fyi urgent audio request Bracha Weisberger

From Robin Ticker: 
I reached out to your law firm by calling the number and spoke to paralegal Brandon. I also attended the Zoom session tonight online and raised my concerns with Attorney Barry Black.

Fyi Zoom Invite

My input:

Let me begin with a tremendous Yasher Koach to your group for taking on the initiative and leadership role in this struggle. Wishing you much Siata Dishmaya,  Bracha Hatzlacha empowered by partnering with like minded G-d fearing individuals and groups who are concerned for the future of humanity!

What I have to offer is not monetary in nature but rather suggests a broader approach worth considering. BEH may all the necessary funds come with ease because Hashem is Kol Yachol.

I am ccing Rabbi Yitzchok  Dovid Smith and bccing others.

Here is a reiteration of points that I made.  Please  forward to Attorney Barry Black and to others handling the lawsuit.

Again, Yasher Koach for uniting and representing all the various groups being affected by these mandates and protecting their   religious freedoms.

I am suggesting thinking out of the box to broaden the definition of religious freedom.

The root of these vaccine mandates stem from a spiritual war. Forces that are pushing the mandates are really pushing G-d out of the narrative. It is a rebellion against G-d at its root.   These evil forces have infiltrated govt offices, the NY City Council and the NY State Assembly, the private and public sector, the profit and not for profit organizations and judges and the law itself have been compromised. It seems like the fox is watching the hen house. And the fox is a global monster, under the likes of WEF and corporate monsters like Vanguard  and Black rock and key players who control the economy,  USA govt and most governments.

So even if your legal arguments are amazing and brilliant and defend the Constitution without a shadow of a doubt, if the law itself can be changed at whim to defend law breakers as was done in Sodom and Gomorrah or if  the judge is compromised because of conflicts of interest, all the legal arguments are for naught.

Fighting the mandate at its root seems to be the only option. Everything else is a mere bandaid addressing symptoms but not the root core.

Basically we need G-d to help us win this war and they know it. 

They are openly defiant against G-d while we are satisfied to nitpick, be it this mandate and that mandate and on minor details that may win a battle or two but not the war. They are shooting with big guns and we with pebbles. Hey it worked with King David so maybe doing so is justified :) But first we need to acknowledge that it is not merely unfair mandates we are fighting but the evil it represents.

Let me suggest that with very limited resources we need to focus on the very root and pray to G-d He comes to our rescue because we are fighting His War.

I am suggesting we focus on the fact that these compulsory mandates defy the 7 Noahide laws, the Laws that define basic Universal morality. 

Let being a Noahide be defined as a religion. In fact it actually is the only religion that unites all religions and all humanity. 

Fyi Seven Laws for a Beautiful Planet
The Noahide Tradition
By Tzvi Freeman

Examples of these obscene vaccine mandates violating 7 Noahide laws:

- Denying a loyal employee employment and benefits after many years of service is equivalent to impoverishing them. In Judaism Ani Chashuv keMeis. A poor person is likened to a dead person. Doing so violates one of the 7 Noahide laws not to steal. 

- Using aborted fetal tissue from an embryo with a beating heart is like tearing a limb from a live animal.

- Forcing Houses of worship closed while keeping liqueur stores open reflects a desire to keep G-d out .

- Suppressing and denying early life saving treatment is akin to murder.

- Forced injection of poison into individuals is potentially murder.

There is gross negligence of accurate reporting of adverse reactions. The mainstream media suppresses. Big pharma,  stands to lose big time. The likelihood of dying from the vaccine short term and/or long term, is real. 

The health benefit of taking this gene therapy is not proven, in fact the opposite seems to be  the case.

The health benefit of wearing masks all day long is questionable and the risks outweigh benefits according to reputable doctors.

The health benefit of isolating seniors and patients in the hospitals and nursing homes is questionable, inhumane and thousands if not tens of thousands have died a lonely and painful death due to an inhumane system playing G-d that denies sick patients early preventative and safe treatment and put their lives at risk using medical protocols that simply did not work or killed the patient.

In fact the risks of just relying on this vaccine far outweighs the benefit according to peer reviews that are not censored. 

The funders of the vaccine like the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation have made it no secret that they believe in depopulation and Eugenics

Eugenics. Playing G-d and choosing who shall live and who shall die is on the agenda of the Covid vaccine backers. Why should they gain our trust that they are sincere about protecting our health?

We can have no other G-ds. Forcing us to trust in Big pharma for our health is akin to worshipping idols and the Satan. 

It is counterproductive to play the game and waste our time  getting a letter from a Rabbi for a religious exemption and trying to prove we are sincere and that the Rabbi is legitimate.

One need not to be an Orthodox Jew to get a religious exemption to refuse the vaccine. It is a basic human right.

We need to go after their self defined rule of law as being in violation of G-d's law and not be content with mere pittance asking them for religious exemptions expecting them to be gracious and grant us, their submissive enslaved peons, a break  or two and be ever so grateful and appreciative to them for doing so. 

Our mindset needs to revert to true freedom which only exists by being subservient to G-d. 

We need to finally expose the existing government and ruling party in the USA, namely the Democrats,  as treasonous, immoral and only masquerading as a legitimate political party. It is long overdue and may G-d Help and Defend us!



Monday, December 06, 2021

Vera Sherav Holocaust survivor who discusses the parallels of recent executive orders mandating experimental vaccine as a terms for employment, to what Nazis did in the Holocaust. This is in violation of International criminal code as determined by Nuremberg laws


אל המקום אשר...

Please watch or listen to this youtube!

it so impressed me that I took the time and effort to paraphrase what Vera Sherav is saying and  searched online and included related links for reference.

March 2020 Biden issued Global Executive orders
Invoking Public Health which eliminated human rights and civil rights, forcing us into isolation while destroying business and putting millions out of work and into poverty while placing the population  into isolation.

Tyrannical govt brings about isolation with fear and panic.
Hannah Arendt. 

Parallels to pre Nazi Germany.

2010: Rockefeller's 'Operation Lockstep' Predicted 2020 'Lockdown'

Oct 18, 2019 before Covid pandemic there was a simulation of 201 Pandemic sponsored by John Hopkins Center for Health Security collaborated with  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and  WEF World Economic Forum psychological experiment.

The goal is the elimination of individual sovereignty and freedom

Vera Sherav referenced Sars cov2 virus genetic modification 
Peter Daszik's gain of function research. Bio warfare funded by Fauci.

They covered up the evidence that they created the virus in the Wihan lab with a false report.

Purpose: mega profit vehicle of global oligarchs

Big Pharma,
Central Banks and
Big Tech are the big gainers

Medical Technology,
Information technology
Surveillance technology
CIA, Military all in collaboration.
Centralize everything to be under central control. Green passports. Digital passports.

Financial, employment and medical records will all be on digital passport.

Covid is weaponization of medicine. 

Vera Sherav referenced Klaus Schwab Family values  by Johnny Vedmore  - to show Klaus's direct family connection to the Nazis .

Schwabs background before he formed WEF

Diabolical evil.

People cant imagine this because they are not evil.

Planning annihilation of all kinds of groups. They have no human empathy. 

Eugenics Nazi seed.

People see mandated vaccines as a good thing.

People didn't believe in 1933.

People need to open their eyes before its too late.

Vera Sherav, Holocaust Survivor was rescued. She says that there are no allies now to save us. There is no one to resist but us.

What about Israel pushing 3rd jab?

Governments are trying to hide evidence.

Big Pharma has total immunity, with insufficient testing, pushed under  operation warp speed under  President Trump.

Obsession is delusional. The havoc is now caused by how governments are responding to the virus.

They are generating hostility against unvaccinated and creating conflict and strife among family and friends.
State of fear erodes democracy and civil rights are then brushed aside in the name of public health and common good.

The worst is yet to come.

Holocaust evolved gradually

Each stage was set in motion for "greater good of society". Started with
Demonizing......till extermination

Public health talks about greater good..all in the name of public health 

In Nazi Germany  "medical research" was supported and planned in the Medical profession  and in Academia.

Medical research experiments lend the veneer of legitimacy to murderous activities.

Transformed 6 hospitals to medical murder stations.

Operation T4
Tested methods of murder including cyclone b.

Children were starved to see how long it took. 


Containment areas have been built for unvaccinated people in Australia for example

March 2020 -Murderous directives to hospitals and nursing homes not to treat those who are devalued.
To get rid of economic burden. 
In UK National Health

Please check out

No deaths from ivermectin.

They made Ivermectin and hydrochloriquine illegal.

There is no public health justification for masks, social distancing, experimental mrna technology when doctors don't know what's in the injection, 

Political and financial dictatorial mandates. They can't issue emergency use if there is treatment that is effective which Zelenko and peer reviewed studies proved that there are..

Public health not held accountable. 

We can stop them but we dont have much time.
75% of Black people refused vaccines. Bc they remember when they were vaccinated in Africa.

The FDA Aug 23, 2021 approval of the vaccine was medical and scientific fraud which then "justifies" the unlawful executive orders that the vaccines are licensed. 

Propaganda is ammunition to forbid people to work.

Emergency use authorization of the vaccine  is not the vaccine that was licensed which isn't available.

CDC now putting it on Childrens schedule. 

The vaccine is step 1 to green passport which puts the population to be under surveillance 24/7

Digital passports gateway to tyranny.

Parallels to Holocaust but now its the unvaccinated rather than Jews.

Jews were excluded from employment.
Had to wear Yellow star, which isolated and demonized them. In 1938 their property confiscated.

Today it's the unvaccinated who are isolated and barred from travel, employment etc ..

Making Digital passports  passports.

ID2020 microchip tattoos.

Israel made it's population as Pfizers lab,
Among first to use green passports.

IBM involvement now and then:

Nazis had surveillance technology from IBM.

CEO of IBM came to Hitler and offered their services.
Hitler wanted to know how many Jews there were.
IBM took census and did tracking.
They scheduled trains to run efficiently
Mass Slaughter happened at end of war. IBM hi tech largely facilitated slaughter of Jews.

IBM is the most powerful company for surveillance today.
IBM excelsior pass contracted in NY by Coumo.

In WWII  CEO Watson got 1% of profits of IBM contract.

Why do all the world leaders go with the Global protocol? And according to time table. Maybe today leaders as well get 1% of profits of those vaccinated. Those leaders who refused were eliminated.

Their agenda is to rejduce people to slavery and reduce world population

Aug 27, 2021 WHO issued
Digital passport guidelines

Used to enslave us not to free us.

IBM playing major role as surveillance intertwined with CIA, Military

All big corporations adopted no jab no job. 

Detention camps for unvaccinated:

CDC terminology "shielding approach in humanitarian settings", refered to as green zones , is involuntary isolation of vulnerable populations and children in "humanitarian  settings" basically prisons for families where no one can visit. 

Concentration camps for unvaccinated.

Homeland Security lists unvaccinated as Domestic Terrorists.

Goebbels technique.

Fear will make them do what you want.

What to do?
Prominent doctors and pharmacists have come out against vaccine.

The Soviet Union sent updates to their encyclopedia owners to cover up those they want to erase as non persons 

Fact Checkers of disinformation is often the source of disinformation.

Common Technique - accuse others of your own wrongdoing (projecting your own faults on others)

How are parents shutting eyes and ears to evidence of harm to young healthy kids after vaccines? Sacrificing their children? Shielding themselves with willful ignorance?

They want the children. Another side effect of the vaccine is miscarriages and pregnant woman. They didn't even test the vaccine on pregnant rats!

A lot that conforms to prelude to Holocaust.

It happened, it can happen again it can happen everywhere.

Chip Tattoos planned.

Israelis filing complaint and crimes against humanity.

Vera Sherav speaking at Health and Human Services HHS 2013 on ethical medical research