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Trump puts the Korean horse ahead of the Iranian cart -l National News

Re: Great article and vids of Israel Dog Unit rescue operation yesterday

Kol haKavod!

On Thu, May 31, 2018, 5:52 PM Yekutiel Ben Yaakov <> wrote:
Please read the article in the link below - Fantastic article about IDU Israel Dog Unit Rescue Operation Yesterday under fire in Ashkelon

Make sure to reserve date and to to reserve your place in the historic 18th anniversary celebration of the Israel Dog Unit - June 12th 7.00 PM in the Tapuach Kennel Campus - Join Knesset members, government ministers and other distinguished guests to salute the noble volunteers of the Israel Dog Unit.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Fwd: Tochacha from Shalom Pollack on Hamas Cease Fire, May 30, 2018

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Once again parts of Israel did not sleep last night.
  For them, it was yet another a night of fear and trepidation. I was a night of frustration with a  government that has still not solved the problem of basic security despite two wars fought to do so.
  It should have been a night of repentance and basic reevaluation.

Who decided on the 12 hours of living nightmares?
Hamas in Gaza did. They decide and we respond. When they have enough and stop trying to kill Jews, we stop responding (usually well-chosen abandoned targets - we don't want to get anyone too angry..) and wait in anxiety for the next round that they decide to initiate.

It was far different before the "Disengagement" from Gaza in the summer of 2005 (the tenth or Av). when almost ten thousand brave Jews lived  and created a paradise in Gush Katif. They were the wiling wall between Israel ad barbarism.
They were dragged from their homes and beloved synagogues, cemeteries, and Israel's paradise. This was the greatest operational success of the IDF since the Six Days War. Medals were handed out.

 Hamas did not rule then.
 Masses of Arabs did not rush our border. There were no attack/kidnap tunnels reaching into Israel. Tens of thousands of missiles did not fly into Israel. Incendiary kites and balloons did not burn our beloved forests and fields bordering Gaza. Israelis ton that border slept far better then.
Iran did not call the shots the either.

What is done is done.
 I just wonder how many of those who sneered at the "fanatic" Jews of Gush Katif in their hour of excruciating pain and tears, pause in reflection today as they and their families live a never-ending nightmare.
Hamas decides if they will sleep at night.

 Hiding behind concrete is not enough. They nervously clamor for armored convoys to take them from shelter to shelter.

This is so incredible a turn of events it reminds me of the Bible's  "tochacha", warning of ever increasing punishment and helplessness for the stiff-necked.

Just as we abandoned Gaza to the terrorists in 2005 which we were told was a  great Zionist undertaking, so too did we flee southern Lebanon in 2000( another superb Zionist undertaking), abandoning our longtime south Lebanese allies in the bloody lurch and grip of Hizbullah. So much for Israeli loyalty to friends and allies.
 The vacuum we created was filled by Iran. What a surprise!
We have since fought two wars on that border losing many precious souls. Make no mistake, the residents of northern Israel will dive into their holes again when  Hezbollah decides it is time. Meanwhile, we live on pins and needles - the direct result of fleeing terror and abandoning our most loyal ally.

Similarly, when Israel abandoned large tracts of Judea and Samaria to Arafat in 1994, each one of those now  "Judenrein" parts of Israel became terror dens - and the list of dead Jews spiral out of control.

Is there a pattern here?

Am I the only one who sees it?
Am I privy to an insight that our greatest political and military minds are not?
Is it some huge secret that hen one fees terror, it just pursues you?

Reserve your place now for our wonderful Galilee tour on Sunday, Jun 17

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Tzfat Chief Rabbi Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: Religious Zionist Youth Should ‘take over the Knesset’ to Push Sovereignty Plan | The Jewish Press - | TPS / Tazpit News Agency | 16 Sivan 5778 – May 30, 2018 |

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Fwd: Sovereignty is the Future of Zionism. AFSI Newsletter May 29, 2018


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Subject: Sovereignty is the Future of Zionism
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Tuesday - May 29, 2018
SOVEREIGNTY IS The Future of Zionism
What Israeli Youth Want in Judea and Samaria

Nadia Matar and Yehudt Katsover confirm to us that the first ever Sovereignty Conference for Youth was an amazing success!

More than 1,200 youth from around the country attended --- idealistic, full of energy and love of the land, eager to enlist for the people and the land. They were given the tools to explain what they stand for - not just what they stand against.

More from Nadia Matar HERE. Full summary of the conference HERE.
This Year's Sovereignty Conference for Youth Was......
A Full House
Thought Provoking
Sovereignty Topping the
Golan Heights Agenda
In a recent interview with Reuters, Israel's Intelligence Minister Minister Yisrael Katz said that the United States recognition of Israel's claim to the Golan Heights was "topping the agenda" in bilateral talks between the two nations.

Story HERE.
What Eleanor Roosevelt Said About Sovereignty

On March 8 ,1957, Eleanor Roosevelt responded to a reader who took issue with a newspaper column she wrote defending Israel.

"If you follow step by step in the UN and understand the difficulties, you will realize that Israel was not an aggressor," she wrote, reiterating that Israel's action "was purely one of self-defense." Roosevelt added: "The Israelis have a right to their land and I think it is nonsense to suppose that they plan to plunge us into a war. They want peace as much, if not more, than other nations."
Regulation Law will Bypass Ofra
A Defense Ministry official position was sent to the Attorney General's office stating that the State seeks to save hundreds of homes in the Samaria town of Ofra by bypassing the freeze on the Regulation Law put in place by the Supreme Court.

Ofra is one of the first towns established in Judea and Samaria after Jews were allowed to return following the Six Day War.
Home in Ofra that was destroyed last year
Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorist Information Center Report

According to the findings of examinations carried out by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorist Information Centerat least 112 Palestinians were killed during the "Great Return March." Upon examining the names 93 were identified as terrorist operatives or affiliated with the terrorist organizations, i.e., about 83% of those killed in the "return marches." Most of the fatalities (63) are from Hamas (about 56% of the total killed in all the marches). Fatah, which had 21 fatalities, played a minor role, with no significant impact on the events. The other organizations, including PIJ operatives (four fatalities) refrained from playing a significant role, maybe because of their awareness that this is a Hamas "project."
Keeping Judea and Samaria Safe

Arutz Sheva reports that yesterday terrorists from Gaza struck Sderot homes with machine gun fire. No injuries were reported.

A second report indicates that 11 wanted Arab terrorists from the Palestinian Authority were arrested in raids across Judea and Samaria overnight. The arrests were part of joint operations between Israel Police, the Border Police, the IDF, and the Shin Bet.
"We Won't Allow the Jewish State to be Treated
Like it's a Second-Class Country"
--- Alan Dershowitz

A plan to petition the international Court of Arbitration for Sport against the exclusion of Israel's flag and anthem at sporting events in Arab countries is being lead by leading international jurists, including American Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz.

Yesh Atid MK Yoel Razbozov stated, "This is a national humiliation and a surrender to terrorism…the Arab world is trying not to recognize Israel through sport."

Story HERE.
Fact Checking - Must Watch Videos
Behind the Smoke Screen
Part 2
The Great Deception
Story HERE
She said, She said----
Linda Sarsour's lies revealed
An Open Letter to the World
by Rabbi Meir Kahane, z'l
Baruch Dayan HaEmet

All of us at AFSI mourn the loss of diaspora Jewish leader Jean Gluck, who has passed away. She and her husband Eugen led thousands to support a Jewish presence and institutions in Judea and Samaria.

May the family be comforted among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. May her family know no more sorrow.

More HERE.

Click HERE to register now. Shirts and flags will be distributed ONLY to registered marchers.

Show your support for Israel
and march with AFSI!

*** We will assemble at 54th Street
between 5th & 6th Avenues at 12 pm ***

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Americans for a Safe Israel -AFSI
Join the conversation on our
Find More Events at Israel Advocacy Calendar
Thursday – May 31, 2018 American Friends of Sderot Max & Ruth Schwartz Sderot Hesder Institutions Annual Dinner
Special rate for current AFSI members is $150.
We are very eager to have a large showing in support of the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva which requires rocket-proof dormitories for the students.
Please contact AFSI (212) 828-2424 to reserve a place at the AFSI tables. We will organize the tables for the group.
Buffet Dinner 6 PM - Program 7:30 PM. For more information contact or 718-650-6091
Lincoln Square Synagogue | 180 Amsterdam Avenue, NYC

Thursday - May 31, 2018 @ 7:30 PM
BDS From Within: Combating the Delegitimization Phenomenon Within Israel. With Im Tirtzu's CEO Matan Peleg and Board Chairman Douglas Altabef. Im Tirtzu is Israel's largest grassroots Zionist movement. Admission free.
Manhattan East Synagogue 1231 3rd Avenue, corner 71st Street.
Sunday – June 3, 2018 from 11 AM to 4 PM
Celebrate Israel Parade – The Theme: 70 and Sababa
Once again, AFSI will be marching in the parade with the Ariel float. All are invited to join us. Contact to register and be sure we put you down for a shirt and flag with which to march.
We'll assemble at 54th Street btwn 5th & 6th Avenues at 12 pm.
The Parade route - Manhattan's Fifth Avenue from 57th to 74th Streets - RAIN OR SHINE. Israel Day Concert in Central Park follows the parade. AFSI leaders, HELEN FREEDMAN and KEN ABRAMOWITZ will be speaking.

Sunday - June 3, 2018 from 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
New York Celebrates Israel's 70th Anniversary with Giant Block Party in Times Square. The Consulate General of Israel in New York and the Ministry of Culture and Sport invite all New Yorkers to join an unprecedented celebration and free block party in Times Square to honor the State of Israel's 70th anniversary. Free admission and open to the public. Read more HERE.
Times Square in NYC

Tuesday - June 5, 2018 @ 7:15 PM
The Algemeiner Invites you to "The New York Times and the Jews" with Ira Stoll (Algemeiner columnist), Ari Goldman (Professor of Journalism at Columbia University), Laurel Leff (author of Buried by the Times). Cost per person: $15 in advance | $25 at the door | $50 VIP ticket includes exclusive VIP reception and reserved seating | Algemeiner members complimentary admission. Reserve HERE or call 212-376-4988
American Sephardi Federation | 15 West 16th Street, NYC
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