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Think Tank regarding Shemittah

The Shemittah year is coming closer.  Let us set up a think tank of how we could observe Shemittah without Heter Mechira, buying from Arabs, and/or Pruzbul.   This would be a revolution in economics and government as well as the best thing that ever happened to Tikkun Middos. A year of placing our faith in Hashem and in each other.  
In the Shemittah Sabbatical year all our work is for the sake of Heaven and not for personal gain.  We are commanded to keep from working the Land and the fruits of the Land has Kedushath Shviis.  But letting everyone eat from our field and giving out loans w/o repayment have halachos that truly need to be rediscovered.  Please read
Shabbat Shalom!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Article on the Seventh Year

To Dvora Waysman and the Jewish Press.  Re: article about the Seventh Year
Thank you on your post about Shemittah. 
These are my comments.
I would like to see shemittah observed in the Spirit of Shabbat as suggested in the Torah.  Please visit
and read any of the posts of  Here you will find a novel approach that is venturing into unknown territory similar to how the Jews traveled in the desert.  They lived day to day depending on Hashem for their food.  They could not hoard their food.  The food had extra sanctity since it was manna from heaven. In fact the prayer for sustenance, Parnassa is the Parsha of the Manna.  Shemittah is Shabbat Haaretz and if kept properly will bring Am Yisroel blessings in Parnassa where we will  be the head and not the tail.  We will loan and not have to loan.   If Shemittah was observed properly we would be living in peace and security.  There must be something amiss since  Eretz Yisroel is surrounded by our enemies, Hamas, Hizbollah, El Queida, Fatah etc and the world is a dangerous place today.  Doesn't Hashem promise peace and security if we keep shemittah properly.  Hashem is true to keep His promises. Somehow the suggested ways of keeping Shemittah in our times don't have the spirit of Shabbat, of Meiyn Olam Haba, having a taste of the world to come. Keeping Shemittah as suggested in http://shemittahrediscovered, the blog, sounds like fun and in the spirit of Shabbos but is venturing in unknown economic and political territory. Living a kibbutz Lifestyle in a capitalist society is indeed scary.   What do you mean I will loan money and not be repaid!?!?  What's the point of working hard and then giving out loans and not getting my hard earned money back?!? That's why Hillel instituted Pruzbul you may add. 
In the Shemittah year we remember that it is not my strength or power that provides me with sustenance but G-d's.  Today, chemical, biological and nuclear threats abound not to mention hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and earthquakes.  These threats are far scarier than the Shemittah scenario.  Let's at least brainstorm of how an Israeli economy or the government of Israel could run when debts are released and everyone is busy going to farms and picking food for themselves and partying.  A year of eating  for free is how the Torah describes it, not a year of not having anything decent to eat unless it's imported or cost a fortune or from produce that was grown on the Land (that was sold) during Shemittah.  The thought of buying produce from our most bitter enemies in Gaza  who would love nothing better than to see Eretz Yisroel obliterated and become Hamasland is quite sickening.  We really have no other option but to try to live Shemittah as the Torah truly intended, by partying and sharing rather than with a disaster like 911, the War in Lebanon, Hurricane Katrina etc.  where ultimately we were forced to share our resources.   Incidentally, 911 happened immediately following a Shemittah year.  So did the stock market crash in 1988.  The decision to destroy Gush Katif came after Pesach in the 4th year of the Shemittah cycle.  I wonder if the farmers said vidui maaser a Mtzvah that we read in Ki Savo when the farmers confess that they gave maaser as best as we could.  We have the unfortunate reality that we do not have a Beit Hamikdash and do not know who all the Kohanim or Leviim are. Hashem is aware of that. Hashem knows our limitations.  Even if you say nowadays, it is all Derabbanan is there a strong possibility that Hashem is finding  fault with us for not keeping these Mitzvoth properly given our circumstances!?
This is food for thought and should not be ignored.  May Hashem bless any person/media that has the courage to print/pass on this letter.
Robin Ticker

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

What l00 Prophets could not accomplish...was accomplished by the ring of Achash

What l00 Prophets could not accomplish...was accomplished by the ring of Achashveirosh...
This was sent to me by Shifra Hoffman. She sent me to which is a website that contains Nazi propaganda in America today. I personally saw original Nazi literature that was recently distributed on Capital Hill. It was picked up by my friend who simply picked up the literature that was being distributed. Amazing that no one on Capital Hill was stopping them from their "freedom of expression". Bayamim Hahem Bizman Hazeh. In those days in our times....
Let us not forget that Jewry, in Europe and in America were silent in pre Nazi Germany. Rabbinic Jewry in Eastern Europe discouraged Aliya because they strongly opposed the secular Zionist Movement. The majority of religious Jews went to the death camps rather than on Aliya. My husband is the son of a Holocaust survivor. (his mother ob"m was from Poland, miraculously survived the h-ll in the Warsaw Ghetto and the different concentration camps over the span of 5 or so years). My parents were from Czechoslovakia, also Holocaust Survivors. My Father ob"m lost his first family, his wife and daughter ob"m and my mother had it relatively "easy" with just one year or so in Auschwitz Labor camp. Many of her family members perished, like one sister who like too many were unfortunate to have been married with a baby. Mother and baby never had a chance....
My husband has a strong interest in history. Today, on Shabbos, he gave us a history lesson of the World Leaders in the time of WWII. He mentioned Chamberlain the appeaser and Churchill and Roosevelt who finally stood up to Hitler. I mentioned that Roosevelt did not do much to stop the flow of Jews to the Concentration camps. My husband added that in his defense, that American Jewry were Silent even after being approached by Hillel Kook a.k.a. Peter Bergson.
The Bergson Group tried their hardest to publicize the atrocities of Nazi Germany. There was much opposition to the Bergson Group.
The following was taken from

Kook and his followers were widely opposed by large sections of the American public, particularly by many prominent American Zionist organizations. In December 1943, the American Jewish Conference launched a public attack against the Bergsonites in an attempt to derail support for the resolution. (Wyman 1984:202)

The British embassy and several American Zionist groups, including the American Jewish Committee and other political opponents sought to have Kook deported or drafted. (Wyman 184:346) They encouraged the IRS to investigate the Bergson groups finances in an attempt to discredit them, hoping to find misapropriation, or at least careless bookkeeping, of the large amount of funds the groups handled. The IRS found no financial irregularities. (Wyman 1984:346) Included in those trying to stop the Bergson Group's rescue activities were Steven Wise and Nachum Goldman (see the Wyman-Medoff book in References). A State Department protocol shows Nachum Goldman telling the State Department that Hillel Kook doesn't represent organized Jewry, and suggested either deporting him or drafting him for the war effort (See documents at end of the Wyman-Medoff book).

Did you know however that many Rabbanim including Rav Moshe Feinstein did actually protest. (It's something but one protest is nothing compared to the enormity of the atrocities).
The following too was taken from
The Day the Rabbis Marched

One of the Committee's more memorable activities was a protest Kook organized known as the Rabbis' March. The protest took place in Washington, D.C. on October 6, 1943, three days before Yom Kippur. While the Bergson Group was largely secular, Kook successfully used his family's rabbinic heritage to convince between 400 and 500 Orthodox rabbis to attend. Among the participants were Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, Rabbi Eliezer Silver, president of the Va'ad Ha-Hatzala and co-president of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States, Rabbi Mordechai Shlomo (sometimes recorded as Solomon Mordechai) Friedman, the Boyaner Rebbe of New York and president of the Union of Grand Rabbis of the United States, Rabbi Avraham Kalmanowitz, rabbinical dean of the Mir Yeshiva, Rabbi Naftali Carlebach, father of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg and his father, Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Hertzberg. The Lubavitcher dynasty was conspicuously absent as was Conservative and Reform Jewry.

Joined by Bergson Group activists, the Jewish War Veterans of America, and a number of prominent members of Congress including William Warren Barbour, the protesters marched on the United States Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and White House, pleading for U.S. intervention on behalf of the Jews in Europe. Though the delegation was reluctantly received by Vice-President Henry Wallace, Franklin Roosevelt avoided them entirely, both out of concerns regarding diplomatic neutrality, but also influenced by the advice of some of his Jewish aides and several prominent American Jewish spokespeople (including Dr. Stephen Wise), who thought the protest would stir up anti-Semitism and claimed that the marchers, many whom were both Orthodox as well as recent immigrants (or first-generation Americans) were not representative of American Jewry. Shortly before the protest reached the White House, FDR left the building through a rear exit to attend an Army ceremony, and then left for a weekend in the country. Disappointed and angered by the President's failure to meet with them, the rabbis stood in front of the White House where they were met by Barbour and others, and refused to read their petition aloud, instead handing it off to the Presidential secretary, Marvin McIntyre. The march garnered much media attention, much of it focused on what was seen as the cold and insulting dismissal of many important community leaders, as well as the people in Europe they were fighting for. One Jewish newspaper commented, "Would a similar delegation of 500 Catholic priests have been thus treated?" [1]

For your own viewing of Nazi Propaganda happening today please view

This will be posted on my blog Shemittah Rediscovered

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As per recent coversation with Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky of Chofetz Chaim Heritage

Ach Tov Vechesed Yirdifuni (Only Good and Kindness will chase after me...)... Perhaps the fact that we are pursuing Rav Kamenetsky shlita spiritual mentor of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation is a good thing.
I recently spoke to Rav Kamenetsky on the telephone. Shmuel Koenig is working with me to reach out to Rabbanim and Gedoilei Hador, to lobby and influence them to make a public statement that Eretz Yisroel is our Biblical Inheritance. Although Rav Kamenetsky was extremely patient and understanding and kind with Shmuel, we did not achieve our desired goal. It seemed that Rav Kamenetsky was not willing to take the necessary action that we feel is crucial for the survival of Am Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel, especially now in the month of Elul, the month of Teshuva. This action was to admit publicly that the Gedoilim have made a mistake for not speaking out for Eretz Yisroel and stating that Eretz Yisroel is our Biblical Inheritance. When I understood that Shmuel did not achieve the desired result, I myself then called Rav Kamenetsky. My understanding from our conversation was that the Gedoilim fault the Religious Zionists (Mizrahi) for making Eretz Yisroel the entire Torah and are now learning their lesson by being expelled from the settlements etc.
I can not understand this conclusion.
The entire Sefer Devarim is Moshe's final speech to Am Yisroel. Moshe knows he is unable to enter Eretz Yisroel. So he provides Am Yisroel and their future generations with the tools necessary to survive w/o him in Eretz Yisroel and not in the Midbar. These tools are the Mitvoth that are mentioned in Sefer Devarim and are dependant on the Land. All of Sefer Devarim which is also called Mishneh Torah is instruction on how to keep the Mitzvoth in Eretz Yisroel. But not only Sefer Devarim is focused on Eretz Yisroel. Almost every Parsha has some reference to Eretz Yisroel as being Eretz Shehinchalta Laavoseinu Lates Lanu LeAchuzas Olam (The Land of Israel is the Promised Land given to our forefathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob and is given to us, their seed, as an EVERLASTING Inheritance) The first Rashi in Breishis tells us that the nations of the world will tell us, Listim Atem, you are occupiers, and our answer is that the entire universe was created by the Ribbono Shel Olam, the Creator of the World, who decides who is the rightful inheritors and occupiers of the Land. Hashem has chosen the Land of Israel to be the Chosen Land for the people of Israel as is repeated countless times in Sefer Breishis (please refer to the Covenant with Abraham, the Covenant with Isaac and the Covenant with Jacob) and in subsequent Parshios in Chumash. In fact the Canaanite Nations were descendants of Cham who was cursed to be the slaves of Shem. We know that the property of the slave belongs to the owner. So even when the Canaanite Nations lived on the Land legitimately, it still was the rightful inheritance of the People of Israel.
What was the purpose of Yetzias Mitzraim (Being redeemed from Egypt)? It was not simply a physical redemption. It was for the ultimate purpose of receiving the Torah to be observed in ERETZ YISROEL. In fact Yaakov Avinu was allowed to have 2 wives in Chuz Laaretz but in Eretz Yisroel it was not allowed. We learn that observance of Mitzvoth in Chuz Laaretz is practice for the real thing.
My question to Rav Kamenetsky and the Gedoilim is not how come the Religious Zionists make Eretz Yisroel such an integral part of keeping Torah and Mitzvoth but rather how can the Gedoilim disengage themselves from Eretz Yisroel and thereby act as if the Torah can be complete WITHOUT Eretz Yisroel. How can the Gedoilim truly observe Torah w/o Eretz Yisroel?????? Two Thousand Years of Galus is exactly that! GALUS. It is not what we yearn for. Yet we pray each and every day for the real thing and when we finally get it we don't realize that we actually do have it. We are not connecting the dots. We are passive when President Bush speaks of the Roadmap.
How can the Gedoilim not recognize the unbelievable miracle of the 6 day war and the continuous miracles that are happening each day in Sederot and that happened each day in Gush Katif? Yet they seem to delude themselves that because the State of Israel was successful to expel the religious zionists from Gush Katif that is proof that Hashem was unhappy with the settlers' choice of settling that part of Eretz Yisroel. My answer is exactly the opposite. Hashem performed miracles for us. Yet too large of a cross section of Am Yisroel, in Eretz Yisroel and in the Diaspora, the secular and yes even the chareidim choose to ignore the miracles. The majority of Am Yisroel showed in their own way that they did not want Eretz Yisroel. They reject Eretz Yisroel. They decide that it is not necessary L'avda u'Leshamra. It is not necessary to plant and to harvest in the Land of Israel in order to keep Torah. It is better perhaps to learn in Lakewood. A small section of righteous Jews albeit imperfect Jews, show their love for Eretz Yisroel. They plant and they harvest. Yet there is a concept of Areivus, the Bris Chadash (New Covenanat) that was added to the former Covenant of Sinai to Am Yisroel before they entered Eretz Yisroel. That is the concept of Areivus (mutual responsibility). If one member of Am Yisroel is guilty then we as a Nation is guilty and is accountable. My conclusion is as follows: Because the majority of Am Yisroel rejected Eretz Yisroel, we as a Nation were unworthy of Eretz Yisroel. Gush Katif is by no means dead. How do we know? Because the grief and pain is the same as it was the day it was destroyed 2 years ago. When someone dies, the grief and pain minimizes over time. This has not been the case. Gush Katif still must be very alive. However, when we unite as a Nation and show a desire and longing to keep the precious gift Hashem miraculously returned to us after 2000 years of exile, than once again, Hashem will bestow blessings of peace and security. Gush Katif and the other settlements will once again bloom.
The evil actions of the gov't of Israel would have never succeeded in the disengagement if the majority of Am Yisroel would have protested and joined the people of Gush Katif in mind and spirit and in public declarations of support. It was the failure of the Nation, in Eretz Yisroel and in the Diaspora, to speak out for Eretz Yisroel that caused the expulsion. I would not put the blame of the righteous people of Gush Katif. No one is perfect. They are the creme de la creme. I put the failure of Gush Katif on all of us that were unsuccessful to reach out and influence and be Mashpia on those that were Silent and stood by passively not claiming our joint precious gift of Eretz Yisroel. It is a mistake to think that we do not need each and every Jew wherever we may be. When will we as a Nation prove worthy of Eretz Yisroel? When each and every member of Am Yisroel truly desires Eretz Yisroel and expresses love for Eretz Yisroel and CLAIMS the precious gift Hashem is holding so patiently for us and then takes that precious gift and elevates it as his/her own object of holiness thereby elevating this very special Land to it's ultimate purpose of being Eretz Hakodesh and we Am Yisroel will be the Mamlechet Kohanim VeGoy Kadosh ( A Kingdom of Priests and A Holy Nation).
The very first step is not to be afraid or ashamed to state publicly to one another "THIS LAND IS MADE FOR YOU AND ME".
Please read Rabbi Nachman's Kahana's post that addresses these very points in Manhigut Yehudit's blog.

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Fwd: The psychic of betrayal--toward our brother Jonathan Pollard...

And if Israel would have had intelligence of an impending attack on the World Trade Center and chose not to share the information wouldn't they have been held accountable for the tragedy of 911. Why are we being apologists for Jonathan Pollard emphasizing his guilt or error in judgement and his subsequent expression of remorse asking for mercy, rather than focusing on the true guilty party, the United States of America. for not sharing such crucial intelligence vital for the Security of their ally, the State of Israel thereby placing Jonathan Pollard in a moral dilemma. Now is the time to approach President Bush, and asking him to grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard on moral grounds (along with an apology and a recommendation of re compensation for Jonathan Pollard's pain and suffering and an unjustified incarceration). Shame also on the leaders of the State of Israel for their betrayal!
Thank you Israel Kaplan for forwarding and translating this important Post of Tsafrir Ronen. If you are wondering how this relates to Shemittah, I will tell suggest some connections. Shemittah is a year of freedom. A Sabbatical year of freedom from the drudgery of being a slave to one's job and from responsibilities of paying for food on the table. After all, theoretically, one can get it for free from the neighbors' farms. It is a year similar to Shabbat, and where one is actually free from the performance of Mitzvoth such as Maaser (tithe to Levi), Teruma(gift to Priest), Leqet (not gathering in the gleanings, Shikcha(not going back for the forgotten sheaves and Peah(leaving the corners of the field for the poor) and repaying debts (Shemitas Kesafim). It will hopefully, B'ezrat Hashem, be the beginning of physical freedom for Jonathan Pollard.

Shemittah and Chicken Soup

There was a call by Kosher Carnival for Shemittah related recipes.  Here it goes.
In the Shemittah years, agricultural farmers don't get an income from their fields since they are let to lie fallow.  So if they are not chicken producers how will they have enough money to buy chicken for chicken soup.  The answer is that G-d provides it for them.  How does this happen.  It can happen in countless ways.  Perhaps a chicken producer, goes to the farmer''s fields and picks fruits for free and in turn recognizes that the farmer may need chickens for free and donates one of his chickens to him....  Or, a layperson goes to the farmers field and picks fruit and then puts money into the farmers Makolet account thereby paying off his Makolet debt . The possibilities are endless. 
 I have a serious problem about the Sefichim prohibition (One is not allowed to pick vegetables that grew on their own in the Shemittah year.  The reason is because vegetables are annuals, planted every year.  The rabbis are afraid that a farmer may cheat and plant vegetables and say it grew on its own).  Did Hashem really not want us to have carrots in our chicken soup?  I can't believe that.  There must be some answer.   
Why is Chicken Soup related to Shemittah.  Shemittah is Shabbat Haaretz and this recipe is a traditional food eaten on Shabbat.



Ticker's Friday Night Shabbat Chicken Soup Recipe


Remove skin and fat from 1  chicken.


Put chicken quarters into 9-10 cups of cold water with medium onion, 2 cloves of  garlic, 2 teaspoon salt or salt to taste. Place on medium flame.  While chicken is cooking clean vegetables.   4-5 carrots, 1 parsnip, 1 turnip, 2 celery stalks 1 leak (cut leek down side and wash the individual leaves from dirt).   When the soup minus the vegetables just starts to boil, skim off grease and scum Don't boil hard. When the broth is as clear as you can get it, add clean and cut vegetables to boiling soup.   Cook the soup that now contains the vegetables on a low flame partially covered for one additional  hour. Turn off flame.  Let the soup cool. Take out the chicken pieces from the soup and put it in a separate container..  I throw out the onion, garlic and turnip.  If the soup is to be eaten on a different day take out all the vegetables and put them in a separate container. Put the broth in separate storage containers.   I get around 2 quarts of broth. Sometimes more and sometimes less.


I bone the chicken since my family likes the soup with the cooked chicken inside.  I usually reheat the soup with the vegetables and add  chicken pieces to dished out steaming soup. When the soup is being served each person can specify how they wish the soup.  Some like just the plain broth. Some like the broth with pieces of cooked white chicken only. Others like it  with pieces of dark chicken.  Each person chooses which vegetables they want in their soup if any.  Bon Apetite and Good Shabbos!




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In response to Shemittah-Sale Proponents Remain Silent No More

In response to the Arutz7 article regarding Shemittah, here are my comments.
There is a simple straightforward way to do Shemittah.  It does not require selling the land or a separation from the Land  with a plastic or buying from non Jews or from Arabs as the Chareidim prefer.  It simply can be done by letting the field go fallow, and having lots of tiyulim and partying.  For this people would be required to take off from work and pool their resources.  It means an entire year where the whole country turns into one big kibbutz.  We loan each other what we might need to compensate for lack of income and nobody starves because the fields are open for the picking.  I do not understand why Sefichin, produce that grew on its own is forbidden by the Rabbanim.  It's source is from lack of trust of our fellow Jew that they will plant and call it Sefichim.  Those farmers will be exposed because when someone will ask them for a loan knowing that it does not need to be repaid, these farmers will still have the Kochi VeOtsem Yadi mentality and will refuse.
The success of Shemittah Karkaot will only happen with a willingness to do Shemittas Kesafim w/o the Pruzbul. 
The Torah is absolutely beautiful and Lo Bashamayim Hi.  It is within our capability to do it!

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An open letter to the Gedolei Hador

Yehiyoo Leratzon Imrei Fi...
In this weeks Parsha, the Torah reiterated many times over that Hashem is true to His promise to the Avoth to give us Eretz Yisroel. It is not because we are necessarily worthy and even after Chait Haegel when Hashem wishes to disinherit Am Yisroel, Moshe Rabeinu uses the argument that Hashem will be true to His Promise to the Avot. In Parshas Ekev it continuously repeats the points that when we keep the Mitzvoth to DO them then Hashem will send us blessings. It is not enough to learn the Torah, we are obligated to do the Mitzvoth.
How can we do the Mitzvoth Teluyuot Baaretz when we willingly don't even make a statement that Eretz Yisroel is our Biblical Inheritance. The Rabbinic and Spiritual Leaders of Am Yisroel are Silent to current events that are very reminiscent to pre Nazi Germany. Without Internet Access and a reluctance to use the Internet as a tool, how can we be aware of the dangers that are facing Am Yisroel and the World.
If we truly have the yearning to keep the Mitzvoth Teluyot Baaretz, Am Yisroel would put our rightful claim to the Land instead of being Silent. By being Silent to what the Nations of the World wish to do with our Precious Gift Eretz Yisroel, is a Chillul Hashem which is interpreted as a rejection on our part of our Covenant with the Avot.
Bush and Condeleeza Rice are working to build up the PA (Abbas and company) so that they will have strength to fight Hamas. On August 2, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and the Palestinian Authority Cabinet ministers to discuss current issues in the Middle East. Bringing a message of the American people's commitment to assisting the Palestinian people, Secretary Rice put words into action by signing a framework agreement for $80 million in U.S. assistance to strengthen and reform the Palestinian security sector. Learn more about the Secretary's visit. ( ) In fact, today my husband showed me an article from Debka, posted Thursday August 2, that Olmert Approves Plan for Palestinian Town.
Please read the origin of the Palestinian Authority to Nazi Germany sent to me by a very caring Jew by the name of Buddy Macy.
Please let us not forget that the Rabbanim were silent pre Holocaust discouraging Jews from going to Eretz Yisroel. The present Government of Israel is anti Torah. The Chareidi world refuses to take a leadership role to proclaim Eretz Yisroel is our Biblical Inheritance and that we and only we can realize the ultimate purpose of Am Yisroel to be a Mamlechet Kohanim VeGoy Kadosh in Eretz Yisroel where the Mitzvoth can be actualized to their full potential. Involvement by Torah Jews, hundreds of thousands will make a difference. Yet at the Disengagement the Chareidi Community and their leaders were silent. Maybe the silence was the cause of their pain since by not speaking out for our Biblical Inheritance, a small part of the population, the people of Gush Katif and their supporters, including the youth, were forced to carry the burden on their own. Maybe Jews of Gush Katif were expelled because of areivus. Maybe they are worthy of staying on the land. The unfortunate reality was that the majority of Torah Jews and secular Jews in Eretz Yisroel and in the Diaspora did not join with them to proclaim Eretz Yisroel is rightfully ours. Maybe Hashem wants each and every Jew to claim Eretz Yisroel as their own. We were then all collectively Chayav. Why do we expect anything better from those that weren't brought up with Torah. Countless miracles have occurred since 1948 when Am Yisroel once again became a sovereign nation, and the ongoing miracles happen each and every day in Sderot (loss of life relative to number of attacks), and were a daily occurrence in Gush Katif.
Eretz Yisroel is now in our hands. We have the capability to keep Shemittah. But we need the actual Land. Even if we can keep Shemittah in Bnei Brak and Tel Aviv, that's not going to help someone who has a Nachala in Yehuda and Shomron. We are promised blessings of peace, security and prosperity of we keep and do the Mitzvoth and curses otherwise. Can we go happenstance to the curses that are facing us?
Also, it distressed me deeply to read how the Gedoilim came out against the Chasidish Concert to celebrate the 40 years of reunification of Yerushalyim on the argument that it's not Tznius. There was no mention or recognition on the part of the Gedoilim of support on the purpose of this concert which was to bring chizuk and express our love and devotion to Eretz Yisroel and Yerushalyim. If Tznius was truly an issue, the Gedoilim might have suggested 2 concerts, one for men and one for women. I in fact went to an all women's concert on Yom Yerushalyim in Binyanei Hauma and it was electrifying. The spirit and love and devotion of the young and older women for Eretz Yisroel and Yerushalyim, mamash brought me to tears. The women danced far from the band so there would be no problem of Tzniut. Even if the band would have been behind a Mechitza it would have been fine.
The Chait Hamiraglim and the root of Lashon Hara was the failure of the Gedoilei Hador of the Midbar to desire entry and conquering of Eretz Yisroel. This Chassidish Concert is a Tikkun of the Chait Hamiraglim since it is positive expression with Song and Dance regarding Eretz Yisroel. Why did the Gedoilim wish to suppress this positive expression regarding Eretz Yisroel?
I also believe in Tzniut and I can attest to you that the organizers and the 10,000 people that already purchased tickets also know the value of Tzniut. That is why they made the concert with separate entrances and separate seating.
My last question to you is, Was Hakhel at the end of the Shemittah cycle with separate seating? My understanding is that it was for men, women and children. Logistically, it's difficult for the mother to take the entire family of little kids on her own. Especially with a large family with many little kids. I think that the spiritual level of the people were so high that having family standing together and hearing the Melech read from the Torah was too powerful for any suggestion of impropriety.
The people from the settlements are on a very spiritually high level due to all their sacrifices. Of course they too are human. They desperately need the chizuk to raise their spirits and an outlet to express to Hashem how much they love Him and wish to follow His Mitzvoth in Eretz Yisroel. It is truly a disservice to suspect them of anything lower than that. May I suggest that the Gedoilim themselves make an appearance at such a concert.

Forwarded Message:
Subj:Just in case you still believe Abbas and Fatah are moderate...
Date:8/4/2007 11:35:28 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)
In his book, "Preachers of Hate," Kenneth Timmerman describes the roots of the Fatah movement.

Grand Mufti with Hitler

"But al-Husseini [Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem] owes his place in history to a meeting that took place on Nov. 28, 1941, in Berlin, where he had gone to convince Adolf Hitler of his total dedication to the Nazi goal of exterminating the Jews, and offered to raise an Arab legion to carry out that task in the Middle East. For the mufti, the meeting with Hitler was the culmination of an eight-year effort to convince the Nazis to forge an alliance with the Palestine Arab Higher Committee he headed. Their once-secret pact, which I shall describe, marks the beginning of Nazi-style anti-Semitism as a mass movement in the Arab world."
"...Ever since then, the world has known the mufti's most famous disciple as Yasser Arafat."
For more on this critical relationship, please read the following fully documented article:
And, for a look at Mahmoud Abbas through his own words, please read:
Buddy Macy

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Re: MILLION MAN PROTEST response to Israel Kaplan's straw poll

To Israel Kaplan, amv"sh
My comments to your suggestion:
  Rather than a physical sit-in which is logistically difficult for a large section of the million man/women protest,  many of whom don't even live in Israel but support the protest, and given the modus operandi of the current government, your suggestion can be quite a dangerous proposition.   I, for one, don't especially wish to be martyred or have my children martyred or witness the martyr of our brothers and sisters, lovers of the Land,  many of them kids under army age and unarmed, with crushed skulls.
I understand the dilemma and would instead suggest the following:  I am for an internet campaign in media, blogs and any worthwhile forum,  where there is discussion on the moral legitimacy of a separate Judean Authority living side by side in peace and harmony with the existing State of Israel.  The Judean Authority would be a self governing entity with it's own security force and separate civil and criminal laws and justice system.  The Judean Authority will be the governing entity for all the communities in Yesha that the State of Israel wishes to give to the PA now or in the future.  This act of separating from our brothers is brought about due to no other viable options  to retain our religious identity and religious observance of the Torah.  It is justified and necessary for the survival of these communities and the survival of keeping parts of the Land of Israel in the hands of Am Yisroel who have the sole responsibility and obligation of Mitzvoth Teluyot Baaretz and are therefore the only legitimate stewards of the Land of Israel. What would be the problem for the existing government of the State of Israel to award equal  rights to this Judean Authority as they would to a hostile Palestinian Authority.   E. G.  the right to self govern and bear arms but not to initiate any acts of hostility whether in education or suicide bombers or any other aggression against the existing State of Israel.  However if attacked by Kassam or Yassam, they will do what is necessary for self defense and the survival of it's inhabitants that are members of Am Yisroel and/or accept Jewish Sovereignty.   The settlers of Yesha love all their brothers and sisters in all parts of Israel with their heart and soul and would be deeply pained to have to hurt anyone except if it was required for their own preservation and to protect their religious freedom.


Izzy Kaplan
416 256 2858
There's time to pray and talk and there's time to act and employ military hardware

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Dear Helen, amv"sh
Thank you so much for your report!  I am awed by your contacts and packed days where each moment was utilized to the fullest.  May you go from strength to strength! 
Of course let me know what Afsi is involved with. 
My personal strengths are in ideas which I hope and pray,G-d willing, will be a building stone for the future  -  but only for the good.  If these ideas are bad for the Nation of Israel than I pray to G-d that they never come to fruition  or even considered and as if never written. 
You mention the IZS and the work of Dr. Yitzchok Klein.  I believe that we have no option but to brainstorm about the legitimacy of having 2 Sovereign Jewish entities.  The Jewish Idea (Mike Guzofsky's group) suggested this(  I came to this logical conclusion independently prior to this as the expulsion of Gush Katif was happening. I am not a Kahana member or loyalist or ever studied his writings or read  Kahana's books) and their internet cafe was ransacked, the computers and chairs were confiscated and I'm not sure about what happened to the dogs they were training for security purposes.  The reality, as I see it,  is that the majority of people of Israel are not ready for the necessary changes  in government that would be required in order for a Constitution  based on our Jewish Heritage  to evolve.  Perhaps, secular Israelis and many Orthodox Jews are afraid that the ultra religious will take over and coerce them to wear long sleeves and put on sheitels and not ride their car on Shabbat.  This is what they mistakenly believe or have been brainwashed to believe that a Jewish State based on Jewish Values and Heritage will have on the top of their agenda.  They are very afraid of being forced to change their lifestyle. 
Most Israelis are against the corruption and evil policies of the government.  The people have been brainwashed by the media that the right wing Jews are mentally unstable, coercive etc.    By being splintered (Manhigut with Likud,  and National Union with NRP, and SHAS and UTJ disregarding the Torah altogether in exchange for subsidies, and Tsafrir Ronen and Uriel and Effie Eitam and Eldad starting a new party and Yaalon also working independantly, how can we be a force? Let's not forget Yamin with Baruch Merzl and Paul Eidelberg. These like minded parties/individuals need to pool resources and strengths putting ego and honor temporarily on hold.   Much of our energies are wasted trying to individually overcome our local inner opponents rather than working as a unit  with the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  
Practically it seems, that having a small trial model sovereign Jewish entity that is free to produce its own Constitution and Leaders and willingness and ability to defend itself is the best solution for everyone.  In fact such a government will run into many kinks or call them bugs that need to be worked through, first on a small scale.  I believe that this sovereign entity will show our brothers that we can win the respect of the world by being true to our Heritage.  We will be a model and this model will G-d willing be adopted  by choice and not by coercion.  
Abraham and Lot needed to separate.  G-d can not coexist with the corruption  and lack of G-dliness.  I am all for a united country but it has to be on our terms which represents an effort to please our Creator and to go by His word.  And I am not referring to the pros and cons of wearing sleeves that cover the elbow or not. In fact there is no direct reference to this detail of Tzniut in the Torah. Let's  focus on what's written in the Torah our common denominator and not on the details of the laws that can be interpreted by our Rabbinic leaders each guiding his specific constituency.  There is room in Judaism for many paths of Torah each Derech (path) being legitimate. (Shivim panim LaTorah)
Once, good has an upper hand we can work toward reconciliation. Otherwise the Evil puts down what's good and evil has the upper hand and succeeds.  The people of Gush Katif  and the youth must not forget the legitimacy of their struggle.  Their struggle is our struggle and it is the struggle of Am Yisroel.  All of us including the refugees from Gush Katif need to believe that our sustenance comes from G-d  (via fellow Jews).  We must not delude ourselves that it will come from the evil government and her agencies  .  Please read my last post in my blog to Dovid Wilder.
Thank you for listening.  Feel free to circulate. Sincerely, Robin Ticker.
In a message dated 7/31/2007 6:57:04 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, GHFree writes:

HELEN FREEDMAN, 30 W. 63rd St., New York, NY 10023; July, 2007;; 908-217-1358




By: Helen Freedman


            Having just returned from a three week trip to Israel, I'm sorting out the information and impressions gathered from traveling throughout the country and meeting with many good friends, all dedicated to preserving Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael.

            Viewed from the U.S., one sees the enormity of the problems, mostly caused by the fecklessness and ineptitude of Israel's leaders, who seemed determined to lead Israel off the cliff. There's no need to itemize the list of abominations promoted by the government, nor its abandonment of the security and welfare of its Jewish citizens. And the Olmert government seems to be aided in its suicidal efforts by incomprehensible decisions by the Bush administration.  Suffice it to say,  Israelis are very well aware of the threats to their existence, which come from their enemies in the Muslim Arab world, in the western world, and most tragically, from their Jewish leaders. The question then is, "How do ordinary people survive in such toxic surroundings?" The answer is, "They can't save the forest without first saving the trees." The "trees" all have different names and locations.

            I found that the people in Tsfat are still suffering from the after-effects of last summer's Lebanon war. The shelters are still not prepared, nor are they adequate for the numbers of people who would need to use them should war break out once again in Lebanon, as was/is predicted for this summer. The government just hasn't come through on its promises to protect the citizens of Tsfat.

           In Jerusalem I found ordinary citizens struggling to keep their businesses going. Government taxes and restrictions cause great hardships for the average shop-keeper. I was commiserating with my restaurant-owner friend, when I realized that hard as her situation was, of course, there were people who had no work at all.

           I went to the demonstration tent that had been set up by the unemployed farmers of the former Gush Katif communities. It was located near the Jerusalem Supreme Court. The plan was to keep it there for two weeks, with men and women who had turned the sands of Gush Katif into flourishing farms and hothouses, now demanding that the government fulfill its promises to find a "solution for every person." Residents from the former Gush Katif arrived, along with many supporters and Members of Knesset, who came and went throughout the two weeks. The farmers wore green and white shirts, rather than the familiar orange, because they wished to de-politicize their plight. Their signs asked for people to simply empathize and understand what it was like to be approximately fifty years old, to lose your home and farm and livelihood, and wonder how your life can ever be restored. I met many friends at the tent, and we agreed that not much had changed over the two years since the expulsion. Instead of the refugees being in hotel rooms, they are now in cardboard caravans, still waiting for their permanent homes, schools, synagogues, youth centers, and jobs.

             Among the Members of Knesset who spoke at the Wednesday, July 18 demonstration were Arieh Eldad, Effie Eitam, and Uri Ariel. The need to change the compensation laws so that realistic numbers could be offered to the Gush Katif refugees, was one of the ongoing themes. It is unlikely that these problems will ever be properly addressed by the present Olmert/Ramon/Peres government. It was interesting to note that the press was at the demonstration in large numbers as Bibi Netanyahu, Israel Katz, and Limor Livnat arrived to listen to the arguments of the farmers. As soon as they left, the press left also. The entire demonstration, with all the speakers strongly supporting the farmers, and with the large crowd that had gathered to lend its support, received little press attention.

       Still in Jerusalem, I met with Joel Golovensky of the Institute for Zionist Strategies ( He presented me with a wonderful booklet his organization had produced: CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL. It was written in response to the constitution proposal of the Israel Democracy Institute, which the IZS believes "does not look after the essential interests of the Jewish people and is based on illusions." In addition to working on a constitution, the IZS is trying to halt illegal Arab construction "which continues unabated because the government lacks the Zionist vision and political courage to stop it." They are also attempting to develop a generation of public leaders who will be diametrically opposite from the present leadership, who will put the interests of the Jewish state ahead of their own personal greed and self-interests.

        The IZS also prepared a lengthy presentation regarding the instruction of the Supreme Court that JNF/KKL land, purchased by Jews for the express purpose of buying and developing land in Israel for the benefit of Jews, should now be available to Arabs and all non-Jews. This is an issue being exposed and fought by Arieh King in Jerusalem, and Aaron Klein of World Net Daily and the John Batchelor and Mike Savage talk shows. Based on the research done by Arieh and Aaron, I, along with others, have been demanding answers of the JNF in New York as to why JNF donors are being deceived.

            Dr. Daniel Doron, a famous Israeli economist, also met with me to discuss the disgraceful activities of the New Israel Fund. Disguised under seemingly altruistic goals such as Civil and Human Rights, Social and Economic Justice, and Religious Pluralism and Tolerance, the New Israel Fund, with millions of dollars received from donors who include the Ford Foundation, has a strong left-wing program designed to undermine the Jewish character of the Jewish State. It is necessary to expose the true pro-Arab nature of their activities so that unwitting donors can direct their philanthropy elsewhere.

            I took the 160 Egged bus to Hebron to meet with David Wilder, a well-known spokesman for the community. I saw that the homes in the market place that had been forcibly emptied of Jews by the Israeli police and soldiers, were still primarily unoccupied. I understand that the few families who are living there were told to evacuate or they would have to pay the hefty costs of their forced evacuation. The scenario is definitely one reminiscent of George Orwell's 1984.

            David Wilder took me to Beit HaShalom, the large building that the Jewish community bought for $700,000, and for which they are now fighting in the courts.  It is on the path between Kiryat Arba and Hebron. When the building was purchased, it was in terrible disrepair. The Jewish workers put in plumbing, a community kitchen, and partitions so that individual families could have a bit of privacy. One of our good friends, Yifat Akobi, is living there with her husband, Shalom, and their six children, the youngest just a few weeks old. Yifat is always an inspiration, and because she is such a heroic figure, she is constantly being harassed by the Israeli police. She, and probably all of her young children, have police records based on absurd accusations by Arabs. Nevertheless, responding to the court on the various charges against her takes up valuable time and money which the family does not have. Yifat, however, continues to feel that she is blessed in being able to live in the holy city of Hebron.

            David then drove me up to Tel Rumeida, the highest point overlooking Hebron. He showed me a home adjacent to the Jewish homes and caravans on the Tel, which belongs to a Hamas terrorist. Left-wingers from Israel and around the world have come to the Hamas home to "protect" it from the Jews, preserving it for the Hamas owner. While on the premises, they harass the Jews at every opportunity. A soldier stood near us while we were talking, to protect us from being stoned, or worse.

            We drove to Kiryat Arba, where I visited Rav Waldman of the Nir Yeshiva, along with his long-time assistant, Celia Ofer. The Rabbi was very upset over President Bush's speech of July 16. In response to Bush's comments about removing the Jews of Judea and Samaria and promoting "settlement" in the Galilee and the Negev, Rav Waldman wanted it made clear that no one, not even the President of the U.S., has the right to dictate to Israel, a sovereign country, where it may settle its people. The Rabbi also made it very clear that we don't need terrorists like Mahmoud Abbas to "recognize Israel's right to exist." He said, "The State of Israel is a divine creation of the G-d of Israel, and only He determines its destiny."

            The most optimistic person I met with was Dr.Yitzchak Klein of the Israel Policy Center ( He believes that most Israelis are tired of the old give-away, appeasement policies and see the need to change the government, the media, and the courts. Dr. Klein, along with Attorney Noga Cooper and Shilat Edri, have produced publications citing the Constraints on Political Expression in Israel, and an Interim Report on Political Interrogation and Non-Induction of Candidates for Military Service into the IDF. Detailed case histories are given wherein the evils of the government are described. In the case of the IDF interrogations, candidates for the IDF, who were labeled as demonstrating against the Gush Katif expulsion, are interrogated and in many cases marked as mentally unsuited for the army. This label of having a "psychiatric disorder" which makes them unfit for military service, brands the young people for life as unfit for other pursuits. The work that the Israel Policy Center does in exposing the anti-Jewish,  anti-humanitarian, and anti-democratic actions of the Israeli government against its Jewish citizens is extremely important. They also work with Honenu, an organization that fights for the civil rights of Jews unfairly treated in the Israeli courts. Their website is:

            My next destination was Mitzpe Ramon, in the Negev. The bus to Be'er Sheva from the Jerusalem central bus station took me through Kiryat Gat, an old town with a very new, modern section boasting attractive apartment building complexes. Be'er Sheva itself has grown dramatically, with the very beautiful Ben Gurion University, and large, modern buildings. Threading my way through all the soldiers who seem to be present in large numbers at every bus station, I got on the bus to Mitzpe Ramon. As soon as we were on the outskirts of Be'ersheva, I saw the Bedouin houses and tents sprawling in the now sandy landscape, featuring an occasional palm tree. As we traveled deeper into the Negev, the surroundings became more and more dramatic. The scenery of the desert landscape has a mysterious beauty all its own, and it was spread out before me in all its splendor. My friends greeted me in Mitzpe and took me to their home which boasts  Green Build technology. Both Stephanie and Philippe Frydman are consultants in building homes so that they maximize environmentally friendly resources. They also bake wonderful organic sourdough bread and muffins. What a treat! There was a wonderful evening concert at Avdat, a Nabatean and Roman ruin, high on a mountain top. It was a welcome respite from all the political mayhem. Of course, the Negev is not free of problems. The Bedouins are being mobilized by leftist groups such as the New Israel Fund to demand land from the government, and as in all of Israel, Jews are being crowded out of their land.

            I returned to Jerusalem and met Chaim Silberstein of Uvneh Yerushalyim, (Rebuild Jerusalem),  for a late afternoon tour of Kever Rachel, the grave of Mother Rachel in Bethlehem. The bus had to pass through the 25ft. high walls which flank the approach to Rachel's tomb. The fortifications necessary around the tomb strongly display the intolerable need to have a strong military presence at Jewish holy sites. Despite this ugliness, Chaim is very excited about his plans for a Bat Mitzvah center at the Kever, as well as a woman's learning center. Evelyn Haies, strongly devoted to Kever Rachel, was with us also, and enthusiastically reinforced Chaim's words. The image of Mother Rachel crying for her children, and HaShem's promise to Rachel that "your children will return to their borders," seemed especially timely as we prepared for Tisha B'Av.

            The night before the Ninth of Av, the day associated with the sin of the spies, and the destruction of both Temples, Women In Green was holding their traditional walk around the Old City walls, led by MK Arieh Eldad.  We met the group at Safra Square, for the reading of Eicha. The mood was somber as was befitting on this sad occasion of remembrance. However, one could not help but enjoy meeting so many old friends. It was a pleasure seeing Nadia Matar, Tuvia Singer, Aaron Klein, Shifra Hoffman, Yehudit Tayar, and so many people from the former Gush Katif communities. The black helmeted Yassamnakim, on their black motorcycles, rode alongside the crowd. It was hard to tell whether they were meant to protect or intimidate the thousands of Jewish walkers. The mounted police were in attendance, riding the German horses which had played such a cruel part in the Amona expulsion. We finished our walk at the Kotel. The plaza was packed with people, talking, praying, and crying. It was an incredible sight.

            On Tisha B'av, I walked with a friend to the Christian Quarter of the Old City to visit Matti Dan, head of Ateret Cohanim, and his wife Etti. Matti told us of the great struggle he and his organization are undergoing in their efforts to hold onto homes purchased at great expense in the Silwan area of Jerusalem. Again, the Israeli court system seems bent on making life as difficult as possible for Jews, while being negligently and dangerously lenient with Arabs.

            That evening, I made my way back to the protest tent of the former farmers of Gush Katif. When evening services were concluded, the fast was over, and watermelon, cookies, and drinks were brought out and gratefully devoured. Then I joined the travelers to Nitzan, the caravan community near Ashkelon where hundreds of Gush Katif refugees are now living in temporary homes. I was a guest in the home of Keren and Dror Vanunu and their children, just as I had been their guest two years prior in August, 2005, in their beautiful home in Nevei Dekalim. My intention was to participate the next day, July 25, in the special commemorative activities marking two years since the expulsion.

            I have written elsewhere in detail about this remarkable day. Suffice it to say, the day was organized by a small group of people volunteering their time, efforts, and creative skills to make it work. We started in Kissufim junction with the dedication of a special Gush Katif Sefer Torah, where people stood silently, weeping, as the speakers talked about remembering and returning. We then drove to Netivot, a very successful city of 30,000 people, for a full day of movies, speakers, and activities. That was followed by a march to the grave of Babba Sallie with the Sefer Torah, amidst much singing and dancing. The day concluded with a joyous celebration in Sderot when the Sefer Torah was brought in by thousands of marchers. The survivors of the destroyed communities of Gush Katif demonstrated their solidarity with the besieged city of Sderot by choosing to house their Sefer Torah in Sderot until the scroll could be brought to its permanent home back in Gush Katif. How "coincidental" that both the former Gush Katif and the present Sderot suffered and are suffering because of the perfidy of Olmert and his government.

            Seeing our good friends, Anita Tucker, Rachel and Moshe Saperstein, Laurence Beziz, Debbie Rosen, Rivka and Michael Goldschmidt, and so many more, awakened  many emotions. We had all cried together in disbelief that August, 2005, watching the residents of Gush Katif being forcibly evicted from their homes. Even as it was happening, we couldn't believe that an Israeli government would order such a cruel, meaningless and dangerous destruction of communities. It did happen, however, and today we are concerned that even more expulsions from the Golan, Judea, and Samaria are being planned. Is it possible that a government would proceed on such a self-destructive path, knowing what the outcome must be? Would the Knesset allow it to happen? Would Israel's citizens rise up in revolution against such suicidal plans? The "cuckoo's nest" is becoming clearer than ever.

            The following morning I walked around Nitzan, viewing the caravan homes in the dry, hot, barren area. Many people still had their containers adjacent to their homes. The containers had to be filled with totally unusable furniture and clothing, having weathered the cold weather and the extreme heat. Only mildew and mold could survive in that setting.

            That afternoon, Dror and I drove to Yad Binyamin where the Ganei Tal farmers had a beautiful exhibit of their former lives. It was heartbreaking to view the beautiful gardens and hothouses and homes that had once existed and then were turned to rubble by order of the cruel, lunatic leaders of Israel.

            My trip ended in Tel Aviv, where the beaches were filled with people enjoying the wonderful waters of the Mediterranean, along with the hot sunshine and cool cafes.

What an amazing country is this land of Israel. It is the most modern, most highly developed, most democratic and opportunity laden country in the entire Middle East, and yet, it carries vestiges of the ancient, and recent, painful history of the Jewish people. The hatred that exists within the Israeli society, that causes Israel's leaders to permit the destruction of its own Jews, is incomprehensible, but real. We therefore have to do everything in our power to prevent the evil forces from being successful. Readers of this report, who wish to be part of the program to prevent Israel's destruction, are requested to contact Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI – 212-828-2424,; to learn what can be done to help. I can be reached at: We hope to hear from you.






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